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Home > Stress > Relief From Tension And Pressure
« on: March 05, 2012, 01:34:13 PM »
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    In today's hectic world our senses are confronted with an enourmous amount of impulses. All over there are continuous impulses to our senses just like background noise and on top of that everybody wants to have our attention: boss, family, coworkers, employees, children and even media trying to make us listen and buy. This all together creates a lot of tension and pressure. With Mantra meditation and Mantra recitation you can find back to your inner peace and get used to blending out all unnecessary noise. You learn to do one thing at a time and still be able to do it all - and be much more relaxed!


    Chhinnamasta Gayatri Mantra 
       Om virochanyai vidmahe chhinnamastayai dheemahi tanno devih prachodayat |

    This Chhinnamasta Gayatri Mantra is from Vedas, recitation of this mantra gives relief from tension and presser.


    Saumitrivatsala Mantra 

       Kaushalyeyo Drishau Paatu Vishvaamitrapriyah Shrutee |
    Ghraanam Paatu Makhtraataa Mukham Saumitrivatsalah ||
    Recitation of this mantra is good for bring relief from tension and presser. This mantra is from Ram Raksha Stotram, author of this mantra is Rishi Budhakaushik.


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