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Author Topic: Place, time and procedure don't really matter in true devotion  (Read 4179 times)

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Real love gives no importance to place, time and procedure.

You don’t show true love to your children or other loved ones only in a specific place, at a certain time and in a set way. Then, why do you worship God in a specific place, at a specific time and through a specific procedure?
It’s only because your love towards God isn’t real. This kind of love is artificial and based on aspiration for some kind of fruit in return.

Do you repent that you haven’t expressed your true love to your children on some day? Then why do you repent so much if you haven’t worshipped God on someday? Again the reason is that your love towards God is not real.
Real love is always beyond all these parameters and should be spontaneous and natural in expression.
You must express your true love to God in any place, at any time and in any manner as is done in the case of your children or other dear ones.

If such real love exists, such a devotee becomes dearest to God regardless of the qualities that he/she has since there is truth in his love. Concentrate always on achieving reality in devotion and don’t bother about your qualities. Any quality diverted towards God becomes sacred. Similarly, any quality diverted towards the world becomes unholy.
Even a thorny stick submitted to the holy fire becomes sacred ash. Even sweet sugar poured down a drainage canal becomes unholy and useless.

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