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  • (continued from March 74 issue).
    (By Shri Prabhu Dattaji Brahmachari Maharaj)
    (From "Kalyan")
    Dear Mind, Please think twice before you say that there is happi¬ness in the objects of senses. Have you ever seen happiness on the faces of those who are drowned in sensuality? What is the use of grinding the flour further ? Leave it and go ahead and beyond.

    Dear Mind, "This world is "nothing", then what is to be re¬nounced ?" -This is a slogan which misleads you. The renun¬ciation does not mean giving away things. There are many who have left things behind and not become real renouncers. They are still filled with desires of different kinds which are with them for many births. One must be free of those desires. That is renunciation. To renounce inwardly, you must be quiet within and persistent in your self-study.

    Dear Mind, A ripe mango does not remain on the branch any further. It will fall down of its own accord. It will be detached, and it will be a source of happiness to others in its detached ripeness. But one who renounces like a raw mango, by force of sudden emo¬tion, while he is not ripe, becomes a sour thing for others, or is soon lost in rotting. So, renounce when that will be as natural as ripe mango.

    Dear Mind, Why are you so anxious to do good to others ? Why are you worried to construct large buildings for libraries, poor asylums and schools. Is it really of a helping nature or through self-fulfilment ? If you really want to help others, why not try to realise the God within you who helps all the world ? If you are with that Truth, you will also be True. And after establishing the Truth within your heart, if you give your wisdom and knowledge to one single disciple, it is much more helpful than a large school building. The bricks of the school building are brittle, the truth is permanent.

    Dear Mind ! You seem to be desireless ! Are you thinking of constructing a small hut separately for yourself and escaping from the trouble of maintaining a house ? Even the hut requires all the paraphernelia. So long as you are in a hut or a house, you have to think of its maintenance. For him who is really desireless, there is. no like or dislike of a house, because he is equally .at ease with or without it. The most permanent place in this world is the foot of the God.

    Dear Mind, Dear Sadhaka Mind, think that in the form of money, in the form of friend, or an eatable, or in the form of pride and praise, the God Himself is appearing before you to test you. These appear¬ances are to teach you the right discernment. If you can go beyond these forms, the God who is the fountain of mercy will reveal Him¬self to you as He is.

    Dear Mind, Dear Teacher and Preacher ! If you go on preach¬ing, consider this truth about it. If your teaching contains the truth, you need not praise people and go after them convincing each and everybody. Truth is like the fire kindled within the heap of dry hay, which immediately takes giant form and does not require introduction from others.

    Dear Mind, so long as you are unhappy by dissociation and happy by association of things, take it for granted that there is still the Ego present. Otherwise, there will be only the will of the God and no reason for gladness or sadness.

    (Translation : Shri D. A. Ghaisas)
    सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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