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Author Topic: WHO HAS READ EVEN A LITTLE OF THE GITA........  (Read 976 times)

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« on: January 08, 2006, 12:17:01 AM »
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    WHO HAS READ EVEN A LITTLE OF THE GITA. Here Gita does not mean only the Shrimad Bhagavadgita, because he who has read even a little of the Koran, he will also attain; he who has read even a little of The Bible, he will also attain. And he who has read neither The Bible nor the Koran nor the Gita, but has read life a little, he will also attain. The whole emphasis is on the awakening of understanding -- he who has not passed his life sleeping, he who has been awakened, has opened his eyes and has recognized life a little.

    If you can realise even a little, then you can realise the whole of heaven. If you grasp one ray, you can get hold of the whole sun. You can get the sun with the help of that one ray. If you are sitting in a dark cottage and you can see one ray peeping through the thatched roof, you can find the whole sun in that ray.
    If you start with that one ray, you will certainly reach the sun. There is no need to have the whole of the sun in your house -- what will you do with so much? You will get indigestion! Do not start accumulating scriptures, they will become your prison. Then your wings will not be able to fly, nor will your heart be able to dance, nor will you be natural.

    It is the scriptures which make people more unnatural than anything else. If you can understand, I would like to tell you that it is the scriptures which have made people irreligious. More people have become irreligious because of scriptures than because of anything else. As the number of scriptures goes on increasing, man is becoming blind because he thinks that the understanding is in the book, and he will be able to get this understanding just by reading it. But if it was so easy to get the understanding, then the whole world would have been very understanding, very intelligent.

    Every house has a Gita or a Koran or a Bible, but there is no understanding. Remember that you give up your effort when the scriptures are easily available. Do not get lost in the jungle of theories.

    OM SAI RAM!!!
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