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Author Topic: Jneya panchakam - The 5 most important points to know in your spiritual journey  (Read 3850 times)

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There are five points to be known in the spiritual line (Jneya panchakam):-

1) About yourself (Aatma Swarupa):- You must know that you are a part and parcel of the created creation only and not the creator. This is the reason for the rest of the world to appear as equally real to you and hence world is not unreal for you.

2) About the Goal (Parmaatma Swarupa):- God, the creator, is unimaginable, but becomes even visible on getting mediated. Since the God identifies totally Himself with the medium, you shall not differentiate non-mediated God and mediated God. While you are alive here, human incarnation is relevant to you. After the death, when you go to upper worlds in energetic body, energetic incarnation is relevant to you.

3) About the Path (Maarga Swarupa):- The true path to please God is practical devotion or Karma yoga without aspiration for any fruit in return (Karmasamnyaasa and Karmaphalatyaaga) aided by spiritual knowledge (jnaana yoga) and subsequent devotion (Bhakti yoga). Karma yoga is like the plant, which alone can give the fruit. Jnaana yoga is like water and Bhakti yoga is like fertilizer used for the growth of the plant to yield the fruit. Jnaana yoga of Shankara yields Bhakti yoga of Ramanuja and both these finally yield Karma yoga (Prapatti) of Madhva.

4) About the fruit (Phala Swarupa):- The fruit is to participate in the service of God following always the human incarnation through human births. Absence of rebirth means only absence of rebirth entangled in the family bonds. Such a follower becomes human incarnation on the will of God or becomes the master of God even while remaining as a devotee.

5) About Hurdles in the path (Virodhi Swarupa):- The fascination towards yourself and your family members is the hurdle in the path. In such case, you can’t have the single fascination towards God, which is the final goal. Of course, a part of fascination to God is appreciable during the journey since something is better than nothing. The total fascination to God in theoretical phase doesn’t contradict your duties to be performed to your family. Of course, even in the final stage, in which your theoretical and practical devotion get concentrated only on God, there is no damage to your duties since God will take care of all your duties in the case of such fully ripened devotee.

Unless the above five points are thoroughly known after sharp analysis, your theoretical and practical devotion may lead to a wrong goal.

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