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Author Topic: BLESSINGS OF SHRI SAI BABA  (Read 12167 times)

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« on: February 19, 2007, 08:55:32 AM »
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  • Who is Baba? A very delicate question and an appealing question which is very very difficult to answer. To describe Baba one needs a lot of potentiality and stream of words. Hearing the very word 'BABA' I am not only thrilled but a kind of love is created within me.

    It was I think round about in the year 1955 October when I first brought Shri Shiv Samadhi picture and thereafter in the year 1956 or so my Daddy brought a picture of Shri Sai Baba. Seeing Baba's picture a kind of love, loyalty and respect was created in me by which I clapped my hands and my parents were overjoyed and praised me for my innocent attitude. I was too young to distinguish between the material and spiritual life because at that time I was only five years old.

    My  father is a  devotee   of Baba  and  he  visits yearly his shrine at Shirdi.    Oh yes, now I recollect one small incident that took place  during my  school days when my Daddy had booked tickets for us to go to 'Baba's shrine at Shirdi but ill-luck befell upon  me.   I was down  with high  temperature;  even  then  my daddy proceeded as per his plan  leaving me with my sister and my  mother.   But lo  and  behold; the day  passed into  night.   I was  restless, sleepless  and  tossing about in the bed.   It was, I think mid-night   when I saw a Sadhu,   clad in robe, sitting close to my bed side with a hand raised, I was about to shout due to' fear,  but my   throat was  choked  and  I  soon  fell  fast  asleep, Next day my  Mummy was  surprised.    I was well the next day, my fever had  come to normal.    So dear  readers the description given by me must have made your notion clear.   It was no other than our 'Baba'.    I was  asked by my mother to light a Nandadeep to our holy Baba.    It was my  daily work to stand  before his  photo and  to  ask for  forgiveness  for whatever I  do.    His, eyes are my destination.   I always take his permission whenever' I do anything,   whether good  or bad.    I leave it to Baba,  he is' there with  me and is guiding  me in all  my daily   routine.   He smiles when I do good and gets angry when I do a wrong thing.

    Oh! No! dear readers it was not I alone who had such an experience; my daddy too had the similar kind. He was blessed by Baba and brought out from a number of difficult circum¬stances. My daddy is working as a cost accountant, a middle income man and beside a very holy man. His only say is do your best to others, and harm no one, work hard, blessing will be there.

    Prior to the present service my father was working in Poona Mills and he used to join us once in a week, that is, on holidays we were worried about him and he was worried about us. There were often tears when we thought about him. But it was with Baba's grace that after two years or so he got a job in Bombay, our joy knew no bounds. We prayed and thanked God ShriSaiBaba as he heard our prayers, we also offered him what one could. Baba, helped us in many ways, and the most important one was my sister's marriage. My daddy was financially poor. He got no help from the relatives; but it was thought Shri Sai Baba's grace that he got the aid from his office. The Marriage ceremony was simple and decent. Shri Sai Baba helps those who help themselves and this quotation is best referred to by my daddy. He says "Do your best and leave the rest to Almighty Shri Sai Baba he is there. He will do the .rest. Shri Sai Baba has helped us in the past and we hope that he helps us in future too I am now studying in Inter Arts, by his grace and hope that his blessings will always befall upon me, to become a gra¬duate very soon so that I can thank God one day with tears of joy, hoping also to be blessed throughout my life.
    Dear readers, with these words I have expressed my full loyalty, respect and obedience to God Shri Sai Baba. He says, "if you look to me, I shall look to you." This is exactly what Shri Baba has done to us, and is doing at present and will do in future also
    Miss Shobhana Rao.
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  • baba my name is siva naga durga please helpme baba
    my friend gangadhar durga anjaneyulu baba please give me job baba please
    your blesinges giveme baba


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