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Author Topic: The Golden Sayings Of Shirdi Saibaba  (Read 2196 times)

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The Golden Sayings Of Shirdi Saibaba
« on: December 06, 2004, 08:09:09 AM »
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  • 151 Eating that lovely bread, I am heartily contented and I am still belching. The dog which you saw before meals and to which you gave the piece of bread is one with Me, so also the other creatures (Cats, pigs, flies, cows etc.,) are one with Me. I am roaming in their forms. He who sees Me in all these creatures is My beloved. So abandon the sense of duality and distinction and serve Me as you did to-day.

    152. Even the knowledge of a well-read man who is not free from the desire of the fruit or reward of his actions and who has got no disgust for the same, is useless and can't help him in getting Self-Realization.

    153 Everything we should see with our own eyes; where is necessity to question others.

    154. Even in his new life, he was hankering after money and asked Me to help him to get it as he was leading a married man's life.

    155. Eat very little, do not go in for a variety of eatables. A single sort (ie) dish will suffice. Do not sleep much. Have Dhyan on what is read. Think of Allah (God).

    156. Enjoyment of material pleasure is permissible. But be not enslaved by it. Mukti is impossible to persons addicted to lust.

    157. Even Parameswar, the great God who has created the world cannot alter these. ( birth of child and death of relatives).

    158. Everything is Mine.

    159. Englishman, Da not go to Kopergaon- (He went and met with accident).

    160. Fakiri (mendicancy) was the real Lordship as it was everlasting and the so called (riches) are evanescent.

    161. Foes and Friends, Kings end paupers were the same to Me,

    162. For the sake of devotees, I spent My stock of merits and was ever alert to help them.

    163. Forthwith I show to you with pleasure, the Brahman with all its accompaniments and complications.

    164. For seeing Brahman one has to give Five things (i.e.) surrender five senses viz (I) Five Pranas (Vital Forces), (2) Five sensus (Five of action and five of per­ception), (3) Mind (4) Intellect and (5) Ego.

    165. For a greedy man there is no peace, neither contentment nor certainty (Steadiness)

    166. Fondness or attachment ill, becomes an ochre garb.

    167. Fakirs also are seldom dispassionate.

    168. For those who come here (to Me), I have to grind. (Their Karma).

    169. Go, go quickly, be calm and unperturbed. Stay comfortably at Belapur for four days. See all your rela­tives and then return to Shirdi,

    170. Get some Dakshina from the new (Nasik) Brah­min.

    171. Give a black dog some morsels of rice mixed with curds in front of Laxmi temple.

    172. God will cure.

    173. Give him (your guest) cups of tea, fully satura­ted with sugar.

    174. Go wherever you will, over the wide world, I am with you.

    175. Greed and Brahma are as poles asunder; they are eternally opposed to each other.

    176. God's method of work is extraordinary, invalua­ble, His will be done, and He will show us the way and satisfies our heart's desires.

    177. God lives in all beings and creatures, whether they be serpents or scorpions. He is the great wirepuller of the world and all beings serpents, scorpions etc , obey His command.

    178. Go yourself to the temple of Sapta-Shringi of Vani and offer these at the feet of the Goddess.

    179. Go and sit quiet at your lodging, wait with patience for a few days.

    180. Go to Dadabhat's house, prepare the dish of Puran Polis (wheat rotis with gram flour and jaggery) feed his children and yourself too,

    181. Give Me My one rupee.

    182 God is our Father and Master; she will be all right easily.

    183. Give one and receive ten fold.

    184. Guard Me, go if you like, but return sometimes at night and enquire after Me.

    185. Go on daily reading the Pothi (Jnaneshwari), go and sit in the wada, read something everyday and while reading it, explain the portion read, to all with love and devotion.

    186. Give a silk-bordered dhotar to My Shama, you will profit thereby.

    187. God does not like big subscriptions and dona­tions collected against the wishes of the donors, but He likes even trifling amounts given with love, devotion and appre­ciation.

    188. Gouri told Me the vision and I gave her the proper advice in the matter.

    189. God runs to His devotees for help in times of danger.

    190. God has created this beautiful world and it is our duty to appreciate its beauty.

    191. God is great. He is the Supreme Master.

    192. Ganu, you must really eat union and not pretend.

    193. Gain and loss, birth and death, are in the hands of God. But how blindly do these people forget God! Look after life, just so long as it lasts. When death arrives do not be grieved.

    194. Go, you will catch the train at kopergaon.

    195. Go, you will reach at noon.

    196. Give Me My dates, My udhubhati packet and My one rupee.

    197. Go home, Rameswar (mother) is starving since you left home. If you do not go now, Rameswar will cease to exist and Badreswar (death) will takes its place.

    198. Going to Nasik! What for should you go to Nasik? There is plague there. Do not go there. Go back home, taking your little ones with you.

    199. Get on cheerfully with your wordly round of activities, but do not forget God. Remember God.

    200. Go and hear Pothi,

    om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai
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