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Author Topic: Lord is an Employer in pravrutti and a Family Member in Nivrutti  (Read 2640 times)

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If the goal is highest, there will be highest complication in the path. If the goal is at certain achievable height, the path to it will not have so much complication. Therefore, the intensity of complication increases as the height of the goal increases.

Pravrutti is at normal height and is selected by majority of humanity. Here, you have to vote for justice against injustice in this path of pravrutti. You are protected by God in this path as long as you follow justice avoiding injustice. God also encourages this path of pravrutti in many ways by granting several rewards.

If you do not want highest complication, avoid the goal of nivrutti and confine yourself with the path of pravrutti, which is followed by majority.

In pravrutti employer-employee relationship exists between God and devotee. As long as the employee works well following the rules and conduct, God is pleased and grants several boons to encourage such right behavior of the employee.

In this pravrutti path, the soul should be alert and careful always like an employee in the office so that slip from justice and bending towards injustice are totally avoided, which lead to punishments. You work in the office of God like any other employee. As long as you follow justice and avoid injustice, you will be always in heaven here and there and you will not even see the hell here and there.

The ultimate goal of God to come in human form to this world is pravrutti only, which is applicable to every human being so that the world-drama continues peacefully without any disturbance.

Nivrutti is totally different. An employee in God's office creates good impression in the mind of the Boss (God) as usual similar to any other good employee. But, one mental employee with over extracurricular activity gets attracted with the boss and likes the boss terribly to such extent by which the employee tries to enter the family of God as a family member. Of course, the advantage here is that God takes total responsibility of the employee succeeding in nivrutti.

Actually the employee is called as the close family member of God and is no more employee. This employee enters the board of administration of the office and attains the status of employer by becoming part and parcel of the Boss. This path of nivrutti is beyond normal procedures involving lot of complication.

The Boss gives employment in the office very easily to any candidate interested to do the job. But, if the employee desires to become the personal family member of the Boss, the scope of selection is very tedious and highly discouraging involving severe tests and very high complications. The selection in pravrutti is very easy, though discharging the duties of pravrutti after appointment is some what difficult, but one can do it.

The selection in nivrutti is very very rare involving lot of confusion in the path and hardly one may succeed after severe efforts put in millions of births (bahuunaam janmanaam..., kaschitmaam... Gita).

Therefore, selection of nivrutti-path is done by you and God is not at all responsible and the total responsibility lies with you. If one is really interested in nivrutti, he/she should not be worried about the path except about the ultimate goal. If one is determined to achieve the goal, the complication of the path to any extent is immaterial.

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