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  • Krishna was the divine  shepherd,   the artist   who kept   man and beast spell bound on the meadows ofGovardhan as he played his flute.    Of Krishna's pranks in Gokul, his exploits   in   tackling the dark   force   and   his sports in Brindavan   the    poet is   never wearied in singing.  Not content with singing the glories of Krishna in the Mahabharata, Veda Vyasa, the Bhagwan rishi has produced Shrimad Bhagavata Purana. the fountain from which have  emer¬ged inexhaustible streams of legends, songs and-teachings of Lord Krishna,    Mira, Jayadeva and   Lord   Goliranga were inspired   by Bhagavat to give the world the sweetest fruits  of   their   devotion and poetry.    Their works are more than poetry.   They are recited as musical compositions by the best artists   of our land.    Krishna Leela is a popular theme for   drama and   music.    Krishna  nama is chosen with delight for singing in bhajan parties.

    What is there in Krishna that he   is   so   much   fancied   and Krishna worship moves   us to   ecstasy ?    Krishna is   the   symbol,, the     very image    of   grace,   universal   love    in its    loftiest form. "Vishwa Prem" Universal love) is the  right royal road to attain Krishna.    He teaches in the Gita the 'sama darshna' (equal vision) bhava of the learned and the humble pundit, who looks upon   the Brahmin, the cow, the elephant, the dog and low born who    eats the dog as merely different  forms   of  one life.    Forms   vary but the   life    stream    that    flows in   them is   one and   the same. This teaching may be grasped intellectually, but realization of the teaching and living it can alone  help in   the growth of  universal love.    Krishna is perceived in every   being and in   the   depths   of of one's heart.    Poet Subhramanya Bharati  sings.    "Nandalala,  see you in the wings of the crow and in the green leaves   of   the trees". That is the way to develop Vishva prem.

    In the bhajan parties the   congregation combines their voices    ' and their hearts. They sing the glories of   Krishna in   one   voice and with a single heart. They are lifted to a higher plane and they attain Krishna Consciousness. It may be seen that bhajans form a principal item in the progarmme of the Krishna Conscious movement. The singers go out and as they sing, they radiate currents of joy and love over a wide range. This Krishna prem (love of Krishna) illumines, purifies and exalts the sadhak. But this is to be preserved and preserved afresh and permanently.

    Bhagavat Gita is the message for the modern man and is now accepted as a gospel the world over. A unique feature of the Gita is that its teachings help the saint, the philosopher and also the materialists. It presents a synthesis of Karma yoga, bhakti yoga, gyana yoga, sankhya and yoga darshanas. It was given to prince Arjuna when he was despondent, unable to choose whether to fight or to renounce the weapon. Lord Krishna showed Arjuna how renunciation was only escapism and that it suited Arjuna as a soldier to face the situation and fight. Lord Krishna was himself a householder and so was Arjuna, but he should remain as "padma patra ivambhasa"(water drops on the lotus leaf), live in the world, discharging his duties, at the same time, retain¬ing an awareness within and remain detached "Yogah (Carmasu Kausalam" (Yoga is skill in action) is a teaching of the Gita.

    In the Sai Baba Ashtotram occurs a nama "Shri Krishna Rama Siva Marutyadi roopaya namaha; "It may be seen that Krishna" holds the frist place in this nama. Sai Baba loved to associate with Krishna by giving the name-*'DWARKA MAYI" to the dilapidated mosque in Shirdi where he lived and tended the sacred fire. That fire is kept glowing even now yielding the sacred Udhi He recommended Srimad Bhagavat for devotional reading. He favoured Das Ganu Maharaj with "Sakshatkara" ( appering himself) as Vitobha of Handharpur. Gopal Rao Butty, a millionaire, built a temple for Krishna in Shirdi. The mortal remains of Sai Baba lie interned in this building demonstrating, in clear and unmistakable terms that Sai Baba is not different from Lord Krishna. What was planned as Krishna Mandir in Shirdi has become Samadhi mandir.   Sai devotees see   Sai Baba in Lord Krishna.

    Lord Krishna declares in the Gita that He incarnates from age to age to restore dharma and establish it firmly whenever dark forces rise and try to unsettle it. In the present situation which calls for the coming of Lord Krishna, it behoves all devo.. tees to invoke Him by organizing special service, bhajan and discourses on His life as often as possible.

    P. S. V. AIYER
    सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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