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Author Topic: Shirdi wale Saibaba-Frequently Asked questions.  (Read 1553 times)

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Shirdi wale Saibaba-Frequently Asked questions.
« on: December 11, 2004, 11:33:37 AM »
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  • I  have been going through a very trying time.Many times I feel that my faith is being tested ,as Baba doesn't answer my prayers.I have prayed for help and guidance ,but I feel that Baba doesn't even hear me!I know that I am supposed to learn something from all this,but it is very slow and painful lesson .How come I get no help from Baba?

    All actions played by Baba behind the scene for his devotee may not be known to the person at that time.Knowing behind the scene for his devotees may not be known to the person at that time.Knowing the past karma of the devotee ,the Sadguru quietly works on him on him .One has to have faith and patience to reap the benefits of His blessings in the due course,and also at the time ordained by Him.That is why Baba qualified the word "Shraddha" (faith) with "Saburi" (patience).One without the other cannot stand.If you read "Shri Sai Satcharitra" you will get your answers as Baba did answer these queries of devotees in His own way.

    I have faith in Baba ,but why isn't my child improving?

    Law of nature is the creation of God,It will control anyone,your child or anybody's child for that matter.Past lives actions effect the conditions of this life.This is the "Law of Justice" of God.But on the other hand "Law of Mercy" of God works through the Sadguru ,that is Shri Sai .Continue to pray.Help children of other people who are in distress.Baba will surely help you.

    The faith in Baba should never diminish.Will I be successful in achieving the same?

    Read ,think,speak,hear,write,meditate on Him.Put up your entire faculties on Him.Try and Try.

    I have been beleiving in Shri Sai Baba for a long time and pray to Him everyday.I have his picture and idol in the temple,in my house.Recently ,an intruder (a thief) came to my house and stole some money and things.My faith was a bit shaken because rightly or wrongly I thought Baba will protect my house from such untoward events.Should I dismiss such events like this as Baba's wish?

    Please read Shri Sai Satcharitra.It will give you answers.If one loses faith by entry of intruder in his house,then one should lose faith in himself when bad thoughts enter his mind leading to bad activities.Bad thoughts are like a thief who steals away our good quality and virtues.The true devotee will see the Sadguru in both good and bad.Please try strengthening your faith and have patience if you want to progress.

    I would like to ask why Baba did not believe in fasting or starving oneself without food?

    No mother would like her child to fast for her.So it was Baba ,who took care of His children without giving them the trouble of rigrous religious practices.Fasting of the body is of no use if the mind is not fasting.What if mind is thinking about worldly or negetive thoughts while undergoing fast?It has no meaning.On the other hand,if fasting of body alone could give spiritual or religious benefit,then so many people dying out of hunger in continents like Africa and Asia,would have realized God.The concept of fasting in Hinduism is to prepare the body in the first stage to be disciplined and tough,and then gradually to go to subtler levels.In case of Bhakti Marg,only self surrender to the Guru is necessary,He takes care of everything else.

    Who is God?

    This is a question the entire humanity on this earth has beeb trying to understand since the time immemorial.Yet nobody can exactly say who is God.Even the greatest spiritual leaders in world,the Vedas and the other riligious scriptures have admitted their limitation.Seers try to understand God from his manifested aspects - both living(Sakara) and non living (Nirakara).After realising the manifested aspects like stars,planets,living,non living beings get into the non manifested (Nirakara) aspects of God to certain extent .It is said that God has manifested only one-fourth of His energy and the three -fourth of God's energy is not manifested.How then to understand the three-fourth non manifested God is the question when the entire humanity has not been able to understand even the one-fourth manifestation ?

    How to understand God?

    Every soul in the process of evolution ,life after life , tries to understand God slowly.Infact ,this understanding of God ,more and more, is the real purposeof evolution of souls.If man is better equipped with the cerebral capacity than a monkey,it is for understanding God at the first stage and then realizing God at the ultimate stage that has been given the capacity or nature has given these capacities to Him.Man is a superior animal only because it has a better physical and mental machinery but because he has the capacity to imagine ,accept seek and realise God.All relegions ,scriptures have prescribed the methods on how one should try to understand God.These are called different paths.All the realized souls and saints have also spoken same .Baba used to tell His devotees at Shirdi that there are many paths to reach God .One of the path goes through Shirdi ,meaning thereby to follow Him.Any devotee following the path shown by Shri Sai Nath Maharaj will certainly understand and realize God.

    om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai
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