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Author Topic: Mantra for all diseases  (Read 1089214 times)

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Re: Mantra for all diseases
« Reply #120 on: September 26, 2011, 07:46:01 AM »
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  •    Áyurvedic Healing Mantras     
    Author Message

     Subject: Áyurvedic Healing Mantras   Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:59 am 

    Healing sounds balance both the mind and body, as well as the spirit. Practitioners find that imparting Áyurvedic mantras helps heal their clients. Mantras also help balance prána, tejas, and ojas. They help harmonize nerve tissue, and they clear subtle impurities from the nerves and nádiís (subtle channels). These mantras also aid one’s concentration and creative thinking.

    Both practitioner and client use the mantras during a session. They empower all actions on a subtle level, infusing the cosmic life force into the healing process. Generally, Váyu doshas mentally repeat mantras, while Pitta and Kapha doshas may also chant them. Kaphas do particularly well with chanting; it is suggested that they do so on a daily basis.

    AUM: (long “ahh”, then ‘um’ as in home) Most important, for it represents the Divine word, serving to energize or empower all things and processes. This is why all mantras begin and end with aum. Best for males.
    Uses: It clears the mind, opens náæís, and increases ojas. It awakens one’s práòa—or positivity—needed for healing to occur.

    RAM: (“a” sounds like the “a” in “calm”)
    Uses: Brings Divine protection (light and grace), giving strength, calm, rest, peace; good for mental disorders and high Váyu (e.g., insomnia, bad dreams, nervousness, anxiety, excessive fear, and fright); it strengthens ojas and builds the immune system.

    HUM (hoom):
    Uses: It wards off negative influences, which are manifested as diseases, negative emotions, or black magic. Hoom awakens agni and promotes digestive fire. It burns up áma and clears channels; it increases tejas and mental perception, and it is sacred to Shivá as the sound of Divine wrath.

    AIM (aym):
    Uses: Improves mental concentration, thinking, rational powers, and speech; awakens and increases intelligence, mental and nervous disorders; restoresspeech, communication, control of senses and mind;
    is the sacred sound of Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom.
    SHRIM (shreem):
    Uses: Promotes general health, beauty, creativity, prosperity, strengthens rasa (plasma) and shukra (reproductive fluids), and overall health and harmony.

    HRIM (hreem):
    Uses: Cleanses and purifies, giving energy, joy, and ecstasy. Although it initially causes atonement; it also aids detoxification.

    KRIM (kreem):
    Uses: Gives capacity for work and action; adds power and efficacy, good for chanting while making preparations.

    KLIM (kleem):
    Uses: Gives strength, sexual vitality, control of emotions, increases shukra and ojas.

    SHAM: Mantra of peace (or ‘Aum shanti, shanti, shanti’)
    Uses: Creates calmness, detachment, contentment; alleviates mental and nervous disorders, stress, anxiety, disturbed emotions, tremors, shaking, palpitations, and chronic degenerative nervous system disorders.

    SHUM: (pronounced like “shoe” but with a shorter vowel sound)
    Uses: Increases vitality, energy, fertility, sexual vigor, mantra for increasing shukra.

    SOM: (as in home)
    Uses: Increases energy, vitality, joy, delight, creativity, ojas; it strengthens mind, heart, nerves, and is good for rejuvenation and tonification therapies.

    For Practitioners:
    1. During the session, purify healing room using Aum and Hum.
    2. Bring Divine light into room using Aum and Ram.
    3. Chant mentally over the client to clear their psychic level using Aum.
    4. Energize the healing power of herbs or medicines using Krím or Shrím.

    For Clients:
    They can make use of these mantras at home to increase healing.
    Mental or nervous disorders:
    Sham—relieves pain and fever.
    Hum—restores nerve function and counters paralysis.
    Som—rebuilds cerebrospinal fluid

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    Re: Mantra for all diseases
    « Reply #121 on: September 26, 2011, 08:01:52 AM »
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    1. OM (AUM)

    As described in the Meditation section,  OM is said to be the primordial sound that was present at the creation of the universe. As such, it has no translation. It is used in many mantras, but can be a powerful mantra in its own right. To be used properly, it must be repeated silently on the inbreath, in the following manner, using its four component sounds:

    1. Aaaaa (starting from the navel)

    2. Uuuuu (rising through the chest)

    3. M (rising to the mouth)

    4. Mmmmm (through the lips)

    The fourth sound -- the Mmmmm through the lips -- is known as a seed sound and  is as just as important as the other sounds.


    2. SO HAM

    This mantra means "I am That" in the sense of "I am God". Obviously it reflects a philosophy in which we are all seen as inseparable from God, not a dualistic philosophy in which the world is separate from God. It must be repeated silently and synchronised with the breathing: "SO" on the inbreath and "HAM" on the outbreath.




    (pr. OM  NAH-MAH  SHI-VAH-YAH)

    This is the basic Shiva mantra. It means, roughly, "Om and salutations to Shiva."  Shiva is here used as a name for God. It is generally most effective when synchronised with the breathing. I have found the most effective way to use it is to repeat OM on the inbreath and NAMAH SHIVAYA on the outbreath.

    It is also possible to strengthen this mantra by adding the "seed sounds" Shrim and Klim.  Shrim is  the seed sound for the abundance of Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity.  Klim is the seed sound for attracting something to yourself.  The mantra then becomes:


    This version has two advantages: it covers the material as well as the spiritual, and it acknowledges the feminine principle (represented by Lakshmi) as well as the masculine (represented by Shiva).

    The goddess Durga (pr. Door-gah) has been portrayed as a warrior goddess associated with fire and catharsis. She is seen as a symbol of the Great Feminine principle and as the great Mother Goddess who may provide protection.



    This mantra can be used as an appeal to the great Mother Goddess for her protection. It can be used in general circumstances where some degree of protection is desired, for oneself or for others.



    Like the previous mantra, this mantra is said to provide protection, but is meant for more drastic and extreme situations. It can be used to protect oneself or others, and is said to also provide blessings of creativity and good fortune.


    Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, learning and wisdom. She presides over all forms of study, learning and creativity;she is creative inspiration as well, and particularly relates to writing, poetry and speech.



    This mantra can especially be used by anyone involved in the study of philosophy and mysticism. It develops the intellect and creative intelligence, developing the student's capacity to cope with and comprehend great ideas.



    This mantra is said to be particularly useful for those studying religion and scripture. It enhances their capacity for insight and understanding on a spiritual level, rather than an academic one.


    Radha was the consort of Krishna, the eighth Avatar (incarnation) of the god Vishnu. In time, the depictions of Radha developed to the point where she was seen as being one with Krishna. In Tantric literature, Radha was the embodiment of of spiritual love and "the embodiment of devotion to God."



    This mantra can be used to enhance and develop a relationship between two people, with a view to making it more loving and caring. It can be used by one person in the relationship or both.


    (pr. AR-HUM PRAY-MAH)

    This mantra can be used to develop your capacity to love as much as you possibly can. It is said to transform you into an emanation of divine love.


    Another goddess representing the Great Feminine principle, Lalita is also known as Mahadevi (Great Goddess). Her feminine power can be appealed to in virtually any kind of situation.



    This mantra can be used to combat depression by stimulating the kundlini Shakti, which is said to provide the inherent energy of the words in the mantra. This energy helps to rid the mind of depression.



    This mantra can be used to rid the mind of unwanted desires. To prepare for the use of this mantra, one is supposed to start by framing the intended results in one's mind, and then purge one's mind of the intention when actually repeating the mantra.


    Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance and good fortune. she attends to our material needs in general, but can also bring fortune and abundance of a spiritual kind. We can appeal to her whenever we need help in these areas. She was represented on early Indian coins and was associated with Kubera, the god of wealth. Lakshmi is sometimes depicted on doors as a way of bringing good luck to the household.



    This mantra can be used whenever we feel we need a dose of good fortune and luck, whether material or spiritual. It is said to have the ability to bring good fortune and open up unexpected possibilities.



    This is the healing mantra, based on an appeal to the celestial healer, Dhanvantari, who figures in the Lakshmi story and who gave the Nectar of Immortality to the gods. It can be used to enhance one's own healing skills and performance as a practitioner;or for self-healing, in which it is said to be able to work in many ways to promote healing on all levels: physical, mental or emotional.


    Kali is the fierce aspect of the Great Feminine principle; she can be drastic and ruthless, both giving life and destroying it. When she destroys, it is only so that good and truth will triumph. She can look dark and sinister, but she only destroys the negative to make way for the positive.



    This is the basic Kali mantra, meaning "OM and salutations to Kali". It is for those who want to focus themselves on Kali as their principal spiritual practice.



    This mantra is the basic Kali mantra strengthened by the words "Sri" (an expression of great respect) and "Maha" (great).  It has been said that very few people are initiated into this mantra because of the intensity of its "purgative nature." (This mantra is taken from the book "Meditation and Mantras", by Swami Vishnu-Devananda.)



    This mantra is said to bring rapid and even drastic relief from any situation that is difficult or problematic. The kind of solution attained might not be the kind you would want or envisage, because the effects of the mantra are said to be potentially drastic and unexpected. The results will be right and appropriate for you at the time, although they may not be pleasant in the short run.



    This is known as the Great Fifteen-Syllable Mantra (not counting the Om at the start) and is said to provide a rapid boost to one's spiritual growth, although once again the results may be unexpected and drastic. One should only use this mantra if one is prepared for results that may be quite intense. From personal experience, I can vouch for the power of this mantra.



    Shakti Mantras: Thomas Ashley-Farrand  (Ballantine Books 2003)  ISBN: 0-345-44304-7

    Meditation and Mantras: Swami Vishnu-Devananda  (Motil Banarsidass Publishers 1978)  ISBN: 81-208-1615-3
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    Re: Mantra for all diseases
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    Good Health has different connotations for different individuals. For some it might mean a strong constitution, for others it might denote physical strength and for yet another group it might signify beauty and handsomeness. No doubt each of these can be a reflection of good health, yet not in its entirety, for these are merely indicative of physical fitness

    Fitness of the body is however only a projection of inner balance. That's why good rich food might well make one look stout, yet one's face might still deem dull, one's skin might appear lusterless and one might even be plagued by ailments. This means that just nourishing the body is not enough. One also has to nourish the mind and the soul, for once they are brimming over with joy and peace the outer appearance too shall be indicative of being in the pink.

    Just as the virus, bacteria or other alien influences tend to invade the physical body, the mind too is prey to tensions, worries, complexes, negative feelings, fears and passions. These only erode the calm and composure of the brain and lead to release of unwanted toxins and chemicals in the body that easily weaken one's physical immunity. Thereafter it becomes very easy for the virus or bacteria to attack our system and conquer it.

    Yet if one could somehow know how to purge the mind of all negative thoughts and feelings it would ever remain immersed in joy thus further bolstering the immune system of the body. And once one's body is perfectly peaceful tensions, worries, depression won't be able to create an imbalance.

    One sure way of achieving this state is Sadhna which aims at inner balance. Actually inner and outer health cannot be segregated. They are linked to each other and the outer is but a projection of the inner. Hence if somehow the inner state could be perfectly poised, automatically the outer would follow suit and one could overcome even the worst or maladies. The use of Sadhnas however does not undermine the benefits of medicines, instead it acts as a powerful supplement which catalyses and speeds up recuperation.

    Sadhna means drawing on one's will power and concentrating it through Mantra recital. This results in a flood of Prannic (soul) energy that tends to purge the mind and body of all disturbances and sets the recovery mechanism into action. Regular and continuous use of Mantra Power soon rejuvenates the entire system thus leading to a radiating, robust physique. Mantra power aims at the root and its belief is - cure the mind and the body shall follow suit. If used properly, with full devotion and enthusiasm it can help deracinate the worst of ailments.

    The ancient texts are full of rituals and Mantras for combating various diseases. Worship of a different deity is prescribed for overcoming each particular ailment. But many of these Sadhnas are tough and it's a lot to expect of an ailing person to sit for hours in Sadhna. Is then there some easy way?

    There sure is and Tantra prescribes a very quick acting and powerful Sadhna, that amazingly can work wonders in all physical disorders and illnesses. This healing Sadhna combines the power of four deities - Lord Shiva, Ma Kaali, Bheirav and Hanuman - for ages worshipped for riddance from ailments and evil influences. This makes this ritual all the more efficacious and unfailing.

    On any Tuesday night after 9 pm the ailing person should sit for Sadhna facing South on a red mat. Before himself he should place a Bajrang Vigrah on a wooden seat covered with red cloth. He should light an oil lamp. Next he should take 21 seeds of Chirmi in his hand and move them around his head. These he should then put aside and throw them in the South direction from his house after that night's Sadhna is over. Thereafter with a Red Coral rosary he must chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra with full concentration.

    || Om Shreem Hreem Ayeim Phat || 

    This ritual must be repeated on three consecutive Tuesdays and if performed with devotion very soon wonderful results manifest. On the very first Tuesday one feels a surge of rejuvenating energy in the body that not just stills the mind but also makes one feel physically stronger. After Sadhna wear the rosary around your neck. This shall further speed up recovery. After 30 days of completion of Sadhna throw the rosary and Bajrang Vigrah in a river or pond. The value of this Sadhna is not just in banishing diseases but also in maintaining good health. Hence one should try this ritual at least once every year with a fresh set of Sadhna articles.

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    Re: Mantra for all diseases
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  • Freedom from addiction   

    Every human being desires joy, excitement, music, dance and carefreeness in life, but when finds that the world is not offering any of these he starts to look for plastic pleasure in wine, drugs and cigarettes. This is in fact an attempt to force joy or pleasure into life through unnatural means.

    And this is nothing new for even in the ancient times kings, ministers and those burdened with heavy responsibilities would seek artificial means to free their minds of the tensions and worries of that day. Their physicians would prepare for them a special drink which wrenched the mind free of worries. This drink they called Suraa.

    Suraa means that which infuses Sur or music into life. What more it was a rejuvenating drink that had no adverse effect on the body. However later cheaper drinks were invented which worked similarly in making one tension free, but were harmful to the body. This drink was known as Madira much like the alcoholic drinks of today.

    It is a known fact that anything in excess proves harmful. Addiction to drinks not only destroys the health of a person but also his career as well as family and social life. Studies have revealed that almost every addict wishes to get rid of the evil habit. He vows to give up again and again but drinks so weaken the will power that it becomes hard for him to keep his promise. In fact addiction is like being enslaved by drinks which every addict very much realises.

    No human likes to be a slave. But an addict has not the necessary will power to get free. However if by some method, hypnotism being one, a powerful thought is implanted in his mind it becomes very easy for him to be free.

    Another such means is Mantra Sadhana which the addict could use to get rid of his habit. If unwilling to try it some other person could also do the Sadhana on his behalf with the same results.

    However it is not claimed that a person shall change overnight through the use of this Mantra. The basis of this method is a person’s sub-conscience and Mantra is a powerful device which frees the sub-conscience of all such shackles. Hence Mantra works subtly to remove all craving for drinks from the addicts sub-conscience.

    For freedom from addiction the ancient texts prescribe Anukoolan Prayog. The very special aspect of this powerful Sadhana is that in case the addict himself is reluctant to try it someone can do it on his behalf.

    In the night of any Friday or Sunday place an Anukoolan Yantra in a copper plate and seated before it chant just one round of the following Mantra with a red coral rosary.

    || Om Gloum Sarva Saakshee Praann Aatmane Namah Gloum Om || 

    Do this daily for the next 11 days. Thereafter drop the rosary in a pond and make the addict wear the Yantra around his neck for a month. If the person is unwilling tie the Yantra around his photograph and place it in some safe place. A month later drop the Yantra too in a river. This ritual enhances the will power of the addict and helps him to get rid of the habit forever.

    Another special method:

    Many small rituals have also been popular in India specially from the times of Nath Yogis like Guru Gorakhnath who devised very simple methods and Mantras in simple language which everyone could use. But the drawback with these rituals is that their effect many times is not long lasting. Still one such ritual is being reproduced here.

    On a Friday take a Peepal (holy fig) leaf. On it put a pinch each of black sesame seeds and vermilion. Light an oil lamp and chant thus continuously for 30 minutes.

    || Devaa Ho Devaa Peeraa Ho Peeraa Laanguliyaa Ke Naath Anjaniyaa Ke Beeraa || 

    After this tie the leaf with some cloth (handkerchief etc.) which the addict uses and the same night throw it in some isolated place away from home.


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    Re: Mantra for all diseases
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    Sadhanas of Lord Hanuman are really amazing in the results they produce and what more they are so easy and quick acting that there could be no other Sadhana like them. Then what is the need to go in for tough rituals when all solutions can be ad through them.

    Years back a friend was to appear for an interview for a job but he was in the grip of fear. He needed a job badly, but more than 200 candidates had been called when only five were to be selected. Tension and doubts had made my friend nervous. I advised him to just recite the Hanuman Tantra Chamatkaaraanushtthaan once before he went in for the interview. And so he did. While others sat outside poring into books, he sat there calmly mentally repeating the divine verses. When he was called in he looked calm and cool and he went inside with full confidence. He was selected and to this day he says that it was the Lord who saw him through.

    It is also a tested fact that one can walk through a dense jungle or even a funeral ground without fear of being troubled by spirits, snakes or animals, especially when one keeps repeating Hanuman Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa (a special prayer of the Lord in verse form).

    Water energised with Hanuman Sadhana has often been poured into the mouth of ailing patients in grave pain and the results have been miraculous, for with the grace of the Lord they regained their health. For the Lord nothing is impossible, because one who can carry a whole mountain, or defeat even a great warrior like Ravan can rush with amazing alacrity when a Sadhak is in pain.

    Hanuman is an epitome of celibacy, power, courage, fearlessness and complete faith. An enemy or a problem is never big or small. It is rather one's confidence that can help one overcome even the worst. And a Sadhak of Lord Hanuman is everflowing with confidence, for he ever remains aware that there is always the mighty Lord nearby to protect him.

    Important Rules For This Sadhana

    1. The idol of Hanuman should be smeared with a paste of vermilion and sesame seed oil.

    2. Among the various sweets it is best to offer jaggery, coconut, laddus in the morning, jaggery, ghee and chapati (Indian bread) mixture (choorma) at noon and fruits like mangoes, guavas and bananas at night to the Lord.

    3. Only large red and yellow flowers like lotus, sunflower and marigold should be offered.

    4. A ghee lamp with one or five wicks should be lit.

    5. Celibacy should be maintained during Sadhana.

    6. If possible take a bath only with water from a well.

    7. The Mantra should be chanted clearly, looking straight into the eyes of the Lord.

    8. Sadhanas should not be tried with evil intentions.

    9. Lord Hanuman signifies true devotion, hence the Sadhak should be fully devoted.

    10. Having a picture of Lord Rama and Sita in the place of Sadhana pleases the Lord.

    18.4.2000 is the birth day of Hanuman, and there could be no better day for Hanuman Sadhana. A Sadhana tried on this day cannot fail and the Sadhak gets the desired results very soon. Presented ahead are some wonderful rituals which could be started from this day or any Tuesday.


    In the Sadhanas that follow the initial Sadhana process remains the same. Only the Sadhana material shall differ.

    Wear red robes and sit facing South on a red mat in Veerasan (as Muslims sit for prayers). Cover a wooden seat with vermilion and on it place a picture of the Lord. In a copper plate place the Yantra and other materials. Next take some water in your right palm and vow thus - I (speak your name) accomplish this Sadhana for fulfillment of this task.

    After this close your eyes and meditate on the mighty form of the Lord. Next chant thus -

    Udyanmaartand Koti Prakat Ruchiyutam Chaaru Veeraasanastham,
    Mounji Yagyopaveetaarunn Ruchir Shikhaa Shobhitam Kundalaamkam.

    Bhaktaanaamishtadam Tam Prannat Munijanam Vednaad Pramodam,

    Dhyaayed Nityam Vidheyam Kulpatim Goshpadi Bhootvaarim.

    I pray to Lord Hanuman who is refulgent like a million suns, handsome, seated in Veerasan, who wears the sacred thread Yagyopaveet, who is worshipped even by Yogis, who is the Lord of Vaanars, who can jump over the ocean and who can fulfill all one's wishes.










    Hanuman is all powerful, courageous, removes all problems and sorrows. Chanting his name is enough to fill one with courage and energy.

    Before yourself place Hanuman Yantra in some plate. On it smear vermilion. Next offer a mixture of jaggery, ghee and chapati. Thereafter chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with Red Coral rosary.

    Om Namo Hanumantaay Aaveshay Aaveshay Swaahaa. 

    After completion of the Mantra recital go to sleep there itself. This Sadhana should be tried only at night and must be continued for 11 days. Let the sweet offered remain at its place. The next day put it in some utensil and offer fresh sweets.

    The eleventh night Lord Hanuman without fail manifests before the Sadhak and provides solutions to the problems of the Sadhak or blesses him with desired success.

    After completion of Sadhana give away the sweet collected on all eleven days to some poor person or go and bury it in the earth in South direction from your home. Sadhaks have managed to ward off acute problems, ailments and even possible incarceration through this Sadhana. Without doubt this ritual is unfailing and unique.



    Several sudden occurrences in life make a human lose his sense of balance. In such circumstances one must remain determined and unmoving like a rock like Lord Hanuman. Whatever be the circumstances, however negative be the atmosphere, one needs to remain unperturbed, and capable of taking the right decision. Such a capability can be gained through the following powerful Hanuman Sadhana.

    Placing a Hanuman Mudrikaa ( a special ring) before yourself chant the following Mantra daily 21 times

    Om Hum Om Hum Om Hanumate Phat. 

    Try this daily for 5 days and after Sadhana wear the ring in some finger. After two months leave the ring in some temple in the feet of the Lord. This Sadhana shall provide you with a shield-like confidence and determination.



    Place a Bajrang Yantra in some copper plate. Smear Three Madhuroopen Rudraksh with a paste of vermilion and sesame seed oil. Place one each on the right, left and in the front of the Yantra. After this chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra wit a Red Coral Rosary.

    Om Namo Bhagwate Sarva Grahaan Bhoot Bhavishya Vartmaan Doorasth Sameepasthaan Chhindhi Chhindhi Bhindi Bhindi Sarva Kaal Dusht Buddhinuchchaatyo-chchaatay Par Balaan Shobhay Shobhay Mam Sarva Kaaryaanni Saadhay Saadhay. Om Namo Hanumate Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Phat. Dehi Om Shiv Siddhim Om Hraam Om Hreem Om Hroom Om Hrem Om Hroum Hrah Swaahaa. 

    This is a 12 day ritual and after this all the articles must be dropped in a river or pond.



    Place a Hanumat Yantra before yourself and in its centre place a Maaruti Munj Phal. Then chant this Mantra for half an hour without keeping count.

    Om Namo Hanumate Parkrit Yantra Mantra Paraahankaar Bhoot Pret Pishaach Par Drishti Sarva Vighna Maarjan Hetu Vidyaa Sarvogra Bhayaan Nivaaray Nivaaray Vadh Vadh Luntth Luntth Pach Pach Vilunch Vilunch Kili Kili Sarva Kuyantraanni Dushtvaacham Om Hreem Hreem Hoom Phat Swaahaa. 

    Repeating the Sadhana daily for seven days helps in riddance from some sudden problem. Later leave the articles in some temple.



    If some foe is proving to be a great threat to your life, reputation, position, family or job or if you are caught in some court case then he can be subdued through this powerful ritual. Place a Bajrang Yantra before yourself and on its right hand side make a mound of rice grains. Then smear vermilion on a Baalaadikam Dand and place it on the mound. Then chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with a Red Coral rosary.

    Om Poorva Kapimukhaay Panchmukh Hanumate Tam Tam Tam Tam Tam Sakal Shatru Sanhaarannaay Swaahaa. 

    Repeating this for eight consecutive days brings forth amazing results. On the ninth day leave all the articles in some secluded spot under the open sky.



    This is a really fast ritual which should be tried at night. One does not need any rosary for it. Place a Hanuman Yantra before yourself and on it place a Hanuman Baahuk. Next chant the following Mantra 1000 times. This shall put an end to all problems created by spirits or evil planets.

    Om Ayeim Shreem Hraam Hreem Hoom Hroum Hrah Om Namo Bhagwate Mahaabal Paraakramaay Bhoot Pret Pishaach Brahma Raakshas Shaakini Daakini Yakshini Pootanaamaaree Mahaamaaree Raakshas Bheirav Veitaal Grah Raakshasaadikaan Shannen Han Han Bhanjay Bhanjay Maaray Maaray Shikshay Shikshay Mahaa Maaheshwar Rudraavtaar Om Hram Phat Swaahaa. Om Namo Bhagwate Hanumadaakhyaay Rudraay Sarva Dusht Janmukh Stambhanam Kuru Kuru Swaahaa. Om Hraam Hreem Hreem Ttham Ttham Ttham Phat Swaahaa. 

    Do this regularly for five days. After five days drop the Yantra in a river or pond and tie the Hanuman Baahuk in a red thread around your neck or around the neck of the person for whom the ritual has been accomplished.



    Shankaracharya, a Siddh (spiritually accomplished person) in Hanuman Sadhanas composed the Divine Hanumanmantra Chamatkaaraanustthan, which basically contains 20 Mantras.

    Out of these twenty, seven main Mantras are being reproduced here for the good of the Sadhaks. 11000 chantings of all these Mantras must be completed from one Tuesday to the next and a Coral rosary should be used to keep the count. For this Sadhana one must wear Hanuman Gutikaa tied in a red cloth around one's neck suspended from a black thread. Daily the seven Mantras should be chanted at least 1000 times for ensuring success in life.

    Om Namo Hanumate Rudraavtaaraay Vishwa Roopaay Amit Vikramaay Prakat Praakramaay Mahaabalaasaya Soorya Koti Samprabhaay Raamdootaay Swaahaa.
    Om Namo Hanumate Rudraavtaaraay Sarva Sahtru Sanhaarannaay Sarva Vashikarrannaay Ramdootaay Swaahaa.

    Om Namo Hanumate Rudraavtaaraay Bhakta Jan Manah Kalpanaa Kalpadrumaay Dusht Monorath Stambhanaay Prabhanjan Praann Priyaay Mahaabal Paraakramaay Mahaavipatti Nivaarannaay Putra Poutra Dhan Dhaanyaadi Vividh Sampatpradaay Raamdootaay Swaahaa.

    Om Namo Hanumate Rudraavtaaraay Par Yantra Mantra Tantra Traatak Naashakaay Sarva Jwarachhedakaay Sarvavyaadhi Nikrintakaay Sarva Bhay Prashmanaay Sarva Dusht Mukh Stambhanaay Sarva Kaarya Siddhi Pradaay Raamdootaay Swaahaa.

    Om Namo Hanumate Rudraavtaaraay Dev Daanav Yaksha Raakshas Bhoot Pret Pishaash Daakini Dusht Grah Bandhanaay Swaahaa.

    Om Namo Hanumate Rudraavtaaraay Panchvadanaay Paschim Mukhe Garudaay Sakal Vighna Nivaarannaay Raamdootaay Swaahaa.

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    Re: Mantra for all diseases
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  • Sanskrit mantra for headache relief

    Om Ksheem Ksheem Ksheem Hah Svaha

    Sanskrit mantra to stop toothache

    Niru Muni Svaha

    Sanskrit mantra for abundance

    Om Hreem Shreem Hara Hara Swaha

    Sanskrit mantra for healing using mostly bija (seed) sounds which stimulate and balance energy centers in the body (chakras).

    Om Lam Vam Ram Yam Ksham Ham Sam Maatangini Svaha

    Sanskrit mantra for getting answers through your dreams

    Om kiri kiri svaha


    Good Luck Sanskrit Mantra with Seed Sounds

    Om Iri Meri Kiri Meri Giri Meri Piri Meri Siri Hari Meri Aayariya Meri Svaha

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