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Author Topic: The Golden Sayings Of Shirdi Saibaba.  (Read 1680 times)

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The Golden Sayings Of Shirdi Saibaba.
« on: December 10, 2004, 08:44:13 AM »
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  • 351. I bliss Supreme, I was. How can a fool like Mi described the joy
    I experienced? I replied?

    352. I thought I should embrace His neck and remain staring at Him always.

    353. If His image were not fixed in My pupils I would like better to be blind.

    354. I had not to seek anything, but everything became clear to Me as
    broad day light.

    355. In Beedgaum, I got embroidery work (Baba's previous birth).

    356. I worked hard sparing no pains.

    357. I kept this dress (Given by the employer) intact without using it.

    358. I thought that man might give does not last long and it is always imperfect.

    359. I told her that he (her son) should serve no more, but
    start independent business.

    360. I assured him that he did not care, as everything, would be
    provided for him.

    361. I know this man since four years.

    362. I was an obedient servant of His and came there to enquire after
    the health of the family.

    363. I am only their witness. The Lord is the sole Doer and Inspirer.

    364. If I take one rupee as Dakshina from anybody, I have to return in  tenfold to him.

    365. I never take anything gratis.

    366. I never ask anyone indiscriminately.

    367. I only ask and take from him whom the Fakir [My Guru] points out.

    368. If anyone is indebted formerly to the Fakir,' money is received from him.

    369. If the wealth is used for personal enjoyment, it is wasted.

    370. I take nothing from anybody.

    371. If you act according to My bidding, you will recover your money;
    go to a Fakir, I shall give His where abouts, surrender yourself to
    Him. He will get back your money; in the mean while, give up your
    favorite food till you recover your money.

    372. I require nothing, I am ever free.

    373. I have indeed come for that, I have been feeding you and have got love and affection for you.

    374. If one did, unless one gets into that state, how can one know it
    and realize it?

    375. I always think of Him who remembers Me I require no conveyance,
    carriage, tonga nor train nor aeroplane.

    376. I run and Manifest Myself who lovingly calls Me.

    377. I would never untrue to My words.

    378. I am sitting here ready to give you the whole gold embroidered
    Shela [valuable cloth], then why go to others to steal rags, and why
    should you get into the habit of stealing ?

    379. I asked him whether he understood the Pothi.

    380. It is not easy to sleep up on the plank.

    381. In their former birth, they were human beings and had the good
    fortune to be My companions and sit by My side.

    382. I was striking the flint and lighting the fire, when a traveller
    turned up, sat by My side, bowed to Me and politely invited Me to his
    house for meals and rest.

    383. I told him that a frog was in trouble and was tasting the bitter
    fruit of its own Karma.

    384. I told him that a frog was caught by a big snake and was crying.
    385. I said, No, this can't be. I am its father [Protector] and I am here.

    386. In the next life the rich miser was born at Mathura in a Brahmin
    family and was named Veera-bhadrappa.

    387. I told him not to worry about this as the bridegroom himself
    would come and seeking her.

    388. I told them that the property belonged to God and was vested in
    the priest and Gowri was his heiress and proprietress and no amount
    should be spent without her consent and that her husband had no right
    whatsover to the amount.

    389. I told her take the principal or capital amount of the interest
    to Chenbassappa and that Veerabhadrappa had nothing to do in the
    matter. "

    390. I tried My best to appease them and 'told them God's vision to Gowri.

    391. I pledged Myself to save him [Chenbassappa] from the wroth of his foe [Veerabhadrappa,]

    392. I took many medicines, the pain did not abate.

    393. I got sick of the medicine; and they gave Me no relief, but I am
    surprised to see now that all pains have disappeared at once.

    394. I asked h<m to go on the streets crying "Hari Ka Beta''
    Jarika Pheta" and told him that "If anybody claims these sandals,
    first assure yourself that his name is Hari and that he is ths son
    of K.a [i.e] Kanoba and that wears lace-bordered turban and then
    give them to him.''

    395. Is this sign of Sainthood?

    396. I draw to Me My men from far off or even across seven seas, like
    sparrow with a siring fastened to its feet.

    397. It was on account of My wish that the cocoanut was entrusted to
    you and ultimately broken on the way.

    398. It is not the brick but My fate that has been broken into pieces.

    399. U was My life-long companion, with it I was always meditated on
    the self, it was as dear to Me as My life, it has left Me to-day.

    400. If i return, it will be alright; if I do not, bury My body in
    that open land [pointing to it] and fix two flags there as a mark.

    401. In due time your bad actions (their fruit or result) will be
    destroyed, your merits and demerits will be reduced to ashes.

    402. I shall consider you blessed when you will renounce all
    attachments, conquer lust and palate, and getting rid of all
    impediments, serve God whole-heartedly and resort to begging bowl
    (accept Sannyasa).

    403. I feel indebted to him who surrender completely to Me and ever
    remembers Me.

    404. I shall repay his debt by giving him salvation (Self Realization).

    405. I am dependent on him who thinks and hungers after Me and who
    does not eat anything without first offering it to Me.

    406. If you practice this (a sense of Being or consciousness) of
    Existence, you will realize all pervasiveness and thus attain oneness
    with Me,

    407. Is God so distant ? See the Divine within human personality.

    om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai
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