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« on: February 24, 2007, 12:58:12 AM »
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  • TRUELY speaking I did not know much about Baba until 1956 except hearing casually regarding greatness of Baba through a very close friend of mine, whose grandfather, being a staunch devotee, had been fortunate to be blessed with the Baba*s darshan in his life time.

    In 1956 I was convalescing after I suffered badly from T. B. for about 1J years. I had in my flat a small portrait of Baba. I do hot remember as to who brought it and placed it there. I used to have a glance of the portrait but not with much devotion. At the beginning of 1957, I had a vision of an old person with features quite similar to those of Baba, who was moving up and down on a small plank in a dilapidated house. Therefrom a sort of feeling leading to devotion started develop ng in course of time. In 1958 (during Holi vacation), as a result of inner urge, I visited Shirdi. It was rather unprecedented to find that nobody connected with the establishment of the temple demanded or accepted, even if offered, money from devotees and that there were no thefts of the sort generally expected at such places, i found the employees of the temple advising the devotees to put money, which they offered to them as a token of courtesy, into the boxes meant for the purpose. I feel that this was unusual and uncommon manifestation of integrity imbibed in them by the grace of Baba.

    I did not start icgular worship of Bada till late 1959. An interesting instance occured then. My wife lost her gold ear-ring in my apartment. She rummaged the entire house thrice but in vain. She suspected the maid servant in the usual way. But she restrained herself from making any wild allegation against her openly, except mentioning to her about the missing ear-ring in a casual manner. I and my wife could come to firm conclusion that the ear-ring was lost once for al!. At that stage, we both, in ourselves, thought of testing the grace of Baba. Next day morning, the maid-servant, while cleaning the house, restored the ear-ring to our utmost astonishment, i have no comments as to how and wherefrom she could get it after about a week since it was lost. Thenceforth Baba instilled unwavering faith in me. So, as a weak human being, I started regular worship of Baba which I continue to do till to-date with all devotion and faith.

    In 1961, Baba created an urge to visit Shirdi. I started for Shirdi with "an idea that I should come back to Hyderabad before rush of people for Ram Navami festival starts at Shirdi. I completed my pooja on Thursday. On Friday I participated in Noon-Arati and went to the Chief Executive to take leave of him formally. By that time, some people from Bombay and other places, started arriving for the festival. The Chief Executive instead of formally permitting me to leave Shirdi, insisted on me to stay over for the festival. I took it as the order of Baba through the Chief Executive and stayed over for the great festival. Although there was a great rush of people, I was accommodated comfortably in the guest house by the grace of Baba. There was a gathering of more than 50,000 people belonging to different faiths viz., Sikhs, Jains, Zorastrians, Muslims, Christians apart from Hindus who were found eager and enthusiastic to partici¬pate in all phases of the festival and offer prayers in the Samadhi Mandir according to their wish and vow. Of all the aspects of the Festival, the most spectacular and significant was giving bath to Baba with sacred Godavari water carried by thousands of devotees individually on their head. Among these devotees were even children of 10 to 12 years, women and men, old in age, besides a multitude of others. After Baba was thus given bath of devotion, the devotees, started getting ready to offer garlands. At that curious juncture, I just looked around at other devotees, who were holding very costly and grand garlands and wished in myself that I would be fortunate if Baba accepted my garland first before that of any one else, although mine was not so grand as those of some others nearby the rostrum. The very moment, the pujari made a gesture towards me and took my garland and offered it to Baba as the first one on that great festival. Believe me, I became so overwhelmed with joy that I have no words to express it. Thus Baba blessed me.

    M. Ganga Reddy   B. Com.
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