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Author Topic: Experience of Parabrahman  (Read 1301 times)

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Experience of Parabrahman
« on: May 26, 2008, 08:17:54 PM »
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  • Experience of Parabrahman

    What does Parabrahman (God) mean? It means something, which is other than Brahman. This word does not directly tell us anything about the nature of Parabrahman, since it is impossible to know Parabrahman. Sages have indicated Parabrahman by negative analysis, which means, discarding every item of the creation (Neti Neti—The Veda) [as not being Parabrahman]. The reason for this is that all the Vedas and the Gita say that Parabrahman is so unimaginable that we cannot use even the sentences like “It exists” or “It does not exist” (Nasattat Naasaduchyate—The Gita). In that case, why can’t we say that the Parabrahman does not exist at all? Since Parabrahman gives us experience regarding its existence, we have to say that it exists. But we cannot say what It actually is (Asteetyeva—The Veda).

    How is this experience given? The unimaginable Parabrahman enters an imaginable item of the creation, pervades all over it and identifies with it, so that Parabrahman’s existence has to be accepted. We see only the external imaginable item and its characteristics. Since the information regarding Parabrahman Itself and Its characteristics is not available, we have not known anything about It. It remains unimaginable and yet It gives Its experience to us. It is like the invisible electric current giving its experience through the visible metallic wire. Through which medium does Parabrahman give Its experience? It gives Its experience through the human incarnation. The various mediums through, which Parabrahman gives Its experience are:

    1)   The pure awareness, which is called as the original Maya (Suddha Sattvam or Mula Maya).

    2)   Energetic forms like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
    3)   The material human form made of the five elements like Jesus or Krishna or any other human incarnation.


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