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Author Topic: Shiridi saibaba appears as a beggar  (Read 2204 times)

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Shiridi saibaba appears as a beggar
« on: May 20, 2011, 03:50:53 PM »
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  • We are human beings. Our mind is surprised by the various deeds of the saints. But the saints consider all their deeds as normal. The things which are beyond our understanding and reach, we called them as miracles. Saints do © Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Storiesthese miracles in their ordinary course of deals. So it is not a miracle for them. Moreover we are simple, ignorant and greedy humans. That's why it is not possible for us to understand the Leelas of Sai Baba in one stroke. The Updesh which were given by Him are not difficult to remember, but difficult to follow. Here is such an incident Nanasaheb Chandorkar which shows how he forgot the teachings of Sai Baba and how Sai Baba taught him a lesson.

    Nanasaheb Chandorkar used to spend his holidays in his house at Kalyan. Whenever Nanasaheb and his family went there to spend holidays, the ladies in the house would prepare various types of snacks in the free time at afternoon.

    Once during his holidays, Nanasaheb was taking rest after having lunch on one afternoon. His daughter-in-law was making Bhajniya (a snack prepared from either wheat flour or rice flour, spices and are made in circular form commonly called “Chakri” in Marathi and “Chakli” in Gujarati). Just then a beggar wearing torn dirty clothes with came and stood at the door.

    There was threshold in front of the house. The house was inside the threshold. The beggar crossed the threshold and stood in front of the door and asked for food. Nanasaheb’s kind daughter-in-law took a handful of the Bhajniya and gave to the beggar. But the beggar was not satisfied and so she demanded more. Nanasaheb’s daughter-in-law took some more Bhajniya and gave to the beggar.
    This time too the beggar was not satisfied.

    Nanasaheb’s daughter-in-law said, “I have given you half of Bhajniya prepared for us to you. Then also you are not satisfied?”

    The beggar again seemed to be unsatisfied and said, “I will go only after you give all them”.

    Nanasaheb’s daughter-in-law said angrily, “You have to eat by getting the food from others and you are troubling us in this way. If want the food take whatever quantity is given to you and just go away. Now I will not give more than what I have offered.”

    The beggar did not listen to daughter-in-law. Neither she took the Bhajniya nor did she return. The daughter-in-law being fed up now called up Nanasaheb. Nanasaheb ordered his watchman, “If the beggar accepts the quantity which we are giving, then its ok, otherwise push her outside of the house”.

    The beggar said, “Sir, if you don’t intend to give don’t give but don’t push me out of the house. I will go on my own”. Thus the beggar went away without taking a single Bhajniya.

    Nanasaheb’s holidays were over. He had to join his office again. In the way he went to Shirdi to take darshan of Sai Baba. Sai Baba was very angry with Nanasaheb. The moment Sai Baba saw him; He turned His face on the other side. He did not speak a word too. Nanasaheb went near to Sai Baba and fell at His feet.

    Nanasaheb said, “O God, please tell if I have made any mistake”.

    Sai Baba said, “What should I say to the one who does not follow the path directed by Me? You had thrown that beggar out of your house through that watchman. Did she do any harm to you, that you were ready to push her? If she wanted whatever you gave her, she would have taken, and if not she would have sat on the threshold of your house for sometime and would have went away. What harm was that to you, was she looting away your wealth or position? Instead of listening to her sweet words, you called your watchman to throw her out of your house. Is this that I have taught you?

    Nanasaheb was then reminded of his mistake now. He repented for it and promised that he would never commit such mistake ever. Though Sai Baba is sitting in Shirdi, but He went to His devotees in any form to save them.
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    Re: Shiridi saibaba appears as a beggar
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