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Title: ~*~A collection of Islamic Stories~*~
Post by: tana on December 13, 2007, 05:40:10 AM
Om Sai Ram~~~

In the Beginning~~~
A Story by Jamil Momand

A long time ago there was nothing except Allah. There were no stars and there was no Earth. There were no animals and there was no sky. Allah existed alone.

Then Allah created the angels from light which constantly praise Him and do good. The main angels have names like Jibreel, Izrael, Izrafil, and Michael. Allah next created the jinns from fire. Some jinns are good and some are mischievous, but all the jinns know that Allah is their creator and that He is All-Powerful.

After the angels and the jinns, Allah created Heaven. Heaven has rivers flowing underneath the ground with rich green carpets to relax on, and majestic fruit trees overhanging in abundance. Heaven is too beautiful to put down in words--it is paradise.

Allah created Hell with columns of fire burning within it. It is like a bottomless pit with nothing at the end except boiling water. Hell is too horrible to put down in words for it is a terrible place.

He went on to create the stars that you see at night--some twinkling and some constant. In our part of the universe, known as the Milky Way, Allah made the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. In order to establish Time Allah made the Earth spin around the Sun and the Moon encircle the Earth. From this spinning, the Earth gets the Night and the Day and from the position of the Moon in the sky we can keep track of the months.

Next, Allah molded the Earth to create deep oceans and high mountains. He created the clouds to rain on the mountains to form rivers which rush toward the sea. Then, surrounding the Earth, Allah put air which blows from one place to another in a cool breeze or a violent windstorm. All this is under Allah's control.

Allah next created life. He said, "Be," and upon the land plants started to grow, gathering their energy from the Sun. The plants got their water from the rain and their food from the air. When Allah said "Be" again animals started to crawl on the Earth and swim in the oceans. He made a great variety of animals. From the tiny worm to the huge whale: all are within Allah's realm.

Allah created all this in six days. But each of these days is like a thousand years to us.

In the Garden of Bliss Allah created a being that was different from any other that he had yet created. From clay Allah molded the first man--Adam. Adam was not like the angels or the animals because he had a free will. Allah loved Adam so much that he told the angels and the jinns to bow down to Adam to show their respect to him. They all bowed except Satan--he was a naughty jinn. Allah then ordered Satan out of the Garden but Satan asked Allah to let him exist until the Last Day. Allah let him exist and said that anyone who follows Satan shall be thrown into hell-fire on the Day of Judgement along with Satan himself. From then until the Day of Judgement Satan will always try to make people think bad thoughts and tempt them.

In the Garden of Bliss Allah also created Eve to be the companion to Adam. Together they strolled through the beautiful Garden and ate from the fruit trees that were there. Allah told them not to eat from the Tree of Eternity. He warned Adam and Eve about Satan and not to follow him, but Satan whispered to Adam to take a bite from the fruit on the special tree. When Adam and Eve ate this fruit, they immediately became sorry for breaking Allah's command. Allah ordered Adam and Eve out the Garden and placed them on Earth. Allah said He shall give guidance to Adam and his descendents through different prophets. If people follow Allah's guidance, they have nothing to fear and shall go to Heaven in the Hereafter. 

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Title: Re: ~*~A collection of Islamic Stories~*~
Post by: tana on December 13, 2007, 05:42:41 AM
Om Sai Ram~~~

Isra and Miraj~~~
A Story by Jamil Momand

One night Prophet Muhammad was sleeping near the Ka'ba in Mecca when the Angel Jibreel came to him and nudged him with his foot. The Prophet sat up but did not see him, so he laid his head back down to sleep again thinking that perhaps it was only a dream. The Archangel again tried to wake the Prophet from his deep sleep and after a third try the Prophet actually stood up. The Angel Jibreel took his arm and led him to the Great Mosque. Waiting for him at the gate was a white beast that bore some resemblance to a gigantic horse. From its back sprang out two huge wings and each step the animal took was farther than the distant horizon.

The Prophet climbed onto the beast, which was called the Buraq, and the Angel Jibreel stood beside them pointing the way northward toward the city of Jerusalem. Within a twinkling of an eye they were at the old city and were met there by a group of prophets: Ibrahim, Musa, Isa, and many others. Muhammad dismounted the Buraq and led all the prophets in prayer at the site of the Dome of the Rock. After the prayer, two vessels were brought before Muhammad--one was filled with wine and the other with milk. Muhammad only drank from the vessel containing milk. Jibreel then said, "Oh Muhammad, you enjoy what is pure and keep away from what is impure. Surely you will guide your people to the path of Allah."

Led by the Angel Jibreel, Prophet Muhammad began his accent through the seven heavens where he saw many other prophets. There was Musa, Ibrahim, Nuh and many others. Muhammad also saw Yusef and was awed by how handsome he was. When he ascended to the top of the Universe he saw a mighty Throne. The Buraq stopped and Muhammad dismounted and found himself before a solitary Lote Tree. The Lote Tree marks the end of all earthly knowledge and beyond it no one knows what exists except Allah. Then Allah showered a Divine Light upon the Lote Tree that was extremely bright, yet the Prophet held his gaze on the tree and said, "I take refuge in the Light of your Grace--Oh Allah Almighty." At the Lote Tree Muhammad received for Muslims the instructions for salat, the last section of Surat al-Baqara and the command from Allah that each Muslim should pray fifty times a day.

Prophet Muhammad was also shown the depths of Hell and saw many horrible things. He saw people that had their stomaches enlarged so big that they could not stand. As they lay on the ground suffering the Prophet was told that these were the people who kept orphans away from the property that was rightfully theirs and used it for themselves instead. The Prophet also saw people that had two plates of meat before them. One had freshly cooked meat that was good to eat while the other had meat that was spoiled and stinking. These people were eating only the rotten meat. The Prophet was told that they were the ones who used to commit adultery and fornication. There was another set of people who tried to speak but every time they opened their mouths to do so a sharp knife was there to cut their tongues out. The Prophet was told that these were people that always spoke evil behind the backs of their fellow Muslims.

The Prophet then began his descent back to Earth. As he passed downward Musa stopped him and asked, "How many prayers have been laid upon you?" "Fifty," Muhammad replied. Musa then said, "The congregational prayer is a heavy weight and your people are weak. Return to your Lord and ask Him to lighten the load for you and your people." Muhammad took the advice from his friend and went back to Allah to ask for a reduction in the number of daily prayers. Allah took away ten prayers and Muhammad again began his descent to Earth. Musa stopped the Prophet again and told him that the number of prayers was still too much. Muhammad returned to Allah several times to get the number of prayers reduced until it was down to only five daily prayers. Musa again said this was too much but Muhammad said, "I have returned to my Lord so many times and asked Him so much that I am ashamed. I will not go again, but I have His assurance that whoever performs the five daily prayers will be given credit for fifty."

The Prophet continued his descent from Heaven to Jerusalem. From there the Prophet returned to Mecca. It was still night when he reached the place where he had been sleeping only a few hours before. The night journey to Jerusalem came to be called Al-Isra'a and Muhammad's ascent into Heaven is known as Al-Mi'raj.

The next day Muhammad went to the Mosque and began telling the people of his miraculous journey. The Muslims that were weak in faith doubted the Prophet's word. They thought it was impossible for anyone to do all those things in one night. But sincere Muslims supported and defended him. One of the Prophet's best friends was Abu Bakr. After hearing about the Prophet's famous journey Abu Bakr said, "If Muhammad says it then it must be true. Why should we doubt him? He tells me that the Quran comes from Heaven all the time and I know him to be speaking the truth. That is more than what you are questioning him about today." After the night journey the Prophet had new strength and confidence. He was sure he could carry out his mission and guide people to the path of Islam. This was also the time that people in Medina heard about the new religion called Islam. They invited the Prophet to their city and a few years later he made the Hijra to that city. The wonderful night of Isra'a and Mi'raj helped the Prophet and the Muslims to become stronger in their faith which enabled them to overcome the idol-worshipping Meccans.

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Title: Re: ~*~A collection of Islamic Stories~*~
Post by: Pearl India on December 13, 2007, 05:49:16 AM
om sai ram

annu ji ths is really nice.....
ws lookin frwrd to read some stories from kuran......
and ths is th begining
its so much similar to th bible.....
i also wish to read gurugranth sahib...but i dont know to read th punjabi script....
m sure HE  will bless me at th ryt time

om sai ram
Title: Re: ~*~A collection of Islamic Stories~*~
Post by: tana on December 13, 2007, 06:08:43 AM
om sai ram

annu ji ths is really nice.....
ws lookin frwrd to read some stories from kuran......
and ths is th begining
its so much similar to th bible.....
i also wish to read gurugranth sahib...but i dont know to read th punjabi script....
m sure HE  will bless me at th ryt time

om sai ram

Om Sai Ram~~~

Thanx Suhani...

In Guru ki vani section ...i post
Sukhmani sahib , Glossary , Sm stories about Guru & Lots more....
Plez see this section also....


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Title: Re: ~*~A collection of Islamic Stories~*~
Post by: tana on December 13, 2007, 06:13:19 AM
Om Sai Ram~~~

The Struggles of Prophet Ibrahim~~~

A Story by Jamil Momand

One of the greatest prophets of all time was Ibrahim. Ibrahim went through many struggles in his long life to convince the people of world that they should worship Allah. When Ibrahim was a young man he realized that there was only one God despite what the people of his village said. His father and all the rest of the village worshipped many gods that were made from stone and wood. When they noticed that Ibrahim refused to pray to these idols they said, "Ibrahim, you must worship these gods because these are the gods our ancestors worshipped." To Prophet Ibrahim this was not logical. To accept these pieces of wood and stone as gods just because other people thought they were gods did not make sense. "These people need to wake up," Ibrahim said to himself. So Ibrahim came up with a plan to show how silly these people were.

One night he got a big club and crept to the place where all the idols were stored. He lifted the club and smashed a stone idol. Ibrahim did not stop until he destroyed every idol except for one--the biggest one. Ibrahim carefully placed his club beside the gigantic god and made off for home.

The next day Ibrahim was awakened by a man running through the streets. "The gods have been murdered, the gods have been murdered," cried the barefooted man racing past Ibrahim's window. Ibrahim looked outside and smiled. He was not afraid. He knew that people would come for him so he decided to go the scene of the crime. When he arrived he saw all the important people of the village there. Some were crying and weeping while others were filled with anger and rage. "Who would do something like this," asked the mob shaking their clenched fists. All faces turned toward young Ibrahim. Everyone knew that only Ibrahim was bold enough to do such a daring act. Ibrahim had thought this would happen and had a reply ready. Ibrahim said, "Well it looks to me that only one of your gods is still alive and the weapon is sitting right by him. Why don't you ask him who did it?" That only infuriated the people more. They grew from angry to mad. Everyone standing there that morning knew that the largest god could never do this. They knew that the largest god could not even speak. But they never stopped to ask themselves why they prayed to a god that was so helpless.

The people decided to make Ibrahim pay for his heinous crime. They bound him hand and foot with rope that was thick and coarse. Then they tied him to a large wooden stake that was stuck in the ground. Ibrahim prayed to Allah to help him as the people piled the wood under Ibrahim's feet. Finally, after all the wood was in placed, one of the elders lit the fire. Ibrahim kept his eyes closed and constantly prayed to Allah as the wood smoked and began to catch fire. Soon no one could see Ibrahim behind the leaping flames They stretched their necks to hear the suffering of the prophet but they heard nothing. After the fire subsided and only a few smoldering embers were left the people looked but could not believe what they were seeing. Ibrahim was moving and still breathing! Allah had saved Ibrahim from being burned. The village people realized that the God of Ibrahim was the right one to follow yet they could not accept this. Instead, they banished Prophet Ibrahim from their village and continued to practice their idol worship.

When Ibrahim became older he settled in the fertile land of Canaan. He had a wife whose name was Sarah and they lived there for many years. Because Sarah had become very old they thought they could never have any children so she told Ibrahim that he should take a second wife in order that he may one day have children. Sarah offered him Hagar, her handmaid, to be his second wife. Hagar wanted a child very much and often prayed to Allah to have a child. Allah answered her prayer and Hagar gave birth to a boy who Ibrahim named Ismael--which means "Allah shall hear."

One day Allah revealed to Ibrahim that Sarah was also going to have a child. Sarah was ninety years old and thought she could never have any children. But Allah's word is always true and sure enough Sarah had a boy who they named Isaac. One day Hagar and Ismael travelled south with a caravan. When the caravan came to the valley of Becca Hagar decided to stay there. This was a barren valley where the sun became fiercely hot in the daytime. Hagar became very thirsty and began to search for help. She left Ismael to play near a rock and climbed a hill to look over the valley for someone to help her. She saw no one. Then she climbed another hill to look for someone to help her. Again she saw no one. She ran back and forth between these two hills seven times and finally gave up. She thought there was no hope and that gradually she and her son would die in that barren place. When she returned to Ismael she saw water pouring out of the rock that was next to him. Again Allah answered her prayers.

Today the valley of Becca is the city of of Mecca. The two hills that Hagar ran between searching for help are called Safa and Marwa. The place where the water came out of the rock near Ismael is now called the well of Zamzam. Later Ibrahim came to visit Hagar and Ismael. By Allah's command Ibrahim and Ismael built a house that was to be used for those who wanted to worship Allah. The house was built in the shape of a cube and given the name of Ka'ba. Each of the corners of the Ka'ba faces one part of the compass-north, south, east and west. When the house was completed Allah told Ibrahim to instruct the people to perform the Hajj every year to pay tribute to Allah, the One True God.

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Title: Re: ~*~A collection of Islamic Stories~*~
Post by: tana on December 13, 2007, 06:19:42 AM
Om Sai Ram~~~

The Story of Maryam~~~

By: Jamil Momand

Once there was a woman named Hannah who was married to a man named Imran. They were good people and faithful servants to Allah. One day Hannah found out she was going to have a baby. She made a special prayer to Allah and dedicated her unborn child to His service. When Hannah delivered her baby girl she named her Maryam. Allah answered Hannah's prayer and Maryam grew up to be beautiful and righteous.

Maryam's uncle, Zakariya, was a priest in the Jewish Temple. Since Maryam had dedicated her life to the service of Allah Zakariya took care of her. Sometimes Zakariya would go to Maryam's room to see her. One time he went in and found her eating some food. Zakariya was puzzled because he knew that no one had brought her food recently. He said, "O Maryam! How did you get this food?" "From Allah," Maryam answered, "For Allah provides sustenance without measure to whom He pleases."

One day when Maryam was grown up, she went away from her family to be alone for many days. She would sit and think about Allah. Once Allah sent to her an angel disguised as a man. She was frightened at first but the angel said, "I am here to give you news that you will give birth to a holy son. His name will be Isa. Isa will be an important prophet for Allah and will be honored in this world and in the Hereafter. Isa will be able to talk even as a baby."

Maryam was perplexed. She asked the angel how she could have a son without a husband. The angel replied, "Allah creates as He wills. When He makes a plan all Allah has to do is to say "Be" and the plan works." After saying this, the angel walked away.

Maryam went back home, packed up a few of her belongings and left her family and her city to have baby Isa. She knew that no one would understand her situation. To have a baby without a husband was a very serious offense.

A few months later, when the baby was ready to be born, Maryam began to feel labor pains. She saw a palm tree that cast a long cool shadow that was sure to be comforting in the heat of the day. She made her way to the tree and laid down to rest herself. It was very hard to have a baby alone in the desert. She became sad and lonely and wished she had never been born.

From out of the ground there came a voice! It said, "Don't be sad, for your Lord has provided you with a little stream to help you." When she looked down, she saw a little stream of water trickling beside her. The water was cold and pure. She could use it to clean herself and quench her thirst. Then the voice told her to shake the tree. When she did, fresh dates fell. With the water and the dates Maryam felt better and the pains of childbirth lessened for a time. The voice then told Maryam to make a promise to Allah not to talk to anyone. Maryam promised and the voice became silent.

Maryam gave birth to baby Isa all alone. When she had regained her strength, she gathered the baby in her arms and walked with him toward the city. The people saw her for the first time in many months and crowded around her. They thought that Maryam had committed a crime because she had conceived a baby without a husband. They started to became angry with her and said that her parents were righteous people and feared Allah. They said that she had dishonored her parents and all the rest of her people.

Maryam wanted to tell the people that she was innocent and had committed no crime but, instead, she remembered her promise to Allah not to talk to anyone. She prayed silently to Allah to help her.

Meanwhile more and more people gathered around her shouting at her and asking how she got the baby. Finally, she laid baby Isa down in a cradle and pointed at him. The people laughed and said, "How can we talk to a baby in the cradle?" Prophet Isa looked out over the people. Then he opened his mouth and said, "I am indeed a servant of Allah. He has given me revelation and made me a prophet and He has blessed me wherever I may go and has instructed me to give prayer and charity as long as I live. Allah has made me kind to my mother and not overbearing or miserable. Therefore, there is peace on me the day I was born, the day I die, and the day I shall be raised to life again on the Day of Judgment."

After that there was complete silence. Everyone realized that a miracle had taken place and that Isa was a prophet from Allah. Isa was a prophet from the day he was born. He performed, many miracles with Allah's permission and tried to show the people the right path. But the people turned away from Isa just as they had turned away from other prophets.

This was the story of one of the most righteous woman of all time, Maryam. Her life was devoted to serving Allah. Allah protected her from the people and helped her through many hardships. He performed a great miracle by giving Maryam a son that was a prophet. May peace and blessings be showered upon Maryam for all her righteous deeds.

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Title: Re: ~*~A collection of Islamic Stories~*~
Post by: tana on December 14, 2007, 12:37:58 AM
Om Sai Ram~~~

Prophet Jesus~~~
By: Jamil Momand

Jesus was a prophet who lived about 600 years before Prophet Muhammad. He was born to Mary through a miracle and did not have a father. Because Mary did not have a husband at the time of Jesus's birth many people thought that Mary had committed a sin. Jesus defended his mother and said, "I am indeed a servant of God. He has given me revelation and made me a prophet. He has blessed me and has told me to pray and give charity as long as I live. He has made me kind to my mother and not overbearing . . ." Jesus grew up trying to teach people about God. He had several disciples who helped him spread his message. One day his disciples wanted to see a miracle to prove to themselves that Jesus was really a prophet. They asked him to bring a table from heaven that was set with food and beverage. Jesus warned them that if God were to make this miracle happen they would take on a heavy responsibility. If they failed to believe in God after such a miracle they could expect a harsh punishment on the Day of Judgement. The disciples agreed to that responsibility and soon after that God brought down the table.

God also revealed a book called the Gospel to Jesus to teach the people the way of God. In Arabic the Gospel is called the Injil. The Gospel was the word of God at the time of Jesus but later, parts of this book were changed. Some of parts of the Gospel were deleted and other changes occured during its translation to different languages. The original language of the Gospel was Aramaic. This was translated into Latin and from Latin it was translated into English.

Jesus also performed many miracles. He once took a clay bird, breathed into it and it became alive. He could heal the blind and cure people of a disease called leprosy which eats away at the skin. All of these miracles were performed by God's permission.

Whenever a prophet teaches his people about the oneness of God and urges them to accept the message from God he puts his life at risk. There will be people who do not like the message and will try to harm or even kill them. Such was the case with Jesus. Some people tried to kill him but God saved Jesus and did not allow him to be killed.

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Title: Re: ~*~A collection of Islamic Stories~*~
Post by: tana on December 14, 2007, 12:39:31 AM
Om Sai Ram~~~

The Cave of Safety~~~

A Story by Jamil Momand

Once there was a ruler who was very cruel. His name was Decius the Emperor and he ruled the vast Roman Empire which stretched from Spain to the Persian Gulf. The people who lived in this empire were forced to believe in many gods and goddesses. There was the god of war, the goddess of love, the sun-god, the god of the oceans, and many others. Some of these gods were symbolized by statues and the people were forced to pay special tribute to them or face the possibility of losing their lives.

Within the Roman Empire there was a city called Ephesus located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It was a bustling city with a great seaport where merchants from all over the Empire came to buy and sell their goods. In the heart of this city lived a few youths that believed in the one true God, Allah. They formed a small group and prayed to Allah for guidance in this land of oppression and injustice. Allah heard their prayers and gave strength to their hearts so that they would not be afraid to proclaim their belief to the people of Ephesus.

One day these youths went to the bazaar where many people gathered to do their shopping. The youths stood up on a platform so that all the people in the bazaar could see and hear them. They said, "Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth. We shall never call upon any god other than Him because if we did, it would surely be a lie!"

The crowd suddenly stopped what they were doing and looked up at the youths that had so boldly proclaimed their faith. There were people in the crowd who agreed with the youths but were too afraid to say it. Whenever someone talked about the one true God, Allah, they were tortured and executed. Other people in the crowd shouted at the youths on the platform. "Get out of there before we kill you," they said with gnarled teeth and clenched fists.

The youths were not afraid and continued, "If our people worship other gods besides Allah, why don't they bring forward an authority clear and convincing for what they do? Who does more harm than the person who invents a lie about Allah?" As soon as they finished, the pagans started to rush to the platform. The youths quickly jumped down and ran to a cave high up on a mountainside a few miles away. The pagans grew tired trying to catch the nimble youths and decided to search for them the next day. After reaching safety in the cave, the youths were tired from running and decided to sleep there for a few hours.

In order to protect these brave youths, Allah performed a miracle and kept them asleep for more than three hundred years. When they awoke they thought they were only asleep for a couple hours. The youths were hungry so one of them went down to the city to buy some food. Before he left the cave his friends warned him not to tell the pagans where they were. So the youth went down to the city of Ephesus with some money in his pocket. When he approached the city, he noticed something strange. He didn't recognize any of the people. Also, all of the clothes the people wore were different from his own. He couldn't believe the city had changed so much in just a few hours.

He went to the bazaar and found a man baking bread. When the youth brought out his money the baker looked at it very closely. "Where did you get this from?" he asked, peering out the corner of his eye. "I saved it from my earnings, sir," said the youth. "This money has been out of date for 300 years!!," exclaimed the baker.

The youth was shocked and the people of the bazaar began to gather around him. He now realized that Allah had save him and his friends from the persecution of the pagans by making them sleep for a long, long time. When he explained his story to the people that had gathered around him, they were overjoyed. They informed the youth that he was now living at a time when he will no longer be persecuted.

The wicked ruler of the Roman Empire, Decius, had died long ago and now a new tolerant Emperor reigned over the land. The whole city came out of their houses and marched toward the cave where the other youths were. They took the youths and lifted them up onto their shoulders and carried them back down to the city of Ephesus.

Their story became famous throughout the Roman Empire as one of the true and beautiful miracles of Allah mentioned in the Glorious Quran.

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Title: Re: ~*~A collection of Islamic Stories~*~
Post by: tana on December 19, 2007, 04:01:00 AM
Om Sai Ram~~~

The Ka'ba~~~

A Story by Jamil Momand

The Ka'ba is the House of Allah located in the city of Mecca. Muslims visit the Ka'ba at least once in their lifetime and this visit is the holy event known as Hajj. Hajj is performed during a special period of the year. When Hajj is performed a feeling of peace and tranquility overcomes the heart.

The Ka'ba was built before Prophet Muhammad's or Prophet Isa's lifetime. It was built by Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismael. They were among the first people to visit that part of the world. Allah commanded Ibrahim and Ismael to build the Ka'ba so that people could come from far and wide in order to worship the one true God--Allah. While they were building the Ka'ba Ibrahim and Ismael said this Prayer:

"Our Lord! Accept this service from us. For you are the All-Knowing and the All-Hearing. Our Lord! Make of us Muslims, bowing to your will; and show us our places for the celebration of due rites; and turn to us (in Mercy); you are the Oft-Returning, Most Merciful. Our Lord! Send amongst them an Apostle of their own who shall rehearse Your sign to them and instruct them in scripture and wisdom; and sanctify them; for You are the Exalted in Might, the Wise."

The Ka'ba was built from stone and clay. People used to go inside the Ka'ba and pray. When the population grew, people prayed on the outside in the direction of the Ka'ba. When Prophet Ibrahim and his son passed away, they left many believers who also believed in the one true God-Allah.

As the years passed the people of Mecca gradually became corrupt. First, they worshipped the stars and planets. Then the people began to make idols out of rocks and clay. They placed these idols inside the Ka'ba and treated them like gods. They killed their baby daughters and were cruel to women and slaves. Even though these things happened, people continued to travel from far and wide to pay their respects to the Ka'ba. The cities near Mecca made their own gods and places of worship but nobody travelled to these places. Only the Ka'ba attracted visitors.

To the south of Mecca was a place known as Yemen. The ruler of Yemen was a man named Abrahah. Yemen was a big city but was not as popular as Mecca. Abrahah grew jealous of the people of Mecca so he made a plan to destroy the Ka'ba. He gathered together many men to join his army. He also had a secret weapon: elephants. With the elephants he was sure to crush the people of Mecca and destroy the Ka'ba. Upon seeing the elephants the Meccans became terrified. They packed up their belongings and fled to the mountains to escape Abrahah and his army of elephants.

The day before the attack Abrahah and his army decided to rest. They were very happy. They saw that the people of Mecca had gone away and that the Ka'ba was standing unprotected. The army officers laughed because the next day they would destroy the Ka'ba without a struggle. Then a flock of birds came over them and dropped stones of baked clay. These stones made Abrahah and his army very sick and by the next morning they were all dead. What was so special about these rocks? Were they sent by Allah? Let's look in the Quran and find out:

"Do you not see how your Lord dealt with the companions of the elephant? Did he not make their treacherous plan go astray? He sent against them flights of birds striking them with stones of baked clay. Then he made them like an empty field of stalks and straw of which the corn has been eaten up." Sura CV.

Allah saved the Ka'ba from destruction because He knew that one day the Muslims would become strong again and use the Ka'ba in the right way. Sixty years later Prophet Muhammad destroyed the idols in the Ka'ba and, once again, it became a place for the worship of the One True God-Allah.

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Title: Re: ~*~A collection of Islamic Stories~*~
Post by: tana on January 07, 2008, 09:48:59 PM
Om Sai Ram~~~

Telling the Truth~~~

Telling the truth is a very good habit. If you always speak the truth, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble! Here is a story of a man who did a lot of bad things, but his promise to tell the truth saved him.

Once a man came to the prophet Muhammad (S) and said, "Oh prophet of Allah, I have many bad habits. Which one of them should I give up first?" The prophet said, "Give up telling lies first and always speak the truth." The man promised to do so and went home.

At night the man was about to go out to steal. Before setting out, he thought for a moment about the promise he made with the prophet. "If tomorrow the prophet asks me where have I been, what shall I say? Shall I say that I went out stealing? No, I cannot say that. But nor can I lie. If I tell the truth, everyone will start hating me and call me a thief. I would be punished for stealing."

So the man decided not to steal that night, and gave up this bad habit.

Next day, he felt like drinking wine, when he was about to do so, he said to himself, "What shall I say to the prophet if he asks me what did I do during the day? I cannot tell a lie, and if I speak the truth people will hate me, because a Muslim is not allowed to drink wine." And so he gave up the idea of drinking wine.

In this way, whenever the man thought of doing something bad, he remembered his promise to tell the truth at all times. One by one, he gave up all his bad habits and became a good Muslim and a very good person.

If you always speak the truth, you can be a good person, a good Muslim whom Allah likes and favors. If Allah - our Creator - is pleased with us, He will reward us with HEAVEN, which is a place of happiness and joy.


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Post by: tana on January 09, 2008, 06:22:13 AM
Om Sai Ram~~~

Words and Actions Should Be the Same~~~

There once was a boy who loved eating sweets. He always asked for sweets from his father. His father was a poor man. He could not always afford sweets for his son. But the little boy did not understand this, and demanded sweets all the time.

The boy's father thought hard about how to stop the child asking for so many sweets. There was a very holy man living nearby at that time. The boy's father had an idea. He decided to take the boy to the great man who might be able to persuade the child to stop asking for sweets all the time.

The boy and his father went along to the great man. The father said to him, "O great saint, could you ask my son to stop asking for sweets which I cannot afford?" The great man was in difficulty, because he liked sweets himself. How could he ask the boy to give up asking for sweets? The holy man told the father to bring his son back after one month.

During that month, the holy man gave up eating sweets, and when the boy and his father returned after a month, the holy man said to the boy "My dear child, will you stop asking for sweets which your father cannot afford to give you?"

From then on, the boy stopped asking for sweets.

The boy's father asked the saint, "Why did you not ask my son to give up asking for sweets when we came to you a month ago?" The saint replied, "How could I ask a boy to give up sweets when I loved sweets myself. In the last month I gave up eating sweets."

A person's example is much more powerful than just his words. When we ask someone to do something, we must do it ourselves also. We should not ask others to do what we do not do ourselves.


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The Crow~~~

An old man was sitting in the courtyard of his house along with his son who had received high education. Suddenly a crow perched on a wall of the house. The father asked the son: What is this? The son replied: It is a crow. After a little while the father again asked the son: What is this? The son said: It is a crow. After a few minutes the father asked his son the third time: What is this? The son said: Father, I have just now told you that this is a crow. After a little while the old father again asked his son the fourth time: what is this? At this time some expression of irritation was felt in the son's tone when he said to his father with a rebuff. Father! It is a crow, a crow. A little after the father again asked his son: What is this? This time the son replied to his father with a vein of temper. Father: You are always repeating the same question, although I have told you so many times that it is a crow. Are you not able to understand this? A ! little later the father went to his room and came back with an old diary. Opening a page he asked his son to read that. When the son read it the following words were written in the diary:

Today my little son was sitting with me in the courtyard, when a crow came there. My son asked me twenty-five times what it was and I told him twenty-five times that it was a crow and I did not at all feel irritated. I rather felt affection for the innocent child.

The father then told the son the difference saying: between a father and a sons attitude, while a little child he asked me this question twenty-five times and I felt no irritation in replying to the question twenty-five times and when today I asked him the same question only five times, he felt irritated and annoyed.

"And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him, And that you be dutiful to your parents, If one of them or both of them attain old age with you, do not say uff to them, nor repulse them, but speak to them a gracious word. And lower to them the wing of submission and humbleness out of mercy to both of them and say: 'My Lord! Have mercy on them both, as they cared for me and brought me up when I was a little child.' " (17:23-24)

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The Story of Prophet Yusuf~~~

Prophet Joseph from childhood was very smart, handsome, respectful and obedient and his behaviour and personality were much better than all the rest of his brothers.

His father Jacob loved Joseph very much and from his smartness and kindness he knew that one-day Joseph would become a great man.

On the other hand, Joseph's brothers were very jealous of him and treated him very badly.

One-day Joseph's brothers asked their father for permission to take Joseph out to play.

When they got to the desert they threw Joseph in a well. They left him there for a nice and merciful person who would be coming by looking for water to find him and take him out.

When Joseph was down in the well he asked God to save him. Joseph knew that the kind God was everywhere and that He knew about everyone's condition.

Eventually, a caravan on its way to Egypt stopped by the well and some of its people went to the well to get some water. They tied a pail to a rope and dropped it down the well. Joseph held on to the rope and pulled himself out.

When the people around the well saw him they became very happy to see such a handsome child. They took Joseph with them to Egypt.

Joseph's father Jacob became very sad and lonely in his absence. Jacob always prayed to God asking Him to protect Joseph wherever he was.

One of the important people of Egypt took Joseph to his own house and asked his wife to take good care of him.

Little by little Joseph grew up. Everyone knew him as a clean, kind, and honest person.

Joseph soon reached a high rank in Egypt and became a very important person. After a short time famine (lack of food) struck Egypt.

Before the coming of the famine Joseph, who was very smart and kind, had ordered his people to store wheat in their storehouses. He did so in order that people would not go hungry when the famine came.

People came from both small and large cities. Joseph gave them wheat. Even Joseph's brothers came to buy wheat, but they did not recognise Joseph. They did not know who he was.

When they came to Joseph he ordered that they should be given some wheat and then he gave their money back to them.

His brothers became very happy but they still did not know who he was or why he was being so kind to them.

When Joseph's brothers returned the next time to buy more wheat they recognised him. They thought that Joseph was going to punish them but Joseph forgave his brothers.

Joseph's brothers were very ashamed and felt sorry for what they had done. Joseph asked them to return with their parents to Egypt.

They returned to their own city and gave the good news of Joseph being alive to their father.

Afterwards they all came to Joseph. He showed them all much kindness. Joseph was one of the prophets of God.

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The caravan had been traveling for few hours now. Signs of fatigue were obvious on their faces. They arrived at a point and stopped. Hazrat Muhammad (saw) who was also in the caravan, stopped the camel, and landed. Prior to anything, they were in search of water to prepare for prayer.

Hazrat Muhammad (saw) also started searching for water. But soon, returned to his camel, without saying anything to anyone. The companions were surprised that Hazrat Muhammad (saw) had ordered stopping here, and now perhaps he would like to move again? Eyes and ears were awaiting his order. But the surprise of the group increased as they saw him approach his camel, and tied its knees, and returned back in search of water.

Noises were raised from every corner: "O Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (saw) Why didn't you order us to do this for you, and instead you put yourself in discomfort? We would have proudly done that service for you."

Hazrat Muhammad (saw) responded: "Never seek others' help in your affairs, don't lean on others, even if it is a small piece of Miswak (the wood used for brushing teeth)."
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Once the Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (saw) was sitting amidst his Sahaba (companions) in the mosque, when all of a sudden Hazrat Muhammad (saw) said "Today I shall narrate a story to you all which will reveal three riddles for all of you to solve". This hushed the crowd and they all listened to what Hazrat Muhammad (saw) had to say.

Hazrat Muhammad (saw) continued by saying that once a man got to know that the days in his life was numbered and very soon he would be confronted with death. With this knowledge he feared his loneliness in the grave and went searching for true friends who would help and accompany him.

He knocked on the door of his first friend and asked whether he would help. To this the friend said, "of course, what are we here for." But then the man went on to say that he had very few days to live after which he required help. As soon as he uttered this statement, the friend said "I am sorry but when death does us apart, there is nothing we can do for you but buy you a place in the graveyard and some cloth (Kafan) to cover your dead body." Grieved but looking forward to his next friend, the man moved on.

On the second door, when he came face to face with his friend, and after narrating the entire story of his death and asked for help, the same answer was his fate again. The second friend said "I have been there with you all your life and can help you here. But there's nothing I can do for you after you die except take your corpse to the graveyard and bury you."

Lost in agony and despair, he headed for the third friend, very sure that he would receive the same answer but there was a tinge of hope left. When he confronted the third friend, and told him that he required help, the friend eagerly volunteered to help. But the man continued to say that I need help after I die. To which the third friend replied, "Do not worry, my dear friend! I shall accompany you to the grave, be there with you in the grave, even when the angels arrive for questioning (Munkar Nakir), then assist you on the Pul-e-Sirat (bridge) and then lead you to heaven. "To this the man heaved a sigh of relief and then passed away in peace."

Hazrat Muhammad (saw) then turned and asked his companions if anybody could identify the three friends and the man. When the prevailing silence didn't dissolve, Hazrat Muhammad (saw) continued to say, "The man in the anecdote is any other human being." The first friend is "money/wealth", things that help us only in life and not after we die.

The second family/friend were the "children/sons and daughters", we strive for them all our life and all they give us is a shoulder to the grave.

And the third and most important friend is "Aamal (deeds)". Who accompany us all the way through.

Moral:   Do not strive for materialistic values that will give you nothing and help you in no way in your eternal life. But work and pray and ask forgiveness from God for only the good deeds assist mankind where every other thing loses value in the life hereafter!
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There was once a hard-hearted moneylender who always charged his debtors usurious interest. To collect a debt from a poor farmer, he went one day to the farmer’s village and told him roughly:

“The time has come to pay me. Give me the money I lent you, plus all the interest”.

The sum was so large, when the unfair interest was added, that the farmer could not possibly pay it. “Reduce the interest,” he said. “It is unjust and far too much. Reduce it to a normal charge and then I can repay you”.

To this argument the moneylender turned a deaf ear. Compassion and pity were things that had no place in his avaricious life. “I see you will not pay me,” he told the farmer. “You force me then, to attach all your cattle and your grain. This I shall do at once”.

Outraged the farmer shouted: “Take your luggage and leave my compound this very minute! You have a heart of stone”.

In the small villages, such as the one the farmer lived in, there were no coolies to carry the moneylender’s luggage, and the farmer had no wish to try to find someone who would be willing to carry it. Far too proud to carry it himself, the moneylender stood looking at the ground and wondering what to do.

As it happened, a Sufi was sitting nearby in meditation. But he had heard all that had gone on, and now spoke to the purse-proud moneylender.

“Sir”, he said humbly, “I will be glad to carry your luggage for you. But it would please me, if you would agree to one condition. This condition is that either you will talk to me in praise of the Lord or you will listen to me, as I speak of love and devotion to the Lord”.

To this the moneylender agreed at once; for it would be easy enough to listen to the Sufi and would require no effort on his part. The Sufi thereupon picked up the luggage and, as they walked to the moneylender’s village and house, he spoke all the way of the Lord and His goodness.

Putting down the luggage at the moneylender’s house, the Sufi said: “I would like to tell you something of importance, and that is, that within a few days’ time you are destined to die. I can see that you have not done a single good deed throughout your life, except for the single hour just past, which you spent in the company of a friend of God and listening to his spiritual discourse”.

“Now listen carefully,” the Sufi continued. “When you die, the angels of death will come to you and ask if you wish to enjoy the fruit of this one good hour at once, or later on. Tell them that you wish to enjoy it at once, and ask them to take you to the Sufi to whose spiritual discourse you listened for one hour. Thereafter keep silent and simply watch what takes place”.

A few days later the moneylender died, the angels took him to the Lord of Judgement and the record of his good and bad deeds was examined. The one and only good deed was the hour during which he had listened to the Sufi. When the angels asked if he would like to enjoy the fruit of this good deed at once or later on, the moneylender, remembering the Sufi’s advice, said: “I would like to enjoy the fruit at once. Please take me to the Sufi with whom I spent the one good hour”.

Accordingly the angels brought him to the Sufi, who was meditating on the goodness of Allah. Feeling immensely grateful for what had happened the moneylender told the Sufi: “Please accept my thanks for all your kindness. But I know that this time with you will soon come to an end and I am afraid of the angels of death who are waiting for me outside”.

The Sufi heard him, but continued to meditate on the Lord and said nothing. Thereafter, both the Sufi and the moneylender sat for a long time in intense bliss until at last the fruit of the one good hour came to an end. When that came about, the angels of death called to the moneylender to leave the Sufi and come to them. But he did not move, for the Sufi was meditating on the Lord and as long as the meditation continued the angels could not come near. Discomfited, the angels went back to the Lord of Judgement and told him what had happened.

In solemn tones the Lord of Judgement spoke: “Give up the moneylender as lost to us, for neither you nor I can now approach him. The spiritual discourse and meditation of a Sufi are so powerful that none of us can overcome it”.
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The Friend of God~~~

Abraham (AS) in a time of dearth sent to a friend of his in Egypt for a supply of corn, but the friend denied him saying, in his excuse, that though there was a famine in their own country also, yet, had it been for Abraham's own family, he would have sent what he desired. But he knew he wanted it only to entertain his guests, and give away to the poor, according to his usual hospitality.

The servants, whom Abraham (AS) had sent on this message, being ashamed to return empty, to conceal the matter from their neighbors, filled their sacks with fine white sand, which in the East pretty much resembles meal. Abraham (AS), being informed by his servants on their return, of their ill success, the concern he was under threw him into a sleep.

In the meantime, Sarah, knowing nothing of what had happened, opening one of the sacks, found good flour in it, and immediately set to making bread. Abraham (AS), awaking, and smelling the new bread asked her whence she had the flour. "Why", said she, "from your friend in Egypt." "Nay", replied the patriarch, "It must have come from no other than my friend God almighty."

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The Prophet Mohammad(SAW) & his companions Real Life Story

 SACRIFICE OF THE LAMB : Just as the Prophet (S.A.W.), and his companions landed from their rides, and
laid the loads down, it was decided that they would sacrifice a lamb for dinner.

One of the companions volunteered: "I will sacrifice the lamb." Another: "I will skin it." Third: "I will cook it."
Fourth: " I will...." The Prophet (S.A.W.): "I will gather the wood from the desert."

The group: "O Messenger of Allah, it is not becoming of you to discomfort yourself as such. You rest. We will be honored to do all this on our own."

The Prophet (S.A.W.): "I know that you are eager to do it all, but Allah isn't pleased with the slave who distinguishes between himself and his companions, and considers himself better than others."

Then he went to the desert, and gathered some wood, and brought it to the group.
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Anas Malik was one of the companions who had served the Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W.) for many years. He therefore knew the Prophet's habits very well.

When Hadhrat Muhammed (S.A.W.) observed a fast, he usually broke it with milk and dates, and in the small hours of the night, he would take simple food for his sahar.

One day, Anas knew that the Prophet (S.A.W.) was fasting; so he arranged for his iftar. He kept the milk and dates ready. At the time of iftar the Prophet (S.A.W.) did not appear, for the breaking of the fast. Anas thought that the
Prophet (S.A.W.) might have accepted an invitation and broken his fast elsewhere. So Anas ate the food himself and retired.

When Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W.) entered the house with another companion, Anas inquired from the companion whether the Prophet (S.A.W.) had already eaten. The Prophet (S.A.W.) had been dealing with some urgent work and was delayed, and he had not eaten. Anas felt so ashamed.

There was nothing left he could offer to the Prophet (S.A.W.), if he asked for food. Still he waited expectantly, ready to explain the situation to the Prophet (S.A.W.). Hadhrat Muhammed (S.A.W.) immediately sensed that Anas was hesitant, so he remained silent and retired to bed hungry.

Anas used to say: "The Messenger of God never mentioned this incident during his lifetime to anyone."
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Imam Bukhari, who was one of the greatest compilers of ahadith, became blind at a young age. He had recourse to many famous and skilled doctors of his time but their treatments made no difference. His mother was a pious worshipper and a righteous woman. She cried out for help in the court of Allah the Almighty, for her child and begged for the restoration of his eyesight. At last, "the river of mercy flowed over her," and Almighty Allah accepted her invocation. One night, she visited Ibrahim alayhis-salam in a dream and was told, "Allah has restored the sight of your son because of your intense and beautiful invocations." In the morning, as Imam Bukhari got up from his bed, glimmers of light reached out into his eyes. That is, his eyesight was fully restored.

Source: From the biography of Imam Bukhari
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There lived an idolator in the past who made an idol out of stone and would worship it everyday. He would call it upon it by saying "Ya Sanam." For seventy years, he worshipped this idol. One day by mistake he uttered "Ya Samad" instead of Ya Sanam. Samad is a name of Allah which means The Self Sufficient Master. Allah Ta'ala immediately replied back to this idolator by saying "I am present oh My slave." The angels asked Allah why He replied to him since he didn't even call upon Him intentionally. Allah told the angels that for seventy years I have been waiting for this servant of mine to turn towards Me!

If a mother has only one child then how much would she love him? He would be the coolness of her eyes and the comfort of her heart. But if this son calls her saying "Mommy" more than four or five times, she would get irritated eventhough she loves him more than her ownself. On the other hand, when we call Allah once, He replies back to us 70 times by saying "Labbaik Ya Abdi (I am here oh My slave)." How unfortunate we are that we have not recognized our Allah who is so Kind, Merciful and Forgiving.