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Author Topic: Yogiraj Vasudevanand Saraswati (A Biography)  (Read 12152 times)

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Yogiraj Vasudevanand Saraswati (A Biography)
« on: February 19, 2007, 05:29:27 AM »
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  • By : Shri S. N. Huddar
    Image of Lord Datta comes Back to Swamiji
    One Shastri, pupil of Gopalacharya of Gwalior, came to swami Maharaj during Puran. He said, "Your speech is against the rules of Grammer." Swami Maharaj quoted authority and according to it he was right. The Shastri was satisfied.
    In the night the Shastri asked Swami Maharaj, "Being a Sanyasi  why do you worship an image ? Where is the authority for this ? I do Gayatri Jap but I do not believe in Murti-Puja." Swami Maharaj said, "One who has attained high authority for Nirguna Upasana, may not do "sagun-Puja." So being high authority you need not do "murti" puja. But in my case Murti does not leave me."

    Shastri said, "If it is so, you should leave it." Swamiji said, "Al right.   I shall do so."
    One day Swami Maharaj and the Shastribua went to the river. Swami Maharaj had brought the image of Lord Datta with him. Swamiji took bath and left the image in the river and came to the bank. Instantly the image also came out and approached Swami MaharaJ. Seeing this miraculous incident, Shastry's vanity disappeared and he also became 'Sagunopasak' i.e. started worship of an image. He assured of the fact that Lord Datta spoke with Swami Maharaj as is known about Namdeo and other saints.

    Later the Shastri wished to read a Purana. He was thinking; of another temple, but swami Maharaj said, "You read your Purana. here. I shall sit to listen to you."

    Infection of Plague

    One night Swami Maharaj saw a dream, in which some Yavan-told him that Plague would soon come here, so you should leave this-place. Swami Maharaj said, "Unless one who has brought me here, asks me to leave this place, I shall not go." A woman listened this and informed the people. Many persons went out of the town to live in huts. Many who remained there were victims of the dreadful disease. Appa Nigudkar was attacked by Plague. He wished to take Sanyas before death. Swami Maharaj gave him Atur Sanyas and uttering a prolonged "Pranava" he passed away.

    Swami Maharaj also had an attack of Plague but it could not do-him any harm.

    Sama-Shloki Gurncharitra

    Lord Datta asked Swami Maharaj to write sama-shloki Guru-charitra, in Sanskrit i.e. one shlok for one ovi. Thus he composed 6750 shlokas within 45 days. There was an old copy of 'Guru-charitra'of 51 chapters, on the basis of which shlokas were composed. He found some chapters contained more ovees. So Swamiji asked if some ovees be deleted without harming the meaning in the chapters 6, 26, 36, 37,41 and 42 to make the total number 6750. Lord Datta Permitted him to do so. He daily composed 200 to 250 Shlokas. Ordinarily it is difficult even to copy out this number of Shlokas in a day. This is the evidence of Swami.

    Maharaj's divine power of writing

    " Appa Khadilkar lived at Brahmavarta. He had a motion of blood. Some one told his mother to prepare delicious food and waving a plate around his face be given to some one to eat. The mother invited Venkatrao for alms and offered him this delicious food, Appa recovered but Venkatrao started motions of blood; and he began to be weaker and weaker day after day. Swami Maharaj said, "You have eaten food of 'Utar' (Waving) and hence this trouble. It does not seem that you can recover from this. Later he got Asthama and after some days he died. Appa Nigudkar was affected by Plague and he also passed away. Both were asked by Swami Maharaj not to come with him but they persisted to accom¬pany him against his wish and they met with such fate.

    Mother Died at Mangaon

    Swami Maharaj's younger brother Sitarambhat was staying with Swami Maharaj for some months. Now youngest brother Haribhat came to Brahmavarta and informed that his mother died on Vaishakh Shud 3 Shak 1824. Knowing this, Swami Maharaj took bath.

    Swamiji told Haribhat, "Konkar's property has a curse, so you will not be happy with it. As mother is dead, the place is no more auspicious. Nothing can be preserved there." In spite of this Haribhat returned to Mangaon, but no progeny of Tembe family survived.

    Plague subsided and people returned to their dwelling places. Swami Maharaj said, "Bhajan is the only means to drive out Plague." So People started Bhajan Week. Even rich persons as Subhedar and others were attracted by Swami Maharaj due to his divine powers.

    CHATURMAS-13, Shak 1825 (1903 A.D.) Brahmavarta

    This year's Chaturmas was also observed here.   All the time passed delightfully due to various religious programmes in the pre¬sence of the divine personality of Swami Maharaj.

    Once a woman was in serious condition at her delivery time. All the family members became anxious. They approached Swami Maharaj and prayed for her relief. Swamiji chanted a Mantra and relieved her from agony.

    One great Sanyasi Shri Shantashram Swami, of Kashi came to-see Swami Maharaj at Brahmavarta. He was learned and a great devotee as well. He had been observing Bhagwat weeks for 40 years. Both were delighted to see one another. Seeing the routine and study of Sadhakas, this Sanyasi was so much pleased that he did not like to leave the place. He lived there for 4 months. Sadhakas from long distance had come there and were taking lessons from Swami Maharaj.

    Shri Sapta Shati Gurucharitra

    In the month of Kartlk, Swami Maharaj wrote in Marathi 'Shri Sapta-Shati Guru Charitra' containing 700 ovees. One significant factor of this book is that every third letter of ove, if read vertically formed the 15th Chapter (Purushottam Yoga) of Shri Bhagwat Geeta

    Vishnupant Patwardhan

    Vishnupant Patwardhan of Palghar left home after the death of his wife and from Kashi came to Brahmavarta to see Swami Maharaj. He did Bhajan and Kirtan. Once in Kirtan he saw a beautiful woman and he became passionate. He went to forest and in order to punish, his eyes, he filled them with the milk of Rui herb. He lost sight and was lying without food and water in the forest. Some one saw him and brought him in the town. When Swamiji knew this, he scolded Vishnubua saying, "The senses are to be controlled by Vivek (thought) no use of such rash act." He was placed in a dark room and treatment was started. When he could see, he once went out but due to dust he had again eye trouble. Subhedar arranged to send him to a sur¬geon at Kanpur, Sitaramshastri went with him to take his care. After his return Swami Maharaj told him to live on the bank of Narmada and continue to do Bhajan-Kirtan. He then stayed at Man¬daleshwar.

    Some more Namsaptahas were observed at Brahmavarta. People took part in them with delight and enthusiasm. Swami Maharaj also took interest in these programmes. He therefore decided to observe 'Moun’ in the third Chaturmas of Brahmavarta.

    Wrath of Murti

    He was thinking of some arrangement of worship of Murti. The Murti went to the river angrily.   When Swamiji did not see the murti he felt some relief.   In the meantime he heard the crying of a child from the river side. Swamiji came to the river and found the murti. Swamiji took it and gave up the thought of other arrangemtnt. Once he exclaimed, "Why not any one steel away this murti from me ?" Venkatappa heard this and he took away the murti.   When Swamijj knew this he said, "To get murti is not sufficient.   You have to take its care.   If one gets an elephant free of cost, and if he cannot afford to maintain it what is the use ?"

    Venkatappa lived at Mandaleshwar and worshipped the murti. After his death the whereabouts of the murti are not known. Swami Maharaj had expressed, "Wherever this murti is, there would be frustration, as no one takes as much care as it requires. I know how difficult it is.
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