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Author Topic: स्मरणांजलि - Remembrance _/\_  (Read 3194 times)

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स्मरणांजलि - Remembrance _/\_
« on: April 11, 2017, 07:40:59 AM »
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  • 1st April

    Pranam to Guru Tegh Bahadur saheb on his birthday.
    He revered as the ninth Nanak, was the ninth of ten Gurus of the Sikh religion.
    Tegh Bahadur continued in the spirit of the first guru, Nanak;
    his 115 poetic hymns are in the text Guru Granth Sahib.

    1st April

    Remembering Hedgewarji on his birthday.
    He was the founding Sarsanghachalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.
    Hedgewar founded the RSS in Nagpur in 1925, with the intention of promoting
    the concept of a united India rooted in indigenous ideology.

    1st April

    Remembering Balaji Vishwanath (Bhat) better known
    as Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath on his death anniversary.

    He was the first of a series of hereditary Peshwas (Marathi for Prime Minister)
    hailing from the Marathi speaking Chitpavan Kokanastha Hindu family
    who gained effective control of the Maratha Empire during the 18th century.

    Balaji Vishwanath assisted a young Maratha Emperor Shahu to consolidate
    his grip on a kingdom that had been racked by civil war and persistent attack
    by the Mughals under Aurangzeb.

    He was called "the second founder of the Maratha State.Later,his son Bajirao
    became the peshwa. His second son Chimnaji Appa won the vasai fort.

    3rd April

    Remembering Shivaji Maharaj on his punya tithi.
    During last days of this life after returning to Maharshtra, Shivaji Maharaj
    spent some time in organizing his government and soon launched a major
    offensive against Mughals.

    He recovered major portions of the territory surrendered to Mughals
    just in a span of four years. He continued fighting the Mughals fearlessly
    with the sole objective to establish Hindavi Swarajya.

    8th April

    Remembering Bankim Chandraji Chatterjee also known as
    Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay on his death anniversary.
    He was one of the greatest novelists and poets of India. He is famous
    as author of Vande Mataram, the National Anthem of India.

    8th April

    Remembering Mangal Pandeyji on his death anniversary.
    He was an Indian soldier who played a key part in events immediately
    preceding the outbreak of the Indian rebellion of 1857.

    He was a sepoy in the 34th Bengal Native Infantry regiment of the
    British East India Company.

    10th April

    Remembering Ghanshyamdasji Birla on his birthday.
    He made significant contribution in the field of industrial development
    in different areas from textiles to cement and in education.

    He also convinced the idea of first indian bank that was completely
    funded and managed by Indians. (UCO Bank 1943)

    11th April

    Remembering Jyotirao Govindrao Phule on his birthday.
    He was an Indian activist, thinker, social reformer and writer from

    His work extended to many fields including eradication of untouchability
    and the caste system, women's emancipation and the reform of
    Hindu family life.

    11th April

    Remembering Jamini Roy on his birthday.
    He was an Indian painter from Bengal with very famous stylisation.
    He was honoured with Padma Bhushan in 1955.
    He was one of the most famous pupils of Abanindranath Tagore,
    whose artistic originality and contribution to the emergence of modern art
    in India remains unquestionable.

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