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Author Topic: SHRI GURU CHARITRA By:- Shri S. N. Huddar (Contd from April 1975 issue)  (Read 3277 times)

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Chapter II

On the bank of Godavary, there was the Ashram of Angiras Rishi. Many disciples were being trained in this Ashram. One disciple named Sandeepak served his Guru, Veda Dharma, with great devotion. Once Veda Dharma Muni gathered his disciples together and said, "If you really love me, do as I bid you". All replied, "Gurudeo, we shall act as per your command, for one who does not obey his Guru, goes to hail and cannot get salvation".
The Guru said, "I have committed sins in my previous births. The effect of many of them has been wiped off by my penance, but' still some of them are persisting I will not get salvation unless I suffer the evil effects of these sins with my body. I, therefore, wish to go to Kashi, stay there and get rid of these sins. You have to attend on me and serve me during this period. One who is strong enough should undertake this hard task"

Sandeepak accepted this bid. Veda Dharma said, "It is better to get rid of the sins so long as one has sound health, otherwise they spread like poison. So I should go to a holy place and suffer the bad effects myself. Even Gods have to suffer, then how can a human being like myself avoid the same"
Sandeepak said, "Kindly tell me what I should do. I shall spare no pains in serving you." '
Veda Dharma said, "I shall become blind, lame and a leper, you will have to serve me for 21 years in such condition. If you are resolute, then only you should accept this job."

Sandeepak said, "Gurudeo, I resolve that I shall also be blind, lame and a leper and serve you devotedly and see that you get rid of all the sins".

Veda Dharma was much pleased with his words. He further said, "One should suffer the evil effects of one's sins oneself and should not allow the son or the pupil or anyone else to suffer for him. The sins will not be wiped off unless they are borne by one's own body. It is very taxing to serve a diseased person. So you will have to take troubles even more than myself. Please take me to Kashi and do serve me there."
Sandeepak assured his Guru and soon he took him to Kashi. They lived there at Kambaleshwar to the North of Mankarnika. The Muni took birth in Mankarnika and worshipped Vishweshwar and began to suffer the pangs of diseases. As the time passed on, leprosy developed all over his body and he became blind losing his eyesight. His body was putrified and pus, blood and germs flowed out of it. He began to have fits also. Still San¬deepak took all pains to nurse his Guru wish great devotion. He used to bring alms daily for his Guru, fed him and served him, thinking him to be Kashi Vishweshwar.

Veda Dharma being in a diseased condition, became peevish by nature and often was enraged and spoke harsh words to his disciple, Sandeepak. Some day he would not take food, some day he would abuse him cruelly for bringing insufficient or undelicious alms. Some day he would throw away the food in anger and despair. Sometimes he would even beat him severely. Another time he would complain that he did not clean his body, wounds, clothes smeared with stool and urine and consequently he was much troubled by flies. When Sandeepak was attending on him, he would say why did he not go out for alms. In this way Sandeepak was harassed every now and then.

Yet Sandeepak   tried his best to   bring good delicious food and vegetables as directed by his Guru Though he was living in Kashi, he never went to the Vishweshwar temple to worship and see the most holy shrine of Vishweshwar. Similarly he did not think of any other thing but he solely devoted himself to the nursing and giving best service to his Guru, whom he respected as God Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Though the Guru got enraged off and on, he did not retort harshly.

Seeing his such devoted service to his Guru, Kashi Vishwe¬shwar was so pleased tbat he appeared before him and told hull to ask for some favour or blessing. Sandeepak replied, "Without the approval of my Guru, I cannot ask for your blessings". He then came to his Guru and said, "Kashi Vishweshwar is pleased to offer me some blessing. If you permit me, I shall pray him to remove your physical pangs and give you sound health",

Hearing this, Veda Dharma was enraged. He said to San-deepak, "Don't pray Vishweshwar for my health. If I do not suffer these pangs, i will have to suffer in the next birth and this would obstruct my path of salvation."

Sandeepak returned to Kashi Vishweshwar and told him, "My Guru does not like me to accept any blessings from you". Being amazed Kashi Vishweshwar went to Shri Vishnu and reported this wonderful incident to him.

Hearing this, Shri Vishnu and Shri Kashi Vishweshwar de¬sired to see this disciple and his Guru and so they both came to Kashi and approached Sandeepak. Shri Vishnu said, "Oh Sandee¬pak, I am pleased with your devotion to your Guru. You may ask for whatever you desire. I shall fulfil your wishes."
Sandeepak said, "Oh Narayan, even after undertaking penance in dense forests for infinite period, you disappoint your devotees. But when neither did I worship you, nor recite your name, why should you be pleased with me and ask me to have a boon from you?"

Shri Vishnu said, "Whatever devoted service you have re
n¬dered to your Guru, has been received by me. I love such disciples very much. I am under his influence, and I willingly offer him my blessings. I like wife's devotion to her husband, bowing to Brahmins, Ascetics and   Sanyasis,   and  such persons   come to my place in the end."

Sandeepak said, "Oh Mahavishnu, I have full faith that I shall attain all knowledge of Vedas and Shastras from my Guru. As Guru is my God, Trimurtis. (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) are within my reach, whatever blessings you give me, I shall be getting the same easily from my Guru. I am, therefore, serving my Guru devotedly."

On this Shri Vishnu said pleasingly, "Sandeepak, you are the best amongst all the disciples. You are my loving child. Shri Shiva and myself are pleased with your devotion. Ask for a boon".
Sandeepak said, "If you are so keen to favour me with your blessings, kindly give me such guidance as would enable me to serve my Guru with still more devotion."

Shri Vishnu said, "Amen! We offer you what you desire. You have known Guru and also experienced Par-Brahma in your¬self. The word Guru contains only two alphabets, still it is the ocean of nectar. One, who dips into it even for a moment, will cross this worldly ocean. One who always remem¬bers Guru is respected in all the Lokas."

When Sandeepak went to his Guru, the Guru asked him, "What did Mahavishnu give you?"

Sandeepak replied, "I asked him to guide me to serve my Guru with more devotion and he was pleased to give me this blessing. I wish I should serve you well and incessently."

Hearing this, Veda Dharma too was extremely pleased He said, "You are the best of all the disciples. You should stay' in Kashi. Whatever you say will be true. You will receive the wealth of Kuber (God of Wealth), the miseries of those who remember you will come to an end".

The same moment, the body of Veda Dharmamuni became healthy and bright. He had suffered from leprosy and other pangs only for testing his disciple.

In this way, Brahma told Kali this tale of Sandeepak. Oh, Namdharak, you should also worship Shri Guru with such devo¬tion and then only, you shall easily pass over the worldly mise¬ries. Control your senses, Karma, Dnyan and also heart and thereby you will win even the Great God i. e. Parmeshwar."

Chapter 3  Durwas Curses King Ambarish

Namdharak- "Swamiji, you have removed my doubt by giving me knowledge of the greatness of Shri Guru. I am much pleased at heart Will you kindly inform me where you stay? What is your food? I wish to be in your service. Kindly accept me as your disciple".

Shri Siddha embraced him with affection and blessing him said "You will see that miraculous incidents are occuring at the dwelling place of Shri Guru. Studying the life of Shri Guru is like drinking nectar, I always read this life again and again". Saying this he showed his sacred book titled ‘Life of Shri Guru’ to Namdharak and further said, "whatever pleasure, social status we desire, we shall get it soon by reading this. We shall not be affected by any disease, incurred due to displeasure of the planets  or other reasons. The sin of killing a Brah¬min, is also wiped off if this book is read with devotion and concentration of mind."

   Namdharak- "Oh the Ocean of kindness, you appear to me to be Shri Guru himself. I wish to know the life of Shri Guru. Will you please remove the darkness of my ignorance by the light of this life of Shri Guru, which is as bright as the Sun ?"

Shri Siddha assured him and holding his hand took him to a lovely place, seated him under an Ashwatha tree which is like Kalpa Vriksha, i. e. a tree fulfilling one's desires and began to narrate him the nectar-like life of Shri Guru.

He told him, "You do not know how to serve Shri Guru and hence you have to suffer from anxieties, pains and miseries. You should, therefore, try to know Shri Guru by good actions and firm belief."

Namdharak- "My body is burning due to threefold fires (fN^TT) in this earthly ocean. I am obessed by sex, Ang¬er and temptation. So kindly take me in the boat of knowledge, steer it by the wind of kindness and thus give salva¬tion to me".

Shri Siddha said, "You need not be anxious. You will surely be relieved of your miseries, engrossed in illusion and tem¬ptation, those who doubt in the great power of Shri Guru, they have always to suffer from poverty and hardship. So give up suspicion. Shri Guru is an ocean of kindness. He will give you everything. Just as clouds give rain everywhere, similarly Shri Guru gives showers of kindness. As water is stored in the deep portions of earth and on the rocky place, so an individual attains Shri Guru's favour. Therefore worship Shri Guru wholeheartedly.

Namdharak- "My mind is clear now and I am anxious to listen to the life story of Shri Guru. Kindly tell me why Shri Guru took birth in Bharat?"

Shri Siddha- "Oh ! my good disciple, you have given inspiration to me. Shri Guru's life is like Kamdhenu. You will get all the four valours or 'favours viz. religion,   wealth, pleasure and salvation.

"Shri Hari and Shri Har have come to this Earth in the form of different species at different times for the benefit of their devotees. Three Murtis have three different characteristics-Brah¬ma's Raj, Vishnu's Satwa, and Shiva's Tarn. But these do not exist separately.

"In former times there lived a King by name Ambarish. He observed Ekadashi fast (llth day of every fortnight dark and bright). He induced Shri Vishnu to come to Earth.

"In order to test Ambarish's Ekadashi Vrat, Durwas Rishi came to him as a guest. That day Sadhan Dwadashi was only for 24 minutes after Sunrise. Ambarish received the Rishi warm¬ly, worshipped him and requested him to return soon for dinner finishing his morning bath and rituals.

"Durvas went to the river, took bath and started rituals. Seeing that the time for Dwadashi (12th day of a fortnight) was finishing and fearing the break of his Vrat, Ambarish took holy water and dined. In the meanwhile Durvas returned and seeing that Ambarish had dined before him, he was enraged and so he cursed Ambarish.

"Ambarish prayed Shri Vishnu, Protector of devotees. Shri Vishnu came from Vaikunth, his abode. Ambarish told Shri Vishnu that Durvas had for no reason cursed him to take birth in different species. Shri Vishnu told Durvas that he had cursed Ambarish in vain and that he should curse him (Vishnu) instead of Ambarish.

"Durvas thought that people on Earth cannot see Shri Vishnu, so it would be better to ask Shri Vishnu to descend on Earth with Shri Lakshmiji for the salvation of the people. So he said to Shri Vishnu, 'You should descend on Earth ten times'.

"For destroying the wicked and giving relief to all, Shri Vishnu, accepted Durvas's curse. You know the ten incarnations of Shri Vishnu, which are narrated in Bhagwat.

"Once Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh came in disguise to Sati Ansuya, the most respected Pativrata (devoted wife) of Atri. I shall now tell this tale to you."

(to be continued)
सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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