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Author Topic: Is Sai still giving guidance to His devotees!!  (Read 1453 times)

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Is Sai still giving guidance to His devotees!!
« on: March 26, 2015, 04:19:39 AM »
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  • Yes HE IS.
    Hemandpant has clearly mentioned in Sai Satcharitra who will seek refuge in me an ask guidance it will be given to the devotee (Saiji's affirmation). Saiji's worshiping is different, How! Well He mentioned you are not required to any mantra sadhna and ashtang yoga only trust on Him and chanting of Sai will sail you through this worldly ocean.
    Even today, when you seek His guidance He will guide you. His teaching method is unique. If you are looking for some information and talking with your friend and all of sudden your friend will give you intelligent piece of information or you will get guidance in a dream. Sometime you just check your mail (My experience) and our inbox is having some mail which will direct you towards your answer.
    Only requirement is ASK (for help or guidance)and BELIEVE(it will be granted). When you believe that help will surely come, it always come.
    Whenever I feel asking any question to Him, I pray an ask for guidance and sometime open satcharitra's any page randomly and read the whole chapter. Answer comes as either in the for His teaching or explained story.
    I am just sharing my own experience here that He is still  guiding His devotees, but we should learn HOW (to ask) and Learn (To believe).
    May you also evoke your disciple and receive the Guidance.
    Allah Malik

    Om Sai Ram
    Baba Ki Sabse baddest Disciple
    Gajra Dinesh Bhatnagar


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