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Title: The basis of self or awareness in ordinary humans
Post by: dattaseva on November 23, 2016, 12:23:12 PM
Self means awareness, which is generated and dissolves every day and this is proved by science very effectively. Science is authority in the analysis of creation, though it cannot touch the unimaginable Creator.

Self or awareness is awareness only and if you go deeper into the self to find out its background, the inert energy only appears, which alone is transformed into awareness in nervous system. It is just work-form, which is transport of information to brain by neurons. Hence, by digging self, you cannot touch the unimaginable God.

If you go deeper and deeper depths of imaginable items of creation, you will get only imaginable items of creation, which are more and more subtle. A subtle item is invisible but imaginable. Unimaginable God is beyond subtle items, being not only invisible but also unimaginable. Hence, even if you concentrate for thousand years on yourself, you will end only in the imaginable domain (creation) and never can touch the unimaginable domain even by imagination!

You can perceive and receive the unimaginable God only when He is mediated by the imaginable part of the creation. Arjuna is a bundle of soul, individual soul and body along with inert energy and belongs totally to the imaginable domain. Krishna is also imaginable domain just like Arjuna, but, Krishna is charged by the unimaginable God to become human incarnation. The difference between Arjuna and Krishna is only the unimaginable God.

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