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Author Topic: SHRI SAI LEELA JULY 1974 CONTENTS  (Read 12099 times)

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  • 1.   Editorial Chaturmas
    2.    Science of Religion          by Swami Chinmayariand
    3.   Saint Eknath             by Dr. S. D. Parchure
    4.   Science and Vedanta          by Shri V. S. Pandu rangam
    5.    Saints or Thugs ?          by Bakht N. Moolchandani
    6.   The spiritual Importance of  Guru Poornima by      Swami Kesavaiahji
    7.   Sai Baba-a loving mother by    Shri  Sai  Padananda Radhakrishna Swami
    8.    Yogiraj Vasudevanand Saraswati   by Shri S. N. Huddar
    ( Official Organ of Shirdi Sansthan)
    VOLUME 53 JULY 1974                                No. 4
    The way to real  happiness
    It is a common place observation that in spite of apparent worldly prosperity, most people are far from happy. The reason is not far to seek. Material pleasures by themselves do not lead to lasting happiness. Amassing of wealth and acquisition of power bring in their wake other problems which contribute to misery rather than happiness. The conflicts and contradictions in the world of today are attributable to the exclusive pursuit of material pleasures, and the ignoring of the spiritual satisfactions. The remedy for this state of affairs is that man should endeavour to rise above the self and seek a higher life. A necessary precondition for such a higher life is the liquidation of all basic traits to make way for the cultivation of a higher purpose in life.
    Editor :
    Shri K. S. PATHAK Receiver, Shirdi Sansthan of Shri Sai Baba
    Executive Editors : Dr. S. D. Parchure M. A. Ph. D.
    Shri Sadanand Chendwankar  B. Sc., S. T. C. R. B. Pravin.
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