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Post by: JR on February 19, 2007, 09:08:30 AM
O : Sai Baba The Almighty,
You being my father and Mother,
My Friend and Relative,
My Wealth and wisdom,
Free me from the clutches-
of Senses by Goading me
to tred the path of Truth and
Nonviolence in my stray path.
O : Baba Relieve me from
the pangs of sorrows and sufferings
and spare me a piece of space at-
Thy holy feet to serve Thee-
And the Humanity unto the Last-
Hour and merge me in Thee at last.
O : Lord of Lords Shree Sai Baba,
I being ignorant of Thy Form,
I am lost to know whether,
Thou Art with or without Form,
But what I beseech Thee is,
Have mercy on this ailing Soul,
And Reveal Thyself as Thou Art-
At Shirdi The Sacred Spot on Earth,
O : Baba Sai The Saviour,
What I entreat Thee is,
To carry safe my rudderless ship-
Dashing against the Rocks of Pains
And sores in the Sea of Mundane Existance,
To its Harbour The HEAVEN.
O - The Boatman of the Ship of Universe,
Ferry me across the sea of Mundane-
Worldly  Life, Showering Thy Blessings on the
Poor suffering and Wandering Soul in an insignificant
And invisible Corner of this Fugitive & Unfathomable
World to enjoy the Everlasting Bliss of Eternal life and Salvation.
O : Baba Sai The Wire-Puller of this Cosmos,
What I request Thee is to Steer Clear-
The Path of Trials and Ordeals and Pray Thee-
To Keep The Mind its Compass Needle Fixed at-
Thy Holy Feet Without Oscillation to Immerse
Always in the utterance of Thy Holy Name.
Amingad M. M.,
Gulunche:  Via-Nira S. C. Rly. Tal. Purandhar Dist. Poona.