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Author Topic: YOGIRAJ VASUDEVANANDA SARASWATI (A Biography) By:- Shri S. N. Huddar  (Read 4910 times)

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(Continued from the last issue) Chaturmas-19 Shaka-1830 (1908 A. D.)

Swami Maharaj liked Muktyala very much as there were at this place many learned Brahmins of good behaviour. Females here also knew Sanskrit and showed great regard for Swamiji due to his vast Knowledge. Swamiji observed Vyas Puja on Ashadh Purnima and started his Chatunnas. As few persons came to him, he got time to write 'Yuvashiksha' 'Vriddha Shiksha' and 'Stree. shiksha'.

In Bhadrapad Vadya he left Muktyala and Via Tadvai reached Nagesh in Ashwin Vadya. By Diwali he reached Hansla-devi, where the Krishna meets the sea. He bathed on Tilsankranti and went about 20 miles. Shri Datta asked him to go to 'Sapta Godavary'. He returned to Nagesh and stayed at the Math meant for Sanyasi. He went to Pedkallapalli near Machhlipatam and proceeded to Sapta Godavary.
Here people showed great regard for a Sanyasi and they were religious minded. Godavari meets sea here by seven streams and hence this place is called 'Sapta Godavari'. They are known by 7 names Viz. 1. Vashishta, 2. Kotilinga, 3. Koushika 4. Vriddha Goutami, 5. Bhardwaja 6. Atreya and 7. Turya.
Shri Datta asks to go to Kashmere In   Kartik   Vadya,   Shri  Datta   asked    Swamiji  to  go  to Kashmere. Swamiji said flatly that he did not wish to go to Kashmere and if Shri Datta desired, his body may be placed anywhere as Tantuk or Ganganuj. Shri Datta asked "Why do you avoid to go to Kashmere." Swamiji said, "Because gond live there". Shri Datta said, "What is the need of observing Varna, Ashram, caste etc. for a Sanyasi like you?"

Swami Maharaj kept quiet and roamed by the bank of Godavari. He reached Bedavad Palli and observed Datta Jayanti the next day. Then he passed by Kogur Palar, and came to Rajmundri. He did Poush Purnima Kshour here. A Sanyasi named Parmananda Swami was here. On his invitation he went to see him by boat which was rowed by Brahmins. Brahmanand Saraswati, who had met Swamiji at Kogur accompanied him He said to Swamiji, "i was longing to see you since long. Kindly come to Rajmundri." I wish to instal Dattamurti and Paduka at the Acharya Math by your holy hands." Swamiji agreed.


Swamiji came to Peethapur in Poush Vadya. Shripad Shri Vallabh, Datta incarnate was born here in the 13th century. His birth place was shown to the local people by Swami Maharaj. So far they did not know this. He installed Paduka at this place.

From Peethapur Swami Maharaj went to Kokonda and had Amavasya bath here. Some persons of Vadi had come here to ask Swami Maharaj to come to Vadi They were roaming, reciting, "Digambara Digambara Shripad Vallabh Digambara" in search of Swamiji. Hearing the familiar voice, Swamiji stood under a tree and said "Narayan Narayan," loudly.- Vadi persons heard Swamiji's voice and approached him They fell Straight before him and bowed to him. Swamiji -had samadhi and Shri Datta said to the Vadi people, "Swami had told you to improve your behaviour several times, but you are not improving. I am asking Swami to go to Kashmere." Hearing this, the persons bowed humbly and prayed, "We are your children. Forgive us for our faults and allow us to serve you. We shall obey you." After awakening Swamiji warned the priests to behave well and told them to return to Vadi.

Shri Shankaracharya of Shringeri had great regard for Swami Maharaj. When he met Swamiji, Shri Acharya asked Swamiji to give him some books written by him. But as Swamiji had none, he wrote a Stotra and gave it to Shri Acharya by which he was much pleased. Later on Swamiji managed to send Datta Mahatmya, Gurucharitra etc, to Shringeri.


Swami Maharaj came to Rajmundri and stayed at the Acharya Math. On Magh Purnima he installed three headed Shri Datta Murti and Paduka in the Math ceremoniously at the request of Brahmananda Saraswati. This Datta Murti is known as 'Bhakta Vatsal'.

Ramchandra alias Ramappa is the first name of Brahmananda Saraswati. He was born in Govind Raju family of Mangalgiri in Bezwada District. Before taking sanyas he had been to Vadi and had met Swami Maharaj. After taking sanyas he visited all the holy places of Bharat. He had been to Garudeshwar at the time of Swami Maharaj's samadhi.

When at Kogur, Swamiji received the news about the samadhi of his guru Narayananand Swami. He took Dand-Snan as per rules. He crossed the river and proceeded further and saw Ichcheshwar, Bhimeshwar etc.

Shripad Appashastri's sister often became senseless.   Medical treatment was of no use, she was brought to Swami Maharaj,. who said that she had been affected by a spirit. Shastri said,, "I believe in spirits, but I do not believe that a spirit can affect human beings." Swamiji said, "See this yourself." He wrote a mantra on a brick and asked the Shastri to burn Dhoop and recite the mantra 21 times daily and also told that after 21 days the spirit would speak.

Shastribua did as advised. After 21 days the spirit told why he had become a spirit and why he had affected the woman He further told, "If you do certain things for me, I shall go away." After doing that the woman was relieved of the spirit trouble.

Sitaram  shastri,  younger  brother of Swamiji,  came here in search   of   Swami   Maharaj.     He   expressed   his   desire  through Brahmanand   Swami  that   he   wished  to take Sanyasa.   Swamij did not agree.

From   this   Sitaram   Shastri   realised   that   Swami Mahars would not give Sanyasa to him.
After   Falgun   Purnima,   Swami Maharaj came to Bezwad He found that more and more persons were coming to   see   him.  To   avoid   this botheration he preferred to travel through forest Thus   he   came   to   Manthan   Kaleshwar early in Vaishakh. Here Shri Datta again asked him to proceed northwards.   But Swami was thinking of having Chaturmas at  this   place   as   it was from people's botheration.   Shri Datta again told him,   "There yet   time for chaturmas.   Proceed further."    Swamiji persisted live there.

Shri   Datta   approached   in   the   form   of a Saheb riding horse and with a cane in  hand.     He   angrily   said   to   Swamiji "Don't live here' Go away, else you will be caned."   Seeing  Swamiji  prayed,
O Radar, Bow   to   your   Anger, O   Bard,   Bow   to   you.

Swamiji said, "I will proceed further as you wish.'' Then Shri Datta became calm and disappeared. On the way in a village, there was only one Brahmin's house. Swamiji was anxious to have alms. The woman in the house said to him that she would cook at three places and then he should take alms.
From Manthan, Swamiji came to Neighbor Aloha. He ' observed rituals and was sitting under an Adumbral tree. A Brahmin woman came and asked Swami Maharaj that she desired to instal a mufti in the Balladic Mender. She asked, "Will this be accomplished?." Swamiji said, "If your son gives up ganja, this will be achieved." The woman asked her son to give up ganja; but he said, "I do not like anyone to advise me in this matter." The woman reported this to Swamiji who said, "Then the mufti will not be installed."
At the end of Jest, Swami Maharaj reached Pawing on the Bank of Vain Gaga. Swami Maharaj stayed in the Vital mender and Gandabua in the Muralidhar Mandir.
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