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Author Topic: Some people say ‘we do not need any knowledge’  (Read 398 times)

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Some people say ‘we do not need any knowledge’
« on: June 15, 2007, 02:05:57 PM »
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  • Some people say ‘we do not need any knowledge’

    The Lord preached Gita only when Arjuna fell on His feet and craved for the divine knowledge. The Lord said that trying to give the divine knowledge to the people who are not interested due to their ignorance, egoism, jealousy and greed is like throwing a stone on the pond of mud (Krutstnavit Na Vichalayet). But Sankara went to the house of Mandana Misra and begged for a debate. Then Manadana Misra abused Sankara and refused the debate. But Vyasa and Jaimini who were present there objected to such attitude.

    Then only Mandana Misra entered into a debate and the debate continued for twenty-one days. At the end Mandana Misra realized the truth and became the disciple of Sankara. Here Mandana Misra was benefitted and not Sankara. Therefore you must try to uplift all the souls in this world. Even if the mud falls on you, you must have patience. Sankara did not return back even if Mandana Misra abused Him in a pungent way. The father tries to correct his son even if his son scolds him. Such kind attitude is the divine nature. Krishna tried for kauravas and Hanuman tried for Ravana even if they were insulted. Ofcourse you should leave a rigid person, which should be your last resort because such person is destined to his fate.


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