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« on: June 20, 2007, 10:39:47 AM »
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  • i read an article thought of sharing with u all...

    Dont Die With Your Dreams Still Inside You

    I write and talk a lot about dreams. Primarily because I know we serve an awesome and amazing God, who gave us dreams for an awesome and amazing purpose. We all have a dream to do something great, go somewhere incredible, achieve the unachievable, beat the unbeatable or meet the "unmeetable." Unfortunately, more often than not, most dreams remain unrealized; silenced by fear and doubt. What's needed is a renaissance to recapture the spirit and belief we once had as children. We need to remind ourselves in all that we desire to be, have and do... "I can, if I believe I can."

    My aim is to inspire as many people as possible to passionately pursue and do their dreams. Revitalize your dreams. Start today. Don't just dream; dream BIG dreams! Put them in your heart, then put them on the wall, refrigerator, mirror ... wherever you'll see them often. Remind yourself you are more than worthy of everything your heart ever imagined. Believe, then diligently commit to a plan to achieve.

    Resolve to live a life that ends the way you want it to; and don't you dare, I say don't you dare... die with your dreams still inside you.

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    Re: Inspirational
    « Reply #1 on: June 20, 2007, 10:45:42 AM »
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  • The Power of Inspiration

        INSPIRATION can be a powerful thing. It can
    keep you going when all around you cries out
    "quit!" It is even more powerful than motivation,
    as motivation gives you your basic reasons to keep
    going--it tells you why you want to do what you do,
    because motivation is based on goals. These, in
    turn, may be based on necessity want or desire. But
    inspiration fills those reasons with hope, possibil-
    ity and enjoyment and keeps the "grind" from becoming
    too grindy.

        But just what does inspiration consist of?  I
    posit two elements: vision and mission.   Proverbs
    29:18 says 'Where there is no vision, the people
    perish." A vision is the first step toward turning
    your motivation into inspiration.  A person with a
    vision sees down the road.  He can sense what it
    will be like six weeks, six months, a year, two
    years, five years and more ahead. 

        But how do you get a vision?, you ask.  First
    of all, you need to narrow your perspective.  You can't
    attempt to "ride off in all directions at once,"
    so to speak.  Try to decide what it is you are
    looking for, so you'll know it when you see it.
    In other words, try to have in mind some general
    goals as to where you want to be six months a year,
    etc. from now.  These goals will not only form the
    basis of your motivation but should also serve to
    limit to an extent the scope of your activity.
      Next, try to locate and choose an opportunity
    (buisness, career or job) which you feel is right for you.
    This may be easier said then done, as there are many choices
    which sound good.  You may come upon an outstanding one
    right away, purely by chance.  If so, latch onto it.  But
    you will probably have to pick several at first and
    study the things which each one offers and try to
    evaluate the potential of each one as you see it.
    Settle on the one which you feel has the most
    potential with the least amount of hassle (preferably
    one that is totally Internet driven as opposed to
    one where you have to spend time calling potential
    prospects by phone). 
      Once you have chosen your company, stand behind
    it in every way and don't quit or change your mind.
    B.C. Forbes said "Without loyalty, nothing can be
    accomplished in any sphere..." Think of yourself as
    being in it for the long haul, no matter what.  And
    try to envision, based on what you know, how things
    will be down the road.  Keep that picture before your
    mind, and never doubt. Napoleon Hill said "What the
    mind can conceive and believe it can achieve,"
    and the Bible says, in Hebrews 11:1 "Faith is
    the substance of things hoped for, the evidence
    of things not seen."
       Once the vision is firmly implanted in your mind,
    let it become your driving force.  Let the vision excite
    you with the possibility of its fulfillment and you will
    automatically begin the next step--you are on a mission.
    Your mission is to bring about the realization of the
    vision.  If you keep the vision in mind, you will move
    forward in the mission, accomplishing enthusiastically
    step by step that which is necessary to bring the vision
    into reality. You will have developed a sense of excite-
    ment, importance and urgency which will keep the fires of
    inspiration burning in your heart and moving you ever onward
    and upward.

    Article written by Rev. James M. Becher, Bible teacher, author of "OF SUCH IS THE KINGDOM, A Novel of Biblical Times,"

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    Re: Inspirational
    « Reply #2 on: June 21, 2007, 06:34:05 AM »
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  • Believe In Yourself And Become a Winner: Lessons from Hollywood

    A while ago I made it a point to watch the movie "Legally Blonde."

    Not just for the bright, chirpy and eminently watchable Reese Witherspoon, but also because I loved the message it sent out.

    If you didn't see the movie, all you need to know is that it's about a smart, fashion-conscious blonde who's told time and again, by her family and friends, that it'simpossible for someone like her to go to Harvard law school.

    That she's just not smart enough and doesn't have what it takes.

    In the movie, the character played by Witherspoon not only goes to Harvard law, but also through sheer determination and intuition, graduates at the top of her class.

    Its just the sort of movie people love. Because it makes us believe that we too are capable of achieving anything we want to.

    It reminds us how we often let ourselves, and others, underestimate our own potential.

    And how we undermine our own sense of self, because of what we look like or where we came from.

    But why just let it remain a movie, when it can be the story of your life...

    Have you ever asked yourself what it is that keeps you from reaching your full potential?

    From doing what you are inherently capable of?

    For many of us, it's a lack of belief in ourselves. A lack of confidence in our own ability to succeed.

    And because we believe we will fail, we usually do.

    But there are people who have succeeded beyond all expectation - no matter what they look like, or where they come from.

    One of my favourite role models who comes to mind is another Hollywood celebrity, Barbra Streisand.

    Indeed, one of my favourite films of all time is her movie, "Yentl," about a courageous, intelligent woman trying to fulfill her capabilities, in the face of overwhelming odds.

    "Yentl" was also the movie in which Streisand became the first woman ever to produce, direct, write and star in a major motion picture.

    Streisand carved her own path, and broke the mould.

    She showed how a woman with unconventional looks can make it in a field where beauty is more important than brains.

    So, if you believe that you are less than someone, because of your lack of education, looks, talent, background or ability, take courage from her achievements.

    They are an inspiration not only for women, but for everyone.

    Because all it take is a belief. The belief that you can do what it takes.

    Don't wait for someone else to give you an opportunity to prove yourself. Stop depending on others for handouts.

    Don't wait for the right opportunity to fall in your lap. Because it never will.

    All you need to carve your own path, is the confidence and the belief that you can succeed at anything you set out to do, no matter what the odds.

    So start today. Choose a mentor.

    Learn from the masters. Re-invent yourself.

    Create your own opportunities and forge your own future.

    Your belief in yourself, coupled with the courage to see it through, is what will carry you from a life of mediocrity and under-achievement, into a world where you can be the winner you aspire to be.

    By  Priya Shah

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    Re: Inspirational
    « Reply #3 on: June 21, 2007, 06:38:46 AM »
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  • Dare To Dream

    The rewards of life come to those who do, not to those who
    merely read, talk or day dream. Action is the key.

    Okay I want you to answer this question:

    "In December of last year did you achieve all you set out
    to achieve in January of the same year?"

    This is a 'yes or no' answer, so don't spend too long
    considering it.

    The answer, of course, is 'no' - unless you are a
    pathological liar!

    Next question: "Did you set out to achieve anything last

    Aha! Now that's a more interesting question I think.

    Deciding at the start of a year that you want to achieve a
    certain result by the end of that year, is an example of
    our old friend goal-setting.

    High-performance people set goals. Winners set goals.
    Losers never set goals. Why? Because it takes about 20
    minutes of concentrated effort to write down your goals,
    and losers have far more important things to do than this.
    It interferes with valuable boozing time, for example. Such
    a task would take up nearly a whole episode of a soap
    opera. You could read a trash newspaper from cover to cover
    in this time.

    But there is a more important reason why many people don't
    write goals. It is this. Writing goals commits you to
    action, otherwise there is little point in writing them.

    Turning your dreams (goals) into reality will not happen
    automatically. It will require work and effort.

    "Ohmygod!!! WORK, and EFFORT??? Forget it man! I'm not
    writing down anything on a piece of paper which will commit
    me to that!"

    This is why people do not set goals (write down their
    dreams). They cannot bear to have that piece of paper
    leering at them in silent accusation as the months tick by.

    But what is at stake here? Nothing less than undreamed of
    wealth, unlimited happiness, and a totally fulfilled life.
    Perhaps more importantly, you can meet your fear head on
    and live like a warrior, not a frightened rabbit.

    The older I get the more I wonder what the hell we're all
    so afraid of. Like you, I travel the world and see or hear
    about real problems; murder, torture, death, disease and
    starvation. Then I return to this grey, stuffy country to
    witness intelligent and privileged people wasting their
    lives away down the pub or propped in front of the TV
    screen for (on average) four hours each night! Unbelievable!

    And these people are also timid beyond belief. They are
    completely risk-averse and will run bleating to the
    authorities if the tiniest upset ruffles the calm waters of
    their uneventful lives. I am saying all this in the hope
    that it will make you shudder. None of it applies to you,
    of course.

    Achieving great wealth and happiness starts with having a
    dream. Today's dreams are surely tomorrow's realities. So
    you blew it last year? You have a chance to redeem yourself
    this year - if you have the guts of course.

    Got any fight left in you, or have you thrown in the towel
    long ago? Are you a shivering, frightened little mouse or a
    human being prepared to fight and win? Are you going to
    spend the rest of this year bleating and moaning about how
    you cannot succeed? Or are you going to do something about
    making your own success a reality?

    Are you prepared to fight?

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    Re: Inspirational
    « Reply #4 on: June 21, 2007, 06:43:39 AM »
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  • Are You The Master Of Your Destiny?

    How strong are you? 

    I'm not asking if you can carry 150 lbs. of weight.  What I'm
    after is your strength of character.  How resilient are you to
    hang on to your dreams amidst the raging forces of discouragement
    and criticisms? 

    There are far too many individuals who never get to experience
    the joy of attaining their desires because other people's
    influence has significantly (and sometimes negatively) affected
    their crucial decisions. 

    Are there instances in your life when other people said that
    you should not continue your plans because they're never gonna
    work?  What did you do?  Did you continue your endeavors or did
    you just follow their command?

    If you always adhere to other's beliefs and opinions even though
    they are contrary to yours, you're just torturing yourself.  It's
    like you don't have a mind of your own.  You're like a shadow
    following the moves of someone else.

    You may listen to other people's advices, but never let them
    control you.  If their advices would contribute to your
    success and well being, then by all means follow them.  But
    if they would hinder you and stray you away from what you
    really want in life, then you've got to make a stand and
    pursue your heart's aspirations.

    Sure there would be criticisms.  But if you always avoid
    them, then you will never be truly happy.

    As one famous person said, "There is a sure way to avoid
    criticisms, be nothing and do nothing.  This remedy never
    fails."  True enough.

    Take my case.

    When I was in first year college, my dad wanted me to shift
    my course to Physical Therapy because it was in demand in the
    United States at that time.  But I wanted to continue my
    studies in Accountancy.  I remained firm with my decision
    and after some negotiations they finally gave in.

    Then there's my love life.  Chinese tradition states that
    Chinese people marry their own kind.  (No offense)  But I fell
    madly in love with this Filipino girl.  Despite all the
    criticisms, discouragement, and harsh words (pardon me), I
    defended my love for her.  Right now we're going strong and
    my relatives have respected my decision.

    You see, if I have given up easily in any of the two scenarios,
    I would've deprived myself of joy and contentment in my life.

    Sometimes other people's words would cut like a knife.  But
    never be disheartened.  Listen to the voice inside of you. 
    We will never be able to satisfy everybody because each of
    us is unique.  We have our own distinct traits and values.
    Respect for each other's opinions should be upheld.

    With that said, I would like to leave this final message that
    sums it all up.  Follow your heart and happiness will follow.

    Michael Lee is the author of "How To Be A Red Hot Persuasion Wizard," an ebook designed to fully improve your relationships, multiply your profits, win negotiations, and help you attain all the desired freedom and power you could ever dream of.

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    My Valentine Day poem-Scientific Marvel
    « Reply #5 on: June 22, 2007, 04:27:22 AM »
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  • Since the day we first met
    you make me look for you
    again and again like a chain reaction
    so, you have nuclear energy

    Without uttering a sound
    your eyes speak thousand words
    so, you have ultrasound energy

    The sparkle in your eyes
    reach me even when I am far
    so, you have laser energy

    When you smile at me
    you make me fall at your feet
    so, you have gravitational force

    when you just see me
    you make my heart beats to race
    so, you have magnetic force

    when you leave me
    you leave behind in me
    great vacuum like in space

    Oh, Indian woman!
    you are a scientific marvel
    without you I am just gravel

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    Re: Inspirational
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  • Alone But Not Lonely

    In today's fast paced society, we've become accustomed to filling the eeriness of silence with fluff. We turn to many distractions as a means of escaping feelings of idleness or boredom. But the main thing we wish to elude is loneliness. Solitude does not have to alienating or lonesome. In fact, solitude and loneliness are distinctly separate.

    The death of a loved one or the inability to find people who understand you can leave you feeling isolated. Webster's dictionary plainly describes loneliness as "being without companions. It's natural to experience an emptiness while longing for love or acceptance. Loneliness is therefore an emotive state that can be experienced whether or not one is physically alone.

    It was Geoffrey F. Fisher who said, "In cities no one is quiet but many are lonely; in the country, people are quiet but few are lonely. We tend to fill loneliness with all types of distractions. For example, some single women would rather spend a Friday night with a man they have no genuine interest in, than spend the night alone. They long for a way of killing time while they await the man they are actually seeking. Then there are young adults who are involved in cliques where they can't really relate to their companions. However, they would rather feel accepted on a superficial level than risk feeling outcast. So what is it about being alone that scares us?

    Do not be spooked by the unfamiliarity of silence. Silence can be an amazing thing. It teaches you how to truly listen. It teaches you to pay attention to what's going on inside of you. Only when we are alone, can we have the space and peace we need to think without being outwardly influenced. It therefore becomes easier to make important decisions as well as identify whatever feelings are culminating within.

    Get in touch with yourself so that you can make conscious decisions rather than simply react to emotions. Appreciate the time you have to yourself. Let the peace and understanding you find better equip you for the commotion of today's world.

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    My Passion, My Life
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  • Every morning I excitedly get out of bed.  Just a few minutes of goals and visions for the day swirl in my head. No lingering for me, no alarm, no wishful notes too.  Just me in my night gown with no hat.

    I sit down to enter my dreams and what can notes.  In my journal entries that began long ago with a tiny book and its lock and key.  I used to dwell on all the icky things back then but now I write God with my cheers and glees instead.

    I remember the days I knew not whether I was going to live or die.  I also never thought I'd see why cancer came by. I'm glad I had cancer because today I like the who I've become.  Which would have never occurred had it not appeared.

    If I dwell, I can remember the day of an accident that left me in a wheel chair for years.  Because I know if I do, today there will be a lot of have nots and heart of tears too.

    As a coach I've been trained to be in the present moment with me.  Thank goodness for apple trees.  For if it had not been for growing things fresh air would not have been.  And I would not be able to enjoy breathing it all in.

    Next I write wisdom, only wisdom that I can share.  I know that someone will be here and be inspired because I'd cared. I travel through my day with a soul of glee.  Knowing, really knowing, this is the right place for me to be.  The excitement occurs when I pick up my pen and get the surprise of how far its all come.

    I know there were days long ago when I dreaded my day.  I'm glad, I'm glad, there aren't none of them anymore.  For when their inklings first appear, I now have the training and support to make them disappear.  Coaching made me work so that I can appear.

    When I crawl under the covers at night, I smile with prayer at the difference I made in everyone's life this day.  Just because I was there.  Before I drift off to sleep my sugar plums swirl with what next I can do with my pen.  I nod off to sleep, gracefully and slow, lingering on the stories yet to be told.

    Occasionally there is a 2 am up.  Just because what was swirling before needs to be said.  So I honor the time with my pen and then its back to la-la-land I go.  I'm so glad of my passion, my life.  Its allows everything to be said. After my last eye lid shutter, my last thought is tomorrow's putter.

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    7 Strategies to Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks
    « Reply #8 on: June 22, 2007, 05:22:03 AM »
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  • You Can Overcome panic attacks and anxiety!

    That is great news to those who suffer day in and day out, year in and year out. I have and I know that you can too.

    For me it started with heart palpitations. My thoughts immediately steered to fear. Then my throat would become dry so I could not swallow. Then my body would feel "weird". Dizziness and blurred vision. By this time I was convinced that I was about to die. I kept waiting for the symptoms to get worse and they did. I use to suffer from panic attacks so badly that I had to go to the hospital by ambulance. I was so embarrassed when the doctor checked me and told me that there was nothing wrong with me. When I had to go grocery shopping I would get a funny feeling in my stomach before I left the house. Once I got inside the grocery store I felt like I had to run out or else I would become overwhelmed. I dreaded the thought that I might have a panic attack in public. I had to talk to myself and prayed up and down each and every aisle of the store. I knew that if I ran out, my family would not have food and I would have to start all over again. The people in the store had no idea the personal torture I was experiencing. People at church had no idea how hard it was to sit in a large crowd.

    AWARENESS When the symptoms first started, I had no idea what was happening to me. One day I was watching T.V. and some people were on a show talking about the symptoms and the light went on, "That's me! That's what I have been going through". That was the beginning of my healing! Knowledge is power. I thank God that He allowed me to turn to the channel and hear those people talking. I also helped me to know that I was not alone. I suppose that those of you who suffer from the effects of anxiety are glad to hear that you are not alone.

    Steps to Overcoming

    1) READ Read as much as possible about anxiety and understand what are some of the causes.

    2)PROFESSIONAL HELP Go to a counselor or therapist to get to the bottom of the anxiety. The physical discomforts are trying to get your attention - Pay attention to a greater dis-ease within. Pray for God to send you to the right person. He will.

    3)RELAXATION Listen to a tape or CD for RELAXATION This was one of the things that helped me tremendously. I needed to reprogram my mind with positive and true statements that were life giving and empowering. Breathing correctly is a part of relaxation.

    4) EXERCISE Physical excercise has tremendous value. It releases chemicals that generate good feelings, called pheromones. It's good to feel good!

    5) HEALING IN GOD'S WORD Meditate on scriptures that enhance your trust in God. One scripture that helps me when I really let it sink in is: Matthew 5:25-34. Am I not more than a bird to God? You better believe it and so are you! Birds don't work or store up food yet God takes care of them. Wow! The next time you see a bird think about that!

    6) MAP YOUR JOURNEY Create a time line by drawing on a sheet of paper when your first signs of discomfort started. Write down what major events happened at that same time. Note the year/date. Go back as far as you can. This process helps you to take a bird's eye view of your life. When I did this exercise, I found that the first time I experienced a full panic attack was in 1984 and I had just made a major move from someone very dear to me. I also discovered that there agoraphobia before any panic attack ever appeared. Do this it will help you understand what has been going on and what triggers extreme anxiety. (You may need to use than one piece of paper).

    7)God's Power to Heal
    Remember,God still heals. We must let go of all the passed disappointments, and betrayals. God is not like any human being with whom we have had a relationship. God faithful and just. Jesus walked this earth so you can talk to Him about yours trials. Pray as the early disciples did, "Lord, increase my faith". FAITH is the opposite of anxiety. Faith not only pleases God but keeps us trusting in God's fatherly care. I am a witness!! Praise God!

    If just one person is helped by this article, I will have accomplished what God set me out to do -Help someone along our earthly journey

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    Who is the Pilot?
    « Reply #9 on: June 22, 2007, 05:36:12 AM »
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  • It was a mild summer day in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina when I boarded United Airline flight 7318 to Washington, DC. Like usual, I promptly located my window seat, with no doubts that the pilots would safely take me to my destination.
         Suddenly, as I sat gazing out of the window waiting for take-off, certain questions unfolded in my mind. I wondered, "Who are these pilots that I wholeheartedly entrust with my life?" I wondered about my surety of knowing that they would, or could take me to my destination. I also pondered on "Why it is that I -- or we as individuals, trustingly and unwaveringly allow others to continuously pilot our lives without questions or reservations?"
         We permit others to pilot our lives while we unquestionably find our seat near the window - just watching - watching our lives quickly pass by. We lack faith in ourselves, because too often, we allow others such as bosses, friends, family and even enemies, to navigate our lives. We allow others to pilot our lives because of their negative words. We allow others to pilot our lives because they claim to know what is best for us. We live on autopilot without a clue as to where we are headed, or how we will get there.
         We must declare that we will no longer allow other people to take control of our lives - or of our future. No matter how cloudy things look, no matter how dark our past is, we must remember that God is in control.
         Allow God to be your pilot -- as you co-pilot your own life into a prosperous and promising future.
         Declare today: I will no longer sit back and allow other people to control my life into an uncertain and discontented future. The past is behind me -- and only the best is yet to come!                                           

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    Withstand the Test of Time
    « Reply #10 on: June 22, 2007, 05:44:29 AM »
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  • As I drove home from work late one wintry afternoon, chilled from the freezing temperatures, I noticed the beautiful trees aligned on both sides of the road. Amongst the evergreens and the pine trees, one tree in particular caught my attention as it majestically stood, with its strong branches extending outward. This tree, bare from the many leaves that had once hung from its branches, daringly saluted the sky.

    I thought about how this deeply rooted tree stood year after year, withstanding the test of time through the altering seasons. I thought about how this tree stood -- regardless of the many changes brought about by the sultry summers and the chilling winters.
    Through all of the changes, through the bend of the limbs and the fallen leaves, there it stood -- through the test of time.

    Many times in your life, you may feel as though you've taken all that you can take -- that you have stood all that you can stand.
    You may feel like throwing your arms up and just giving up -- simply giving in.
    My friend, you are where you are today because of your ultimate strength to withstand in the midst of failing relationships, heartbreaks, getting no breaks, of so-called friends becoming your worst enemies. You are where you are today because you withstood all of those changes and many more. You are where you are today because of the many obstacles that you have already successfully surmounted. You are where you are today because you daringly saluted the circumstances, sometimes not even realizing how.
    The very strength that brought you here, will allow you to withstand your present circumstance. Don't throw in the towel. Don't give up on yourself. Don't give up on life.
    Just like this majestic tree, it is imperative that you are deeply rooted in your beliefs, in God, and in yourself -- so that when life-altering events come to weaken you, or to make you bend, you will daringly withstand the test of time.
    Attest today: I will no longer bend to the life-altering events that continuously come my way. I will stand strong, realizing that through my inner strength, and hope in God -- I will be like the majestic tree that withstands the test of time -- for I too -- am strong.

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    Mirror, Mirror -- What Do I See?
    « Reply #11 on: June 22, 2007, 05:54:37 AM »
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  • "A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror."-Ken Keys

    Mirrors have a very particular function. They reflect the image in front of them. Just as a physical mirror serves as the vehicle to reflection, so do all of the people in our lives.

    When we see something beautiful such as a flower garden, that garden serves as a reflection. In order to see the beauty in front of us, we must be able to see the beauty inside of ourselves. When we love someone, it's a reflection of loving ourselves. We have often heard things like "I love how I am when I'm with that person." That simply translates into I'm able to love me when I love that other person. Oftentimes, when we meet someone new, we feel as though we 'click' ? sometimes it's as if we've known each other for a long time. That feeling can come from sharing similarities ? i.e. personality, background, history, character traits, etc. We are comfortable because part of ourselves is being reflected.

    Just as the 'mirror' or other person can be a positive reflection, it is more likely that we'll notice it when it has a negative connotation. For example, it's easy to remember times when we have met someone we're not particularly crazy about. We may have some criticism in our mind about the person. This is especially true when we get to know someone with whom we would rather spend less time ? as opposed to more.

    Frequently, when we dislike qualities in other people, ironically, it's usually the mirror that's speaking to us. Example: Several years ago, I joined a friend who had invited several other friends as well. One woman, 'Laura' continuously dominated the conversation. Each time someone tried to interject a thought or start a different thread, Laura always brought it back to her story. It was particularly annoying as I felt there was little opportunity to get to know the other people because Laura consistently put the attention back onto herself. It wasn't until several weeks had passed that I questioned and couldn't understand why was I so disturbed by Laura's behavior as I didn't have to be friends or spend more time with her. Finally, it hit me! When I was REALLY honest with myself, I saw aspects of those same traits in me. I realized that the reason we met was for me to hold up the 'mirror' and see myself behaving in an unfavorable manner.

    So I began questioning myself further each time I encountered someone that I didn't particularly like. Each time, I asked myself "What is it about that person that I don't like?" And then "Is there something similar in me?' In every instance, and sometimes I had to really get very introspective, I could see a piece of that quality in me. So what did that mean?

    It means that just as I can get annoyed or disturbed when I notice that aspect in someone else, I better re-examine my qualities and consider making some changes. Even if I'm not willing to make a drastic change, at least I consider how I might modify some of the things that I'm doing.

    At times we meet someone new and feel distant, disconnected, or disgusted. Although we don't want to believe it ? and it's not easy or desirable to look further ? it can be a great learning lesson to figure out what part of the person is being reflected in you. It's simply just another way to create more self-awareness.

    INVITATION TO EXPERIMENT:As you encounter people, see if you can figure out what part of you is being reflected. If you notice negative qualities, see if you are willing to look carefully at that part of you. It's an opportunity for you to make a change for the better. At first, it may seem as though there's no connection. Upon further introspection and giving it some time, you may just figure it out.

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    Accept Every Invitation
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  • How often do you decline an invitation because you have something else you would rather do? Or you're not crazy about the person asking you to join? Or you're not interested in that type of event? Or you feel like doing nothing? ...

    So often we are asked to attend an event, join a group, go to a movie, meet for lunch or dinner, and so often we say no thank you. Many reasons come up - too busy, not interested, don't feel like it, and already have plans.

    However, if you think of every invitation as an 'opportunity' you might not be so quick to say no. How many times have you reluctantly joined someone and wound up having a great time, met someone new, or been exposed to a new idea or new client, just because you wound up going after all?

    If we think of an invitation as an opportunity for something positive, or something better, we may be more inclined to make it fit into our schedules.

    I remember a friend of mine inviting me to a BBQ at a time when I wasn't particularly thrilled to go out of my way to be with a bunch of strangers. But something inside of me decided to go. Not only did I have a great deal of fun, I wound up meeting someone who totally changed the course of my life from that point forward. I realized then that accepting invitations may be a blessing of some sort. So I did an experiment and accepted all invitations (that didn't seem harmful) even if I wasn't crazy about the event or the person I'd be going with. I was invited to attend the local Chamber of Commerce meeting in a church very early in the morning (not my thing!), and I had little desire, if any, to go. But, based on this principle, I decided to go. As it turned out, I actually got to see original stained glass windows designed by Matisse and Chagall. It was a most amazing experience despite my initial negativity towards the event. What I noticed from following this principle is that my life became so much fuller - I was making new friends, being exposed to more of the world, and definitely having more fun.

    Does this mean that you should always accept all invitations for the rest of your life? - NO! It simply means that by trying this out, you will then find it easier eventually to reach a balance and perhaps view invitations from a new perspective when making your decision. This also works in reverse for those that accept too many invitations and they become distractions keeping you from more important things.

    INVITATION TO EXPERIMENT:If you want to see how this principle may benefit you, "take the challenge" and try this experiment. For one month, accept EVERY invitation (unless harmful - i.e. going to a stranger's home by yourself, or something involving illicit drugs, etc.) At the end of the month, observe what changes have occurred not only in your world around you but also inside of you. Perhaps, you are now more open and can be more discerning about who/ when/ what you do with your time.

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    The TOP 5 Things That Keep You From Success
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  • Everyone wants to be rich. A lot of people want to be successful. Yet, only a few people are willing to pay the price. There is a price to success as there is a price to failure. Here are 5 reasons that keep people from accomplishing their dreams.

    A lack of motivation. Success comes from loving what you do. Is your current job your passion? When your study highly successful people, you understand that they have at least 1 thing in common: they love what they do and they do what they love. Is this the case for you? If the answer is no, you can start by identifying your passion. This is the best way to get motivated.

    A lack of faith. Faith is a firm belief in yourself, God or others that you can do it. Build up a strong vision of what you want to accomplish. In developing a vision, the law of attraction is going to work for you. You are going to attract people, opportunities and money that will allow you to develop an unstoppable confidence.

    The fear of failure. The fear of failure doesn't exist. Neither does the fear of success. Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Micheal Jordan said himself that "Fear is an illusion". It is hard to overcome fears. One simple way to overcome the fear of failure is to read inspirational stories and quotes of people that achieved their dreams. Read one every morning. That will give you strength and hope.

    The wrong strategies. When you want to build a business, to achieve something really big, you need to have mentors. You can't allow yourself to loose time, money and energy. Mentors are people that will give you the right strategies; they will provide the right information and will inspire you. They will coach you through the process. Choose correctly your experts, your models. Work with them and adopt the same thinking patterns, the same strategies, the same beliefs. If he did it, you can do it too.

    Limiting beliefs. Often times we have limiting beliefs about what we want to achieve. For example, you can really want to achieve a goal but at the same time something tells you: "It's not for you, you don't deserve that" or "You can't do it, remember". These thoughts pollute our minds and darken our life. A quick way to stop these damaging thoughts is to use the power to say no! First, represent in your mind the "limiting belief" and say NO! to it. Now, represent in your mind what you want in its place and say a big YES! You will be amazed how your attitude suddenly changed about the old belief. Can you remember it?

    I have just shared with you strategies to overcome the TOP 5 things that prevent people from success. When you apply these recommendations, your life will be enriched. You deserve success because you are special and unique. Everyone of us is. The fact is that we are potential geniuses. But the other fact is that often we refuse to admit it because it pushes us out of our comfort zone and most people don't like that. Get out of your comfort zone; this is the only way to succeed in life.

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    My Lost Immortality
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  • Oh my God, I'm not immortal anymore! What happened? Where's my neverending youth? My long summers? My bright future?

    Gone, gone, and... wait a minute, there's still future left!

    Repeat after me:

    I refuse to fall over and let the wagons pass me by on this dusty trail through life, so I'm going to hop up, brush off the dirt and get going! I can still catch an exciting ride and spend some great time with interesting folks who share this long, winding trail.

    Sometimes I get confused, with no focus, no specific goal. I find my time being wasted by bad little habits. I can empty my pockets of all those time-wasters and let them fly in the breeze like bits of useless paper. They'll drop and be forgotten, trampled by wagon wheel and hoof. Ground back into the dust where they belong, nevermore to travel with me.

    I'll look ahead with optimism. I'll learn to adapt. I'll ride INTO the possibilities of the future, not UNDER the uncertainties of today.

    I have time to see my dreams come true, time to make them real. I can see the horizon, the destination of the sun, the vastness of my life ahead. So much land I can cover, so many places to go.

    I will move in sync with time. It will never pass me by. My heart will beat as the seconds tick, and my wheels will roll as hands of time turn. Time to do, time to be, time to see.

    Some things will pass, others will remain. I remain, and while I remain I will try things that no one else has tried, do things people say I can't do. Succeed in ways I was told I couldn't succeed.

    All is not lost. Nothing is gone except my fear and uncertainty. Those are the things I do not need. I shed them off and settle into the saddle of my life, in control of my turns and my steps.

    I pull my hat down to shelter my eyes from the setting sun, not setting on my life, but illuminating the trail ahead, preparing the way.

    Shining on my future.

    My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

    Drew Vics

    Drew Vics is an artist, writer and musician living in New Jersey.


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