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Author Topic: Shirdi Wale Saibaba-Frequently asked questions  (Read 1970 times)

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Shirdi Wale Saibaba-Frequently asked questions
« on: December 06, 2004, 08:04:14 AM »
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  • Many children are seen begging outside the temples.Should we not stop them from doing so?

    These children do not beg out of greed .It is generally a compulsion of life.They only wish that they should be get some sweet,piece of coconut or some money.They have such innocent look on their faces .In spite of such poverty there is such happiness reflecting on their faces.Those are greedy who are praying /begging for much more after making lakhs and crores in the most sinful manner.For this they do all kind of crooked deeds.It is important that such people should change their mentalities.If we have the capacity to educate and look after these children we should do so.Without help they cann't be stopped except by law.

    What does Sai say about compassion?

    Sai is the embodiment of compassion.He practiced and preached to love everyone including sinner,diseased,birds and beasts.He saw God in everyone and loved them.Read Sai Satcharitra for the answers .He always encouraged and blessed acts of kindness.

    If you cann't love you must not hate either.If one does not have the quality of compassion in Himself,how can one receibve the compassion of Sadguru? What type of human beings Baba really loves?

    Baba is in the God State.He sees himself in every one and hence loves everyone.Only if the quality of love is universally expanded in us we experience Him.Ultimately ,we will experience that Baba ,God and our self is one and the same thing Devotion.

    om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai
    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.


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