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Author Topic: SRI SAl BABA - THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME  (Read 4034 times)

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« on: February 24, 2007, 12:28:03 AM »
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  • INDIA is a land blessed by the exemplary lives and deeds of Sages and Saints- They are verily, "the gems of the purest rays serene". India's culture and civilization - nay, her very life-source - find reflection in the mirror of the wisdom of our sages. Their thoughts are soulful.

    The saints live in the bliss of divinity, and know that all else is a super imposition. Saints have come into this world and have left it, after their alloted work; but still they continue their work through their own ethereal body and through their best tried and best chosen devotees. Whenever there is accumulation of sin in the world, when justice, truth and righteousness and Dharma are given a death knell, aid whenever the world becomes topsy turvy on account of unrighteousness etc., the Universal Supreme sends His chosen few to set right matters and to restore truth and justice and Dharma to their right place Of such, chosen few, SRI SAl BABA is one and a unique phenomenon.

    We know so little about Sai's life or his family background and we are unable to fathom the mystery of his choosing a little known village like Shirdi for his' mission. But due to the diligent probing of some of his closer disciples, we learnt that he was born in a middle class brahmin family in a small town in the former Hyderabad Mate. When still very young, was handed over to a Muhammadan Fakir, who in his turn, placed him under the kind care of Sri Venkatesa Guru of Selu village. The poor boy was kept under strict discipline and he strictly followed the path chalked out by his Guru. He remained with his Guru for nearly a dozen years and had the super abundant Grace of the Guru. He went to the banks of the Godavari to serve humanity in a variety of ways, and finally settled at Shirdi and was called Sai by a Biiakta. Mhalsapati, a Bhakta, accosted him with the words.

    "YA SAI" (Welcome, Sai) and henceforth, the name "SAl BABA" OR SAI (God is with us) became famous. He was hailed as the Avatar of this Kali Yuga. He attained marvellous spiritual pow¬ers He could control the five elements with an amazing ease. He could stop torrential rains which threatened the safety of Shirdi.
    The object of this article is to show that Sai Baba had attained the highest perfection and rose to the rank of an AVATAR. In whatever, he has done, he has shown his marvellous spiritual powers in such a manner that one cannot hesitate to call him GOD. What is God if not the Universal Supreme who is omni¬potent, Omnipresent, and All-Merciful? His possession of all these divine attributes can very easily be illustrated by a reference to his life.

    His  Omnipresence   no   one  can  doubt,   the   most  touching example being of Kondya Sutar, a sincere devotee of Baba,   who was one   day told by   Baba   that a   lire  had   broken   out in   the village grain yard and asked him to hurry to the spot.    A fire in the grain yard is not a small matter to the villagers.    Kondya ran to the place, but finding nothing wrong, returned to Baba,   com¬plaining of sore  and   scorched   feet on   account   of the needless trouble on such a hot day.    Baba beckoned  him near and asked Kondya to heed His words; for Baba said "My words are never untrue.    Turn back   and see,   the smoke is   curling  up".    Heaps of grain and hay were stored in the yard, close to each other and the stack in the centre had caught fire.    It was   full summer and the   time   was   afternoon.    A   strong   wind   was  blowing   like   a typhoon's   blast.    It   appeared to   the villagers  as if  PRALAYA VATA had started.    Trees heaved to and fro, broke and fell with terrific   crash.    The roofs   of huts  and   grain   storages were rent from their supports.    If the fire should spread!    The poor villagers were  awe struck.    They ran to  Baba,  their only support, fell at His  feet and   cried   like    helpless   children    "Oh   Store-house  of grace and kindness," they appealed,   "Our grain yard has caught fire.    Have   mercy   on us.    It is   our   life, it is our  living.    If it is lost, not   only ourselves   but our cattle also   will have to face starvation.    We pray   for   your aid.    You are   SRI   HARI, You are the knower of the past, present and future.    Guide us."    Baba went to the spot and encircled the burning stack,   segregating it, as it were.    He assured the villagers that, that stack alone would burn to ashes and the rest would be safe.    So it happened.    The good villagers   sighed in thankfulness,   fell at Baba's feet and re¬joiced at the   grace of the Saviour.    The "Great Ones"   they say have power over the elements for, are not even the Gods at their command?    His  Omnipotence   inspired awe  in the   minds of His devotees.    He could   control the five   elements   with an ease that amazed the onlooker   and left him   dumb and gaping.    He could even stop rain falling in torrents endangering the safety of Shirdi. He was verily the Almighty, the Formless in Human Form.   Das-ganu was fortunate to sip the waters of Ganges and the Jumuna that flowed from His right and left toes.    Who would doubt His Might?    Another   instance   of  Baba's   awareness and   alertness in saving his devotee Kashiram   from death at the hands of robbers while he was returning   with is merchandise,   proves his spiritual powers.    But all these  were His attributes     His nature was love. He was a great   protector of   His devotees     He took upon Him¬self many an ailment so that His devotees may be saved from the agony.    In   the short   compass of this article,   it is impossible to detail the innumerable acts of service to humanity that have been done   and are   still being   done by Baba.    Still some outstanding facts   may be   mentioned     Baba's quick   response from   Shirdi to Nana's desire to quench   his thirst while he was on Harischandra Hill, to   Nana's   request for   a goblet   of tea  at the   end of   his journey to Ganapati Temple at Padmalaya by means of a mental message to the Saint in-charge of the temple to supply tea to the devotee.    Baba's   alertness   in   sending   Udi   to   Nana's   pregnant daughter at Jamner    by   providing the messenger with tonga and peon   on   the   way,    Baba's   powers  to   report   mysterious   and miraculous   ways of   curing   diseases   by a variety of ways, cure of chronic   chest   disease of   Bhimajee by   means of  intense   pain suffered in dreams,    Baba's powees to grant   issue to his devotee

    D. S. Rasane. Mrs. Aurangabadkar, and Sapatnekar (Lawyer) of Akkalkot, Baba's powers to revive the dead child of M. G. Pradhan, Baba's powers to cure all kinds of diseases, Lunacy, Leprosy, Asthama, Tuberculosis, Baba's powers to teach Sanskrit, and to talk various languages. Baba's knowledge of the Geeta, the Holy Quoran and other scriptures was phenomenal. He was indeed wisdom Incarnate! Without studying or reading books, Baba possessed a rare proficiency in all scriptures, and he could quote verse and line to show where particular truth lay embeded to the sheer amazement of the pandits who went to him for elucidation. Baba's powers of drawing diseases on Himself, Baba's attitude of sacrificing himself for the sake of his devotees, Baba's vigilant watch as a guardian angel, Baba's kindness, jus¬tice, impartiality, self-denial, generosity, purity, and charitable disposition, and above all His all merciful nature, Baba's powers in transforming an advocate (SRI B. V. NARSIMHA SWAMIJl) to become a veteran propagandist and pracharak of His magrii-ficient work by means of lectures, publication of His life and teachings in almost all Indian languages and by the establishment of Mandirams and Samajams in every nook and corner of India and last but not least important His wonderful power in trans¬forming an ordinary man (SRI S. B. KESAVAIAH Sub-Registar Penukonda) into a powerful dynamic spiritual force to alleviate the manifold sufferings and miseries of mankind in a variety of ways, Baba's power in destroying one's bad karma by rapid mar¬ches and strides, Baba's marvellous cure of diseases by the appli¬cation of Udi and Baba's inimitable method of self-realization, these are some of the many instances which lead to the only irresistable conclusion that Baba is God. Baba himself has said that He is formless and is everywhere, knows all things, times and places. The above facts prove clearly that Baba is no other than The Divine Avatar.

    M.   Rajeshwar Rao B. A.
    Joint Secretary,
    Sri Sai Baba Seva Samajam (Regd.)
    8-2-21, Market St. Secunderabad (A. P.)
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