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Author Topic: Yogiraj Vasudevanand Saraswati (A Biography-continued)  (Read 10106 times)

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Yogiraj Vasudevanand Saraswati (A Biography-continued)
« on: February 19, 2007, 07:34:24 AM »
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  • Chaturmas 14-Shak-l826(1904 AD)        —By Shri S. N. Huddar
    As decided, third chaturmas commenced from Ashadh Purnima at Brahmavarta and Swami Maharaj observed Moun. Puraan was stopped. If any special  message was to be given, it was written on a slate. Most of the time he was in trance. He took alms after 2 or 3 days.

    Gopal Rajadhyaksh prepared an Akhyan (story) on Gurucha-ritra and read it out to Swamiji, who simply uttered 'Narayan'. Flow of Ganga went out still further and there were indications of Swamiji's leaving the place. So Gopalrao asked permission to go elsewhere. Swamiji suggested in writing to go to Nemawar and do Gayatri Purashcharan and also asked if he wanted money. He said that he did not want anything but wished to have his darshan often. He then went away.

    Swami Maharaj on way to Vadi

    Soon after Lord Datta asked Swami Maharaj to go to Vadi to mend affairs, as there was mismanagement and also told him to stay there till he gets chhati (Cloth). After chaturmas Swamiji intended to go to Kashi but now he started for Vadi. All felt very sad. Some persons had come to see him from Kanpur, Swamiji advised them, "Live doing Bhajan of Shri Datta with devotion."

    Siddheshwar Linga, it is said, was installed by Brahmadeo. It is near Brahmavarta. Swamiji went there and his hut on the bank of Ganga, where he sat for meditation, was swept away by the flow of Ganga.
    Subhedar later constructed a permanent hut in memory of Swami Maharaj. One Datta Mandir is also constructed there. Swamiji came to Kalpi and then to Taiwan. A muslim came to Swamiji and prayed to bless him. Swamiji told him a sentence from Koran for recitation.

    Swamiji went to Jhansi and thence to Pichora. He gave a Brahmin some articles as blanket, Kantha, small bowl and asked him to take these to Brahmavarta. These articles are placed at the Kuti where Swamiji stayed, and the same are being worshipped since.

    At Raver Swamiji went for alms to Shri Chitnis whose sister-in law being in menses was standing near Mosque in front. Her body became heavy and she fell ill. When brought to Swamiji she began to shout. Swamiji asked, "Why have you caught this woman ?" The spirit in her body said, "I am the owner of this Mosque. These persons live.near but do not look to the repairs of this Mosque and so I have caught this woman." Swamiji said, without any fault of this woman, you have caught her. You need punishment."—The spirit then humbly requested to ask to do the repairs. Swamiji asked Chitnis to do the repairs and on doing this, the spirit disappeared.

    Dikshit Swami a chief disciple of Swamiji came to Brahmavarta when Swamiji had already left for Vadi. While returning he met wami Maharaj at Bhelsa. He expressed his desire to take Dand from Swamiji, who replied, "Be at Vadi. God's will will prevail." He asked Dikshit Swami to go to Vadi by train.

    Swami Maharaj came to Hoshangabad, where four students approached him and requested him to suggest means to get success in examination. He gave each a mantra and asked to recite 108 times daily. They obeyed and got success in examination.

    Again at Vadi

    Swamiji arrived at Vadi at 10 in the morning. He had with him 2 Chhatis, Dand, bowl and a book of Upanishat. People did not expect that he would come so early. He stood before Shri Datta Paduka and said the prayer, "Namo Brahmendra", bowed to the Paduka and came to bow to the Narayan Swami Samadhi and thence to Brahmananda Math. Knowing Swamiji's arrival priest came to see him. Swamiji inquired about their well-being, though he had bath at Miraj Ghat, He again took bath, observed rituals, did Veda Path and sat in meditation for about an hour. Then he went for alms. As he loved Vadi, he did not restrict alms for 3 houses but received alms at some more houses for the satisfaction of the people.
    Narayanrao Nandgaonkar postmaster was very eager to see Swami Maharaj. He was thinking of going to Brahmavarta but fortu¬nately he could have darshan of Swami at Vadi and this gave him great solace.

    Swamiji's   Routine   at   Vadi

    He got up at 4 A.M., explained yoga practices, attended nature-call, took bath before sun-rise. After rituals and darshan of Shri Datta Paduka, he would come to the Math. Then he taught Brahmakarma and read Upnishat. After midday rituals be took alms at 3 to 7 houses. In the afternoon he replied questions on Astrology, Vaidyak, Mantra-Tantra etc. At 4, he explained Veda stuti and Brahma Stuti. Any difficulty regarding criticism on Gurucharitra, if asked, was sol¬ved. He would go to sangam for Evening Sandhya. Some discus¬sion continued there also. At the third round of Palakhi he would return from Sangam to Mandir, bowed to Shri Datta and then came to the math. People remained there till 12 midnight, then he would spread one Chati on floor and had sleep for only 2 or 3 hours.

    Dikshit Swami becomes Narsinha Saraswati

    After a week Dikshit Swami requested Swami again for his Dandgrahan.    Swamiji said, "Shri Datta has not yet told me about this.    Better if you take Dand from someone else."    Dikshitswami said, "If you wish to give me 'Dand' kindly favour me giving it to me by your holy hands. Otherwise I would be without it. Mother has to take care of her child. "Dikshit Swami waited standing at the door for the whole night shedding tears. In the morning Swami got adesh (Orders) from Shri Datta to give Dand to his chief disciple.
    When Swamiji awoke and saw Dikshit Swami standing, he said, "Are you standing here for the whole night ? Go and prepare your¬self to get Dand, your desire will be fulfilled." Hearing these nectar-like sweet words, Dikshit Swami placed his head on the feet of his Guru and departed delightfully.

    Ganesh Satwalekar of Kolgaon had already brought Dand. Prayaschitta was given. Then Swamiji gave Dand to Diskshit and named him 'Narsinha Saraswati.' He was calm and quiet and liked loneliness. He lived at Vadi as directed by Swami Maharaj for many years.

    Later he took permission to leave Vadi and went to Amarpur, established 'Shri Vasudevananda Peeth' and made repairs of some Mandirs there. He had his Samadhi at "Ayodhya" (U. P.)

    Warning of Priests

    While coming up after bath, the bowl of Swamiji fell down but did not break. It was a sign of Swamiji's going in 'Samadhi.' He any-how reached Narayanswami Mandir and he had Samadhi. After some time, he shouted loudly, "Call the aged priests of all the four groups." The Priests gathered and then Swamiji explained, "Lord Datta is displeased with your present behaviour. I am asked to mend the matters. If you do not act as your forefathers did, you will be punished more severely than that in these 3 years."
    Hearing this, all were frightened and they begged pardon and requested that due services be taken from them. Swamiji awoke from Samadhi and went to Brahmananda Math. All men were with him for 11 hours. Swamiji did not say anything. Some one asked what should be done to wipe off the wrath of Shri Datta. Swamiji said, "I don't know. I am also one of you."

    Swami Maharaj's First Photo Satwalekar, Ukidwe, Sapre and others came to Swami Maharaj from Sawantwadi, they expressed that they would like to have his photo. Swamiji said, "Instead of keeping this figure in heart, why to draw it on paper ? There is no necessity." People said, "A photographer is brought from Kurundwad." Swamiji came down and sat on a stone with Dand in right hand and left hand placed on foot and the bowl was by his side. This is the first Photo drawn of Swami Maharaj.

    How to know the real Saint
    Bagul, Mamledar of Shirol once asked Swamiji "We see so many Buwas in Society. How to recognise a real Buwa or saint." Swamiji said, "Be a Saint and then Saint can recognise Saint. Others cannot know this."
    [ to be continued ]
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    Re: Yogiraj Vasudevanand Saraswati (A Biography-continued)
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