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Author Topic: THE SCIENCE OF RELIGION By:- Swami Chinmayananda YAGNA SPIRIT—-A COSMIC LA  (Read 3679 times)

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In order to make the intelligent skeptic in Arjuna accept the philosophy of working in the Yagna-spirit, Krishna now shows how it is a universal law of nature. Everywhere around us, from the twinkling stars to the flowing rivers, nature serves the world in the Yagna-spirit. The sun shines, but demands no appreciation from anyone. Rains fall; rivers flow; plants flower; trees bear fruit; oceans heave; towering mountains stand ... all serve the world to make it what it is, and none of them seem to demand even a passing recognition from the people populating it. They all do their duties discovering a joyous fulfillment in the very performance.

In the style of a mythology here Krishna sings. Vyasa was a poet-philosopher and therefore, in him poetry, science and philosophy often get mingled to enrich each by the other. This is the style of the Geeta Acharya.

Lord Krishna says, (111-10) "The Creator ( Prajapati) after having created mankind, together with the Yagna, said, 'By this shall you create: this shall be the fulfiller of all your desires.'" The idea of the Yagna-spirit is the universal law of nature and is given out against an awe-inspiring and dignified background. The Creator conceived the Yagna-spirit along with the creatures, and as a parting gift, to the best of his creatures, the highest-evolved, the intelligent man, He presented it. Said the mighty, creator, "Now I give you the Yagna" —the power to co-operatively work together for a desirable goal. With this — functioning in this co-operative spirit of selfless dedicated endeavor __may you all prosper ( Anna prasavishyadhvam)     Nay,   even if man were to discover any imperfections in   nature,   or   in   the scheme of life in the world, an intelligent  community can, all by itself, striving in the Yagna-spirit of selfless co-operative endeavor, bring  about   all   improvements   and   every   conceivable   progress (esha   vostu   ishtakamadhuk).    The   story of the scientific world and its growth  during   the   last   1,000   years?   the   story   of  the economic  and   political   revolutions the world goes through from time to time, are all examples.    Alas !   men   co-operate   and   act as   a   team more often for destructive wars than for constructive work of creating peace and harmony among themselves! It is due to a weakness inherent in man that he fails   in   his   attempts   at co-operative   endeavors.   We know if all decide and work for a cause, good or bad, we can succeed.    We can make a   heaven   of earth,   or   a   hell   of  life around us.    In order to co-operatively work each will have to sacrifice his ego and his personal   desire-gratifications.    If  any   one   in   a   team  asserts  his ego or grows anxious for his own desire-gratifications the  cadence   in   work   is lost,  and the co-operative scheme breaks down.   Thus for success the entire team must have one single inspiring ideal at   the   altar of   which   everyone   must readily  surrender their personal vanity and   greed.   A   large   number   of people, coming together to act in unison at the same altar of Grace, for the total glory   of  all, is   the   ritual   Yagna.    This   Yagna-spirit is a gift received from the Creator by man as a community, not as an individual.

The   power   of   changing   the   world is in the hands of the community though they may draw their inspiration to   co-operate and   act   for   its accomplishment from a single individual 'leader'. And they can exert  this   power   only   through   selfless   dedicated team-work ...... the   "dynamism   of  togetherness" can change the world and inaugurate any progress conceived by man.

This "blessing" pronounced by the Creator need not necessarily work out in life, because we know that we can only strive, but our efforts often do not bear fruits when the environments and circumstances are not conducive. A farmer may work hard but inclement weather can spoil his harvest. Nature also must co-operate in order to make man's efforts a grand success. Will the Cosmic-Forces obey us? Have we any command over them?

To clear this doubt, the Geeta continues, (Ill-ll) ''Cherish the Devas with the Yagna-spirit and those Devas shall in turn cherish you; thus cherishing each-other you shall gain the highest good." These words are put into the mouth of the Creator —— it is his command. When men in a community co-operatively strive, without ego and ego-centric desires, the Cosmic-Forces that constitute the environments shall cherish them in turn. In short, when man works in the Yagna-spirit, the outer circumstances must miraculously change their pattern to be conducive to the common will of the selfless community striving for the good of all.

When we cherish the outer Cosmic-Forces (Devas), they shall in return cherish us with the fulfilment of our welfare, or whatever is the common demand of the total community striving together. This is a divine Law — a universal Truth —— a scientific Fact. Thus, mutually cherishing each other, let man, with the grace of the Devas, achieve the greatest prosperity —-(parasparam bhavayantah shreyah paramavapsyatha).

(Courtesy:- Geeta Office, Powai)
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