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Author Topic: The Golden Sayings of Saibaba  (Read 1604 times)

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The Golden Sayings of Saibaba
« on: December 09, 2004, 08:21:50 AM »
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  • 301. If anyone does any evil unto you, do not retaliate.
    302. If you can do anything, do some good unto others.
    303. If you give it a sense object, it will think about it, if you
    give it Guru, it will think about
    304. I never knew that I was ever angry with My devotees; that if
    mothers kicked their
    children and if the sea turned back the rivers, I will neglect the
    devotees, welfare; that I5 the slave of My devotees, always stood by
    them and responded to them whenever they called upon Me and that I
    always longed for their love.
    305. If the Fakir (Allah) does not allow, what I do ? without His
    grace, who will climb in the
    Masjid ?
    306. If their turn did not come, I did not remember them and My Leelas
    could not reach their
    ears. Then how could they think of seeing Me.
    307. If you always say (Sai, Sai', I shall take you over the seven seas,
    308. I do not need paraphernalia of worship either eight-fold or sixteen fold.
    309. I rest there where there is full devotion.
    310. I did not expect anything from devotees but grateful remembrance,
    unchanging faith and
    311. I know, you have no money, but you are reading Yoga-Vashistha,
    Give Me Dakshina
    from that.
    312. It is only in the purified mind that Viveka (discrimination
    between the unreal and the
    real) and Vaira-gya (Non- attachment to the unreal) crop up and lead
    on to self-realization.
    313. If there be even a little trace of greed in mind, all the Sadhans
    (Spiritual endeavors) are of
    no avail.
    314- It is better for one to take only what he can digest and assimilate.
    315- If you listen to Me carefully, you will be certainly benefited.
    Sitting in the Masjid, I never
    speak any untruth.
    316. I had Guru, He was a great Saint and most merciful. I served him
    long, very long; still He
    would not blow any Mantra into My ears.
    317. I had keen desire, never to leave My Guru, but to stay with and
    serve Him and at all costs
    receive some instructions from Him.
    318. I bad no other subject to meditate, nor any other thing than My
    Guru to attend.
    319. I waited patiently on My Guru very long and served Him.
    320. If you practice meditation Continuously, the Vrittis
    (Thoughts) will be pacified.
    321. If you cannot do meditation on My formless nature, meditate on My
    form from top to toe
    as you see here night and day.
    322. If you cake this story to heart and remember it well, your state
    will be as sweet as the
    sugar candy. All your desires will be fulfilled and you will be happy.
    323. If any men or creature? come to you, do not discourteously drive
    them away, but receive
    them well and treat them with due respect,
    324. If anybody wants any money from you and you are not inclined to
    give, do not give, but
    do not bark at him like a dog.
    325. If you always tolerate hatred, you will certainly be happy.
    326. It is on account of Rinanubandh (former relationship) that we
    have come together, let us
    love and serve each other and be happy.
    327. I am omnipresent, occupying land, air, country, world, light and
    heaven and that I am not
    328. If any devotee meditated on Me day and night with complete self
    surrender, he
    experienced complete union (without any difference) with Me like
    sweetness and sugar, waves and see, eye and its lusture.
    329 It is impossible to describe all My ways and measure.
    330. In this spiritual path, you have to put in your best exertion as
    it is very difficult.
    331. If you want to see My Light, be egoless and most humble and
    meditate on My toe
    through the opening between the two branches index and middle fingers
    and then you will be able to see My Light.
    332. If once a person sits in Dwarakamayee; all his troubles are over.
    333. It is true that you give to the persons present; if rune be near
    by, what could you and
    I do ? But do you remember Me before eating.
    334. I toought that Allah himself came down and saved me. So I gave
    this (Vishnu
    Sahasranama) book to you, read it slowly, little by little, read daily
    one name at least and it will do you good,
    335. It is not strange that you should covet this book (Vishnu
    Sahasranama) so strongly ?
    336. I took it (Vishnu Sahasranama) up Myself and gave it to him. You
    know by heart. I
    thought that Shama might read it and profit thereby, and so I gave it to him.
    337. I saw her after a very long time; let Me take some sweet morsels
    of love from her dish.
    338. If you do this (chanting of 'Rajarama-Rajarama'), your life's
    object will be gained, your mind will attain peace and you will be
    immensely benefited.
    339. It is good that you are hungry, take sanza (wheat pudding) for it
    and some medicine for the pain in the back.
    340. I suffered yesterday night from cough, is it due to some evil
    eye? 1 think that somebody's evil eye has worked on Me and so I am
    suffering (Baba spoke out what was passing on the devotee
    Lakshichaud's mind).
    341. I require no door to enter, I have no form nor any extension; I
    always love everywhere.
    342. I carry on as the wire-puller of all the actions of a man who
    trusts Me and Merges in Me.
    343. If not in this life, you must have committed some sin in your past life.
    344. Is there any difference between this Namaskar and your previous
    ones? Think well and reply.
    345. I wish that Rs. 100/- should be paid (settled) as pension. Will
    this satisfy you ?
    346. If you so loved your mother, why did you take Sannyasa ?
    347. In ths wada there are many robbers, bolt your doors, be very
    vigilent, the thieves will carry away everything.
    34S. In Shirdi many thoughts and ideas began to rise in your mind and
    I sent you here to rest your unsteady mind
    349. I was hungry and thirsty and I was moved with the vanjaris (a.
    man who trades in certain things such as grain etc., by carrying them
    on bullock) extra-ordinary love; we thought ourselves very learned but
    were quite strangers to pity and kindness.
    350. I was taken to a well, tied my feet with a rope hung Me head
    downwords and feet up from a tree near the well three feet above the
    water which I could not reach with My hands, nor which could go into
    My mouth and by suspending Me in this manner he went away and after 10
    or 12 ghatakas (4or 5 hours) he returned and taking Me out quickly
    asked Me How I fared.

    om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai
    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.


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