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Author Topic: YOGIRAJ VASUDEVANANDA SARASWATI (A Biography) (Continued from February 1975  (Read 4708 times)

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(Continued) Maharani Indirabai Holkar

Indirabai, grand daughter of Anandrao Talcherkar, was to be married to Tukojirao Holkar of Indore.    The betrothal ceremony took place at Indore in Shaka 1834 (1912 A. D.)    Tukojirao then went to   Europe   and   eleven   months    passed,   but   he   had   not returned    Talcherkar family was very anxious about the future of Indirabai.    Her horoscope   was sent to   Swami   Maharaj  through Narayan   Dattatraya,   a   priest   of   Wadi.     Seeing  the   horoscope Swamiji remarked, "There   is  no   Raj   Yoga".    Narayanrao said, "As the horoscope has reached Swami Maharaj. the marriage must take place."
Swami Maharaj informed Indirabai to worship and recite the mantra "^Devedrani Namastuyumam^" etc. The marriage would be cele¬brated in Margasheersha Accordingly the marriage was ceremo-nised on Margasheersha Shuddha 10, Shaka 1835 (1913 A. D.) and K.umari Indirabai was known as Sou. Maharani Indirabai Saheb Holkar. She had great regard for Swami Maharaj, and she has donated liberally for the publication of his volumes, construction of ghats, mandirs, houses at Managaon, Kurugaddi, Karanja, Garudeshwar etc.

Insufficient Prasad Given to Hundreds

One day there were 300 to 400 persons. The prasad was very little. When males were given prasad, Swamiji looked at the pot of the prasad removing the cover and found it was more than half the pot. It was distributed amongst the females.

Rain Stopped on Krishna Jayanti

On Krishna Jayanti after Kirtan, Bhajan was started. Be¬yond Narmada it was raining and it was expected that the rain would be on this side also and Bhajan will have to be stopped. Swami Maharaj looked at the sky and said, "Do not be afraid. Let Bhajan be continued." After completion of the Bhajan all went under the shed and then there were showers of rain. Swamiji said to Shri Sabnis, "This is the rain you were afraid of."

Vithal Sonar of Baroda prepared a Datta Murti. It was installed at the hands of Koparkar by Ramchandra Shastri Prakash-kar on Ashwin Shuddha 9. One serpent was seen at the place of the Datta Murti. Swamiji chanted a mantra and put the "akshat" on the serpent. Next day at the time of Geeta prava-chan the serpent began to move. Swamiji came to him and asked him to go away. The serpent went away from that place. Some persons followed to kill it. Swamiji said, "Do not kill the serpent. You may leave the serpent in the Narmada".

The amount offend to Swami Maharaj and God was put in a box. One day the balance was only Rs 3/-. Daily 200 to 300 persons were being fed. Shri Sabnis informed this to Swami Maharaj who said, "why do you care? God will manage the affairs " After 8 to 10 days Swamiji said, "Make payment to the persons who supplied the material " When Shri Sabnis opened the box he found that it was full of guineas.
Once Swami Maharaj had passed through the field of Ambadas   Bhake of Berar.    He got   bumper   crops.    He and   his   wife were devotees of Swamiji. They came to Garudeshwar and offered gold guineas of Rs. 3000/- Swami Maharaj had asked him to write 'Ram' on a piece of paper which was mixed with wheat flour dough and he was asked to give pills of this to the fish. He devotedly did this.
Guru Dwadashi function was observed with grandeur. Thousands of persons had dinner. Everyone was given Dakshina. Swami Maharaj then addressed the people as follows :-

Swami Maharaja's Last   Advice

"I have to tell you in brief what I have been   advising and what is   contained   in the   books, I have written   with the   adesh of Shri Datta from time to time.    The principal aim of a human being should be to gain mukti   (salvation).    For this, the mind is to be controlled first, which is possible by observing daily rituals, as per one's caste and religion.    Hearing, thinking and meditation of Vedant   should always be done.    Hearing should receive more attention and this   would make the   mind less attached   to family affairs.    Man's   sublimation   depends on his   pure behaviour.    To achieve this, your food should be simple,  limited and pure.   The signs of satwik mind are to have   great regard for one's religion, to have daily bath, Sandhya, Puja, and to do five sacrifices regu¬larly, have regard   for the Atithi (guest),    to serve the cow, have liking   for   Katha-Kirtan-Pujan-Bhajan,   to   speak   sweet with   all, not to   harm  anybody by one's   action, to serve   parents, the fe¬males should serve their husbands and also obey the mother-in-law and father-in-law and other elders.

"For one's maintenance, trade, agriculture or service may be done; but behave as per Vedic religion obeying the Guru and the elders should not be neglected or forsaken. By doing one's duty the heart becomes pure, which gives strength for devotion. By devotion one's mind becomes quiet and one can know his self and consequently attains salvation."

He also explained seven stages of knowledge nicely and assured that one who acts as directed would live happily.

Shri Datta Jayanti was observed on a grand scale. About 2 to 3 thousand persons had gathered. In Vaishakha of Shaka 1836 dysentary troubles again started and Swami Maharaj became weaker and weaker day by day. Knowing this, water was being poured on the Padukas at Wadi continuously. When Swamiji knew this he informed the Wadi priests, "Do not trouble God. This body wijl soon pass away."

Shri  Datta Lives At Garudeshwar

Swami Maharaj asked Shri Datta, "what arrangement should be made of your murti here?" Shri Datta replied, "I intend to stay here. The murti need not be removed anywhere." Here¬after whatever money was received was kept here and was not sent to Wadi as was being done so far.

Garudeshwar Trust

Swami Maharaj was lying in bed for a month. Replies to letters were also got written by others. Swamiji was often in samadhi or meditation. He spoke only 10 to 12 sentences thro¬ughout the day. In order to have smooth management at Garudeshwar, Brahmanand Swami appointed a Panch committee as follows:-

1)    Chairman-         Shri Narsinha of Wadi.
2)    Vice-Chairman- Shri Ramchandra Vithal Adhikari.
3)    Cashier- Shri Parashram Kuberram Bhat.
4)    Members- Shri Amritrao Purushottam Sabnis.
5)  Laxmishankar Hari Govinddas Thanedar.
6) Pradyumnanand Teerth.

Brahma Niryan

People   requested   Swami   Maharaj to take medicine, but he replied, "This body   will pass away soon.    There is no   necessity of   medicine.     Shri    Shankaracharya   lived   only   for   32   years. Comparatively   I   have   lived   longer.    This   body   was  bitten   by serpent twice, once it -was affected by Plague, thrice by Cholera, once   by   Typhoid, twice by  Leprosy.   Dysentary is almost from birth    Who gave, me   medicine all these years?   The   Physician I chose from   birth, is still   there.    What he wills will occur".   In the end  he recited   the Shloka, which Bhishmacharya had recited. He uttered 'Datta' 'Datta' and asked others to do the same.

On Jeshtha Vadya 14 he asked Dhondopant to recite a mantra 1200 times daily, observe Gurudwadashi, Datta Jayanti and Guru Pratipada and feed Brahmins.    Saying this he gave his chati to him. Even   on   Amavasya,   he persisted to do   the   daily   rituals. But water could not stand on his palm.    When Pratipada started, he sat on   siddhasan facing   God,   did Tarak   (a kind of mudra) and with Kumbhak did long 'Pranavochhai' and assimilated him¬self   in   the   Brahma.     It   was   Ashad Shuddha   Pratipada Shaka 1836   Tuesday   (July   1914 A   D.),   Ardra   Nakshatra,   Uttarayan time   II P.M. in  the  night.   On hearing the news of Swamiji's Niryana, all   the devotees were sunk in great grief.

Next day Swami Maharaj was given a bath with Purushsu-kta and Rudrasukta.    Wreaths of flowers, Tulsi, Bel were offered. Placing the body   on a seat of flowers specially prepared,   it was taken on the   bank of the   Narmada in   procession.    The mortal remains   were   again   worshipped.    Naivedya,  fruits,   tambul and dakshina   were   offered.     Swamiji's   Dand   was   broken  in  three pieces and placed on his laps     His Bowl was bored at the bottom. Stones were tied to his body and it was sunk in the holy Narmada. This   biography   of   Yogiraj Shri   Vasudevananda Saraswati Tembe   Swami   Maharaj is dedicated to his   most holy   feet with great   regard and humility.
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