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Author Topic: The Golden Sayings Of Shirdi SaiBaba-continuation  (Read 2836 times)

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The Golden Sayings Of Shirdi SaiBaba-continuation
« on: December 05, 2004, 09:47:48 AM »
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  • 101. Do not be anxious that I would be absent from you.
    102. Do not wail like that wait a bit, have patience, take the boy to
    your lodging, he will come to his senses within half an hour.
    103. Did Vithal Patil come? did you not see him? He is very elusive,
    hold him fast, otherwise, He will give you the slip and run away.
    104. Did you not hear My words asking you to draw Trident ? It was no
    vision but direct order and My words are always pregnant with meaning
    and never hollow.
    105. Do you not believe in yjur mind in Mohomedan Gods.
    106. Did you forget Me.
    107. Drive out this useless Sanyasi, his company is of no use.
    108. Do three " Saptahas " (i.e ) three readings during three weeks
    109. Do not disregard offers of food; served dish should not be thrust away.
    110. Don't be anxious, you will be improving from to-morrow, and
    within a week you will be on your legs.
    111. Did not you see the crow ? He won't come again. Abdul was the
    crow. Now go and rest yourself in the wada and you will be soon
    112. Don't go there at this late hour (night,) send her Udhi.
    113. Do not go now, but go therein the morning and return immediately.
    114. Debt, enmity and murder have to be atoned for. There is no escape.
    115. Don't go yourself, but send somebody.
    116. Draw out your arm and taking a ladle, put some quantity in the
    dish without caring for your orthodoxy and without blustering.
    117. Drink it all, you won't get any such opportunity hereafter.
    118. Dubaki also breathed her last.
    119. Do I kill people's children ?
    120. Don't be anxious, your hundi (death-warrant) has been withdrawn
    and you will soon recover, but I am afraid of Tatya Patil.
    121. Do not entertain the sense of doer ship in doing good as well as bad deeds.
    122. Do not divulge this to anybody, nor to him, for he will be
    terribly frightened.
    123. Do not go to the debtor's village to ask for your money. The
    debtor himself will come here.
    124. Do not be idle, work, utter God's name, read scriptures.
    125. Desires must be controlled. You must master them and not be their slave.
    I26. Death and life are manifestation of God's activity. You cannot
    separate the two. God permeates all. However (in fact) none is born.
    127. Do not fear. This is the play of God. Many more of such plays you may see.
    128. Do not go, bring the boy here.
    129. Do not blame Me for not giving you one (Kupni). The Fakir (God)
    has not permitted Me. (Not to be worn by a family man).
    130. Do not fear. I am Myself there and guarding you and your young wife.
    131. Do not go. you are not going to die. I will not let you die till I die.
    132. Do not fear. Only seven will die. After that this epidemic will disappear.
    133. Do not lend these moneys, nor giva them away to others. Do not
    eat and excrete these. (He purchasd 84 acres of land).
    134. Do you not know that this is Guru Poornima. Bring your worship
    materials and do your Guru Puja.
    135. DO not go to court to-day. (The court was suddenly closed that date).
    136. Do not go to-day; but go to-morrow to meet the Collector at
    Kopergaon. (The Collector has cancelled his camp on that date).
    137. Do not start to-day. Start to-morrow for your Pandharpur case
    (The case adjourned a day).
    138. Do not gat up the steps of the Mosque. Go back straight to your
    home without halting on the way.
    139. Do not kick against the pricks.
    140. Do not entangle in wealth, or be miserly.
    141. Do not persecute and tease poor.
    142. Difference between species, like difference between individuals
    is due to the previous Karma of each.
    143. Do not climb into the mosque. (To Mrs. Gokhale as she was not
    otherwise purified)
    144. Do not enter. (To Mrs. Gokhale as she was under pollution arising
    from the death of a relation),
    145. Do not borrow for celebrating a feast or festival, for a
    pilgrimage or other journey
    146. Do not Cry 'Dhutt' 'Dhutt (Keep away, Keep away) at him,
    147. Do not give him a place far away from your own place of eating.
    148. Do not do that, I won't allow it.
    149. Did none give you anything to be carried to Me.
    150. Dear fellow, " when you were starting from Bandra, did not that
    mother with great love and devotion deliver sweet meat to you to be
    presented to Me.

    (to be contd)

    om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai
    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.


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