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Author Topic: Ganesh Mantra For Blocked Work  (Read 3378 times)

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Ganesh Mantra For Blocked Work
« on: February 29, 2012, 01:51:12 AM »
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  • Ganesh Mantra for blocked work

    The dedicated disciples of Ganesha need not despair, if some of their work has been unnecessarily blocked; due to no conceivable reason. Ganesha has solutions for all problems.

    The Ganesh Bhakts are one of a kind; they mostly go about life in a straight forward and honest manner. This is so because the worship of Ganesha is Satvik [pure] in nature.

    Ganesh Mantra for blocked work

    Om Glaum Gam Ganapatye Mam Vaanchhit Karyasiddhi Kuru Kuru Swaha

     This is a Ganesh mantra for blocked work which I am giving here. Recite it in the morning before sunrise after having a bath 108 times.

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