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Author Topic: Chaturmas-20 Shak 1831 ( 1909 A. D. ) Pawani (Dist Bhandara )  (Read 4924 times)

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Vyas  Puja was performed here on Purnima.    In the beginning as Swami Maharaj was not known to   the  people,   they   did not   behave   well   with   him   and   did   not  arrange for his alms. Pawani was known as Padmavatipuri   in   ancient   times.    Swami Maharaj   composed   'Vain Gangastotra' which is published in the 'Stotradi   Sangrah.'   For chaturmas   Swamiji   stayed   here   for   2 months and devotees from long distances came here to see Swami Maharaj.   Sitaram Shastri arranged for their feeding.   Those, who acted   against   religion   are   not   allowed   to   sit   in  the rows of Brahmins for dinner.    Swami Maharaj did not  even   like   to   see such persons.

There was Plague in towns and villages round about. One day a rat was seen in the Muralidhar Mandir where Gandabua was staying. Swami Maharaj prayed Shri Datta, "With your permission, I have started chaturmas here. Many families with children have come here. If any one dies, the blame would be on me and I shall have to leave this place before completion of chaturmas." Shri Datta Assured that no one would be affected during Chaturmas. Local persons as Nana Shastri Dashputre, Vithalrao Kalikar took pains for arrangements of the guests.

On the first day Swami Maharaj went for alms to Naik. But knowing that he was a Gujrati, he did not take alms. Next day also he had a fast On the third day he went to Bhat who began inquiry putting many questions. Swamiji said, "It is the duty of a grahasta to offer food to an Atith. Sundry inquiry should not be made." In the mean time Umabai, daughter of Bhat, came there and recognised Swami Maharaj as she had seen him at Brahmavarta. She told all about Swami Maharaj. She would even go to Swamiji's residence at Vithal mandir and swept and cleaned the place.

Nana Shastri read Purana in Vithal Mandir. Once he could not explain one Shloka. Swami Maharaj explained it to him. He told 2-3 meanings and also said "the book giving these meanings is in your house." Nana Shastri searched and he found it. Due to this, his respect for Swamiji was hightened more and he told the citizens about his greatness.

Balshastri son of Nana shastri did Kirtan. Swamiji wrote some new Akhyan (Tales explained in Kirtan ) for him and told him that Veda Suktas should not be spoken in kirtan. Once he uttered Veda sukta, Swami Maharaj at once stood up and saying 'Guru Deo Datta' began to go out of the place. Balshastri bowed to him and begged apology for his fault and then only Swamiji resumed his seat.

People applied sandal paste to the body of Swami Maharaj and did his Mahapuja. Once a blind Brahmin came here with his keep. He went alone to Swamiji and requested to suggest means for eye-sight. Swami Maharaj told him, "Give up the keep and then come to me".

A person .'came and requested Swamiji to take him beyond the Bhava-sagar. Swami Maharaj was going to the river for bath. He asked the person to come with him. Swamiji entered the river and asked the person to follow him and not to be afraid of drowning. But he had not the courage to enter into the water. Swamiji came up and said, "If you cannot go beyond this small river, how will you cross the vast Bhava-sagar ? To have this ability you have to serve God with devotion."

Husband returns after 12 years

A person of Pawani had left home in anger. His wife came to Swami Maharaj and said, "My husband has left home 12 years before. Even his whereabouts are not known." Swamiji looked at her and said, "you recite this mantra in mind. He will return soon." Swami Maharaj wrote a mantra on a piece of paper and gave it to her. Within one month she received a letter from her husband about his coming. Later he came and lived at home.

Bhairav   Prasad    of   Mandla   Mahapur   on   the   bank   of Narmada,   came   to   Swamiji   and told him that he got sons but all of them died in childhood.    He further said, "As the fifth son died at birth, a man with locks of hair came and took away the corpse   of the child and disappeared.   Kindly bless me."   Swami Maharaj said, "Someone of your family has become a spirit.   He does not allow your issues to survive.    That very spirit has taken away  the   corpse of the 5th child.   You do Narayan bali, recite Vishnusahasranam   (one thousand) times and take prayashchitta. Then your issues will survive."

Widows with hair on head denied Darshan

Once some Madrasi widows with hair on their heads came to see Swami Maharaj, but he at once turned his face. They inquired of the reason, Swamiji said, "I do not see persons acting against religion" The women said, "we do not have kumkum and hair after marraige. They are with us from our childhood. So why they should be given up after the death of the husband?"

Swami Maharaj said, "At birth a child is small, why that form is not continued in later years. There is difference in form, behaviour and knowledge in childhood and adult age. You come in the form which you had at your birth and I shall see you." This influenced the women so much that the next day they came after taking off their hair. Then they could have darshan of Swami Maharaj-

Rich and Poor alike.

A rich person of Umrer, Balwantrao Naik requested Swami Maharaj to take his services. Swamiji did not say anything. Through some one Naik again requested. Swamiji said, "There is difficulty of drinking water here. Arrange for this " Balwantrao took a bucket and brought water from the river. He asked his family members-sons, daughters-in-law also to do the service.

Gold Mohur came out of the cocoanut

A lady came for darshan of Swami Maharaj. She offered a cocoanut and instead of 8 anna coin a gold mohur was given unknowingly. She could not replace the coin. Swamiji, realising her mental uneasiness, asked her to take back the Mohur. But she did not take it. Swamiji gave her cocoanut as prasad. She went home and broke the cocoanut. A gold roohur came out of it. And the lady was astonished at its sight.

Members of Gulawani Family Blessed

Shanker Bhat Gulavani of Kolhapur side wished to come to see Swami Maharaj, who wrote him that he himself would be coming there. In spite of this Shankar Bhat came to Pawani. He got high fever. Physicians said that it would last for 40 days. Shankar Bhat prayed Swami Maharaj to forgive him. Swamiji gave him angara and teerth and he felt better. His mother Umabai, sister Godavari and younger brother Vamanrao also came to Pawani and on Bhadrapad Shuddha 14 (Anant chaturdashi), Swami Maharaj blessed all these three with mantropadesh.

Vaman  Dattatreya  Gulavani is one of the few well  known disciples of Swami  Maharaj,   who is continuing  the  mission  of Swami   Maharaj of Propogating  religion to this day on extensive scale.   He   later had  also the  blessing of revered  Shri   Loknath Swami Maharaj,   who was wellknown for  advocacy of Shaktipat Yoga  Diksha' also  known as  'Shri  Datta Yoga.   Being pleased with the progress,  efficiency and pious behaviour, Vamanrao was given by Shri  Loknath  Swami the 'Parisatva'  meaning  authority to  give  this   'Yoga Diksha'  (also   called Vedha  Diksha)  to  the deserved   Sadhakas.    Thousands   of persons   including   women, children,  and   youths  of different  castes  and  creeds  have  been blessed   by   Shri   V. D. Gulavani   Maharaj   so far.    Some of his disciples are in U.S. America, England and other countries   also. Being born on 23-12-1886 he is running 86.

His disciples and admirers have got constructed a modern edifice, on Karve Road, Poona-4 for his residence. But due to his regard for his Guru Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati, Tembe Swami Maharaj, this edifice has been named as Shri Vasudeo Niwas On the eve of 85th birth day. Roudri Mahashanti festival was celebrated most gracefully in May 1971 and he was weighed with silver and the cash value thereof i. e. about Rs. 30.000 was distributed amongst the Brahmins knowing Veda-Shastras.

He has done a great service by publishing all valuable blessing literature, written by his gurudev in Sanskrit and Prakrit, most of which is poetic, in 12 volumes of 500 to 600 pages each in 1954. From April 1971, he has sponsored 'Panthraj' a Marathi Quarterly devoted to propogating shaktipat Toga Diksha.
(to be continued )
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