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Author Topic: The three tests of Lord Datta  (Read 1914 times)

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The three tests of Lord Datta
« on: February 14, 2017, 12:32:01 PM »
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  • Datta Vedam, Chapter 6You have three tests in education during the academic year, which are quarterly, half yearly and final annual examinations.

    My (God) first quarterly test is by Brahma, who keeps silent neglecting your prayer. 90% of devotees slip and only 10% remain. You ask for wealth and Brahma keeps silent and starts preaching you the spiritual knowledge! You will feel that it is sheer waste to worship Me and hence walk away fast!

    The remaining 10% devotees come for the second test to Vishnu. Instead of giving you wealth, Vishnu starts stealing your wealth (Tasya vittam haraamyaham)!! 90% of this remaining 10% run away so fast that they get gold medals in the competition of running!

    The remaining 10% in the second test come for the third and final test to Rudra (Shiva). In spite of losing your wealth, you come to Me (God) still to sacrifice and serve Me because even a beggar gives his little earning also to his issues and this is true love. Now, in this final test, I will give you such horrible trouble that you will weep forever, unable to withstand it. The name Rudra means He who makes others weep (Rodayati iti).

    Hardly, there may be a single candidate passing this final examination. To such devotee, I shall donate Myself and merge with him. People think in reverse that the devotee merges with God and this never happens. I Myself merge with such devotee. Datta means He who donates Himself to the devotee hiding His divine name and divine form to expose the name and form of the devotee to become famous in this world (Bhakta kirti vivardhanah).



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