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Author Topic: some Important Personalities At Sai Darbar  (Read 1724 times)

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some Important Personalities At Sai Darbar
« on: December 06, 2004, 12:51:35 PM »
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  • Some Important Personalities in Sai Darbar & the Services rendered by them at SHIRDI


    By M.G.Gore


    1.       Saint Das Ganu :             By way of Kirtanas & Pravachanas, he spread

    the message of BABA

    2.         Hemadpant :                          Most Pious Book 'Shri Satcharitra' was written

    by him

    3.       Solicitor Dik**** & : They built Wada for the convenience of

    Mr.Sathe                         Devotees


    4.       Abdulla                            Every day he used to lit the oil lamps at


    5.       Kashiram Shimpi              He was stitching Baba's clothes

    6.         Radhakrishna Aayi               She used to clear the streets where Baba used to

    take walk on it

    7.       Bhagpji Shinde                He used to message Baba's body

    8.         Gopal Rao Buti                      In his own house, Baba is resting

    9.       Shama(Madhavarao         He used to introduce every devotee to Baba and

    Deshpande)           reading out the letter addressed to Baba

    10.     Bayajabai                        Everyday she was feeding Bhakari (Jawar

    Bread) to Baba

    11.     Bapusaheb Jog                He used to perform Aarati to Baba everyday.


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