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Author Topic: "Miracle" or "Divine Favour"  (Read 2387 times)

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"Miracle" or "Divine Favour"
« on: March 06, 2007, 01:40:58 AM »
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  • Reading quite a number of articles and experiences of Bhaktas, my mind had been agitated whether what Shri Sai did and is doing even now can be termed Miracles. Dictionary meanings of miracle are 'A supernatural event, Hyperbolically, a marvel, a wonder to speak with exaggeration.' My mind refused to accept that Baba ever performed miracles, as per the sense of meaning of the word.

    There can be marvels and wonders, but   all of them cannot! be termed Divine Favours.

    Sitting at a distance of hundreds or even thousands of miles away, HIS helping hand had been extended to HIS bhaktas, who deserved. Two quite obese fellows fall down from a tonga in Poona. This could mean death or at least :very serious injuries. But HIS hands were stretched from Shirdi to support them. A child fell down from upper storey in Nasik and was not at all even scratched. On asking he says that Baba took him in HtS arms. A bhakta leaves Shirdi rather late by tonga for Kopergaon. A few miles away the tonga axle breaks down and he is stranded with his wife and child on a lonely and .dangerous road about mid-night. HE keeps waiting for him like a servant and arranges for his night shelter. In the morning he is allowed to go after getting from Baba a part of HIS begged food and Udi. Many who had killer diseases, had no issues or their children died in infancy were suitably helped by Baba. A doctor bhakta staying with HIM was so much in pain due to guinea worm abcesses that he prayed for the punishment of sins to be spread into his ten next 'janmas’. Baba tells him why wait 'that long to suffer; I will clear off your sins in ten days. Abdul, perchance (but contrived by Baba) puts his foot on his suffering leg and all the guinea worms came out and in a few days he was fully cured People were saved from drowning and from sure death, from wild animals in the jungle. Another one gets water on an abso¬lutely dry hill when he was dying of thirst, by just being told to lift the stone on which he was sitting. There are too many such Divine Favours, and it is not possible to describe all here The above are just a very small fraction of the same. I may quote two such favours, bestowed on this self and family. Traveling by car from Bombay to Delhi, with family having only one male member just about 7/8 years old, the carburetor started throwing our petrol like a fountain Before I could decide to try cleaning the same, as I had seen my workshop doing, a taxi came from behind. We were then some 30 miles away from Indore and the next town was also rather more than that far. The taxiwala remarked, "you have chosen the right people to stop and help as we are both mechanics" In minutes they put the fault right. Similarly travelling after a few years, the car stopped suddenly and I was at wits end as all efforts to re-start failed. Just then a Fiat came from the opposite side and stopped to help. They said just the same words, as the taxiwalas. I said "it is not the first time and it is my Baba, who has done 'this both the times "

    There are and were in the past, many a Godmen who per¬formed miracles of producing Udi, lockets, rings, gold dollars of particular year (now extinct), watches, bottles of Scotch whisky of an asolutely unknown brand, japamalas, photos and pictures of some gods, alone or along with their own photos, sweetmeats, made only in a far off place, fruits, absolutely out of season and different ones on the one and the same tree, panch-dhatu images of gods (statues), etc., etc. These are all marvels and miracles. Where is the trace of Divine Favour in these? In some cases they have cured sick people also. Such acts can be called Divine Favours BUT the law of average would prove that anyone can bless for cure and that certain percentage of cases would be cured. Such cases would be well advertised by the persons concerned and others, who know them. What about those many people who were promised or blessed for cure and certain other matters, but were never cured and died and others who never achieved their objects?    Such cases   are never   known and/or   reported.    I happen to know at least two such cases.
    A recent book written by a foreign Godman, goes to say about someone who lived about 100/200 years ago in the Conti¬nent and performed miracles, like the ones stated above. He, the writer, based his statement on a book wherein the performer stated that he had some spirit under his command with the aid of a mantra, given to him by some Yogi. These spirits worked faster than sound and produced things out of nothing with their com¬mand on nature. The author stayed with the Godman for quite a long time and thus had the chance of observing him very close¬ly with a critical mind. He was granted certain favours but I feel, the biggest favour is the money, he is making on royalty of that book, which is selling in lakhs in India as well as abroad.

    One fellow who came to Baba, as commanded by his Guru, could produce 'pedas' as and when and where he wished. Baba forbade him to do this ever again but for his satisfaction gave him the boon of producing hot Udi without the help of any mantra but by just thinking of HIM and asking for the favour.
    Some may say that BABA also performed miracles when HE lighted earthen lamps with water and turned currants with seeds into the variety without seeds, as one newly arrived person did not like these with seeds and mentally wished to have been given seedless ones. Well, Baba did both these acts BUT the aim was to sow seeds of faith in the oil-mongers and make them desist in future from telling lies and telling the latter gentleman that his manager (who was the cause of his coming to Baba) was really in the service of God and not just a juggler or magician. These and some others were done without asking the people concerned or even before a called audience.

    I would like to know the views of my fellow Sai Bhaktas on this point, if I am in the wrong. It is also requested that if mv point of argument is correct, future writers of experiences should use the term   "Divine Favour"   instead   of   "Miracle"   or "Chamatkar" as the latter is nearest equivalent of miracle.

    Readers must have seen recent reports in the papers about a Jew from Israel who had the miraculous power of turning forks, knives, etc. crooked by just looking at them. He demonstrated this miracle in the Continent, '.USA and many other countries. In U. K. his this miracle was televised and it is alleged that the viewers saw even many things in their houses becoming crooked during his programme on the television. Such a power cannot be called Divine Favour. He is also alleged to say that he has some spirit to obey his wishes.

    May Shri Sai bestow 'Nishtha' and 'Saburi* on one and all!

    V. B. Nandwani   ;,
    Bombay, 16
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