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Title: Guru Charitra- Concise version April 30, 2009
Post by: SS91 on April 30, 2009, 06:39:12 AM
Sai Ram Friends

This is Sri Guru charitram’s short & sweet version.

This is written by Sri.T.S. Padmanabha Sharma. This is like a concise version of Sri Guru Charitram.

I find this very easy to read, it covers all the important stories/events of the Main book.

So, I thought of sharing this with you all.

By Sai’s grace, I will be posting 1 chapter everyday.

Kindly read with full devotion & faith & get success in life.

May our Sai lead us in the right path & fulfil all our wishes.

I would also like to thank one of my good net friend Renuka Mohan who has given me an opportunity to post  this concise version Guru Charitra  in our Sai DwarakaMai.

Baba Sai bless you and your family Renuka .

Title: Re: Guru Charitra- Concise version April 30, 2009
Post by: SS91 on April 30, 2009, 06:39:51 AM
Sri Guru charitram


Sri Guru Charitram is a divine story of Sri. Bhagwan Dattatreya & His avatars. The book is dedicated to Sri Narasimha Saraswati Yati of Ganagapur near Bidar District of Katnataka (1470 AD)
This work has 51 chapters to mark the 51 Thursdays in a year.
It is a tradition to give a linear reading (Parayan) of this book every Thursday for a year and dedicate it to Sri guru.
Sri guru charitram covers Sri Datta Avatar of Lord MahaVishnu, followed by Sri pada Srivallabh in Andhra Pradhesh & Sri Narasimha Saraswathi swamiji in Karnataka.
Read one chapter of this book every Thursday & offer Pooja to Sri Guru or Datta’s photo or idol.
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Title: Re: Guru Charitra- Concise version April 30, 2009
Post by: SS91 on April 30, 2009, 06:40:52 AM
Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

chapter 1


Let us all pray Lord Ganapathi, goddess Sarawathi and Brahma, the creator to bless us. Salutation to Lord Maha Vishnu in His divine grace, adorned with Shankha, chakra, Gada & Padma. May lord shiva, the easily pleasable one bring us peace & prosperity.

Salutations to all gods, great sages Vyasa, Valmiki and other poets. Let them shower their blessings to relish the nectar of anecdotes dedicated to Sri guru of Ganagapur.

Sri guru chartitram was originally composed by Sri Gangadhara Rao sakhare, a great devotee of the guru. His parents Devaraya and champadevi were also ardent devotees of Sri Datta bhagawan.

The Sakhare family were staunch devotees of Sri Narasimha saraswathi Swamiji of Ganagapur. They were fortunate to get blessed by the guru in their life time.

Sri guru chartitram is a sacred book to be read by all those who want peace, happiness & prosperity. Wherever it is read, Sri guru manifests himself with his divine fervour. Those who read this work with divine love shall master all their senses, achieve worldly success & spiritual happiness. This is divine master in book form.

Sri Narasimha saraswathi Swamiji manifested in Ganagapur. His fame spread like the fragrance of a flower in surroundings soon. Who can stop fragrance to spread? He was respected by the people of all faiths, caste & creed. Whoever prayed Him, had His blessings ready to pour on them. He was easily accessible to a poor man as to a prince.

Namadharak was a  simple man, a devotee of Sri guru and was a visitor to Ganagapur to seek His blessings. On one of His visits, he prayed the master, thus:

“Sri Guru Deva! A mere remembrance of your name brings happiness & peace. I always trust you, adorn you in my heart, chant your name always. But why do I suffer from poverty and misery?

“You are an avatar of three divinities, Brahma, Shiva & Vishnu. You lead us in every step. You are our friend, philosopher & guide. You are the true mother, father & well-wisher. I do not seek any one else’s support in my miseries. Why  not you bless me with basic needs?”

“Oh Guru Deva! In your Vamana Avatar, you made king Bali to donate the whole of living space. As Sri Ram you destroyed arrogant Ravana. As narayana, you showered eternal blessings on child Dhruva. In your Parashuram Avatar, you mercilessly massacred the arrogant Kshatriyas. You are the Lord Of goddess Lakshmi. Who else is there for me to seek help from?”

“Oh! Master, pray you to extend your grace on this poor creature, your child atleast as a human being. In your Narasimha Avatar, you blessed Prahlad by mercilessly killing his demon-father. With whom can I share my worries?”

“You are extolled as the sole protector of hapless, by puranas. Did you not hear me?”. He was in child like tears.

These sincere prayers reached Sri Guru Deva. He gave darshan to  Namadharak. The devotee cried like a child and touched Guru’s lotus feet. He offered all possible respect & pooja to the divine master.

The divine master, pleased by Namadharak’s sincere prayers stood by him. Later He led him in the divine path pf Bhakti, Jnana & spiritual discipline. 

Here ends the 1st chapter of Sri guru Charitram.

Sri Gurubhyo namaha!

Aum Sai Ram!

May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Title: Re: Guru Charitra- Concise version May 1, 2009
Post by: SS91 on May 01, 2009, 08:35:15 AM
Sri Guru charitram

Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

chapter 2

Namadhark set out to Ganagapur after this divine incident. On his way, he was resting under a  tree. Tired he was, he slipped in to sleep. He had a dream.

A yogi clad in tiger skin, adorned in neck with Rudraksha mala, brilliant in looks appeared in the dream. Namadharak prostrated before the great Gurudev.

“Oh! Great one! You have appeared to remove my ignorance. You have filled in me the divine light & happiness. I feel my sins have dissolved. Who are you in reality? Shall I know your name? Where do you reside? Please tell me” asked Namadharak innocently.

The great one smiled at him & spoke in a gentle, firm & divine voice.

“Oh! My child, I am a yogi. I travel a lot. I visit all the worlds. There is a place by name Ganagapur on the banks of the

sangam of Bhima & Amaraja rivers. There lives a great Guru

Sri Narasimha saraswathi Swamiji. He is my master. He is very courteous & kind to all. He blesses them with whatever they want” said the Yogi.

Namadharak was in surprise. “Swamiji, my ancestors were ardent devotees of the great Guru. I also continue to be so. But I am a poor unfortunate one put into lot of hardships. The great master can only solve my problems, I believe.” He said in pain.

The yogi smiled & continued: My child, believe in sri Guru firmly as a child believes its mother. He is an avatar of the divine trinity. He shall certainly bless you on your selfless, sincere prayers. Be convinced, let Sri guru bless you.”

The yogi narrated the guru’s previous avatars, on his request later on.

The previous avatars:

Four vedas Rig, yajur, sama & atharvana evolved from Brahma dev. Eighteen puranas manifested later. Bhagavan Veda Vyasa is also an avatar of Lord Narayana. He popularised & preached the puranas through his disciples.

Lord Mahavishnu, after the great dissolution of the universe, slept as an infant on a banyan leaf. Brahma evolved from his navel. He made Brahma the creator.

Vishnu ordered Brahma to continue the work of creation. Sanaka, sanadhana, sanat kumara, sanat, sujatha were manifested. Gods & demons were created. Four time divisions 4 yugas emerged.

Krita yuga was called Satya age as lies did not exist then. It was an age of knowledge, sacrifice,divinity & goodness. There was no place for evil forces.

The form of Satya yuga asked the creator: “How can I get into earth, full of cheating, violence, non-truth and abuses?” Brahma ordered him to be there for some time & return.

Later came Treta Yuga, where Yagnas were prominent. People were ritualistic & honest. This was followed by Dwapara Yuga, where virtues(punya) & sins(Paapa) were Dwa-para equal. At the end of Dwapara, the present Kali age started.

Kali stood before the creator as an ugly, old, cunning one. “Tell me Oh! Deva! What are my duties? “ Brahma asked back “What are you holding in your hand?” Kali replied: “It is the human tongue & Lingam. I can win over the world by using these two weaknesses of humans.” Brahma designated Kali with the management and discipline of this era.

Yugadharma of kali age;

Deterioration of Dharma is the basic nature of this era. War, indiscipline, mistrust, jealousy prevail in abundance. The learned and the enlightened do not get basic respect.

Brahma continued: “Life span is very less during the kali age. The benefit of pooja, tapas, yajnas are easily gained. Help them to do so” he added.

Kali responded: “India(Bharata Khandam) is a land of virtues. I am afraid to go there. A number of sincere god fearing devotees still live there. I can’t get well with them. What shall I do?”

Brahma replied: “Do not panic.Meritorious people are in less number there. You will not affect the attainment of the noble and the good. Those who respect the Brahmanas, the cows and Gods shall not be your victims.” He concluded. “Only serving a guru can solve worldly troubles. Guru is the saviour always from evil effects of Kali age”, he added. He narrated an illustrative episode on the greatness of Guru.

There was an ashram on the abnks of the river godavari. A Brahmin by name Tailaputra was teaching Vedas to his disciples there.

One day he called his disciples. He told them to look after his hermitage, as he was going to Kashi for penance. He wanted only one disciple to accompany him.

A disciple Sandeepaka agreed to join the Guru on his spiritual journey. The master told him: “In coming days I may be handicapped due to sins of earlier births. You have to serve me for 21 years. Can you?”

Sandeepaka readily agreed to guru’s orders. They started their journey. Both halted in an ashram on the bank of Manikarnika. Guru fell sick. He wouldn’t eat anything. The disciple went to beg for alms. The guru threw the bowl and screamed at him. But Sandeepaka continued to serve him. Lord shiva appeared there. He prayed for guru’s health. Shiva agreed to bless him. 

The guru said “Do not  bother to resolve my sins. I have to enjoy their results. I shall suffer. No need of divine help”. Lord shiva returned.

Lord Vishnu manifested thereafter and promised a boon. Sandeepaka refused and asked Him just to give him guru’s grace. It was readily granted. 

Sandeepaka related this to the guru. Guru blessed him with the choicest of blessings. He laid his mortal coil in Kashi. Thus spoke Brahma to Kali on guru’s greatness. 

Here ends the 2nd chapter of Sri guru charitram.

Sri Gurubhyo namaha!

Aum Sai Ram!

May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

thank you Renuka. Sai datta bless your family always.
Vinesh this is being mailed only for you.
Title: Re: Guru Charitra- Concise version May 2, 2009
Post by: SS91 on May 02, 2009, 01:30:07 PM
Sri Guru charitram

Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

chapter 3

Namadharak was enthralled by the soothing words& gestures of the yogi. He asked him:

“Revered guru, I experience divine ecstasy in your presence. May I know where are you from? Please accept me as your chela & oblige”. He prostrated before the yogi.

The Yogi embraced him, kissed him on his forehead & spoke:

“I reside where my guru asks me to do so. His grace is my breath. Look here, gurucharitram describes His greatness. Reading this holy book for 7 days solve any one’s problems. This is truth of experience”.

Namadharak requested, “Oh! Great one I am eager to hear on guru from you! Will you kindly tell me?”

The yogi lead him to a peepul tree & narrated gurucharitram to him.

“Forget the worldly miseries, always remember sri guru. Guru can bless you with anything under the sky. Do not doubt this. Concentrate on Him. He shall relieve you of all agonies”.

Inquisitive Namadharak again asked, “Sir, I learn that sri guru is an avatar of holy trinity, how did He assume human form?”

The yogi smiled & continued, “This world is temporary. Do not trust in immediate pleasures & pains which come & vanish. Aspire for divine, eternal happiness & peace. Gurucharitram will certainly bless you with this…Listen”.

During Kali age, the god does not manifest directly. He comes only in human form of guru, that is His will. Brahma, Vishnu Shiva represent the combined divine & destructive forces. Brahma creates the world, Vishnu looks after the beings, shiva dissolves it. Datta deva is an embodiment of all the three divinities.

The anecdote of ambarisha:

The yogi continued: “King Ambarisha of solar dynasty was a great devotee of Lord Maha vishnu. He was observing the Ekadashi Day consistently. Once Sage Dhurvasa visited him.

Ambarisha was happy, welcomed the sage & offered him ritualistic reception. “OH! great sage! Please wait a moment. Ekadashi has come to an end. I shall return after a sacred bath & would be pleased to offer food to your divine self, the sage also went to Ganga to have bath.

On his return, Dhurvasa found Ambarisha sipping the holy water to break his fast. He was raged. He cursed him to be born as an animal, which would not observe any formalities, Lord Mahavishnu knew this & came to the rescue of his devotee. “A sage’s curse nefer fails. I shall accept the curse in your place. Maha Vishnu gracefully accepted the curse & made Ambarisha free. He requested “Oh Lord! Please assume avatars on earth to save the noble & kill the evil ones.” Sri Hari agreed to take ten avatars. The fish, tortoise, pig, man- lion & so on to honour Dhurvasa’s curse. Similarly the lord assumes Avatars at His will. This is the divine secret. He took Datta avatar to save Sage Atri & His wife Anasuya, a devoted one.

Here ends the 3rd chapter of Sri guru charitram.

Sri Gurubhyo namaha!

Aum Sai Ram!

May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba Sai bless Vinesh. Thanks to our dear Renuka. Sai bless them both abundantly.

Title: Re: Guru Charitra- Concise version May 3, 2009
Post by: SS91 on May 03, 2009, 04:03:16 PM
Sri Guru charitram

Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

chapter 4

Namadharak prayed the yogi who called himself a sidda without revealing his identity, to narrate him the story of Bhagwan Sri Datta Deva.

The sidda happily replied him. This cosmic world is created at his will. There was water every where. The supreme god wanted to bring life into it. He generated a golden egg, Hiranyagarba. This split into two, one space & the other earth.

Lord Brahma manifested fourteen worlds of existence, ten directions manifested later.  Brahma manifested seven great spiritual masters.  They were creators of the latter universe.

Marichi & Atri were the first among them. They were enlightened ones from birth. They were called Prajapathis.

Atri married Anasuya. The couple wanted Lord Vishnu himself as their son & did severe penance. Meanwhile, the chastity of Anasuya was respected even in heavens. Devas were jealous. The trinity wanted to test Anasuya’s chastity. They manifested before sage Atri’s ashram in human form.

Sage Atri was not present then. Anasuya welcomed the guests. They requested like children: “Mother! We want the food we desire”. Anasuya  agreed to do so. She made the food readily to offer them. But the guests had an unpalatable, strange request. They said “We want you to serve us without any clothes on”.

Anasuya  couldn’t refuse the Athithi’s request. She agreed & went in. From her power of chastity, she turned the strange guests to three infants each pretty fondlings of divine looks. She later kept each one of them on her lap & fed them with her breast milk as infants need only the mother’s milk. She put them to sleep in a cradle. Sage Atri after his return to the ashram discovered this & realized the trinity. He prostrated before them. Anasuya’s chastity had brought the trinities there. She requested her husband that they shall continue to be her sons. “Let it be so” Atri blessed.

Lord Brahma appeared as moon. Shiva manifested as sage Durvasa. Lord Vishnu appeared in His Datta form. Hence the name Dattatreya. Bhagwan Dattatreya stayed there for a while, initiated Anasuya in the spiritual path and started off to the eternal penance. Chandra and Durvasa the sage, left for the sky and the penance respectively.

Here ends the 4th chapter of Sri guru charitram.

Sri Gurubhyo namaha!

Aum Sai Ram!

May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba Sai, cure our Vinesh. Please Baba.

Thank you Renuka. Sai bless your family  always.


Title: Re: Guru Charitra- Concise version May 4, 2009
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddamuni narrated the avatars of sri viashnu. The Lord took ten avatars, honouring Durvasa’s curse to king Ambarisha.
Sri hari’s intention was to save the noble & remove evils from the world. Thus during Krita yuga, he took Avatars from Matsya to Parashurama. Treta Yuga had Sri rama to look after the good. Dwapara witnessed how Lord Krishna saved Pandavas in the Mahabharata war. Sri Bhagavad gita was delivered by the Lord Himself as a guide to life for all ages. Dwapara era ended and Kali entered. People had become corrupt, restless & jealous of one another. They had scant regard to Darma, scriptures & lived an animal life. All evils of kali era had made the life of noble people miserable. The Lord did not manifest directly. Hence he decided to send great gurus to earth to save Darma.
Pitapuram in East godavari district of Andhra Pradesh was ruled by a noble king. There was a Brahmin by name Appala Raja living with his wife sumathi. The couple were great devotees of Sri dattatreya.
It was an amavasya day of Badrapad month when Lord Datta manifested before the couple as a guest. It was shrardha day of elders of Appala Raja. He had invited some Brahmins for food. They failed to turn up due to floods in Godavari. The couple who were in distress were much happy & surprised to see a guest glowing with divine aura. They served him food. Datta Deva accepted the food and asked them to seek a boon of their choice.
Sumati requested the Lord:
Oh! Great one! You called me Amma. Please be my real son. I have lost my sons, but two sons I have are blind & lame. Please favour me, she cried.
Datta Deva said “Be it so, the great one shall be born to you soon to relieve you of your miseries. Do not worry.”
He disappeared.
The couple were wonderstruck. They waited for the great happening. On a holy day, the Lord manifested as sumati’s child. He named him sripada.
Sripada had his formal education. At sixteen, the parents pulled him into the worldly affair of marriage. He said, “No! Iam already married to a girl named vairagya(Renunciation). Do not compel me. Hereafter I shall be called Srivallaba.” His decision was firm as Bhishma’s vow.
The parents were unhappy. But they could not stop the divine one. Before going to penance, He blessed them with perfect health of their handicapped sons.
Srivallaba left to North. He reached Benares & lived there without being recognised for several years. Then he went upto Badrinath. He saw Narayana & came back to south & reached Gokarna.

Here ends the 5th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba sai bless our Vinesh soon.
Baba bless Renuka and her family always.

Title: Re: Guru Charitra- Concise version May 5, 2009
Post by: SS91 on May 05, 2009, 10:55:48 AM
Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddhamuni continued to narrate the glory of Srivallabha. When he reached Gokarna, many prostrated before him and became his disciples. His divine looks, blessing eyes and soft spoken words made them happy and spiritually enlightened.

The noble and the right thinking people followed his teachings. The wrong doers realized their folly and changed for good. He selected Gokarna for it was a great place of Lord shiva, where He manifested as Atma lingam.
The story of gokarna goes back to tretayuga.
There was a sage by name Pulastya. Kaikasi was his wife. The couple were great devotees of Lord shiva. Without offering daily pooja to shiva, they wouldn’t eat anything. Ravana was one amongst their sons. He also was a great shiva Bhakta.

Kaikasi could not find shiva lingam on a certain day for worship. Therefore she made a sand lingam and offered pooja to Lord shiva. Ravana told his mother that he would bring down the atmalingam, the spiritual energy of shiva from Kailash.
Ravana reached Kailasa Giri and decided to move the mountain to Lanka. Lord shiva realized this and pressed the mountain with his left thumb.
Ravana was shocked and pained. He prayed Lord shiva to grant him his atmalingam. Ravana offered his head many times by cutting. He made his intestines as strings of rudra veena and began prayer to shiva. Pleased by this lord appeared before him & granted him a boon. The demon king didn’t ask anything. He wanted atmalingam & nothing else from the lord. Shiva had to oblige this staunch devotee. He gave him atmalingam. The Lord also warned him not to keep it down. Ravana agreed & started towards Lankanagiri. Devas had to use a cunning plan knowing all this. They requested Lord Ganapathi to cheat Ravana before he could reach home. Lord Vishnu sent his Sudharshana charka to stand against the Sun. It appeared to be an evening. As a Brahmana, he had to perform sandhyopasana. Sage Narada met Ravana & chatted with him quite long. Meanwhile ganapathi assumed the form of a boy & appeared there. Ravana wanted someone to hold the atmalingam till he completed his evening rituals. Ravana saw the Brahmin boy searching firewood & thought he could help him. Narada went to seashore to perform Sandhyopasanam. Ravana could only request the boy to hold lingam till he came back. The boy insisted that he should come back very soon as the latter had some urgent work. Ravana readily agreed. After a while Ganapathi called Ravana twice. Before he could return he called him third time & placed the lingam on the seashore. Devas were extremely happy at the wisdom of Ganapathi to avoid wicked Ravana to take the most respected Shiva lingam to Lanka.
Ravana was raged and thrashed the boy who soon disappeared. Then he tried to pull out the lingam from the sands. It was so firm that he could only twist it. Then the lingam appeared as Cow’s ear (Go-Karna). Hence the name Gokarna for this sacred place.
Ravana went back angrily upon Gods. Thus Gokarna is the most sacred and ancient siva kshetra to visit.

Here ends the 6th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba Sai kindly cure our Vinesh and bless him to have long life.
Sai bless you and your family Renuka.
Title: Re: Guru Charitra- Concise version May 6, 2009
Post by: SS91 on May 06, 2009, 07:55:17 AM
Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddhayogi continued to narrate the greatness of Gokarna Kshetra. There lived a great king Mitrasaha in Ishvaku (Solara) dynasty. His wife Madayanti was a very good woman.

Once king Mitrasaha went to the forest for hunting. Some demons attacked him. The king killed some of them & returned to the palace. One of them escaped. He then came to the king’s palace & joined there as a cook.

On the Srardha day of King’s father, he mixed human flesh in the food and disappeared. Sage Vasishta was invited for the ceremony, he discovered this & cursed the king to be born as a monster.

Vasishta’s curse hurt the king Mitrasaha and he was ready to curse back the sage. On the advice of the queen, he spilt the holy water on his feet. His feet turned black. king Mitrasaha turned a monster & was called Kalmasha Padha, the black footed.

The queen begged the sage to pardon her husband. But the curse couldn’t be nullified. However Vasishta was kind enough to give him a human form after several years.

Kalmashapada lived in the forest in the form of a monster. He was killing & eating the passers by. Once he killed a brahmana & his wife cursed him with death when he touched his wife. She cremated her husband and joined him in death also as ‘Sati’.

Vasishta’s curse came to an end. He recalled the brahmani’s curse and did not touch the queen. On the advice of his guru, he decided to go on a pilgrimage to relieve off his sins.

The king met Sage Gowthama on his way. He blessed him and advised him to go to Gokarna and worship Lord shiva Mahabhaleshwara there. Then, he would get out of the curse, he added.

Sage Gowthama continued. He said Pooja offered to shiva on Amavasyas, Mondays, Wednesdays, eclipses yield endless results. Offering Bilwa leaves to the Lord on Maha shivratri day is very auspicious.

Sage Gowthama quoted his own experience. Once an old woman fell sick at gokarna. She died after a day. A celestial vehicle arrived in the skies and took her to shivaloka.
Yamadootas failed to take her as she breathed her last in gokarna Kshetram.

The old lady was Sowdhamini  by name in her previous birth. She lost her husband. Due to poverty, she turned a woman for pleasure. She lived with an idiot, got a child from him. Once she even ate the meat of a calf.

After her death, she had to go to hell. Later, she was born as a blind woman. She begged & earned a living. At last she reached the gokarna Kshetram.

Mahashivratri was being celebrated with pomp & pleasure there. The begging woman did not get alms as it was a fasting day.

During noon, one of the pilgrims gave her a bunch of Bilwa leaves. The woman threw this on a Shivalingam out of anger that she could not  eat those leaves.

This act of the beggar woman relieved her off her sins. She attained Moksha.

Such is the greatness of gokarna Kshetram.

Here ends the 7th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba bless Vinesh.
Thank you Renuka.
Title: Re: Guru Charitra- Concise version May 7, 2009
Post by: SS91 on May 07, 2009, 06:20:00 AM
Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Namadharak listened to siddhayogi’s narration of the sanctity of Gokarna Kshetram. He asked him, how long Sri Pada sri vallabha yati halted there & blessed good souls.
Siddhamuni replied him that sripadayati spent 3 years at Gokarna & moved on to Sri Sailam. After 4 months, he proceeded to Kuruvapura.

Sri Pada sri vallabha yati blessed several good men & women in Sri sailam & kuruvapura. There was a woman by name Ambika there. She had no children. Those born would die soon. The couple observed several rituals and pleased gods. Later they had a son. They named him Narahari. He was initiated at seven. But he showed no inclination to any vedic learning. Parent’s trials were in vain. The Brahmin died. The mother & the boy stayed thereafter.

Since he was idle & lazy, no one gave him alms. They told the mother to get him married. Both the son & the mother decided to drown in full flooded Krishna river. Meanwhile Sri Pada sri vallabha manifested there. He stopped them.

Smiling, the guru said: “ Atmahatya is a great sin. I know your problem.”
The mother asked the guru to bless her with an intelligent son  at least in the next birth. The guru spoke gently “ Mother! You please worship Lord shiva. Pradhosha pooja of Lord shiva is very powerful. Even Lord Krishna was the son of Yashodha as a result of this vrat.

There is an episode connected to this Vrat. Once Chandrasena ruled Ujjain. His friend Manibhadra was a devotee of Lord shiva. Shiva had given him a pearl necklace. This he presented to chandrasena. The king was always adorning it. Even enemies could not face him.
They all united once & attacked him. The king was immersed in Shani pradhosha pooja. Some cowherds looked at the king doing Shiva pooja. One of the boys worshipped a mud lingam. Shiva manifested before him. He granted him a temple. The cowherd’s small house turned a grand palace. He became the chieftain of cowherds. His mother was very happy.

Sri Pada sri vallabha narrated this to Ambika and advised her to perform Shiva pooja & blessed her.
Ambika and her son performed shiva Pooja as narrated. After some time the dull boy turned a scholar. Both the mother & the son prostrated before the guru. He was honoured by all.

Here ends the 8th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Vinesh Baba sai bless you soon.
thanks renuka for giving me an oppurtunity to share the small version GC with all at Spritualindia.
Title: Re: Guru Charitra- Concise version April 30, 2009
Post by: SS91 on May 08, 2009, 11:52:29 AM
Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum



Siddhayogi continued to narrate Sreepada sreevallabha’s greatness to Namadharak. When the master arrived at Kuruvapura, many fell into his spiritual path & got His divine blessings.
There was a washer man among his devotees who was a daily visitor to the guru’s place. He bathed in Krishna river, had Dharshan of Sree Guru and went to do his work. Once the guru was meditating on a rock in Krishna river. The guru approached him in deep water and bowed to him. The master blessed him “You shall be a king”.
“Gurudeva! As you blessed shall it happen” he said and went for his routine. The washer man started offering service to the master in wiping his ashram, looking after the cows and other odd jobs.
It was an afternoon of Vaishaka. The prince of the region arrived at Krishna to bathe and for water sport with his wives. The washer man seeing this, thought, the king is the happiest one indeed. I do not know when I might be a king  as the Guru has blessed.
When he later visited the guru’s place, the guru smiled and asked him. What were you thinking today while at work in the river. He revealed his thoughts.
Sri vallabha yati replied: “You shall not aspire now for such pleasures. Let that be. You shall be born as a muslim king near Bidar. We shall meet once again when I shall manifest as Narasimha Saraswathi. Do you want to be happy now or later? He smiled. The washer man could not answer the master’s question. He replied after a moment’s thought.
“Oh My master! Enough of this life. I want to die. So saying, he laid down his mortal coil. Later he was born as a muslim ruler in Bidar as the guru predicted and blessed. Thus Sreepada sreevallabha yati blessed many of various caste, creed and religion. He spent most of his time at Kuruvapur. The master decided to end his avatar. He chose the 12th day of Ashwayuja, Mrigasirsha star & disappeared from this world . But his spiritual body even remains now. We can find Gurusthanam at Peethapuram.

Here ends the 9th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba Sai kindly bless Vinesh and cure him soon.
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Sri Guru charitram

Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

chapter 10

sri vallabha’s glory

Sreepada Srivallabha’s glory inspired Namadharak. He asked siddayogi whether the guru still manifests in spiritual form there. The siddha replied by narrating more about the guru’s greatness.

The great master could manifest anywhere, anytime in any form to any one he chose. Here is one such incident.

There was a Brahmin by name Vallabhesha. He lived by doing a small business. But he never missed the rituals ordained to a brahmin. Everyday he would visit Kuruvapura to have Guru’s dharshan. Once he prayed the master like this: “If I procure more profits, I shall feed 1000 brahmins”. 

He earned a huge profit then. To repay his words of promise, he came to Kuruvapura with the necessary material to feed one thousand people. 

Vallabha had to cross a forest to reach Kuruvapura. He traveled in the night to reach the master’s place fast.

He was waylaid by robbers who killed him and took all he had. The great master learned this and manifested there as a yogi. He saw the cut body of Vallabhesh. People gathered in large numbers. He asked one of them to apply the holy ash to his severed head and trunk. To his surprise, Vallabhesha was reliven.

The robbers turned blind, returned the booty and asked for the Master’s pardon.  Vallabhesha could perform his wish at the feet of the guru.  Thus sri guru always exists in Kuruvapuram. His grce shields the devotee against danger. 

Here ends the 10th chapter of Sri guru charitram.

Sri Gurubhyo namaha!

Aum Sai Ram!

May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba bless Vinesh soon.
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Sri Guru charitram

Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Chapter 11

Birth of Sri Narahari

Siddhayogi was impressed by the devotion of Namadharak in listening to guru’s glory. He continued. Shiva pooja done in the evenings of the 13th day yields wonderful results. Hence the name Thrayodasi pooja. There lived a couple in a village Karanja near Bidar. Madhava & Amba were devotees of Lord shiva and observed Thrayodasi pooja with out a break.

Amba delivered a male child. the baby recited “Aum” instead of the usual infant’s cry. Every one was wonderstruck. The elders predicted that the child would be a great saint in the future. He may become a sanyasi and can solve many people’s problems, they added. The members of the house hold were too happy and infact prostrated before  the new born baby. The child was named Shalagrama deva and Narahari. He was an unusual child always deep in meditation. He would not speak any thing other than the sacred AUM. The parents were panic as they feared that he would turn dumb. They consulted astrologers & doctors. It was futile. Narahari was initiated at the age of seven. As the day of Brahmopadesham approached the parents were afraid whether he could pronounce the Gayatri mantra properly, as a dumb boy. 

The boy asked his father to fetch an iron rod. He looked at it & it turned gold. All were dumb founded! On the day of Upanayanam, the father spelt the Gayatri in to his ears. He did not respond. But at the time of MathriuBhiksha the boy started reciting Rig veda melodiously. A seven years silence was broken to the surprise of all. He later recited Yajur & sama Vedas repectively. Narahari spoke to his mother:

“Amma! You offered me Bhiksha. I shall be an ascetic. Here I go”. The mother stopped him. She was in tears.

“Oh! Narahari! Why do you turn a monk? Do you not look after us?, she asked.

“Amma! I am a sanyasi by birth. The whole earth is my family. There are so many others to be helped. Please allow me to go”; he insisted like Adi shankara. The mother told him that the sanyas is the fourth state of life. After Bramacharya one has to marry, later go to the forest and at last attain liberation by sanyasam. Narahari with a smile on his face then preached the significance of sanyas to Amba. 

Here ends the 11th chapter of Sri guru charitram.

Sri Gurubhyo namaha!

Aum Sai Ram!

May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Thanks Renuka for giving me an oppurtunity to share GC with Spritualindia.Baba bless you.
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Sai Ram

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Thanks, Ravi. It gives me an immense pleasure to contribute Guru Charitra for all our devotees. I take it as a good sign. Thanks Baba.

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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddhayogi narrated in detail how Narahari taught the philosophy of life to his mother. It reminded him of his earlier Datta avatar when He did a similar act to his mother Anusuya. He put them in simple, clear words:
Human body is purely  temporary by nature. One should not believe that we live for ever. Therefore one has to do good and earn virtues. We are not given this physical frame to multiply & waste our inner energies. The cobra called death is waiting to devour any time. Each sunset takes us near by a day to death.
We should keep ourselves active & useful to fellow beings. One should always follow the guide, the Guru.
Narahari prepared himself to leave for Tapas. The mother reminded him of the promise that he would not leave her till children are born to her. He agreed. Later in few years,she gave birth to twins. Soon after this incident, Narahari said:
Oh! Mother! Is your wish fulfilled? Permit me to go then.
The parents let him to go with tears in their eyes. He promised to manifest to them whenever they earnestly prayed. May be after thirty years, the master pronounced. The villagers were also stirred & cried as the great one left for Tapas. But it was inevitable. The master showed them His Dattatreya form for a while. All of them prostrated and cried in ecstasy: JAI DATTA DEVA.
The master started towards North. He reached the  holy Himalayas. He visited Anatha Mutt and came down to Benaras. In Benares, he spent three years and two months in meditation in a secret cave. When he came out, he was received by the ascetics there with ritualistic reception. All were magnetized by the young Sanyasi. Among them was Sri Sri Krishna saraswathy Yati who belonged to the line of Adi shankaracharya. He saw narahari Swamy & decided to make him his successor to the Peetam adorned by the great Vidyaranya, Sree pada Sri Vallabha and other great Yatis.
The elderly Swamiji, on an auspicious day came to Narahari, blessed him and gave him sanyas Deeksha. He named him Sri Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Swamiji. There was a grand celebration.
Sri Narasimha Saraswathi continued his master’s tradition and interpreted the Vedas even to common folks. Many accepted him as their spiritual master . He later visited Prayag, where He ordained Sri madhava saraswathi & others.

Here ends the 12th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!  

Thanks Renuka. Sai bless you always with happiness and peace. JaiSaiRam
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Namadharak was much impressed to learn the glory of Sri guru in His different manifestations as dattatreya, Sree Pada sree Vallabha and now as Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Yati. He made a request to continue the narration.

Sri guru after giving Deeksha to Sri madhava saraswathi as His representative in the north spent a few days in Prayag. This was followed by Upendra saraswathi, Sadhananda, Gnana Jyothi saraswathi swamy & others. Siddayogi, the narrator called himself as his disciple. Sri Narasimha Saraswathi continued his spiritual journey down south. He visited Karanja where he was born. He met his mother, brothers & sister. He blessed them with knowledge & prmoved towards the sacred Godavari river. Godavari was known as Gowthami theertha which sprang upto Kailash. Lord shiva held her in His jata. Then the flow stopped. Rishis wanted this to reappear on earth again. Meanwhile, sage Gowthama had grown paddy near His ashram. One day a cow had come to eat the crop. As it was a cow, he threw a darbha grass on it to drive it away. As the divine will had it, she died. Gowthama incurred the sin of go-hatya. The only way to get out of this sin was to bring down Gowthami again. As Shiva obliged, waters flew as before. Hence the name Godhavari.

Sri Guru bathed in the holy river and turned to Manjarika theertha. He met Madhavaranya & blessed him the moksha. One day some disciples were having the sacred bath with the guru. A Brahmin suffering from stomach ache was getting ready to jump in a suicidal attempt in to the river. The master noticed him amongst the crowd. He smiled at him and assured him that we would cure the later.

A village officer Sayam Deva arrived and hailed from Kada Kanchi. He belonged to Yajur veda shaka. The guru asked him to invite the suffering Brahmin for a dinner. He readily agreed to do so. Sayam Deva also invited the master to receive Bhiksha offered by him. The guru graced his presence and sanctified his home. He was pleased with Sayam Deva’s Bhakthi. He relieved the sick Brahmin from his stomach ache and had dinner with him. Such is the kindness of the master. He made many happy and granted whatever they desired according to their Karma. Eating with the master worked as medicine for many. Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Yati spent most of his time in solving the devotees’ problems. However he did not rest. A great yogi & datta Deva himself, he could do things at his will.
Here ends the 13th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!osperity. Ratna tayi, his sister prostrated before him & sought to permit her to go for penance. The guru advised her to experience worldly miseries because she had sinned by kicking a cow in a previous birth. As a result, she would suffer from white patches in the old age. She can liberate her soul only when she meets Sri Guru again at Ganagapur, he added.

The story of Godavari:
The master then  

Sai bless you Renuka. Thanks
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddhayogi continued to narrate Sri Guru Charitram to Namadharak. The master was highly pleased with sayam deva’s bhakthi. He blessed him that his generation would be guru Bhakthas. Sayam deva was highly pleased at this gesture of the guru.
‘Oh! Master, you are indeed the incarnation of divine trinity. You are Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva in one form. You have taken this avatar to bless us all. I have a special prayer to you. The ruler of this province is very cruel. He takes pleasure in killing a Brahmin each day. My turn has come tomorrow. Please save me’ he prayed.
The master kept his hand over his head & promised ‘Do not worry. I will be here tomorrow. Go visit the king and meet me’.
The next morning, Sayam deva went to the king’s court. As he stepped in, the king’s head reeled and he fell off from his seat. He felt sleepy followed by burning sensation. The arrogant ruler rolled on the floor like a sick child.
‘I can not tolerate this pain sir, please go or else I may die’ he cried. Sayam Deva returned safe to Sri guru. He saluted the master and narrated the incident. The master smiled and blessed him. When sayam deva wished to follow the master, he stopped from doing so ‘Stay back, I will come again after 15 years, not now’ and so saying he left for Puri Vyjanath near Bidar. He stayed there for some time secretly.
Here ends the 14th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!

May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddhamuni resumed his narration of guru Charitram to Namadharak who showed earnest interest and devotion. Once Sri guru addressed his disciples ‘ Listen! You have entered into sanyasa. You are not supposed to stay in a place for more than a day or two. You shouldn’t develop any type of attachment with money or worldly things. Be traveling continuously. Theertha yatra is the best penance for us’, the master proclaimed. Sri guru instructed them  how to proceed. First a yati shall have Ganga snanam. Then a sanyasi shall bath in Yamuna, Kushavathi, Sutlej, Vipasha, Venya, sharavathi and other nearby holy rivers. Then they should visit Badri, Kurukshetra and other holy places. Ayodhya, Mathura, Kanchi, Gaya, Dwaraka and other pilgrim centres should be visited. One shall visit clockwise and return three times in his life.  Sreesailam, Thungabadra, Harihara and other places have to be visited.

After this holy journey, one shall come to Sri Guru’s place-Ganagapur. This Kshetra is on the confluence of Bhima and Amaraja rivers. There is a peepal tree, a holy pond Narasimha theertha exist there. Papanasana, Koti, Rudra theertha and Vinayaka theertha are also nearby. Kalmeshwara shiva temple is on the river banks. It was earlier known as Gandharva Bhuvana and now Ganagapura. When Jupiter enters simha rasi, a bath here blesses with prosperity and spiritual happiness. On Karkataka shankramana and Makara shankranthi days bathing here is auspicious. A holy bath in Krishna-Bhima sangam can solve many worldly problems. There are several such places around. One shall not stay more than five days even in a pilgrim centre. On the bank of Krishna many temples dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu are worth visiting. Narasimha temple, Kolhar, Rishyeshwar ashram are other holy places which are sacred to see. Sage Viswamithra realized Gayatri mantra at Shweta shrungha on Krishna banks.

Certain rules have to be observed while bathing in rivers. After Karkataka shankranthi, river waters are supposed to be polluted for two months. Ten days in Greeshma ruthu are also not auspicious. One has to avoid holy bath on such days.

Thus saying Sri Narasimha saraswathi sent his disciples for pilgrimage and stayed back at Puri Vyjyanth. “I was with him, lucky am I” said siddhayogi.

Here ends the 15th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Sai Datta bless Renuka always. Thanks
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddhayogi resumed the narration of Sri gururcharitram to Namadharak.  ‘We stayed at Vyjanath for one year’, he added.

One day a learned Brahmin approached the great master and prostrated before him. He said, : “Holy sir! I have mastered the veda, vedantas and observed Tapas. But I do not know anything about myself. Please impart Jnana to me.”

Sri guru smiled and replied: “ How did you do all this without a Guru?”. The Brahmin said he had a guru who would always ask him to do impossible things. He didn’t teach him anything; but asked him to be calm. So he returned to the house leaving guru’s ashram. Then the master quoted an episode from Upanishad, told in the adiparvam of Mahabharatha.

There was a boy by name Upamanyu in the gururkula of sage dhowmya. He was undergoing studentship along with AAruni & Bynda. Once the guru asked the Aaruni to stop water in his fields which was out- flowing. Aaruni went to the field. He slept like a log and stopped the out-flow.

When AAruni did not return even after sunset, the master went near the field and called him by his name. He blessed AAruni with knowledge, sent him back to marry and settle down as a house holder.

Another day Guru called Bynda. He told him to cut paddy and stock in the ashram. After working for a few hours, he could do the job. But the cart he was pulling got struck in the watery fields. He fell in the mud.

When Bynda did not return late in the evening, the guru went to the field, lifted the disciple and sent him to his house. He blessed him all the knowledge he had. He told him to become a house holder and start a family.

The master wanted to test Upamanyu. The boy was taking cows to graze and was a glutton. He would eat a lot and sleep snoring. He never showed interest in learning. Once the master ordered him to come to the ashram only in the evening.

Upamanyu returned. He had stealthily gone to beg alms and the Guru objected to it. The next day he drank milk and appeased his hunger. When the master raised  his objections for this, he drank the juice of Arka plant(a poisonous juice). He became blind. Blind Upamanyu fell into a ditch. The master searched for him. When he called him by name, he replied from the ditch. He lifted him up, requested the Doctor divinity, the Ashwins, to restore his sight. Upamanyu got back his sight. Dhowmya blessed him with all knowledge and sent him home.

Upamanyu later started his Gurukula and trained many boys in Vedas and made them scholars. Such is Guru’s powers.

Thus the Guru narrated the anecdote  from scriptures and asked the Brahmin to seek a guru. Only then he can have full fledged learning. Learning books is of no avail, he added.

The Brahmin sought the Guru’s blessings and very soon he got it. A touch of Sri Guru made  him  a spiritually realized soul.

It was nearing an year after the master arrived at Puri Vyjanath. He decided to move on to Bhilwadi, on the banks of river Krishna. He sanctified the Bhuvaneshwari temple there with his divine presence.

Sri Narasimha saraswathi yati, then decided to stay under the Audumbura tree on the left bank of Krishna.

Here ends the 16th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba Sai bless my friend Renuka always. JaiSaiRam
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddhamuni continued thus:
As Sri guru took resort under the holy Aaudumbhara vriksha, devotees thronged in large numbers to seek his blessings. The master blessed them all. After a few months, he decided to stay alone in a secret place.  But the devotees got to him like the calves reaching the mother cows, when they are hungry.

There was a Brahmin in Karaveerapura, a scholar in Vedas. His only son was a dull boy. People around him teased him as dull headed. The boy was disgusted and decided to end his life. Before this, as divine will had it, he decided to have the holy darshan of Sri Bhuvaneswari. He fasted for three days at the Kshetra. He cut his tongue with a knife and placed before the Devi out of desperation.

Sri Bhuvaneswari appeared before him and said:
‘Son, do not lose hopes. Go to Sri Guru near audumbhara. Seek His blessings. He is the divine trinity who can give you everything.

As per Devi’s instructions, the Brahmin left for Sri guru Dharshan. The Guru identified him from a distance as a cow would recognize her calf. He prostrated before the guru and composed stotra in his praise.
Here ends the 17th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Sai bless Renuka always. Thanks!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Sri Narasimha saraswathy swamy stayed a few days at Bhilwadi and visited Varunasangam. In other two days he reached the banks of Krishna river where several pilgrim centres dot the area. The master visited the Pancha ganga. The confluence of Shiva, Krishna, Bhogawathi, Saraswathi and Kumbhi rivers. It is also called Amarapuram. Sri amareshwara Shiva is worshipped there. He stayed here for twelve years. Many devotees visited him during this rare occasion. The guru blessed them all. He never looked for caste or learning. All that he expected was a child like devotion and pure love.

There lived a Brahmin in Amarapuram. He was learned but suffered from poverty. His learning was not  recognized by moneyed ones .Once Sri guru visited him uninvited. The Brahmin felt ashamed at his poverty. However he offered him some cowpeas he had grown in the backyard.
“Look! Your poverty shall go! You will prosper”, so blessed the guru. Strange is the behaviour of the great. The guru did a strange thing before he left the brahmin’s house. He took out the cowpea plant from its roots and threw away. The poor brahmin’s wife was annoyed. She ridiculed the guru. But the  Brahmin who believed that Guru is next only to god and a moving god pacified her. He started digging the soil to remove the roots of the bean plant. Much to his surprise, he heard a metallic sound from the earth. Later he discovered three copper pots filled with gold coins. He took these pots as guru’s gifts. The Brahmin immediately rushed to the place the guru had resided. He narrated the incident and sought his pardon for his wife’s rebukes.

The Guru said:
Doesn’t matter. Poverty might have made her to speak so. Go home. Do not tell the wealth you got. Live a happy life. Offer whenever you can to the poorer. Never eat alone. Keep your dependents happy. May Lord bless you.

The satisfied man returned home and lived for a long time helping those in trouble. He was a regular visitor to Sri Guru’s place thereafter.
Here ends the 18th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Sai bless Renuka and her family always. Thanks!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddhamuni continued to narrate the glory of Sri guru and his yogic attainment. He had a strong reason to choose audumbhara tree for his presence.

When Lord Narasimha killed Hiranyakasipu to bless Bhakt Prahlad, he was very furious. To cool him, Lakshmi applied some audumbhara (ATTI) fruits to his nails. The Lord then blessed audumbhara tree, “You shall be a blessed tree. Your mere dharshan will relieve poison and evil spirits. Those who meditate sitting under you shall attain yogic powers. I shall reside with Lakshmi in you always”. The Lord proclaimed. Hence Sri Narasimha saraswathi selected audumbhara tree to sit.
During his stay in audumbhara kshetra, the master didn’t go out for alms. The villagers wanted to see how the master could survive without any food. They deputed a servant to guru’s place.
It was one afternoon when the hidden villager saw from a distance Guru’s strange but wonderful powers. He was shocked, ran back to the village and took a long time to narrate what he saw there.
There was a paddy field near guru’s ashram.  Sixty four yoginis assembled there serving the guru  with the choicest fruits, milk and sweets. They offered him incense, flowers and water. He was bathed in perfumes and water first. Then the master ate very little and walked with them over the fully flowing Krishna river.
The owner of the field stealthily followed the guru and the yoginis. Krishna water gave way for the divine group. After a while they saw a city of brilliance and splendour, many devotees of the master had assembled there, prayed and welcomed him.

After a moment, the master turned back to the man who followed them and spoke thus:
“Why did you come here?. Do not reveal to any one what you have seen here now.” The farmer asked Guru’s mercy and prayed: “Oh! Great one! You are indeed the divine trinity. Please pardon me.” When he opened his closed eyes, he was back in his fields. He found a pot full of gold and silver coins there. He turned noble, shared the money grains and prospered.

It was magha pournima day. The farmer revealed to the master  his desire to have a bath in the holy Ganga. The master smiled and said: “Do not worry. Let us go to Ganga now, Hold my shawl”. The farmer held the tip of Guru’s saffron cloth. He was at Ganga a while after. He bathed in Ganga, had Vishwanatha shiva’s Dharshan and was soon back with the master.
Sri Narasimha saraswathi yati wanted to be in isolation for some more time. He installed annapoorneswari, left His padukas for the devotees to have dharshan and decided to reach Ganagapur for deep meditaion.
Here ends the 19th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

SaiBaba bless our Renuka and her family always. Thanks!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddayogi was impressed by Namdharak’s total devotion to Sri guru. He continued to narrate the greatness of Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Avatar of Sri guru. He narrated another instance of guru’s grace on even ordinary people of those days.

Shirol is a small town near Gulbarga. There lived a Brahmin couple, Sadananda and Parvati. They were generous, god-fearing and kind to all. They kept their doors open to guests. But they had no children. They were very much worried.

Once sadananda enquired a knowledgeable  elder about his misfortune. He learnt that he was a miserly one in his earlier birth.`He had loaned one hundred rupees from another Brahmin of shounaka gotra who had breathed his last without repayment of the debt, which is why Sadananda was haunted by the spirit of the dead who cursed him to be without any progeny. Those born were dying in a few months.

Some elders advised him to perform that brahmin’s last rites and give the hundred rupees he had borrowed, to a person from shounaka gotram. They also advised him to seek blessings from Sri Guru.

Parvati was worried. She had no money to repay the debts; knew none from shounaka gotram. She was worried. Then on a certain day, some one advised her to go to Bhima – amaraja Sangam, have a bath and worship Sri Gurupaadukas. This would certainly relieve her from the miseries, they added.

She left the next morning to Audumbhara. After a bath in holy sangam, prostrated before the Guru Paaduka and fasted for three days.

On the night of these days, she saw the spirit of the dead Brahmin. He asked her to repay the debt or else said he would trouble the family. Then the Guru stopped him in the dream. He addressed the spirit: “Do not bother this innocent woman. Be content with whatever she repays. Otherwise, I shall punish you”.

The spirit got scared. He readily agreed and asked: “OH! Great one! How can I come out of this ghostly form? I feel like amid the fire forever. Please save me”.
Sri guru blessed the spirit and assured that after ten days, his ghostly form will disappear and it would be liberated. It happened later. The Brahmin woman had a dream of Sri guru blessing her with two fruits.
The great one blessed her: “You shall have two sons. Do what we tell you” and told her some observances. She did these.
Parvati delivered two male kids in a few months. The elder one was bright and clever.
At the age of five, she wanted to perform upanayanam for the boy.  But to her utter dismay, he died of epilepsy. The parents were shocked. They believed that he was Guru’s gift.  How could he die? They wondered.

The couple didn’t cremate the boy’s body. They fervently prayed Sri Guru of ganagapur. Later in the evening, a brahmachari came there. He advised her to sprinkle the vibhuti of sri guru on the body.  Soon the boy got up as it were from a slumber.
Here ends the 20th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba Sai bless our Renuka always. Thnaks!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddha yogi continued to narrate Gurucharitram to namadharak. Sri guru explained the death and temporance of life to the woman. We have all come from five elements of nature; our physical frame goes back. Again we take a new garment of another form. Affection, lust, greed, dissatisfaction follow.
Satva, rajas and tamas express good, ordinary and cruel nature. A jnani does not bother about death. He loves death and invites it, when it comes. Our body is made of flesh, fluids, bones, blood and other constituents.
The cycle of Birth, death, days go on and on…. When one is dead, we should think that is  the start of another life. Do not attach unnecessary importance to life. The guru enlivened the Brahmin boy to show that life is temporary.

People who had come to perform last rites of the boy were shocked. Some even grumbled it to be black magic. But many of them knew Sri Guru’s mystic powers.

The boy opened his eyes and cried for some water, he was hungry. The couple took the boy to the audumbhara and offered pooja at the Gurupaadhuka.

The boy got up and melodiously started to sing in praise of Sri Guru. Such is the sanctity of Guru paadukasthan at Audumbhara kshetram. Many witnessed this unbelievable incident. All were in praise of the Master. They prostrated before Him in love & devotion, The Guru proved Himself as Mrutyunjaya-one who has conquered death.

Here ends the 21st chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba Sai bless Renuka always. Thanks!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddha yogi continued to narrate Gurucharitram to namadharak. When the Master arrived at Ganagapur, he stayed near the sangam with out revealing to the public. He resorted to a peepal tree, very close to the sangam.

Once Sri guru went to a poor Brahmin’s house for alms. He had a buffalo which never yielded milk. Hence he had rented out the animal to a farmer and some how led a living with poverty.

The house holder was not at home when Guru visited. His wife welcomed the Master & offered Him a place to squat. The Master asked, Mother, I am hungry. Can I get some milk here? The lady shy fully explained her plight. She told the master why the unyielding buffalo was hired out. She expected the husband’s arrival soon.

The Master smiled and asked:
Amma, why do you tell a lie? Your buffalo can give milk. Get some milk soon he said. The lady had to go near the buffalo with a vessel, as she believed His yogic powers. To her surprise, she got two pots of milk from the buffalo.

The Guru drank some milk. He gave back another pot and blessed. “Let there be prosperity in your house always”. So saying, He left to His ashram.

The Brahmin’s wife narrated this incident to her husband soon after his return. The couple made a visit to Sri Guru Matham next day and prostrated before Guru.

Here ends the 22nd chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba bless our Renuka always
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddha yogi continued to narrate Gurucharitram to namadharak. His greatness spread like parijatha flower. People from different parts of the country thronged to have Guru dharshan.

Sri Narasimha saraswati yati blessed them all. None returned with out a wish granted or spiritually enlightened. His fame reached far corners of India. Though He stationed Himself in Ganagapur, devotees from North, East and west directions sought His blessings.

He was the celestial tree and celestial cow for the seekers. The poor Brahmin blessed with prosperity through his cattle made a good living thereafter.

On a certain day, a farmer approached him for asking his buffalo on rent. He politely refused. He narrated Sri Guru’s grace and showed the milching buffalo. News of this miracle reached the village head.

The village head visited Sri Guru’s ashram the next day with choicest fruits, flowers and gold. Sri Guru asked him not to offer them to Him. Instead he could help those in need. Why did you arrive here? I am an ascetic who does not have anything. Do not bother me with worldly gifts and offerings he said.

The villagers prostrated with their leader and one among them spoke:
Oh! Great master! You are the Divine Trinity on Earth. We have learnt your kindness, grace and powers. Kindly bless us all and accept our little offering though your kind self is not in need of them. Please be here with us. We shall build a Matam for you. Please accept our small request.

Sri Guru agreed and soon as Ashram was built in Ganagapur. Villagers arranged a grand procession of Sri Guru. The procession stopped in front of a land lord’s house. There was a huge peepal tree opposite the house. Sri guru wanted to stop a while there. When He came out of the palanquin, there was a thunderous noise. A Brahma rakshasa haunting the house hold and the village spurted out from the tree. It stood before the Master in human form.

The spirit bowed & said, Oh! Great Master, All my sins have dissolved on your Holy dharshan. Show mercy on me & save me from this treacherous form.

Sri guru blessed him and ordered him to bathe in the sangam. The evil spirit lost its form after the holy bath & attained Moksha by Master’s grace. The holy Master solved miseries of many. He did not expect any thing in return. It was a motherly affection to those who sincerely believed in Him.

Master also taught a lesson or two to those who came with a mal intention. Those who teased Him verbally or spiritually or physically returned speech less after turning to Him as disciples.

Once a group of scholars wanted to test the knowledge & scholarship of the divine Master. They arrived at His monastery with elaborate preparation.

The leader of the group entered the premises. To his surprise he saw Lord Narasimha, his own house deity and bowed before Him.  In a moment, He saw Sri. Guru. All His followers surrendered.

Here ends the 23rd chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!  

Sai bless Renuka and her family always.
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddhayogi continued to narrate Gurucharitram to namadharak. He described how the Master removed the pride and ignorance of people who thought big of themselves. A proud scholar by name Trivikrama Bharathi was from Kumsi near Bidar. The Master knew this by His yogic vision. One day He called a disciple and said, let us visit Kumsi. I want to meet the great vedic scholar there.

Trivikrama  Bharathi was an Upasaka of Lord Narasimha. On that day he was mentally worshipping the Lord. But to his amazement he couldn’t concentrate for a long time. He was disturbed during meditation.

 He woke up from meditation and looked out. He found a saffron clad Swamiji and His disciples. For him, the swami ji looked like his Lord Narasimha Himself. Earlier, he had ridiculed the Guru as a man of miracles and black magic. Now he realised and felt ashamed.

When the retinue reached nearer, Trivikrama bowed to the Master and prostrated before Him. He with folded hands prayed to Him,‘Oh! Guru! You are indeed great. Pardon me; you are an avatar of the Trinity. I ridiculed you earlier by ignorance. I was interested in verbal arguments and debate than real spiritual path. I wasted my time with out knowing the path of Guru Bhakti and dedication. Please pardon me’.

The Guru blessed him. He said ‘look, do not think little of other spiritual masters, Do not decide by scholar ship, the status of a yogi. Jnana and Bhakti are important. One should follow the path of vairagya. Take care of your inner self and spiritual evolution. Stop fighting with grammar and scholarship. Verbal knowledge never helps any one in self attainment, Words do not reach the supreme. They stop in the middle. You shall be liberated soon, He blessed.

Trivikrama greeted the Guru, offered Him pooja and Bhiksha and was now a changed person. Thus the Guru changed iron to gold. Whoever came in to the Master’s fold, never erred. They walked in spiritual path of Divine love and bliss.

Here ends the 24th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

SaiBaba bless Renuka always.
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Namadharak, impressed by the Siddhayogi’s narration asked him, Oh! Great one! What happened when the Master was on his tour to Bidar and surroundings. Please tell me”

Siddhayogi narrated the happenings. There was a Muslim ruler in Bidar. He was against Hindu gods, Vedas and Brahmins. In fact he even made fun of them. He some times made vedic pundits recite Vedas in his presence  under the threat of life. If some one refused, he would put him to death. At times, he would award them with clothes and gold. He was insulting vedic culture. Those helpless Brahmins could not oppose him. 

Some greedy scholars went to his palace, recited Vedas and got money. Those who were noble fled the region for safety. Once he invited two Brahmins to recite the Vedas. They did. He was impressed. He asked them, “what do you want as  gift?”

The proud pandits told the king to call vedic scholars of the region for a debate. Some attended. A few went there, had to surrender with a letter of defeat. Both of them, full of pride, received huge money and certificate from the king.

When they arrived at Kumsi, they invited Trivikrama Bharathi for a debate. Trivikrama did not surrender. He basically argued with them and sent them to ganagapur for a final debate with Sri guru himself.

Trivikrama said I am not interested in further arguments with you. I do not believe in worldly victory or failure. If you feel to argue more go to Ganagapur. Sri Narasimha Saraswathy Swamy stays there. If you win Him, You will get wholesome fame. Please go.

The two scholars left to Ganagapur in the palanquins gifted by the Muslim king. Trivikrama accompanied them. On reaching ganagapur, he went in and briefed the Master about them. The Guru called them in.  He offered them seats and said, “Look! Vedas are Eternal. Knowing the Vedas in full is impossible even to gods. No need to argue”. This silenced the pundits who invited Guru for an argument in grammar and logic.

Here ends the 25th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!  

Baba Sai bless Renuka and her family always. Thanks!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddhayogi continued to narrate Guru Mahima to namadharak.  Sri Guru advised haughty scholars that Vedas were born on their own. That is God’s manifestation. Veda vyasa compiled Vedas and preached. He imparted His knowledge to Pyla, Pyngi, Jaimini, Vyshampayana and Sumanthu Rishis.

The disciples propagated vedic lore on the earth. Sri Vyasa himself, a jnana avatar  of Sri Hari composed Maha bharatha to common folk.

Sage Bharadwaj made a study of the Vedas for long, but he could understand only a small part of veda. Hence he performed tapas and pleased Brahma. Brahma  manifested to him and spoke:
“Vedas are endless. Look!” He showed the  vedic scripture, very huge.

Bharadwaj expressed his limited capacity to learn veda. Then he gave three handfuls of scriptures to him and blessed him.

Sri Vyasa imparted  Rig veda to Pyla. He described its form. Rig veda purusha is red in colour. He belongs to Atri gothra. He has wide eyes and handsome looks.

Aswalayana, apasthambha, sankayana, Bhashkala and Mandukhya are Rig vedic authorities. Ayur veda is Rig veda’s subsidiary veda.

Yajur veda has Dhanur veda as it’s subsidiary text. It is in Tristhubh meter. The yajur veda purusha is copper red in colour and has white complexion.

There are 86 branched of veda, shwetha, shwethaswathara, mythriyani are the three versions. Vyasa taught shiksha (Recitation), Vyakarana(Epitomology), Jyothisha (Astrology), Niruktha and chandhas (Metre) to Vaishampayana. He compiloed the Vedas and classified them. Jaimini was taught Sama veda, Music is its subsidiary veda. Atharvana veda was taught to Sumanthu. Manthra shastra is its Upa vedha.
This way, Veda vyasa preched four Vedas to His disciples.

Sri Guru explained the origin and expansion of the Vedic lore to the scholars. He asked not to sell Veda for money. He advised them to use Vedic knowledge for spiritual enlightenment and not for exhibiting scholarship.

The pandits insisted for a debate on the veda. Sri Narasimha Saraswathy Yati asked them to come the next day for debate.

Here ends the 26th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba Sai bless our Renuka always. Thanks Baba.
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddhayogi continued to narrate Guru Mahima to namadharak.  The haughty vedic pundits did not budge. They insisted that Sri guru should Himself argue. The Master warned them:
“Do not fall like flies in to burning lamp. Come”

The Master called one of the lay men there and blessed him. The man felt shocked as he was a man from  another town, a low caste labourer.

He made one of his disciples to draw seven lines on the Ground with His danda. The Master asked him to cross the first line. The man replies ‘I was a hunter’. When he crossed the next line he revealed he was a fisher man on Ganga bank in previous life.

The man remembered his previous births as Shudra, Vaishya, Kshatriya and after the seventh line, admitted he was a brahmana scholar of Varanasi.

The Master then applied Vibhuti on his forehead and let him argue with pundits. The lay man tackled and defeated them also. He could quote vedic hymns in perfect intonation. Blood came out of the pundits mouths. Afraid they were, fell at guru’s feet and asked pardon.

Sri Guru asked them to get punished as they had insulted  the veda and Hindu culture. He told them to go to Ganga banks as Brahma Rakshasas. After 12 years, they would get out of this curse when they would meet a Brahmana for seeking His blessings. Guru’s curse materialized. Pundits died.

They were born as Brahma Rakshasas and suffered for twelve years and later liberated by a Brahmana. The lay man had become a brahmana and prayed the Guru to bless him with moksha. Before this Guru told him about reincarnation.

Here ends the 27th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba bless Renuka and her family always. Thanks.
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
The Master narrated the previous births of that man.  One’s sins and virtues follow forever.

A disciple who cheats his preceptor, one who has no good character, sells utensils of household use, lowers his dignity by selling woman takes a mean birth.  A person, who ill-treats parents, eats on other’s income, insults the veda shall be born in low social status.

Men who sell vedic knowledge for money, cheat friends, insult a guest has to suffer severe disabilities in their next births. A servant who cheats a helpful Master, one who intentionally troubles others, disturb job of others, all these have to suffer severe punishments later.

The Master said, one who casts his eyes on other women, has an illegal relation with other’s wife,  will get severe punishments. He may end up as born blind also.

Trivikrama heard all these and all his doubts were clarified by the Master. Master, what is the remedy for all these, he asked.

Sri Guru said, there are remedies for all these. Bathing in river waters, observing certain rules, chanting the sacred Gayatri Mantra, fasting etc. are sure remedies.

One may openly confess his sins in the public and get relieved of it. Visit to pilgrim centres, bathing in Rama Sethu, all these will surely purify a sinner.

Panchagavyam prepared by the five sacred things of a cow – Milk, curd, ghee etc. can be taken for purification.

Sri Guru Said, go to Sangam and take a bath there.  You will be relieved of all your sins. You shall be back as a Brahmana again.

The man replied, please initiate me with the Mantra yoga and bless me. The Master asked him to get purified only after next birth. But he wouldn’t oblige. His wife and sons prayed for him. Then Sri Guru explained him the greatness of Vibhuti Bhasma.

Here ends the 28th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba Sai bless renuka and her family always. Thanks Baba.
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddhayogi continued to narrate Guru Mahima to namadharak.  The Master revealed to his scholar disciple Trivikrama on the greatness of vibhuti, the sacred ash.

During Krita era. There was a sage by name VamaDeva. He was penancing at Krouncharanya in south. Once the sage encountered with a demon. The latter opened its mouth to swallow him.

The sage did not bother at all. But when the demon touched him, he was enlightened by the Bhasma on the sage’s person. He did pranams to the sage and accepted that all his  sins were washed away by his very touch.

The ghost-turned Brahmin now appeared in a human form.  He revealed his previous births. He was born as King Durjaya, given to bad habits and cruelty. After his death, he was pushed to the hell. Later he had to take births as dog, crow, pig, owl, elephant…24 births in all. This ghost was his twenty fifth form. He suffered hunger and physical pain and misfortune. His ghostly form, was removed by a  mere touch of the Bhasma applied by VamaDeva.

Sage VamaDeva narrated the greatness of the Holy ash. Earlier Lord Shiva adorned Himself with ashes. It was followed by Gods and sages. This is an anecdote connected to the holy ash.

Once there lived a man by name Chamasa. He had discontinued all good customs. He ended up in evil company, had evil friends and was morally deprived.

When he died, no one performed even his last rites. Later his dead body was eaten up by a dog. Incidentally, the dog rolled on the ashes of the crematorium.  This Bhasma had a blessing effect on chamasa’s dead body. 

Yama’s servants had arrived to take him to hell. At the same time, Shivadootas arrived to take him to Kailasa. Yama had to oblige Lord shiva’s order. He passed an order to His messengers not to touch the dead when they are sporting Bhasma, chandana and vermillion on their person.  Hence the Brahma Rakshasa was liberated from his horrible janma.

VamaDeva continued. Once Bhagawan shiva was addressing the Devas who asked him how to save the sanathana dharma. He advised them to apply sandal paste, Bhasma and Gopichandana on the forehead and other eleven parts of the person. This works wonders as a saviour from evil spirits and evil thoughts.
Thus Sage VamaDeva taught the greatness of the holy ashes. Meanwhile a heavenly chariot arrived to take the liberated ghost to heaven. VamaDeva blessed him and saw him off.
Here ends the 29th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba Sai bless our Renuka always. Thanks Baba!!!!!  :)
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddhayogi continued to narrate Guru Mahima to namadharak.  Once in Ganagapur there lived a gentle man, Gopinath Satwalekar at Mahuri. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Dattatreya.

Satwalekar had an agony. The couple had several children who died soon after their birth. Later he observed a Vrat in the name of Datta deva and was blessed with a son. He named the child as Datta. Datta was initiated with gayatri Mantra at the age of five. He was a very sharp and healthy boy. The parents got him married to a girl of respected family.

As divine will had it, Datta suffered severe illness. The parents and the in-laws did what best they could do. But all medication, poojas, offerings did not cure him. The Vaidhyas conveyed to the parents that he may not survive for long.

Datta’s wife had a strong faith in Sri Guru. She took sick Datta to ganagapur before she could reach Gurusthan, datta breathed his last. She was left with the dead body, she cried and remembered the Master.

Sri guru appeared there as a Sadhu, he told her,  “Death is unavoidable for all those who are born. Now learn the art of living in spiritual path. This is pre-decided”.

He starterd teaching the conduct of an ideal woman as a house keeper.

Here ends the 30th chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Baba Sai bless Renuka and her family always. JaiSaiRam
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddhayogi continued to narrate Guru Mahima to namadharak.  The Master then preached the sacred duties of a woman in case of her husband’s death. Dharma needs to be safeguarded always. He quoted an anecdote from skandapurana to highlight the greatness of Pathi vrata dharma.

Sage Agasthya was in Kashi with his wife Lopamudra. Mean while, Vindhya had a tiff with him. Once sage Narada played a small trick with him. He made fun of Vindhya Mountain as smaller than Meru, which was outgrown.Vindhya was in rage and suddenly started to grow.

People on either side of vindhya could not look at the sun as he was an obstacle. The sages complained this to Lord Indra and Brahma. They requested the great Sage to solve their problem by taking pride out of Vindhya. Infact, Agasthya had helped them earlier by consuming Ocean waters.

Agasthya approached Vindhya to solve the problem of south Indians who could not perform Sandhyopasana properly without recognizing Sun rise or sunset.

Vindhya welcomed the sage. He saluted him and bent his head in honour. The sage ordered him to wait for him till he  returns from South(which he never did). Hence Vindhya lessened his height and people breathed a sigh of relief.

Sage narada, learning this, visited Agasthyashrama and praised Lopamudra’s greatness as Agasthya’s wife which empowered the sage to help the southerners.

Lopamudra is regarded as greatest of women. Anasuya, Arundathi are both wives of Rishis, Sanjana and Swaha are wives of Agni. Suniti, mother of Dhruva also belongs to this Nari panchaka group.  Hence Pathi vrata dharma can work wonders.

A devoted wife has to follow certain rules. This is called Pati Vrata Dharma. She has to look after the husband, parents-in-law and the family. She shall not do anything with out her husband’s knowledge and permission. . she should always be clean, well-dressed and sport Kumkum and other auspicious things. Cow has to be worshipped everyday. She shall follow all decent manners befitting the dignity of the house hold. Laughing in an indecent manners, poking into other’s affairs, loaning unnecessarily, impulsive buying are all evils. A lady shall never do all these.

A devoted wife shall always keep  her family’s interests than her own.  She shall not hide anything from elders and her husband. The husband should also respect her. A good wife only makes a home.

In case of husband’s death she shall not leave these basic mannerisms. She shall lead a simple life. She has to divert her attention to children when they are young. Then she can continue in the spiritual path of life. Thus siddha preached datta’s wife the duties of a devoted wife.

Here ends the 31st chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddhayogi narrated the duties of a house wife to all women through Namadharak.  Incase of unfortunate and untimely death of the husband, the woman has to follow certain discipline in her routine.

She shall eat once a day with simple, vegetarian diet.  She has to avoid all luxuries and perfumes in order to avoid unnecessary attention of other male folk.

A widow shall wear white or red clothes and avoid jewels and costly dress. She shall do whatever is fit to her husband’s welfare in his next life or heavens.

So saying Sri guru as a Siddha blessed Datta’s wife. Savitri, his wife wanted to burn herself with her husband’s pyre as Sati. The siddha blessed her with Bhasma and Rudraksha. He also advised her to sprinkle holy waters of Sangam on his dead body and soon disappeared.

Datta’s wife bathed in Sangam, gave offerings to women and was ready for the last rites of her husband. Meanwhile she went to the guru’s place near the Aswatha tree where he was meditating. Sri narasimha saraswathy swami ji blessed her “Ashta Puthravathi Bhava”(Have eight children). So saying he gave her Bhasma.

People gathered there were surprised. When her husband is no more, how can she get children? They wondered. However guru’s blessings will not go a waste, they knew.

A Brahmin went to Sri guru and reported the situation. He smiled and rreplied. ‘Bring the body here’ They brought his body and Guru Himself made a disciple to sprinkle water from his kamandala.

Datta got up as if from a deep slumber! He got up and asked: May I know who this Yati is? When the happy wife related whatever had happened to him, he bowed before Sri Guru.

One of those in the assembly of devotees asked Sri guru: “When all know that the dead can not be brought back to life, as it is the Creator’s will, how was this possible?”

Sri guru with a divine smile answered him, It is true. But I have recalled 30 years of life from his next birth. I am here to save my children.

All of them were wonderstruck and praised guru’s Mahima.

Here ends the 32nd chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddhayogi continued to narrate Guru Mahima to namadharak.  Datta and his wife spent a few days in the holy presence of Sri guru. Savithri told the Guru how a yogi appeared and gave her sacred ashes at the time of Datta’s death.

Sri Guru replied: “It is me. I wanted to bless you couple. Rudraksha is very powerful. Listen:
Rudraksha is always blessed with Shiva’s grace. 24 rudraksha beads are to be worn. Neck, hands have to sport them. There is an event which details the greatness of rudraksha.
There was a ruler in Kashmir by name Bhadrasena. His son Prince Sudharma was a good friend of Taraka, his Minister’s son.

As boys they were brought up together.  They were devoted to Lord shiva. Always they liked to apply Bhasma and wear rudraksha. They did not like to wear the ornaments of the royal family.

Once sage Parashara visited the palace. Bhadrasena told the sage about the peculiar behaviour of these boys. The sage revealed their earlier births.

There was a woman in Nandigrama who looked after a hen and a monkey in her house. She had named them Shiva and Shankara. Once a merchant visited her house. He was sporting Rudraksha in his arms.He had a diamond shiva lingam. She requested him to give it to her. Unfortunately her house was burnt. The merchant felt bad as the shiva lingam was also burnt. The monkey and hen also died.

The merchant fell into fire and killed himself. The woman was ready to immolate as she loved him. Lord shiva appeared to them and blessed them with shiva lokha. The monkey was born the prince and the hen as Minister’s son. Parashara concluded the story and told him that is why they continue to be devotees of Lord shiva.

Here ends the 33rd  chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddhamuni narrated what Sri guru spoke to Datta and his wife on Rudradhyaya, Bhadrasena requested Parashara to predict the future of his son. The sage told him that there are only seven days for him to die.

The king was very sad. “Oh! Great sage!  You please tell me if any solution to this exists”
Parashara asked the king to meditate on Lord shiva. Asked how to do, he narrated the greatness of Rudradhyaya.
Lord Brahma created the veda, Upanishads and was always chanting it. He taught rudradhyaya, a powerful prayer, to Atri, marichi and  other great rishis. A recitation of Sri rudra will solve all the worldly miseries of people.

Once it so happened that the number of people who went to hell was an all time low. This was the result of the shiva pooja and reading of rudradhyaya  by them.
Brahma suggested  a way. There are people who recite rudradhyaya unclean with out religious discipline. You can punish them he said. Those who perform shiva pooja to please others could also be brought to hell, he ordered.

Thus saying Sage Parashara advised king Bhadrasena to arrange for rudrabhishekam.
The prince died. Parashara sprinkled holy waters on the dead body. Lord shiva soon manifested with his Ganas. There was a fight between them. Yamadootas ran away. Later Lord Veerabhadra blessed the prince to live another hundred years.

Thus shiva pooja reciting rudradhyaya is of immense blessed effect. Those who, with devotion do this shall not suffer untimely death. They live long and healthy. After shiva’s will and grace, they reach the abode of Lord shiva Himself.

Sage Narada appeared there and blessed the prince. Thus he was saved by the power of rudradhyaya.

Here ends the 34th   chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddhamuni narrated SriGuru’s Mahima to Namdharak. Datta’s wife requested Sri Guru to initiate her a sacred Mantra. But The Divine Master said: ‘A woman need not chant any mantra. Her household work and devotion to husband can do this help to her. I shall tell you the story of Devayani, the daughter of Shukracharya.

Sanjeevini faiths:
In Kritayuga, after Deva Asura war, Shukra, the Guru of Asuras, saved them. The asuras again continued their war. It went on for several years. Devas prayed Lord Shiva to teach a lesson to shukra. His Vahana Nandi brought him to Shiva, who devoured him.
Later Shukra came out of Shiva from his sweat and again started guiding asuras. Devas now thought of a plan to reduce his mantra shakti and powers of demons by some way.

It was known to Devas that imparting of Sanjeevini mantra which shukracharya had mastered to six will reduce his  power. Therefore the Devas decided to send a clever brahmachari to him.

Kacha,  Brihaspathi’s son was best suited for this act. He was very clever and sharp. When he approached Shukracharya’s Ashram., he had doubted his whereabouts. But handsome as he was, Devayani, his daughter fell in love. She insisted the father to accept him as his student.

Kacha served the guru well and impressed him. He was one of his dearest disciples. Asuras, after learning this killed him when he had gone to bring firewood from the forest.

Shukra understood this. His daughter compelled the father to save him. Shukra obliged his daughter’s request and saved him from Sanjeevini Mantra which brought him back to life. Again he was killed for the second time. When they burnt his body, they made the Guru to drink the water in which his ashes had been dissolved. Then Devayani requested him to teach her Sanjeevini Mantra Vidya. He told her that a woman can not hold the mantra for long. But she wouldn’t budge. Helplessly, the father initiated her the mantra.

Now, when Devayani recited the mantra, Kacha came out of shukra’s stomach by tearing off. She had to use the mantra again to enliven shukracharya.

Later, Kacha refused to marry her since they were from the same father; a brother can not marry his sister. She cursed Kacha to forget the vidya he had learnt from shukra.  Kacha cursed her back to forget the mantra and to marry an asura.

Thus, shukra lost the power of his Sanjeevini mantra as it reached six people. The divine master hence told Datta’s wife that mantra vidya is not all. Instead he taught her shiva pooja on sixteen Mondays  as equivalent to any mantra.

These Mondays are observed in chathur maasa-4 holy months of ashada, shravana, Bhadrapada & ashwayuja

The sixteen Monday vrata is called Sola som vara which is like Kamadhenu and kalpatharu to a lady. The divine master then gave her illustrative example of the greatness of Shiva pooja.

Here ends the 35th   chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddhayogi narrated gurucharitram to Namadharak, who listened to him with devotion. Sri Narasimha saraswathi yati, after narrating the story of Devayani’s greed how it made a mantra useless, told her about the sure and successful way of shiva pooja on 16 Mondays.

During Kritayuga, there was a ruler by name Chitravarma. He was a shivabhakta, leading kind and courteous life. He had a daughter by name Seemanthini.

The astrologers predicted the child as short-lived. One of them told that she would live only for 14 years. The royal couple were very much worried. Seven years passed by. Once the girl overheard the parents talking about her short life span. She prayed Yajnavalkya’s wife Maitreyi and expressed her misfortune.
Maitreyi convinced her. “Oh! Princess, I am happy to learn your foresight. But do not forget your day to day work by believing in prediction and astrology.  However, you observe Sixteen Mondays Of shiva pooja. That will solve most of your problems. Then she related 16 Somavasara vrata vidhanam. Seemanthini followed Maithreyi’s instructions and observed Shiva pooja.

A few days later, chitrangada, son of Indrasena of Nishadha was chosen as the bride groom for Seemanthini by elders. Seemanthini’s marriage was celebrated in a grand manner.

Chitrangada spent a few happy days with her and unfortunately was drowned in  Yamuna, on one of his water sports.

Afterwards, he reached Nagaloka.  He was taken to Takshaka, the Lord of snake Gods. But Thakshaka obliged on request, to send back chitrangada to the banks of Yamuna with guards.

It was a Monday. Seemanthini had come there to perform Shiva pooja on the banks of Yamuna, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a young man on a horse.

The youth approached her, bowed to her, and gave a message that Chitrangada shall be back in a day or two. Seemanthini held this in her heart and she did not reveal in the palace.
Meanwhile chitrangada’s father Indrasena was captured by enemies. Chitrangada released his father with naga’s help. He reached seemanthini’s place. A few days later, with the help of shiva pooja Chitrangada was crowned as the king of Nishadha country and seemanthini was the queen.
Thus His divine grace Sri Sri Narasimha saraswathi Swamiji narrated the greatness of Shivapooja on 16Mondays.
Here ends the 36th   chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Siddhamuni continued gurucharitram narration to earnest Namadharak. Once there lived a vedic scholar in Ganagapur. He lived by collecting alms for daily living. His wife would always jeer at him and advised him to earn a living by his vedic recitation. But he did not heed to her requests.
A rich and greedy man arranged for a mass feeding one day. But the vedic scholar did not show his interest to take part there. His wife approached the Divine Master and requested him to order the brahmin to attend the mass meal and enjoy food and dhakshina.
The Master obliged the woman and asked the brahmin to attend the mass luncheon. The meal was being served. But to the couple’s surprise, they felt as if they were being served and treated like street dogs and pigs. Both disappointed,obtained the host’s permission and were back at home.
The couple shared a similar feeling while the husband ridiculed his wife for having compelled him, she felt sorry about her greed. They came to the master’s place.
As he saw them, the divine Master smiled: Did your wish fulfill? How was the lunch?  It must have been wonderful!
The woman fell at Master’s feet and admitted her folly for forcing the husband to eat out. The master turned to the Brahmin and said: You need not worry. As a house-holder, you have obliged your wife’s request.
At this point of time, one of the disciples asked the master:Oh! Divine Sir; is there any rule to have food outside the house as detailed in sastras?
His divine Grace quoted from Parashara smriti on these stipulations. One can have food in his guru’s house, and in the following places. Maternal uncle, father-in-law, temple, a saint’s ashram. They are safe places for us to have food, only on invitation of love.

One shall never have food in a miser, banker, corrupt and the house of a person who has thrown his parents away. A gambler, money lender and an unhygienic person’s invitation shall not be accepted for lunch.

Dress code for a house holder:
A house-holder has to follow certain mannerisms in dress code on occasions.  He shall not wear saffron or torn clothes. He shall not wear a wet cloth or a dirty one. He shall always apply chandan, kumkum, vibhuti on his forehead. One should follow customs of elders. Sporting 12 namas, with vibhuti, sandal paste or gopichandan  is important. The 12 places of these sacred anoints energise our 12 energy centres. Surya namaskara, sandhyopasana are to be observed as per tradition. Elders are the guides for these customs.

Religious discipline:
Sandhyopasana has to be performed by all those who had Upanayanam or Guru’s upadesha.

Morning sandhya has to be observed a moment before sunrise, evening before sun-set. Gayatri mantra has to be meditated for at least 108 times.
Elders called pitru devatas, 42 in number have to be given tharpanam. In the death of a father, son has to continue this. Death ceremonies have to be observed without hesitation. Though simple it shall be a decent, personal affair.
Lord Yama has to be appeased by Yamatarpanam. These 13 names of Yama are to be recited. Yama, dharmaraja, Mrityu, antaka, Vaivastava,Kala, Sarvabhutakshayakara,Audumbhara, Niraya, Parameshti, Vakrodhara chitra & chitragupta are these sacred names. By this tharpanam our sins shall be dissolved. Thus sri guru taught the secrets of Dharma.

Here ends the 37th   chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!  

Baba Sai bless all your devotees with peace and happiness always.
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Sri guru of ganagapura imparted ritualistic & spiritual knowledge to those who came and requested for guidance.

Parashara Smriti details about spiritual discipline to be observed by those who follow vedic scriptures. GOpooja Suryopasana, Gayatri japam, worship of idols and Homa are important. By offering pooja to shalagrama, all sins could be warded off.
A house-holder shall not worship stone, wood or metal idols with out guru’s permission. An idol shall be thumb length and not too big. Daily worship brings prosperity to the family.
There are ways of saluting the god, guru and elders. God has to be saluted to the right of the idol. Parents are to be respected bowing straight to them. One has to fold hands in doing so. Elders’ feet have to be touched.
At the end of pooja and pranams, whatever food is ready, one has to offer to god. Any guest who comes during lunch time has to be invited for food. Cow has to be fed with a morsel of food.
A house-holder has to eat twice a day. Broken and copper plated have to be discarded. Food shall never be thrown out. Anna is god, says Upanishad, while eating one shall not speak. Darkness, crematorium, temple premises are to be avoided by a householder for food.
After food, one has to remember Agasthya and Hanuman. Soon after food, one shall not sleep. While going to bed in night, Aastika, Agastya and other  chiranjeevis have to be remembered. One shall never sleep in Shiva temple, bank of a river and other unknown places. Thus the divine Master taught His disciples.

Here ends the 38th   chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!

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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Siddhayogi narrated gurucharitram to Namadharak the next day. Namadharak was filled with devotion and wonder. He remembered Sri guru’s name repeatedly.
Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Swami was easily available to the poor and needy. Those who were blessed with prosperity donated liberally to gurupeetham for a noble cause. The divine Master never touched money. He would ask a disciple to give away money, food and clothes to the needy.
Once a poor man wanted to offer whatever he had to the Master. He reached ganagapur & stayed there to have guru’s dharshan in the morning. He witnessed how devotees were treated there. He was surprised how he could do his might.
Master sent words to him the next day that he would accept only his offerings. The poor man gave away whatever he had with him to the cooks. They prepared food using the material.
The Master had invited many for the luncheon. Leaf plates were put in order after swami ji’s pooja. One of the cooks ran to the Guru and revealed that the food prepared was enough for only three.
Sri guru went in to the kitchen , sprinkled water from His kamandalam and spread a saffron cloth on that. He instructed the cooks to serve food to all without taking off the cloth. People started eating food. They got ‘Ichha Bhojana’-whatever they wished. Spicy food, sweets, savouries –whatever they wishes were served to them. It reminded of Sri Krishna’s grace and Dattatreya’s avatar. All those who ate praised the Guru and the host. The poor man took food later.  Whatever food was left was thrown into flowing Bhima waters for aquatic creatures. Thus guru’s grace worked like akshayapatram of Mahabharatha.

Here ends the 39th   chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
There lived in Ganagapur an old couple somanatha and Gangathayi. They were childless. The woman would daily visit the divine Master’s monastery and offer whatever service she could.
Once the Master asked her why she visited him each day and what problem she had. She said: Oh!Divine sir! Earlier I prayed for progeny. Now I feel the spiritual path is the best for liberation than having kids. The master said you shall have them and be liberated also. She could only think that the Master is cracking a joke.
The divine Master told her that it was not a joke but god’s words. He advised her to take rounds of the Ashwatha tree, which is Sri Narayana’s form.
The woman followed Master’s instructions. She would bathe in Sangam and take as many rounds as possible. She had a dream. There she found a brahmin blessing and telling her to meet Sri guru, who would grant her what she wished.
On the fourth day, the woman had Sree Guru Dharshan. She was given two mangoes as Prasad. The Master told her that she would have a boy and a girl shortly.  She could end her fast and get back to normal life.
The woman at advanced age gave birth to a girl.
People were shocked. She brought her to guru Sannadhi and got His blessings. The woman asked Him about the male child. The divine Master smiled and answered. Do you need a long lived fool or a thirty year living scholarly son? She preferred the latter. The Master pronounced thus “Let it be so”, and retired to his room.

In a few years, Somanath couple had a son, a scholar. He also performed Soma yaga. Thus a childless woman also could have progeny by Guru’s grace.
Here ends the 40th   chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!

[move]May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Story of Narahari

This happened when sri guru was at Ganagapur. A person by name Narahari approached him. He was suffering from leprosy. Though a vedic scholar he was outcaste by the villagers due to this disease. He wanted to have Guru dharshan and end his life there.
The divine master welcomed him with a smile. He gave him a very uncommon remedy. Look at that dried branch of Audumbhara tree. Plant the twig on Bhima banks. Worship ashwatha tree there and water the twig. You will be cured of leprosy.
Narahari followed the Master’s orders. He planted and watered the Audumbhara twig for seven days. People ridiculed him. But his faith in guru never decreased. He was doing what the Master had advised.
One day sri guru narrated a story from Skanda purana to him. There lived a king Simha kethu in Panchala desam. His son Dhananjaya once went out for hunting to the forest. He had taken a hunter along with him for assistance.
The hunter saw a broken Shivaling lying there. He requested the prince to tell him the method of shiva pooja. Shiva pooja has to be followed by Abhishekam. Lord Shiva likes Abhishekam than any other seva. His wife helped him in shiva pooja.
Once, the hunter could not procure ashes for pooja. His wife then decided to die in fire and offer the ashes to the Lord. The hunter worshipped shiva with the ashes from her dead body.
Later, the hunter’s wife came in. He was shocked! Asked how this happened, she said she was in deep slumber and did not know what happened. Lord shiva manifested thereafter and blessed the hunter that he would be a king in the next birth. Such is the greatness of shiova pooja.
Thus the Master explained the greatness of Shiva pooja and convinced them that Narahari’s sincere pooja would give him whatever he desired. Soon the dry twig sprouted out and grew as a large Audumbhara tree. Narahari was cured of his leprosy. He now had good health and complexion.
Sri Guru was highly pleased with his faith and blessed him the saraswathi Mnatra. Narahari soon became a scholar poet. He composed a prayer Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Ashtakam in Sanskrit. People called him Vikhyata Yogi. His family lived long be the Divine Master’s grace.
Here ends the 41st   chapter of Sri guru charitram.

Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!  
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Sayam deva blessed

Namadharaka requested siddha to brief him about his own ancestors from sayam deva, who was blessed by Sri guru. Sayam deva was an officer in Muslim kings rule. Later he left his job and went down southward. On leatning the divine Master’s presence in ganagapur he went near him. He promised to spend later part of his life in the Master’s service. Sayam deva served the guru in His mutt for three months.
Once His divine grace wanted to test Sayam deva’s faith in guru. The Master created a strong breeze and rain. Sayam deva held his upper garment as cover to guru. It was getting dark. The Master ordered him to bring some charcoal to keep himself warm. Sayamdeva reached the Monastery & was on his return. He found it very difficult to reach the Master. When he came near him, he found two serpents coming out of guru’s place. Sayam deva kept an oven of coal before guru, bowed & stood silent. Pleased, Guru narrated him the greatness of profound Bhakthi in Gurudev.
Once Tvasta, one of the creators, sent His son Vishravas to Gurukula. The Guru there assigned him some impossible task. ‘Bring me a cloth to shield the roof of my Ashram. Let it not be woven. Also bring me a pair of sandals which do not allow water or mud to stick to them. I shall be able to go wherever I like wearing them on. The Master’s children asked him toys of ivory.
The disciple set out for forest to fetch these and sat under a tree thinking how he can fulfill their desires. Vishravas saw a sadhu coming near him. When he saluted him, he told him not to worry and added that going to Kashi would fulfill his desires, which were ridiculous otherwise.
The sadhu gave him hints on useful Kashi yatra. He took him to Kashi by his yogic powers. Bathing in Manikarnika, they had dharshan of five Ganesha idols there. Later they made visits to God Vishveshwara, Visalakshi, Bhairava, Annapurna and other temples.
Next to Kashi, they visited Manasa sarovar, Saraswathy, Bhootha papeshwar, Ganga and Yamuna rivers. Thus a pilgrimage to Kashi would be very auspicious and earns virtue.

Here ends the    42nd chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

A vedic episode

Siddhayogi narrated how the divine Master glorified Kashi yatra to vishravas. Lord shiva gets pleased and grants favours to those who visit this Kshetram atleast once in their life time.
Vishravas followed his Master’s advice and Lord shiva manifested to him and granted whatever he wished for. He installed a shivalingam in his name and was soon back to guru’s hermitage.
Thus, sayamdeva learnt from Guru and granted him the Yatraphalas. He composed a prayer in honour of SriSriNarasimha Saraswathi yati.He was allowed to stay with sri guru later.
Sayamdeva’s wife Chowkhataayi also joined him and served the divine Master. His first son Naganatha was also blessed. The Master advised them to discontinue the services under Muslim rulers, observe Ananta Vrata. You have prosperity and alround progress, he added.
Greatness of ananta Vrata:
When Pandavas were in exile, they had to face a lot of problems. Then Lord Sri Krishna manifested there and taught them to celebrate Ananta chaturdasi on 14th day of Bhardapad month.
Ananta Padmanabha is a form of Vishnui who exists everywhere. Earlier, many rishis have observed this vrata.
There lived a brahmana by name Sumanta. He married Dheeksha, daughter of Brughu. They had a daughter by name susheela. Sumanta married again a woman by name Karkasa to look after Susheela after Deeksha’s death.
After Karkasa’s marriage, susheela was ill treated by her  step mother. By performing the sacred Ananta Vrata, sumantha was able to overcome this problem. Sri guru narrated the sanctity of Ananta chathurdashi in Bhadrapad. Sri Krishna advised pandavas, to observe this vrat, when they were in forest to get benefits of this vrat. Lord Vishnu Himself is worshiiped on the 14th day of Bhadrapad masa. He is existent in all-Sun, Moon, Stars, Oceans, Mountains and why in each atom of Universe. This vrat was observed by many in the past.

Here ends the 43nd chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!  
Sai Datta kindly bless us all.
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Ananta chaturdasi Mahima

Siddhayogi continued to narrate gurucharitram to Namadharak. He extensively quoted the divine Master’s sayings.
He continued Sumantu’s story. After he lost his wife, he married sabala, who was cruel towards Susheela.  Sumantu later performed the marriage of his daughter to Kaundinya. He kept the son-in-law and daughter with him for a few days.
Kaundinya waas desperate on his ill-treatment by his mother-in-law. He decided to make his own home, and set off.
Sumantu wanted to provide some useful utensils, to his daughter to make a house hold, but Sabala did not allow him to give even a grain. He could hardly give her a small bag of broken wheat and send her off.
Susheela followed her husband and halted near the banks of river godavari. She saw some women performing a certain pooja there.  On asking them, they guided her how to perform it.
One of the elderly ladies told her that Ananta chaturdasi is being observed there. It is very dear to Lord Vishnu. Please join us. Susheela followed their instructions and performed ananta Padmanabha vrata.

Later, the couple continued their journey. After a while a group of people welcomed them like royal couple with royal formalities. The poor man couldn’t understand the divine comedy.
Kaundinya, ascended the throne of the region and ruled for years. One Bhadrapad chathurdashi day, he found Susheela wearing a red thread in her neck. Asked about it, she told him that it is Lord anantha’s safety (Holy) thread.
She also added that only after performing ananta Vrata, they had procured this grandeur & prosperity. But proud and foolish he was, Kaundinya tore off the thread and threw it into fire.
Soon, his prosperity fell like a pack of dried leaves. He befell in to an ugly poor man, losing all he had. The king turned a beggar on insulting the divine grace. Like a mad person, he went in search of Ananta.
He, at last after several days of walking  in forest came across Ananta as a Brahmin and merciful god blessed him again on his sincere request. Thereafter Kaundinya ruled for long.

Here ends the    44th  chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Guru is godly

Once there was a person, a weaver by profession with the Guru. He used to clean the surrounds of monastery and watered the plants there.
It was a Mahashivaratri day. His parents wanted to visit Sri Shailam for shiva’s dharshan. But the weaver said wherever my Guru is present is shivakshetra to me. He is Mallikarjuna for me. I will not join you.
The Master insisted him to go alongwith his parents to SriShailam. But the weaver firmly said: I need not go anywhere. Srishailam is here.The Master kept silent. The weaver as usual did his work and served the Guru also. On the morning of Trayodasi Sri guru bathed in Sangam, meditated and completed his Hamsa Mantra japam. He sat near the peepal tree on a deer skin.
The weaver also bathed in Sangam, applied vibhuti and prostrated before the divine Master. The Master smiled and said Have you ever seen SriShailam? If not, are you interested to go there. He replied I shall  act according to Master’s will.
Sri guru ordered Him to go hold his sandals and close his eyes. The weaver obeyed the Master’s orders. When Sri guru asked him to open his eyes, he saw Sri Shailam. He ordered him to bathe in Pathalalanga and come. He met his parents and several other pilgrims who had taken  several days to reach the Kshetram. They asked him wonder-struck. Guru Krupa, he replied. They laughed.
After bath, he went to Shiva temple to have dharshan. To his surprise, he  saw Sri guru in the place of shivalingam. He offered pooja and returned.
The weaver shared His divine experience with the Master. He smiled and replied: The Lord is everywhere. But each Kshetra has  a sanctity. That’s why people throng there. The Master narrated to him the Mahima of Sri Sailakshetram.
SriShaila Mahima:
There was a humter by name vimarshana, who ruled a tribal region. He was brave, cruel to animals and a terror. But he was a devotee of Lord shiva. His wife Kumudawati was very pious and noble. Once she asked her husband why he was devoted to Lord shiva even being cruel. Vimarshana thought a while and narrated to her his previous birth as a dog  and she a pigeon.
The pigeon was once attacked by an eagle. But the bird went round Sri shaila Hills. With this virtue, it was born as queen of vimarshana.
Vimarshana continued that he would rule Pandyas in the next birth and she as his wife. Sage Agasthya shall guide him and impart spiritual knowledge.
Later, the Pandya king, Padmavarman, does penance meditating on Lord shiva. At the end, the royal couple would reach shiva’s abode.
Sri guru narrated to the weaver the hunter’s story and sri shaila Mahima. He was asked to shut his eyes for a while, as before. He was back in Ganagapur with ther Master. Disciples, who searched for the Master were surprised.

Here ends the    45th  chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Master blesses dull-wit
Siddhayogi narrated Namadharak the miracles of the Master. There was a Brahmin by name Nandi, who suffered from leprosy. He had visited goddess Bhavani at Thuljapur, Chandala Parameshwari at Mahuri and other Kshetras.
Later Chandala Parameshwari appeared in his dream and asked to go at once to ganagapur where Dattavatar Sri guru existed. She instructed him to serve him for assured cure. The Brahmin did not take this to heart. He thought when Devi is unable to cure my disease, what a Swami can do?
Devi appeared in the temple Priest’s dream and repeated her instructions to   send Nandi to Ganagapur. Nandi had to oblige him,. He started off and reached Ganagapur. He had to wait for the Master’s dharshan.
Sri guru returned from Sangam after bath to his monastery. He enquired the whereabouts of Nandi. He prostrated before him and revealed his problems. The Master ordered Somanath to take the leper to sangam for a bath. He also told him throw away his clothes into water and wear new clothes.
Nandi followed Master’s instructions. He was miraculously relieved of his leprosy. He had a small scar left. This is because of his suspicion in Sri guru’s powers. On prayers, he could get rid of the patches.
The Master blessed him with poetic abilities. He composed prayers in praise of guru and was called Kavishvara Nandi. Sri Guru’s fame spread far and wide and people in large numbers came to him for peace, solace and Divine blessings. Some took him to their places and offered Gurupooja with devotion.
Once devotees of Hippargi, a village near Ganagapur took Sri guru to their village. They received him at Kalmeshwara temple and felictated him.
There was a poet by name Narasimha. He believed in Kalmeshwara and no other divinity. Everyday he would visit the temple, compose prayers in shiva’s honour and felt happy. He did not come to the temple on Sri Guru’s visit as he felt it was futile to meet a saint.
Some people went to him and invited to have dharshan of sri guru. He refused politely and sent them back. When he was in deep meditation, Narasimha could see a saffron clad yati sitting upon Kalmeshwara Lingam. He realised his own misconception of the Master.
The Master welcomed him with a smile. Come here Narasimha. How is it you are here? Havent you decided not to see me? Narasimha fell on Master’s feet and asked for pardon.
The Master readily blessed him and said he was not wrong. He was destined to worship Lord Shiva, he added. But Narsimha wanted to accompany the Master to his monastery. He composed many songs and prayers in honour  of Sri Guru.
He was in ganagapur for a long time to the Master’s  service.  

Here ends the    46th  chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Guru manifests in seven places

Siddhayogi continued to narrate gurucharitram to Namadharak. The divine Master was being invited for pooja and religious honour by the villagers for quiet long. But he would not leave ganagapur usually.
Once it was a Deepavali day. People from seven villages arrived three days before the festival and invited the Master. Then the village head and the leaders of Ganagapur arrived with their invitation for the festivities.
The Master smiled and said: I have divine love towards you all. But how can I honour 8 invitations the same day. But I shall attend. You are all my children. You can have your wish fulfilled. He sent them with phala and mantrakshatam.
In the evening he sent words for the leaders of ganagapur and told them that he would not go anywhere and that he would attend their festivities. Earlier he had told the other villagers to wait for him on the Dhantrayodashi day. But also warned them not to reveal this to others.
The Master manisfested in those seven villages on that day and was felicitated. He was present in His monastery in ganagapur also. Then people of seven villages around Ganagapur were happy because the divine Master obliged them.
They took him in  a procession, offered padapooja and cows for the Monastery. The same day he was honoured at a public function at ganagapur. None was aware of this except the Master.
After Deepavali, people gathered at Ganagapur to attend Gurupoornima in Karthika maasa. Each one of them was describing the festivities in guru’s presence on Deepavali day including people of Ganagapur. Wonderstruck all of them approached the guru and realsied that the Master had manifested in 8 forms at different places on the same day, same time with His child-like benevolent smile.
Devotees again realised the supremacy of the guru and praised His kindness towards all. Some composed Bhajans in His honour in Kannada, Marathi & Telugu languages. The Master had no language barrier. He could converse to them in their own language. Each one of the devotees thought that he spoke in his own mother tongue. He was at ease equally with scholars who discussed Vedanta with him.
The divine Master entertained devotees by narrating stories from vedic scriptures. He quoted Ramayana, Mahabharata &Gita. But always insisted that these are only paths to know reality. Thus Guru manifested his powers.  

Here ends the    47th  chapter of Sri guru charitram.
 Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!  

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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
Barren land yields by Guru Mahima

Siddhayogi narrated a poor farmer’s Guru Bhakti to Namadharak. This farmer’s fields were located on the way to Sangam from Ganagapur. That year he was very lucky to have maximum crop. Earlier, he had very less or no yields.
Every day he would come to the Math of the guru,offer him obeisance and go to work. He told very happily about his good crop to the Master. He showed the crop to the Guru. The Master said, well, Iam going to sangam for a bath. Cut all the crop by the time I return.
The farmer’s family members and village head objected this. But the farmer wouldn’t hear. He believed in what the Master ordered. He cut the crop by the time he returned. The Master laughed ‘I told that for a joke. Why did you follow my orders?’ He just replied that the guru’s words are law to him. The Master blessed him and returned.
Villagers ridiculed him. He was called a fool, who cut the crop before it was ripe. But he didn’t respond. His wife and son also disagreed with him.
Soon summer arrived. There was no water for fields. All the other fields have dried out, But the farmer’s  land yielded extra crops, he could help others. Then there was a heavy down pour. All other fields were washed away, but the farmer’s land again yielded maximum crops.
The farmer couple went to have Guru dharshan and thanked him profusely for the favours done to them. He paid the taxes, kept the grains for himself and gave grains free to the poor. Its all Master’s grace, he accepted. He donated to the temples, Brahmins, orphans and the poor.
The couple worshipped the Guru and arranged for poor feeding, thus Guru Bhakti saves us from all problems.

Here ends the    48th  chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Importance of Guru Mahima

Siddhayogi narrated Gurumahima to Namadharak. Wherever Guru resided, turned out to be a Kshetra. Ganagapur, a small village drew crowds in large numbers.
The Master never initiated any one any Mantra. He just asked them to live a true and simple life. Whatever may be our occupation we shall do it honestly. We shall be content with what we get. More we yearn for money, farther it goes.
Satsang-company of righteous was what he preached them. Once he told his disciples to have tristhali yatra. It was Aswayuja Shuddha chatrhurdashi. Tristhali means Kashi, Prayag & Gaya. When the disciples wondered how he said we can have it here. Amaraja & Bhima have six holy ponds. They are very auspicious. He narrated the greatness of Amaraja Sangam.
There was a demon by name Jalandhara. He was very powerful to drive away Gods  from heavens. He sat on Indra’s throne. Gods went to Lord Shiva to rescue them. Prayed to them:
Shiva gave them a pot of amrita and asked them to sprinkle on dead gods. Indra enlivened them and took nectar to heaven. On the way, few drops fell on earth and flew down as a river. A bath at Sangam removes sins and physical agonies.

Magha masa, Mondays, ekadashi, Amavasya, Paurnima, Sankranthi are some of the holy days for bathing in Sangam. Peepal tree opposite to Sangam is very auspicious. There is a shiva temple called Sangameshwara.
There was a Brahmin Uddhava by name in Nageshi. He was a Shiva bhaktha. One of his relatives called him to Kashi. He politely said, My Kashi is Sangam.Vishwanatha manifests here. You can go. And sat deep in meditation after bathing in sangam.
Lord Shiva manifested to him. Uddhava re   quested him to bring Kashi to him. It was granted, Many who had gathered there, saw this rare vision. His family and relatives thereafter called Aradhyas started towards Pandarpur in Maharashtra. Such is the greatness of Sangam.
Sri Guru blessed many, gave Moksha to some, granted wishes of all. His sister Ratantayi came to him. He remembered his earlier promise and cured her of lukaemia.
Papanasini, Koti, Rudrapada, chakratirtha, Gayatritirtha are some of the ponds near Sangam. This Kshetra is equally sacred as Gokarna. Sri guru thus said:’When you are blessed with holy tirthas here, why do you go to Kashi? All bathed with Guru and got blessings.

Here ends the    49th  chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo Namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!  
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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum

Satsang’s Glory

Siddhayogi narrated the latter part of Sri Guru Charitram to Namadharak. Earlier, the Master had blessed a Washerman that he would be born as a king in the next birth. This materialised. He was born as a sultan in Humnabad near Bidar. Due to previous janma’s Satsang and Guru’s grace, he was behaving different from other Muslim rulers. He worshipped cows, gods and Vedic scholars. Khajisa were angry with him.
Those Hindus worship Stones, trees and Cows. They are foolish. If you do so, you have to suffer in hell. They warned him. Sultan did not heed him. He said: Allah exists everywhere. Each Being has him in it. Do not blame them.
Once the king suffered from a tumour in his thighs. He called in vaidhyas, who couldn’t cure it. At last he sought the counsel of his Brahmin Minister. He said:It is your previous janma’s deed. You have to give some gifts or offer pada pooja to a Guru. He asked him whether there is any great saint like this. He narrated Sri Narasimha Saraswathy Yati’s greatness in detail. He also advised him to seek Guru’s blessing after bathing in Sangam waters.
The Sultan reached Sangam when a Swami met him on his way. He wished him and asked him for a solution. He just told him only by serving  a Guru, this could be cured. He cited an ultan to reach ultan example from ancient lore.
In the city of Avanti, there lived a Brahmin, who fell into bad company. When he was in the house of a public woman, a Sadhu arrived and asked for alms. As a result of serving him, she was born as a princess in the next birth. The Brahmin was born as a Prince. By some bad women he was poisoned. They were sent to distant forest. Both suffered from wounds all over their person. The Prince died later. But due to Sage’s grace, he was made to live by Bhasma.
Hence the Swami advised Sultan to reach Ganagapur and have Sri Guru’s dharshan. All were surprised to see a Sultan in Ganagapur. The Master saw him at a distance. He called him by name and asked Are you happier as a king than a washerman.
The Sultan prostrated before the Master, remembered his earlier birth and praised him. The Guru asked him to show him his wounds. They had already disappeared.. He was highly thankful to the Master. The Sultan invited him to his palace in Bidar.
Later the Divine Master was kind enough to grace his presence to visit the Sultan and bless him at his palace.
After all these and more incidents, the Master decided to stay back at Ganagapur and not appear in public. He had one more round of Godavari yatra with a few disciples and back in ganagapur. He spent some time near Audumbhara and always in His Monastery. He decided to conclude His avatar.

Here ends the   50th  chapter of Sri guru charitram.
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!  

Kindly bless me for all my prayers Sai Datta. JaiSaiRam

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Sri Gurubhyo namaha – Hari Aum
The conclusion

Siddhayogi concludes the gurucharitram narrating the last days of the Master’s public appearance. He bathed in Godavari with his disciples and expressed a desire to leave ganagapur to SriShailam.
The divine Master gave them a message. ‘I shall be present in audumbhara, always. You can worship me there after bathing at Sangam and taking round to the peepal tree.’ He started towards Sri shailam with a few disciples. He sent Sri Krishna saraswathy, Balasaraswathy, Upendra Madhava Saraswathy to various directions to preach Veda dharma.
On arrival at sri Shailam the Master ordered one of His disciples to make a boatof flowers for him to go around Patala-ganga.
It was a Friday, Magha suddha padami of Bahudhanya Samvatsara(AD1461)
‘I have decided to get into patala ganga. Do not worry. I will always be with you. After a while you will get back the flowers through the waters.That is my prasadam to you.He said as his last words to His sishyas.
With tears in eyes, the disciples bid him a farewell in Patalaganga. After a while a boat man returned and reported to have seen the guru on the other banks.
They saw flowers floating towards them. They took them as guru Prasad. Siddhayogi showed an eternal flower which he had preserved to Namadharak.
Namadharak was in spiritual ecstasy on hearing the 51 chapters of Sri Guru Charitram.
Siddhamuni said:
Gurucharitram is Kamadhenu and Kalpavriksham. It relieves pain, poverty and miseries. A hand-written guru charitrram gives unimaginable boons.
Ganagapur looked blank after Guru’s disappearance. But at the Gurpaadukasthan and Audumbhar & Peepal trees devotees always felt the Master’s presence.
Siddhayogi explained how to make a paarayan of Sri Guru Charitram. Sri Guru Charitram has to be read with devotion with clear minds uninterrupted.
It could be read in two ways:
Sapthaha krama:
1)   Day 1      - Chapter 1-9
2)   Day 2      - Chapter 10-21
3)   Day 3      - Chapter 22-29
4)   Day 4      - Chapter 30-35
5)   Day 5      - Chapter 36-38
6)   Day 6      - Chapter 39-42
7)   Day 7      - Chapter 43-51
Each Thursday reading one chapter takes one full year to complete the work. After parayana, Gurupooja and feeding to elders and learned brings prosperity & well being.
Thus Sri Guryu charitram ends. At the end, Namadharak realized thatSiddhayogi is none other than the Divine Master who manifested to grace him and us, the readers forever!
Sri Gurubhyo namaha!
Aum Sai Ram!
May Lord Sri Dattatreya bless us all!

Sai Datta bless us all. I am so thankful to Renuka ji of starsai family who made it possible to post the concise version of GC. Sai datta bless her and her family always. Sai Datta  shower your grace on this auspicious day, Guruwar. I am happy I am able to finsih GC on a thursday. Thanks to Baba who made me post each chapter everyday. JaiSaiRam