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Author Topic: Read these verses 10 times everyday for success in spiritual life  (Read 6856 times)

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Read both the following verses ten times everyday so that you will succeed in your spiritual effort.

Yebhyo me jivitam sarvam, nitam te naadya rakshakaah
Amato rakshako naiti, maamiti jnaanamantyajam.

Meaning: The human being in the last minutes of death, blessed with the last knowledge given by God thinks in the following way—I have wasted all my life for these family members standing around me (to know my bank accounts), who can’t protect me at all after death. I never thought about that one God, who alone can protect me now and He is not coming to me now. Those, who were thought by me are around me, but, unable to protect me now and that single God, who is able to protect me is not coming to me now since I never thought about Him!

Samaye sati na jnaanam, Jnaane tu samayao na cha
Iti mounavyathaa bhuyo, Jaataa maranavedanaa.

Meaning: Subsequently the dying person thinks like this—When there was ample time, this point never struck my brain. When this point is struck now, there is no time for even a minute. Even if I reveal this pain to these people surrounding me, what can be done even by them?—like this, the dying person undergoes silent pain in his heart and this is called as death agony.

Every human being is blessed by God with these two points at the end called as 1) last intellectual flash and 2) last agony. If you read these two verses everyday with meanings, certainly, you will put spiritual effort and there is no need to face these two in the end.

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