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Author Topic: YOGIRAJ VASUDEVANANDA SARASWATI (A Biography) ( continued from December 1974 i  (Read 3850 times)

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Swahakar at Rajur

Sitarambua asked Swami Maharaj to allow him to perform Sanhita Swahakar. Swamiji asked, "Have you got sufficient amount?" Sitarambua said "no". Still Swamiji gave the permi¬ssion. A large number of persons gathered here. Great personalities as the Shankaracharya of Hampi Virupakh, Bhatji Bapu of Hyderabad, Daji Maharaj of Takali had come to Rajur. This time Nanasaheb Deshande of Parli took great pains in management. Muslim Talukdar also closed his office for 4 days and strived for the success of the sacrifice Swamiji distributed 'Vedapad-stuti' amongst the officers and other persons. The programme lasted for 8 days. About one lakh persons had visited the sacrifice and thousands were fed daily.

Swami Maharaj sat in the mandap of Swahakar for 3 hours and heaps of money were offered to him. Damodar Swami of Vazur had also come and requested Swami Maharaj to come to Vazur. On the night of completion of the Swahakar Swamiji had been to the Swami of Vazur.

From Rajur Swami Maharaj went to Aundha Nagnath via Pimpri. From here he went to Uti where too Rudra Swahakar was performed by Wamanrao, whom his family members called mad. But seeing his devotion Swami Maharaj gave him Rs. 2000/-from God's money. At this time 20 Swahakars, 2 chaturmas Yog of Agnihotri and installation of Shri Datta Paduka were carried out At every place people showed great regard for Swami Maharaj. He entered every town in procession and departed also in procession with musical instruments.

Choudhari's daughter regains life

After going to Jintoor, Pathri, Hingoli Swamiji came to Gondi on the Godavary. Here Ambadas Kayar performed Maharudra Swahakar under the guidance of Swami Maharaj. Shamrao Choudhari was the cashier. On the last day his 2 years' daughter died all of a sudden. So he could not come to the place of sacrifice. When Swamij knew this, he came to Choudhari's house and sprinkled water from his bowl on the body of the daughter. Immediately she started respiration and came to senses.

Shamrao Choudhari requested Swami Maharaj to teach Aran to his priests Appa and Anna Deo. Swamiji agreed and took them to the forest near Gopegaon. He gave them training for 14 days and then the land of training was burnt, else pregnant women, cows or she buffaloes coming there would have abortions. The leaves of the Neem tree there became sweet. It is since known as Datta Neemb.

Swamiji thence came to Manjinath, the heart of Godavary. He then went to Ukadgaon and observed Dashahar. He took darshan of Panchaleshwar near Rakshasbhuvan Then he came to Paithan and had alms at Nathmandir. Swamiji proceeded to Daulatabad and had darshan of Janardan Swamiji's Samadhi and the Ghrishneshwar of Verul. Thence via Kannad he came near Chalisgaon.

Swamiji Disappeared from the Closed Mandir

Swami Maharaj said to Gandabua, "Go to Bharwash and think over Atma and Anatma and have peace of mind. If you leave me, others also will leave me and I shall be free from botheration." Gandabua therefore went away. Swamiji then bathed in the Tapi at Khedighat. Thence he started for Chikhalda. On the way he stayed at Bilvamriteshwar of Dharampuri on the Narmada river. It was Ashadh Shuddha 12. He was talking to the people till 11 P. M. in the night. The people departed at that hour closing the gates of the mandir from outside. When the people came to the mandir in the next morning and opend the gates of the mandir, they could not see Swamiji, who had reached Chikhalda 50 miles away. All were astonished to see this.

CHATURMAS-23-SHAK 1834 (1912 A. D. ) Chikhalda

After Vyaspuja, Chaturmas was started. Here there was cholera. Hence people were forbidden to come here. So Swami Maharaj could have some rest Dhondopant Koparkar of Siddhapuri wished to come to see Swamiji. He therefore asked permission by a letter. Swamiji replied "The journey is very troublesome you need not come." Still he started along with his family Sakharamshastri Tilloo joined him at Indore. Due to cholera, they were not allowed to enter the town. Dhondopant and Sakharamshastri alone came to Swami Maharaj, who said angrily, "Did you not receive my letter?" Dhondopant said that he did receive the letter; but still he was very eager to see Swamiji, and begged pardon. Swamiji said, "you have seen me, now return to your place."

Sakharamshastri bowed to Swami Maharaj and said, "we are travelling for 4 days. Today is pradosh Where shall we have our meals?" Swamiji said, "Then go after meals", Mahamari (Cholera) came and said to Swamiji, "I want prey" Swamiji said, "you have to go away from here. For this Saptashati path and Havan (sacrifice) will be made." After doing this cholera did not affect anyone.

Easy means of Bhakti

A person asked an easy means of Bhakti. Swamiji said, "If you read Dnyaneshwari, Bhagwat, Bhakti Vijay, your mind becomes pure and then the feeling of devotion will spring up. If the heart is not pure, there is no use of study of philosophy. Real knowledge is gained only after removing impurity of the heart.
At the end of Cnaturmas, Cholera had subsided and the water of Narmada had also reduced. Many persons began to come to see Swami Maharaj and much money was also received. This was known as God's cash. From this money, provision was made for the thread and wedding ceremonies, completion of Vratas and Sacrifices. Thakorsaheb of Badwahi looked after the feeding management.

After 6-7 months, swamiji started by the bank of Narmada. Agnihotribua of Jintoor met him. Swamiji said to him, "If you wish to do Gayatri Purashcharan do it soon; but while feeding use the ghee liberally " Bua asked, "without money, how can this he done?" Swamiji said, "Don't care for money, you will get money in proper time and even if loan is taken for God's work, there is no harm. The liability will be with the God." Agnihotribua said, "I am doing the service of Agni (Fire) with your blessing The Purashcharan will also be done; but I wish your goodself should come for the function." Swamiji agreed to come and also asked the Bua to invite Daji Shastri of Takali.

Agnihotribua returned to Jintoor. Thereafter he went to Takali and told Daji Shastri about the conversation with Swami Maharaj. Daji Shastri was passing blood in the motion. He said, "If Swamiji gives me relief. I would come." Agnihotribua started Gayatri Purashcharan and after its completion, commenced 'Havan'. Daji Shastry's health was much imporved, still he avoided to go to Jintoor.

One day when he was doing Sandhya, he had a stroke on his hand and he was asked "Though you are cured, why did you not go to Jintoor?" Hearing this Dajibua immediately started for Jintoor, 22 miles away and reached there on purnahuti day. At this time Swami Maharaj was going by the Katarkeda jungle to Garudeshwar; but as promised, he was present at Jintoor also. All the function was ceremonised very well. Shri Datta Paduka were also installed at Jintoor this time.

Swamiji Meets Ashwatthama

After darshan of Shoolpanishwar at Katarkheda Swamiji started for Garudeshwar. Ashwatthama resides in this thick forest. A Bhil appeared and asked Swamiji where he was going. Swamiji said that he was going to Garudeshwar. The Bhil said, "Then follow me" and when a mandir was in sight he said, "Go to the mandir before." As the Bhil was, returning, Swamiji asked "who are you". He said, "I am Asbwatthama. I live in : this forest."

(To be continued….)
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