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Author Topic: MUMBAI TO SHIRDI - Airport/Taxi/Bus/Train Details  (Read 22197 times)
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Mumbai to Shirdi - Airport/Taxi/Bus/Trains Details

Author: shirdi hotels online
• Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Sairam friends,

Shirdi is situated in Maharashtra state, India. The nearest airport is Aurangabad ( 126 kms ) but most devotees who travel from abroad reaches Mumbai airport. I write this article to help both the locals and also devotees from abroad to reach shirdi safely from Mumbai.

To help Saibaba devotees to reach shirdi by bus , car,Taxi  :

For sai devotees from America, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore , dubai and other middle east countries , i tried to give basic information about their journey from Mumbai to Shirdi.

Guidance to help Sai devotees coming from Foreign countries to Shirdi :

The distance between Mumbai to shirdi is approx 260 kms.  Mumbai airport is also the closest international airport to reach shirdi. So sai devotees who wish to come to india especially for shirdi darshan can come to mumbai and then take a Bus or taxi to shirdi.

Flight which reaches india in day time is fine :

Try to book a flight which reaches india in day time so that its easy for you to get buses to shirdi as most of buses from Mumbai to shirdi starts in evening.

From Airport to Dadar or any place where you can get shirdi bus :

If you are sure you can check out of the airport  before  9 Pm indian standard time, then its ok to travel to Dadar by taxi from where you can get Bus to shirdi. Tell the cabs driver that you wish to reach the place where you can get buses to shirdi.

I don’t have any association with travel agents or taxi or bus.  There are few who provide shirdi Cabs services direct airport pickup ,you can choose the car you wish to travel. search google.com with term ” shirdi cabs ”

Make sure you are aware of approx cost, prices are listed below. There are bus to shirdi which starts even at 11 in night but if you come alone and for women sai devotees, its not safe. Ofcourse everyone says Saibaba is there to protect. You also have to plan your trip safely.

Taxi from Mumbai to Dadar to get shirdi Bus : 200 to 500 Rs ( 10 to 15 $ max )

Bus from Mumbai to Shirdi

Non Ac Bus - 200 Rs ( 5 $ )

Ac Bus - 250 Rs

Volvo Bus - 300 to 450 Rs. ( 10 $ )

Shirdi Cabs - Hiring a car can take you shirdi with in 5 to 6 hours

Cabs from Mumbai to Shirdi - 3500 INR to 6000 INR for one way. ( approx 90 $ to 150 $ ) . Must be within 12,000 R.s for two way if you return within a day.

If your flight arrives late night to Mumbai airport or too early in the morning, better stay in a friends house or hotels in mumbai . There are few near airport. I really don’t have idea about budget Hotels in mumbai.  If your flight arrives early morning 2 Am to 4 Am ,  wait in airport for 2 hours and then take taxi to Dadar to take Bus to Shirdi.

Theres a cabin inside airport campus itself to book taxi or you can check  www.merucabs.com . For airport to dadar or andheri east pick up. I recommond them as i have experienced their service though a bit expensive.

Bus route from Mumbai to Shirdi :

Some buses goes to Nasik and then to shirdi others take a short cut avoiding nasik.

Bus route - Mumbai- Nashik- Niphad- Yeola - Shirdi

Pune and Aurangabad airport can be a option to reach Shirdi:

Distance between Pune to shirdi - 190 Kms

Bus route - Pune- Kalamba- sangmner- Talegaon- shirdi

Distance between Aurangabad to Shirdi 126 kms.

Bus route - Aurangabad- Vaijapur Yeola- Kopargaon-Shirdi

Theres also a Airport in Pune and Aurangabad . you have to check if theres convinient flight to reach Aurangabad.

For Private Bus (Volvos) Related queries ie - Bookings,Fares,Route,Pick-up/Drop Point - http://www.redbus.in/

For State Transport Buses - http://www.shrisaibabasansthan.org/main_English/shirdi/how_to_reach.asp

For Cab Bookings - www.merucabs.com

Mumbai To Shirdi Route Map  - http://www.shirdihotelsonline.com/mumbai-shirdi-india-map/

Mumbai to Shirdi by Train

Author: shirdi hotels online
• Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Shirdi Trains - Its for you to check the Indian railways website if the information below is right.

I have only tried to help sai baba devotees and cant be responsible if you plan your trip withour confirming.

Sai Nagar Shirdi Railway station :

A new Railway station has been build in shirdi called Sai Nagar. Its just 3-4 kms from the Main saibaba temple in shirdi.
Please don’t mail me asking about train timings and trying to understand how to travel by train to shirdi if you are new to mumbai and  if you came from other countries or states. The best option is to book a travels bus and reach shirdi by bus comfortably.

I have provided the train numbers . All you have to do is register in irctc.com and check to confirm for seat availability and also timings. DO NOT TAKE ALL THE INFORMATION HERE to plan your trip. You have to take responsibility. I have just tried to help you with some basic information. Further i have not travelled to shirdi by train .

The other nearest railway stations are - Kopargaon - KPG ( 10 miles from shirdi ) & Manmad - 49 kms from shirdi

You can register in www.irctc.com and from Mumbai CST or Mumbai LTT ( Lokamanya tilak kurla ) search for trains to Sai Nagar shirdi, Manmad, and, Kopargaon.
For people who travel from other states in india and who come from other countries ,Please please go by Bus from mumbai to shirdi. Thats the best option as you might not be used to Mumbai Local trains for transit.

You can use  www.irctc.com   , www.yatra.com   , www.Cleartrip.com also www.indianrail.gov.in/index.html & www.trainenquiry.com to check for train seat bookings or availability.

CSTM - Mumbai CST
LTT - Lokmanya Tilak Terminus - Mumbai situated in Kurla
BCT - Mumbai Central
SNSI - Sai Nagar shirdi station

Train which goes to Shirdi Sai Nagar , Kopergoan( 15 kms ) and Manmad ( 49 kms )

1. Mumbai shirdi special
Train number - 0177 - departure at 10.20 P.M reaches shirdi at 5. A.M in Sainagar station

2. Tapovan Express :

Train number : 7617

Departs @ 06:10AM
Arrives @ 12:11PM
reaches Rotegaon/RGO
(37 km from Sainagar Shirdi)

3.Devgiri Express
Train number - 7057
Departs @ 09:05PM from Mumbai CST.

4.Shirdi Fast Passenger
Train number - 1333
Departs @ 10:55PM
Mumbai cst
Reaches after a 10 hour journey next day morning at 10.30 to Sai Nagar shirdi station.

5. Pushpak Express
Train number - 2534
Departs @ 08:20AM from Mumbai cst
Arrives @ 12:48PM to Manmad ( you can get down in kopergaon station )

Return journey by train from Shirdi Sai Nagar station to Mumbai

1. Shirdi Mumbai Special
Train number - 0118
Departs @ 07:30AM in shirdi
arrives mumbai Cst at 02:25PM

2.Tapovan Express
Train number - 7618

Departs @ 03:50PM from Ratangoan situation 37 kms away from shirdi

3.Mumbai CST Fast Passenger
Train number - 1334

Departs @ 04:40PM Sainagar Shirdi/SNSI
Arrives @ 04:25AM next day early morning.

trains From Kopergoan railway station ( 15 kms from shirdi )

4. Manmad LTT Express
Train number - 2118

Departs @ 08:35AM
Manmad Junction/MMR
(41 km from Kopargaon)
Arrives @ 01:00PM
to LTT ( kurla lokamanya tilak railway station, mumbai )

5. Panchvati Express
Train number - 2110
Departs @ 06:10AM
Manmad Junction/MMR
(41 km from Kopargaon)
Arrives @ 10:23AM ro Dadar Mumbai.

Thanks and hope it helps.

I always prefer Bus journey from Mumbai to Shirdi and back from Shirdi to Mumbai which takes only 7 to max 9 hours I shall write another article about bus journey later

Sai bless you for a peaceful journey to shirdi , nice hotel to stay and Happy Sai Darshan

Write to me-
If  time permits , i write to Sai devotees needing any information regarding Shirdi Pilgrimage. Please remember, i do this only as seva  and might not have time to reply all emails. ( No request for links )

Venkat - dwarakamai27@gmail.com


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This is indeed an wonderful assimilation of travel details to Shirdi....Thanks a ton....Surely many devotees will be benefited with the information and pray Sai blesses one and all....
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