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Title: The Blessed Ones
Post by: SS91 on April 14, 2012, 08:26:23 PM
Justice  M.B. Rege


(Originally given under the name Chinna Kistna Rajasaheb Bahadur B.A., LL.B.)
 Saraswath, aged about 50, Interior of India 11th June, 1936.

I look upon Sri Sai Baba as the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. I did so before His mahasamadhi in 1918 and I do so now. To me, He is not gone. He is, even now.

To me, he had no limitations. Of course, when he was with us, there was the fleshy tabernacle. That was prominently brought to our notice at times. But mostly the infinite aspect of His was what remained before me. I thought of him as a mental or spiritual image, in which the finite blended very perfectly - yet allowing the finite to appear before us at times. Now that the body has been cast off, the infinite alone remains, as 'Sai Baba'.

I am not after metaphysics and philosophical conundrums. Sai Baba occasionally talked in mystic language and used parables freely - which, however, were construed in widely different ways by different listeners. Once he talked to me in the mystic way and asked me whether I understood him. I said 'No'. Others were present then. After they left, I told him that I did not grasp mystic utterances and that if he intended that I should grasp anything he should speak to me in plain terms. After that he spoke to me only in plain words and not in parables.

A short account of myself is necessary to show how I came to Sai Baba and how he filled my life and became my all in all.

Our family God is Durga - Santa Durga of Goa - a Bhadra form and not a Rudra form. I used to worship her and pray that she might ever keep me happy. Later when I was about eight years old, I had my sacred thread initiation and learnt my Gayatri and Sandhya. These I had regard for. I was thus naturally led on from Durga to another form of God. i.e., Narayana or Vishnu. Vishnu as pictured in "Dhruva- Narayana" made a deep impression on me, and I constantly meditated on that picture. When I concentrated or tried to concentrate on Vishnu, Dhruva's figure frequently obtruded and so I cut off that portion of the picture and continued my meditation. I made a special appeal that in that blank space in the picture, (i.e., in that vacancy) Vishnu should place me. I had even as a boy practised Asana and Pranayama. I could pass one or two hours sitting in Padmasana or Siddhasana and concentrate for at least fifteen minutes, a single picture holding the entire field for my attention. I did all this without a Guru. I succeeded in Pranayama also to some extent. In this way my meditation on Vishnu or Narayana was fairly intense. This continued till my twenty-first year. Then (i.e., 1910) one day, I was either sleeping and had dreams or I had trance visions - I cannot say what they were. But the following three experiences I had in the course of one night.

As I was in the lying posture on my bed, I felt a change. I was perceiving that the body lay separate and I was disengaged from it - disconnected or unconnected. I was different from the body; and in front of me stood the figure of Vishnu Narayana. This ended; and about an hour later, a second incident followed. Again my body lay there on the bed. I was outside it. Sri Vishnu Narayana was standing before me. And by his side stood another figure. Sri Vishnu addressed me and pointing to the other figure said "This Sai Baba of Shirdi, is your man; you must resort to him".

will be continued...
Title: Re: The Blessed Ones
Post by: SS91 on April 15, 2012, 08:32:47 AM

The third incident or vision followed soon after - after about the same interval perhaps. I felt I was moving in some strange way. It was like levitation in the air. I came or was carried thus to a village. I found some one there and asked him what village that was. He said it was Shirdi. I asked him, "Is there any person named 'Sai Baba' here?" "Yes" he answered, "come and see". I was taken to the mosque. There I saw Sai Baba. He was seated with legs outstretched. I went and reverently placed my head on his feet. He got up and said, "Do you take my darshan? I am your debtor, I must take your darshan," and he placed his head on my feet. Then we parted.

These visions impressed me greatly. Before that time I had seen a picture of Sai Baba in the usual seated posture and I knew nothing more about him. I did not then know that Baba often sat with both legs outstretched. Some time later, I started on my first visit to Baba and Shirdi, and tried to verify my visions and to see if Sai Baba was my destined sole Guru as indicated in them.

When I went to Sai Baba at the mosque, there were many others with him. I went and prostrated, placing my head on his feet. He then said, "What! Do you worship a man?" At once I retreated some distance and sat. I felt the rebuff very keenly. I had, it is true, my scholastic notions that men should not be worshipped; and thought Sai Baba was hitting at me for going to him, with such notions lingering in my head. Between two stools I was coming to the ground. My scholastic idea of not worshipping any human being had been undermined and practically sacrificed; but I had not been accepted as a devotee by the Guru as I expected - from my visions. I felt deeply mortified and continued to sit for some hours. Then all had cleared off, leaving Baba alone on the floor of the mosque. That was in the afternoon. It was believed that none should go to Baba at that time, lest any serious harm should be inflicted as a penalty for the intrusion. But in my state of mind, such harm did not deter me. The main or single hope with which I had gone to Shirdi seemed to be blasted. What more was there to fear? He might beat me and crack my skull. Let him. With such ideas, I went nearer and nearer to the place where Baba sat. While I was some yards off, Baba gently beckoned to me to approach him. Thus encouraged I went and placed my head on his feet. He at once hugged me, bade me sit close to him, and thus addressed me: "You are my child. When others, i.e. strangers are in the company, we keep the children off". My apparent rejection or expulsion earlier in the day having been thus satisfactorily explained, I felt the full force of his deep and intense love for me and my heart responded to it. There was my Saviour, my Guru - the man of my destiny, found at last. Baba told me to go and put up with "Ayi", "Ramakrishni" as he called her. I went up. Ever since that date, up to the end of her life, whenever I went to Shirdi, Ayi's was my residence. And except to go to Sai Baba, I would never leave Ayi's residence while I was at Shirdi.

Ayi was a noble and affectionate person - an "Ayi" or mother indeed. She was from the very first treated by me as my mother and she loved me as if I was her son. She used to get a roti (bread) from Baba as prasad - on which alone she was living; and Baba used to send her an additional roti for me. Sometimes the extra roti received at Ayi's would indicate to her that I was on the way to Shirdi and would soon arrive. Ayi's devotion to Sai Baba was very intense and passionate. She lived only for Sai Baba, and her delight was to carry out everything that he wanted or was needed for his samasthan, i.e., institution and devotees. I find that Baba's instruction and help to me came through Ayi, in a peculiar way. Ayi was so open-hearted and kind that from the first day I could confide all my views and plans to her; and she revealed her ideas and plans to me. As for religious progress, she said that we should so act that no other person should guess what we were doing and how we were getting on. Secrecy is essential for the success or perfect fruition of spiritual effort. This was, of course, Baba's practice and precept.

will be continued...
Title: Re: The Blessed Ones
Post by: SS91 on April 15, 2012, 11:44:04 AM

As for religious exercise, Ayi was an excellent singer with a divinely charming voice and a good knowledge of music. She could play on the Sitar also. I had a good ear for music and I easily attained manolaya. I was rapt in the music when I listened to it. But as we went on, one day we talked about what form our religious exercise should take. Songs and hymns were good in their way, but they attracted attention of the outside public too much, and were not in any case sufficient for our onward course. Then we agreed that Japa was the proper step for us. What particular name should be used by us for Japa was the important question. She said that many used the name of Vittal, Ram, etc., but that so far as she was concerned, "Sai" was her God and that name was sufficient for her, while I might go on with the name of Vittal, etc., if I choose. I replied that I had not seen Vittal; and what was good for her was good for me, and that I also should go on taking Sai's name. So we sat on, facing each other and repeating to ourselves our chosen (guru God's) name - for about an hour.

Later in the day, Sai Baba sent for me and asked me what I had been doing in the morning "Japa". I said, "Of what name?" he asked. "Of my God", I replied. "What is your God?" was Sai Baba's next query. I simply replied, "You know it," and he smiled and said, "That is right". Thus this Japa was really the Japa that he expressly approved and had perhaps silently started through Ayi - unperceived by either Ayi or myself. Japa being the Sadhana approved of (in my case), the question may be put - what is the Sadhya or goal that Sai Baba approved of - as the goal of life? What should a man aim at and reach at the end of his life? Just as the Sadhana was indirectly started by Baba, the Sadhya or goal, also was indirectly revealed; it was patent from all he said and did. It was, through love, to reach God, (in any form, especially in the beloved form of the loving Guru) and intensely, nay passionately, to love him. This is what we did and what he made us to do, i.e., what he enabled or drew us to do by his own intense and wonderful love for us.

Some may set a great store by Sakshatkara or revelation in physical form of the object or worship, as the be-all and end-all of all religion. But I do not. As I intently meditated on Baba, I had Baba's vision at the meditation. I, however, treated that appearance as a matter of secondary or minor importance. I did not want Baba to be outside of me. I said to Baba that I wanted him to come in and be me. What I mean by "me" is this. The self (i.e., "I") is compounded of two substances - one the gross body and the other, the finer or subtler. In the finer, we have the baser element or part, and the nobler or higher. Our self, God Vittal and other entities are all the reflections of the Real; and so I should rise up to be Vittal or Sai; Vittal or Sai should come into me and take the place of my higher part. That is what I wanted to arrive at - and so was not satisfied with seeing Sai Baba as external to me in my meditation or contemplation.

I have not regularly studied even Gita up to this time. I did not care for spiritual study in my earlier days either; and so I do not go into much detail on the question of the exact description of the further stages or final stage of meditation.

 One Guru-poornima day, numerous devotees came to Sai Baba, and as usual, placed a book before him so that he might return it with his Asirvada or blessing for them to study it with profit and benefit. Sai Baba, however, took up a book brought by one man and gave it to another, as he often does. On that occasion every one had a book in hand, except myself. Baba then looked at me and said pointing to the books:- "In these books, they want to find God, Brahma. There is however, Bhrama, i.e. whirl, confusion or delusion in these books. You are alright. Do not read books - but keep me in your heart. If you unify (or harmonise) head and heart, that is enough." So I have not been indulging in any regular study of religious books. I content myself with what has led me so far ( and with what has been achieved). Some of my experiences bear upon the question what I should do. Though I have been intensely loving Sri Sai, I have not been able at times to do as good service to Baba as others do.

will be continued
Title: Re: The Blessed Ones
Post by: SS91 on April 15, 2012, 05:27:35 PM

It was probably in 1912 that I went up to Shirdi on some festive occasion (Guru Poornima?). I saw the devotees at Manmad each having a grand basket with flower garlands etc. I was much pained to note that I had forgotten to take a flower garland when I was going to my Guru, who was everything to me. We all went to Shirdi and at the mosque, I found Baba was under a great weight of flower garlands and it pained me again that I had not a garland to give him. Baba lifted up a bundle of the garlands with his hand and said, "All these are yours". How kind of Baba! What love was his to me! -all forgiving, all forgetting love!
About the same year 1912, I had taken Rs. 100 with me to Shirdi in my pocket. Sai Baba asked me for dakshina (Rs.40). I readily gave it. A little later he asked for another 40 rupees and that too was given with equal readiness and joy. Finally he asked me for the remaining 20 and that also I gave him. I was happy to give him all that - though I was left without a pie in the result. Then again Baba sent for me and asked me for dakshina. I said I had nothing to give. Then he suggested that I should go and get money from some others. I agreed but told Baba that if he should indicate whom I was to go to, I would gladly go and ask him. Baba said, "Go to Shama". I went to Mr.Madhav Rao Deshpande (Shama) and told him what took place and asked him for money. He replied that I had not understood Baba right. "Does Baba care a rap for your rupees? " he said, "No, what he wants is your mind and heart, your time and soul to be devoted to him. That is his meaning". I went back to Baba and reported what Shama had said. Then Baba smiled and said, "Go to Dixit and ask him".

I went to Mr. Dixit and told him of what Baba had bidden me to do. He then replied that Baba's direction to me had to be understood in the circumstances as a lesson to me that I should not feel absence of money or the begging for money or for anything else to be a humiliation, and that I should not esteem myself to be above begging.

I went back and reported Dixit's reply to Baba. He smiled and then asked me to go to Nana Saheb Chandorkar and ask him for a loan. I went to Khandoba's temple where Nana Saheb Chandorkar was reading some religious books with the learned K.Upasani Sastri. I went and told Nana Saheb all that had occurred and Baba's order that I should approach him for money. Nana Saheb at once showed his worldly wisdom. He said that he knew how delicate the situation was when Baba asked for dakshina and there was nothing to be given to him to satisfy him and that I should learn his plans and ways.

"Whenever I go to Shirdi", he said, "I start with a certain sum, and leave a half at Kopergaon, i.e., on this occasion I came with Rs.200 out of which I have left Rs.100 at Kopergaon and come down to Shirdi with only Rs.100. It is very painful to say 'No' when Baba asks for money. So I go on giving dakshina out of the stock in hand to Baba and when it is exhausted, I send for the reserve at Kopergaon. You must act like this". I went back to Baba and then told him what Nana said. While I sat there, Baba sent for Nana and asked him for dakshina of Rs.40. He paid it and went away. Again he sent for him and asked for Rs.40 more. That was paid and again Nana was sent for and the last amount was paid up and at once he sent some one to Kopergaon for his reserve fund. Then Baba at once wanted more. Nana felt humiliated at having to say, 'No', as there was no time for the Kopergaon reserve to arrive.

The lesson that then taught to him, to me, and to all was that it was presumption on the part of any one to think that he himself was the great Providence supplying the needs of Baba, or that any one could supply all that Baba might ask for. Thus Baba showed me how differently the demand for dakshina was interpreted by devotees. The real explanation of Baba's demand in this case was not what Shama, Dixit or Nana said it was. It was evidently to teach lessons to me, Nana etc. Baba really cared nothing for money or for presents. What he really wanted was, love - deep, intense, passionate, wholehearted love. To give him that was my aim. He knew it and read it in my heart and responded to it - as only he could respond.

will be continued...
Title: Re: The Blessed Ones
Post by: SS91 on April 16, 2012, 05:21:29 AM

It was probably in 1915 Ramanavami, when intending to go to Shirdi, I went into the Indore cloth bazaar to fix upon a present - worthy of being presented to Baba. I found a fine lace-embroidered muslin of the Dacca type, produced at Chander. It was some 5 feet square with embroidered body and 8 or 9 inches of lace border all round. It was very nice and worth the 85 rupees I paid for it. It could be folded into 6" x 6" x 1" packet. I took it with me to Shirdi and kept it inside my shirt. Devotees usually go and present Baba with cloth in order that the same may be returned to them with Baba's blessings; and the same is returned to them. In my case, I had made up my mind that if Baba cared for my love (which knew no difference between him and me) he should not return the same to me but should retain it and wear it. When each devotee went and presented his cloth, it would be openly bestowed and placed on Baba and then at the end, the attendants would call out, "Whose is this" and return it.

In order to avoid the return, I had taken my tiny packet and when I bowed to Baba, I slyly shoved the packet under his mattress (gadi). When all clothes were taken and returned, none noticed what was beneath the gadi. Baba got up and said "Clear off all that lies on the gadi and dust it". When the mattress was removed, there was the muslin packet. Baba picked it up and said, "Hello, What is this? Muslin!" and spread it out and said, "I am not going to return this. This is mine". He then put it round his body and said to me, "Don't I look nice in this?" I was immensely happy as his loving heart had fulfilled my request for the acceptance and retention of the present - as an index of the fact that I was not different from him - that I and he were one. I was not different from him. I and he were really one.

 Our unity was expressly granted, in another way and at another time by Baba - about the same year.

I had gone to Shirdi and was staying as usual at Ayi's. In the afternoon, when Baba was alone, he sent some one to fetch me and after dismissing the messenger from his presence, he was very kind to me, made me sit close to him, embraced me, and said "The key of my treasury is now placed in your hands. Ask anything you want, e.g., Rs.5 or Rs. 100 a month, or what you like and I will give it to you". I felt at once that this was a temptation and declined to ask for anything. Sai Baba knew what was necessary, good or useful for me and it was for him to decide and give or withhold. It was not for me to ask. Seeing my disinclination to ask, he held me by the chin and coaxed me into asking him for something. Then I asked, "Is it agreed Baba, that you will grant anything I ask for?" "Yes" was his answer. "Then Baba," I replied, "I want this, in this and in any future birth that may befall on me you should never part from me. You should always be with me.'' And he patted me joyously and said, "Yes I shall be with you, inside you, and outside you, whatever you may be or do." I was supremely happy. I feel that he is always with me. At times, he visibly shows his form to reassure me or guide me.

Many years later, I lost a child in a building which had numerous occupants. My wife was greatly depressed and started weeping. I assured her that Baba did only what was good for us and had taken away that child and so we should not weep and attract a crowd. I asked her to sleep till morning when the funeral would take place. She could not bear the sight of the corpse, and so I took it on myself and she went to lie down. Then when I had the corpse on my lap, Baba appeared to me, took me out and said, "Do you want me or the dead child? Choose. You cannot have both. If you want me to revive the child, I will; but then you will have me no more with you. If you do not want revival, you will have many children in due course." I had no hesitation in telling him that I wanted him. "Then do not grieve", he said and vanished. It is thus he encourages me when the occasion needs it, even by his presence. All my needs are met by Baba's grace. I do not trouble him with prayers for my worldly gains or support. I have my income and property and insurance and I am content with the provision for the present and future. If any need arises, I find that somehow the money comes up. I have nothing to complain of.

Finally if I am asked what I would suggest to one who wished to find out how he (not having met Sai Baba in the flesh) could make himself a devotee of Sai Baba and get his help, my answer will be that he should sit wholeheartedly and try to pour his heart in love to Sai Baba. It is not essential that he should go to Shirdi for that purpose - though Shirdi associations are undoubtedly helpful. All that he should do is to transcend the senses and concentrate with love on Sai Baba. He would surely reach and obtain the help of Sai Baba - to obtain all that he is fit to achieve or receive.

will be continued...
Title: Re: The Blessed Ones
Post by: SS91 on April 16, 2012, 02:44:11 PM

Baba does not prescribe one uniform spiritual exercise or practice for all. He suits himself to the stage, circumstances and conditions of each. "If you are a Rama Bhakta, keep to Rama. If you want only Allah, keep to Allah," is his advice. He is always impartial. Sometimes he pronounced or got some one to pronounce 'fatiah' over Hindu offerings also. There was as a rule no sharp distinction or antagonism between Hindus' devotion to him, and Mohammedans' devotion to him. There were, however, some exceptions.

One I will mention. There were two "Rohillas" about 1916 who came to Shirdi and became devoted to Sai Baba. The elder one was constantly with Baba and used to read the Koran, at night especially, sitting at the feet of Baba. He declared that Baba was Paygambar (i.e., God) and showed him great reverence. At times he said that Baba (though he was Paygambar) was still teaching heterodox doctrine. Baba's allowing the din of noon-day Arati with its music in the mosque, allowing himself to be worshipped as God there, and partaking of food offered to idols were heterodox; and this Rohilla mentioned his objections to Baba. But Baba only smiled and said "All that (i.e., other Gods) is Allah". This was one of Baba's moods. In some moods, he would say "We are all the creations of God 'Allah'."

In other moods he would say "I am God." This, of course, was extreme heterodoxy in this Rohilla's view. So this Rohilla one day declared that, although Sai Baba was Paygambar, yet his doctrine was wrong and so he (the Rohilla) would make short work of him and his doctrine. One day, as Sai Baba was going out walking, the Rohilla came up from behind, with a stout club in his right hand and reached striking distance. Baba turned towards him and touching or seizing his left wrist cast a glance at him beneath which the poor Rohilla cowered and sank like a lump of lead, powerless to lift his club or even to lift himself. Baba left him there and went away. Later the man had to be raised up with some one's help. In a few days the man took leave of Baba and left Shirdi for good, never to return.

The other Rohilla was not intolerant but was rendering humble service in the Samasthan.

As for intolerance, that was not confined to this Muslim devotee. There were some Hindu devotees who exhibited this feature. But Baba invariably discountenanced it, in every case.

It is neither necessary nor possible nor desirable to narrate all the experiences I had with Baba or in reference to Baba. Baba's kindness and provision for my welfare knew no limits. His methods of help were various and depended on the nature of the devotee concerned and the attendant circumstances. In my case, I had experience of all forms of his help. The first method of help is this:

(1) When we are in difficulties or when Baba wants us to take a particular course, the inspiration comes to us that, that course should be adopted and we have also the feeling that the inspiration comes from Baba. If I am wanted at a very extraordinary time to go to Baba for private and solitary communion, the call within is enough to indicate it. This first method relates to inspirations when we are awake.

(2) The second method is to give the suggestion or indication or idea, in dreams, or trances - sometimes through Baba's personal appearance. This, of course, is the most impressive and unmistakable method.

(3) A third method is where Baba directs us to go to some third person for a solution or hint. Sometimes it happens that the third person is totally unfit even to understand the difficulty or the solution. Yet the solution is given by that man without knowing what the problem is and what the solution is and how he is benefitting us. He is a mere peg to hang the solution on. Baba has helped me in all these and other ways and given me valuable training alike when he was in the body and after he left it.

I regard Sri Sai Baba as the same spirit as Sri Ramakrishna Pramahamsa and one instance of the help he has given me recently through this perception of identity may be mentioned.

will be continued...
Title: Re: The Blessed Ones
Post by: SS91 on April 17, 2012, 05:22:42 AM

Some eight years back I went to Dakshineswar to see the places and things of interest. I got the service of a local man to act as my cicerone and he showed me the Kali figure that Paramahamsa worshipped and other images. I looked at Kali standing outside the worship room and passed on. I was anxious to see the tiny image of Ramlal that sported as a living boy with Paramahamsa, and told my guide to show me Ramlal. He took me to one of the temples and showed me a huge image and said "This is Ramlal." I said it could not be. The man replied that he as the local man should know and that I, as a stranger, could not possibly be better informed. I had to apologise and I wondered what to think of the 'Ramlal', I had read about him in Paramahamsa's life. Just at this juncture, a pujari of these temples came and inquired if I was from Deccan. I replied I was. Then he said he would show me round Kali and every other image at close quarters and with full details. I said I had just seen them. Then he insisted on my visiting them again. He did not want any money from me. The reason for his persistant request was that he had been instructed in a dream overnight that a devotee from Deccan would be coming on the following day and that he was to take him to all the images and help him to worship them. Thus assured, I followed him. He took me inside the Garbhagriha, the holy of holies of Kali and said I was free to touch the image and worship as I liked. Next he said that he would show me Ramlal. I said I had been shown a huge figure as Ramlal by my guide. The pujari rated my cicerone for deceiving me and then took up the tiny image of Ramlal that Paramahamsa had played with and placed it on my lap. Thus all my expectations were fulfilled beyond measure - all through the grace of Sai who is no other than Ramakrishna.

 The great favour Sainath had conferred on me by taking me so close to him and loving me and by my loving him, had its reflections in the way in which some eminent living saints treated me.

 Madhava Nath Maharaj often seen at Poona and elsewhere (who passed away a month or two back) was seen by me in 1927. Maharaj without being told of me, spotted out my connection with Sai and said I was Sai Baba's man. He narrated to me the exact words that passed between me and Baba at our first interview; and he added that he was then present, i.e., of course in invisible spirit form, or as Sai Baba.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
Title: Re: The Blessed Ones
Post by: Pratap Nr.Mishra on April 17, 2012, 07:47:17 AM

Om Shri Sainathay Namaha

Sai Ram Subhasriniji

Thanks a lot for this post. It is supposed to be one of the best post i have read in this foram. It's my humble request to you please try to continue to post such type of lilas played by our father Shri Sainath Maharajji.

As you know that i am not good enough in english to express my views easily,so please forgive me.

Thanks again and eagerly waiting for such type of posts.

OM Sai Ram
Title: Re: The Blessed Ones
Post by: SS91 on April 17, 2012, 08:39:15 AM

G.G. Narke

Professor of Geology & Chemistry in College of Engineering, Deccan Gymkhana, age 53, Brahmin, Poona.
10th, 20th, 25th, 28th May 1936.

Experiences with saints and progress in one's spiritual affairs cannot be revealed. According to the (hackneyed) saying of Kabir 'What one has got, he keeps secret.' This has been the strict injunction of my teacher Sri Sai Baba. The mouth instinctively closes when I try to mention my experiences. I can and may give some superficial account of occurrences and things concerning Sai Baba. These are well-known and no rule of secrecy is violated thereby. But they are chaff and hardly worth any trouble to write or talk about. Yet as you are keen after any bit of information I shall mention some of such facts. Of course, the deepest experience one has is incapable of utterance, apart from any question of rules of secrecy.

In the first place, you see I have placed Sai Baba amongst the household Gods we worship daily at home. Sai Baba is God - not an ordinary Satpurusha. The divine gleam in Sai's eyes denotes that He is the Satpurusha. His powers and actions were wonderful. I will give a chronological account of my spiritual leanings and how I came into contact with Sai Baba.

My early surroundings promoted faith in Sai Baba. My father-in-law, Mr. Buty, my wife and my mother were all great devotees of Sai Baba and worshipped him as God. I used to read Jnaneswari and other works which deal with greatness of Satpurushas.

In 1907-9 I was at Calcutta and was trained in Geological survey and (as a scholar from C.P.) I had got my M.A. in 1905. I was sent in 1909 as State Scholar of Govt. of India to Manchester where I stayed till 1912 and got my M.Sc. in Geology and Mining. I came back in August 1912. My wife, mother and my father-in-law were often at Shirdi and they wrote to me to go over to Shirdi to pay my respects to Sai Baba. I wrote back to say that I would go, if Baba wanted me. My father-in-law then asked Baba and wrote to me that Baba wanted me. So I went to Shirdi in April 1913. Baba was very kind to my relations. He would jump up (occasionally) and play a jig, as it were, before my mother, showing how happy he was to see my mother. Mr. Madhava Rao Deshpande went with me and introduced me for the first time to Sai Baba. Baba replied, "You introduce him to me! I have known him for thirty generations". What wonderful knowledge of the past was this!

will be continued...

Title: Re: The Blessed Ones
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The first impression I got of Sai Baba was from his eyes. They pierced me through and through. And his image as seated at the Chavadi has left an indelible impression on my heart. As for the inner experiences they gradually grew upon me.

First, I fell in with the current and did my Seva (i.e., service) to Baba and attended the Aratis, etc. At an Arati in my early visit Sai Baba was in a towering passion. He fumed, cursed and threatened for no visible cause. I doubted if he was a mad man. That was a passing thought. The Arati was completed in the usual way. In the afternoon (of that day), I went and massaged his feet and legs. Then he stroked my head and said, "I am not mad". Lo! He is seeing my heart. Nothing is concealed from him. He is my Antaryami - the inner Soul of my soul," I thought.Thenceforward, numerous instances occurred in my own experience of his Antaryamitwa

When he talked, he spoke as one seated in my heart, knowing all its thoughts, all its wishes, etc. This is God within. I had no hesitation in deciding that he was God. I tested him at times. Each test produced the same conviction that he was all-knowing, all-seeing and able to mould all things to his will. A few instances out of hundreds may be cited here which showed that nothing was beyond Him or concealed from Him, in the past, present and future.

In 1913, Baba told me that my father-in-law would build a Dagdiwada, (i.e., a stone edifice) at Shirdi and that I would be in charge of it. It was only in 1915-16 that my father-in-law began to build it (i.e., the building in which Baba's tomb is erected) and it was after 1918-19, I was one of the Trustees in charge of that tomb. My mother was anxious about my employment. I was ever tossing from place to place and often had periods of unemployment. I was trained in England as a Geologist, Mining Engineer; and here in India I was on the look out for prospecting jobs advertised in the press and took up one job after another finishing each in a short time. My first stay at Shirdi was only for three or four days and I then went back to Balaghat and Burma. After three months my work under B.O.C. ceased, and I went back to Nagpur and thence to Shirdi and stayed four months there with my wife and went back to Nagpur.

Again as I got a letter from Madhava Rao that Baba wanted me, I went to Shirdi alone and stayed thirteen months. I was without employment and I did not care. Sometimes, I had stray fancies that a fakir's life was good for me.

It was a day in 1914. Baba had got ready a number of Kupnis (somewhat like gowns or togas which are worn by fakirs) and presented a number of people with them. I was watching the distribution from a distance and hoped that one might be conferred on me, to be kept with me and worn on special occasions, e.g., Bhajans in honour of Sai Baba. Baba stopped distribution even when many Kupnis still remained with him. He beckoned to me a little later and placing his hand kindly on my head stroked it and said, "Do not blame me for not giving you a kupni. That Fakir (meaning evidently God) has not permitted me to give you one."

will be continued...
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My relations were asking Baba what was to become of me, seeing that I had such an unsettled course of life. My mother also saw that I went up to distant places like Calcutta and Burma for prospecting jobs and prayed to Baba that I should be provided by his grace with good employment nearer home or Shirdi. Baba answered and told them "I will settle him at Poona." I got sometimes a number of jobs at the same time and I had to choose. I went to Baba each time, relying wholly on his foresight and all-seeing wisdom to guide me. I had as great a reliance on him as a suckling baby on its mother. His choice was oftentimes strange. When there was once a choice between Calcutta and (the more distant) Burma, he chose the latter. He always would say "Go to Burma and Poona" or "go to such and such a place and Poona" adding Poona every time he made the selection.

In 1916 I had to choose between an offer from Banares of a professorship and a prospecting job at Burma. Baba told me "Go to Burma and Poona". I always laughed within myself at the addition of Poona as I was a Mining Engineer and Poona held no prospects for me. Even in 1913 Baba was seeing my present permanent appointment as Professor of Geology and Chemistry in Poona which I have held since 1918. The entire future of my career was but present to him.

About 1916 I returned to Shirdi after a long spell of absence. I enquired, as soon as I arrived, who were doing what service to Baba. I was told Vaman Rao Patel, B.A.,LL.B. was doing the service of begging food in the village on behalf of Baba and I felt a bit jealous. "If that is so, why should I not be given that work", I thought to myself, but said nothing. It was then Darshan time and I had no time to undress. I went in my full suit, boot, trousers, coat and hat, lo Baba's Masjid. Baba was being asked three times permission to send Vaman Rao with begging bowl.

Suddenly he pointed to me and said, "Let this man go and beg for food with that bowl to-day". I went in full suit that day and begged. Later for four months I went begging at noon for Baba's sake, i.e., for food for Baba in my ordinary costume. People could not understand why I was chosen for this office. But since I had that desire, Baba as my innermost soul, my Antaryami, noticed it and gave me the opportunity of serving him in that way. This honour of begging for food on his behalf at noon time was reserved by Baba for very few.

It was in 1917 that the announcement was made that a Professor of Geology for the College of Engineering at Poona was wanted. I asked Baba if I should apply for the post. He said 'yes' and I went to Poona to see all people concerned. It was a hard and uphill work, as the applicants for the post were many and were supported by various influential persons. After I left Shirdi, Baba inquired of the men there, "Where is Narke gone?" They told him, "He has gone to Poona, to try for the appointment". "Allah will bless" was Baba's remark. He then asked whether I had any children and was informed that several were born but none survived (they died after a very short life). "Allah will bless" was again his remark. I secured the appointment in 1918 and was made permanent in 1919; and children born to me since then are not short lived. I have four sons now. All these are evidently secured by Baba's grace.

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So much can be easily said of Sai Baba by all - mere observers from outside. But he who judged of Baba by the outside alone would be greatly mistaken in his estimate. Baba was, of course, adapting himself to the capacity of people that resorted to him for help and protection. Most of them were superficial people - seeking mostly some material gain or advantage; and to them he did not reveal his inner nature. But when anyone capable of diving deeper came to him he revealed more of himself and his powers.

I was keenly observing him from the first and he noticed it and encouraged my habit of observing and judging complimenting me as "Hushiar" or "Clever". On occasions he told me "what a 'Dubya', i.e., sluggard you are" - evidently referring to my failure to penetrate beneath the surface of things on those occasions. Baba was not the man to stifle legitimate inquiry. Everything he did or said was full of significance; mostly I could understand them.

To one deeply observing him, the startling fact came out into greater and greater prominence that Baba was living and operating in other worlds also, besides this world and in an invisible body. Remarks made by him openly would be treated as meaningless ranting by those who did not know him. His language also was highly cryptic - full of symbology, parable, allegory and metaphor.

Literal interpretations of them would be made by superficial people - who would then conclude that Baba was a worldly man amongst worldly men and a very avaricious man at that. For instance, a man came to Baba and watched him for a time; and I asked him what impression he formed of Baba. His answer was, "I never saw any saint talking of money all the hours of the day" and he felt disappointed. This man did not know that "Paisa" - money, was used by Baba to denote Punya, Apurva or merit, very often. But on a careful observation and analysis of his talks, one must conclude that his nature, powers and functions were very great and that the way in which people would benefit by his guidance and help would also be peculiar.

4th June, 1936.

In 1914 or thereabouts, a rich old gentleman of Harda came with a lady to Shirdi. He was suffering from T.B, i.e., consumption. During the space of one month, there was noticeable improvement in his health. So he made Shirdi his residence. At the end of the second month, he grew worse and his end seemed to be approaching.

One day the ladies of his house and their friends told me that his condition was critical and there was no senior male to go and ask Baba for help and sent me to ask Baba for his Udhi. I went up. Baba told me that the man would be better for quitting this earth. "What can the Udhi do? Anyhow take the Udhi and give it as it is wanted", he said. So I took and gave the Udhi but, of course, refrained from intimating Baba's words to anyone. The condition grew worse. Then Shama, (i.e., Madhavrao Deshpande) arrived and went to Baba and told him of the imminent death. Baba appears to have said, "How can he die? In the morning he will come to life". This was taken to mean that the old man would not quit the earth. So they placed lamps all round the corpse and waited till noon.

Life was not restored to the corpse. Funeral ceremonies followed. The Harda genetleman's relations thought that Baba had given false hopes and went away from Shirdi. Then one day, a relative of the deceased saw Baba in a dream, with the deceased's head over his own (i.e., Baba's) and Baba disclosed the lungs - in a rotten state, and said, "From the torture of all this, I have saved him". Thereafter, he and his relations renewed their visits to Shirdi. Baba's words "How can he die? He will come to life" evidently referred to survival of human personality and taking up new forms of life.

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Baba was frequently talking of his travels with an invisible body across great distances of space (and time). In the mornings, sitting near his dhuni (fire) with several devotees, he would say to what distant place he went overnight and what he had done. Those who had slept by his side the whole night at the Masjid or Chavadi knew that his physical body was at Shirdi all the night. But his statements were literally true and were occasionally verified and found to be true. He had travelled to distant places in an invisible, i.e., spirit form and rendered help there. Again he would frequently talk of post mortem experiences.

A Shirdi Marwadi's boy fell ill and died. People returned from the funeral to the Masjid with gloomy faces. Sai Baba then said of that boy, "He must be nearing the river now, just crossing it". I felt that the reference could only be to Vaitarini.

He told several people of the past lives and the events therein. He told me the facts of four previous lives of mine. He spoke of this in the presence of others. But others did not and could not understand that it referred to me. He had the peculiar art of giving information to particular individuals in the midst of a group, in a way that they (those concerned) alone could understand, and not the other members of the group. Strangely enough, at one sitting by a few acts, words, etc., he could and did benefit numerous persons. This power to travel in invisible body to distant parts of this world, to traverse other realms than the earth life and note or control what takes place there and to see the past and future alike revealed one great fact about his nature. Some of his own observations also brought that out clearly.

Sai Baba occasionally asked (I heard it myself). "Where are you? Where am I? Where is the world?" Occasionally he declared, pointing to his body or touching it and referring to it as "this is my house", "I am not here. My Guru Mowrshad has taken me away". As even in the flesh - in this earth life, he was not confined to his physical body, it may be truly said of him "Sai Baba is alive. He is where he was then. Even then he was where he is now". He also made occasional reference to what his function is and was in the terrestrial sphere and other worlds. He several times referred to his control of destinies of departed souls - indicating thereby his function in the Cosmic order. Sai Baba never spoke untruth, never spoke meaningless jargon. But only those who were familiar with his ways could make out the meaning of what he said or did - when they were intended for their understanding.

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Upadesa, Mantra, Tantra, Etc.

Sai Baba never gave me any mantra, tantra or Upadesa - and so far as I know, he gave these to none. Madhavarao Deshpande has told me of the following incident.

Radhabai Deshmukhin was at Shirdi waiting for a time on Baba and she wanted Upadesa. Finding that he gave her none, she started Satyagraha. She stopped taking food and was determined to be without food until Sai Baba should give her Upadesa. On the fourth day of the fast, Madhavarao taking pity on her condition went and told Sai Baba & requested him to pronounce the name of some God, so that she might take it as her mantropadesa for Japa. Baba then sent for her and told her that giving Upadesa was not in his line, that he following his Guru had different traditions, that his Guru was so powerful that he trembled to go and stand before him, and that the help given by the Guru was invisible and secret and not by oral instruction.

"I do not instruct through the ear. Our traditions are different” was what he said.

Sai Baba never lectured, nor discoursed systematically as others do. He gave hints - very pregnant hints. A word or a sentence or two at a time was all he cared to utter. But from them an observant devotee could build up his own system, lecture or philosophy. It is difficult therefore to be dogmatic if one is asked what are Sai Baba's aims, methods etc. But stray hints were forthcoming.

Aim In Life or Purushartha

Did Sai Baba ask people to aim at Moksha? Did he advocate Viveka and Vairagya? Never have I heard that from his lips.

Reaching God is the aim. That was the way he put it.

i.e., Reaching God, crossing or traversing all the Oceans and Worlds

Getting beyond chains (or limits).

 He never (So far as I know) spoke of (Maya) (or the theory that all existence in the sublunary sphere is mere illusion) to my knowledge. He took the commonsense view that this world and the worlds beyond are real, and that we have to make the best of them, here and hereafter.

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Karma and Reincarnation

These were frequently referred to by him. "We must sow good (results) in this life and the next" was the truth that underlay many of the stories he told. He frequently referred to past lives of others and occasionally referred to the future lives of some. No one moving with him could have even a momentary doubt about post mortem existence and the existence of other worlds than this, wherein rewards and punishments for acts done here would be reaped. These are Hindu doctrines and beliefs. Coming to the question of Baba's Hinduism or other religion - Baba never declared (so far as I know) whether he belonged to any religion, caste, creed, etc. He was above all. But he has mentioned and done several things showing his relation to Hinduism.

I have heard Sai Baba say i.e., my Guru is a Brahmin.

Baba's Attitude to Hinduism and Brahmins

Baba had a great regard for the B.Gita, Bhawartha Ramayana, Eknath Bhagwata, Panchadashi, Yoga Vasishta, the Puranas, etc. His talks had reference to the contents of these often. When Jnanadeva's Arati was begun, he would sit up, fold his hands joining his palms in front of his chest in token of reverence and close his eyes. About Panchadashi, he said to Mr.Khaparde (as I heard) This is our treasury, i.e., it contains whatever is valuable for our spiritual welfare. I know personally his reverence for Yoga Vasishta. One day, in my early days (1914), Baba asked me several times to give him Rs.15 as Dakshina. I had no money and he knew that fully well. So when I was alone with him, I said, "Baba, you know I have no money and why do you ask me for Rs.15 Dakshina?" Baba answered that he knew my impecunious condition well enough. "But", he added, "you are reading Yoga Vasishta now. The part you are now reading is specially important. Get me Rs.15 Dakshina from that". I was reading Yoga Vasishta. Getting money out of it was deriving valuable lessons therefrom; and giving the money to Baba meant of course lodging the lessons in my heart, where he stayed as my Antaryami. I also know that he held Rama and Krishna in great reverence.

Baba and Maharashtra Satpurushas

Baba had great reverence for Saints like Jnaneshwar, Tukaram. What were the aims and the virtues needed for achieving them in Sai Baba's view and what sadhanas did he favour?

will be continued...
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Of the Four Margas

I. Yoga Marga
Regarding this as chiefly based on (1) Asana (2) Pranayama (3) Concentration (4) Rousing the Kundalini and (5) Achieving higher powers thereby, en route, Sai Baba did not care for these. These were not the steps he recommended to any so far as I know. On the other hand, he said ( I know personally), "Those who proceed by the method of Pranayama must come to me ultimately for further progress."

II. Karma Marga
Baba set the example of living amidst society and labouring to produce goods. He ground grain into flour. He was not for ascetic desertion of society, nor for begging. Though he himself begged within limits (prescribed by his Rinanubandha perhaps), it was for a little food only and when he demanded Dakshina that was for a number of reasons, chiefly clearing off Rinanubandha. He wanted the general run of visitors to continue their grihasta lives and did not advocate Sanyas, i.e., that they should not renounce society or go to beg. He made me and Vamanrao beg, not for ourselves but only for the Guru - as humble service to the Guru. Though Baba did not say so, I think he realised the evil of begging, i.e., indiscriminate begging, to be the loss of one's stored up merit, i.e., "Apurva". Sai Baba's demand for Dakshina was explained by him, when some one asked him why he asked for Dakshina. "Hello, do I ask Dakshina of every one? I demand only from those whom the Fakir (God) points out to me". He demanded only particular sums, and would not accept anything more. None refused Dakshina when he wanted it. Sometimes the demand had other meaning, e.g., (1) get away, (2) get into contact with X,Y,Z etc.

III. Jnana Marga
If this is taken as something confined to inquiry into the Self and an effort to understand the Upanishads and Brahmasutras to get light on that inquiry, that was not Baba's method and aim. His wish was not expressed. But by his example, his devotees should infer that he wanted them to become like himself. His knowledge and experience were, so far as I could see, real and realistic. His awareness exceeded the bounds of our space and time - extended over all the worlds and embraced the distant past and future as well as the present. He knew, therefore, what existence in any of the worlds and at any time had to offer for the soul's enjoyment and with such knowledge he renounced all attachment. He was perfectly detached amidst numerous attractions. His life was, therefore, real Vairagya and real Nishkamya Karma which would lead one to God.

IV. Bhakti Marga
This is, of course, the main plank of most saints - as it is, of Sai Baba. Obeying, serving and loving God are its chief features. The peculiar feature stressed by Sai's example and words is the vast importance of developing this devotion on the basis of devotion to one's guru or teacher. It is seeing God in, through and as the Guru, identifying the Guru with God.

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Baba's Guru
Of his guru, hardly anything is known. I have heard him say i.e., 'my Guru is a Brahmin.' Baba held real Brahmins in high esteem. He has said "Brahmins earn much 'Pica', (i.e., Punya, Apurva or merit) by their ways". A disciple is very different from a devotee. The Guru is connected by a close and intimate tie with and has every responsibility for the disciple. He has no such close tie with a devotee and is not bound to bear all his sins and sorrows.

Sai Baba had no disciple. The disciple must serve his master to carry out all his wishes strictly and to the letter. As Sai said, "I would tremble to come into the presence of my Guru". There was no one prepared to serve him in that way at Shirdi. It seems he asked, "Who dares to call himself my disciple? Who can serve me adequately and satisfactorily?" Hut, of devotees, Sai Baba had a large number. These he looked after, encouraged and protected and gave by example and occasional gestures, directions etc., some instruction. Sai Baba's method of teaching or rather improving the devotee who came to him was not oral instruction. His moral tales and a few directions, occasionally given were, no doubt, leaching through the ear. But these were exceptional and their effect was very little compared with his main traditional method.

According to Sai Baba's traditions, the disciple or devotee that comes to the feet of the Guru in complete self-surrender has to be no doubt pure, chaste and virtuous. But he need not necessarily to go on with any active practice of Japa or meditation. On the other hand, Japa, meditation or any other intellectual process which carries with it the consciousness and assertion, "I am doing this", is a handicap. All sense of the devotees' or disciples' Ahankara, Ego or little self has to be wiped out, swept out of the memory and mind - as it is an obstruction to the Guru's task.

The Guru does not teach. He radiates influence. That influence is poured in and absorbed with full benefit by the soul which has completely surrendered itself, blotting out the self, but is obstructed by the exercise of intelligence by reliance on self-exertion and by every species of self-consciousness and self-assertion.

So the duty of a devotee or an aspirant is only (1) to keep himself fit for his Guru's grace i.e., chaste, pure, simple and virtuous, and (2) to look trustfully and sincerely and to raise him to various experiences, higher and higher in range, till at last he is taken to the distant goal whatever that might be. "One step enough for me" is the proper attitude now. He need not take trouble to decide complicated, metaphysical and philosophical problems about ultimate destiny. He is yet ill prepared to solve them.

The Guru will lift him, endow him with higher powers, vaster knowledge and increasing realisation of truth. And the end is safe in the Guru's hands.

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All this was not uttered by Sai Baba, at one breath to me or within my hearing. But the various hints I got from his example and dealings with many and his occasional words when put together amount to this. And commonsense points in the same direction. In my opinion, mere talk of Viveka and Vairagya without power of knowing what there is to experience or enjoy and what the things are that one is to renounce is childish and leads to self-delusion and deluding others. It is bookish wisdom and not real, not one that can stand the strain of actual life. People talking merely of these, without power to be really filled with them prove hypocrites.

When Baba said, 'I am in each dog, pig and cat', he was feeling himself to be inside the cats etc., in question and could state what they felt and what treatment they got. But others say it because it is found in the Gita, etc., and they believe it to be true. But in point of feeling and realisation, they say what they do not feel. This leads to hypocrisy.

Baba's real nature and greatness are seen from an incident known to me. I realised that Baba was God from the devotees' point of view, and yet, a man seen in the flesh and with limitations to which an individual embodied soul is subject. The two co-exist and are both true - each in its way. But my friends (i.e., some of the devotees) at Shirdi did not agree with me or relish this view of mine. They once talked of 6 crores of islanders in Dwaraka at Shree Krishna's time and I then disputed that estimate of the population, as now we are about 33 crores in all in India and India is so overpopulated that we have to tread on each other's heels. Then they asked me if I would agree to abide by Baba's decision on the matter. I agreed. We all went to Baba.

Madhava Rao and other devotees asked Baba: Baba, are the Puranas true?  

Sai Baba: Yes, True.

Devotees: What about Rama and Krishna?

Sai Baba: They were great souls. Gods they were. Avatars.

Devotees: This Narke will not accept all that. He says you are not God.

Sai Baba: What he says is true.

But I am your father and you should not speak like that.

You have to get your benefit and everything from me.

Sai Baba thus admitted his limitation. He was God no doubt, in the experience of the devotee. But because the devotee felt that, Sai Baba did not assert himself to be, in fact, nothing but God; he did not draw logical corollaries from it, nor use that position to help himself to the wealth etc., of the devotees. Sai Baba did not use the fact of his devotees viewing him as God to declare for Antinomianism, i.e., setting himself up as above law. On the other hand, Sai Baba never disobeyed either the moral law or the law as it prevails in the country. He was never indecent in dress or behaviour and was very reserved with women.
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Sai Baba's Moods
No doubt, in certain ecstatic moods, he said (and I heard this myself) 'I am God.' But this was once in a way. His usual - almost invariable - role was that of a devotee of God entrusted with vast powers to carry out what God (the "Fakir") directs. "Allah Malik". God is the master. "Allah Bhale Karenga", "God will bless" were constantly on his lips. Also, I am God's slave. I remember God, etc.

Baba's Virtues
He was impartial and just. I have seen rich and highly placed persons going to him, being practically ignored by him, as he saw through the outside, into the real nature, or the heart of the person approaching him. I have also seen him pay great regard to and speak enthusiastically of some poor man that came to him, saying "He has much money" (“pica”') i.e., much of punya accumulated.

Stern Justice
A saint should not be judged by the character of those that gathered round him. Prostitutes, women hunters, avaricious people and sinners of various sorts came to him with a view mostly to gain material advantage. But when they failed to take advantage of his presence to improve themselves but fell into sins, he let them suffer. His justice was severe. "You have to cut your own child, if it falls athwart the womb", he had said. Baba's boldness was based on "Foreknowledge" or "Perfect Vision". Baba was bold in his dealings with persons, with the forces of disease, etc. unknown to us but evidently well-known to him. He occasionally infused faith in his devotees by such bold defiance of sanitary precautions. I will mention some instances known to me.

Baba used to get sweetmeat from a Halwayi for Naivedya. One day in 1916, he lay a corpse, a plague stricken corpse. Plague was raging at Shirdi. Baba asked me to go and get the sweetmeat from his shop. I went and told the wife (who was weeping) of Baba's order. She pointed to the corpse and said that I might take the sweetmeat from the almirah. I took it, trembling with the fear that by this I might catch the infection and others too. That was given as Naivedya. Baba told me, "You think you will live if you are away from Shirdi, and that you would die if you stay at Shirdi. That is not so. Whosoever is (destined) to be struck, will be struck; whosoever is to die will die; whosoever is to be caressed will be caressed". He encouraged me similarly when cholera raged in Shirdi. He had lepers around him who massaged his legs. One of them got cured. Baba made a leper take the udhi and gave it as prasad to the devotees. The Udhi is put into the mouth of sick people. And the leper gave it to all by Baba's order! Yet no harm has resulted so far as I know.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Rao Bahadur S.B.Dhumal
Pleader, Brahmin, aged 63, Nasik
Nasik, 16th October, 1936 & Shirdi, 28th October, 1936

I have one great difficulty in answering the question "What are your experiences of Sai Baba?" All hours of day and night, I am having experiences of Baba. There is no incident or event in my life which I do not connect with him - however trivial it may appear to be. I firmly believe that everything in my life is swayed by Baba.

What then is to be mentioned as my experience? Of course, the outside world will not be ready to accept my belief as correct or well-founded. But that matters nothing to me. In fact, that very disbelief of people seems to be a reason for refusing to disclose one's experience. Every devotee feels that his experiences are his own, and are given to him for his own spiritual and temporal benefit and not for ventilation or publication to the general public which, of course, includes masses of ignorant, irrelevant carping critics and scoffers. Yet ardent biographers are anxious to ferret out one's innermost secret and sacred experiences to embellish their work.

But the devotee whom they delve into feels that in the very act of dragging the secret experience into light, its reality and life are destroyed. The anatomist anxious to examine the living organism inch by inch cuts out what he wants and places it under his microscope, but in that very act, life is destroyed and what he examines with his instrument is dead tissue and not the living organism. The best way of understanding Baba is to experience him oneself. Where is Baba gone? He is still alive and active - more active, if that were possible, than he was before his Mahasamadhi.

Anyone in downright earnest can get into touch with him, to-day and at once. But if one will not do that, but wants experiences, secondhand, third-hand or even fifth-hand, he will get but poor stuff. I feel also very strongly the regrettable fact that experiences which get their significance and full force when expressed in our vernacular are to be now expressed to you and by you in English and that the loss in translation will be serious.

Anyhow as you want some facts about Baba I shall narrate some that I can personally vouch for i.e., about myself chiefly.

I was first (in 1903) devoted to Gajanan Maharaj whom I took to Srimant Gopal Rao Buti. About 1907 I went to Sai Baba. From my very first visit, I was greatly impressed with his extraordinary personality.

At his unspoken command, I took Buti to him and at once Buti also became his devoted follower. Among the services of the latter to Baba, perhaps the most momentous and memorable is his allowing his huge stone-pile (Dagdiwada) to be used as the temple for the reception of the mortal remains and the worship of Baba. It is difficult to sort out my recollections of Baba, as I consider that every act of mine and every event in my life is moulded and directed by him. I may quote some sayings and acts of His which throw light on what Sai Baba is, has done, and is doing for devotees (like me).

will be continued...
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Once Baba told me, "At every step of yours, I am taking care of you. If I did not, what will become of you, God knows". This was no overstatement. At another time, when we two were alone, Baba told me, "Bhau, the whole of last night, I had no sleep".

I : Baba, why so?

Baba : I was thinking and thinking of you, all the night.

At this declaration, I was overpowered by a sudden gush of love, gratitude, surprise, etc., feelings which could find no other expression than a free flow of tears. What intense love he had for me! What an amount of trouble he took for my sake! Just as I was always thinking of him, he was kind enough to think of me - with this difference. My thought of him, though loving, was weak, and I could render him no real service. But his love was accompanied by such vast insight and such power that I was helped in every act and event. He could and did foresee things far ahead and took every required step to avert the evil and accelerate or promote the good that was coming to me.

There are numerous instances that may be cited to show this. Outsiders may not be convinced that every such benefit derived by me was and is due to his guidance and ordering. But some instances of his help are so glaring that any fair-minded inquirer who is open to conviction, will be immediately convinced of the truth of what has been stated by Baba and by me.

Emboldened by his love, I used to write to him and Sri Madhava Rao Deshpande would read my letters to him and communicate his replies to me. In some cases, even during his lifetime and in all cases after his Mahasamadhi (1918 October) I addressed my queries to him mentally or by prayerfully placing chits {or casting lots) before his portrait and I invariably got his answer showing me what was the correct and safe course for me to follow. I invariably followed his advice, however much it might run counter to "common-sense", "medical opinion", "rules of prudence*' etc., and invariably discovered that the path chosen for me by Baba was the safest and wisest.

Hygiene, etc.
I have lived in this ancestral house of mine in the main road of Nasik, all my life. When plague broke out and dead rats were found in the house, I wrote to Shirdi for Baba's direction before moving out and left the house as soon as I got his reply. As I am ever under his protection and doing nothing without his guidance, I felt perfectly safe in remaining in the house, till I got his reply. He has said that at every step he was guiding me. I knew he was guiding me - I had implicit faith in the truth of his words. He knew everything that was happening or was to happen at Nasik or in any other place and would not allow any harm to befall me while I was placing this child-like trust in and reliance on him. During all these twentynine years of such reliance, there is not a single instance in which such protection failed or such trust found misplaced.

Will be continued...
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After receiving Baba's reply, I moved to a bungalow at Nasik. But the same night a dead rat was found near the bed of my brother's son at the bungalow. Again I sought Baba's advice by letter whether I should move away. The reply was in the negative. And contrary to the rules of prudence and wisdom of medical experts and laymen, I kept on living with my family at the bungalow. No harm befell us.

 Later, dead rats were found in the servants' quarters, in the houses, in the neighbourhood, and lastly, in the well from which alone we had drawn all our supply of water for drinking, cooking etc.

At this, I wrote at once to Baba for permission and in anticipation of its arrival which I considered as certain, I packed up all our things and carted them off to our house in the Bazar Street. I went to the house and was just trying to unlock the front door, when a postal letter from Shirdi was delivered to me. That conveyed Baba's reply to me. i.e. "why should we give up (i.e., change) our residence?" I adopted this advice without question or demur and went back immediately to the infected bungalow and lived in it. (As for water, I took the precaution of avoiding the well and getting all our water from the river Godavari). This further apparently risky and foolhardy step of reoccupation did not result in any harm to us. There were times during the Plague Season when there were 14 or 15 deaths per day due to plague in the town - and despite that fact, Baba bade us stay in the house in town and we were all safe.

Baba's kindness to me was not confined to temporal affairs. I lost my wife in 1909. I was anxious about her soul's welfare and was performing the monthly (Masik) ceremonies.

At the time when the sixth month's ceremony had to be performed, Baba told me to perform it at Shirdi and promised to give my wife Sadgati, (i.e., literally a good start for her soul's further spiritual course).

I went to Shirdi accordingly and performed that Masik there. Baba then asked me for Rs.15 dakshina and I gave it. I have implicit faith in the truth of Baba's declarations and have had ample verification in matters which admit of verification, which naturally fortifies my faith in his statements as to matters unseen and apparently incapable of verification. I am sure my wife got Sadgati by Baba's grace. Then, as I was in 1909 a vigorous and healthy lawyer, aged 36, without issue, the question of marrying a second time was frequently considered, especially by my friends and well-wishers.

Among them was my father-in-law, Rao Bahadur Bapu Rao Dada Kinkhede, M.A., a pleader of Nagpur. When I told him that I could never act without a direction from Baba, he took me to Shirdi and then went to Baba without me. He came back in five minutes and intimated to me that he could read Baba's negative reply from his eyes and told me not to marry without Baba's express consent or order.

Of course, I never acted without Baba's consent. Up-to-date, Baba has not made me marry and I have continued my life of "single blessedness". Alike from the temporal and spiritual view- point Baba has settled this course for me and after a fairly happy and successful temporal life, Baba is developing in me a slow but sure detachment from the temporal comforts and I am surrendering myself to his guidance without the faintest fear for my future here or hereafter inspite of the fact that his ways are mysterious, highly puzzling and really inscrutable in many matters.

As for temporal success, it is not vainglory but a desire to set down the actual truth that makes me inform you that almost invariably my professional efforts were crowned with success and  from their financial or personal aspect also, I had nothing to complain of, as my income tax would clearly indicate. It was all due to Baba's help and grace.

Yet despite all this temporal success, he keeps me free - more and more free, from worldly shackles and ready for retirement when he gives the signal.
I had some public activities also which I took up with Baba's permission and in which his miraculous intervention and help were occasionally seen. Some instances appear so incredible that I first hesitated to reveal them. But it matters nothing to me whether they command other people's belief or not. As you want the truth, here is the truth as known to or experienced by me.

will be continued...
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I will give instances of Baba's help in professional matters first and then proceed to his help in public matters. Some 20 or 25 years ago, there was a Criminal Case from Shirdi. There have always been party feeling and factions at Shirdi as in most villages. One Raghu, a servitor of Baba and five others were arrested on a charge of outraging the modesty of a Marwadi woman and on the direct evidence of "number of eye-witnesses", were convicted and sentenced to six months of imprisonment.

 Tatya Patel Khote's sympathies and help were on the side of the accused. He took up a copy of the judgement and papers to eminent lawyers like the Hon.G.S.Khaparde and H.S.Dixit and retired Magistrates like Rao Bahadur H.V.Sathe, who were at Shirdi. These found the judgement was strong and gave little hope of success in case an appeal should be filed.

Tatya Patel was keen on an acquittal and went to Baba, who simply told him, "Go to Bhau with the papers". He accordingly came to Nasik and showed me the papers. After going through the judgement and finding hardly any hope of success on appeal, I told Tatya to employ eminent Counsel from Bombay or prominent lawyers at Ahmadnagar where the appeal had to be filed. But he told me that Baba's order was to go to me and so I felt I had neither option nor responsibility on my shoulders.

I wrote out an appeal memo, after studying the papers and took it to the District Magistrate at his residence. He asked me without receiving or reading the judgement or appeal memo what the matter was about and I very briefly recited that it was a conviction of six appellants for outraging the modesty of a woman based on the testimony of number of witnesses, who professed to have seen it and that the case had now come up in appeal to him. Then he said it looked like a strong case and asked me what I thought of it. I said that the case and its number of witnesses were due to faction in the village. "Do you think so?" he asked and I replied "Think! I am more than sure of it". He pronounced judgement at once, orally acquitting all the appellants and immediately took up my appeal memo and wrote on it his judgement mentioning the facts I relied upon.

As soon as this was over he asked me "How is your Sai Baba of Shirdi? Is he a Moslem or a Hindu? What does he teach you?" I answered that Sai Baba was neither a Hindu nor a Moslem but above both and that I could not state what his teachings were - to know which, he must go in person to Baba at Shirdi. The Magistrate promised to go and in fact tried one summer day to visit Shirdi but gave up the idea at Kopergaon, on account of the excessive heat. The prompt oral judgement without reading or receiving any papers (of course without sending for the records of the First Court or giving notice to the Police or Public Prosecutor) followed up by questions about Sai Baba were clear indications of the power that brought about the acquittal. What followed would confirm this view.

I returned from Ahamadnagar to Shirdi. There, on that day, the residents were sadly going to attend the cremation of H.S.Dixit's daughter. But Baba called some of them to him at the Masjid and said, "Do not go away, I will show you some Chamatkar, {i.e., miracle)". They did not see any miracle and went away to attend the funeral. Shortly, thereafter, I returned from Ahmadnagar with news of the acquittal by the District Magistrate in the above fashion. Then they found what the Chamatkar referred to by Baba was.

I shall give only one more instance in matters professional. There was a charge against and conviction of three brothers for grievous hurt inasmuch as they had attacked their opponents and broken a bone of one of them. The injured man had been attended to by a medical man, who was not qualified or certified Doctor and treated for over twenty days in his private hospital.

I was engaged for the appellants and I went up with the appeal memo and a bail application. The Sessions Judge, who was a senior European Officer remarked on hearing my application that the case was strong (against the appellants) and he was not going to allow bail. I at once thought of Baba and then turned to the Judge. I told him that the evidence of a bone being broken was that of a "quack" or unqualified person and that the prosecution evidence was interested and unreliable and that as all three appellants, who were agriculturists, were in jail, the agricultural work of their family could not be carried on, that in case their sentence should be confirmed, they could be sent to jail finally etc. At once the Judge allowed bail. When the case came up for argument, the Public Prosecutor asked me if I was going to argue on the merits for an acquittal against such a strong judgement, or whether I would briefly ask for clemency, in which latter case he would not oppose.

Though I felt the strength of judgement, I put on a brave face and said that I would go the whole hog and fight for an acquittal. I did argue for a reversal before the Judge but wound up with a prayer for reduction of sentence. The Judge retorted that if I was merely asking for mercy of the court I need not have taken so much time to contest the conviction. When the Public Prosecutor was arguing, the Judge wanted to know how he made out a case of grievous hurt as the opinion of an unqualified man, a quack, could not be accepted as to the breakage of a bone. The reply was that the injured man had been in the hospital for over 20 days.

The Judge sharply answered, That is an argument which you can advance before a 3rd Class Magistrate. Remember you are arguing before a Sessions Judge and not before a 3rd Class Magistrate". On receiving this snub, the Public Prosecutor collapsed; there was no further argument and the appellants were acquitted.

will be continued...
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Regarding public work, I may first mention that I was the first Non-Official President of the Nasik District Local Board (nominated by Government) and that I served in that capacity from 1-11-1917 to 13-5-25. I had personally to sign thousands of papers myself without the use of a facsimile seal - a proceeding which took many hours of my day; and one consequence of this heavy public work was to ruin my legal practice and reduce my income-tax from 260 odd rupees to zero - in recognition of which sacrifice, this Sanad of Rao Bahadur was granted to me in 1927 - a very poor and unsubstantial recognition you may say - but it is still some form of recognition. Anyhow I faced the work and went on trusting in Baba for the proper execution of my office.

A peon had to carry these papers to me and blot each signature and after some hours the work would be over and the papers sent back to the office. One day, when the papers were before me, a visitor for whom I had much regard came in and stayed talking with me till midnight and so the signatures had to be postponed till the next day. The next morning, I found no time and as I was leaving the town, I sent back the papers to the office.

When I returned to the town that night, I found only that day's papers brought for my signature and when I wanted the previous day's papers, I found that they all bore my signature. The peon had been sent away for his meal the previous midnight and how the thousands of signatures had been affixed to the papers I could not guess. I have no other explanation for it, except Baba and his superhuman powers.

Another public act of mine in which Baba's helping hand is traceable is this. As President, District Local Board, Primary Schools were under me. Deepawali holidays had fallen immediately after the close of the month. The Educational Inspector, a Mohammedan gentleman, one day came to me and asked me to make disbursements to help the teachers in such a big festival. At first, I did not consider his request seriously.

Two or three days after, he again reminded me of his proposal. I asked the Chief Officer whether this could be done. He answered in the negative as sanction of Government grant was not received and that Account Office informed my office not to issue cheque in the absence of sanction. I was helpless.

Again the Educational Inspector opened the subject to me. I was inclined to agree but wanted Baba's permission. I cast lots and Baba approved disbursement. I at once issued cheque and sent the same to the Account Office, with the result that it was cashed, payments made and all the teachers were pleased. But what was to happen to me for brushing aside the Accountant's objection and issuing the cheque? By Baba's grace, it was nothing more than an audit objection raised long after the event and communicated to me and my reply to it or endorsement thereon was "noted for future guidance". There the matter ended.

Amidst the innumerable instances of Baba's help to me at every turn or crisis of my life I may select a few. In 1910, my intimate friend, Srimant Gopal Rao Buti, was anxious to help me. He agreed to lend me the necessary sums to maintain me in England for my study at the Bar and my family in India during my absence. We had settled in full detail all parts of this scheme and went to Baba for his approval.

 When Madhav Rao Deshpande put him the question "Should not Bhav (i.e. myself) be sent to Bilayat (i.e., England)?" Baba asked "What for?"


will be continued...
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M. Deshpande : To Study for the Bar.
Baba : No. His Illayat (natural aptitude) and Vilayat (will of heaven) are not in Bilayat, but in this country. Why should he go to England?
I realised then that: 'The best laid Schemes of mice and men Do often go awry".  
In 1912, I underwent an operation in J.J.Hospital under chloroform. It was a serious venture. But I saw Baba seated on a chair at my head, close to the operation table before the chloroform began to operate. He was there to look after me and I felt reassured. The operation was, in fact, safely performed and was a success.

 In 1915, I was offered the Public Prosecutorship at Nasik but I took two days' time to consider and wrote at once to Baba. Quickly came the reply "Your former work is good. Do not accept the new", and I declined the offer.

In 1918, a few days before Baba passed away, influenza was raging at Shirdi, at Poona and many other places. At Poona my brother's wife had a very serious attack and he wired to me about it to Nasik. So I started at once with Rs.80 in my pocket to cover expenses of the journey and to meet all contingencies. I halted en route at Shirdi to get Baba's blessings and Udhi for the patient.

When I went to him, Baba took from me dakshina repeatedly and the Rs.80 or the balance thereof was cleared off my hand in no time. This was no good augury of my trip to Poona being achieved or made useful to the patient. When I craved leave to go, Baba said in his characteristic fashion (reminding one of the form of the Regal Veto The King will consider") i.e., we shall see {what to do) tomorrow. He stopped me for three days. Meanwhile, wire from Poona announced that the patient had expired.

After that Baba gave me leave to go away. It was clear that Baba saw what was happening and to happen to my sister-in-law and judged it best for her to depart from the world and me to reach Poona some days after her departure. His reasons for such judgement, I could not discover. But surely he was in a position to judge and I was not.

So I meekly accepted his decision as final, as usual. This was shortly before he himself passed away and he gave me on the above occasion the last opportunity of spending a few days with him while he was in the flesh. By Baba's grace, I soon recovered some part of my former financial position after it was wrecked by District Local Board Presidentship or by acceptance of other office.

I was holding the office of Revenue Member of the Dewar State from 1-9-1930 to 9-4-1932 and I was the Karbhari of the Surgana State from end of 1932 to August 1933. Each time I returned to Nasik, I resumed my practice and got on as well as I did before, without having to wait idly even for a day. Baba's kind help on the financial side was manifested in a peculiar incident while I was in the latter State.

One day I was seated at my meal and the Chief of that State walked into my room. I apologized for my inability to leave the table and accord him a proper reception or even to offer him a fitting chair or seat. But he quickly walked into the next room, gazed a while at the portrait of Sai Baba that was hanging on the wall and returned to my dining room. He at once announced to me that from that time I should have an increase of Rs.50 in my salary. I had never asked for this increase. This grant of an increase in salary within a fortnight of my appointment and without any motion on my part can only be explained by his having been with Baba in my Pooja room. I had not asked for the increase. Baba evidently had, i.e., the child's welfare is the mother's care.

will be continued...
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As for my pooja, I may mention that I had first the photos of Baba and later the coloured or painted portraits of Baba for worship. I carried these pictures wherever I went. When I was tossing between Dewar and Nasik several times, first my cook at Dewar and later my nephew at Nasik wanted them or some of them to be left behind. Each time I cast lots before Baba to ascertain his wish and each time came the answer that I should carry them with me. The middle portrait which I constrained Radhakrishna Ayi to part with I specially like. In it, Baba is standing in a pensive or meditative mood. It reminds me of that important occasion when he made the disclosure "Bhav, I had no sleep all night due to thinking and thinking of you". I was passing by the side of the Masjid with that picture in my hands from Ayi's residence. Baba called me and I went into the Masjid. Pointing to the portrait, he asked.

Baba : What is this?
 I : You are here.
 Baba : Give it to me.

I gave it to him. He kept it a while, gazed at its front side and back side and returned it to me, saying "keep it". This was the very thing my heart was desiring, to get Baba's portrait touched by him and given to me for purposes of worship. This was a personal gift by Baba to me and I regard it with great veneration.

Baba gave me other articles to be kept safe and sacred. On the first occasion he took Rs.2 from me as a dakshina and returned it saying i.e., "Preserve this carefully. Do not part with it to any one nor spend it". With the same direction, he gave me again Rs.2 on another occasion, Rs.20, Rs. 15 and Rs.30 on other occasions -making a sum of Rs.69 which I preserve very carefully, not merely as mementos of Baba's loving care for me but as charmed coins that carry luck with them. Each of these gifts was characteristic of Baba. When I and G.Buty were present, Baba asked the latter for Rs.20 dakshina and when he gave it, Baba transferred it to me.

On other occasions he gave me sums totalling Rs.30. On another occasion he asked for and got Rs.30 from Buty and sharing it between his palms suddenly divided it into two parts and held each in one hand. He gave the contents of one hand to But! and one to me. We went to our quarters and counted our sums. To our surprise, we found each got exactly Rs.15. The true lover gives and receives and Baba's love took moneys from me. I gave them gladly. These dakshinas are often found to convey an allegorical esoteric meaning which the circumstances or accompanying remarks throw light upon.

Baba has at times reduced his devotees on their visit to an absolutely penniless condition, by taking away all the cash with them, on the possession of which they had been relying. He has frequently reduced me also to this condition. I have, however, entertained neither regret at parting with the last pie nor fear. For it is he who gives and he who takes back what he has given. It is up to him to provide us with ways and means when he denudes us of every bit of cash. And he has never failed to provide. As instances, besides the eighty rupees incident of 1918 that I mentioned above, I can cite others. It will, however, suffice to give two more instances. Some time prior to the above incident when I went to him, he by repeated requests for dakshina took away all I had. Then again he asked me "Bhav, give me Rs.7".

I explained that I had nothing left with me. He then told me to get it from some one. This was valuable lesson to me in humility. I must not consider myself too high to beg or borrow. In fact, this lesson was so forcibly brought home to me when I visited Shirdi, after he attained Mahasamadhi, that I went round to beg for bread in the places where Baba used to beg for his bread.

By such means, his grace has kept down my pride and egoism which otherwise would soar so high as to avoid contact with the so-called "lower strata" of society.

will be continued...
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On another occasion after depleting my resources, Baba asked me for Rs.50. And when I told him I had no cash left, he made me go round and ask some person, who gave me a negative reply. The he made me go to Rao Bahadur Sathe, who rejoiced at the request' being made to him.

The significance of my going to the latter for Rs.50 was not explained to me then. But much later I was told that at that time, Rao Bahadur's claim for pension was being considered; the matter in doubt was whether it should be a lower amount as first calculated on the last permanent appointment or an amount higher by Rs.50 being based on a calculation of his sub protem appointment. He succeeded in gaining his higher pension and Baba's direction that I should go to him for Rs.50 was indicative of his success and the date of the order was the date of Baba's demand for Rs.50.

On the occasion of the "Chamatkar" criminal appeal, the appellants without any demand from me paid me a fee of Rs.300. Baba, during my stay of three days on my return from Ahmadnagar, took away exactly that sum from me, by repeated requests for dakshina. It was most fitting and proper that there should be no receipt of consideration by me for defending my own Guru's servitor and at his behest, especially when I had really done no work and when the entire success was due to his miraculous control over the District Magistrate's mind. In closing this brief account of my personal experience, I may quote a few of Baba's spiritual teachings or declarations.

He once made a remark which would intensify and strengthen our faith in Him and give us some clue to his real nature. To some one who was talking of God, he said "Why do you say 'God', 'God?' God is in my pocket?" As to God's dual or multiple function (suggested for instance by the Trimurthis welded into one as Datta or Brahman), he once made a pregnant remark. With his usual lavish generosity coupled with personal humility he was one day preparing his i.e., himself cooking food for hundreds and freely feeding the poor and all that wanted the food, with his own personal labour.

While the Handi was being boiled, a Fakir came, who was particularly keen on getting animal food and he put some flesh into the Handi. As Baba was going on with his cooking, Balasaheb Mirikar evidently disgusted with the transformation of an innocent vegetarian Bhandar to all into a special dinner for those who loved to feast by killing animals for filling their stomachs, asked Baba "Why all this Himsa, i.e., cruelty to other creatures for feeding ourselves?" Baba then answered i.e., literally, "He that slays saves; He that saves slays". This a part from its implied or express reference to the tripartite functions of the God that creates, maintains and withdraws or destroys might be deemed more particularly to refer to the special function of Sat Purushas like Sai Baba, who bless one with Sadgati when' that one (human or subhuman creatures) dies or is killed at their feet or in their proximity.

willbe continued...
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I may close this account with two incidents from the life of the Late Mr.H.S.Dixit personally communicated by him to me. Mr. Dixit was literally getting embarrassed in his financial arrangements. On one occasion he found that a sum of Rs.30,000 was due to be paid four days later and he was troubled about the question wherefrom and how he was to get the money. That night he dreamt of the creditor as tormenting him with his claim for the amount and he replied in the dream to the creditor in order to reassure him "Do not fear that your amount will not be duly repaid. I have my resources. I know Sir Chimanlal, Sir X and Sir Y. So do not fear."

Shortly thereafter he woke up and remembered the dream. He was aghast at his own ungrateful folly and stupidity in relying on the poor human support of Sir X, Sir Y and Sir Z who would probably disappoint one at the critical moment and leave him in the lurch and his failing to recognize that his only and true sheet-anchor or Providence was Sri Sai. He wept at his folly and went before the portrait of Sai Baba and entreated him to pardon the folly. Thereafter he felt assured that Baba and Baba alone would help him. It was up to Baba to save him and Baba would never fail a devotee at the hour of need. Yet as the day and hour for payment were nearing, he could not discover any money forthcoming. Just the day previous to the due date, while he was ruminating upon his affairs in his office, the son of his late intimate friend and banker called upon him and wanted his advice whether a sum of Rs.30,000 he had, should be invested in one way or in another.

Mr.Dixit explained to him difficulties in the proposed investments and added that if the investor was thinking of investing with Mr. Dixit himself, he would be the last person to take advantage of his intimacy with his father and accept the deposit. Mr. Dixit frankly stated that in his embarrassed condition, he would not be able perhaps to return the deposit on the date fixed. The visitor far from being deterred by such revelation insisted that the revealed facts were just his reason for insisting that Mr. Dixit should accept the deposit. The son would not be true to his father, if he failed to help him with an accomodation at the time of need. In this view, he pressed the deposit on Mr. Dixit, who thereupon paid his creditor at the due date. Sai had shown himself capable of wielding tens of thousands of rupees and moulding peoples' wills and intentions to suit his scheme of helping his devotees.

Mr.Dixit's younger brother, Sadashiv, B.A., LL.B., tried his hand at practice at Nagpur, Bombay and Khandwa successively with disheartening results. Then H.S.Dixit cast lots before Baba, and with Baba's consent again took him to Bombay to work in his office. After a short time, the result seemed to be unsatisfactory.

Mr. Sadashiv told his brother that he would go away. H.S.D. wondered how in spite of Baba's approval of Sadashiv's being taken to Bombay, the step should prove to be utterly futile. In any case, he thought, he would postpone his brother's return to Khandwa till after the approaching Deepavali holidays. During those days, things took a strange turn.

A friend of Mr.H.S.Dixit came to him and said that the Cutch State required a highly reliable Officer for their Bank with a knowledge of Gujarati. At once Mr.H.S.Dixit asked him if Mr.Sadashiv would suit. The friend was very glad to have Sadashiv (whom he believed not to be available) and recommended him to the State. Thenceforward, Sadashiv, who was found a failure at Law in so many places, got appointed on a salary of Rs. 1,000 a month and held it for a long time. This upshot showed that Baba in allowing or directing his devotee to go to Bombay was seeing not merely the immediate and near future but more distant prospects and enduring benefits.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI

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Santaram Balwant Nachne Dahanukar
Thana, 13th September, 1936

I have given parts of my experience already to Sai Lila Masik (vide Vol.1 (xii) 94). But as there was the feeling that it was a publication to all and sundry, I had expressed myself with considerable reserve and did not mention many features especially those that ordinary people would not credit. Now, I will try to recall, in spite of the long time that has lapsed, as much as I can give you a fuller account and include in it my later experiences, i.e., those which I have had after the above mentioned publication (in 1923).

In 1909, some events took place which at that time seemed to be little connected with Sai Baba. In that year, one day my elder brother was undergoing an operation very near his throat in Bajekar's Hospital at Bombay; and we were all anxious about it. I was at Dahanu then and a Sadhu approached and asked me if he could get a crumb or two of bread. We invited him inside and gave him a regular course of dishes, i.e., a full meal. My sister-in-law was serving him all dishes; but she intentionally omitted at first to give him "Bendi Baji" i.e., a dish made of lady's fingers, thinking that it was too poor a stuff to be given to a revered and saintly guest.    But the Sadhu himself called for Bendi Baji; and it was then served.   That Sadhu blessed us all and told us that the operation at the hospital that day had been safely performed.   The same day my friend, Haribhav Moreswar Panse told me that he hoped that the operation by the grace of Sri Sai Baba would be a success.   That was the first mention of Sai Baba to me.    I had not then known of him.    Evidently Panse had. Later in the evening, we learnt from my father who returned from the hospital that the operation had been performed and that there was no trouble or danger.  After the operation a Sadhu had appeared there and approaching the patient passed his hands over the operated part of the body, and said all would go on well.   The operation proved quite safe and my brother recovered.
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The same year, my father attended Das Ganu's Kirtan, wherein Sai Baba was described as a veritable Avatar of Datta, as a remarkable person with wonderful powers and wonderful kindness.   We got a picture of Sai Baba and worshipped it with Udbatti (lighting scented sticks) at home.   

In 1912 was my first visit to Shirdi. I had appeared for my Revenue Subordinates Examination and before the results were announced, I went to Shirdi along with two friends, Sankar Balakrishna Vaidya and Achyuta Date. On the way, we alighted at Kopergaon station. There the Station Master learning of our intended visit to Sai Baba, aired his views rather freely and said that undue honor was being lavished upon and people were being gulled by one who was a mere  hypnotist, like so many of these wandering jugglers and thaumaturgists all over the country. This rude fusillade at Sai Baba unsettled my mind about him and I was beginning to doubt if, after all, it was a real saint we were taking so much trouble to visit.

We reached Shirdi anyhow and saw Sai Baba returning from the Lendi. He must have evidently noticed my condition. He looked at me, and at once, without having any information given to him as to who I was, etc., said "What? Have you come away without taking leave from the Mamlatdar?” I said "Yes".    Baba advised me and said "Do not behave like this". This removed all the doubts that the Station Master's thoughtless remarks had raised in my mind. I felt I was before a saint who knew everything that happened in places far away from him. We stayed three days at Shirdi on this occasion.

Each day Baba's kindness and powers were manifested with greater frequency and force and the result was perfect assurance and confidence. I became a firm believer in and worshipper of Baba thenceforward.

will be continued...
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Baba took Udhi from my hand and applied it to my forehead - a mark of favor and love that is not bestowed on all.  Again when people were assembling for Arati at the Masjid, and I was among them, Baba asked me to go and take my meal. I said it was Ekadasi.   Usually I did not fast on Ekadasi days; but my two friends did and I had to conform to their ways and not be singular and claiming advantages which they did not share.  But Baba did not want me to fast. He said (referring to my companions) "These people are mad, You had better go to the Wada and eat." The person who had to serve the food at the wada was grumbling that I should be clamoring for food on an Ekadasi day and would not give me food till Arati was over. 

So he came to the Mosque and I also returned to the Mosque.  Baba again questioned me if I had messed but I said that it was time for Arati and so the meal might be deferred till the completion of the Arati.   But Baba insisted and said "The Arati will wait and will begin after you finish your meal and come."  The hotel man had to yield and gave me food.  Then I went to the Mosque for the Arati. 

At that time a lady generally known as "Mavusi" brought beeda (i.e., rolled up betel and nut) to Baba.  Baba gave me some and asked me to eat.  As it is usual to avoid chewing betel and nut (which are considered as luxuries and for that and other reasons avoided on Ekadasi days) I hesitated.  Baba said again, "Eat it." I obeyed and chewed the beeda.   At the close of the Arati, Baba took dakshina of Rs.4 from me and Rs.16 from Vaidya.   He did not ask Date for dakshina, as he was evidently not disposed to give it.   

There was a young Marwadi girl that was hankering after fruit and asked Baba for "orange".  Baba by his own powers knew that Date had kept back some oranges at the wada and brought only the remainder to be offered at the Mosque and so asked Date to go and get the oranges.  But Date was assertive and said that the fruit was retained by him for "Faral", i.e., his own light meal on the Ekadasi day.  He declined to part with it, despite Baba's request.  Baba did not press his request further.

During our stay, Baba revealed his interest in me and my family.  When H.S.Dixit, Jog and Dabolkar were present, He told them, “I had been to this man's house" - and here he pointed to me - "for a meal. He did not give me Bendi Baji". My mind darted back at once to the Sadhu who in 1909 at the time of my brother's operation was dining with us.

And I felt assured that in the form of one Sadhu or another, Baba was interested in our welfare and helping us even in 1909 unknown to ourselves. Later, I told those gentlemen of the "Bendi Baji" which my sister-in-law had first failed to serve the Sadhu on that occasion. That Sadhu appeared to be an entirely different man from Sai Baba. I saw him also on the two or three days following the operation at Dahanu and had excellent opportunities of observing him at close quarters. He went away from Dahanu and was not seen again thereafter.
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Baba was declaring in 1912 to me that he was the same Sadhu or was in that Sadhu despite external differences in appearance, caste, etc.  That Sadhu was a Hindu, rather dark or brownish, and had a fairly long beard such as was never on Baba's chin. He looked more like you (B.V.N.Swami) than like Sai Baba.  I asked Baba about the result I would have in my examination. He said "Allah Malik Hai” and placed his palm on my head.  I passed that examination.   The impressions I received at this first visit were in danger of being blotted out on the last day.  That morning we found Baba was in tearing rage at the Mosque for no reason that any one could make out.  He was jumping about the floor of the Mosque. His eyes were red and for fifteen minutes he kept every one in terror of him and none dared to approach him. That made us doubt again if the Station Master's view that Baba was a mad man was not right after all. At last, Baba cooled down and we approached him for leave to go away from Shirdi.  He gave us Udhi and leave.

In 1915 Baba gave me another blessing (unasked). I was then employed at Dahanu (Thana District). It is not easy to get a transfer from Mofussil service to Metropolis service. But Baba said in 1912 "Come to Bombay for service". In 1918 this prophecy or blessing had its fulfillment or effect by my being transferred to Bandra, i.e., Bombay Suburban District. The breach of duty that Baba pointed out, viz., being absent from office without leave of my superior, the Mamlatdar, was noticed by the latter, Mr.B.V.Dev. But, providentially his order was merely that if I were to do so again I would be punished.

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After this first visit I was going oftentimes to Shirdi. On one occasion, (i.e., in 1913) as I was starting, Haribhav M. Panse met me. He had been convicted for misappropriation and sentenced to imprisonment but had been just then let out on bail pending his appeal. He was going up for the appeal which was to be heard that day or the next and he told me to entreat Sai Baba's aid on his behalf. "Tell him that I am in trouble and that I am innocent”, he said.

I went to Shirdi and before I could communicate the message, Baba himself spoke about it. It was at the early morning Arati (Kakada) at the Chavadi. Baba was in a very angry mood. He then told me, "Tell him that he need not have any anxiety and that he will be acquitted in the appeal."

When I returned from Shirdi, I met Panse and told him of Baba's reply. At that time he informed me that he had indeed been acquitted. When I was at Shirdi, about this time, (i.e., in 1913 or so) Baba made an observation that we should not trust mad men. This commonplace altruism appeared to have no reference to or significance for me. But what happened in 1914 showed that it was not a truism, but a warning to me.
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I was Treasury Master in 1914 at Dahanu. I was engaged in my daily Pooja at home worshipping Sai Baba's photo, Gods, etc. One Ramakrishna Balawant Panse who was deranged in his intellect was standing at the door of the cuisine, a little distance from my worship room. He was thought to be rather harmless; and none minded him. Suddenly the man flew at me and grasped my neck with both his arms and tried to bite my throat saying, "I will drink your blood". Instantaneously, with one hand I held the strong metallic spoon (used for Pooja) and thrust that and my finger into his mouth. The spoon struck in his throat and the man was biting away my finger with his teeth. With the other hand I tried to extricate my neck from his hands. My mother also rushed in to help. Meanwhile I lost consciousness.

After sometime and by some remedial application I recovered consciousness; his nails had dug into the flesh of my neck and he had very nearly strangled me to death. The injury on my fingers also was healed. When next I went to Shirdi.

Baba addressed Anna Chinchnikar and said (pointing to me):-

"Anna, if I had delayed an instant, then this man would have indeed perished. The mad man had seized with his hands his very throat. But I extricated him. What is to be done? If I do not save my own children, who else will?"

On 31-3-1915 we had a very thrilling encounter.  Myself, Santaram Moreswar Panse and some others were traveling in a bullock cart at night in a dense jungle. We were at the Ranshet Pass.  It was known to be infested with tigers.  It was a dark night.  Suddenly our bulls took fright and were stepping backwards.  Luckily they were not dragging the cart sideways.  In that narrow pass, if our cart had swerved a little to the side, cart, bulls and ourselves would have fallen down a steep ravine and perished. Santaram showed me by pointing his hand in front what the trouble was. 

In front of our carriage we saw the gleaming eyes of a tiger on the road.  It was couchant and faced us. Panse to save the cart from being pushed into the ravine wished to get down to place a big stone or stick as a brake to block the wheel going back and asked me to hold the reins of the bulls. 

I held them and roared aloud "Hail Sai Baba! Run, Sri Sai Baba (to our aid)" Others also began to shout and the tiger got frightened and ran away passing by the side of our cart.  My faith in Baba and the courage he infused into me by making me call out his name thus saved the situation.

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In 1915, after this, I started to go to Shirdi. At the station one V.S.Samant gave me a coconut with two annas to buy candy, etc., to be presented to Baba. I went and bowed to Baba and gave the coconut but forgot all about the two annas. When I asked Baba for leave to go, he said "Yes. Go via Chitali but why keep back a poor Brahmin's (i.e., my) two annas?" I was at once reminded by this hit and I gave him the two annas entrusted to me by Samant. Again I prayed for leave and he said laughing, "You may go now. Whatever you undertake to do, do thoroughly, else do not undertake it.”

Once when I was at Shirdi, Sankar Rao (Balkrishna Vaidya) came there. Baba asked him for Rs.16 dakshina. He pleaded want of money. A little later, Baba asked him for Rs.32. Again he put forward the same plea. A little later Baba asked him for Rs.64. Then we told Baba we were not rich enough to pay such large sums. Then Baba said collect the amount and pay. This proved to be a prophecy. Sometime later, Baba fell ill. A sapthaha was celebrated and it had to be followed by a grand feast to be given to all comers on a large scale. Moneys had to be collected. At the bidding of Dabolkar, Sankar Rao and I started with the hat in my hand. The collection then made by us totalled exactly Rs.64 and it was sent up.

I gave Baba's Udhi to Ravji Sakharam Vaidya to apply to his daughter "Moru" who was having "Plague" fever. It subsided. My father was something of a doctor. Parasuram Apaji Nachne, a Talati, had longstanding illness. My father and other medical men despaired of his recovery. But by vows and prayers to Baba and burning Udbatti before his picture with a perpetual ghee lamp he recovered his health. When I and S.B.Vaidya went to Baba in 1915, the later presented Silver padukas to Baba with a view to get them back again for his worship. But Baba presented them to me. I thought it but right that they should go to Vaidya and gave them to him. But on Madhava Rao Deshpande's intervention they were again transferred to me. Vaidya had another pair of silver padukas. Baba himself asked Vaidya for that pair and presented that also to me, saying "Keep this and do Pooja". I said that was Vaidya's property and must go to him. Baba said "Keep it for the present, you can give it to him later." I kept it then and later presented one pair to Vaidya.

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Adhering to chronological order, I may mention one instance of Baba's justice and fair play; in which he plucked the feathers off Orthodox intolerance. In May 1915, I went to Shirdi accompanied by my mother-in-law and others. We put up at the "Sathe Wada" (as it was then called; since then it has changed hands and become Navalkar Wada) and Dada Kelkar was living in part of the premises.

When my mother-in-law was cutting onions for our meal, Dada Kelkar, an orthodox Brahmin, who abhorred onion got irritated and fell foul of her. She took his abuse very much to heart. A few hours later, Dada's grand-daughter was crying on account of severe pain in her eyes and he went to Baba for relief. Baba then told him to foment the eyes with onion. Dada asked "Where am I get onion?" Baba always kept some onion with him and perhaps Dada hoped to get his supply from Baba. But that just arbiter was keeping some designs up his sleeve and told Dada "Get it from this ayi, i.e., mother," pointing to my mother-in-law. Baba was giving her the chance of relieving her pent up feelings and taking noble revenge by returning good for evil. She told Baba that Dada had been abusing her that very morning for using onions for preparing her meal, and that she would not care to give him anything but if it was Baba's order that she should give him onions, she would. Baba ordered the gift and she had her grand revenge of doing good to one who had so recently lacerated her feelings.

It was in the same year that my mother-in-law was anxious to get Baba's blessing, to obtain progeny for me. A few children were born before that but they died when quite young. So at her request, Madhav Rao Deshpande took my wife to Baba and wanted Baba to give her a coconut as a gift and throw it into her Padar (Mundani or end of her cloth). Then Baba's eyes brimmed with tears as he gave the coconut to my wife; and he bade me sit at his feet and massage his legs. As I was doing so, he made passes with his hand over my back. I felt very grateful for his kindness and I referred to the mad man's attempt to murder me and to Baba's photo being with me at the time as the explanation for my narrow escape. Baba merely remarked, "Allah Malik Hai. God is the Lord, i.e., He orders all things." Then Baba and I embraced each other.

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Baba showed me once again how considerate he was towards all his devotees and how strongly he was against one devotee teasing or interfering with another. One day Baba said "My stomach is aching." Mavusi, the strong lady that I have already mentioned, brought a red hot brick and placed it on Baba's abdomen, i.e., above his Kupni, and retained it in that position for about ten minutes. I felt very much for Baba, as I was shampooing his feet at that time, and thought her service an instance of "cruel kindness". Then she removed the brick and began pressing Baba's sides with her hands with great violence. I could not endure the sight, and I told her to be gentle as Baba would suffer. Baba at once ordered me to get away. I did.

That night, about 8 PM, I went to the Masjid and asked Baba to give me some anugraha. "What Japa shall I make?" I asked. Baba replied, "Go to Devpur (a village 20 miles off Kopergaon) and begin worshipping the stones there which your ancestors worshipped." Later on, I returned to Dahanu and asked my father what Baba's words might import. Then my father gave me an account of our ancestral worship of images at Devpur.

Baba Prayag, my ancestor, had no issue till he was 60 years old. He learnt that issue was often obtained by others by the grace of a saint then living, named Baba Bhagavat (who was a disciple of Eknath Maharaj) and that B.Bhagavat could be seen at Triambak on those rare occasions when he would go to see the Nivritti Nath Shrine there. B.P. went there and obtained his grace and blessings for issue with a coconut. Thereafter, i.e., at the age of 61, B.P. got a son, whom he named Krishna Rao. Baba Bhagawat took that child, when it was but one year old to Devpur and gave it a handwritten copy of Jnaneswari. (This identical copy is now produced. Note: Just as it is produced, some music is heard passing in the street). Whenever this copy is taken out some auspicious signs are always found attending. From that time forward, every member of our family in his generation takes Upadesh from a member of that Guru's line. This fact it is that made Sai Baba give me the above answer. (At that time I did not know all these facts. But my father to whom I communicated the answer of Baba narrated these facts to me).

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In 1916, by Baba's grace, I was saved from a watery grave. There was Plague at Dahanu and I had daily to cross a creek between my house and my office. One day I returned from the office very late and there was no ferry boat. I then took a toni (Tamil “thoni" or Canoe) with a boy to paddle, and it got upset in the middle of the creek. I had swerved just a bit but that was enough to make the little canoe capsize. From the time it capsized I had my dhyana of Sai Baba. The boy who was rowing or paddling the canoe was a good swimmer and a resourceful lad. He asked me to hold on to a rope that was above water connecting a buoy with a ship which was at a little distance from us. I caught it and with its help kept my head above water. The boy hallooed to the ship and the shipmen sent us a boat and saved us.
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In 1919, I had a son born to me; and this was the first son born after Baba gave my wife the coconut, with blessings from his mouth and with tears in his eyes.   We named him Kaluram. To explain Baba's tears a few facts about Kaluram's short life of eight years may be mentioned.    He was born under the constellation Moola. When the boy was only three years old he was always repeating the mantra 'Ram Hari Ram’. It was in 1921, i.e., when he was entering on his third year, the effect of Moola was seen.   His mother i.e., my first wife, died. No doubt the deeply sympathetic heart of Baba saw her coming end when he gave her the "blessing" (?) for a child to be born under Moola.   

Anyhow, one might suppose that there was the mitigation of the sorrow in having brought a saintly infant prodigy into existence.  But see what followed even in that matter. The boy was stunning the imagination of all that became acquainted with him.   A pious and learned neighbor, named Hegde, watched him and declared that he was an incarnation of that playmate of Sri Krishna on whose back the latter got up to invade curd-pots.   The boy himself stated occasionally "Krishna used to tease me. I caught hold of Hari's leg and pinched them.   I looked up.   Hari (who was standing above me) upset the curd-pot over my face.   Then the lady of the house turned up, etc."   The boy sometimes anticipated Hegde's daily study of "Hari Vijaya" and declared what stories or incidents formed the subject matter of the portion to be read on the particular day by Hegde. 

I saw him one day seated in a corner, with his head covered by a cloth. He was motionless and steady like one immersed in Yoga. His eyeballs were upturned, but the cloth over his head that was worn like a cowl hid the eyes from my view.   I lifted the cloth and asked him why he was covering his head.   He said he was always doing so.   Asked why he went on with his course of Sadhana, he laughed.   His precocity surprised me greatly. Once he asked me to get for him the latest special issue of a journal (Sandesh). When that was brought, the first picture on it was Sri Krishna's encircled by the Pranava "Aum". Kalu cut out that picture and stuck it on the wall. Then there was the advertisement of "His Master's Voice" records with the picture of the dog before the gramaphone. Kalu's interrogation thereon was typical of him.

Kalu: What is this?

I: It is the advertisement of a phonograph.

He: It is a special message of Krishna.

I: What is the special message?

He: What is the dog hearing?

I: The music played by the plate.

He: The dog hears his master's voice. See the dog, so steady from head to tail, intently listening. We must be equally firm and steady. See how I sit. You also should sit like that and listen and then you will hear Baba's voice.

I: How do you know Baba's voice?

He: I know. I will not tell you. Experience it yourself.

In addition to his oral Japa of "Ram Hari Ram," Kaluram was going on writing that mantra in chits and a quantity of them were with us. When Upasani Baba came to Andheri, he said he wanted such chits and they were handed over to him. In 1924 Gadgi Baba came over to my house to see this boy. In 1926, Kalu had dropsy and low fever. We gave him only Baba's Udhi. The disease continued for a while.

On Kartik Sudha Ekadasi (so piously celebrated by thousands of pilgrims at Pandharpur and other Vishnu Sthalas), Kaluram approached his end. He called me to his bedside and asked for Jnaneswari. It was at once produced. He himself opened it and picked up the XIII Chapter. At that time I was feeling the sadness of the approaching end, the bitterness that we had to part with such a son. But Kalu cheered me up and said, "What is there to cry for? Read this (Ch. XIII). Read it aloud for me. I am going to-day." My heart was sinking under a load of grief and I could not read it. Then he kept the book in front of him and breathed his last. A fitting termination, this departure on Kartik Ekadasi, was for such a life. But yet how sad was such an early death? No wonder that Baba wept in 1918 when he gave the coconut and clearly perceived that such an early death was to crown such a life.

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As for the continuance of my line, by Baba's blessings, that was made secure. In 1922, i.e., one year after Kaluram's mother died, my parents were arranging for my second marriage. A choice had to be made between a girl that would bring some wealth or pecuniary contribution with her and a poor girl. The proposal of the first girl that would bring in Rs.600 was being considered by my father. I did not favor it. Baba came in my mother's dream and said to her "Do not accept this girl in marriage for your son."

In the same dream my mother saw another girl. A little later the uncle and guardian of a poor girl offered her hand in marriage to me. I referred him to my mother. She saw the girl and found it was the very girl she had seen in the above-mentioned dream. This settled the question and the latter girl was married to me in 1922, and several children were born of this marriage and with Baba's blessings are getting on well. "Baba's blessings" is no empty formal phrase. I will cite several instances to show how he has guarded them and saved their lives as he saved mine (at least twice, as already mentioned by me).

will be continued...
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In 1926, my son, Sainath alias Hareswar, was eight or nine months old. Kaluram had crackers and Bengal matches. One of my children threw away a lighted match. It fell on Sainath and his clothes caught fire.  He wore a cloth beneath his waist and a frock next to the skin. Both these caught fire. The children did not realise the seriousness of the situation and raised no alarm.  My wife was outside the house engaged with something. Suddenly a Fakir appeared before her and pointing his arm and finger towards the terrace on which the children were playing, said "See what is going on there." My wife at once went inside and noticed the fire on the child's clothes.   With great   presence of mind and resourcefulness, she ran to the child, seized the clothes and rolled them between her palms and thus boldly extinguished the fire. The front half of the frock from bottom to the neck was burnt out and part of the nether cloth also.    But the child (Sainath) came off entirely scatheless. Though the frock worn next to the skin was burnt out, his skin had not been burnt, nor was his nether portion burnt.   This complete safety was evidently due to the same cause as the sudden appearance of the Fakir.  The Fakir had also suddenly disappeared. When she came out after extinguishing the fire, there was no trace of the Fakir.   Who could the Fakir be, how had he known the fire accident the very moment it happened and why should he be at the trouble to watch over the children and fetch their mother to save them at the nick of time?   In 1928, Sainath, then two years old, had an accident. As usual he was running about; and one day he fell down the stairs. There was a heap of the debris at the bottom, I ran up and was surprised to see him standing without any injury at all. He told me, "Do not fear. Baba bore me up
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In 1932, Sainath gave his younger brother Vasudev a ring and the latter stuffed it into his mouth instinctively. The ring went into the throat and stuck there. There was an alarm and for nearly one hour every one in the house was excited and medicaments were tried to induce the throat or stomach to throw out the ring. Finally, I took Sai Baba's Udhi and put it in the child's mouth. Then inserting my finger deep within his mouth, I felt the ring and pulled it out. In 1934, the same child Vasudev had measles, pneumonia and an abscess on the chest. He was getting weaker and weaker. The doctor was afraid to operate on the abscess on account of the weakness. I applied antiphlogistine over the abscess. The abscess was opened. It was a wide open wound. The doctor would not help me. So I relied upon my doctor, Sai Baba, and trusting in him put a bit of his Udhi into the wound.

The Deputy Collector, Vasant Rao Madhav Jadhav, (now D.C. at Poona) asked me whether I was confident of a cure and within what time the gaping wound would be cured. I answered "In 24 hours." That night, Baba appeared in my dream and said, "Why did you say 24 hours? You should have said immediately." I apologized for my mistake in the dream itself. Next morning, the wound was healed up. Jadhav wondered and wanted Baba's Udhi and blessing for his own son aged 4 1/2 years who was down with pneumonia. I gave him the Udhi on the sixth day of that child's fever. The very next day the fever stopped, though the attendant doctor stated that the fever would run its course for 9 days (i.e., that it would last 3 days after I gave the Udhi). Jadhav sent up his thanks offering of Rs.7 to be sent to Sri Sai Baba's Samasthan.
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In 1935, i.e., last year, milk was being boiled on my stove. Anand, my two-year-old child, came running up, stumbled over a stick and fell upon the milk and stove. Just fancy what should happen in such a case. One would expect his skin to be scalded by the boiling milk and clothes to catch fire. But here the milk was dashed down on one side and the stove on the other side; and the child lay between the two, neither scalded, nor catching fire on his clothes.   This year, i.e., 1936, Vasudev and his younger brother rummaged among the contents of an almyrah and found a box full of what they thought to be peppermint lozenges. Vasudev ate some and gave some to his younger brother. The taste was unpleasant and they did not eat much. But what little was eaten made Vasu smart. His tongue was protruding. My wife inserted her finger into his mouth and extracted what she believed to be chunam, i.e., lime. We were then shown by Vasu the packet or box of "Sweetmeats" that he had been consuming. It was "Pharoah's snakes" - the piece of fireworks that burn out forming ashes that lengthen and wind about in the form of snakes.   

We then took him to the doctor who administered   an emetic, which did not act. Then I gave Baba's Udhi and Tirtha - which acted at once and resulted in his vomiting out all the poisonous stuff he had swallowed. After all this was over,  Vasudev mentioned that he had given the Peppermint to his two year old younger brother.    Evidently the latter ate but little, as there was no trouble. But to expel what little he might have swallowed, we administered our   emetic, viz., Udhi and water with Baba's name to him and he had a good vomit.
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A cashier in an office was in trouble last year about Rs.3,500 which was not accounted for. A friend advised him to go to me and he came. That cashier disliked Baba, as Baba was 'Mohamedan'. But when he came to me, I told him that his sole sanctuary was the Sai Mandir at Shirdi, and that he should go there and make a heartfelt apology and appeal for help.   He went there, got a photo of Baba and with the help of Sagun Naik placed it at the Samadhi, prayed there and came back with the photo. Things then began to brighten up. He was allowed eight days time to pay up the Rs.3,500. He went up, got money and paid it. The matter was closed. There was neither dismissal nor prosecution. Similar help was rendered by Baba in another case. Mr.V.C. Chitnis after his dismissal from service came to me.  I told him to cast his burden on Sai Baba and make an appeal at the Shirdi Mandir for help. He went to Shirdi and later he was reinstated in service.

I shall mention what help Baba gave to members of my family, for Sadgati, i.e., at or after death.

My parents were devotees of Sai Baba. My mother was aged seventy in 1926 when she died. She kept Sai Baba's photo to the last in front of her. As the end was nearing, she asked me to read Vishnu Sahasranama aloud by her side, and I did. Then with "Ram Ram" on her lips, she passed away.
My second wife passed away in 1929 and I was anxious to do everything necessary to secure Sadgati for her soul. So I wished to take her bones and ashes to Nasik and dispose of them there with proper ceremonies. But I was beset with difficulties. My father was ill. I had, amidst my feeling of bitter loss at her departure, to make sure of the funds needed and the steps necessary, of which I had no idea. I took a sum of Rs.80 and leaving a child of three years at home, started by train for Nasik. At Victoria Terminus, I found I had a fellow passenger who took enormous trouble for me and extended his sympathy and help even before the train started.

He: Where are you going?

I: Nasik

He: Why do you carry no bed? The nights are chill.

I: I find no necessity. I am in no mood to mind these things. It is eight days since my wife died leaving a three-year old son to be taken care of by me.

He asked me to wait. He called out a friend and got a blanket and a bedsheet for me.

I: How can you get these things so quickly?

He: Our quarters are very near. It is the Bombay Arts School. Have this Cigar please.
I: (accepting the cigar) What is your name? May I know who you are?
He: I am a peon in that school.  My name is Ganapathy Shankar - you may go to sleep now. Have no anxiety. I am also going to Nasik. I shall wake you up when we reach.

I: What takes you to Nasik?

G.S: Simply to see Nasik. My Saheb is gone to Simla and I get this chance of seeing Nasik.

Then I lay down.

G.S.: "Do take good care of your money; or if you like, I will keep it for you, if you give it to me, in this steel trunk of mine.

Then I handed over my 80 rupees to him and went to sleep. At Ghoti Station, near Nasik, he woke me up. We washed ourselves and took tea. He paid for me also. At Nasik Road Station, we got into the bus. Then.
G.S: Do not go to Bhatji, i.e., a priest yourself.  I will settle everything for you.  Do not trouble yourself.
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Then he attended on me and attended to everything as a peon would do, till the end of the twelfth day ceremony. Throughout the proceedings he showed his special knowledge of the ceremonies, i.e., he told the priest to take pinda first to Ramkund. He told me to retain in my grip the bones I brought, immersed in the waters of the Godavari at Ramkund till the close of the ceremony. The bones should be left in a particular hollow there and kept in position by pressure of the hand to prevent their being washed away by force of the current. 

My surprise was that even as I kept them they were quickly dissolving as though they were sugarcandy. On the twelfth day, he got a wire requiring his presence back at Bombay. He accounted to me for every pie he had received from me. He took me to the chief temples at Nasik. A Sanyasi teacher at one of the temples recognized him and to him he showed the wire. My priest said the G.S. was a man of extraordinary cleverness, e.g. when the priest started ceremonies without the worship of Ganesha (considering it unnecessary for inauspicious ceremonies), G.S. interposed and bade him start it and when the priest still entertained doubts, made him refer the matter to a learned authority who agreed with G.S.  He parted from me at Nasik that day and promised to call at my place, i.e., Andheri. He gave me his name and address.

After my return home, seeing that my beneficient friend did not turn up I went to the address given viz., "G.S., peon, Bombay Art School" and made inquiries and asked his fellow peon about him. They all said there was no such person at all known to them. The principal (the "Saheb") also said the same.  Who was this 'man' that took such enormous pains (without any remuneration or prospect of it) and gave me such splendid help in securing Sadgati for my wife at Nasik by proper performance of all the ceremonies? Who can it be but Sai Baba?
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In 1927, I went to Shirdi for chowla, i.e., tuft ceremony of Kaluram. Then Baba's direction to me to go to Deopur which I had neglected till then was again stressed on me, through another saint who had come up to Shirdi. That was Nanu Maharaj or Sripad Narsoba Panchlegankar, aged only fifteen. He asked me without any intimation to him of what or who I was or what Baba told me about anugraha (initiation).
"Have you been to Deopur?”

I was taken aback. I answered in the negative.

N: Why?

I: There is no one at Deopur older than myself (in my Guru's line) for me to accept my Guru and get anugraha.

N: What of that? My Guru is younger than I.   His name is 'Doi Pode' and your Guru's name is Bhagavat.

Sri Narsoba promised to show me his Guru later. Accepting this reminder, I carried out Sai Baba's order and went to Deopur and accepted anugraha. I had never met Sri Narsoba before. Next year, I learnt that Narsoba was arriving at Bombay V.T. As his train steamed in and came to a stop, from his compartment he beckoned to me as I stood amidst a crowd and showed me his Guru, an eight-year-old youth, Sripad Ramakrishna Doi Pode. Sri Narsoba is doing "Sudhi" work; I have not met him after 1928. His Guru is still a student (for Matriculation Exam.) at Guntur (Madras Presidency).

will be continued...
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I will close this long account with one instance of Baba's response to my prayer for help to strangers. On 3-12-1923 I was seated in my house at Andheri, facing the road. One Mr. Noel was driving his car along the road. A little girl, daughter of Vittal, was knocked down by the car. As I saw it I prayed, "Baba, save her". The car stopped, I went down and picked up the child and took her to the hospital. The stopping of the car before the child was crushed was a miracle. The break in the car was not working. Then on examination it was found, though the break was not put on, a stone had somehow got into the gear and that was how the car suddenly stopped in time. Looking at the injuries to the girl, the Sub-Assistant Surgeon feared they would prove fatal. But I told him, "Sai Baba would save her". She continued as an inpatient in the hospital for fifteen days and she recovered her health; but her power of speech was not restored. That continued to be her condition for nine months. Then Das Ganu came to Andheri and I told him the facts. He told me to give her Baba's Udhi again for restoring her speech. I again gave her Udhi. The next day she began to speak. This was most marvellous. She is alive now and speaks very well.

Baba kindly give me opportunities of doing service to others. In 1926, he appeared to me in a dream and bade me go and tell Mr. K.G. Kothare (Bar-at-law) "not to do what he was proposing to do". Despite the vagueness of the message, I went to him and delivered the message. He thanked me for it and informed me that it referred to the step he had been intending to take. He wanted to give up his Grihastasram and become a Sanyasi. He gave up the idea, at that time.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI

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Sri Narayan Asram
Dady Agiary St., BOMBAY. Sanyasi and disciple of Vedasrama Swami (Taraka Mutt, Durgaghat, Kashi), residing at Vaman Muth, Gangapuri Wai, (Satara District), aged 58, 23rd SEPT. 1936

I knew Sai Baba, i.e., heard the name and the greatness of Sai Baba in 1910 from Das Ganu Maharaj's kirtana. I asked him "Is Sai Baba living?" He said "Yes, at Shirdi." In five days of that I went to Shirdi and saw Sai Baba. In six months thereafter, I paid Baba nine visits. I often went to him in later years also. I was then in service, in the Customs Department and continued in it till 1926 when I retired on pension after 31 years service. 1927-1930 I spent in "Narmada Pradakshina". In 1931, I took Sanyas changing my former name “Toser" to the present one. I came first under a Guru's influence in 1895 whom I saw in a dream. When I went to Shirdi in 1910 and had my contact with Sai Baba, I found that he was the same as the Guru who gave me first inspiration (without any words) in my dream in 1895. Then I passed after 1918 into the charge of Vasudevanand Saraswati of Garudeshwar on the banks of Narmada near Nanded (in Gujarat). Though Vasudevanand Saraswati left the flesh in 1915 he had connection with Baba. I believe that Baba has left me in his charge. So, Vedasrama Swami of Kashi, Taraka Muth, Durgaghat, gave me deeksha in 1931.

I mostly stay at Wai. As for my internal progress and Sai Baba's infulence on me, it is hardly a thing to be described.

Sai Baba had different ways of dealing with different people. He was the centre and to each man he darted a separate radius. Most cared for external things only and hardly any came to him for the highest spiritual benefit of Atma Nishta. Hari Sitaram Dixit, Chandorkar and Dabholkar were probably those who came close enough to him to receive high teaching. Yet it is a question if any of them got into Atma Nishta or anywhere near that. Baba had made Dixit read Eknath's two works, as he was but a beginner in the religious field and had to develop his bhakti (devotion) chiefly. Of course, immediate proximity was not needed for development under Baba. When I was at Shirdi, I would mostly go and sit away by myself in the (Sathe) Wada and not be at the Mosque. Even at the Wada, one is under Baba's direct influence.
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As for Baba's own state, that is a thing one can get a glimpse of from some facts. Baba had a way of touching (with his palm) the head of the devotee who went to him. There was no adhikari evidently to receive everything Baba could give and thus there was none to succeed to his position. But his touch did convey certain impulses, forces, ideas, etc. Sometimes he pressed his hand heavily on the head as though he was crushing out some of the lower impulses of the devotee. Sometimes he tapped, sometimes he made a pass with the palm over the head etc. Each had its own effect-making remarkable difference in the sensations or feelings of the devotee.

Baba's touch was one means. Apart from that, he would invisibly operate on the nature of the devotee and effect a great change on him. He graciously conveyed to me without any words, the feeling that differences (between various souls etc.) i.e. all differences were unreal, that the One real thing is that which underlines all. This was after my first visit-in 1913 or 1914 perhaps. But Baba never spoke out this truth so far as I know. Obviously there was no competent adhikari who had to be spoken to in that way.

I have not given out my experience though Mr.Dixit and Mr.Dabholkar asked me for it. I have never heard Baba utter Mahavakyas or say things of Sankaracharya's Atmabodha or Viveka Chudamani or anything on those lines.

When I went first in 1910 no crowds had come. Baba was mostly silent then. Very soon Bombay crowds began to pour upon Shirdi. Then Baba was being pressed into new habits and ways. Devotees to suit their own tastes forced numerous forms and observances on Baba and made him a mere man shining with the aid of the shows they arranged for him. His real greatness shone by itself without forms and rigid observances and pomp, and was shut out by these. These reduced Baba to earthly grandeur.

Baba spoke to me only a few words - but they were direct and plain words. He did not talk to me in parables. He began to employ parable in teaching the numerous people that flocked to him. There is a great deal of parallelism between Sri Sai of Shirdi and Akkalkote Maharaj and that can be found by reading the life of Akkalkote Maharaj. The latter also hardly ever spoke of Adwaitic realization. He was a greater Karmata, (i.e., follower of rigid Karmamarga, the path of works) and insister on forms than Sai Baba. Baba was trying to push people just a few steps above their level.
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Das Ganu told me that Baba referred to one Daji Maharaj, a saintly grihastha Brahmin, who lived at the village Dangar Takidi near Nanded (in Nizam's State) as "my brother." That Maharaj passed away in 1934. He was practising Gayatri Purascharan. He said one day in 1914 at Dangar Takidi, “Yesterday, Sai Baba came here in the form of Maruti and there was a great rumbling noise at his arrival".

My father and I are Maruti worshippers. I installed a new Maruti image and got a temple built and consecrated in 1918 at Ville Parle, Hanuman Street. I had to name the God, and I called it Sai Hanuman, remembering that Sai was Hanuman. I gifted that temple by deed to my brother. The very day this temple was consecrated at Ville Parle, Baba gave, it seems, Rs.25 to a Brahmin named Vaze and made him perform Satya Narayan Puja at Shirdi. People connect these two events. When I was first visiting Shirdi, I was heterodox and could hardly be taken for a brahmin. Regard for Samskaras grew on me. I never cared for Siddhis. I seldom attended Baba's Chavadi procession even when I was at Shirdi.
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My father and I are Maruti worshippers. I installed a new Maruti image and got a temple built and consecrated in 1918 at Ville Parle, Hanuman Street. I had to name the God, and I called it Sai Hanuman, remembering that Sai was Hanuman. I gifted that temple by deed to my brother. The very next day this temple was consecrated at Ville Parle, Baba gave, it seems, Rs.25 to a Brahmin named Vaze and made him perform Satya Narayan Puja at Shirdi. People connect these two events. When I was first visiting Shirdi, I was heterodox and could hardly be taken for a brahmin. Regard for Samskaras grew on me. I never cared for Siddhis. I seldom attended Baba's Chavadi procession even when I was at Shirdi.
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I was desirous of getting Sanyas even before I got married. I actually got it only in 1931. But the way was being paved. My mother and wife are living; but I have no issue. Two children were born and they passed away after a few days of existence on this earth, one in 1900, the other in 1915. Brahmacharya is essential to Sanyasa. The fact that a wife is living in the house is no impediment to my Brahmacharya. If I look upon my mother like any other human being without special attachment, that is no hindrance to Sanyasa. The Samskara of going through Sanyasa gave me a great impetus. Sai Baba never spoke to me (or so far as I remember, to anyone else) about the desirability, necessity or disadvantages of a life of Sanyasa. About changes of caste, Ashrama, Guru, methods of Sadhana, caste observances, etc., he had one and the same advice or prescription "Each must stick to his lot and get on."

The Guru after all is a medium, a means to realize your own self. He gives you a push and then you have to exert yourself and go higher and hold to your height. Sai Baba thus was a medium though one responsible for considerable and momentous advance in my spiritual history. Before I went to Shirdi, one Vinayak Bhat Shadale (supported by the Kolhapur State) whom I met in 1900 and who had made me read bits of Yoga-Vashishta with zest was also a "medium" for me.

With one help at one time and a second at another, one has to go on steadily and realize the self.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Raghuvir B. Purandhare  

S/o Bhaskar Purandhare, aged 60, Brahmin, Deshasth Shukla Yajur Vedi (Kelva Mahim, Thana Dist - originally)Bandra, Retired clerk of G.I.P. Rly, Sainath Ashram, 59-B, Perry Road, Bandra

I heard first of Sai Baba in 1909 and went to see him. I was always desirous of association with Sadhus, saintly people. I heard he was a Saint, so I felt attracted to him. He appeared in my dream and called me to Shirdi. At that time my elder daughter (aged then six months) was very ill and so my mother objected to my. going. I still presisted in going to Shirdi and I took my wife, that child and my mother with me to Shirdi. I remained there (first visit) for thirteen days. On the third day of my visit, the child got alright. Baba did not permit me to go back till the thirteenth day. I did not ask him about any matter. He told my mother that for seven centuries, he (Sai Baba) was connected with me. "I will not forget him, I will always remember him even if he is away more than 2000 miles. I will not eat even a bit without him," said Baba. Then I started away to Nasik with his permission. We went back to Dadar where I was living. My wife got an attack of cholera and the doctor gave her up as hopeless. I gave Baba's Udhi and Tirtha to her. I saw Baba at the side of Datta Mandir in front of my Dadar house and he ordered me to give the Udhi and Tirtha and so I gave her the Udhi and Tirtha. Half an hour later, she had recovered sufficient warmth and the doctor felt hopeful of her recovery and she recovered. Since then I visited Baba very often and stayed long periods at Shirdi in obedience to Baba's order. Baba would occasionally ask Mr.H.S.Dixit to write to me to go over. I have visited Baba often with Dixit.
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I went with no worldly motives, though I was very poor; I was an orphan. He told me to continue my previous Upasana. I was and am fond of worshipping Vishnu and of prayers. I continued the same. He asked me several times for Rs.2 only. Once I asked him what for he asked always for Rs.2. He then said, "It is not these Rupees I want. I want Nishta, i.e., concentrated faith and Saburi (patience)." I replied I had given these, faith in him and was patiently awaiting progress. He told me to keep up Nishta and to be strict and anxious to fulfil all promises I made. "You should have truth always with you. Then I will be always with you, wherever you are and at all times." I promised to try my best and wanted his help for controlling my mind. "Please get that done by me", I told him. He agreed. All this was at my very first visit. He then told me to buy my own house. I had only Rs.35 salary. By his grace, in three years time I got the house. At once as soon as he said "Buy," I purchased a plot and began to build and in three years, the building was finished at Bandra, wherein I am still living. "Do not ask for a single pie from anyone. I will help you myself." I was slow at first in building. He threw stones at me for my delay. Nana S.C. and H.S.Dixit offered to build it for me. But Baba would not permit it. I then took a loan from my office of Rs.500 and built it. It was a lonely building in a field. Baba said that he was sitting himself there and guarding me and my young wife. So I stayed on. I lost my wife in 1920.
He often insisted on my adherence to truth. I am now joint-treasurer of Baba's Samasthan. After Baba's demise, he would appear to me and order me to go and stay at Shirdi and attend to duties relating to Samasthan. I see and recognize his control over me in all details of what I have to do and am doing.
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He directed me to co-operate with Kaka Saheb Dixit (i.e., H.S.Dixit) and told Kaka Saheb to cooperate with me. We two acted together as intimates.

He never talked to me of Dhyana. He never asked anybody to pray to him only. "Continue your usual prayers, be it to Shanker or to Vishnu," he said. He used to give Darshan to the devotee in that form, e.g., S. or V. or Goddess, whichever the devotee adored.

About 1913 - My mother was long pressing me to go to Pandharpur. I did not mention the matter to Baba to get the necessary permission. Baba himself broached the subject of going to Pandharpur and asked her when she was hoping to start. Then Baba gave my wife and mother Darshan of himself as Vithoba and Rukmai, at Shirdi Masjid. They were highly pleased and did not want to go to Pandharpur. He often asked her afterwards when she would go to Pandharpur. She always replied thereafter that her God was there at Shirdi which was her Pandharpur. When my wife was ill once before her delivery, Baba appeared in a dream and applied Udhi on  her and  she got up and cried, "Baba  came and applied  Udhi fresh and  hot from the Dhuni. My body is burning. Then she got alright. Like this, Baba has appeared several times.

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When in great difficultly, I always cried before his picture at home. He would then appear before me at once and comfort me. Nana S.C. told me of Baba's sending a man with Udhi to help his daughter in her delivery in ill-health at Jamner; that a tongawalla and horses not sent by him fetched the messenger and disappeared. That messenger is a Ramgir Gosavi still alive at Shirdi. Baba used to call him Babugir. Nana's two sons, Babu and Bapu, are at Kalyan in "Chandorkar Wada, Kalyan". A daughter of his is living at Poona. Nana was proud of his Sanskrit knowledge. Sai Baba asked him to explain ‚Thadviddi Pranipathen etc., and he did. Baba corrected him and explained it better. This is mentioned in (Satcharitra) Ch. 2 on that matter: Ch. 31, 32 & 33 of "Bhakta Lilamrit" by D.G. and I Ch. in "Santa Katamrit" by D.G. and "Bhavartha Deepika" by Dabholkar

Sri Sai never talked in my presence about Adwaita, etc. He said always "Allah will protect," "God protects us all, the poor, etc."
 He never said in my presence that he (Sai) is in all. But he often identified himself with God.

I do not remember his talking of Pranayama, Kundalini, etc., and I never cared for these. N.S.Chandorkar said that Baba knew Sanskrit. Baba took up Bhagavata, etc., and pointed out passages to people as specially suitable for them. This supports N.S.C.
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Baba's foreknowledge of his own death:
Two years before 1918 Dusserah, i.e., Dusserah of 1916 Baba burnt all his Kupny, langote and kerchief which he took off saying "This is my Simollangan". People make Shami worship and present Shami leaves to each other and cross their frontier, as though they were having a successful raid on that day. When people asked him why he burnt out his clothes on this special holiday, he said, "This is my Simollangan," i.e., "crossing the border." Two hours later, he wore new clothes, Kupni, langotee and headkerchief - just as all people wear new clothes on that day. He remained two hours naked after burning the clothes he wore and was fierce. People forced him to wear these new clothes then, which were always ready by the dozen.
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Baba told Ramachandra Dada Patel (who was ill then) that Tatya Patel - the head of his family - 'would go away on this day, after two years'. Two years after that, Tatya was seriously ill. Baba also was ill for a week before Dusserah; Baba gave up the body and Tatya recovered. So people say that Baba gave up his own life to save Tatya's i.e., in exchange of Tatya's. Such examples we find in the lives of other saints. Even now, Baba is saving life. Here is an instance.

In 1932 - I was hopelessly ill of Sciatica and Rheumatism. I then saw Yama's dutas near me. But Sai Baba came up, sat on my bed, took my hand on his knee and prevented Yamadutas touching me or my bed. I was saved.

I was very passionate, i.e., hot-tempered. He told me often, "If anybody comes and abuses you or punishes you, do not quarrel with him. If you cannot endure it, speak a simple word or two or else go away from the place. But do not battle with him and behave like that. I feel sick and disgusted when you quarrel with others. He said this to me and to others also several times.

Twelve or fifteen days before S.'s death, he drove away myself and Dixit to Bombay. He told us, "I will go further and you follow me." He gave us permission to go, at the Masjid saying, "my Turbat (Tomb) will speak; my name also will speak, my mutti, i.e., clay will give you replies" and told us to clear away. We went away in a bullock cart. He had no disease at that time and we did not expect his death then. He had spoken these words previously and we did not understand their import or importance. Baba never talked in my presence of the goal of life or about Mukti, or Swarga or Paradise. He said once "I will take my Kaka in Vimana."
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In 1926 on an Ekadasi in perfect peace and talking of Baba, Kaka Dixit suddenly expired. Baba has often said to me and to others, "He who is mine, even if he dies 1000 miles off, I will drag him to myself just as we draw a sparrow with a thread" and to many people he said, "I will not allow my man to get away from me." I saw some devotees dying at Shirdi on Ekadasi. They must have got Swarga thus. Baba did not, to my knowledge, describe Kylash, Vykuntha, Swarga or Moksha.

In 1914-6 or so, Baba was asked by a lady, "When will I get a good birth?"

Baba: "In your next birth." Next day, she jumped into a well to end her life but was saved. He occasionally foretold the future. I never asked about my own future. 'Taking in Vimana" means Sadgati.

Baba advised one Sagun Meru Naik to put some ghee on the rice and place the rice with ghee in the Dhuni (fire) as an offering and then bring the rest to him. This was in his (Sai Baba's) lifetime. Ever since then, S.M.N is doing this. Baba ate that food. That food was brought from his (S.M.N's) own house. Previous to that, his Naivedya had no ghee. The Naivedya is still coninued by that man. ( I have not seen Baba eating animal food). He told Fakris to utter Fatya when Moslems made offerings.
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Once he asked me to give him all the old copper coins I had. I gave him all I had. I don't know what he did with them. He had all old coins tied neatly in a cloth (so as not to make any jingling noise) and kept them in his side pockets. He asked me for Dakshina. I gave up everything. Once I thought I had nothing left of all my coins. Then Baba said, "You have still a two anna'piece in your pocket. See." I saw and found it and gave him that also. He used to completely exhaust the finances of many in this way. I do not know with what object he did that. Some people asked him why he wanted so much money. Baba replied, "I am not asking of every one. I ask only from the man whom the Fakir (God) points out. But in exchange, I have to give that man ten times" the money. I do not take money for my own use. I have no family etc." He used to give the money freely to all people, singers, tamashi, Fakirs, etc. He used to bring lots of fuel for his Dhunimayi - mother fire at the Dwarkamayi.

The Tulasi grove (Brindavan) at the mosque was put up after 1909, 1911 or 1912. We all helped in that. The Mantap (or Tin shed) in front of the Masjid was put up in 1912. G.S.Khaparde explained Panchadashi, etc., in Sathe's Wada. Upasani Baba also attended there. I never attended, as I was busy with works always. Balvant Ramachandra Noolkar was a retired Sub-Judge. He came, lived and died at Shirdi.
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Sai Baba was seriously ill in 1915. He had Asthma. He would not eat anything then. He was breathing hard. I cried. Baba asked me "Why cry?" I said, "I cannot see this state of yours." Baba said, "Don't fear. In two or four days I will be alright, Allah has given me this sickness and he will make me alright within that period. You need not cry. I was remembering you the last two or three days and told Kaka to write to you to come." Kaka did not write. Sai Baba said, "Do not write, he is coming himself. In fact, somehow I went up during his illness, not knowing he was ill. He never took medicines for his illness as a rule. Even during his illness, he was supported and carried by the devotees to his begging place. There he would beg and come back and yet not eat the food. He carried on his usual routine of begging, walking, etc., even during all that illness. One day, during his illness, he climbed up the terrace of one house through a staircase, then went over to the next house terrace and over Radhakrishna's. Then a man lifted him up and brought him down to the ground and that man was paid by Baba, 3 or 4 rupees. Baba then said, "We must not get the labour of anyone for nothing." I saw all this. Ambulance-chair was then brought for him, but he never used it. Malegaonkar Fakir Baba (called Bade Baba, Bade Mia by Sai Baba) was getting most money.
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In 1920 when my wife was seriously ill of influenza, she felt sorry, she could not attend the Urs Ramanavami. That night Sai Baba appeared in her dream and said, "Do not cry. I will take you for the Urs." She got slightly better next morning and narrated this to me. Illness still continued and she expired on Ramanavami crying "Baba, Baba" to the last. On the Ramanavami flag processions: 10 A.M., 12 Noon: Hindi Kirtan of Ram Janma begins after procession ends and flags are hoisted. The Moslems begin reading their Quran. They would take Sai Baba's sandals and go round with it in procession. We, Hindus, would accompany it. They would accompany our flag procession; so in the Arati it is recited that Sai Baba has taken birth to obliterate difference between Hindus and Mohammedans etc. I saw he had a hole in his ear and when he bathed naked, he had not been circumcised, so far as I could see.

Megha worshipped Sai Baba as "Shanker" standing on one leg. Sai Baba told him in a dream to draw a figure of a Trisul on the wall of Sathe's Wada in which Megha lived. Megha did so. A lingam was added soon after and is still there, with Sai Baba's permission and was worshipped by Megha.

Megha narrated an incident that he wanted to give Sai Baba a Gangasnan, i.e., a bath in the water of Ganges (Godavari). But Baba said, "Wet the head only. Head is the chief. Put a little water on it." But Megha went to Godavari at Kopergaon and brought a tubful of water and poured it all over Sai Baba's body. However only the head was wetted. Even the clothes were not wetted. I did not see this. I have heard Sai Baba sing a song once or twice. He would gladly hear people sing to him.
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Occasionally, what Sai Baba talked to us, would be found when we went at once to hear Pothi, i.e., the reading of sacred works at Sathe's Wada where Bapu Jog read Eknathi Bhagvat. I had several experiences of the sort. I cannot remember details of even one instance.

Baba used to be near the Dhuni, early morning facing south, leaning on a post and doing something. I cannot say what. People were not allowed to go near, i.e., even 50 feet. The Sevakaries could carry on their usual service or work of clearing, replenishing fuel for Dhuni, etc. No others could go so near as they. He used to utter words like Yade Haq. They were seldom clear or audible to us at some distance. Allah Malik, Allah Vali Hai, i.e., God is the Master and Protector, he used to say often and at all times.
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I once got leave from office at Bandra and from my mother to go. The next evening I had to start for Shirdi. But during the night, Sai Baba appeared to me in my dream and said, 'Don't come.' I wondered why. The morning after I was to have left, there was a strike in the workshop. If I had left overnight as I first proposed, my officers would have suspected me to be at the bottom of the strike and I would be in trouble. Sai Baba saved me from that.

Yeshwantrao, grandson of Raghunath Mukund, Engineer, went with me to Sai Baba in 1911 or 1912 at Ashad Guru Purnima when cholera was raging in Shirdi. He did not wish to return before I did. But Baba told him to go and gave him his Udhi. But he did not wish to start. He stayed on though I also told him to go since he had leave of Baba. That night he had an attack of cholera to which he succumbed at Shirdi the next morning. Sai Baba went to Megha, when the latter was dying, shed tears there and covered the corpse with flowers and went to the funeral ground where Megha's corpse was burnt. Megha lay ill for two or three days before death. Baba used to give him Udhi then.

Once Sai Baba prevented me from going away to Bombay even after 4.30 P.M. The last train at Kopergaon for Manmad would leave at 6.30 P.M. It was a Bazaar day (Monday). I got a bullock cart. Baba told Rege to go with me. We reached the river at 6.45 P.M. and reached the Kopergaon station at about 7.45 P.M. The train had gone away. There was a special train, however, running that night which stopped at 8.15 P.M. at Kopergaon and took us to Manmad and thence we reached our homes. There were no trains to Manmad from Kopergaon at night, i.e., after 6.30 P.M. in those days.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Abdullah Jan
Originally of Tarbella, Hazara District, near Peshawar, Muhammadan, Pathan, living for years at Korhale near Sakori, aged 40, Shirdi, 5th November, 1936.

I had left Tarbella when I was quite a boy. I had none to support me. I wished to go abroad and see Mecca, etc. So I travelled down south upto Manmad. From there some one who took interest in me said that I could easily go to Bombay and, then to Mecca, etc. But I was informed (in 1913 when I was at Haripur on the way to Manmad) that Sai Baba was a great person at Shirdi who was liberally showering moneys on fakirs and would send me to Mecca, if I wanted. So I went to Shirdi. As I entered the gate of the Masjid, Baba was in the main building. I looked at Him and He at me. Our eyes met. At once I felt that Sai was indeed my Guru. I stayed on at Shirdi. He fed me and other fakirs abundantly and I resolved to stay on and lead an easy life at Shirdi with him. This was in 1913. I was not taking a serious view of life then, because I was so young. My stay with Baba brought about some changes in my mentality. When I came to Shirdi, I regarded Hindus as enemies of mine. After remaining about three years with Baba, this feeling of animosity passed away and I was viewing Hindus as my brethren. Now, for instance, I see with regret that at Bombay, Hindus wish to destroy Moslems and their Mosques, and Moslems wish to destroy Hindus and their temples. If both succeed in wiping out each other they will only make room for persons of other faiths to establish themselves in the place of these two.
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Baba passed away when I was aged 22 and so did not benefit me on the religious side in any appreciable way. I was feeling disappointed and I set out on my travels. In 1926, I was going back north. There in the Swat Valley, (Malekhand Agency), I found the tomb of a great Saint, Akun Baba who was a Sayyad or direct descendant of Mohammed. It is reported of him that when Lord Roberts was advancing west-wards with a view to quell the Moslem tribes there, he felt that he could not move one foot further. It is said that Akun Baba, by his magical power, locked up Lord Roberts in a hill for 3 months and 11 days and Lord Roberts communicated to Queen Victoria (the British Government) this predicament of his. Akun Baba's powers were widely talked of in those days and I lay down one night near his tomb praying that he might be pleased to take me under his wings and help me as Sai Baba had not given me help. During the night, I had a dream wherein I saw not Akun Baba but Sai Baba. Sai Baba was seated on a chair near my head, as I lay there. Baba did not speak. When I woke, I recollected this dream or vision and found that I was still under Sai Baba's care. I had not addressed him but only addressed Akun Baba, when I went to sleep there. Yet he, Sai Baba, was kind enough to come to me of his own accord, (to help me) into Swat Valley, 1,500 miles off Shirdi. My idea that Sai Baba had deceived me by giving me no help during the five years I was with him at Shirdi was evidently not right. I got more faith in Baba from the time of that dream or vision in the Swat Valley. I returned back to this side and I have full faith in him now. (I am married since 1924 and live with my family at Koshale, four miles from here). Baba appears before me once in two or four years. I moralise on the past sometimes and see the vanity of my poor existence. Baba was surrounded by crowds in his lifetime and it was hard to find room in the Mosque on account of these crowds. What a number of dogs, etc., were swarming round him! Now there are very few men and hardly any dogs to be seen at the Mosque which is as a rule deserted. If Baba's splendour was so short-lived and if it faded away so quickly, what of me, a poor gnat?

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I have heard of or seen no "Rohillas" staying with Baba. But I have known and heard of some intolerant Pathans who came to him. The late Bala Saheb, i.e., R.A.Tarkhad, told me of an incident in his life. He was sleeping one night at the Chavadi by the side of Baba. One Mir Jaman of Kandahar was then with Baba as a recent visitor. Suddenly, one night, at about 3 A.M. Mir Jaman got up and told Baba that the Hindus were spoiling him, and Mohammedan faith, and asked Baba if he would permit him, i.e., Mir Jaman, to take the sword and strike away at the throats of all the Hindus there and effect Baba's release. R.A. Tarkhad listened with fear and wondered if the wretch meant really to murder him in cold blood. Sai Baba, however, placated Mir Jaman by saying that he (Baba) was pagal, i.e., mad and the Hindus worshipping him there were mad, that he was responsible for their worshipping him (contrary to the custom and tenets of the Islamic faith) and not they for his mad state, and that it was his throat that should be cut by Mir Jaman, if he wanted to cut any throat and not theirs. Thereafter, Mir Jaman kept quiet.
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There was another intolerant Moslem, named Abdullah Khan of Nagpur, who stayed sometime (three or four months) with Baba. He was a journalist and familiar with Buty, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. He was a Hindustani pathan and not a Rohilla. He died at Ahmednagar. During his stay at Shirdi, he was occasionally complaining that Baba had deceived him. Once this man beat Nana Chopdar and was charged before the Kopergaon Magistrate. He was convicted and fined. He had no money to pay the fine of Rs. 15 and no security to offer and so was in jail for a while. Then Buty sent him Rs. 15. It seems that he declined it saying, that "he that deceived me should pay the Rs. 15 and no others." Then Baba sent Rs. 15 out of his own pocket and got him released. I learnt that this man once told Baba, "I see that you are violating the principles of Islam by what goes on here and that your throat should be cut". At that, it seems, Baba laughed and then the man begged pardon of Baba, at which again Baba laughed.
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When Baba was alive, I heard him say to someone who feared that Baba would pass away and with him all his work and influence ‘Hunadande Hanin’ which is Mahratti for "From within the tomb I will beat with sticks." i.e., that death of his body will not terminate his influence or activity.

When Baba passed away in 1918, he was 22. Even then he was not sufficiently serious to have any development on the religious side. He felt however grieved at Baba’s disappearance and started off on his travels again. In 1926, he was going back North. Then in the Swat valley (Malekand Agency) he found the tomb of a great saint, Akun Baba, who was a Sayyad, a direct descendant of Mohamed. His miraculous powers were the subject of popular legends. That Akun Baba is said to have locked up Lord Roberts on a hill for three months and 11 days. During Abdulla Jan's stay there, one night he had a dream in which a saint appeared. ‘Who was it?’ It was not Akun Baba that he had prayed to, but Sai Baba who was seated on a chair near his head. When he woke, he remembered the dream. So, he found he was still under Baba’s care, though it was eight years since Baba passed away. As Sai was kind enough of his own accord to give him Sakshatkar, 1500 miles away from Shirdi, his reverence for Sai increased and his former idea that Sai Baba had deceived him by giving him no help during the five years of his stay was found to be wrong. At This discovery he returned to India with full faith in Sai Baba.

In 1924 he married and started living at Korhale, four miles from Shirdi. He is lucky enough to have Baba’s appearance before him once in two or four years and he moralises on the past and sees the vanity of human wishes. Baba was surrounded by crowds in his lifetime, and it was hard to find room in the Mosque on account of these crowds of men swarming around him, and a large number of dogs intermingled in the crowd. Abdulla Jan describes that the Mosque in 1936 looked deserted.

When Baba was in the flesh, Abdulla Jan once expressed his fear that Baba would expire and all his work and influence would pass away with him. Baba said that from within the tomb he would beat with sticks meaning that the death of his body would not terminate his influence or activity.

The five tenets of Islam are  1) uttering the Kalami or declaration of faith, namely, There is no god but God and Mohamed is the Prophet; 2) Panch Namaz, saying the Namaz five times a day, at dawn, at 10 a.m., at 12 noon, at 5 p.m. and at night, kneeling and bending the body at each utterance. 3) Fasting, especially all the forty days of Ramzan and on other occasions about 8 or 10 times in the year; 4) Alms-giving. 5) Haj Yatra that is, going to Mecca. These are the five tenets of Islam. Of these, Baba observed only alms-giving. His alms-giving was a princely scale and he supported over two hundred homeless beggars at Shirdi and distributed not merely vegetarian food, but also meat for non-vegetarians specially prepared as samaradhana from his Hundi, by himself. He also distributed clothes to the poor periodically. In addition to regular donations to certain persons, he also gave liberally to dancers, athletes, acrobats and Ramadasis and all sorts of people that came to him for alms. His reputation as a liberal Maharaj was known very far from Shirdi and attracted people like Madras Ramadasis and this man Tarbella Abdulla Jan.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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W. Pradhan
Clerk, Collector's Office, Revenue Department, (Old Customs House) living at Venkateshwar Press, Chawl, near Sandhurst Road, Bombay

Nana Saheb Chandorkar was the cause of all my relations going to Baba and therefore the cause of my going also. It was the first week of May 1910. A group of my brothers and other relations were chatting with Mr. Chandorkar. Then my brother Rama Rao asked:- "Is there any one nowadays of the type of Akkalkote Maharaj?"
N.C. : Do you want to see one?
 R.R. : Yes
 N.C. : In that case, go to Shirdi. In Sai Baba of Shirdi you have one.
 R.R. : This is the first time we hear of Shirdi. Where is it and how do we get to it?
 N.C. : It is in Kopergaon Taluk, Ahmednagar District. You have to go to Kopergaon Station (on Dhond Manmad Line) and take a tonga. Shirdi is 11 miles off the station.

Mr. Chandorkar gave such a vivid and glowing account of Baba's power, personality, kindness and greatness that all his hearers were aglow with the desire to rush at once or as early as possible to Shirdi and have darsan (sight) of Baba. These relations and friends of mine, forming a group of about 10 or 14 people started the very next day to Shirdi. They wanted me to be with the party. But I had been out and they left word with my wife and went away. I was that day with my mother who told me of their trip to see Baba; but I, in my ignorance, said to her "Who can say, if he is really a genuine saint?"

When the party returned from Shirdi, I took a loan from my brother of two things that they had brought, a copy of Baba's picture and Chapter 31 of Bhakta Lilamrita of Das Ganu, describing Baba's life and the miracles he wrought, promising to return them the same day. I took them home, showed them to my wife, and began to read aloud that Chapter 31 to her. The effect was deep and electric. All the doubt that I had expressed to my mother vanished. I was converted. From that moment I got a firm belief that Baba was a true and great saint if ever there was one. My wife's faith was even greater. I told her that the book and the picture had to be returned that day. But she could not think of parting with Baba and that too on a Thursday. So at her insistence 1 kept them on, even the next day and the third. Then as they were called for by my brother, I had to return them on the fourth day.
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Now we were burning with a desire to go to Baba. But circumstances seemed to be adverse to any such adventure. My sister-in-law, who had been recently widowed, appeared to be in advanced pregnancy and had no son. We all fervently hoped she would have a son and I, as the only male member in the house, could not leave the town as the delivery might take place any day.

But my wife and sister were very anxious that I should not lose the chance of seeing Baba early. So I started about a fortnight after the first party returned from Shirdi by the end of May 1910. By the kindness of Mr. Chandorkar, his two sons Babu and Bapu became my companions. At starting I had provided myself with three or four gold sovereigns (guineas, as they were called) and some notes. I got a note changed with the object that I might be able to give silver rupees when Baba should ask for dakshina. I had 20 Rupees in cash and the rest in notes. Thus provided, I went to Shirdi. After a good reception at Kopergaon from the Mam-latdar and a good bath at the Godavari, we reached Shirdi. There at that very moment of our arrival, Baba was standing at the Lendi, as though he was waiting for us. So we at once got down and bowed to him. We put up at the Sathewada and there had the company of Rao Bahadur Sathe, Mr.Noolkar, 1st Class Sub-Judge &c. Soon after, I took all the flowers, garlands, fruits &c, I had brought to the Masjid to garland Baba and gave him all the presents. When I looked quietly into his face and eyes, I felt confirmed in my impression that Baba is a really great saint and said within myself Thank God. I have come". This deep impression was quite opportune. Baba at once proceeded to put my faith to the test.
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Baba asked me for a Dakshina. Instead of giving him silver as I had intended when I changed the notes at Kalyan, I gave him gold. I put a sovereign in his hand. Baba received it, turned it in his palms now with St. George's figure upwards, again with the written side upwards. He did so thrice and asked Noolkar each time, "What is this?" Noolkar replied "Baba, this is a guinea". Baba then asked him "What is it worth?" and he replied "It is worth fifteen rupees". Then Baba returned the coin to me saying, "I do not want this. Keep it and give me fifteen rupees". I put the coin into my purse. But Noolkar was anxious that I should not mix up the coin touched and returned by Baba, with other coins and asked me to keep it apart as a sacred possession. Of course I did so. I then gave Baba fifteen silver rupees. Then Baba took the fifteen, counted them over and over and professed to find only ten rupees in what I gave and said "here is only Rs.10. Give me 5 more". This was really testing my faith in him. A lawyer accustomed to combat and criticise would naturally defend himself against the aspersion that he gave only ten when asserting that he paid a larger sum. But rny faith had come up to the mark. I meekly accepted Baba's declaration and without any inclination to dispute Baba's words gladly gave him the other 5 rupees in my pocket. Baba was obviously aware that the 20 rupees in my pocket was intended for him and expressly got to be paid to him and under colour of wrong calculation was carrying out my intention to place that sum at his feet. After I gave him the 20 rupees on that occasion he did not ask for more, though I had a lot more in notes with me. Then I left him.
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When I went to him next, he was giving udhi to a number of devotees crowding round him. He caught sight of me as I stood at a distance, beckoned to me to draw near, addressed me as Bhau (as he did ever afterwards) and said "It will be alright in 2 or 4 days". Then he gave me udhi and I left the mosque. Persons who were present and wondered at such deep interest of Baba in me and his regard for me, like Mr.Noolkar and Mrs.Jog, came to me. Noolkar embraced me. Mrs.Jog wanted to know from me what sacred reading I went on with (to find out how I should deserve the "Vilakshan" i.e. marked treatment accorded to me by Baba). Baba, every one knew, did not care for mere wealth, gold or family position. I humbly admitted to Mrs.Jog that I could boast of little sacred study, Pothi etc.
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I thought I would return by the next day. But when leave was asked, Baba declined it in his characteristic fashion by saying, "Go tomorrow". He did so on succeeding days and kept me there for eight days. I was arranging for a special dinner or Biksha to Baba the next day and requested him to inform me who were to be invited and what the menu was to be. Of course, Puranpoli was to be the crown of the dinner and for guests, he said I was to invite Babu (the nephew of Dada Kelkar), who was Baba's favourite and Baba. He said 'I also will come before I invited him. The next day, the dinner was prepared as directed and plates were served. Babu was invited and sat ot one plate. Another was served and set apart for Baba. A crow came and lifted a puranpoli off the plate and carried it away. All hailed it with delight as evidence that Baba was going in that form to take away his own.

That afternoon, Baba touched his limbs on one side and said, "On this side of my body, there is excruciating pain". But he added, "It will be alright in 2 or 4 days". Baba really appeared healthy, in spite of those words and what he meant to convey by his words escaped our powers of understanding at that time.
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On a Thursday, during that period Baba was preparing food in "Handi" (i.e., pot) to feed large numbers. He drove away every one from the Masjid and was alone with his handi. At that time, to the great surprise and alarm of the spectators, myself and the two sons of Chandorkar went in. Baba, far from being angry, received us very well, as though he had intended the expulsion of others for the very purpose of granting us a wholly private interview. Then after a little while Baba appeared to be singing out something. At least I thought it to be so. But I found that when he repeated the words for the third time, they were "Kayre apla kay manave Sri Ram Jayaram Jaya Jaya Ram"

At once, on hearing these words I was overcome with emotion and I placed my head on Baba's feet and tears flowed freely. These words were the guru mantra that I had received from my family guru Haribua (whose grandfather Atmaram Bua who has a temple built for his worship in Thakurdwar Bombay, was the guru of my great grandfather). And Baba was so kindly reviving my interest in and regard for that guru mantra in this fashion for my benefit. Baba was attending to my spiritual benefit without any question from me and his loving interest in me was too deep for me to return and too great to acknowledge except through tears of gratitude and joy.

At the "handi", I noticed with wonder that when the contents of the cauldron were boiling, Baba used his own bare palm and not a spoon nor a ladle to stir the contents thoroughly to secure even and uniform consistency in the food or Stra. His hand was not scalded or swollen by such use. Thence suddenly at noon, he took us three to the lendi, a very unusual hour for him to visit the. lendi; and there he dug into the earth small hollows, gave me some corn and made me sow that corn in those hollows. Then after turning up some earth to cover the seeds, he made me water the patches sown; and then we returned to the mosque. It is that lendi garden which 7 or 8 years later (ie., immediately after he passed away) I have purchased.
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After detaining us for a week, Baba gave us permission to go away. At that time Babu Chandorkar placed a plate under Baba's feet and pouring water on them collected the water to be used at home. That was a departure in the traditions of Shirdi. Till then only udhi was allowed to be taken away, and Pada-Tirtha was immediately used up at the Arathi or at any rate at Shirdi. I took my cue from Babu and took Baba's Padatirtha home for the use of my mother and others. On our way, at Manmad we had only 3rd class tickets; and under the Railway rules then obtaining, we could only board a later train but not the Punjab Mail. But by a happy thought we rushed in and contrary to the rules, got into that mail and reached home 4 or 5 hours earlier than if we had conformed to the rules. These 4 or 5 hours I discovered were specially valuable and it was obviously Baba's grace that enabled us to be so early.
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As soon as I reached home, I learnt that my mother had an attack of paralysis. She was having the attack of hemiplegia in our house at Bombay, when Baba was saying "My side is giving me excruciating pain". Doctors had been brought in. My sister and other relations were discussing if I should be informed at Shirdi about the event. Mr.Chandorkar who was then present, remarked, it seems, that it was needless and that everything would be safe for my mother so long as I stayed with Baba and that Baba would himself send me back, if and when there was need.

On the night when we were starting from Shirdi the attendant doctor noting the high temperature, the constricted state of the bowels and her restlessness declared that her condition was critical and that if however the bowels should move in the course of the night the situation would be more hopeful. It was that very night about 4.30 or 5 a.m. I reached my mother's place.

At once I gave her Baba's udhi and tirtha. She then got somnolent and sometime later, her bowels moved and consequently her temperature fell. The doctor came and found that there was improvement and that things had taken a favourable turn. Quite obviously our timely dismissal from Shirdi, with Baba's tirtha and udhi, our timely catching the Punjab Mail and arrival on the critical night were all seen or foreseen and willed by Baba and the favourable turn was what he intended and foretold when he said to me at Shirdi "In 2 or 4 days it will be alright". Truly,
Sai moves in mysterious way, His wonders to perform My mother recovered full health soon and lived four years thereafter. Two years before her death, she went to Shirdi and had Baba's darsan and blessing.
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Without exception all members of my family go to Baba and get his blessing. I shall mention how my wife and sister got to Baba and how my wife got a special blessing from Baba.

One night Das Ganu Mahraj performed his splendid Kirtan (always in praise of Baba, whatever the main and express theme of his Kirtan may be) at my mother's place. Then I invited him and Mr.Chandorkar and all the friends then present to go over to Santa Cruz for rest. They all came with the entire musical accompaniments and set. It was suggested that they should proceed with a fresh Kirtan here at my house. That went on from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. the most impressionable hours of the night. My wife listening to the Kirtan got a burning desire to visit Shirdi. Baba came to her in a dream she told me; and this she considered as a sufficient indication that she should be taken to Shirdi. "But what of my sister-in-law, who still seemed to be in advanced pregnancy?" I thought over it.

My wife and sister-in-law were prepared to take the risk of labour pains enroute. I engaged a special second class railway car, paying the price of 12 tickets and arranged that the same car should be taken on via Manmad to Kopergaon and taken off to a lay-by there. We all started and throughout the journey there was not the least trouble. When we were nearing Kopergaon, my wife said that Mr.Chandorkar would perhaps be at the station to receive us. I replied that it was impossible, though I had intimated our starting to him. Yet strangely that very thing happened.

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Mr.Chandorkar had gone to Shirdi on account of his ill health. He was getting fever every alternate day and the day of our arrival was the day on which he would get fever in the usual course. Yet he got my letter and asked Baba for permission to receive us at Kopergaon. Baba gave it readily. When H.S.Dixit objected and went to Baba mentioning the alternate day's fever as a reason why he should go to Kopergaon instead of Chandorkar, Baba gruffly sent him back and said that Chandorkar, and Chandorkar alone, should go. Mr.Chandorkar came and made grand and excellent arrangements for our reception and for the comfort of the ladies and all our holy baths at Godavari; and we all reached Shirdi safe. Mr.Chandorkar was not a whit the worse for his journey and was free from fever. His fever then left him for good.

On the day we reached Shirdi, Baba said to Madhava Rao Deshpande, pointing to my wife "This is the mother of my Babu".

Mr. Chandorkar thought it must refer obviously to my sister-in-law who was believed to be pregnant and asked Baba, pointing to my sister-in-law, This is the lady, is it not?" Baba replied, "No. It is this" and he again pointed to my wife.
Exactly twelve months from that date my wife was delivered of a male child and we have named that son "Babu" (the name used by Baba). At the "Christening", Das Ganu, Mr. Chandorkar and all were present and it was a grand and joyous occasion reminding us of Baba's kindness and greatness.
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At my first visit there was severe storm and rain for quarter of an hour when I was with Baba at the masjid. I then thought that if the rains beat like that streams would swell and getting back to my place at Bombay would be difficult and Baba would not grant me early leave to go away. Baba then looked at the sky and said.

"Oh God! Enough, stop the rain. My children have to go back home. Let them go back without difficulty". As he spoke, the rains became gentler and feebler. I felt that Baba knew my innermost thoughts. Then he gave me leave to go and I caught the Punjab Mail and took Udhi and tirtha to my mother as stated above. Ill (IV) 359. The night after my return my sister-in-law dreamt that a fakir robed in a Kupani and wearing a towel on his head was in our house. This I felt was proving what Baba said, "I will accompany you home". Baba is in our house.
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Baba's kindness to my family was, I repeat, very great. When my wife begot "Babu", she resolved to make Baba, her father-in-law's household God. It is our custom for a lady that begets a child, when she goes to her husband's house, to fill up one end of her cloth with some wheat, coconut and fruits, tie them into a knot and unburden herself of these before her father-in-law or his Gods, ie., domestic images. My wife tied up these articles and carried these, as also Babu when he was four months old, to Sai Baba at Shirdi. Baba readily received the articles on a plate and took up Babu in his arms. He then endearingly addressed "Babu, where had you been? Were you vexed with, or weary of me?" To mark the joyous arrival of Babu at Shirdi, Baba pulled out two rupees from his own pocket, got burfi (sweets) for that amount and distributed it exactly, as they do, on the occasion of a son's birth. This was in 1912.
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On this occasion, Baba pointed to the village wall stone arch and said, "Whoever rebuilds this, will get blessings. "My wife asked him for permission to rebuild it and gave it. Then I paid Rs.600 to N.Chandorkar to rebuild it. On this occasion, Baba said, "Babu's bungalow is beautiful and ready". I guessed that Baba meant that I should buy the Bungalow I now live in. So within two months, I got a lease of it and occupied it and in six months thereafter I bought it. Baba's words thus were fulfilled by my purchase and Babu had a beautiful bungalow in 1913.
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Babu was again taken to Baba for his first birthday and again commemorated it by buying Rs.2 worth of sweets (Burfi) and distributing it to all. On this occasion, Baba asked very significantly about Babu, "Has he no brother and no sister?" My wife, with some degree of bashfulness answered, "You gave us this Babu only". In fact, we had a daughter at that time. Baba's words were construed as a blessing that we would get one more son and one more daughter. That is exactly what happened. To commemorate Babu's first birthday at Shirdi, a grand dinner was prepared at Madhav Rao Deshpande's residence and all were invited. That was a Thursday. Bala Saheb Bhate excused himself from attending it on the ground that on a Thursday his rule was to avoid dining out. But when he went to Baba that day, Sai Baba asked him:

S.B: Have you dined at Bhao's (ie. Pradhan's) place?
B.B: Baba, today is Thursday.
S.B: What if?
B.B: I do not dine out on Thursdays. That is my rule.
S.B: To please whom do you observe this rule?
B.B: To please you.
S.B: Then I tell you to go and dine at Bhao's.

Though it was 4 p.m. Balasaheb Bhate came up to me, told me what Baba had said and dined with us.

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Next my wife had a dream here at Santa Cruz of Baba's appearing before her and receiving Pada Pooja from her. Mr. N.G.Chandorkar interpreted it to mean that Baba wanted her to start regular Pada Pooja of Baba at home and so bade her to go to Shirdi with two silver Padukas. She did so. When she went up to Baba, the latter who was sitting with legs folded stretched out his legs of his own accord and said, "Place the Padukas on these and do Pooja". Then my wife placed each of Padukas on each foot of Baba and worshipped them. Baba then said to Nana Saheb "See, Mother has cut off and carried away my feet" and himself picked up the two Padukas and handed them over to my wife. Ever since that date, she is daily worshipping these Padukas.
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Ever since my first visit, I was having my dinner at the Mosque with Baba. Baba with his own hand stuffed all food into our plates and cups in such large quantity. Instead of throwing away such valuable prasad I asked my niece to come up and take away about three-fourth of what was served to me and that sufficed to feed my family. Yet what I ate warded off all hunger or appetite for a night meal. Baba almost invariably gave dessert (i.e., fruits &c) at the end of the meal. But when I went up with Babu, Baba noticed that Babu did not care for cooked food and served mangoes and fruits first, so that Babu might have a full meal. When other children were born, I would take the three children with me including Babu, to the Mosque to dine with Baba.
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My last visit to Baba was in May, 1918. I had taken with me Rs.3800 and overstayed my intended period, on account of Baba's insistence. Baba's unuttered but evident practice with those whom he loved was to deplete their resources. "I take away the wealth of those I love". So when I returned from Shirdi after the month's stay, my money was reduced to minus Rs.1200. In fact, I had borrowed that sum from an acquaintance, a Veterinary Doctor of Poona and returned it to him after coming home.

An incident relating to Babu's illness as an infant ought chronologically to be placed before this. When Babu was 3 or 4 years old, he had serious illness. We had Madhava Bhat, a learned and pious (and on the whole well-to-do) Telugu priest at home, who was greatly attached to the family and carried on Mantra Japa and Pooja in our house for our benefit. He noticed Babu's serious illness with concern. He had first no sympathy with our worship of Baba. He fancied that Babu's illness was due to our worshipping a Moslem Saint, viz Sai Baba, but he dared not give utterance to his thought.
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One night he had a dream. He saw a figure (which from the photo we had, he recognised to be Sai Baba) sitting on the top of the staircase, holding a baton (Sota) in one hand. That figure (Baba) told him "What do you mean? I am the Lord of this house". The priest kept this dream to himself for a time. (He had asked us to go and make a vow to Datta for the child's cure but he had been told that Baba was Datta himself).
Later Babu's condition was much worse than before. The priest noted it with concern. He ran up at once to Baba's photo and loudly prayed thus: "If the child should improve sufficiently by 4 p.m. so as to be brought downstairs, then I will agree that you are Datta". Within a short time of this prayer, the child's temperature was getting lower and by 4 p.m. he wanted to be carried down for amusement and his mother took him downstairs. Madhav Bhat was converted and felt that Sai Baba was really Datta. And he vowed he would pay him a dakshina of Rs. 120 and paid it. The Pandit wanted to get a son and vowed he would pay Rs. 108 if he got one. He got one and then paid Rs. 108 to Baba. But at that very time, the Pandit vowed he would pay Rs. 1,008 if my (ie., Pradhan's) ambition should be achieved. When Mr.Deshpande referred to the gift of Rs. 108 as large, Baba belittled it and said, "He is giving me much more", evidently referring to the vow of Rs. 1,008.

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Baba gave some words'of advice to my wife e.g., (1) "If anyone talks ten words at us, let us reply with one word if we reply at all". (2) Do not quarrel or view with any one not to be outdone. Early during the 32 days of my last stay with Baba, 1918, all of us escorted him with umbrella and all paraphernalia to the lendi, we all left him there and retreated. But me alone he recalled to himself and put his palm over my head and said, "Bhav, will you do what I ask you to do?" I said 'yes'. Then he said, "Pay me Rs. 100. Bring it in a bag and deliver it to me at the Masjid quietly". In this way he made me give him all the sums I brought and the extra sums I borrowed. Then he made some signs which were not clear. They seemed to mean, "Even if the heavens tumble down on you, do not fear. I am with you". Baba at my first visit said that for the previous six years, he had been smoking the chilm that I had given him. I could not make out his meaning.
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Sri Buty's second marriage took place at Shirdi in 1916 and I was present.

When we left Shirdi, Baba said, "he would accompany us". Physically and with a visible body he did not accompany us. But our journey was pleasant and free from danger. That indicated that he accompanied us with his invisible body and warded off all danger and trouble. After Baba blessed me and passed away, I had the following benefits. I was appointed 2nd Class Magistrate of South Salsette for 1920-1926 and am a J.P. since 1926. I was elected for Thana as a member of the Bombay Legislative Council and sat during 1921-1923. I was made a Rao Bahadur in 1927.
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MRS. M.W. PRADHAN'S account of experience is found in 321. (1) All my children took ill of measles. The doctor despaired of young Babu. All were hopeless. I prayed to Sri Sai Baba. He appeared and said, "Why weep? The child is alright. Give him at 6 or 6.30 a.m. a good feed." The child began to play in the morning. The doctor came and saw it with surprise and said, "Give him no food". But the child ate everything and digested it.
323. (2) One night at 11 p.m. Baba appeared to me as I slept and said, 'Are you sleeping? Get up. Your boy will have convulsions'. I got up. I looked at the boy. He had no fever or convulsions. But 'Forewarned is forearmed!' So, I got ready hot-water, fire, eau de cologne etc. About 2 a.m. the boy woke up and had convulsions - all our children have convulsions occasionally. I got everything ready. In half an hour, the fit passed off. Baba saved us from sorrow and danger by his forewarning. He did so often.

324. (3) Baba appeared in my dream and told me to place turmeric and saffron on his foot. I worshipped them in the dream. I told N.G.C. of the dream and he said, "take silver padukas to Shirdi, place them before Baba and get them for worship." So I did. Baba himself stretched out both legs and asked me to place each Paduka on each foot and worship. I did so. He handed them over to me, telling N.G.C:
 "See, Mother has cut off and carried away my feet"
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Once the doctor said that a typhoid convalescent baby should not be taken to Shirdi. But we did take him. He was ill in the train. I feared that people would laugh at me for my madness. The child had to lie down and could not even sit up. As soon as we went to Baba, the child stood up before Baba; and Baba said, 'People will not laugh now'. He knew of course our thoughts in the train.

328. On 16-10-1918, ie. the night after Baba's departure, I saw his body in a dying condition in my dream and said 'Baba is dying'. Baba replied, 'People do not talk of saints as dying, but as taking Samadhi.' His body was still. People were mourning. Such was the dream, I felt sad. I woke at 12.30 midnight. In the morning we got from Anna Chinchinkar, a card that Baba passed away at 3 p.m., on Dusserah 15-10-1918.

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329. On the 19th night I dreamed that Baba came and gave me 3 rupees, and that I felt distressed, as dream receipts of rupees are not auspicious. Baba said, 'Receive, Receive it and give me all the money you have stored up in your box'. I woke up and sent up all that money for the ceremonies. The same night, Baba appeared in my sister-in-law's dream and asked her to send up a yellow 'Pitambar' to be placed on the Samadhi. That also was done.

MRS. M.W. PRADHAN'S account of experience is found in 321. (1) All my children took ill of measles. The doctor despaired of young Babu. All were hopeless. I prayed to Sri Sai Baba. He appeared and said, "Why weep? The child is alright. Give him at 6 or 6.30 a.m. a good feed." The child began to play in the morning. The doctor came and saw it with surprise and said, "Give him no food". But the child ate everything and digested it.
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S.L.M. Ill (4) 353:-I was in an advanced stage of pregnancy at Santacruz. A midwife and nurse attended on me. Four days of difficult labour made the nurse despair of my case and she went and told my sister that Mr. Pradhan must send for a doctor at once. But my sister began at once to pray before Baba's portrait with the nurse by her side. As she prayed, the child was delivered at once without anyone's help. I wondered and the nurse wondered how great were Baba's power and mercy.

Ill (5) 381 -384 Pradhan's account of experiences about the change in Telungi Sastri.
We had a Telungi Sastri, Madhav Bhatji of advanced age, a Karmata, worshipping Sankara night and day with 'Rudrabisheka' etc. In 1912 or so, our child Babu was one year old and got ill. Bhatji thought it might be due to worshipping a Mussalman at home and thus rousing the ire of Shiva. One night Babu was very ill and we wanted to rouse up the Bhatji. But just then he himself came up and sat before Baba's picture and he prayed, "If the dream or vision I got be true, let the child's temperature go down in 5 minutes and let him play from tomorrow and let the doctor declare that he is alright; then I will agree that you are a Siddha. I will bow down and in 15 days go to Shirdi and pay Rs. 108 Dakshina." His dream, he said, was this : "A Moslem clad as in Baba's picture, with Sota (ie., a small club) in hand, came near my cot and roused me and then went up the steps of the storey saying, "What do you know? This house is mine. This child I have given. You think you make the child improve. The boy is mine and so at once, I will show it to you." He went up, I woke up, and so at once came up and prayed. If he cures Babu at once, I will take Baba for a Siddha Purusha and worship him." In one hour Babu's fever stopped and he became active. His coughing etc. also ceased. So the Brahmin fell prostrate before Baba and later went to Shirdi. Then Baba looking at him said, "This man calls me dog, cat and Moslem." At once Bhatji recognised his Antarsakshitwa and bowed at his feet. Baba said to Shama, 'How often does this Bhat worship me everyday!' Then Bhat prayed (1) that he should be blessed with a son and that he would pay Rs. 108, (2) that if his master should attain his ambition he would pay ten times more. When he went in the afternoon Baba asked him dakshina. Shama said he had paid it in the morning. Baba said "He gave me very little in the morning. He is to give ample dakshina." Bhatji said that Baba knew his inmost thoughts. In one year Bhat got a son and he paid Rs. 108 to Baba. Then he put up Baba's picture for worship in Datta temple, which his brother constructed in his own village.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Rao Bahadur Hari Vinayak Sathe
Retired Deputy Collector, Deccani, Brahmin, Aged 81 (born 1855), Residing at 108, Shukrawar Peth, Poona

I had a daughter by my first wife. I then became a widower before my fortyfourth year. Many friends and acquaintances were pressing me to get married, e.g. Mr. Barve, Mamlatdar of Kopargaon. I was declining to take the extraordinary step of marrying at about fifty, though I was no doubt anxious to have a son to continue my line. But what guarantee or probability was there of one getting a son so late in life? So I told my importunate friends that I would wed if, and only if, a great a Saint should so advise me.

On or about April 1904 I went with Mr. Barve to see Sai Baba at the Mosque. Then after a short time, I took leave of Baba and had got down the steps of the Mosque. Then Mr. Barve told Baba, "Saheb (that is how Baba called me or referred to me always) has no son". Then Baba replied:- "If he marries then God will give him a son". I heard these words myself and Barve and others began to press me again to marry. But the question of the choice of a bride would take time. I went back to Ahmednagar which was then my head-quarters. About the end of that year, I learnt that an able astrologer had arrived at Poona. I consulted that man and found that his reading of the facts about my past and my daughter's past were really correct. He said that my horoscope showed that I was to have male progeny after my fiftieth year. That further strengthened my idea of marrying.
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In a few months, I was transferred to Ahmedabad. When I was there, Dada Kelkar (i.e.,Ganesh Damodar Kelkar) wrote to me that he had a daughter of marriageble age and wanted to know if a bridegroom could be found there. As none could be found there, perhaps the writer of the letter might have sent it as a feeler to sound my views and see if I would offer myself as the bridegroom. I thought that the letter might be prompted by Sai Baba's unseen influence and I wrote to D.K. that no bridegroom could be found or expected at that distant place and that if he meant the offer to be for myself he should consider my age, my prospects etc. He wrote that he had considered the pros and cons and would be glad to have me for his son-in-law. Then I wrote to him that in that case, he should take the girl with him from his village and go to Shirdi and request Baba to say if he approved of the match as unless Baba approved of the choice, I would not marry her. D.K. was then hostile to Baba in his views and suggested other alternatives, viz: consulting a Brahmin Saint at Wye (who was his brother-in-law); he was afraid that Baba might not approve of the proposal of my marriage with his daughter and it would have to be dropped. But I insisted that he should go and find if Baba approved. So, after all D.K. had to go to Shirdi with his girl and await with Madhav Rao's aid Baba's orders. When D.K. went to Baba, Baba at once told him, "Send the girl to Ahmedabad" ie., to me. Baba's approval was communicated to me and then I married D.K's daughter in 1905 ie. in my fiftieth year. I have a son and some daughters by that marriage.
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Sathe Wada
Near Baba's favourite margosa tree there were the remnants of the old village wall. Baba told me, "Pull down the village wall and build". I took this to be an order that I should rebuild the village wall. Then I said to myself, 'I am not a prince or ruler to put up a huge village wall or restore it', and I kept quiet. Finally I found that Baba's suggestion was far more modest and was only for building residential quarters there and for including the village wall, in the construction. So I bought the land there and using the remnants of the village wall built up a Wada enclosing or surrounding the Margosa tree. Baba told me that the Tomb close to that tree over which now a part of the building has been erected (leaving only a small niche for worshipping it) was that of his Guru. He gave me his Guru's name. It ended with "Shah" or "Sa". I have forgotten the rest of the name. It might be "Venkusa".

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I went and resided at Shirdi for sometime. Baba's Arati and Pooja on ordinary days were started but for some time there was no celebration of Guru Purnima by special worship of Baba on that day. Baba himself sent for my father-in-law and said, "Do you not know that this is Guru Poornima? Bring your worship material and do your Guru Puja". Then we had Guru Pooja on that day and this practice of celebrating Guru Poornima by all the devotees worshipping Baba then begun, has continued uptodate.

Baba never called me "Hariba" etc. He always called me and referred to me as "Saheb". The account in the Santkathamrit that in the presence of myself and some others Baba went into a long disquisition on the nature of God and Sadhana Chatushtaya, defining Viveka-Vairagya, Samadishatka and mumukshutwa, Brahma Satchidanand etc., is not correct. Baba never talked of such subjects in my presence. I do not know if he addressed others on those matters.
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The account given in Bhaktililamrit, chapter 31, verses 219-236 regarding my marriage etc., are very inaccurate. These were not written after consulting me and they were not shown to me even after being written. The correct account is what I have given above.

Baba was indeed the cause of my marriage and of the great change in me since 1905 and he is the controller of my fortunes and destiny ever since. I place my entire trust in him and seek his guidance and protection in all matters temporal, religious, official and domestic. When I built a wada at Shirdi and lived or made my father-in-law live there with my family, ie. between 1906-1916, we incurred the jealousy, resentment and hostility of various people amongst whom we had to live. We could not have got on as we did despite all that, without Baba's perpetual and vigilant care for us. His active interference helped me miraculously in numerous instances. I will give a few examples.
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About 1909 or 1910 I was on a committee along with the Revenue Commissioner Mr. Curtis and the Collector; and we were to meet at Manmad on a particular date and move from there to other camps. On the previous day I was at Shirdi and I wanted to take formal permission of Sai Baba to leave Shirdi, expecting that it would be granted as a matter of course. My father-in-law went and asked Baba to leave. Baba refused leave and my father-in-law came and told me of the refusal; but I told him that I could not trifle with such important official engagements except at the risk of being turned out of Government Service. He again went to Baba to make further representations and intercede on my behalf. But Baba did got grant leave. He on the other hand told my father-in-law to prevent my starting by actually confining me in my room.
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Even on the days following the particular date, I was not allowed to go. After three days, I was made to start for Manmad. When I reached that station, I found the other members of the Committee had not gone to Manmad on the appointed date, that the original programme had been altered and that the committee's meeting had been postponed. I had ordered, on the faith of the old programme, my tent and articles to be sent from Manmad to the other fixed camps. By a strange inadvertence on the part of the Railway authorities my articles had not been sent away from Manmad. If they had been sent, great inconvenience would have been caused to me to hunt them up and retransport them. So by detention at Shirdi I lost absolutely nothing except my peace of mind, and I was saved a lot of unnecessary trouble and enabled to spend more time with my family and with Sai Baba. Of course Sai Baba knew all things and arranged all things. But in my ignorance, I felt my position at Shirdi to be very delicate and risks. Such instances strengthen one's faith in and reliance on Baba.
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In my official career, I was getting dissatisfied at not getting the promotion I deserved. My disgust I revealed to Baba and told him that I would even resign service on that account. But Baba forbade my resignation of service and said that I would get promotion. Sometime later, I was promoted over the head of some seniors in service and posted to Kolhapur as Ag. Superintendent of Land Records. I got an increase of Rs. 100 in pay and eventually a higher pension than those seniors.
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About pension also, there was some trouble. The pension department at first treated my last permanent place as the Deputy Collectorship and ignored my sub-protem higher post. So they cut off Rs. 50 from the pension which I expected as due to me. I appealed in due course and I went to Sai Baba and told him that I would forego the whole pension rather accept it with the curtailment of Rs. 50. He said that I would get the Rs. 50 also, that Allah would help me. So I put my case in appeal before the Revenue Commissioner Mr. Curtis and with his note, I got the proper pension without any curtailment.

Sai Baba controls minds and moulds events.
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Re. Megha
Megha was a very simple yet very devout brahmin whom I found living at Viramgaon, when I was Deputy Collector there. He would simply repeat "Namah Shivaya" always. But he did not know Gayatri much less the whole sandhya mantra. I got interested in his welfare, and got him taught Sandhya and Gayatri. I sent him to Broach to worship Siva there, and paid him Rs. 8 for his fare and expenses. He would worship Siva standing on one leg only all the time. Then I told him that Shirdi Sai Baba was really the embodied form of God Siva and made him start for Shirdi. At the Broach Railway Station he learnt that Sai Baba was a moslem and his extremely orthodox and simple mind was highly perturbed at the prospect of bowing to a Moslem and he prayed to me at the station not to send him to Shirdi. I however insisted and gave him a letter to my father-in-law at Shirdi to introduce him to Baba. When he went to Shirdi mosque Baba was indignant and would not allow him to go into the mosque. 'Kick out that rascal', he cried at the very sight of him and he was also angry that I should have sent him a man with such hopelessly crude ideas. Megha then went to Triyambak and worshipped at 'Gangadhwar' for a year or a year-and-a-half. Then again he came to Shirdi. This time at the intercession of my father-in-law he was allowed to go into the mosque and stay at Shirdi.

Sai Baba's help to Megha was not through any oral instruction. He worked upon Megha internally ie., mentally. Megha was considerably changed and benefited. When he died (in 1912) at Shirdi after continuous service of Baba doing regular daily Arati service (noon and evening), Baba passed his hands over his corpse and said, 'This was a true devotee of mine". Baba ordered that, at his own expense, the usual funeral dinner to Brahmins should be given and Bhao Saheb Dixit carried this order out.

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Leaving Shirdi
In the durbar of Sri Sai Baba and when he issued out in solemn pomp, I carried the mace before him. Many were jealous of me on account of the distinction I enjoyed. These and the villagers leagued together and used Nana Wali to molest me and drive me away from Shirdi. Once as I was carrying the mace before Baba, Nana Wali came up and scratched the back of my head with the sharp point of a broken glass. In self-defence, I had to seize him and press him down on a pile of logs lying on the roadside. Sai Baba cried out "Saheb, do not do so". I noticed how the wind was blowing at Shirdi and kept careful watch. One day, as I intended to go to the Mosque to offer Naivedya to Baba very early (as I had to proceed on a particular trip), my Father-in-law rushed in and adjured me to desist from going to the Mosque, as Nana Wali was standing at the entrance, hatchet in hand, with deadly intention, and as he would make short work of me. So without taking any leave, I went away and left Shirdi for good. Evidently Sai Baba did not want me to reside there at Shirdi any longer. As Sai Baba did not protect me from the attack of Nana Wali, some people called upon me to give up my faith in Baba. But I pointed out that the same argument could be used against Vittal of Pandharpur. Gangadhar Shastri, the lawyer of Gaekwad, was a Vittal Bhakta and sought help and refuge in the Temple of Vittal. But there right in the Temple itself, before the face of Vittal he was murdered by his enemy. I find that, leaving Shirdi and settling here at Poona ultimately have been for my good. Sai Baba is protecting me here as he did at Shirdi.
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RAO BAHADUR H.V.SATHE continued on 6-8-1936 and 28-8-1936.
Baba expressed my nature aptly by saying "Saheb is quite simple and unsophisticated." And as that was his view, he never beat or abused me, though he beat and abused others. Only once he threatened to beat me, and I knew that I was then at fault. It was a Dhanur Masa celebration at my Shirdi lodgings and living away from my father-in-law as we were not on the best terms. I then invited others for the ceremony but not my father-in-law. I went however to invite Baba. Then he cried "Fetch that stick." I stood quiet. His mood changed at once and he said, " Never mind. I will come." There was another fault committed by me that day which also would account for Baba's displeasure. That day I had gone to a Marwadi to intercede in one of his affairs or disputes. Baba did not like that.

When I had boasted that I was the only devotee of Baba who had not got a beating at his hands, Madhav Rao Deshpande communicated this to Baba in my presence and asked him the reason. Baba said "Why should I beat him? There is his father-in-law to beat him". Baba evidently conveyed thereby the idea that I was being constantly "Fined" by my father-in-law's excessive demands and collections of money from me. Baba's help to me on the spiritual side was often to keep me off from vanity, pomp or sin in thought or action. Here are some instances.
will be cont...
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At the time, when in the Wada (i.e., Sathe wada), the foundation stone was laid, there was no previous intimation of the date to me. It was however on a Poornima day. Myself and Bere started the previous day to go to Shirdi without previously intimating our intention to go there. At Kopergaon which we reached in the evening, Bere induced me to halt for the night as Baba could not easily be visited by us at night. Next morning we went to Shirdi. Baba was then coming from the Lendi. There was a crowd of 80 to 90 spectators waiting to see him. We also went and prostrated. Baba told me, "You have come just in time. The foundation stone is to be laid". I fancied that I must go through the pompous ceremony in high style. I took up a hatchet to dig up a bit of the foundation and lay the foundation stone. Baba stopped me at once and said, "Why do you go there? What have we to do with all this? The masons and other workmen will do it." So no formal ceremony of laying the foundation stone was gone through. My father-in-law told me that he knew the previous day that I was arriving at Shirdi on the Poornima day and so fixed up that date for laying of the foundation stone. When asked how he knew of it, he said that Baba was saying the previous day, "Saheb is coming tomorrow. The washer¬woman told me of this as Saheb's tent had come to her for washing". In fact there was no tent sent and no washerwoman could have got intimation of our arrival. Bere's stopping me at Kopergaon was useful. That night (unknown to me though it was) was the tenth night of the death of an agnatic relation of my father-in-law and his house was under pollution and resounding with wailing and there was none even to cook and offer unpolluted food for me then, had I gone.

to be contd...
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On one occasion Baba, who was ever watchful over his children's actions in sight or out of sight, saved me from plunging headlong into passion and headstrong cruelty. The facts are these. My father-in-law wanted me to buy some 20 acres of agricultural land at or near Shirdi and I sent him 1200 Rupees and the land was purchased.

One day when I was there, I desired to go and see the land. My father-in-law would not accompany me and was placing obstacles in the way of my visiting the land. His reason was that his brother's son (Babu) had left a widow, who was living with him and she would come to know of the land and claim a share therein. I however insisted that we should go and ordered Tatya Patel's cart to be brought up and wanted my wife to go with me. She had first consented to go but finally under instructions from her father, she declined to accompany me. I was wroth. I seized the whip from the cartman and was intending to chastise her for her disobedience to my orders. Lo! suddenly Megha rushed into my Wada and said that Baba wanted me urgently to proceed at once to the Mosque to see him. I went up. Baba asked me "What is the matter? What is it that has happened?" I saw that he knew everything and felt ashamed of myself. Then Baba added evidently to explain and justify the conduct and attitude of my wife and father-in-law, "Your land is there. Where is the necessity to go and see it?" How watchful he was over my conduct and welfare!
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Another instance of his watchfulness over my conscience and morals was this. I was once proposing to visit for the first time the residence of a female devotee of Baba out of mere curiosity. Just before the visit, Baba asked me if I had gone to such and such a place. I did not understand the names of places and missed the point of his question. Baba then dropped the subject. I then went to her lodgings and was engaged in some conversation. Very soon evil thoughts began to invade my brain. Suddenly Baba appeared in front of that house and pushed open the door which had been closed but not bolted. He made some ironical signs to me to convey the idea, "What an excellent thing you are now launching into!" and disappeared. His timely interference before any evil was definitely lodged in my mind or could take shape in action saved the situation. Conscience asserted itself; tendencies to evil were definitely checked and I retreated from the place at once and never visited it again. Some time thereafter I learnt that the place I visited was locally known by the very name mentioned by Baba in his question that day.
 Baba's help to me came in family affairs, official matters, dealings with saints, other spiritual matters etc.
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Family affairs:
Baba said in 1904 just before my second marriage that God would bless me with a son if I married and he approved of the match in 1905. Then my father-in-law Dada Kelkar (or Damodar Kelkar) became deeply devoted to him and made Shirdi his permanent residence. I built the Wada here at Baba's bidding in 1908 or so; and my father-in-law with my wife and family (and I also sometimes) lived there though its chief use was for the visitors that came to Baba. There was no other lodging (except the village chavadi) available for respectable visitors. The foundation stone laying has already been mentioned. When the construction was to go on, the walls had to be raised and some of the branches of the Neem tree (under which Baba had practised his early Sadhana or penance) had to be chopped off. As the tree was held sacred by all, none dared to cut the branches and Baba was approached. He then said, "Cut off so much as interferes with the construction. Even if our own foetus lies athwart the womb, we must cut it." But even with his permission, the workmen feared to cut it as it seemed so sacrilegious. Then Baba himself came and cut off the obstruction. Later the steps for going upstairs and a niche over Baba's Guru's Tomb were put up. Baba made me spend money in this and in other matters also so as to help on religion and charity, e.g. when Das Ganu had his "Lives of the Saints" ready for printing, Baba made me pay Rs. 75 towards the expenses.
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The first two children born of this second marriage were girls. My father-in-law and mother-in-law then approached Baba with the prayer that the promised son should be born and asked him, "When are we to have a grandson?" Baba then answered, "I am requesting Allah. He will comply with my request". A year or two later (ie. in 1913) my son was born. That boy is with me here (by Baba's grace) hale and hearty and the prop of my age.

I have already stated how Baba directed me to behave in relation to my father-in-law and wife. I shall mention his kindly interest in one more family affair of mine. Sometime after I retired, my financial circumstances were declining. On one occasion, I sold a jewel of my wife. Baba then addressed my father-in-law and said, "Why does that fool of a Saheb sell my daughter's jewel?".

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Baba was greatly attracted to Dada Kelkar's (ie. my father-in-law's ) nephew - Babu. He was a measurer under my assistant, Limaye (I was then Assistant Superintendent of Revenue Survey of Kopergaon and Yeola). But instead of paying due attention to his official work, he would go and stay at Shirdi, doing service to Baba. My assistant complained to me that my brother-in-law (Babu) was always going away to Shirdi and neglecting his work. I communicated this to Kelkar and he said, "What is to be done? He is guided and ordered by Baba." In fact, Baba knowing evidently what was happening to Babu very shortly, made light of his service and said, "Blast the service. Let him serve me." Babu was always attending on Baba and rendering as much service as he could; and Baba would always see that Babu got the choicest delicacies whenever they were available. So Limaye let him do as he liked. Babu's end was drawing near in 1910. He ate mangoes (which were always pouring in upon Baba since 1910) rather too freely. Baba warned Kelkar and told him to have some care of his nephew's health. He said. Babu contracted fever and as he was nearing death, Baba asked Kelkar "Is he alive?" In a few days Babu passed away (1910) aged only 22 leaving an issueless widow.

In religious and temporal affairs I never took any serious step without consulting Baba (either through my father-in-law or otherwise.)

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Religious matters
Baba never gave Upadesa or initiation to anyone. So I did not apply to him for initiation. But on several occasions I was invited to get Upadesh from others, e.g., Upasani Baba who offered to explain Panchadasi to me (in 1915 or 1917) after his return to Shirdi form Kharagpur and Miraj. People from Kharagpur and Nagpur were going to him to get Upade-sha. The question was whether I also should go to him for that purpose. There was a lady, Athabai of Sangola, who had given Upadesha to my first wife. There was also the Ganapati Upasaka and Yogi of Moregaon named Vinayak Phatak Maharaj. These offered me Upadesha. In each of these cases, I referred the question to Baba (personally to Baba in the first case and through my father-in-law in the latter cases) and Baba gave a negative reply.

Though there was no formal initiation by Baba he wished me to look to him alone with undeviating attention and he was quite powerful enough and willing to look after my interests temporal and spiritual.

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Baba in the early days of my moving with him at times favoured the extension of his worship and at times did not. He made me and my father-in-law start the group congregational worship of Baba as Guru by all the devotees on Guru Poornima day as I have stated already. But when I tried to do Pooja to him as Mahadeva or Siva on "Shivaratri" midnight he did not favour the proposal. When he was first asked for permission that day he said, "No". Then we (ie. myself and Megha) thought over it, took some Bilwa leaves and wished to do silent Pooja at the steps of the Mosque at midnight (which is the time observed in all Siva Temples). When we went there, Tatya from inside the Mosque waved his hand warning us off. But as Baba seemed to be asleep we dared to put some sandal and Bel on the steps in silence. Baba at once got up and hurled wild abuse without naming any one as the object of his abuse. The whole village was roused and they flocked to the Mosque and blamed us for (trying to steal a march over the rest of the devotees and in defiance of Baba's wishes to obtain clandestine Punya by midnight worship at the steps of the mosque. Though Baba did not want me to take Upadesha from others he yet desired that I should show due respect and hospitality to Sants (saints). In fact, he made one Sant go to me.
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Kaka Maharaj of Dhopeshwar (near Rajapur) was a well-known Sant. Some 25 years ago, he visited Poona and lodged with one Devle. He was besieged by a crowd of devotees inviting him to their place for meal & c; and I also made the same request. He regretted his inability to comply with my request. This was in the morning. Later at about noon of the same day, when I was at my office, I was surprised to learn that the Maharaj had sent word to say that he would visit my house and so I sent him my tonga and went home to receive him. When I met him, I asked him how he happened to change his mind so suddenly since morning. Pointing to Sai Baba's portrait on my wall the Maharaj replied, "He would not allow me to rest till I came and saw you".

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Shortly before this Maharaj passed away, he had given leave to my son-in-law's brother Hari Gangadhar Joshi (pleader, Thana) and another to go to Sai Baba and pay their respects. They started to Shirdi after Kaka Maharaj passed away. When they arrived at the mosque Baba was in a towering passion, in one of his fits of rage that seemed so ungovernable. But as soon as Baba saw these two arrivals standing outside the mosque he ordered them to be brought to him. When they went up he had sufficiently cooled down and they took darshan without any trepidation or uneasiness. Later Baba started out for Bhiksha. Then he said to them, "You have killed that old man (ie., Kaka Maharaj) and come here, eh?" Though he had not been told of the Maharaj's permission or his death he knew the facts and thus revealed to them at once his knowledge of the facts and his fellow-feeling with that Maharaj.

(As you find from Vaman Rao Patel's Guru Smriti) Baba showed a bit of his chamatkar to my son-in-law Mr. Joshi, at Shirdi. When the latter asked for Udhi, Baba told him that he would get it later and in point of fact as Joshi travelled by train, a fellow-passenger gave him Udhi given by Baba.
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Dakshina Bhiksha Samstha
In December 1915, I got a call from Baba, when I was at Poona and at his bidding I helped in forming the above Society. I was made the President of it. We ran the Journal "Sainath Prabha" as its organ. This was not read to Baba previously or submitted for his approval.

It had a short career and was a failure. Hardly any copies are traceable. Parts 1 and 2 which alone are now available give some account of the state of affairs that prevailed at Shirdi Samsthan in 1915 to 1917 or 1918. The attempt to control monetary matters led to increased bitterness against me, resulting in Nanawali's action that drove me away from Shirdi and even led to issue of legal notices. Sometime after the formation of the Sabha (say some 11 months) Radhakrishna Ayi died. She had been in charge of all stores used for purpose of Sai Samsthan. When she died, as she was an intestate Brahmin widow without heirs, the Police came and took possession of all the properties in her custody. Then we had on behalf of the Sabha to apply for the return of all the articles for the Samsthan from the Kopergaon 1st Class Magistrate. On the strength of local Mahajars also he passed orders (M.E.R.23 N2 1916) handing over Samsthan properties to the Samsthan ie. Sabha on behalf of the Samsthan; yet internecine bickering continued. Some misguided devotees made use of the loss of a few silver appendages to the samsthan horse trappings (worth very little after all) to issue a lawyer's notice to me in January 1918. I consulted Baba and he told me to give a reply and I gave it in the terms mentioned by Baba himself. Baba told me that he would protect me and that no proceedings would be laken. That proved to be true and no proceedings were taken against me or the sabha.

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I do not know what has become of Mr. Sunder Rao Narayan who was the Editor and soul of "Sai Nath Prabha".

It is he who signs his "apothegms" and his "vision" in Part I under the Nom de plume "Ramagir".

Baba and other sants: His Antarjnana.
When I was at Shirdi one day Baba was at the Mosque. The time for his moving on to Lendi had arrived and yet he was not inclined to move out. He lay stretched beside the Mosque wall. When he had thus delayed his visit to Lendi by one hour, we asked him. "It is high time for you to go to Lendi. Why do you not go ?" Then Baba answered 'Hallo! My Gajanan is gone.' Someone wrote that day from Shirdi to Shegaon to ascertain how Gajanan Maharaj, the famous saint of that place was doing. The answer came that he expired on the very day when Baba apprised us of the sad event.

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Baba's prophecy
Sometime in 1917, Baba said "Tilak is coming here". As there seemed to be nothing to induce Lokamanya to visit him, I thought Baba was referring to Tilak Maharaj ie., Vaman Maharaj Tilak. In fact, however, Lokamanya visited him soon after {ie., on 19-5-1917).

Baba's Activities
Though Baba either out of humility or out of policy ascribed all beneficent things done for his visitors and devotees to God, he disclosed in many cases his own authorship by his words, e.g.

(1) About my pension he said (in pungent slang) that he would force the Authorities to pay me my full pension.
 (2) Another instance comes to my mind now. Daji Hari Lele (Dt. Inspector of Land Records at Nasik) was proceeding to Shirdi to see Baba. On the way he went to the Library at Kopergaon and saw the Gazette. Therein he discovered that he had been promoted from Rs. 125 to Rs. 150. Then he came to Shirdi and bowed to Baba. Baba told him "Bring me Rs. 15". The man said he had no money. Baba retorted, "It is only yesterday I gave you Rs. 25. Go and bring the money." Lele then came to my wada, informed me of all the facts and borrowed the money to pay Baba.
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Baba's talks (Goshties):
 (1) Baba said once that as a boy he was weaving shawls, that his father was once so pleased with his handiwork that he gave him a pecuniary present of some Rs. 5 or so.
 (2) Once Baba said that he was 'eating food' (i.e., living) at the East Coast ie., Coromandal Coast.
 (3) Once he said, "Pshaw! What of Akbar! I have protected him in his infancy. He stood in fear of me."
 (4) The brahmin of Paithan (evidently referring to Eknath) I knew. Brahmins of such excellent sort are not now-a-days seen.
 (5) Chand bai Patel came to me and asked me about his horse. He said "Where did you drive my horse?" I replied, "Why do you charge me? Go and see: Your horse is grazing by the hedge."

This was all that issued from the mouth of Baba. I used my imagination and built stories on these and wrote my "Sai Katha Karandaka". It was written without previous intimation to or obtaining the approval of Baba. Baba's utterances were short. He abruptly stopped many of his stories.
Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Das Ganu Maharaj
Ganpatrao Dattatreya Sahasra-buddhe, Brahmin, Kirtankar, aged about 78, residing generally at Nanded. (Nizam's State)
Poona, June 1936.

I have known Sri Sai Baba for a long time and I have given some account of him in my books (1) Bhakti Saramrita Ch. 26, 65, 66 and 67 (1925) (2) Bhakta Lilamrita Ch.31 (1906) and Ch 32 and 33 and (3) Santakatamrita Ch 57. Ch 31 of No.2 and Ch. 57 of No.3 were published in Baba's lifetime.

Some facts, i.e. autobiographical reminiscences, came from Baba's own mouth. But they were very few. Besides, I had not spent much time with Baba. I rarely saw him. When I was at Shirdi, Baba did not allow me to stay long at the masjid. He made me go away to the Vittal temple where I stayed to write lives of saints, or to spend my time in repetition of Vishnu Sahasranama etc. I made some inquiries about Baba also before writing these works. Some facts were within my personal knowledge. I was in active (police) service as a Havildar. I had however my literary and histrionic leanings. I took great interest in tamashas (village plays) and took part in them. I composed poems impromptu, in lavani and other metres. While I was in service and Nana Saheb Chandorkar was D.C. or Collector's chitnis, he took me to Sai Baba. Even from the outset Sai Baba foresaw my future and wanted to save me from my own ways and choice of profession and pastime. He told Nana Saheb even in my presence, 'This man is fond of Tamashas, and of his service. Let him give it all up". He told me the same and Nana Saheb also. But I liked my pastimes and service. Gradually I gave up taking part in Tamashas, i.e. Village plays. As for service, I could not think of giving it up. Each time I was advised to give up service, I said, "I will see." Baba then said that only by sheer compulsion, i.e. by being impaled, I could be made to quit service. So for about 10 years, Baba went on dinning into me, directly and indirectly, that I should give up service. I shall mention later how in 1903 I was reduced to giving up service after several disasters in which Baba's grace saved me from punishment, disgrace, trouble of various sorts, and even death.

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First I shall narrate how some facts about Baba's antecedents were revealed at an examination of Baba as a witness. There was a thief charged with theft etc., of jewels in the Dhulia Tahsildar Magistrate's Court. The accused pleaded that Sai Baba of Shirdi had given him the jewels and cited Baba as a witness. Summons came. Baba refused to receive it and had it thrown into his dhuni (fire). Anyhow the report was sent that summons had been served on Baba. But Baba did not go to Dhulia for the trial. So a warrant was issued by the Dhulia Court for producing Sai Baba to give evidence at Dhulia. The warrant came to Ganapatramji, the Chief Constable of Kopergaon. He brought the warrant to Baba and informed him of its contents and requested Baba to go with him to Dhulia. Of course he had not the courage to arrest Baba. Baba was defiant. He cursed and swore and asked the constable to throw the warrant into some foul place. The constable was perplexed. I was there and told him to consult Baba's devotee Nana Saheb Chandorkar, then Dep.Collector at Ahmednagar. N.S.C. was consulted and he said that if Sai Baba and the devotees disliked his going to Dhulia, the people should get a Mahazar prepared and get numerous signatures to it and send it up to Dhulia. This was done.

The Mahazar stated that Sai Baba of Shirdi was an extraordinary person, worshipped as God by vast numbers of devotees, that the enforcement of ordinary Court's process against him was neither proper nor desirable in view of the consequences that might follow etc., and that if his evidence was necessary, a Commissioner might be sent to Shirdi to take his evidence. The Dhulia Court then sent a Commission. One Nana Joshi, 1st Class Magistrate, Assistant Collector, came down to Shirdi to take the evidence of Baba. Three hours before his arrival Baba had sent for chairs and a table and improvised a Court at the Mosque. The Commissioner came and began Sai Baba's examination; and an extraordinary examination it was.
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Commr : What is your name?
Baba  : They call me Sai Baba.
C  : Your father's name?
 B  : Also Sai Baba.
 C  : Your Guru's name?
 B : Venkusa.
 C : Creed or Religion?
 B : Kabir.
C : Caste or race?
B : Parvardigar (i.e. God)
 C  : Age, please?
 B  : Lakhs of years.
C  : Will you solemnly affirm that what you are going to say is the truth.
 B : Truth.
C : Do you know the accused so and so?
B : Yes, I know him and I know every one.
C  : The man says he is your devotee and that he lived with you. Is that so?
 B  : Yes, I live with every one. All are mine.
 C  : Did you give him jewels as alleged by him?
B  : Yes I gave him. Who gives what to whom?
C : If you gave him the jewels, how did you get them and become possessed of them?.
B : Everything is mine.
 C  : Baba, here is a serious charge of theft. That man says that you delivered the jewels to him.
 B  : What is all this? What the devil I have to do with all that?

The commissioner was floored by such answers. He did not know what to take down. Baba was mostly in a mood to say yes to every question. Then it was suggested that the best course would be to send for the village diary. The arrival of every stranger and the dates of his stay in the village are duly noted in it. If the accused who was of course a stranger to the village was not there at or about the time of his alleged receipt from Baba, that might be taken down. The diaries were sent for and they showed that no such person like the accused was at Shirdi at the time in question. Of course, it was well known that Baba never left Shirdi or its neighbourhood. Then the Commissioner put it to Baba, that no such person was in the village of Shirdi and with Baba at Shirdi at the time in question and that Baba gave him no jewels and Baba said that was so and this was Baba's final statement. The examination was then over.
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Baba was not asked to sign or put his mark. The commission's evidence was sent to Dhulia. The accused was convicted and sentenced to imprisonment.

Baba's age is a thing one cannot fix. Nor can his race and parentage be easily fixed. Forty years back I saw an old lady Salubai Shelke of Shirdi then aged 65 or 70. She told me that when she was married and that was in her eighth or tenth year, Baba came to Shirdi looking as he looked when we saw him (1895) i.e. 40 or 50 years old. Another old lady Sai Bai said, "Baba came to Shirdi as a lad". This seems to make Baba's age over 100 at his Mahasamadhi. Who dare ask Baba about his age and antecedents? So nothing definite is known.
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Baba however himself spoke about his earlier years occasionally. About his Guru, Baba has several times said that 'Venkusa' (This is found in Bakhtalilamrita Ch 31) was his Guru and that by the grace of 'Venkusa' Baba had attained to his position. Most things about him were mysterious. Some of his miracles etc. were witnessed by me and some mentioned to me by others. Baba's converting water into oil and burning his lamps for a whole night with water alone was reported to me by numerous villagers who had seen it. Premchand Marwadi was one of those who refused to supply him that day with oil. I myself saw Baba sleeping on a plank suspended from the ceiling by a few slender shreds of torn cloth. The wonder was how he got up that plank suspended so high i.e. 7 or 8 feet above the floor and 1 or 1 1/2 cubits below the roof. Four lamps were on it. People watched to see how he got up or climbed down but could never discover either or how it supported him.

The passages 121 to 141 in Bhakta Lilamrit about Mr Pense were mentioned to me by him.

These three Chapters 31, 32 and 33 of the book were read as Poti (i.e. holy scripture) at the mosque before Baba: and he said, "It is alright", when Nana Saheb Chandorkar gave him the book.
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Baba did not say his five Namaz or even one Namaz, as Moslems do. When Fatia had to be done, he generally ordered it to be pronounced by some one present. Sometimes he uttered the Fatia. He occasionally repeated parts of Quoran.

The instruction given to N.G. Chandorkar by Baba was mentioned to me by N.G.C. I expanded it with my own learning and gave  its present shape. But the kernel of it was given by N.G.C. Baba has several times talked Advaitic philosophy in my presence.

"l am God". "You are God". "All are God". He has said this many times. There is nothing Baba did not know.
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Baba was not explicit about what he did mostly. Here is an instance.

One Valambi Master was Ry. Station Master at Kopergaon. He has no faith in Baba. He told me and other devotees. "Baba is a mad man. Why do you all lionise him?" I, however, persuaded V.M. to go with me to see Baba at Shirdi. When we saw Baba, he was washing pots and placing them on the floor, mouth down and bottom upside. V.M. asked Baba, "What is all this?" Baba said "Every pot coming to me comes with mouth downwards", i.e., not to receive what could be put into them but in an unreceptive fashion like pots with their mouths downwards.
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There was at about 1898 or 1899 a notorious dacoit named Kana Bhil who was robbing British and Native States, in parts of Ahmednagar and Bid districts. For three years the police were on his track, but could not catch him. I was only a havildar (Co) at the time. But I and three others were put on special detective duty and directed to watch and report his movements. K.Bhil was so cunning and desperate and his C.I.D was so perfect that he spotted the three men and killed them one after another. I had done little work and my Inspector reported that I was useless and I had to put forward strenuous efforts. All that time I was passing for a Ramadasi and doing Kirtans in the Ram Temple at Loni Varni, the headman (Patil) of which was a friend and receiving visits from K.Bhil. K.Bhil found out all about me, my name, number (727) station, etc., and came one day to shoot me. I went and bowed to Sri Ram and prayed for life. The dacoit left the place with a warning to me that I was watched. I was really watched by his men and I could not leave the place. Again I got information from the village boys as to the programme and movements of K.Bhil and communicated it to the police. The police came and put a cordon round the hill in which K.Bhil was hiding but he escaped after a severe battle with guns etc. in which a number of police were shot down. I got a certificate of heart disease and escaped further detective duty. Then Rale, Mamlatdar, tried the villagers of Loni Varni for harbouring a dacoit. I gave evidence in favour of the Patil that he helped me with information and he was acquitted.
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Absent from my jurisdiction without leave, I visited a holy place and returned upto Godavari and there I prayed and vowed to Baba holding Godavari water in my hands that if he would save me I would give up service. Then I discovered a gang in H.S. there with some booty and I got an excuse for my visit. The situation was saved miraculously. Still the ambition to become a Fouzdar was dominating me. I appeared for an examination and passed it to qualify myself. Baba told me that I was not going to get the fouzdari post. I was posted to some place and I had to cross Shirdi on my way - but I did not wish to call on Baba as he would not approve of my continuance in service. So I was simply marching straight (and without turning into the village in the interior of which was the Mosque) on the main road touching Shirdi. Then as fate or Sai Baba would have it, he came to the main road near the Lendi just as I came there and so I got down from my horse and fell at his feet. He then asked me to go over to the Masjid. At the Masjid, he asked me, "Ganu! who took the vow taking a palmful of Godavari water in hand?" I answered, "What harm is there? I am really going to resign". Baba said, "Wait. You will not listen to me while things are thus (i.e., smooth running)".

Then I got into another scrape without any fault of mine. A convict's fine - Rs.32 - was realised and sent up to my station, to be credited to Govt. That was received by my Assistant in my absence and he quietly pocketed it. Later, the man not being released, a complaint was made and inquiry followed. I was suspended. Punishment seemed imminent. I vowed that I would leave service if I escaped and then left service in 1903.
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I had composed in 1898 a poem on Sivaji, which became a matter of enquiry. My defence was that I was an impromptu poet and this was my impromptu. I was not punished. Baba repeatedly told me when telling me to retire, "Go and settle at Nanded".

I:Which Nanded?
 B:Nanded in Nizam States.
I: How am I to get bread?
B:I will provide for you.

So I went on retirement to Nanded and there spent my time in performing Kirtans. I got food thereby.
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I went on a pilgrimage to Puri and on the way, one Tembe Swami [Vasudevanand Saraswathi) whom I had known already met me and asked  if I was going to Shirdi. I said, "Yes, not immediately but a few months later". Then he gave me a coconut saying, "Present this as mine to Sai Baba". I took it and kept it in my bag. During my further travels, my companions took it out and then ate it up. When I went to Shirdi, as soon as I approached Sai Baba, he said, "Here is the thief. Where is the coconut given by my brother?"

A friend gave me plots of cultivable land for a very nominal price. They yield me enough to live upon. These are now maintaining me. Bere's tonga escaping highway robbery which is described in B.S. is personally known to me. I went in that tonga with Bere.
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I receive no money for my Kirtans. I never did. The hat was not and is not sent round either before or after my Kirtan for contributions. My bhaktas write and invite me to their abodes in various parts of the country. I go and stay with them and perform Kirtans and write books etc. I am a single individual without any family and my needs are few. I was not one of those who got moneys form Baba. Several of those that he was regularly paying every day were subjected to Income-Tax. After Lokamanya Tilak visited Baba (1915-1917) the Income-Tax department directed its attention to the Shirdi Samasthan. Some officer came to Shirdi and watched the income. They wanted first to tax Sai Baba, but (perhaps seeing that he had little left with him to proceed upon) they taxed his regular donees: Viz. Tatya Patel, Bade Baba, Bagia and Bayyaji Patel. For me as also for Mahlsapathy, Baba took care to see that we were not pestered with money and its cares. He has given me spiritual benefit far superior to monetary gifts. He has created and confirmed my faith in various ways. He has taught me valuable lessons and given me precious experience.
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Once for Mahashivaratri, I was at Shirdi and I wanted to have "Gangasnan" (i.e. a dip in the river Godavari) at Singaba (three miles off Shirdi) that day. Megha daily brought that water for sprinkling or pouring (Abhisheka) over Baba, as Ganga must naturally fall on Mahadeva's head. But Baba did not allow me to go. He said, "Ganga is here at my feet. Do not go". I felt depressed. Theoretically, I knew that he was God Narayana and that Ganga flowed from Narayana's feet. But that was a poor weak faith insufficient to give my heart the pleasure which a tangible Ganges bath would give me. Baba knew my mentality and asked me to approach his feet and hold my palm near the feet. The water began to flow from both his feet. It was not a few drops like perspiration. It was rather a slow and thin current. In a short time, say a few minutes, I had collected a palmful of that water. Here was Ganga and I was delighted. I bathed i.e. sprinkled the water over my head. I did not drink this water. Usually I do not drink the Tirtha offered at Baba's Arati. On one occasion Jog complained to Baba about it. Baba then said that I should abide by my own convictions and sampradaya and that Jog should not trouble me.
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But Baba did not always respect orthodoxy, at least in some matters. My orthodoxy keeps me off from eating onions in any form. Baba on the other hand liked onions and would seldom have a meal without onions. He told me to prepare Pitla, i.e. sauce of onions, give to him and eat part of it. I prepared it and brought it to him. He asked me if I ate it at my lodgings. I said yes. But really what I did there was to touch the onion dish with a finger tip and touch my chin with it and draw a line from my chin to the nether lip, as a token of my tasting it and I would wash my hand and face thereafter. Baba knew (what is it he did not know?) how I practised this trick and he showed others how I did the trick. "He pretends he eats but only touches it with his finger and applies the finger over the chin", was what he said and showed. Then he told me that I should really eat onion. He had a high opinion of onion as an item of the daily fare -though orthodoxy rejects it, chiefly on the grounds of its immediate and ultimate odour and its aphrodisiac properties. "But if one digests it, i.e. overcomes its injurious i.e. lust-producing tendencies it does no harm but good", was what Baba said. So at Shirdi, as long as Baba was alive, I would take onion except on Ekadashi days.
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Q. Did Baba rub coins smooth with mantra?.

Baba occasionally smashed my programmes for visiting holy places like Pandharpur. I was keen on Bhadrapad and Aswin months, especially Aswin Ekadashi to be at Pandharpur. In 1916, I met Nanasaheb Chandorkar at Manmad and told him I was going to Pandharpur as Bhadrapad was about to begin. He took me however with him to Shirdi and Baba made me do 'Saptaha' and Kirtan there for a week. When I originally began Kirtans, it was at the bidding of Nanasaheb Chandorkar and in Baba's Samasthan at Shirdi. In fact I had started it in the usual fashionable dress (i.e. head gear etc.,) of Kirtankars and shone in borrowed plumes - borrowed from Chandorkar. But Baba at once objected to my adopting that dress and made me doff it. I am doing Kirtans since then in orthodox "Dotar" (i.e. nether cloth). I was thus detained for over one month at Shirdi. Bhadrapad was gone and Aswin was to begin. I felt chagrined at being detained from going to Pandharpur even in Ashwin. N.G. Chandorkar wanted to detain me even then. I said within myself, "How is he (i.e. Baba) a Guru who blocks my way to God (of Pandharpur)?" Baba of course read my mind and told me to go away at once to Pandharpur and told N.G.C. not to stop me. So I gladly went to Pandharpur and was there for Ashwin.

Baba did not grant me some of my spiritual prayers. I wanted to get Sakshatkar (i.e. vision) of the God that I worship just as Namdev and others got. So I went to Baba several times with the request that he should give me Sakshatkar. He was saying each time, "Wait", "Wait". Finally (probably in 1916, the above period) I asked him, "Baba, you have been long putting off my request. When will you give me Sakshatkar?" Then he said, "You see me. That is Sakshatkar. I am God". I replied that I expected that he would say so; but that I was not satisfied with that. I consoled myself with the explanation that my destiny did not provide for my getting Sakshatkar and that Saints could not overcome destiny.

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After Baba passed away, I have been seeing several Saints. But hardly any of them satisfied me. There was one that specially impressed me.

Near my place - Nanded, in 1919 there was a Virakta Brahmachari staying on a rock having no possessions and caring for nothing. I saw him first, when I was performing my wife's ceremony and was powerfully attracted. As I went there to take his Darshan, he turned away from me and prevented my taking Darshan. This happened thrice. I was deeply disappointed, nay mortified. Anyhow, let me have the merit of feeding him, I thought, and went home. I sent up a man to that Brahmachari with food. I was agreeably surprised to learn that he accepted it. Then I was emboldened to go to him once again and I asked him why he would not permit me to bow to him and to take Darshan. He said in reply.

You call yourself a Kirtankar. Have you left off Ahankar i.e. Egotism?"
 I : No. How can I? Each man has Ahankar.
 He  : Did you not feel Ahankar when sending me food, feeling that it was you that were sending food etc.?
 I : But Ahankar being of three sorts, Satwik, Rajasic and Tamasic, some sort of Ahankar would underlie all action; only the worst forms are to be shunned.

He was not of that opinion. He wanted me to drown my ego completely. He was always reading my mind. He gave me some samples of his power.
He : Are you not engaged in writing the lives of Saints?
 I :  Yes.

Then he quoted a few lines of verse that I had just composed six days previously and not published in any way. I was taken aback by this Antaryamitva of his. Again he asked, "Did you not get Ganga water from the feet of Sai Baba?"

I : Yes.
 He : What did you do with it?
 I : I sprinkled it over my head.
 He : And you did not drink it, because you thought you were a brahmin and would be polluted by drinking it. Look at your Egotism.

Seeing his nature and powers, I daily spent three or four hours alone with him at night. Some of those who were going to me and having a good opinion of me and a poor opinion of that Brahmachari, wondered at my conduct and one of them (let us merely give him some random name) Beake began to heckle me about it. I told him that the Brahmachari had psychic power and could even know the contents of other minds. Beake doubted my veracity and I had to take him once to the Brahmachari and tell the latter of Beake's unbelief. Then followed a very interesting conversation.
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Br : (to me) What? You want to make an exhibition of me, as though I were a monkey!
 I : No. But this person is full of unbelief.
 Br :  (to Beake) Shall I tell you some fact then about yourself?
 Beake : Yes.
 Br : Had you not immoral relations with Z?
Beake : No.
 Br : Was it not Z that was maintaining you and supporting you for a long time?
Beake : No.

Then the Brahmachari clinched the whole matter of his truthfulness and his power by immediate proof.
 Br : Shall I tell you what is in your pocket?
 Beake : Yes.
 Br : You have a letter from the Raja of Kolhapur about the affairs of 'Satya samaj", which you are supporting. Take the letter out and give it to Maharaj (i.e. me D.G.) (That was done).

Then the Brahmachari gave full details of the contents of the letter. My friend was flabbergasted. He had placed the letter in my hand. Every word spoken of it by the Saint was true, and it proved that consequently what was said about Z also must be true. As my friend felt humiliated and would make some progress if I left him alone with the Saint, I left him there and went away. My friend did improve in giving up his bad associations and his other bad habits. The Saint's name and fame spread so quickly that the Tahsildar insisted on my producing him one evening for delivering a Pravachan. The Tahsildar, the Autocrat or Cham of the Taluk, of course, believed that the Saint could not decline to go to the meeting nor decline to speak. But before the day fixed for the meeting, it was discovered that the Saint left that place. He left it for good and was never again seen or heard of.
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The books I wrote about Sal Baba are:-
I. Santakathamrita - first.  This was written bit by bit when I was in service i.e., before 1903, both the portions about Baba and about others. But it was printed in 1903. Baba blessed the effort. None of my books was read to Baba. Nor was Baba asked before-hand to give the information for writing the books. What he spoke of his own accord was picked up. Baba had talked of his "Selu" antecedents and I made inquiries at Selu about Baba's antecedents. Baba said about each book when placed in his hand, That is alright". I do not know whether Baba knew how to write, read or even to sign his name.

 II. Next came Bhakti Lilamrita. This was published in Baba's life time - 1906.

III. Lastly came the Bhakti Saramrita.
The two chapters viz: 52-53 therein relating to Baba were placed in his hands and he said, "alright". But other chapters were composed later from time to time mostly after 1918; in 1925 this book was printed as a whole.

The account given in it (in chapter 28) about Baba's antecedents at Selu is based partly on Baba's statements and partly on what the villagers of Selu told me. The only thing Baba said of Selu and the Selu period was that he came from Selu. So I started while I was in service and went to Selu to make enquiries. I cannot specify any villager as having told me anything in particular. My inquiry was 35 years back. The villagers said that there was an old Saint, that a young boy was being trained by him, that some got vexed with the Saint and threw stones at him and killed him and that the boy escaped and that all this took place 100 years previously. Sal Baba told me, in the presence of Chandorkar, that the brick he used as a pillow at Shirdi and which is still retained as a relic of Baba at Shirdi was given by his Guru to him, that his Guru was "Venkusa". The version about Baba's telling Chandorkar is my own, as I wished to avoid dragging my own name into my own work and figuring in it too prominently. Chandorkar did not know if he maintained a diary or note of his experiences.
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As for Ratanji incident, it was a small affair. He invited me to tea and then the Nanded MouM came in also. Nice dishes of almonds, pistachio etc. were supplied. The cost of all would not be very great, say anything more than 3 or 4 rupees. Then Ratanji went to Shirdi. Baba told him that Baba had already received this amount and asked him for the balance. When Ratanji came back to Nanded, he narrated these facts and wondered what Baba meant by saying that he had received the sum. I asked him to see the amount entered in his accounts on the evening of the tea given to the Moulvi. The exact amount entered in that account (viz 3-12-0) was what Baba said had been given. This is the truth. The rest is all elaborated out of this.

The Tomb referred to is that of Sai Baba's guru and was not visible when we saw it first. It was merely land and underneath it was the tomb. Sathe Saheb built a flight of steps over it leaving a niche for worshipping that guru.
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When I first went with Nana G.Chandorkar to see Sai Baba, that was out of a desire to ingratiate myself with N.G.C. and with no particular desire to see Sai Baba or esteem for him, I had no spiritual or other temporal desire or object in seeing Baba. One year later, I chanced to see Vaman Sashi Islampurkar, an old Brahmin of Islampur near Osmanabad (N.S), a graduate (of the Madras University) and a married man. I had to attend upon him at Saigonda in obedience to my superior's orders. Finding him to be highly devout and spiritually advanced and believing that a Guru was necessary to obtain Moksha, I asked him to give me Upadesh and he agreed. He gave me Siva Mantra Upadesh as desired by me, for then I was an out and out Shivbhakta. He told me to go on with my Mantra. I then asked him as I was visiting Sai, whether that was harmful. He said that no harm could arise if one was firm in his faith, whatever Saints he visited. I asked him what sort of person Sai Baba was and he replied that he had himself visited Shirdi and stayed with Baba for three days, that Baba was a great Saint and a Rama bhakta, whom none had yet properly understood and that people would get to know and appreciate him later on. With this estimation in my view I had more regard for Baba and I went to him with more faith.

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Baba and Orthodox Moslems
Baba some times came into some conflict with the local Mussulmans, as very often his acts and ideas did not agree with their orthodoxy.

Bade Baba and others once asked Sai Baba to go outside the town for saying the Kutba prayers. Baba said, "Yes, let us go", at first; but when they finally came to take him, he declined to go. Another time they came up and offered prayers inside the Mosque. But Baba did not join them in that group prayer.

At Moharram, some local Moslems came up to Baba and said they wanted to bring into the Mosque a Tajia. Then they constructed a Tajia and brought it and installed it on the fifth of Moharram at the Mosque. Baba allowed it to remain there for a couple of days and then dragged it out and placed it on his fire saying, "I do not want a corpse in the Mosque". The Moslems who were working up their Tajia dared not do anything against this powerful Baba.
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An Orthodox Moslem brought a 'Sera', i.e., an ornamental arrangement of flowers, to decorate the niche in the Mosque and wanted Baba's permission. Baba said, "Take it and put it on Hanuman". The Moslem replied that he was a Mohammedan and could not decorate a Hindu idol. Baba fulminated some foul abuse (in which Hanuman was depicted as superior Allah) and the Sera was taken away.

Baba's respect for Hanuman or Maruthi :- There was a small image of this God in a corner of the upper platform of the Chavadi. Baba was in the lower platform and when showers began to drive into it, some one told Baba that he should go up into the upper platform. Baba refused to do so saying, "How can we be seated on the same level as God?" Fakir Baba alias Bade Baba brought up a recent convert from Hinduism to Islam to the Mosque. Baba slapped that convert and taunted him with the remark, "You have changed your father".

Even towards Hindu Gods as to Allah, he would use uncomplimentary expressions in some moods. People occasionally asked him for permission to go to Pandharpur and he would reply, "Go" but would add some abuse. On the other hand, when Arati was sung of Jnanadev or Tukaram, he would sit up and fold his palms in reverence.
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Baba's treatment of Advaitism is not easy to make out. He never expressly dealt with it. He would say, "I am God", "God is in all", etc. He was really Advaita personified. He was sitting up still whatever went on. Thirtytwo dancing girls would come and play before him daily; he would never care to look at them. He never cared for anything. He was detached and in his Ananda state. Once a devotee asked him, "What is God (Brahman) like?" Baba did not reply to him but sent some one to Bagchand Marwadi for 100 rupees. That man did not give it but sent his Namaskar to Baba. He sent the man to another person with the same negative result. Baba then sent for Nana Saheb Chandorkar and asked him for 100 rupees. Nana Saheb Chandorkar sent a chit to the said Bagchand Marwadi and the latter sent 100 rupees at once. Baba merely remarked, "All is like this in the world". The questioner asked me later on privately why Baba gave no answer. I explained that the demands for dakshina and the response thereto were the reply to the questioner. When others asked for money, it was not forthcoming. But when Nana Saheb Chandorkar wanted it, it came at once. Similarly the man who merely wants to know Brahman does not get it. It is he who is qualified to know it that gets it. The lesson is "Deserve before you desire (Brahman)".
As for miracles, I have hardly seen any of Baba. I saw him about 1898 sleeping on a plank suspended about 7 or 8 feet above the ground. The wonder was how he got into or out of it, without a ladder. How he could swing himself up or down, none saw... The supporting threads were weak and lamps were loosely placed on it. They would fall down if one swings into it. When I went to see him as he lay on it, he got angry and drove me off. Baba was occasionally doing something strange between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m at the mosque with a cloth screen in front of him and when he was alone. He would take out of a pouch 10 or 15 old coins. They were of various values and descriptions i.e., 0-0-3, 0-0-6, 0-1-0, 0-2-0, 0-4-0, 0-8-0, 1-0-0. He would rub his finger-tips constantly yet gently against their surface (whether with or without mantra, I cannot say). Their surfaces had all become worn out and smooth. He would say, as he rubbed his finger against the coins, 'This is Nana's, this is Bapu's, this is Kaka's, etc." If any one approached, he would gather the coins, put them back in the pouch and hid them.
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Baba spoke thousands of "goshties". I will narrate a few. Once he said, "I was at Punthamba. There was a struggle there between two parties. I wondered why they fought. I found near them a potful of coins. That was the bone of contention between them. Then I quietly moved up and carried it away. They found that their wealth was gone and began to mourn and lament. I was saying to myself, "Who am I? What is this wealth? Whose is it? What confusion and struggle for this? The pot is mine and I am the pot's".

Baba once spoke thus: "My mother was greatly rejoicing that she had got a son (i.e., me). I was for my part wondering at her conduct. When did she beget me? Was I begotten at all? Have I not been already in existence? Why is she rejoicing over this?"

Once at Shirdi, somebody had prepared "Sira" (i.e., sweetened semolina pudding). Baba asked me if I had been given 'Sira'. I then said that I was not on good terms with B... and that I had not been given 'Sira'. Baba then gave me instructions. "Who gives what to whom? What is this Sira? Who eats it? Do not say of anyone that he is inimical. Who is whose enemy? Do not entertain any ill feelings towards anyone. All are one and the same". That idea is brought out at the end of Ch.II of my commentary on Amirtanubhava.

A religious person of Satara once offered to teach me Vedanta but I said that I could rely on Sai Baba's help in that matter. Then that person jeered at Baba and said that as a Moslem he knew nothing and could teach nothing of Vedanta. I did not waver in my faith and so I went to Sai Baba and told him that I wished to write a commentary on the well known Vedantic work, Amritanubhava. Baba placed his hand on my head, blessed me and gave me permission to write. I found that the numerous goshties I had heard from Baba furnished me with fresh analogies and similies to embellish my commentary with and avoid a repetition of the stock similies. I have composed numerous Kirtans and Stotras and written other works. A list of them is given in Ch.63 of Bhakti Saramrita P. 333 including Manache Sloka Jalada Dhus.

Baba occasionally sang Musalmani songs that I could not understand.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Dattatreya Damodar Rasane
alias Nana Sahib Rasane (or Daulatshah), Son of Damodar (or Anna) Savalram Rasane, Kasar, aged 40, Ravivarpet, Poona, May, 1936


My father is an old devotee of Sai Baba. He went to Baba about the time Nana Saheb Chandorkar went to him. Then my father had no issue and wanted to go to Baba to get his blessings for obtaining issue. About 1895, a devotee had sent Baba a parcel of excellent Goa mangoes. Of these he kept apart six and distributed the rest as prasad to persons present. They wanted him to distribute the remaining six also. But Baba said he had reserved some for Damya (i.e., my father). But they said, 'Damya is not here'. "He has arrived at Kopergaon and will be here soon", said Baba. Soon after that, my father went to Baba and presented him with flower garlands, chadar etc. Then Baba said "Damya! Take these fruits now. Eat and die". My father was frightened at these words. But Mahalsapathi who was there told him that it was a bless­ing to die at Baba's feet. Thus encouraged, my father thought he would eat the fruit. But Baba came to his relief with these words, "Do not eat the fruits yourself. But give them to your junior wife. You will have two sons first. You should name the first Daulat Shah and the second Thana Shah", etc. My father returned to his home at Ahmednagar and gave the fruits to his junior wife. He then noted the names to be given to the promised sons in a note book. One year after that, I was born. When I was 15 months old my father took me to Sai Baba at Shirdi for darsan and he then asked Baba, "How shall I name this child?" Baba replied, "Have you forgotten what I told you? You have written it at page 3 of your note book. Did I not say that he should be named Daulat Shah?"
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In my fifth year (i.e., in 1900) I was taken to Shirdi for my tuft ceremony and given my first initiation into the mysteries of the Alphabet. Sai Baba held my hand and wrote on the slate etc. Thereafter I was taken to the school at Shirdi. When I was to be married, four girls were offered to me. My father never acted in any serious matter without previously consulting and getting the sanction of Baba. He went to Sai Baba and placed before Him all the four horoscopes (i.e., of the offered girls) one of which had 2,500 or 3,000 rupees dowry and asked Him which was to be chosen. Baba selected a poor girl's horoscope and gave it into the hands of my father. That was the girl I married. My father invited Baba to attend the marriage which was to take pace at Pandharpur. But Baba replied, "I am with you. Do not fear. Whenever you think of me, there I am with you". My father pressed him further to attend the marriage. Baba, however, declined the invitation with these words: "Without God's permission nothing can be done by me. I will send Shama (i.e., Madhav Rao) to attend it as my deputy". And Shama attended it at Pandharpur.

I have a younger brother and he was named according to directions of Baba.
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As for the issue of my marriage, two girls and a boy were born but expired within a few months of their birth owing to fits. The male child died in 1926, my wife's health was bad and I was in great depression of spirits and in that state I prayed to Him thus: "Instead of giving me many babies that die quickly give me at least one child that will live long". When I was sleeping there at Shirdi, Baba appeared in my dream and said that the male child I was grieving over was born in Moola Nakshatra (i.e., under the constellation Moola) and that was harmful to the parents. I saw in that dream a bright circle like the Sun on Baba's breast. Or rather inside the Sun, Baba was sitting with my deceased child on his lap and he said, "I took away this dangerous child from you. I will give you a good child. Do not fear". Before this time our family had migrated from Ahmednagar to Poona. When I went home I looked up the dead child's horoscope and noticed that Moola was really the constellation under which the child was born. In fifteen months of the visit I got a son who is still alive. This was in 1918.

My faith in Sai Baba increased. I look upon other Saints as Sai Baba and when I bow to them, I say either expressly or within myself, "I bow to Sadguru Samartha Sainath". In 1927 I visited Khedgaonpet and bowed to Narayan Maharaj with this thought or these words. He told me, "Your guru is Paramaguru. He is of higher sort than myself. Why did you come here? Your prarabdha – Sanchida - is there. Your choice is excellent. Go there and you will achieve your purpose". This was before the birth of the son I referred to in the last paragraph.
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In 1927 my stars were not auspicious and my health was bad. I went up to the temple of Sitaram Uttareswar (i.e., Siva) 2 miles of Junner (about 40 miles from Poona) and worshiped the God every Sunday. One Sunday at 9 p.m. when I placed flowers on the God with the words, 'Namaskar (i.e., Salutation) to Sai Baba', I saw a light at the image of the God and in that light the form as Sai Baba, whom I am always thinking of. Then my health improved and my drooping spirits revived. A saint, Janaki Das, is living there. Every Sunday I went and bowed to Him also with Sai Baba's name on my lips. He then told me, "You have resorted to a great saint. Why do you come to a poor saint like me? People like myself seize the feet of Sai Baba.” Then I went to my lodgings and slept. Sai Baba appeared in my dream as a fakir and said, "You are full of anxiety. Give me biksha, your entire body and mind as biksha".

I : I will give this biksha and then inform my father.

Baba: How can you do it without consulting your father?

I : I am master of my life. My father has other sons and he will not object. You gave the children and there can be no objection to my being given to you.

Then Sai Baba took my body up in his palm and put me into his breast pocket. I was filled with bliss at the thought that he was so kind to me as to put me near his heart.
When I woke up I found myself happy and my mind at once attained indifference, Udasinata or Vairagya. Things did not attract me and hold my mind as they did formerly.

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Two or three months later, i.e., in 1928 (Phalgun Vadya) a son was born to me at Pandharpur. Fifteen months later, when I and my father went to Shirdi, he prayed to Baba that I should have one more son. In 1931, I got another son and that child was named Saidas. On the second day of its birth, it had high fever. Baba's udhi and tirtha were given to it and cloth relics of Baba were enclosed in a Tayath and tied to it. It recovered and got alright. When it completed its first year, it was taken to Shirdi; abhishek was done, clothes presented to Samadhi and brahmins were fed.

In 1931 I was placed in charge of the bangle business. I insisted that it should be named after Baba. It is called (after getting Baba's permission by casting lots before his picture) Sri Samartha Sainath & Co. It is conducted on lines of probity and God conscience.

Any Udhi and Tirtha that I give in Sai Baba's name cure and bless the person that receives these.

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On 1-9-1932 I was on pilgrimage at Muttra and had an attack of cholera. Death appeared imminent. My father asked me what were my last wishes. I said I merely wanted to be taken to Shirdi, to be burnt there if I die as Sai Baba was my Krishna. But with Baba's photo placed over my head (Udbatti being burnt before it) and with the frequent application of Baba's udhi and Tirtha at Muttra, I was somehow pulling on. At midnight, my sister-in-law Subadrabai who was there had an avesam. That is, the spirit of Miradatar, a saint of Unava (in Gujarat near Sidpur), spoke through her mouth. Miradatar was a renowned Mohammedan Wali (i.e., Saint) and spoke thus (through her), "You are calling on Sai. He is old and cannot easily move. He is my uncle (Kaka). On his behalf and as he sent me, I have come. Have no fears. You will have his blessing. You will see him in spirit tomorrow. Prepare a cup of coffee and give it to the patient". Coffee was prepared and I took it with a little of Baba's Udhi in it. Thereafter fever ceased and I had no more motions. The cure was so sudden as to surprise the doctor whom I went to see the next day. "Yesterday, this man was at point of death and how does he get so quickly cured as to come here today?" was his question. I replied that Sai is a doctor of doctors and that His sacred udhi saved me.
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When I was young, say seven years old, I went to Shirdi and was massaging Baba's foot. At that time Baba began the distribution of sweets with His own hand to the children present. Naturally my attention turned to the sweets and I grew slack in massaging. My mother was at my side and she beat me saying, "You are thinking of sweets and neglect the service of Baba" "You, old woman" cried Baba, "Why do you beat the boy?" My mother requested him to give me a good desire to perform service to Baba. Baba answered, "The boy will serve me well. God will endow him with pure desires. Do not fear, Do not beat him". When I was twelve years, I went with an elder cousin to Shirdi. We had 100 rupees with us. Baba asked for dakshina, 10 rupees once, 15 rupees another time etc. Only 25 rupees were left with my cousin in his pocket and we at once wrote home to Ahmednagar for more money to give Baba and for our return journey. That evening Baba asked my cousin for 25 rupees and he replied that our money had been exhausted and that we required money for our return journey. Baba's retort was quick. "Why talk all this humbug? You have got 25 rupees in a corner of your pocket. The M.O. you have written for will come here tomorrow. Do not fear." My cousin paid up the 25 rupees at once. Baba used to say "Who gives me one, to him I give two. Who gives two, to him I give five. Who gives me five, I give him ten". There was besides the obvious meaning of God's or Baba's returning one's gift manifold and esoteric meaning in these words.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI  
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Damodar Savalram Rasane
S/o Kasar, alias Anna Rasane, Savalram Rasane, formerly of Ahmednagar, Poona

What my son said is true about his birth. When I went to Baba, desirous of issue, he was kind enough to remember me and give me his blessings. When I was still on my way to Shirdi, passing through Kopergaon station, he mentioned at Shirdi that I was coming and reserved mango fruits for me. He gave me those fruits with the blessing that I should give them to my junior wife and that she would bring forth two sons first. She ate the fruits and gave birth to two sons, one fifteen months after my visit, the other years later and he gave names to both in advance. I noted those names in my note book (page 3) and these children bear those names also, in addition to the usual Hindu names I have given them.

I prayed to Baba for a second grandson at his samadhi and he was born.

When I first went to Baba, one Bala Patel of Nevasa or Seagaon was sweeping the masjid and doing (in various ways) service to Baba.

I always took Baba's advice and acted up to it and the results were always satisfactory. Once I had an appeal in the High court, and the lawyer had written to me to go to Bombay. Then Baba detained me and prevented me from going. Yet the result of the appeal was in my favour.

Nanasaheb Dengle brought a big silver plate full of various dainties and begged Sai Baba to eat. Baba shouted out. A black dog ran up and licked up some of the food. Nanasaheb Dengle who was standing near looked at it with disgust. "Is it for this pariah dog that I prepared all this?" he thought within himself. Baba at once flung away the plate with its contents towards him and said, “Take it away". I was present then.

I remembered always Baba's treatment to low creatures and men of low position as his equals or as himself. Once when I went to Baba and knowing that he would not care to go to my lodgings and have his dinner there, requested that he might send Bala Patel to be my guest. Bala Patel was of a low caste. So Baba in granting my request said, "Don't cry Dhut Dhut at him" i.e., do not humiliate the guest by giving him place far away from your own place of eating. I agreed. When I had prepared sumptuous meals, I spread one plate for Baba and filled it with all eatables and then called out, "Baba, come!". A black dog came in and ate from the plate. I waited reverently till it finished its meal and then gave meals to others and took my own. I gave Bala a plate and made him sit near me and not outside the house.

My mind is always dwelling on Baba, and often I see Him here. Sometimes Baba abused me and beat me even fiercely. But I knew that as with Akkalkote Maharaj, blows and abuse have an auspicious ending. So I never resented or grumbled and I never gave up my attachment to him.

He has asked Muslims to do their namaz and then go to him to read their Quran; he has talked with moulvis on their religion.

I was not asked by nor have I given any information regarding my experience to Das Gunu Maharaj or Dabholkar. I went to Baba for the first time about 1895. In the year after I went, Ramanavami Utsav celebration began and for these 40 years, I have provided one ornamental standard for that occasion every year. That was before Nana was born.

The statement I had three wives is wrong. I had two both living when I went to Baba. I had consulted astrology. Ketu was in the fifth place in horoscope and so there was the difficulty of getting issue. But Baba, a Satpurush, over came all that. He anticipated and provided for the issue of so many years. He said 8 children would be born to my younger wife, to whom I was to give the four mango fruits he gave me.
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As for business consultations with Baba, the proposal about speculating at Bombay in cotton was from a broker. He was not to be partner. I was to be the sole venturer. I went to Baba, thinking I would allot a share to him in the profits and I was massaging his feet. Then Mahalsapathy, I and Baba alone were the three present. Baba replied expressly that he did not wish to get involved in any Samsara (like sharing profits). So I gave up that idea.

On another occasion, I went to Shirdi and there I expressly asked Baba if I could trade in grain, wheat, etc. He said that the prices would fall and that I would have to sell at a lower price than the price at which I bought. I gave up that proposal. But when I mentioned the prophecy of Baba to a merchant-friend, he showed me how the prophecy was falsified by the steady rise in prices for many days. But Srawan came and there were good rains. The prices suddenly fell and the grain storers had a serious loss. Baba saved me from that fate.

I never started any transaction without getting sanction from Baba. When he was in the flesh, I went to Shirdi and asked him mentally. After 1918, I still consult him, by chits etc. and he guides me still. Once when I sat at his feet along with many others, I had two questions in my mind and he gave answers to both.

I. There are so many crowding to Sai Baba. Do they all get benefit from him?

To this He replied orally. "Look at the mango tree in blossom. If all flowers turned fruit what a splendid crop it would be! But do they? Most fall off (either as flowers or as unripe fruits, by wind, etc.) Very few remain".

II. My second question was about myself. If Baba were to pass away, how hopelessly adrift I would be and how am I to fare then?

 To this, Baba answered that he would be with me whenever I thought of him wherever I thought of him. That promise he has kept up before 1918 and after 1918. He is still with me. He is still guiding me. This was about 1910 - 1911 when my brothers had separated from me and my sister died and there was a theft and Police enquiry, all of which incidents upset me very much. (These are mentioned in S.L.M. III (5) 368 and 369)*

* When my sister died, my mind was much upset. I did not care for life and enjoyments. When I went to Baba, he pacified me with Upadesa and made me eat a feast of Pooran Poli at Appakulkarni’s and get pasted with sandal.

There was a theft in my house. A thirty years friend of mine stole my wife’s jewel box including her auspicious Nathi(Hindi word here) I wept before Baba's photo. The next day, the man returned the jewel box and prayed for pardon.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Nandaram Sivaram Marwadi

Shroff, Merchant, aged 70, residing at Shirdi: 8th December, 1936

At the time of the second visit of Plague at Shirdi, i.e., S.1833 (1911 A.D.) the villagers were quickly leaving the village. Some men were seated one day at the Maruti temple and as I passed by, remarked that my eyes were red (with fever) and that I was evidently to be struck down by plague. I was startled to hear this. I got up on horseback and went to the Maruti temple. People advised me to pray to Maruti, with an offer of coconut and oil, to save me from death. I prayed and made those offerings. I thought I should fly from Shirdi and go to Ekruka. So I went to Baba for permission. Baba however dissuaded me from leaving the village. He assured me that I was not going to die. "I will not let you die, till I die" he said and gave me Udhi. I stayed on in the village and my fever abated and finally disappeared.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Bayyaji Apaji Patel  

aged 47, Mahratta, Land owner and Revenue and Police Patel of Biragaon, residing at Shirdi.
9th December, 1936.

I knew Baba since my babyhood. My house was one of the few houses from which Baba took his bikhsha, i.e., begged his bread from the beginning of his life here and up to the end. For some three years, Baba would go over about eight times during the day to our house to beg for his bread. Next three years he visited us for this purpose four times a day. For 12 years, he visited us twice a day and during the last 12 years he came to us for bread once a day only. From my 11th year, I used to serve Baba. In 1896, i.e., my seventh year, the Ramanavami Urus celebration began. It was then that Baba began to allow Hindus to affix sandal or to do pooja to him and moslems to read Koran before him at the masjid. This urus was started by Appa Kulkarni out of gratitude to Baba for the acquittal in the embezzlement charge brought against him. When Hindus affixed sandal paste to Baba, the latter applied sandal marks with the hand (Punja marks) on the walls of the masjid and other moslems did the same. Baba then applied sandal paste to Mahalsapathy's forehead and some moslems. Mahalsapathy applied it to Baba's forehead. Baba then allowed Namaz to go on at the mosque and enjoined silence on all others while Namaz was going on. Baba himself recited the Namaz sometimes. That was only on Saturdays. When Pedas or other sweets were brought to Baba, he uttered the Kalam (which is the same as Fatia) over the sweets etc., and then distributed them to all - Hindus and Moslems alike. Baba finding that Hindus and Moslems would have differences as to the way and manner of celebrating the Urus allowed Sandal Panja to be put on all - Hindus and Moslems alike. My father, Nana Sahib Chandorkar, Tatya Patel, etc, all bore the expenses of the celebration.

One day, when I was 11 years old (1901-2) Baba stopped me from going away to tend my cattle. Then he suddenly spoke angrily at me and others, and broke four mudpots. Then he blew "Bum Bum" on the back of his hand - indicating that death or some inauspicious event was coming. This was at 9 A.M. or 9-30 A.M. That night my father's sister's son Daji Kote, aged 30 died of fever.

During the last 14 years of Baba's life, he gave me daily 4 rupees. Even on his last (Samadhi) day, he gave me four rupees. As to the use of his gift, Baba once told me neither to lend the money he gave, nor make a gift of them. "Do not eat and excrete this. Do not give it away to others." So I have invested it in purchases of land. I purchased 84 acres of land out of Baba's gifts.  Already  I owned 10 or 11 acres of other land.

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Baba has helped me with his wonderful knowledge of the future. (1) About my cultivation, there was the strong temptation to plant my lands with sugarcane as so many do. Baba's advice was "Don't." But I yielded once to the temptation, despite this advice. A loss of 300 rupees in the money invested on sugarcane planting and the going without the usual supply of dry crops I would have got on the land, that was the result of disobedience. (2) In 1913, my father who was over 70 years of age went out as usual on horse back and returned with a stroke of paralysis. I went to Baba and asked for his Udhi. Baba said, "I will not give Udhi. Allah Malik Hai." I wept. On the third day of the attack, i.e., on Kartik Sudha Ekadasi, Sunday, a specially holy day, my father breathed his last. Next day I went to the Masjid and massaged Baba's leg as usual. I used to boast and feel proud that I had Bhima's strength. So I tried to lift Baba up in my arms after the massage to carry him and place him before the fire. Many a day I have done so. That day I could not lift him. Baba laughed at me and he put down my pride. That was a Dwadasi day. Baba then taught me two lessons - not to be proud, and the other not to feel grief for the death of my father. "Why should you be sorry? In 5 months, he (i.e., my father) will come back." Then my son was born. He is aged 22 years and 8 months.

Baba gave me his last instruction or moral lesson on the day he breathed his last. After sending away Kaka Dikshit he gave me a moral lesson and enjoined silence on me with these words. "If you reveal it to any one, you will die" He added i.e., "I am going. Carry me to Wada. All brahmins will be living near me." With these words, he breathed his last. After these words were spoken, Nana Nimonkar poured water into his mouth but the water came out. I held my hand below his chin to catch the water. Baba leaned upon me and expired. When Baba expired there were troubles of all sorts. Government took charge of all the properties. There was wrangling between two parties. Moslems said that Baba should be buried in a separate building to be constructed at the expense of people who (like me) had been benefiting by his daily bounty. We stood out for burial in the Dagdi Wada in accordance with Baba's wishes. The Kopergaon Mamlatdar Mr. Kulkarni was on the spot and the Rahata Foujdar Chakra Narayana also. The Mamlatdar decided that the public including. both Moslems and Hindus should express their views and he would agree that the wishes of the majority should be carried out. Moslems prepared Mahajar with 100 or less of signatures. We prepared Mahajars and got numerous (over 200) signatures including prominent names, e.g., H. S. Dixit, Bapu Saheb Jog, Bala Saheb Bhate, etc. Therefore our view, being that of the majority, prevailed and Baba's body was interred in the Dagdi Wada. In 1910, Shirdi had its second visitation of plague.
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Four years ago, Baba gave me timely intimation and help. At Shirdi, a bull was marked with a trident and being thus dedicated to God Shiva was freely grazing all over the village and near our Lendi garden. It was injuring our gardens and we all contributed some 3 rupees and odd for the expenses of sending it to a pinjrapole at Yeola. The bull was entrusted to Bhiku Marwadi with the money and he took it away to be left at the pinjrapole. He returned and told us that he had performed that duty. That night Baba appeared in my dream and i.e., "Are you sleeping ? I have been tied to the door of a butcher." I woke and consulted Tatya Patel and others. We concluded that the bull had been left with a butcher and not left at the pinjrapole at Yeola. So I started at once, went to Yeola and searched for our bull at the two pinjrapoles there. It was not there and we were informed that Bhikku had not brought our bull there. Then I went round and looked near the butchers' quarters. Our bull was lifting its head over a wall. It was in a butcher's place. It was to be cut up that very day by the butcher and he told us that he had purchased it for 14 rupees from Bhiku Marwadi. The animal was rescued and placed in the pinjrapole, and Bhiku was charged, convicted and sentenced to 2 months' imprisonment.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI  
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Somnath Shankar Deshpande
Son of Shankar, Nana Saheb Nimonkar, Brahmin, Inspector of Police, Aged 51, 37, Saniwar Peth, Poona. 6th September, 1936

I am the son of Nana Saheb Nimonkar. Our place Nimon is 20 miles off Shirdi. There (at Nimon) we have our Vatan of Deshpande. Shirdi is on our way from or to Kopergaon. And at Shirdi, we have relations. Balvantrao (Father of Madhava Rao Deshpande, i.e. Shyama) was my father’s uncle and loved my father. Once he took my father to Sai Baba saying, “People believe he is a mad fakir. I doubt if he is really mad but you had better go with me, see him and give me your opinion.” Whenever Balvant had gone to see Baba, the latter kept him at a distance by taking up a brickbat and either flinging it or threatening to fling it at him. Thus he kept away people from going into the Mosque where he stayed. But when my father went to see him, he flung no stones and they approached quite close to him. My father’s heart was attracted to Sai as soon as he saw him and on his return home he assured his uncle that Baba was a Saint and not a mad man. The uncle wondered why stones were hurled when he went to Baba formerly but not on the present occasion. “That is because you doubted if he was mad, but I did not ”, said my father. Since then, my father paid annual and later biennial or more frequent visits to baba - as his faith was steadily increasing.

My father was an Honorary Magistrate of Sangamner and there he met Nana Saheb Chandorkar (the Collector’s Chitnis) who also was an admirer of Baba and both would talk together about Baba.

When Nana Saheb Chandorkar started the idea of rebuilding Baba’s Masjid and collected subscriptions, my father contributed his mite and what is more he supervised the building operations. Baba would not let the workmen to go on with the work as he complained of their work and undid their work. The building was long being prevented from completing even its foundation. Baba however had great trust in my father and my father hurried on the work all night when Baba slept at that chavadi.
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Baba showed his faith in my father by making him his banker during the years (1916-18) that he stayed with Baba. As funds came, Baba would hand them over to my father. Even Madhav Rao mistook them for gifts. My father stood in no need of gifts. We had about 500 rupees per annum from our Vatan and I was sending him all moneys he required. Besides, my father also knew the truth of Baba’s often repeated statement. “Fakir’s money is forced away”. If one grasped at and swallowed a Fakir’s money, he will in due course have to disgorge it all, to the last pie.

My father desired and got from Baba gifts superior to monetary gifts, i.e. our temporal and spiritual welfare. So my father paid up all the deposits for Baba’s expenses. Baba himself frequently called upon him for these expenses e.g. (a) Burfi would have to be purchased and distributed as present; (b) firewood on a large scale also had to be bought etc.. We called my father “Kaka,” so did the villagers; and so also Baba called him “Kaka”.

 To illustrate the spiritual benefit received by my father, I will give an instance. My father wished to read “Bhagawat” etc., in Sanskrit as “Pothi”, but his ignorance of the language stood in his way. Baba once said to him:
S.B : Why don’t you read Pothi?

N.N : I do not know Sanskrit.

S.B : Never mind. Masjid Ayi will teach you Sanskrit, and gradually you will learn. Begin.

 Then with faith in Baba’s words, my father began the daily reading of Shrimad Bhagwat and its commentary - both of them in Sanskrit - without understanding what he read. Gradually he began to understand all that he read, and he advanced so far as to proceed (at Baba’s bidding) with the Gita and next with Jnaneshwari. All these he understood, and when Kaka Saheb Dixit and Jog had doubts he cleared their doubts. They were learned scholars and had regularly studied Sanskrit. But my father had not, and so they said my father’s understanding was inspired by Baba’s grace. But Baba once stopped his further explaining things to others. “Why should we explain things to others? That will make us puffed up with self-conceit.”

 As for quasi-spiritual benefits derived by my father, instances will be given presently of the cures he effected when he spent his last two months with me here at Poona.

Temporal benefit may include not only the growing esteem in which he was held by all who knew him and the consequent increase of his influence, but also the safeguarding and advancement of the interests of all members of his family, including myself. I had been taken to Baba from my infancy by my father and Baba spoke to me and spoke of me always affectionately giving me the sobriquet, “Somniya.”

In 1912, I was a police Sub-Inspector at Kopergaon; and Shirdi was within my jurisdiction. As soon as I got my first pay, I sent rupees two every month by M.O. to Baba. That was my father’s order and possibly his vow. I continued that payment every month up to 1920 i.e. till shortly after my father’s death. When I was at Kopergaon my father and I went down once to Shirdi. Then Baba asked me to pay a dakshina of 10 rupees and I did. It appeared to have no significance at that time. But about six months later, I got the order that my pay was increased by 10 rupees from that date, (i.e. the date of my paying the dakshina). I got a transfer in 1912 from Koperegaon to Poona.
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Another instance of Baba’s care for me was mentioned by my father, even before I got my service. It seems that Baba, sitting at his Mosque, would take up coins and be rubbing them with his fingers saying “Kakacha”, “Somyahca” etc.. My father said that showed that I was often in Baba’s mind and that augured nothing but good for me.

Of numerous instances of Baba’s taking all care of us, Yogakshema bahamyaham the chief may be his looking after my father himself during the last 3 years of his life. In 1916, my wife was in the family way and we looked forward to my parents to come here, so that my mother may help in the delivery. We had no other help. My father and mother left Nimon on that account to go to Poona. But as Shirdi is near and as there were rumours that Baba was passing away, they first visited Baba. Once they went to Baba, he detained them and did not give them leave to go away- either back to Nimon or forward to Poona. My father did not understand the reason for this refusal and Madhava Rao on his behalf asked Baba for leave.

Baba : Do you want to kill my people'? Is Kaka eating away your father’s property?

Madhav Rao : But his daughter-in-law is pregnant and needs help.

Baba : Arre Kaka, why are you anxious? God will help.

Baba also said to my father at that time, “Bury me and then go.” When Baba detained my father, he tied a cloth bandage to his own arm which he kept on for three years and removed only four days before his death. My father died four months thereafter. That is just what he anticipated and told Madhav Rao when he left Shirdi two or four days after Baba expired.

When my parents were being thus detained at Shirdi, we at poona were relying solely on their going to us for the accouchement and made no other arrangements up to the last. Suddenly one night my wife told me “I feel that pains are coming.” At once, I ordered a tonga and took her at 10P.M. to the Poona Municipal Maternity Hospital and left her abed. The nurse that ought to have attended on her was talking with me in an adjoining room. It was about 11 P.M. At once we heard the cry of the new born child, a male child. The delivery was over without any help. It was a safe delivery. At that time - or rather just before delivery, Baba said to my father at Shirdi: “There was a woman. She was taken to a place. There she was delivered safe, of a male child.”

Soon after the delivery, I sent my brother with “Peda” which is usually presented to all on the birth of a child - to Baba and to my parents at Shirdi requesting that my mother may go over and help us at Poona. Permission was not given to her to go. My father then told my brother of what Baba had said to him about the delivery on the very day of its birth. That was Bhadrapad 1916.

Another instance of Baba’s care for our family is this. In December, 1917, plague was beginning its ravages at Poona; and during X'mas holidays, I started with my first son Gopal, then a child, 2 or 3 years, to Nimon where my brother’s wife had recently had a safe delivery. On the way, we halted at Shirdi. Baba in sending me away with the usual Udhi said “Porala jiv lav” which means “Save the child.” Interpreting it as a mere blessing intended for my Gopal, I gave him the Udhi and started off in a tonga to Nimon. When we reached that place, my brother’s baby, 12 days’ old, was in a precarious condition. It had become cold and chill and the parents lost all hope and thought the child was dead. Then I bethought myself of Baba’s words at parting and found that he must have referred to this child and not to my boy. I searched for the Udhi he had given me. But it had been lost during the journey. So I took the baby on my lap and sent up a fervent mental appeal with all my strength, with all my soul entreating Baba to save the child. In 15 minutes’ time, the child improved and became alright gradually and is now called “Datta” i.e., God’s gift, in consequence.

Plague was still prevalent at Poona when I wanted to return. When I wanted to start form Shirdi back to Poona, Baba was loath to give me permission. But I had no “leave” to stay and must rejoin duty on 8-1-1917. So my father put Udhi in Baba’s hands and practically forced him to give me leave. So we returned on 3rd January. My landlord was there down with plague and on the 4th, my wife was attacked. We could not escape elsewhere; my self, children and all stayed there. Baba saved her and saved us all. She i.e. my wife, recovered her health but her eye-sight was lost. At that time the question of leaving the town and going to a health camp was mooted before Baba; but he did not permit it. “Why leave home?” was what he said. We followed his guidance and were safe. When my wife was unwell, we had also requested my father to go to Poona. But Baba then told him again “Bury me and then go.”

In March or April, 1917, I fell ill, it might be plague or Typhoid perhaps. Again I wrote to father to go to Poona. Again Baba refused permission, but said, “Why are you anxious? Your Somniya will recover and come here to see us.” I had twenty-one days continuous fever and lived on water alone. Then I recovered. I took leave for a period of two or three months for convalescence and went first with my family to Belapur where the Samadhi of Vidyanandswami (who gave me my regular initiation into my mantra and my bhakti marga) is. There I stayed for a while and my mother came there and took us all to Shirdi. I had improved very little at Belapur and was very weak. When I went to Shirdi, Baba said I should be given a little Kichadi thenceforward. That was done. I stayed there a month and picked up my health and strength.

I was with Baba some days before he passed away. He was ailing and people were anxious about him. When I wanted to start, he was unwilling to permit me to go. But I had to go and I went away to Poona.
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Some three days after Baba passed away, my father left for Nimon and then he went to Ahmadnagar and thence at my request (as I had pain in my side) he came and stayed with us, at Poona. Here he continued till his death which was some two months after he came there.
My father had intense dhyasa of (i.e. absorption in) Baba during the closing days of his life and he treated (or looked on) all persons going to him as Sai Baba. He was a Rama bhakta all alone and he died with the words “Sri Ram” on his lips. Of course, Sai Baba and Sri Ram are not different.

I was privileged to serve Sai Baba during his life for four days. My father had been called away to give evidence at Ahmadnagar and had to stay there four days. When he started for Nagar, he left me at Shirdi to do every service to Baba that he usually did. There was one difference however. He did the service sitting being an old man. As a younger man, I did the service on my legs. I found the service was physically taxing all my energies to the uttermost. To be at the beck and call of Baba all day and till he retired to rest was no little effort. During those days, I had a blessed vision. I was at the Mosque. Baba was in his usual place and Madhav Rao near the steps. Suddenly, Baba appeared to me in the form of Maruti. There was no more Sai Baba’s usual figure. There was the Maruti body. Only I did not see if there was a tail. Seeing that form I told Madhav Rao at once, “Take his darshan. See he is Maruti”. Baba was undoubtedly a Rama bhakta. Baba on Chavadi days would stop opposite to Maruti Temple and muttering something wave his arm towards Maruti fifteen or twenty times. My usual current of thoughts was worldly. But as I stayed near Baba, my usual current of thoughts was switched off and there was a new current of thoughts within me. However, I had very little touch with Baba - unlike my father whose powers and nature seemed to have developed greatly by contact with Baba.
When my father was at Ahmadnagar about November, 1918, I was suffering from pain in my side - as though it was the commencement of Appendicitis. So I wrote to my father and he came and stayed with me at Poona. He came and applied Udhi to me and from the very next day, there was no more pain. My brother was with me and he was showing signs of incipient consumption. My father gave him Udhi and Tirtha and he recovered. My nephew “Datta” had itch all over his head. My father gave him ‘Udhi’ and cured the itch.

 My father was always orthodox and paying strict attention to his religious duties. Baba respected his orthodoxy and would not give him any prasad that an orthodox man should not take.

 I noticed Baba’s foot prints. There was a clear “Mat-sya” mark on one foot, and a clear “Dhanushya” on the other. Only great Saints can have such  marks.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Kasibai Hansraj
widow of Hansraj, caste Vani, age about 45, residence Sakori. 2nd December, 1936.  


I and my husband went to Shirdi 20 years ago. In Margasira about December, 1916, just after Radhakrishna Ayi died, we went and stayed for about 6 months. My husband had Asthma. Narasinga Baba Maharaj of Nasik had told him that as an evil spirit was possessing his body, we got no issue and that he should go to Shirdi Sai Baba who would give him two slaps and exorcize it. That is why we came to Sai Baba. Baba gave my husband two Slaps saying, “Evil spirit be off ." From that time we lived there. My husband’s asthma abated. It was operating during the day but did not trouble him at night.
Before we came to Shirdi it was troubling day and night. Baba was caughing away at night when we lived there. At the end of our 6 months’ stay Asthma ceased to trouble my husband by day even. Before I mention that, a chamatkar on Baba’s part in healing him has to be mentioned. Soon after we settled here, Baba told my husband that he should be strict about his diet and avoid curds, and other acid and pungent articles of food. When it came to acting on this advice, my husband found it hard to follow it, as these were what he liked most. He did not relish his food without curds etc. He would sooner give up life than curds, he declared. So every day for two months we were trying to prepare curds at home, for in this village curds are not easily to be had at noon. We kept milk heated and cooled for curdling every night and then we would go and attend the Noon-Arati of Baba at the Mosque. Everyday almost for two months a cat would steal into our lodgings in our absence, jump up the sling in which the curd pot was kept and drink it off. As our meal had to be after Arathi my husband found that there were no curds to take. One day he resolved to catch the thief in the very act and so stayed away from the Noon Arathi. The cat came in, my husband allowed it to get in, to watch how it could possibly reach the curd pot which was kept so high in a sling. But it did. Anyhow the cat had dipped its mouth into the curd pot and the curds were not fit for use. He quickly watched its drinking and when it got down he used his stick severely on its back, by way of summary punishment for its larceny. In the afternoon, people resorted to Baba at the mosque and got udhi from his hands. We went there; Jog, Madhav Rao Deshpande, Kaka Dixit, Buty etc., were there. Baba addressing them referred to my husband and said “There is an upantiya (i.e. one who does the reverse of what he is asked to do) who wants to die by eating sour and pungent things. But I would not allow him to do that. To day I went to him in the form of a cat. That fellow has given me a caning on the back. See here." Then Baba exposed his back from under the Kupni; and there we could see a weal or stripe such as caning might cause.What a wonder!

Thereafter my husband wanted no more curds to be prepared and no more acids etc., to take. This accelerated his improvement very probably. Baba was not for giving him any medicines. First I gave my husband daily some medicine for the Asthma. Baba then said that he also had Asthma and that as I was giving medicine to my husband he had thousands of women who would give him medicine; “ But what is the use?” He added “Allah Malik hai- God is the Lord". So I stopped giving medicines. It is without resort to any medicine that Baba got my husband’s asthma cured. That cure lasted for a year or so. Then my husband had again his Asthma. That was in 1918 or 1919 and then he was cured by Upasani Baba when the latter went to Sion.

 Sai Baba used to say many things. I remember some.While he was all along living at Shirdi alone he would suddenly declare “I have been to Kasi and had a bath and just now I have returned. Why do I want a bath here?” or “I have been to Kolhapur, or Audumbarwadi and I have just now returned”. Jog told me that Sai Baba gave him darsan of himself as Akkalkote Maharaj, at his (Jog’s) request.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Shridhar Narayan Kharkar
aged 57, Kayasta Prabu, Accountant, Secretariat, 37 Charni Road, Thana, 1st September, 1936.


My earliest period, that is infancy, was wellstocked and fed with religious ideas and ideals by the pious prudence of my grandfather.

When I was thus developing the orthodox side of my religious study and practice. Mr. Appa Kulkarni, Deputy Collector, a very pious soul, showed me the picture of Sai Baba that he was devotedly attached to. That was my first contact with Baba. Very soon after that I got from Mr. Dahbolkar a picture of Baba, a number of Sai Lila Masiks and a packet of Baba’s Udhi that came on a day. I was unwell; and on the second day, I got alright and started my worship of Baba which steadily grew thenceforward.

The beginning of my faith in Baba was marked by a remarkable dream or vision.

The picture I got from Mr. Dabholkar I took to my Pooja room but when I was taking it near the picture of the Akkalkot Saint that I was already worshipping, some impulse made me withdraw the new picture. ‘Hallo! This is the Moslem’s picture. How could it be placed next to the holy Hindu Saint?’ So thinking I kept it apart, a little distance from (and not in the same group with) Akkalkot Maharaj’s picture.

I had a dream that night. In the morning, I first forgot all about the dream but when I began to worship I at once recalled the details of my night dream. In the dream, I saw a fakir robed like Sai Baba coming towards the oti or veranda on which I and some one else were sitting. I got up to welcome that fakir. Perhaps I was going to make some invidious distinction. At any rate to prevent such a distinction being made, the person who was next to me told me, 'This (Sai Baba) is not different from Akkalkot' and I was directed to treat him on the same footing as Akkalkot Maharaj. Recalling the dream, I rearranged the picture and placed Sai Baba’s picture along with Akkalkot Maharaja’s and worshipped him.

By Baba’s kindness, devotion to Sai Baba has increased by leaps and bounds not only with me but also amongst all the members of my family. I read up all available books on Sai Baba and my wife and children (and God has given me my quiverfull) all have taken to Baba worship and show such a great zeal that in case I fail to attend to arati or pooja of Baba. Someone else is ready to take it up.

At first, there appeared to be some exceptions to my felicity in this respect. My mother was living away from me for many years. But by the grace of God and Baba, she came to live with me. But at first, seeing the worship I paid to Baba’s picture and my visits to Shirdi she was displeased on the ground that Baba was a Moslem. But Baba’s kindness towards me and her was most remarkable. He worked a gradual change in her feelings. As she was not for Baba, I took other members of my family with me to Shirdi but not my mother.
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After 2 or 3 such years, i.e. in 1933, she wished to go to Shirdi and pay her respects to Baba’s shrine, and asked my wife and daughter to see that she was taken to Shirdi. I was very glad to see the change worked in her. Baba’s kindness made a great change in her attitude. Extremely orthodox though she was, she dropped her orthodox scruples when devotion to Sai Baba suggested the contrary course. She was well impressed with all she saw at Shirdi. The visit to Shirdi was none too soon. Shortly after our return from Shirdi, she breathed her last at my residence at Thana. It was a great kindness on the part of Baba to have brought a change in her and given her darshan of the Samadhi just in time before she passed away.

I can easily multiply instances of Baba’s kindness to me and my family. But it is needless. It is enough to say that I feel Baba is guiding us and watching over our interests and actions in everything.

I shall give only two instances to show how other members of my family are sharing the kind and merciful care that Baba bestows on his own. My second son, Govind, was hungering and thirsting to have the joy of visiting Baba’s Samadhi, and Dwarkamai at Shirdi. So in 1934 for Ramnavami celebration when our family friends Mr. G.B. Datar and family were going to Shirdi, my son accompanied them. When he went to Dwarkamai(i.e.) the mosque, he was alone with Baba’s oil painting which is so vividly painted that Baba's eyes from the portrait seem to pierce into you, wherever you may stand in the hall. My son gazed with rapture at the portrait and closed his eyes. He heard then a distinct and audible voice (Have you come?). That is the parental affectionate greeting he had. He opened his eyes and found himself alone. There was no other to utter those words of welcome, but Baba.

About 8 years back, my daughter was in the family way and we had taken her to our village at Khar (some 2 or 3 miles off Thana). When the delivery was to take place, there was no proper medical aid. My relations were blaming me for not providing a place at Thana for the delivery. My wife came and told me that it - the delivery - was obstructed. The child had evidently died and could not easily come out. There was great pain, and anxiety was felt by the patient and by all of us. It was midnight or rather 2 A.M. when the condition was reported to be so painful and anxious; I was helpless. Suddenly, it dawned upon me that I had a safe resource in Baba’s udhi. My wife took the udhi and applied it to my daughter. Within 30 minutes or one hour of the application the child came out. It was dead, but my daughter’s life was saved and our anxieties were at an end. A doctor came in the morning and wondered how it had come out. He thought that illtrained people like the midwife would have thrust their hands in and created danger of septic and possible post-parturition troubles. He was surprised to learn that mere udhi without any physical interference resulted in the expulsion of the child, the placenta and everything.

All my girls take part in the service of Baba and daily perform their arati & c.
A week or so before my daughter’s delivery, my son informed me that Baba had just appeared in his dream and called out ‘Nana, Nana. (meaning myself) Where is he? Why is he afraid? Apply my Udhi". Though my son had told me this, I did not recall it at the time my daughter’s serious troubles: but instinctively I resorted to the aid of Baba’s Udhi. Long afterwards I thought over the matter and found that in my son’s dream, Baba had given me a forewarming of the impending danger and shown me the way out of it. And when I failed to realise this at the critical moment, I was made unconsciously to utilise the very way he had mentioned.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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B. V. Dev
Retired Mamlatdar, Station Road. Thana 27th September, 1936.


You wish to know if Sai Baba spoke anything about or advanced any person to Adwaita Avesta. I doubt if anyone, who went to him was an Adhikari for such a course. There were Nana Saheb, H.S. Dixit, Dabholkar and Mahalsapathy with him. Perhaps, these were in the front rank of his devotees. Each had his merit or characteristic. Mahalsapathy was very meek, obedient, pious and firmly adhering to 'Holy Poverty' and Baba kept him to it. Dixit was blindly obeying Baba and had firm faith in him and was made to study Eknath to promote his spiritual condition. In these matters, he was but a beginner. Mahalsapathy had neither learning nor culture. Nana Saheb Chandorkar knew Sanskrit and he was a student of the Gita.

I retired in 1911 and went to Baba. I tried to do Pada Poqja at the bidding of Dixit. Baba stopped me. 'You need not worship. You have given me Dakshina. That is enough'.

My questioning Balakram, Baba's anger and Baba's giving me order to read Jnaneshwari, are all set out in Dabholkar's Satcharitra.

Baba took from me one after another four sovereigns. Then, he said, 'I have received one'. I said 'Baba, I have given you four'.

 Baba : I did not deny it. But when you have given four, Baba received one only.
 I : I do not understand it.
 Baba: You will come to understand it.

Later, when I was touring along, a young Fakir came to my compartment and asked me for something. I gave him one pice. He said he wanted four. I gave him a four-anna piece. He then said he had got one. Again I met an old hermit, he wanted something. I gave him one coin. He wanted four.

So, I understand Baba, as appearing in all these forms to teach me that though I gave him four (i.e., Manas, Buddhi, Chitta and Ahankar etc.) he receives but one, the soul or jiva.

I tried to learn asanas from a Hatayogi. Baba appeared in my dream and tried to dissuade me. I agreed to give it up. Then he showed me how to sit in Sukhasana and get on.
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So, I understand Baba, as appearing in all these forms to teach me that though I gave him four (i.e., Manas, Buddhi, Chitta and Ahankar etc.) he receives but one, the soul or jiva.

I tried to learn asanas from a Hatayogi. Baba appeared in my dream and tried to dissuade me. I agreed to give it up. Then he showed me how to sit in Sukhasana and get on.

Chandorkar was a good student of Vedanta. He had read Gita with commentaries and prided himself on his knowledge of all that. He fancied that Baba knew nothing of all this or Sanskrit. So, Baba, one day, pricked the bubble. These were days before crowds flocked to Baba, when Baba had solitary talks at the mosque with such devotees. Nana was sitting near Baba.

Baba : Nana, What are you mumbling to yourself?
Nana : I am reciting a sloka in Sanskrit.
Baba : What Sloka?
Nana: From Bhagvad Gita.
Baba: Utter it audibly.
Baba: Nana, do you understand it?
Nana : Yes.
Baba : If you do, then tell me.
Nana : It means this: Making Sashtanga Namaskar, (i.e) prostration, questioning the guru, serving him, learn what this jnana is. Then those jnanis that have attained to real knowledge of the Sat Vastu (Brahman) will give you 'upadesh of jnana'.
Baba : Nana, I do not want this sort of collected purport of the whole stanza. Give me each word, its grammatical force and meaning. Then Nana explained it word by word.
Baba : Nana, is it enough to make prostration merely?
Nana : I do not know any other meaning for the word pranipata. than "making prostration".
Baba : What is pariprasna?
Nana : Asking questions.
Baba : What does prasna mean?
Nana : The same.
Baba : If pariprasna means the same as prasna (question), why did Vyasa add the prefix part? Was Vyasa off his head?
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Nana : I do not know of any other meaning for the word pari prasna.
 Baba : Seva. What sort of seva is meant?
 Nana : Just what we are doing always.
 Baba : Is it enough to render such service?
 Nana : I do not know what more is signified by that word seva.
 Baba : In the next phrase, Upadensyathi thae jnanam, can you so read the phrase as to read any other word in lieu of jnanam?
 Nana : Yes
 Baba : What word?
 Nana : ajnanam
 Baba : Taking that word (instead of 'jnana') is any meaning made out of the verse?
 Nana : No. Shankara Bhashya gives no such construction.
 Baba : Never mind. If he does not, is there any objection to using the word 'Ajnanam' if it gives a better sense?
 Nana : No. But I do not understand how to construe the stanza by placing 'ajnanam' in it.
 Baba : Why does Krishna refer Arjuna to jnanis or tatwadarsis to do his prostration, interrogation and service? Was not Krishna a tatwadarshi in fact, jnana itself?
 Nana : Yes. He was. But, I cannot make out why he referred Arjun to jnanis.
Baba : Have you not understood this?

Nana was humiliated. His pride was knocked on the head. Then Baba began to explain.
(1) It is not enough merely to prostrate before Jnanis. We must make Sarvaswa Saranagati to the Sadguru.
 (2) Mere questioning is not enough. The question must not be with any improper motive or attitude or to trap the Guru and catch at mistakes in the answer or out of idle curiosity. It must be serious, and with a view to achieve moksha or spiritual progress.
 (3) Seva is not rendering service retaining still the feeling that one is free to offer or refuse service. One must feel that he is not the master of the body, that the body is the guru's and exists merely to render service to him.
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If this is done, the sadguru will show you what the jnana referred to in the previous stanza is.

Nana did not understand what is meant by saying that a guru teaches ajnana.

Baba : How is Jnana Upadesh (i.e) imparting of realization to be effected? Destroying ignorance is jnana. 87th verse on 66 Ch. XVIII in Jnaneshwari says, 'Removal of ignorance is like this, O Arjun. If dream and sleep disappear, you are yourself. It is like that'. See also v. 83 of Jnaneshwari on B.G.V. 16, where he says: 'Is there anything different or independent in jnan besides the destruction of ignorance? Expelling darkness means light. Destroying duality (dwaita) means non-duality (adwaita). Whenever we speak of destroying dwaita we speak of destroying darkness, we talk of light. If we have to realize the adwaita state, the feeling of dwaita in ourselves has to be removed. That is the realization of the adwaitic state. Who can speak of adwaita while remaining in dwaita? If one did, unless one gets into that state how can one know it and realize it?

(Again) the sishya, like the Sadguru, is really the embodiment of Jnan. The difference between the two lies in the attitude, high realization, marvellous superhuman Sattah. (beingness) and unrivalled capacity and Iswarya Yoga (i.e.,) divine powers. The Sadguru is Nirguna Sat chit Ananda. He has indeed taken human form to elevate mankind and raise the world. But his real Nirguna nature is not destroyed thereby, even a bit. His beingness (or reality), divine power, and wisdom remain undiminished. The disciple also is in fact of the same swarupa. But, it is overlaid by the effects of the Samskaras of innumerable births in the shape of ignorance which hides from his view that he is Suddha Chaitanya, see B.G. Ch.V., As stated therein, he gets the impression 'I am jiva, a creature, humble and poor'. The guru has to root out these offshoots of ignorance and has to give upadesh or instruction. To the disciple held spell-bound for endless generations by the ideas of his being a creature, humble and poor, the guru imparts in hundreds of births the teaching, 'You are God, you are mighty and opulent'. Then, he realizes a bit that he is God really. The perpetual delusion under which the disciple has been labouring, that he is the body, that he is a creature (jiva) or ego, that God (Paramatma) and the world are different from him, is an error inherited from innumerable past births. From action based on it, he has derived his joy, sorrows and mixtures of both. To remove this delusion, this error, this root ignorance, he must start the inquiry. How did the ignorance arise? Where is it? And to show him this is called the guru's upadesh The following are instances ajnana:-
 1. I am a jiva - creature.
 2. Body is the soul (I am the body).
 3. God, world and jiva are different.
 4. I am not God.
 5. Not knowing that body is not the soul.
 6. Not knowing that God, world and jiva are one.

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Unless these errors are exposed to his view, the disciple cannot learn what is God, jiva, world, body, how they are inter-related and whether they are different from each other or are one and the same. To teach him these and destroy his ignorance, is this instruction in jnana or ajnana. Why should jnan be imparted to the jiva (who is) a Jnanamurthi? Upadesh is merely to show him his error and destroy his ignorance.
Baba added:(1) Pranipata implies surrender.
 (2) Surrender must be of body, mind and wealth;
 (3) Why should Krishna refer Arjun to other jnanis?

Sadbhakta takes everything to be Vasudev. B. G. VII, 19. (i.e., any guru will be Krishna to the devotee) and guru takes disciple to be Vasudev and Krishna treats both as his prana and atma (B.G. XII.7). As Sri Krishna knows that there are such Bhaktas and Gurus, he refers Arjun to them so that their greatness may increase and be known.

13th December, 1936.

On the question as to how far I can give instances of Baba's acting like Jesus Christ in curing leprosy (congenital or acquired), blindness, deafness, palsy, devil possession, effects of sorcery and black magic and purifying vile harlots and other sinners, I know of clear particulars. But, as to his reproving vice, there are numerous instances. In my own case, he reproved lobha or love of wealth. I shall give the incident in full.

After the close of my full period of service, I got an extension of 3 months and after that was over, I naturally desired to have an extension of one year, and the Collector mooted the question and I mentioned my wish to continue for one year. The matter was thus practically settled and I had one year's extension. At that time, I had a dream. Therein I saw Sai Baba seated with somebody. Before him, I prostrated.

Baba : Do you know what these books are?
 I : No.
 Baba : They are your accounts. I am looking into your accounts.
 I : My account, Baba?
 Baba : Yes, Here are these. Look here. Does 17 come after 16 or 16 after 17?
 I : 16 comes before and not after 17.
 Baba : How is it then that in your account your 16 comes after 17?
 I : How can that be, Baba?
 Baba : See, is it not so? Here is your account.

He threw the account book open before me. I read it and found it was my own account. Yes Baba, here 16 comes after my 17. How is that?' Then I thought over the meaning of my dream. I concluded.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Sagun Meru Naik
Mahrath, age 47, Teashop Shirdi, 7th December, 1936.

I belong to the village Bori Marmagoa, Poona Taluk. I was grazing cattle there. I went thence on my travels for years visiting and residing at Belgaum. I stayed at Narsowadi with Tembe Maharaj for 2 years; next with Ajunkar Maharaj. Next Gangapur I visited. I was ill and I stayed with Siddharood Maharaj of Hubli. Next after going to Rameshwar, Pandharpur, etc., I came here (1911-12). Baba remarked “you have come from a Mota Darbar” in allusion to my stay with Siddharood Maharaj. Baba gave me advice for 5 months after my arrival. When I asked him for leave to go away, he said “Stay here doing something. God will give you (Barakatha) blessing". I obeyed and have made Shirdi my home and last abode. From that time, I am running this teashop and refreshment stall and sale of sundries (i.e.) Baba's pictures, arati books and devotional goods. I am prospering ever since I began that life here. I begged Baba that he should protect me and he said he would. I was doing petty services, ( i.e.) replenishing the Masjid lamps with oil.

I have had ample evidence of Baba's powers when I came to Shirdi in 1911-12. I came from Hyderabad accompanying a Vysia Sowcar of that State, who as a Sai-bhakta was paying his devout visit to Baba. That man brought with him his palsied daughter. She could not stand on her legs or walk. She had to skip on the ground using her hands in place of the powerless legs. She had to be carried into Baba's presence at first. But, on the third day of her arrival, she began to use her legs a little. On the eighth day, she was able to walk. The cure was most marvellous and due entirely to Baba's grace.

Another case of paralysis cured by Baba's grace was that of Mr. Ghaisas. Mr. Ghaisas was formerly in G.I.P. Railway service. His wife came here and was cured of her paralysis in a few days.
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In 1914, I had a dream wherein Baba appeared and said, 'Bring me soft boiled rice'. Then for two years, I took boiled rice to Baba without any ghee in it. Then he told me to put some ghee into the food before taking it to him. Since then, and up-to-date, I have been carrying boiled rice with a little of ghee and first offering it to the God of Fire at Baba's Dhuni ( at the Mosque). I place part of it in a pot (Kolumba) for the use of Baba and throw the remainder to the dogs. For 5 or 6 years when huge crowds were daily flocking to Baba, I ran a busy hotel here, and engaged some Brahmin cooks to cook and serve food. In October 1919 when the crowd had fallen off, I closed down the hotel.

I know Upasani Maharaj. He had arrived here at Shirdi shortly before me. After I came he was living at Mr. H.S. Dixit's Wada and being fed for 5 or 6 months at Mr. Dixit's expense. This was when Mr.G.S. Khaparde was here. Madhav Rao Deshpande (H.S. Dixit's agent) and U. Maharaj then had a quarrel and the latter moved to Khandoba temple to live there.

In the middle of 1912, the marble stone paduka of Sri Sai Baba was installed at the foot of Baba's favourite Margosa tree in the Sathe Wada. Bhai Allibagkar, a Mahratti vendor of Udbattis started the idea. Practically the whole of the expenses were borne by Ram Rao Khotare of Bombay. Bhai Allibagkar was too poor to pay for this. Baba himself gave Rs.25 as his contribution. Four Brahmins, representing the four Vedas, were brought from Kopergaon for performing the ceremony. Amongst the local people Balasaheb Bhate, Bapu Sahib Jog, Dada Kelkar and Upasani Maharaj took a leading part, and helped in the installation
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Some time later, one Martand, a mad Brahmin was living here, depending upon the bounteous supplies of food that Baba was throwing to all comers. There were hundreds of men living at Shirdi depending on Baba's doles of food for their sustenance. This man, one day, went to the Neem tree and with a huge stone broke the paduka into two. He went into the temple of Mahadeo and Parvati (where the images had been installed at Tatya Patel's instance) and broke those two images also. Baba was asked if a new paduka was to be ordered and to be installed in place of the broken one. Baba did not approve of that idea but said that mere anna santi would suffice. We fed 200 or 300 people soon after that. Two hundred or more were everyday waiting to be fed at Shirdi in those days.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Madhav Rao Deshpande alias Shama
Brahmin, aged about 80
Dixit Wada, Shirdi, 9th March, 1938.

Upasani Baba, when he came to Shirdi first, was sleeping and boarding here. He was still unwell. He cried in his sleep, "I am dead," and he asked me to request Sai Baba to help him. I told Sai Baba that Upasani Sastri was expecting death and getting frightened. Sai Baba replied that this place Shirdi is for saving and not killing people. At first I (like others) took Upasani Maharaj for a detective. But he assured me he was not one. Sai Baba at the first visit asked him to stay on or return within eight days. Upasani did not agree and pleaded distance from Dhulia, etc., as his reasons. Finally he put up in this (Dixit) Wada for 21 years. Sai Baba told him to remain four years in Khandoba temple, and promised him Khandoba's grace at the end of that term. This was said by Baba about 15 days after his second arrival. G.S. Khaparde held his reading classes downstairs. Upasani Sastri, etc., attended it. Upasani Sastri would spend much of his nights in talk upstairs, when he lived at Khandoba's.

Sai Baba's statement that he was four years younger than myself cannot be understood as relating to this life. He looked my senior in point of age. He told me of my relations with him in previous births. Once he said to me, "You and I were living in the same lane, in a former birth."

The little girl of three, Santi Kirvandikar, who fell into a well and was upheld by Baba's hand, slowly left in the water and thus saved from any hurt by Baba's grace and who called herself sister of Baba, is now alive. Her father Baba Kirvandikar (now dead) was then living here. When she fell into the well, H.S. Dixit, G.M. Buty, etc., were here. That might be about 1915. She is married and is now living with her husband at Malegaon, which is 30 miles off Manmad.

I was an Assistant teacher in a school which was located in the place where Baba's horse is now stabled. A window of that always looked on the adjoining mosque. Through that I occasionally watched Sai Baba who was taken by people to be a mad fakir. I had no regard for him then. I remained a teacher five or six years. I gave up that place, as I was transferred. Ganu Master then took my place. Nana Ratna Parkhe was my Headmaster and superior. One Laxman Master was another teacher above me. Our family belonged to Nimon, where I was born. But my father came and settled here, when I was two years old. Ever since, I have continued here. I studied here. After resigning my place, I used to visit Sai Baba off and on. In five or six months thereafter, I was convinced that Sai Baba was God. How my faith grew even when I was a teacher, I shall mention. I used to sleep in the school. Baba was the sole occupant of the mosque. Yet I could hear English, Hindi, many languages being spoken in the mosque (at night) evidently by Baba. I inferred that he had remarkable powers and began to have faith in him.
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When I was still at School, Chidambar Keshav Gadgil came to Shirdi and asked me, "It is said a great Sadhu is here. Where is he?" I replied that there was none at Shirdi and from the school I pointed to the mosque and told him, There is only this mad Fakir." Mr. Gadgil went to the mosque. Sai Baba showered abuse on him. But the abuse was productive of faith and joy. Gadgil had worshipped or paid his respects to a saint living at Bhima Shankar temple at Poona. That saint had asked him to go and see the saint at Shirdi. That was why he had come to Shirdi. Now Sai in his abuse referred to that and Gadgil felt sure that Baba was a Gnani, a great saint. Thenceforward he frequently visited Baba and became his staunch devotee. At the first visit of Mr.Gadgil he was a Chitnis, and with him came Vaman, a Special Munsiff, and Sitaram Patwardhan, an Educational Officer, and a tongawalla. I went with these up to the steps of the Mosque. Baba forbade us from climbing the steps and began his shower of abuse. Therein he said, "I am a moslem. Go and fall at the feet of the sadhu at Bhimashanker temple, etc."

Anandaswami (Anandanath is not the correct name) was a devotee of Akkalkote Maharaj (who passed away about 1878) and had established a mutt at Savargaon (6 miles off Yeola) where he lived. He was about 95 years old in 1885 when I and Nandram Marwadi etc., went to see him, at his mutt. He wore only a langoti and was a great Sakshatkari. At the close of our visit Anandaswami came with us to Shirdi to see Sai Baba. Sai Baba and he saw each other but exchanged no words. Thereafter Anandaswami returned and told us his opinion of Sri Sai in these words, "Here is a diamond on a dunghill." Bala Chopdar (now aged 60) was then aged only 7 years.

Gangagir came to Shirdi and conducted grand Saptha repeating with numerous people mantras etc., for 7 days with Homa and fed large numbers, at the close of the Saptha. He did so only once. That was long after Anandaswami's visit. Gangagir also saw Sai Baba and expressed his very high opinion of Baba.

Nana Saheb Nimonkar was older than myself by at least 5 or 6 years.

I shall recite Baba's strange goat purchase. Once a man had a number of goats with him. Two of his goats were worth about Rs. 4/- each. Baba went to him, paid 32 Rupees for them and bought them. I and Tatya Patel learning the price Baba had paid said that in the bargain Baba had been duped, as the goats were worth only 4 Rs. each. Baba then got pulses etc. for about 1 1/2 Rs. and fed the goats with the pulses. Then he explained why he acted like this. He found, he said, that the goats were looking at him entreatingly. Then Baba noticed them. They were in their previous birth two women that had served Baba. But they were fiercely quarrelling with each other and had killed each other. They took birth as goats. Baba then went and returned the goats to their owner.

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Pishya was a Rohilla. Many Rohillas came here in Baba's time. At Neemgaon there were the landholders, Baba Saheb Dengle and his younger brother Nana Saheb Dengle. Neither of them was an official. But they had much influence with officials. Nana Saheb Dengle came to Baba when I was a teacher at the school.

When Nana Saheb Nimonkar was staying at Shirdi, his son and daughter-in-law at Poona were attacked by plague. Mrs. and Mr. N. Wanted permission to go to Poona. Baba did not grant permission. Mrs. N. then wept. Baba said to her "Why do you cry? In 15 days' time your son will come here." Accordingly the son and his wife recovered and the son came to Shirdi within the period fixed by Baba.

Sai Baba enabled people to escape the clutches of death in such "gandas". Compare this with the way in which Samartha Ramdas enabled one to escape such a Ganda. At a particular time death was to seize a devotee. But Ramdas told the latter to remain by his side and be vigorously holding on to the feet of Ramdas. The appointed time came and passed away. Death had been kept at bay by Ramdas and his devotee escaped death on that occasion.

Nana Wali was 70 years old at the time of his death. He was Gurubandhu of Yeshwantrao, the departed Dev Mam-latdar of Nasik.

When our Nana Wali came, he was old. Baba encouraged him and said"Kulup lagadiya killi there paas hai. Mereko dhaga nai dhena Mai dhaga nahi dhunga". Nana Wali was a Sakshatkari Purusha, who had thorough Vairagya. He ate Pig's filth. He kept scorpions in his mouth and also frogs and rats. Once he spat the rat on Sai Baba.

He wore no sacred thread.

On the day Baba passed away Nana Wali declared, "I will clear off". He died some days thereafter.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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son of Sultan of Nanded in Khandesh, Aged about 65, Mussulman, residing at Shirdi

8th December, 1936


I came to Shirdi 45 years ago (1889) from Nanded on the banks of Tapti. I was under the care of Fakir Amiruddin of Nanded. Sai Baba appeared in the dream of that Fakir and delivering two mangoes to him directed him to give those fruits to me and to send me to Shirdi. Accordingly the Fakir told me of his dream, gave me the fruits and bade me go to Sai Baba at Shirdi. I came here in my twentieth year. Even Nana Sheb Chandorkar had not then come to Baba. Baba welcomed me saying ie., "My crow is come". Baba directed me to devote myself entirely to his service. From the beginning, I lighted and fed with oil five perpetual lamps, i.e., those at Lendi, Masjid, Chavadi, etc. As for food, Baba was not giving me or any one else food. I got some food somehow and lived 5 or 6 years in what is now the stable.

I was always by Baba's side rendering service. I read Koran near him at the mosque. Baba occasionally opened the Koran and made me read the passages on the page at which he opened the book. He occasionally quoted passages from the Koran. I went on writing down what Baba was uttering. This is the book (in Mahratti and Modi script) which contains the gracious utterances of Baba. Everything which fell from his lips is sacred.

I make use of this record in the following way. By Baba's blessings, I have full faith in what he has said, guiding me and every one aright. When any one wished to know about the future or other unseen and unknown matter, he comes to me and states the problem. Then I reverently consult this book of Baba's utterances and the answer that comes out of the page opened comes out correct. This has been tried and proved many times. This gift of prophecy is due to Baba's grace. I shall give two instances of such consultation. When the well in the Sai Mandir was dug, the water proved brackish. Baba had attained Mahasamadhi at that time. I consulted his utterance book. Baba's reply was that as a result of deeper digging the well water would become sweeter. I dug the well deeper by two feet and well water was no more brackish. A second instance is Barrister Gedgil's. He wanted to know if his son would return from England. I said he would and he did.

I use this manuscript book of Baba's utterances along with and just like the Koran. I go on reading it reverently, getting absorbed in it and go on rolling my beads at the same time.
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Baba sat behind what is now a pillar-like structure at the Lendi in which a "Nanda Deepam" or perpetual lamp is kept up. I found generally that Baba sat behind the Lendi pillar which enclosed the lamp and not in front. From there the lamp was not visible to him. I never saw him gazing at that lamp. I was the person to do the required service at the Lendi and at other places for Baba. I used to fill pots with water and place them near Baba at the Lendi lamp place. He would sit near two such potsful of water; and he would go on pouring out the water in various directions. What that was for and whether he would utter any mantra while doing so, I cannot say. Except me none else was present when he poured out water as stated above.

I do not think that any other Mohammedan except myself was reading Koran or other Holy books sitting by Baba's side. Baba would occasionally go on speaking out sacred words and I have noted them in this note book. By Baba's order or permission I have taken all this down. The writing can be read by you or other devotees. The script is either Devanagari or modi.

(N.B. - Abdul hands over the note book to B.V.N, who finds they are in Marathi language. There are prayers to Maruti in those reports or speeches of Baba. There are recitals of the Avatars of God dovetailing Mohammed and numerous others with the Hindu Dasa Avatar. Quite obviously, Sri Sai Baba and following him Abdul, revere the Hindu Avatars, Maruti etc. and pray to them).

As stated already I use these books not merely for daily reading but also as "Sortes Virgiliani" for purposes of prophecy.

Shirdi, 10th March 1938

No Mussalmans came and read books like Koran and Shariff to Baba or asked him for explanation. Several fakirs and saints came here. But I do not know if he talked with them on Koran and Shariff.

I was busy with activities (physical) in the service of Baba, sweeping and scavenging all streets here, and then read Koran etc., near Baba, keeping awake all night. Baba's practical advice to me was that I should not go to sleep over my Koran reading. He said, "Eat very little. Do not go in for variety of eatables. A single sort, i.e., dish, will suffice. Do not sleep much". I followed the advice. I ate very little. I kept awake all night and in a kneeling posture was going on repeating the Koran etc., near Baba or meditating. Baba told me to have Dhyan on what I read. Think of who I am" he said to me.
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One night I was tired and tried to sleep, holding my palms in front of me to rest my drowsy head. Then Baba said "Are you trying to see the moon?" That night I fell asleep and fell upon Baba and his gadi in that sleeping condition. Baba gently stroked my feet and I awoke. Next day, strange to say, when I took water in my palms and looked, there was a big moon in that water. It was 2 p.m. This was what Baba had spoken of. I used to look after the Lendi place and its light i.e., the ever burning light maintained by Baba there. It was in those days placed in a hollow in the earth scooped out to the depth of about 2 feet and protected with a cover to save the light from being blown out. There was a pandal. A zinc sheet was the top of the pandal. Some 20 curtains of cloth were tied all round, to form something like a tent. I remained in it and looked after the lamp in the centre of it. That light has been shifted from its place now, very slightly, and is put in a raised pillar of bricks and mortar containing an enclosed chamber for the lamp. When Baba sat near to lendi he would sit close to the light. I filled two buckets with water and placed them near him. This water he would scatter alround that lamp. He would get up from the lendi and walk a few yards in each direction and go on gazing at that direction.

My service to Sai Baba was service to him and to all. I washed Baba's clothes in the streamlet (odai) flowing at the village boundary. I swept the mosque, the chavadi and surrounding places and lit the lamp in these places and fed them and the lendi lamp with oil. I not merely swept the village streets but also removed the night soil. Baba called me Halalkoor (Scavenger) and "my miriambi". I fetched water and did sundry services.

Ayi during the early years of her stay did part of the street sweeping work. Even then, my work supplemented hers.

Baba protected me and protects me by giving me the needed food and ensuring my safety and progress.

About 1927, i.e., after Ayi and Baba passed away. I was in Ayi's sala, reciting Quran. The three walls of that dilapidated mud building suddenly collapsed and I was buried waist deep in the debris. But Baba saved me from any hurt. Baba has given me his blessings and kept me with him. First my Guru himself directed me to be with and serve Baba, and I did so. But later my Guru came to Shirdi and wanted me to go away with him. I replied that I could do so, if Baba so ordered. But no such order having been issued I stayed on with Baba and my former Guru went away from Shirdi. Baba's blessings to me were strange and sometimes concealed in abuse and violence. He has beaten me and Jog many times.

He uttered blessings and prophecies, seated before me in the morning at the chavadi and then started for the mosque. Baba was constantly saying many things about Avatars etc. These have been written down in my note book. I take 3 baths a day. Only if I see the face of a lady, I can say positively whether she will have issue or will get married. I have given out such prophecies and they have come right. I owe all this to Baba.
I give Asirvad to those who come to me.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Shyama Rao Jayker
aged 70, painter. Ville Parle
18th September, 1936.

I was at Shirdi in 1916-1917 and even earlier, I went and stayed with others. But, when they left Shirdi, I continued to stay. When I was with others I was getting money and so Baba asked me for dakshina and I paid. After others left I had no money. Baba did not then ask me for dakshina. Baba knew of my condition without being told.

When I was a boy of 16, a Brahmachari gave me Siva Mantra, (i.e.) initiated me into it. Later, a sanyasi gave me a Sakti Mantra to add to it and form its compliment. When I went to Baba, I had thus my initiation and my mantra. His advice to every one is to keep to what he has already, his guru, his mantra and his course "Jo Karith Ale Thech Kara" but Baba gave us a lot of fine ethical teaching (e.g.): 'Be pure and truthful. Treat all people properly'.

I knew some of the people at Shirdi. I never went to Radhkrishna Ayi, as there was no need for me to do. I knew Nana Wali. He was a dangerous man. Sai Baba warned me not to move with him. First, I had moved with Nana Wali. Dr. Pillai also had done so. But once he beat Dr. Pillai, and we left Nana. He was not worshipping Baba, but treated him with some consideration. Baba would beat him and warn him not to do mischief.

During the eight months of my stay at Shirdi, I heard a lot of goshtis (i.e) talks of Baba. But, I do not remember any now. Baba, so far as I know, did not give any adwattic teaching to any. People went to him for the most part for plain matter-of-fact requests (e.g.) health, wealth etc.. and he dealt with them.

Baba is looking after me and I am content. I lost two sons. But, he keeps us alright. It is not for money that we should go to him - though he gives us money also, when he thinks fit. He used to say that the walls of his Masjid were really made of gold. He wanted people to come and take away cartloads of that wealth; and his regret was that none came to take it away.
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17th October, 1936.
I went to Baba for the first time, as Rao Bahadur M.V.Pradhan wanted me to give him a a lifelike oil painting of Baba. So I had to go and actually see Baba. I went and had a good look at him. He also was looking at me. Then Baba's leave had to be obtained before an oil painting could be made of him. So Shama, (i.e.) Madhav Rao Deshpande, went and asked him for permission. Then Baba replied, "Why should I, a poor fakir, have an oil painting of me? You, Shama, you may get a portrait of yourself. Ultimately, Madhav Rao came and told me that Baba's leave for the painting had been obtained from Baba. Instead of painting one picture, as ordered, I painted three. Then, Rao Bahadur M.V.Pradhan took two and the third was taken to Baba, touched by him and handed over to H.S.Dixit. There, in his bungalow, it is still kept and worshipped.

One more big-sized picture I painted of Baba. That was left unused for some years and is now kept in. the Mosque, and serving to assist or augment the devotion of numerous people who go and look at it.

Baba has been very kind to me. But, I have been guilty of neglecting Baba and all things. I have been so peculiarly indifferent in my temperament, I cannot carry things through. Baba knows this well enough. Once, I was wishing to worship silver padukas of Baba, after receiving them from his own hands. So, I got a small silver pair of padukas prepared and took them to Baba. He looked at them and me. He received them. But, instead of giving them to me, he sloped his palms (on which the padukas were placed) downwards and they fell down. I picked them up and hoped to worship them. But, that very evening, I gave out my clothing for wash, with the silver padukas inside a shirt-pocket. They were lost to me and I never got them back. Baba knew how I would lose things and so did not give the padukas into my hands to worship but allowed them to slip off his hands, showing evidently how they were going soon to slip off mine.

On one occasion, I had lent Rs. 4,000 to a very rich Moslem purda lady without issue. It was essential for me to recover the sum as I have a large family of 8 sons to support. But, the lady never sent me the money. I went to Baba, hoping to have his sympathy and aid for recovering the money. But, Baba said to me then 'Let us have nothing to do with such evil or ill-fated wealth'. I did not get back my money. Two or three years later, I was told that she had lost all her wealth.

Ever since I went to Baba, his photo or picture is always with me; wherever I may go to live, Baba has been protecting us, (i.e.) me and my family, in remarkable ways of which I shall mention only a few instances.
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In 1916, we were living at Gajanan Rao's house at Mugabat, a part of Bombay. Baba's picture was kept in a room there. One night at about 2 a.m. thieves were trying to break into that house, beginning with the very room in which Baba's picture was kept. They had succeeded in pulling out by mere strength 1 or 2 iron bars from the window of that room. Entry into the house thereafter would naturally have followed and the whole house would have been pillaged and robbed. But a barber was sleeping in the verandah in a totally different part of the house. It was usual for him to get up at 4 a.m. and to go round the house for answering calls of nature. On this occasion most strangely and without any traceable reason, the man got up at 2 a.m. and went round the house for his necessary purpose. The thieves seeing him began to run. He saw them and shouted out Thieves, Thieves', and every one got up. We found we had got up just in time to prevent the robbers entering inside the house. Every one concluded that Baba took care of the house and took care to nip out the intended robbery when it began in his own room.

In 1917, we were living at Poona in a dilapidated house, the ceiling and walls of which were crumbling. To prevent the falling of dust from the ceiling, cloth had been stuck up under the ceiling. One night, in such a room, there was a picture of Baba with a kerosene lamp burning in front of it, and my one-year old child also sleeping close by. At dead of night, there was a sudden thud. The ceiling cloth had fallen. Loose bricks from some of the walls had fallen on the cloth and the debris came with the cloth on to the floor. As the ceiling cloth covered the whole ceiling, it might be expected to fall with the bricks on it, on the child and the lamp if not on Baba's picture. But Baba's providence willed it otherwise. The debris and the cloth fell within a foot of the child and the lamp and did not touch either the child or the lamp. If they had fallen on the child, it would have been crushed; if on the lamp, there would have been a choking fire on the child and other parts of the house might have been endangered.

In 1917, we went and stayed for 10 months at Shirdi. We put up at Bala Bhav's (i.e.) Sharadabai's house. A snake was living in a hole in the small portion in which we lived and we were in danger. One night, my son and others saw the reptile emerge from its hole and made short work of it.

In 1923, my son Surendra, then aged ten, had typhoid. In the course of his illness, he cried out one day, that gas was rising upward from his belly and pressing hard evidently against the diaphragm and heart etc. And he shouted, 'Save me, Save me'. He had become extremely weak from the typhoid and I feared even to touch him much more to press or massage him. I merely cried in a very loud voice, 'Baba.' The upward pressure at once abated.

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Baba's help to me spiritually consisted of direct oral advice or symbology in matters of dakshina etc. Once he told me "As you sow so you will reap". On another occasion, he said looking at me. "We must serve the guru". He did not however, give me any mantropadesa I had already in my twentieth year received that from a guru, and had uttered it for the prescribed period of 12 years and more. Baba's teachings were mostly on moral questions and conduct. He once said amidst a group of listeners "We must see (things) for ourselves. What good is there in going about inquiring of this man and that man for his views and experiences?" At the time this was said, there was a man amongst us who was going about asking people, 'Is Baba a Siddha? Is he an avatar purusha?' etc. Baba evidently deprecated such inquiries when the inquirer had the opportunity of directly facing Baba, getting into contact with him and then deciding on every question for himself with more certainty than could be obtained from reports of others' experiences and views.

 Once even about H.S.Dixit (who was noted for his obedience to Baba), Baba made a remark. Baba called Dixit, asked him for dakshina of Rs. 30 when he had no money and sent him to Babu Saheb Jog to get the money. Even before H.S.Dixit left the compound of the Masjid, Baba referring to him said, "He is unsteady". At that time Dixit had still his former habit of making inquiries and investigations about Baba instead of directly contacting Baba on every matter and taking his decision upon the results of such contact. This was, of course, sometime prior to Baba's Samadhl Things changed later on undoubtedly

Baba strengthened my faith in him by showing me his antarjnana, (i.e.) knowledge of every fact without being told of it or having direct sensual experience of it.

Once I sat before him with only Rs.3 in my pocket. That was all the sum I had for my household expenses. Baba was seated along with Kaka Dixit, Nana Saheb Nimonkar at the time and he had asked me, "Mala Chaar Dyave". I doubt if he said Rupee. But, I took it that he wanted Rs. 4 dakshina and took out my Rs.3 and placed it before him. Kaka looked at me suggestivety as much as to say, "Why give only 3 when 4 was asked for?" Baba at once answered, "Where are 4? There were only 3". Baba knew the exact state of my pocket. As he knew also my straitened circumstances, the demand for 4 seemed to indicate his desire that I should develop resignation to fate, to face utter absence of pecuniary resources with confidence on him, of course to remedy matters, when he thought fit, and to part with the last pie cheerfully when ordered by him to do it.

Here is another instance of his order depriving me of the last pie in my possession and leaving me absolutely helpless to meet domestic responsibilities coupled with his exhibition of his antarjnana. It was a day in Ashad 1917. I sat in the Sabha Mantap some 20 feet away from the main mosque where Baba sat. One Varde was talking with him. Varde told him that he wished to perform "Satyanarayana" there and wanted permission. Baba accorded permission. Then Varde said he had no funds to perform it. Then Baba pointing to his finger to me said to Varde, "Go and ask him." Varde came to me and reported that Baba had asked him to ask me for money for the expenses of Satyanarayan pooja to be done there. Varde I knew barely as a devotee of Baba and was hardly anything more than an acquaintance. But, when he said Baba told him to get money from me, I at once agreed and asked him how much he required. Fancy what his reply was. He just asked for Rs. 2-5-0. That was the exact sum that I had in my pocket and constituted my entire resources. This thought of asking for the entire amount with me must have been Baba's lila. I gave him the 2-5-0 at once. Then, Varde set about getting the necessary materials and made all the requisite arrangements. He brought small plantain plants and set them on both sides of Baba, to make a chappar or pandal and tried to use Baba himself for the God Lakshmi Narayana or Satya Narayana that has to be worshipped at this pooja. Baba objected and asked him to have his usual images or pictures and place his plants round them. But, Varde and other devotees went on insisting that Baba should himself act as the Satya Narayana and Baba ultimately yielded.

Then, Satya Narayana Pothi was being read in the mantap below, while I sat with one or two by Baba's side in the mosque itself. My mind was very soon at war with itself and I was much perplexed. I love to hear Satya Narayan Pothi. But, Baba's own personality and neighbourhood - that was a great fact - and I could not decide which I should prefer. Again, I was hearing Pothi sitting up above the level where the reader of the Pothi sat. To sit on a higher level is improper for the hearer. So what should I do? I was greatly perplexed in my mind. Baba evidently read the conflict in my mind and told me suddenly: "Go down and sit there" (i.e.) in the lower level, close to the Pothi reader. Baba made the selection for me when I was unable to make it for myself.

Baba once showed us how concerned he was to save poor dumb creatures from unnecessary molestation; how powerful he was to cure serious ailments of such creatures and what a refuge or sanctuary he was to all creatures. I was on the veranda of Dixit Wada at Shirdi, one day. I saw a strange sight. Big dogs were running away from and being chased by a small white dog. It was clear that the small dog was rabid and that the bigger dogs were afraid of its bite. The villagers then took sticks in their hands and pursued the small dog with a view to smash it to death. When this chase was going oh, I had moved on to the Mosque. The chasing party came up there. Suddenly, the small white dog ran up the steps of the Mosque and stood behind Baba. It seemed to feel that Baba was its sanctuary and that its assailants dared not attack it there. This indeed proved to be the fact. The men stood at a distance and waited for the dog to come out. Meanwhile, Baba abused them vigorously for their heartless cruelty to a poor dumb creature. They explained that the dog was mad and that it should be killed. He abused them the more and asked them to get away. Myself and Dr. Pillai were at the Mosque, fairly near Baba and the dog, and we were assured that the dog was mad and felt that we were in dangerous proximity to it. But ultimately the men went away and the dog was saved. I said then to Pillai that Baba had evidently, out of consideration, cured the dog and saved its life. Baba, of course, knew the exact situation in respect of the dog, its rabid state, its possibilities of cure, and the way to save it.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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aged 66, wife of late Ramachandra Borkar, Ville Parle
17th September, 1936.


I am a worshipper of Sai Baba for the last 44 years or so. I went to see him at Shirdi 20 years before he expired. You see here (in this bungalow) he is the God that I worship. I still retain a good quantity of the udhi which he gave me each day with his own hand in small quantities and this I have carefully preserved as it has great virtue and potency. I have also this sacred tayath enclosing Baba's tooth, which he gave me as a memento.

I have had deep devotion to and powerful response to my devotion from Sai Baba. When I went to him about 1898 (?), the present masjid had not been built, nor the Wada of Sathe which came after rebuilding of the masjid. Baba was then sitting under the neem tree which is now in Sathe's Wada. I saw Baba filling his panthis, (i.e.) lamps with water, instead of oil, after drinking away the little remnant of oil mixed with some water. I saw also his lying on a plank in the Masjid hung up from the ceiling with strings made of slender shreds of cloth. There were lamps on the plank, whereon he lay. No 'bigwigs' were coming then. Whenever I went there, I put up in the house of some villagers.

Baba's kindness to me was very great. (Even as she referred to instances, she was overcome repeatedly with emotion, shed tears and had frequent breaks in her narration, being unable to continue it by reason of her feelings). My husband Mr. Borkar never went and saw Baba; but even to him, Baba showed great kindness. In or about 1909 my husband, who was an engineer, was engaged for the construction or repair of a bridge at Pandharpur. His residence was, therefore, at Pandharpur. When he was there, I had gone to Baba at Shirdi and was serving him. One day Baba told me, 'you had better go to Pandharpur and I will go with you' and added that there was no difficulty for him to travel and that I should start expeditiously. So I started. I did not know what had happened there. When I reached that place, I found that my husband was not there, that he had resigned his work there and gone away to Bombay. That information I got there for the first time and I was in great straits and sorrow. I had just a few rupees with me and had taken two companions with me. I had just money enough to take us back upto Kurdwadi. We went there. I had got thoroughly moody and was brooding over the situation. Suddenly a Fakir appeared before me, and asked me what I was brooding over. I evaded replying to him. He told me that my husband was at Dhond and that I should go at once with my two companions to Dhond. But, where was the railway fare to come from, I enquired. Then, he immediately delivered 3 tickets for Dhond and went away. I took the tickets and with my companions boarded the train for Dhond. Meanwhile, my husband was at Dhond drinking tea and sinking into half dozed condition or a reverie. A Fakir appeared before him and said, "How is it you are neglecting my mother? She is coming down by the train in carriage No. such and such" and gave him the number of my carriage.
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He was startled and got up saying, ' Who is this that is taking me to task?' and looked up. But the Fakir disappeared. When the train arrived, I stepped down and my husband was there to receive me and take me to his quarters. My husband told me of the Fakir's appearance before him and wanted to see a photo of Sai Baba whom I was worshipping. I showed him the photo and he recognised therein the Fakir who came to him.

On a Guru Poornima day, before Upasani Maharaj, who is my Gurubandhu, left Shirdi for Kharagpur, Sai Baba asked me to take Pooja Dravya and Naivedya and worship Maharaj. I went and worshipped him, telling him that it was Baba's order and Maharaj did not prevent me from doing that worship. But, after that day, I never again worshipped Maharaj. My attitude towards him is what I should have towards a Gurubandhu. I do not hate him as so many Shirdi people do. Sai Baba has often said that we should not harbour feelings of hatred against any, nor entertain feelings of envy, rivalry or opposition or a combative disposition towards others and that if others hated us, we should simply take to Namjapa and avoid them. But, my attitude towards Upasani Maharaj has been misunderstood by him and others. Two years ago, I went to Sakori to help in establishing a proper arrangement about recent changes in the Panchakanya establishment of his. But, apprehending my attitude to be hostile, he never gave me the chance of a free private talk with him and I returned.

Sai Baba's kindness towards me and mine was manifested even in 1918 before his expiry and even afterwards.

Some three months before Dusserah of 1918, he was thoughtful of my welfare after he should leave the body. He told me, 'Bai, (that is how he addressed me) you need not hereafter trouble to come and see me here. I am with you wherever you are'. (This lady melts into tears as she narrates this). So kind he was and his words are ever true. I went away then. Just at the Dusserah following, when I was at Panchgani, I got Mr. H. S. Dixit's message that Baba was often thinking of me and that Baba was not likely to survive even for a short time. I went to Shirdi in time to see him pass away. I gave him some water at the last moments, and Bagya did the same. Baba leaned back on Bagya and expired.

After this, I visited Shirdi once in 1919, and once in 1933. But Baba, as he promised, has ever been with me and helping me wherever I remain. I have composed some verses and communicated them and my experience to the Sai Lila Masik.

In 1921, my husband fell down from a carriage and his leg broke, I took him up and applied Udhi and paste of Biba nut Jongla (ata?) and thaqdipala In three months' time he got alright.

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In 1921, I also got a child. That was also Baba's grace. In 1918, when I was aged 48 and had not conceived at all, I naturally yearned to have a child, though lay-people and doctors alike would declare conception thereafter out of the question.

But Baba knew my desire and in 1918.
Baba: Bai, What is your heart's wish ?
I   : Baba, you know everything. What is there for me to tell You?

Three years thereafter, my menses stopped and after some months Dr. Purandhare diagnosed my condition as one of internal tumour and proposed to remove it by operation. I protested and said that I would bide my ten months' time and then decide. He opined that in my fifty-first year, after long continued absence of conception, there was no chance of my having any child. But Sai's grace made the impossible possible and a son was born to me on Dhanatrayodashi day (i.e.) 3 years and 2 days after Baba attained Maha Samadhi And for that delivery, which took place at Chembur, I had neither doctor, nor nurse, nor any medicine. I attended to my regular duties during the day preceding delivery and at night had an easy and safe delivery. All that time and for 9 months previous, I had numerous complications. My legs etc. were swollen. I had carried on a fast for months taking hardly any food, but more often water and Udi

Baba's grace was shown again at the time of my husband's demise. Two months before that event, Baba was preparing my mind to face that calamity. He appeared in a dream and said to me, 'Have no fears. I will take away Sri Ram'. (My husband's name was Ramachandra). I said, 'Baba, take me away first'. Then Baba replied that there was much work for me to do and I should nerve myself to survive my husband and do the duty allotted to me. I communicated this dream to my husband. He made light of it, saying it was only a dream. That was about two months before the close of Chaturmasya. Sometime later, he developed serious kidney trouble and hiccough supervened. The end was perceptibly drawing near. Then he said to me, that he felt his end was near but that he wished earnestly that he should die after Chaturmasya was over. But at or immediately after he was saying this, symptoms of the close of life were being manifested. His limbs got rigid and he passed into unconsciousness. I prayed to Baba to spare him at least for the remaining days of the Chaturmasya. The next day, he regained consciousness and limbs lost their rigidity. My husband was more cheerful. Then the 7 days or so of Chaturmasya lapsed, Kartik Poornima (1934) came and also pratipada. That day at midnight, he took tea and then told me to go on with arati (of Baba) and to utter Vishnu Sahasranam loudly. I did as directed. This was going on till morning when the doctor came. They were talking hopefully. But I knew that he would pass away by noon or in the afternoon. I gave him Ganges water to drink. He drank and a little later he was saying, 'Sri Ram, Sri Ram'. A chokra came and called him 'Baba'. He got up saying, 'Oh' and as he said 'Sri Ram, Sri Ram', he passed away. I was by his side praying to Baba and Sri Krishna that he may be taken to the divine feet. He thus passed away with full smaran of God and Baba. I saw the grace of Baba in securing for him such a good end.

After he passed away, I had to look after my son and this building etc. Some relations were giving me endless trouble and threatened suit etc. So, I had to get Rs. 14,000 to pay it to them to secure this house, etc. from further troubles. Then some evil-minded persons thrust into this house lime fruit charmed, i.e., filled with black magic, so as to do harm to us and to prevent anyone becoming out tenant in this house. Sai Baba appeared to me in a dream and told me of this. I then sent some one to go to Goa to our family deity Devi and there they secured her intervention to break the black magic and spell of our enemies.


Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI
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Kusha Bhav
(alias) Krishnaji Kasinath Joshi son of Kashinath Padmakar Joshi, Joshi Vatandar, Brahmin, aged 70, (10 miles off Ahmednagar), Mirazgaon.
20th July, 1936.


I was given a mere elementary Vernacular School Examination education to qualify myself for a School Master's place on Rs. 5 or 7 per mensem. I got trained also for the hereditary duties of the village priest. I did not care for either. We were poor. In these circumstances, I wanted to devote myself to a life of bhakti. I found a Guru in Datta Maharaj, a truly great and Satvic soul. He took me away from time to time and trained me in yoga. Under him I learnt Asanas, Pranayama and the rousing of the Kundalini Sakti. But, in my youthful waywardness, I was not contented with all that and asked my Guru to impart to me the mantras he knew which gave worldly powers (e.g) creating spells and breaking spells, exorcising devils and invoking them &c. The Guru very unwillingly imparted the mantras to me on account of my importunity and I went through the necessary Japa and sadhana. I wore an iron bangle, repeated the mantras as prescribed for the required number of times. I succeeded in getting possession of the coveted powers. I could simply utter a mantra and order the production of sweetmeats, pedhas and the like. And the articles I ordered would at once appear and be filling my hands. These I would show to others and distribute. The pedha etc., I could not use. I could not and should not eat or sell them but I gave them away to the admiring or wondering people about me. I could also destroy the evil spells of others. The production of pedha etc., was not by the use of evil spirits (e.g.) Yakshas, Jinns etc. This latter method is dangerous. It will extinguish one's life. The spirits might even begin to cause physical harm to the man, who uses them. In my case, the articles required were produced purely by mantric power without the use of these evil spirits.

When I was aged about twentytwo and fully armed with these magical powers, my Guru resolved to go away from our society into the Himalayas and live there alone right up to the end of his life. He started north and took me with him upto Delhi. There he wished to part company with me finally. As to what I should do after he went away, he told me that there was one Sai Baba of Shirdi, whom he referred to as his elder brother and that I should go to him and do whatever he directs. Saying this, the Guru went away and disappeared from me and this part of the country; and I have not seen or heard anything more of him since.
Then (i.e.) in 1908, I went to Shirdi and found Sai Baba. He would not allow me to be with him till I throw away my iron bangle and stop the production of pedhas etc., by mantric means. As his order was strict, I broke and threw away my iron wristlets and stopped my mantric production of articles like pedha etc. To sustain myself I begged food here and there at Shirdi. I had no abode. He ordered me to sit in a corner of the mosque and go on reading Dasbodha during the day, and I did so. At night, I would sleep in any place I could find space to lie on. He gave neither me nor anyone else any upadesa mantra etc. The town people from Bombay etc., were not coming to him then. Only the villagers would go to him now and then, and ask him to remedy their trifling complaints (e.g.) stomach-ache, fever etc. He gave his udhi to all these from his ever-burning fire (dhuni) which he maintained at the mosque. He was not asking for dakshina from all but only a few pice (e.g) 4 or 5 he would ask for and getting these, he might buy fuel for his dhuni or some such article of necessity. As for big people, I remember that Nanasahib Nimonkar was often with him; and as for his talks, I never heard him say anything about Maya or Brahma or Mahavakya tatwas or Viveka, and Sadhana Chathushtya. He imparted faith to those resorting to him with faith, in Ishwara, by exercising his wonderful powers; they would go on with their devotion to their Ishtadevata and finally, he would grant them Sakshatkara of that particular Ishtadevata.

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As for myself, I stayed three full years at a stretch with him and then went on visiting him during the nine years that followed. During that period of nine years, he told me to see a person with three heads. That of course, I took as a direction to go and see Datta at Gangapur. Every year I visited Gangapur twice, once on Guru Poomima and next on Magha Poomima. Then, once he told me to do 108 parayanas of Guru Charitra, taking three days to finish each parayana. I did this at Gangapur and stayed there 10 or 11 months for this purpose. As for my powers, he had interdicted their use. But, out of his kindness, he gave me some other power. It came about thus. One Ekadashi day, I sat by his side.

Baba   : What do you eat today?
I   : Nothing, to-day is Ekadashi
Baba   : What does Ekadashi mean?
I   : It means a day for upavas.
Baba   : What does upavas mean?
I   : It is just like rojas.
Baba   : What is rojas?
I   : We take nothing except Kandamula

'Kanda' means root and usually 'sweet potatoes' and is the food that is eaten (onions should not be taken by the orthodox) on Ekadashi day. Then Baba picked up some onions, evidently having a phonetic equivocation, and told me to eat it. Seeing Baba was persistent and not wishing to run counter to his wishes, I yielded, but added 'If you eat it, I will eat it'. Then Baba ate some onions and I ate some. Then as visitors began to arrive, Baba was enjoying some fun at my expense.

Baba : Look at this Bamniya (a contemptuous corruption of the word Brahmin), he is eating onions on Ekadashi day.
I began to defend my conduct or justify it.
I   : Baba ate it and I ate it.

Baba, at one stroke, was having humour at my expense and the manifestation of his powers and he declared that he had not eaten onions. At once, he vomitted out something. That was not onion but sweet potatoes ( Ratale).

Baba :See, it is not onion but sweet potato I had eaten.

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Now here was my opportunity. By his miraculous powers, he had produced sweet potatoes from his mouth. I treated it as prasad, fell upon it, seized it with my mouth and ate" it up. Baba abused me, kicked me and beat me. But I did not mind at all in the least, as I was overjoyed at having got his uchchishta as prasad. I knew also that as with Akkalkote Maharaj, so with Baba his beating and abuse were auspicious and beneficial. If Baba kissed a man and sent him off, as he did sometimes, that was not auspicious. But in an instant, Baba's mood was changed. His anger, real or pretended, gave way to warm appreciation of my unquestioning faith in him and he lovingly placed his hand on my head and blessed me. He said that I would thenceforth have the power by barely thinking of him and holding up my palms, to pour abundance of udhi from my palms.

[At this stage, Kushabhav at once put his two empty palms together and held them above and in front of his face, lifted his face up and closed his eyes, for (or as though he was in) prayer and in a minute he cried, 'Here is udhi! Hold your hand under and receive the udhi' and he began to drop a stream of fresh udhi from between his palms. We (i.e) I, B.V.N.Swami and Mr. Avaste, stretched out a piece of paper and took some ounces of udhi, folded the same into packets and took the same.]

This miraculously produced udhi could be distributed by me to those who have faith and want prasad from me, and the udhi would remove troubles. This power was at once vested in me and did not require any japa on my part. I am since then using this power to grant udhi prasad to those who want it. This udhi will remove various evils and can be used. It might even cure lack of issue. But, in cases of menstrual disorder, it would be better to see the issueless lady, before deciding on the remedial measure necessary.

As for the old power of producing pedhas etc., I am mostly obeying Baba's interdictory order. But occasionally, I have yielded to the importunity of people, who ask me to produce pedhas etc.

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This power of counteracting evil spells and black magic I have exercised without compunction. Within the last month Mr. Rajmachikar's grandson was getting mysterious 'biba marks' (i.e marks of the marking-nut) on his body or on his clothes or bed clothes without any visible cause. That is a well-known species of black magic and there are specific mantras (that I have practised) to counteract these and other similar evil practices. I was sent for and I came and went on with these counteracting mantras and my Datta pooja, arati etc., at Rajmachikar's. That checked the black magic. On 18-7-36, Saturday, when, as usual, the magical biba marks should appear, none appeared and the evil spell is now counteracted.

After I stayed three years with Baba, my father came up and took me. At my departure, Baba said, 'Next time when you come, come two of you'. A little later, I and my father went to Shirdi and paid our respects to Baba. Then he said that by his pharse 'come two' he meant that I should marry and come with a wife. Soon after my father took me from Shirdi, I had married a wife; yet still I liked to go and stay with Baba. So, I went to him alone, and stayed with him for a long time, though married. Then my wife came up and took me away with her. Now I have children and grandchildren.

On one of my visits, Baba told me, "Why do you take the trouble to come up all this distance to see me? I am there". He then gave a specific description of a plot of land in my village as his residence. I went up later and after clearing the prickly part on it, I found there was a samadhi there. I bought up that land and at that samadhi, I have my worship. There Baba gives me darshan. So I am not going to Shirdi after that - except for the Ramnavarni.

The power of producing udhi etc., which I have got is communicable by me. But the would-be recipient of the power would have to undergo a rigorous course of an austere discipline (e.g.) six months of absolute brahmacharya (i.e. continence).

The name of the saint that appears at Mirazgaon is Pakir Shah. He lived 200 years ago and held the land in which his tomb now exists, as an inam grant from the jagirdar. I now own that land. He has no disciples or descendants. He is different from Sai Baba. He occasionally talks of Sai Baba. He talks very little. It is mostly darshan of him we get. Now, during the Chaturmasya, even darshan is stopped. We can now hear his voice but not see him during these four months.

(Just as he entered to-day at 10 p.m into Narayan Rao Bhide's room, Kusa Bhav said, 'here hold' and produced vibhuti or udhi and applied it to Mr. Bhide's forehead and gave bits to others). The production of this udhi is not the result of any mantra, but is the result merely of remembering Sai Baba. The former power of producing pedha is different. The pedhas. I produced are merely property fetched from elsewhere. That power did not include the production at will of udhi. Now it is production (by thinking of Sai) of udhi. Foremerly it was merely transferring pedha, etc., from one place to another. This Pakir Shah does not give one any help, by his speech etc., in one's progress in Jnana or bhakti. It is merely to inspire faith that he appears. He is to be seen and worshipped or bowed to. His statement about Sai Baba is that Sai Baba is alive. He gives no details as to what form or what condition Baba is in, whether Sai Baba remains only as a spirit or has taken fresh form in some human body, etc. He says that he and Sai Baba are inter-related as persons of the same order or set.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI

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Sai Shankar

Megha was already a Shankar devotee. When he got attached to Sai's feet, he looked on Sainath as Shankar! He was his Umanath.

Megha continuously chanted "Sai-Shankar" day and night, and his inner-self was merged in this form. His mind was pure and free of sin.

He became dedicated devotee of Sai. He felt that Sai was Shankar himself. His chant of "Shankar-Shankar' reverberated. He did not believe in any other deity.

Worship of Sai was worship of God to him. Sai was his Girija Raman. With this idea firmly rooted in his mind, Megha remained always happy.

Shankar likes 'bel' leaves; but there were no 'bel' trees in Shirdi. Therefore, Megha walked for koss-and-a-balf to fulfill his desire of offering these leaves.

For him a koss or two was nothing. He was ready even to cross a mountain for 'bel', for he would have fulfilled his desire to do puja as he wanted it to be done.

He would bring the 'bel' from long distances, get together all the Puja paraphernalia completely, and then worship all the village deities, one by one. He would offer to all according to the proper rituals.

After that he would come immediately to the Masjid, loving bow to Baba's seat, wash his feet etc. and then drink the water as 'tirth'.

Further stories about Megha will be delightful to listen. They will show Sai's all pervasiveness and reverence for the village deities.

On one Makar-sankranti day, he felt like anointing Baba's whole body with sandalwood paste and then giving him a bath with Godavari water.

He pestered Baba for permission, so Baba Said : "Go and do as you desire." So, immediately Megha took a copper vessel and set out for the water.

Early in the, morning, before sunrise, Megha took the empty copper vessel and without an umbrella or chappals, set out to get water from the Godavari.

The entire distance, for coming and going, was about eight koss. It did not even occur to him to think of the exertion and strenuous efforts he would have to make.

Megha was not at all worried about this. He set out on getting the permission. When there is a strong determination there is a great joy in performing the task.

When he thought of giving a bath to Sai with the Godavari water, he was not bothered about the strenuous efforts or the exhaustion. His firm faith was his support.

So be it. He brought the water and poured it into a wide-mouthed copper pot. He began to persuade Baba to get up for the bath, but he did not agree.

"The noon arati is over and the people have gone to their homes. All the preparation for the bath have been made and it is afternoon", said Megha.

Seeing Megha's great insistence, then Sai in sport and as if in a mock fight, took Megha's hand in his hands and said: "I do not wish to bathe in the Godavari waters? What is it to me?"

But Megha was not prepared to listen at all, since he believed that Baba was his Shankar. He only knew that Shankar is pleased with Ganges water.

He said : "Baba, today is the, festival of Makar-sankranti. When Shankar is given bath with the waters of the Ganges, he is propitiated."

Then, considering his love and his adamant resolution, Baba said: "Fulfill your wish," as Megha was pure of heart.

After saying that he got up and sat down on the low stool made ready for the bath. He bent forward his head and said : "Pour just a little water. Out of all the limbs the head is the most important. Pour a little water on it. It is as good as having a full bath. At least listen to that much."

Agreeing to do so, Megha picked up the pot. He was so overwhelmed with love while pouring it on the head that he emptied it completely while shouting "Har Ganga", and poured it on the whole body.

Megha was greatly joyful. "My Shankar has bathed with his clothes on" he said, as he put down the empty pot. When he looked he was greatly surprised.

Though he had poured the water on the whole body, only the head was wet. All the other limbs were absolutely dry. There was not even a drop of water on the clothes.

Megha's pride was crushed. Those who were around were surprised! Shri Sai thus gratifies the fond fancies of his devotees!

There is another story of Megha, which will please the listeners very much. Seeing Sai's love for his devotees, the listeners will be pleased.

A big picture of Baba, which Nana (Chandorkar) had newly given, was placed in the wada by Megha and he worshipped it regularly.

The real image at the Masjid and the exact replica in the wada, were worslupped with Aarti, at both the places, day and night. When about twelve months had passed in doing this divine service, when Megha was awake early one morning, he saw a vision.

Megha was lying in bed and though he had his eyes close he was fully awake and he saw Baba distinctly.
Baba, too, was aware that he was awake. He threw consecrated rice on the bed and said : "Megha, draw a trident", and then disappeared there and then .

Listening to these words of Baba, Megha opened his eyes with great enthusiasm. He was very surprised to find that Baba had disappeared.

Then Megha looked all around. There were grains of rice scattered everywhere on the bed. The doors of the wada were closed, as earlier. Hence he was confused. He went to the Masjid immediately. While taking Baba's Darshan, Megha told him the story of the trident and asked permission to draw it.

Megha related the vision with all details. Baba said: "How can it be a vision? Did you not hear my words? I told you to draw the trident.

Are you trying to test my words by calling it a vision? My words are always very profound and not a syllable is empty."

"I too felt this at first that you had woken me. But not a single door was open. That's why I felt differently", replied Megha.

Listen to Baba's answer : "I do not need a door to enter. I have no form or dimension. I am always everywhere. For the one who places his burdens on me and has become one with me, I manipulate all his actions like the actions of a marionette."

So be it. The subsequent marvelous narration about the purpose of the trident should he heard with great attention. The connection will become evident.

On one hand, Megha returned and began to draw the trident on the wall, near the picture in the wada. He outlined the trident in red colour. The next day, a Ramdasi devotee from Pune came to the Masjid. He did obeisance to Baba with love and presented him with a 'Lingam'.

Just then Megha too arrived there, and an eight-fold obeisance to Baba. Baba said : "Here Shankar has come! Now, you look after him.

Upon getting the 'Lingan' in this manner, immediately after the vision of the trident, Megha kept on gazing at the 'Lingam' overcome with emotion.

Kaka Saheb Dixit too had another marvelous experience of the 'Lingam'. Listen with reverence to everything. Your faith in Baba will become firmer.

While Megha set off from the Masjid with the 'Lingam', Dixit was engrossed in chanting the Lord's name, after his bath in the wada.

Wiping his body with a clean, washed cloth, a towel covering his head, he stood on a stone concentrating on Sai. He was chanting the Lord's name, as per his usual practice with his head covered. He then had a vision of the 'Lingam'.

Dixit thought : 'Why did I today get the darshan of the 'Lingam' when I was chanting the Lord's name?' There was Megha, in front of him, looking very gratified.

Megha said : "Look, Kaka! Look at the 'Lingam' that Baba has given". Kaka was surprised and pleased to see this particular 'Lingam'.

It was of the same shape, size and markings like the one that had appeared in his meditation, just a little earlier Dixit was delighted.

Be it so. Later, after the drawing, of the trident was complete, Sai got Megha to establish the 'Lingam' near the picture.

Since Megha liked to worship Shankar, by presenting him with the Shankar 'Lingam', Sai strengthened his devotion. Such are the marvelous narrations about Sai !
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Sri Radhakrishna Swami ji


Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji was born in Poyyamani Village in Kulithalai Taluk of Trichy District of Tamil Nadu on 15th April 1906. He was the fifth child of Sri Pudukkudi D. Venkatarama Aiyer and Smt. Lakshmi Ammal. Even as a child, young Radhakrishna had developed Psychic power and divine influence. He was a nature lover and it accentuated and kindled his spiritual thirst and development. He began meeting Sadhus and Holy Persons and visited temples far and near besides reading books on religion and the great saints and seers of India.

The Kanchi Mutt and Kanchi Acharya had a great influence in moulding Radhakrishnan's personality. When one of his brothers was in Poona, young Radhakrishnan stayed with him and made extensive tours of religious places in and around Poona. He lived in one of the caves for 48 days and on the 46th day, Dattatreya appeared before him and asked him to remain in the world helping others.

Radhakrishnan came to Ooty in 1921 and he was there till 1942. He had abandoned his studies. He stayed with his elder brother. The two brothers used to go on long walks and had discussions on spiritual matters for hours together. He used to spend some time daily in the Shiva temple built by the family along with his family members. He used to identify himself with Radha and Krisha and Andal and taking their roles he would dance in ecstasy during Bhajans. He loved music and he used to sing Thyagaraja and Purandhara Dasa "Kirthans". He was a lover of Astrology. He widely read books on saints like Raghavendra, Sadashiva Brahmendra, Chaithanya Mahaprabhu etc.

He met Ramana Maharshi and Seshadri Swamigal at Thiruvannamalai. The latter gave Radhakrishnan three stones and asked him to cook and eat them. The former interpreted this that he should go beyond the realms of "Sattva", "Rajas" and "Tamas", to become a "Gunatheetha".

In 1927, he met Narayana Maharaj of Khedgaon at Ooty. He initiated him into "Datta Mantra". In 1942, he met Sri Narasimha Swamiji and his search for the "Guru" was over. He became a spiritual heir to Sri Narasimha Swamiji.

In 1927, he married Parvathi-a relative from his mother’s side. He was against marriage but submitted to parental pressure. He led a family life which was like a drop of water on the lotus leaf. When he took Sanyas many years later the shock was severe to his wife and the family but they accepted the inevitable. His wife, who led a secluded life, never met him again and passed away in 1979.

There was a deep Psychological Crisis in his life during 1936-42. He had even contemplated suicide while traveling on a train from Trichy to Madras. As the train was crossing the Coleroon River near Chidambaram, he opened the door and was about to jump into the river when he felt somebody was pulling his back. He saw an old man with a headgear asking him not to do it as he had a mission in life. Later, he realized that it was Baba.
In 1942, Radhakrishnan met Sri Narasimha Swamiji in dramatic circumstances. It is not known when exactly Radhakrishnan came to Madras after he accepted Sri Narasimha Swamiji as his Guru. It maybe in 1943 or 1944.

He was a voracious reader and his favorite haunt was the Theosophical Society at Adyar, Chennai. He used to practice meditation and a Sanskrit book "Mantra Mahodari" was his constant companion. He supervised the accounts of All India Sai Samaj and helped Sri Narasimha Swamiji in other ways in his personal and public work. He was a man who never pushed himself up. His surrender to Sri Narasimha Swamiji was total. "Whatever Narasimha Swamiji said was law to him".

In 1952, Sri Narasimha Swamiji deputed Radhakrishnan to Bangalore for Sai Prachar work in Karnataka. It was in 1953 Sri Narasimha Swamiji conferred the title "Saipadananda" on him. That was the Guru's accolade to his devoted disciple. The Guru attained "Nirvana" on 19.10.1956 and on that Poornima Day transferred all his "Spiritual" powers to Radhakrishnan. Sai Baba gave Self Realization to Sri Narasimha Swamiji on 29.8.1936. That Sai treasure was given in toto to Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji on the day Sri Narasimha Swamiji cast off his mortal coil.

Sri Radhakrishnan Swamiji arrived in Bangalore in 1952. By 1956 Swamiji shifted his lodging to an upstairs room in a house near the N.R. Colony bus stop. This also became the home of Sai Spiritual Centre and here Swamiji lived for about seven years until a permanent building for the centre was constructed.

A retired official of the Mysore Government, Sri Domlur Krishna Murthy, had earmarked a plot of land of 1000 square yards in Thyagarajanagar for a building to propagate the teachings of Sai Baba. Sri V.S.Sastri, who held the site in trust, had collected some funds and had laid the foundation for the construction of the prayer hall with two rooms. Impressed by the activities of Sai Spiritual Centre under the guidance of Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji, he handed over the site to Swamiji in 1961. Funds for a building on the site came from devotees all over India. The building was formally opened on June 17, 1965. The centre was registered on May 6, 1970.

Swamiji felt that "Nama Japa"-recitation of Vishnu Sahasra Namam is the panacea for everything and it should be repeated any number of times in a day so that it shows the way to all our problems. He instructed his devotees to read a chapter from Bhagavad Gita. He was a prolific writer. His only book was on the life of Sri Narasimha Swamiji. Swamiji was an apostle of love. His universality is depicted in the divine incantation which he wrote at Dwaraka, which epitomizes his innermost feeling and concern. Here it is:

May the wicked turn good;
May the good attain peace;
May the peaceful be freed from all bondage and
May the liberated redeem others.
May everybody be happy;
May everybody be free from disease;
May everybody have good luck;
May none fall on evil days.
May everybody surmount difficulties;
May everybody have good fortune;
May everybody realize his ambitions;
May everybody rejoice everywhere.

Swamiji lived a full and active life. He was constantly travelling and propagating Sri Sai Baba's Teachings. He was in tune with Sai Baba all the 24 hours and his actions were in response to his motivations. There is hardly a devotee of Sri Swamiji who has not experienced his grace either spiritually or in material benefit. The devotees continue to receive it even after he left his body.

Swamiji was waiting for "Uttarayana' to leave his body. January 14, 1980 was the day he had fixed for merging with Sai Baba. He had joined devotees in chanting "Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namam" and, "Om Namo Narayanaya". Swamiji was conscious till the last and the final moment came at 10.40 p.m. as he drew his last breath with a farewell benediction. He was cremated the next day with full honours amidst chanting of Vedic Hymns.

Although he is not present in flesh and blood, his devotees have felt his spiritual presence and his guidance, in times of distress and want. Many have spoken of seeing him in their dreams, encouraging them and advising on their problems. His guiding hand and loving eyes hover over every home of his devotees reminding us of Baba's Words: "Why fear when I am here".