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Author Topic: The Sense Of Charity  (Read 10213 times)

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The Sense Of Charity
« on: March 22, 2007, 06:41:47 AM »
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  • Sai Ram Dear Tejal And Raj,

    Dekhiye aapke liye ek pyari si story hai idhar pls read it.

    Once upon a time a charitable couple lived in Ramapuram Village.  Their names were Raman ad Sit.  They werewealthy and well known for their philanthropy.

    It was their principle to feed atleast one poor person everyday before they had their meal.  Since no body was denied a meal, everybody many poor people used to eat at their house.

    The couple had two sons. Soon after the completion of their education the couple performed the marriage of their sons with eligible girls.

    First, the first daughter-in-law came to live with them.  The daily ritual of poor eeding at her in-laws home annoyed her very much.  She thought that the practice would ultimately ruin them.  So she said that not more than two people should be allowed to have free meal on anyday.  Since the old coupledid not want to annoy the new daughter-in-law, they accepted her condition though unwillingly.

    Then, the second daughter-in-law came.  She firmly believed that poor feeding was a waste of hard earned money.  So She said no more poor feeding from then onwards.

    Both the sons supported were almost in tears.  They could not bear the sight of hungry people going back when they were not goingback when they were not given anything to eat.  The pain of hunger of the poor haunted them.  So they left the village and went on pilgrimage.

    While travelling round thecountry, one day they came across a ruined temple on the banks of river Krishna.  They also saw several medicinal plants in the surrounding area.  While looking at the old temple they felt the pain receding suddenly.  They found a new purpose in their lives.

    They built a small ashram near the temple and started preparing herbal medicines.  All the poor people in the near by villages were given free medicines for their ailments.  The old couple were gifted with a miraculous healing touch.

    Soon the news of their healing mission reached far off lands also.  Sick people, long suffering from various diseases started visiting the ashram for cure and relief .  Though the couple demanded no money for the medicines or the treatment, the patients started giving money as a token of their gratitude.  Soon the old couple had enough money to rebuild theruned Temple.

    Mean while the sons of th old coupls lost their riches and property due to debts cused by failure of crops and reckless spending by their wives.  They started looking for work to earn their daily meal.  Somebody told them about the construction of a temple on the banks of River Krishna and the generous food and wages offered to the workers by the builders.  So they started to reach the place of construction.

    Sita recognized her sons and daughters-in-law immediately in the early morning gathering for prayer.  She called aside the elder daughter-in-law aand said that only two workers among all would get a meal there.  Then She turned  to the second daughter-in-law and said that poor workers were not fed there.  The sons and daughters-in-law were taken aback.  They recognized their mother-in-law and had fallen on her feet begging for mercy.

    Realising that the rependtance of her daughters-in-law and allowed them into the ashram.  Raman was also very much happy with turn of events.  Thereafter the sons and the daughters-in-law never hesitated to help the poor and needy and became true heirs to the legacy of Raman and Sita.

    Jai Sai Ram
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    Re: The Sense Of Charity
    « Reply #1 on: March 24, 2007, 02:21:13 AM »
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    Jyoti aunty
    sai ram

    thanx for nice story.

    Always respest your parents
    & agree with your elders.

    sai ram
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    Re: The Sense Of Charity
    « Reply #2 on: September 15, 2020, 01:57:35 PM »
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  • he sai baba life ka kuch matlab nahi lagta.. roz roz ke zagde se mai pareshan ho gaya hu .life me kuch bhi nahi hei, meri shant aur jyda bolne ki adat nahi hei. isse reena ko lagta hei mai kuch share nahi karta.. karu bhi to kya karu.. mai kuch share karta hu to wo turant hi muze hi kamzor bata ke chup kara deti hei. halaki mai sab kuch compromize karne ko ready hu. bhagawan se ek aur baccha manga tha wo bhi bhagwan nahi de raha hei. dr shembhekar ke upar bahut bharosa tha wah bhi tut chuka hie. ye dunia ek wishwas ke upar chalti hei . ab kuch ummed nahi hie to jeene ka man nahi karta. jeevan bhahut galti ki ab bhugat raha hu. sai baba ke uper bhi vishwas nahi raha aur na ganpati lagta hei muslim dharm le lu.


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