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Author Topic: SHRI SAI BABA’S WISH  (Read 9899 times)

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« on: April 04, 2007, 09:46:21 AM »
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  • A Sai devotee family of this place intended to visit Shirdi and have darshan of Shri Sainath Maharaj for the first time.  Truly speaking Shri Sai Baba Himself drew this Nagpal family to Him out of His grace.  They reached Shirdi on 7th July, ‘75 Monday at about 10.00 a.m.   Before their leaving this place Pathankot, I had requested them to offer some mangoes to Baba.

    Respected Sai Bhaktas:   How  this  trifling   offering of   mine was accepted by Shri Sainath Maharaj will be illustrated by   the following story narrated by the visiting family :—

    “We reached Shirdi at about  10.00 a.m. on  Monday, 7-7-75.    We had darshan of Shri Sainath in the Samadhi Mandir.  Our eyes were filled with tears and hearts with emotion to realise that Shri Baba is present here all the time.   We could not afford to have the slightest doubt that He is away from this place.  We felt from the core of our hearts that we were in  our own house, while being at His lotus feet.

    It was proposed to offer the mangoes on the next day i.e., Tuesday.   We may mention that there   was good quality of mangoes available at Shirdi on Monday.  But lo!  We visited the market again and again on Tuesday but we could not get mangoes of good quality during the whole day.   On Wednesday morning i.e., on 9-7-75, the mangoes were not available, so I intended to go to Kopargaon in order to fetch mangoes from that  place and offer them to Shri Baba.  At about   10.00 a. m. after taking bath and my breakfast, started towards bus stand, but as soon as  I reached the market, a vendor had just put down his basket of fruit, containing first quality mangoes on   the ground.  The first purchase was therefore made for Shri Baba.  This was the first  miracle seen by us.

     Now what happened  next  is most  wonderous and  may  be noted whole-heartedly.
    We took the mangoes, washed them under the taps near the Samadhi Mandir and wiped them with a towel.  I went to the pujarj and asked him to give us a thali for offering the mangoes to Shri Baba, which he very kindly gave. The mangoes were kept in the thali and we reached inside with this thali in our hands. The Pujari asked if the mangoes were to be taken back by us as the prasad is generally returned to the devotees.  We told him that the mangoes were an offering from a devotee from Pathankot, Punjab and were as such for Shri Baba.  Hearing all this he smiled and asked us to cut all the mangoes into pieces.  We came out and cut the mangoes accordingly. By this time the noon arti had begun and we reached near the Samadhi with the mangoes. The Pujari took the thali from our hands and when the arti was over and Shri Baba’s bhog arrived, some pieces of mangoes were placed in Shri Baba’s bhog and the rest were distributed among the bhaktas.  And now it was narrated by the Pujari that since morning no bhog for Shri Baba had arrived except these mangoes.  Hearing all this we became dumb and spell bound. We were stunned to see the grace of Shri Sainath Maharaj and we were unable to make anything out of it.  The only course was the tears rolling down our cheeks and now we rushed to the market in order to have some more mangoes, but wonder of wonders, neither the mangoes nor the vendor was there.
    Respected bhaktas, is this instance not a lesson for all of us to realize, up to what extent Shri Baba can go for His children?  He, Who is Triloknath, remains without any bhog till noon for a silly child like me. Had He tied strings so that no other devotee should offer Him any bhog on that day?

    I have been to Shirdi near the lotus feet of Shri Sainath Maharaj twice, once in June, ‘74 and then in March, ‘75.  I can¬not dare call myself a devotee of Sai Maharaj because devotion is not an easy task.  Unless and until He showers His grace, nobody can have devotion.  Every now and then I pray Him to render me pure and accept me at His lotus feet.

    Let us all pray for pure devotion and absolute surrender, May Shri Sainath Maharaj accede to this humble request of ours.

    That is the day of dawn in one’s life.”

    Bow to Shri Sainath Maharaj and  many  salutations  at His lotus feet.

    Pathankot, (PUNJAB)
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