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Padma Laxmi Mantra

Padma translated into English from Sanskrit means Lotus. Padma is another name of the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity and beneficial influences Laxmi.

According to Indian mythology Laxmi is said to have manifested in the form of a Lotus. Laxmi is more often than not seen seated on a Lotus, holding the Lotus in her hands or wearing a garland of Lotuses.

Padma Laxmi Mantra

Om hreem padmayai swaha.

The Lotus symbolizes the Satvik [purity] element in nature. The basic nature of Laxmi is Satvik or pure. Hence the worship of Laxmi is best practiced the Satvik way.

The mantra which I have given here is the Padma Laxmi Mantra, to bring in the beneficial influences of Laxmi into your life the Satvik way. This mantra is best recited 108 times daily or one Mala; preferably at dusk.

Read more: http://www.prophet666.com/2012/02/padma-laxmi-mantra.html#ixzz1nTgWdGhX
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Siddha Laxmi Mantras for prosperity

In this post I am giving two mantras for prosperity dedicated and recited in praise of Siddha Laxmi. Siddha means perfection; Laxmi is the perfection of the ultimate wealth and prosperity which each and everyone seeks.

There is only a slight difference between the two mantras. In the second mantra you will notice an additional “Shreem”.

The first mantra is for all round prosperity, whereas the second one is said to be specific to increasing trade and business. One can select anyone of the two mantras as per ones wish.

Siddha Laxmi Mantra

Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreesiddhalakshmyai  Namaha

Siddha Laxmi Mantras

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kleem Shreesiddhalakshmyai Namaha

The recommended recitation is 108 or one Mala per day. In my opinion it is always advisable to recite Laxmi Mantras at dusk.

Read more: http://www.prophet666.com/2012/02/siddha-laxmi-mantras-for-prosperity.html#ixzz1nkltujfE
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Most Powerful Mantra for Success

  This is considered to be an extremely powerful and effective Mantra for success in any venture or success in any pending matter like court cases or litigation or a matter relation to your Protection  or Wealth . .No matter howsoever difficult the specific want may be, this mantra is said to give success.

To acquire siddhi [mastery] this mantra has to be recited for a total number of 324 times for a period of 41 consecutive days. The period after midnight is considered auspicious for reciting this mantra.

In place of ‘amuk’ which means specific, the name of your desire or wish should be inserted. This is a Shaabri Mantra from the Shaabri Vidhya Branch popularized by the nine saints and masters the Navnath’s.


Om namo mahashaabri shakti l
Mam arisht nivaraya nivaraya
Mam ‘amuk’ karya siddh
Kuru kuru swaha ll


ॐ नमो महाशाबरी शक्ति l
मम अरिष्टं निवारय निवारय
मम 'अमुक' कार्य सिद्धं
कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ll

Read more: http://www.prophet666.com/2011/02/most-powerful-mantra-for-sucess.html#ixzz1nleDPdEe
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Mantra for success in life

This is a very rare, secret and powerful Mantra for success in life. To practice this Mantra one has to take some water in a glass and holding that glass in one hand recite the mantra 17 times. Doing this binds the water with the Mantra.

Then one has to drink that water. This Mantra is said to remove diseases and grant good health, give protection from evil energies. It is also said to bestow what one desires most in life and give all round happiness and success in life.

If someone wishes to practice this Mantra, I would advise you that try this procedure for 3 days. If you do not get any results then stop the practice. It means that the Mantra is not for you.

Mantra for success in life


Om sa saam sim seem sum soom sem sam sim sam sah va vam vim veem vum
voom vem voum vaum  vam vah sah amrut varayam swaha

Read more: http://www.prophet666.com/2011/12/mantra-for-success-in-life.html#ixzz1nlf0MqHU
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Shring is the Lakshmi bija. The prescribed number for japa is 100.000.
10.000 ahutis of ghee and samigri bring Mother lakshmi’s blessings in the form of peace, prosperity and harmony.

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Mandaar Mantra of Maa Baglamkhi  for getting new resources of job and money:


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Removing Obstacles to Prosperity
Written by Goddess Fatima

Mantra: Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

Mantras for abundance and Prosperity

Om Shreem (Shrim)

This Mantra is for the energy of great abundance in all forms.

Shreem mantra gives you the ability to attract Spiritual abundance, great heath, inner peace, financial wealth, amazing friendships, great love.

The Goddess for this amazing mantra is Goddess Lakshmi, she will make it happen for you.

According to Vedic teaching, if you chant or write Shreem for 108 times, your experience of abundance will increase a hundredfold. If you write Shreem a 1008 times or a million times, the result is magical.

Om Shreem Mah-ha Laksh-mee-yei Swah-ha is also use for Goddess Lakshmi to bring you all that you desire.

Or ~ Om Shreem Sri Sundara Maha Lakshmi

(Please remember that Goddess Lakshmi includes spiritual abundance as well physical plane abundance.)

Om Kleem (Klim)

This seed mantra for the energy of attraction.

It is often combined with other mantras to attract an object of your desire. To attract great wealth, the Kleem mantra can be combined with the Kleem seed to form the mantra Om Shreem Kleem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha.

Here Kleem has been added to the regular mantra Om Shreem Lakshmiyei Namaha.

Kleem can also be used as a meditation. By lighting a candle a tea light works really well an incense. Get comfortable and gently direct your thoughts to the object that you desire to bring into your life. Visualize it as if you already have it, its right there in front of you, softly chant the mantra Kleem (Klim). As you chant with the intention you will increase great energy of your thought and you will attract more energy in to yourself, you will become a great magnet to prosperity and all your desires.

Hreem (Hrim)

This is a great seed mantra for balance and clarity you will achieve clarity concerning the true reality of the universe. For every day reality.

You can also add Hreem in Om Kleem Hreem Shreem Namaha ( Attract, balance, and great wealth).


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VaraLakshmi Vratam – Pooja Procedure and Story

Varalakshmi Vratam is an important pooja performed by many women in the month of Sravanamasam / Aavani. In this month many women perform Mangalagouri vratam on Tuesdays and Mahalakshmi puja on Fridays.VaraLakshmi Vratham is performed on The 2nd firday of Sravana maasa or the firday before full moon day (Pournami).It is believed that worship of Goddess Lakshmi on this day will bring health, wealth and prosperity. Vara means boon. Needless to say, performing puja (in the form of a Vratam) to Goddess Varalakshmi will bring in boons to those who performs with utmost devotion. Those who fail to perform the Vratam  can do it so on any other Friday of the Sravanamasam.

Eight forces or energies are recognised and they are known as Sri (Wealth), Bhu (Earth), Sarasvati (learning), Priti (love), Kirti (Fame), Santi (Peace), Tushti(Pleasure) and Pushti(Strength). Each one of these forces is called a Lakshmi and all the eight forces are called the Ashta Lakshmis or the eight Lakshmis of the Hindus. Vishnu is also called Ashta Lakshmi Padhi which is equivalent to saying that he is the asylum for the eight-Lakshmis or forces.

Lakshmi is a woman. So she will more readily sympathise with women. Hence this varalakshmi Vratam is performed by women invoking the blessings of Lakshmi on their family and bless them with health, wealth and  prosperity.

Preparation of Varalakshmi Vratham :

Goddess Lakshmi loves cleaner and tidier homes. Hence,the pooja room and the house is cleaned on previous day itself. Puja related vessels are cleaned and polished. On the Puja day Women woke up early morning clean the pooja room and make kolam (rangoli) with rice flour.

Keep a flat wooden platform/ plate spread a blouse piece over it. Over the blouse piece spread a cup of rice . Place a cloth and spread some raw rice on it and place kalash on it. The Kalash is half-filled with water and decorated with betelleaves, usually five in number.The Kalash tray can be filled with turmeric, kumkum, sandalwood and other Pooja items..

The coconut is applied with turmeric and is richly decorated with kumkum. Now close it with with coconut with red cloth folded like pyramid,(look like a cap). The features of the Goddess are also drawn on the coconut to make the image of Her to facilitate worship. Jewelry is put round the coconut. Decorate and place some flowers.

Steps in performing Varalakshmi Vratham Puja & process
Varalakshmi Vratam Story :

The story happens in a beautiful town called Kundinagaram located in the Kingdom of Vidarbha (Vidarba Rajyam). In that Kundinagram town, Goddess Adilakshmi, being pleased by her devotion tells Charumathi in a dream and directed her to perform the vrata to enable Her to fulfil her desires. Charumathi wakes up and tells her husband about the dream. Charumathi along with some neighbourhood women takes bath in the wee hours and prepare a mandapam and invites Varalakshmi Devi. She recites the following sloka along with other women with utmost faith and devotion.

Lakshmi Ksheerasamudra rajatanyam sri rangadhameswareem
Dasibootha samastha devavanitham lokaika deepamkuram
Sri manmanda kataksha labdhivibhat brahmendra gangadharam
Twamtrayamlokyakutumbhineem sasijavandemukunda priyam

Then she wore nine threads Thoranam to right hand and offers naivadyam to Goddess Lakshmi Devi. On the completion of the first circumstance, she heard she found Gajjelu, Andelu and other ornaments. On the second circumstance, they found kankanams made of navaratnams to their hands. On completion of the third circumstance, they found immense wealth. Then Charumathi offers Tambulam to the brahmin priests and distribute the vrata prasadam to the relatives and lead a happy life. Since then, Hindu women perform this vrata with utmost faith and trust till today. With this, Lord Eswara concludes telling the story to Goddess Parvathi.

Varalakshmi Vratham Procedure

Steps in Performing Varalakshmi Vratham  :

Om Apavitrah Pavitro Va Sarvavastham Gatoapi Va,
Yah Smrait Pundarika Aksham Sa Vahy Abhyantarah Shuchih

Tilak is considered auspicious mark and Aachman is considered helping washing off sins committed by action, thought, and speech. Apply Tilak on your forehead and do ‘Aachman’ (drinking of holy water after accepting it in your palm) with the following mantra:

Om Keshavaya Namah, Om Narayanaya Namah, Om Madhavaya Namah, Om Govindaya Namah drop the water in a plate… and chant 20 names of narayana…

Om Vishnave namah

Om Madhusudayanaya namah

Om Trivikramaya namah

Om Vamanaya namah

Om Shridharaya namah

Om Rshikesaya namah

Om Padmanabhaya namah

Om Damodaraya namah

Om Sankarshanaya namah

Om vasudevaya namah

Om Pradyumnaya namah

Om Anirudhaya namah

Om Purushothamaya namah

Om Adhokshjaya namah

Om Narasimhaya namah

Om Achyutaya namah

Om Janardhanaya namah

Om Upendraya namah

Om Haraye namah

Om sri Krishnaya namah…


Shubhe shobhane muhUrte Adya-brahmaNaH dvitIya-parArdhe Shveta-varAha kalpe vaivasvata-manvantare ashtAvimSatitame kaliyuge  prathame pAde jambU- dvipe bhArata-varshe bharatha-khaNDe meroH dakshiNe pArshve  —-shakAbde  asmin vartamAne vyAvahArike prabhavAdi shhashTi-samvatsarANAM madhye   —- nAma-samvatsare —-ayane —–Ritau  —-mAse    —pakshe   —  tithau — nakshatra-yuktAyAM shubha-yoga shubha-karaNa evamguNa viSeshaNa-viSishTAyAM asyAM — shubha-thithau  mamopAtta-samasta-durita-kshayadvArA  shrI-parameSvara-prItyarthaM asmAkaM saha-kuTumbAnAM kshema-sthairya-vIrya-vijaya-Ayur-Arogya-aiSvaryANAM abhivRiddhyarthaM  dharmArtha-kAma-moksha caturvidha-phala-purushArtha-siddhyarthaM ishTa-kAmyArtha-siddhyarthaM sarvAbhIshTa-siddhyarthaM sarvArishTa-shAntyartham ShrI Mahalakshmi Prithyadham – sri Varalashmi poojam karishye..

Start worshiping Lord Ganesha, who is believed to drive away all obstacles and evil forces. Offer prasadam or fruit to Ganesh and chant the mantra…
Shuklaambaradharam vishnum
shashivarnam chaturbhujam |
prasannavadanam dhyaayaet
sarva vighnopa shaantayae ||

Give Aarathi to Lord Ganesha and Start performing vara Lakshmi Pooja . Invoke Goddess  Mahalakshmi into the kalasha.

Om Shree Laxmi Devayay Namah

Oh Goddess Lakshmi ! We pray to you in benign solemnity to bestow your blessings and shower your wealth on us.


Om and salutations to that feminine energy which bestows all manner of wealth, and for which  Shreem is the seed.

Drop the flowers at the feet of the goddess.


Then worship a couple of torams (a bunch of nine threads with nine knots) and tie one to the kalasha while the other one is tied around the right hand wrist of the lady performing the pooja ans start performing pooja.

Do the following while chanting the mantra ;

Offer Seat to the deity – Aum Idam aasaanam Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

Touching the feet of the deity - AumPaada-yoha paadyam Sri Laxmi Mata samarpa-yaami  swaha

Giving deity water to drink – AumHastayor-arghyam Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

Purifying area around deity with water -AumMukhe aachman-eeyam Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

Vastram (Silk Cloth) – AumVastram Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

Kacha Soot (Holy Thread) – AumYajno-paveetam Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

Attar (Perfume) – AumGandham Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

Chandan (Brown Sandalwood) – AumChandanam prati grihayatam Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

Sindoor (Red Sandalwood) – AumSindooram Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

Hardee (Yellow Tumeric) – Aumhaldeeyam Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

With an incense arti the deity – Aumdhoopamaa-ghraa-payaami Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

Akshat – Aumakshataya Shri Lammi Mata samarapa-yaami swaha

Pushpam (White Flower) – Aumpushpam Maalam Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

Tambulam (Betal leaves, areca,fruits)- AumTambulam Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

Naivedyam (Special dishes,sweets)   – Aum Naivedyam Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaamiswaha

Coins (silver) – Aumdakshinaam Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

With a diya arti the deity – Aumdeepam darsha-yaami Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami swaha

Circle the Deity with Karpoor – Aumkarpoor-aaraarti-kayam Shri Lammi Mata samarpa-yaami

“Samarpa-yaami” means not for me but for you God
Recite Mahalaxmi Bhajan & Aarti after performing this.

Sing Varalakshmi Rave ma Intiki – Goddess Lakshmi Song


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Mahalakshmi Mantra and Shri Yantra – Wealth Giving


Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage; and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. Also is also called as Mahalakshmi,  as she is said to bring good luck, and is believed to protect Her devotees from all kinds of misery and money-related sorrows.

|| Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalaleyi Praseed Praseed
Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalaxmiyei Namaha ||

|| Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalaleyi Praseed Praseed
Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalaxmiyei Namaha ||

|| Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalaleyi Praseed Praseed
Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalaxmiyei Namaha ||

|| Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalaleyi Praseed Praseed
Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalaxmiyei Namaha ||

27 Repetitions (Repeat 4 times for 108 rounds = 1 mala = 40 minutes)

*Morning is the best time to chant, especially after bathing. But in the evening before dinner, or 3 hours after dinner is ok too.

*If you recite this mantra daily 108 times financial worries, trouble will go away.

**Daily worship of this mantra helps in attaining Siddhi.

*Siddhi is typically defined as “a magical or spiritual power for the control of self, others and the forces of nature.”

 Shree Mantra when performed properly is very effective will  Bestows you with lot of money and wealth from unexpected source.

“‘Shree Yantra’ – Shree meaning wealth and Yantra – Meaning ‘Instrument’


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Mantra For Peace and Prosperity

    mantra for peace AND PROSPERITY...5:05
    Shanti Mantra ( Peaceful )...6:24
    Shanti Mantra - Mantra for Peace - Must listen...6:34
    01 Shanti Mantra Sacred Chants for Peace Prosperity Enlightenment (dolby surround HD)...2:11
    Durga Suktham Sacred Chants 1 for Peace Prosperity & Enlightenment...2:17
    Guru Ashtakam Sacred Chants 1 for Peace Prosperity & Enlightenment (dolby surround HD)...5:02
    Mantra for Peace....3:38
    Shree Suktham Sacred Chants 1 for Peace Prosperity & Enlightenment...3:36
    Medha Suktham Sacred Chants 1 for Peace Prosperity & Enlightenment...2:49
    Purusha Suktham Sacred Chants 1 for Peace Prosperity & Enlightenment...5:09
    Guru Ashtakam Sacred Chants 1 for Peace Prosperity & Enlightenment...4:59
    Gayathri Ghanapatha Sacred Chants 1 for Peace Prosperity & Enlightenment...2:05
    Shanthi Mantram Sacred Chants 1 For Peace, Prosperity & Enlightenment...2:09
    Shiva Thankdava Stotram Sacred Chants 1 for Peace Prosperity & Enlightenment...7:48


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Mahalaxmi Mantra to fulfill desires

This is the Maha Lakshmi Mantra to fulfill desires. The Jap Sankhya or the total number of recitations to make this powerful Mahalaxmi Mantra give the desired results is said as per the scriptures to be 23 hundred thousand. The number might sound huge, but I am giving  exactly what the ancient Indian texts prescribe.

Mahalaxmi Mantra to fulfill desires

Om Hreem Shreem Bloom Aim Mahalakshmim Mam
Vaanchhitarth Siddhim Kuru Kuru Swaha.


Oh! Mahalakshmi Devi, the giver of wealth, prosperity and abundance; please fulfill my desires.

Read more: http://www.prophet666.com/2012/03/mahalaxmi-mantra-to-fulfill-desires.html#ixzz1oGIV3kEE
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