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Author Topic: SOUNDARYA LAHARI SLOKAS/YANTRAS No.1 - No. 100  (Read 32902 times)

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  • Hello,

    I have found a very nice blog where all the 100 Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras are given.
    This is the blog:

    What are the 100 Soundarya Lahari Yantras?

    Here is the anwser:

    100 Yanthras

    in Soundarya Lahari

    Sri. Sankaracharya and Soundaryalahari

    The genius played key role in propagating Vedanta philosophy and in revamping Arsha culture is undoubtedly Sree sankaracharya. It was he who developed the advaitha religion of Gowdapadar into a great theory. his contribution include the interpretations of Brahmasutra, Upanishads and Bhagavalgeetha. His works such as Vivekachoodamani, Upadeshasahasri, Bhajagovinda, Laghuvakyavruthi can be described as simple explanations for the  ample philosophic thoughts vedanta. His book Soundaryalahari is the very essence of thanthrasastra.

    Soundarya Lahari

    It contains 100 slokas. First 41 slokas are known by the name 'Anandalahari'. The name of the remaining part is Soundaryalahari. In the first part principles related to Thanthra sasthra are discussed. It also contains the descriptions of Thantra, yantra and mantra, of course all related to Devi. There is markable difference between first and second parts both in the nature of subject dealt with and mode of narration. Some are of the view that the dfirst part was not written by Srisankara. However each sloka of Soundaryalahari is is utilised as 'Manthra' for the achievement of specific goal. More ever there slokas are transformed to yantras. Here mode of offerings, depiction of yantras and and configurations of manthraksharas are explained. There explanations are  scheduled in accordance with the thanthr4a systems and customs preparing in South Indian states. It should be noted that practices explained here must be observed only following the advice of a well versed master.


    Tuesday 18 August 2009
    For Soundarya Lahari Yantras
    testt said...

    Dear mam.

    I found one website regarding yantra making.
    Please check the below details

    Saundaryalahari yantras as most powerfull one,but you have to meditate daily after wearing the yantra.It is prepared in golden sheet and 41 days special poojas done with nivedyam.It is enclosed in golden loket and you can wear it.It will cost 17000rs.

    Pooja and nivedyam will be done by me.once you are ordering yantra it will take 41 daays to complete all the process and after that i can corier you the yantra.You can see the picture in the following link of my website

    I use to prepare all types of yantras which is helpfull to people.Saundaryalahari yantras i use to prepare regularly

    Please let me, is it worth investing?


    Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.1

    Picture of the yantra see below on link:


    SLOKA NO. 1:-

    "Shivah Shakthyaa Yuktho Yadi Bhavathi Shakthaha Prabhavithum
    Na Chedevam Devo Na Khalu Kushalaha Sphandithumapi
    Athasthvaamaaraadhyaam Hariharavirinchaadibhirapi
    Prananthum Sthothum Vaa Kathamakruthapunyaha Prabhavathi!"

    Literal Meaning :-"Shiva becomes capable of creating the Universe, only when united with Shakthi (Thee), but otherwise (when not so joined with Thee), He is incapable of even a stir, How then could one, who has not acquired merit (punya)- in this and previous births worship Thee or atleast praise Thee, who is adored even by Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and others?"
    Mode of worship: Yantra for sloka No.1 to be made on a gold plate. Sit facing East. Chant the above verse 1001 (1000) times daily, for 12 days.
    Archana: Chant Lalitha Sahasranamam offering red hibiscus or any other red flowers.
    Offerings: Cooked rice, scrapings of coconut kernel mixed with powdered jaggery and ghee.
    BENEFICIAL RESULTS:-All prosperity, granting of cherished purposes and solution to intricate problems.
    Literal results:The yin and yang factor (feminine and masculine factor) is balanced. Treats hormonal imbalance. Female devotees facing severe marital problems will be able to bring issues under their control/ curb abusive tendencies in husband.If living in a joint family, there will be harmony between female devotee and in laws.This sloka could help females even in work atmosphere, in gatherings etc.Atleast 11 times chanting is a must everyday.


    Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.100

    Picture of the yantra see below on link:

    SLOKA NO.100:-
    Svakeeyairambhobhihi Salilanidhisouhithyakaranam
    Thvadeeyaabhirvaagbhisthava Janani Vaachaam Sthuthiriyam!"

    Literal Meaning:" Just as doing 'niraanjana'( the flame waving ritual)to the sun is only the offering of his own light to him; just as making an offering of arghya to the moon with water that oozes out of the moon-stone is only to give back what belongs to the moon, and just making 'tharpana' (water-offering) to the ocean is to return what belongs to it, -so is, O source of all Learning, this hymn is addressed to Thee composed of words that are already Thine."
    Mode of worship:Yantra to be made on gold plate. Sit facing East. Chant this sloka 1000 times daily for 16 (45) days.
    Archana:Chant Lalitha Sahasranamam offering different kinds of flowers.
    Offerings:Cooked rice, sweet gruel, fruits, betels and nut slices.
    BENEFICIAL RESULTS:All round success, freedom from diseases and accomplishment of all desires.
    Literal Results:Retrieving lost property, gaining control of belongings and contentment.
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