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Title: The Eternal Sai- By S Maneey
Post by: SS91 on December 29, 2008, 07:09:24 PM
The Eternal Sai-By S Maneey  


While BABA was lying in the state at Shirdi, on 15th – 16th, October 1918, at 12:30 night, Mrs. M. V. Pradhan at Santa Cruz, Bombay, saw BABA in her dream lying down in dying condition – she cried out “oh BABA is dying”.  BABA corrected her “saints do not die, they take Samadhi”.


 On the next day after Baba’s Mahasamadhi, Mrs Pradhan again dreamt in the night that BABA came and gave her 3 rupees.  She felt that receipt of money in dreams is inauspicious.  BABA said, “Receive it and give me all the money in your box”.  Accordingly the money in the box was sent to Shirdi for ceremonies.
Title: Re: The Eternal Sai- By S Maneey
Post by: SS91 on December 29, 2008, 07:11:12 PM

On the same night as Mrs Pradhan’s dream referred to above, her sister-in-law saw BABA in her dream, and BABA asked her to send a yellow pitambar to be placed on the Samadhi.  Accordingly this was done.


Early morning October 16, 1918, BABA appeared to Lakshman Mama Joshi, in his dream and drawing him by the arm said, “Get up, Bapu Sahib, Jog thinks I am dead and he won’t come.  You do the worship and Kakad Arathi’.  Lakshman Mama Joshi was an orthodox Brahmin, who was everyday worshipping BABA.  After he had the vision in his dream he came immediately with all puja materials, and not minding the protest of Moulvis and others did the puja and Kakad Arathi, which all the usual formalities.  At noon Bapu Sahib Jog came with others and performed the noon arathi.  It was evening by the time Baba’s body was placed in the Samadhi Mandir and after the formalities. The evening or sunset arathi was performed by Shej arathi in the night.  Arathis to Sai BABA which began during His lifetime have continued without break
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Post by: SS91 on December 29, 2008, 07:11:49 PM

In the early morning of October 16, 1918, BABA appeared to Das Ganu, the Kirthankaar, and the singer of Bhajans who was at Pandarpur and told him “The Masjid has collapsed – all the oilmen and grocers of Shirdi teased me a lot.  So I leave the place.  I came to inform you here - go quickly and cover me with Bakkul flowers.

Das Ganu came to Shirdi with his entourage and started bhajan and Kirtan and sang the lords name throughout the day.  He weaved a beautiful garland of flowers studded with Hari’s name and placed it on Baba’s Mahasamadhi and gave a mass feeding in Baba’s name
Title: Re: The Eternal Sai- By S Maneey
Post by: SS91 on December 29, 2008, 07:12:27 PM

Sri Rege, Judge of Indore High Court and one of the staunchest devotees of BABA, says that “BABA is not gone, He exits even now. To me He had no limitations. Of course when He was with us, there was the fleshy tabernacle at times. But mostly the infinite aspect of His was what remained before me. I thought of Him as a mental or spiritual image in which the finite and infinite blended very perfectly yet allowing the finite to appear before us at times. Now the finite body has been cast off. The infinite alone remains as “Sai BABA”.
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Post by: SS91 on December 29, 2008, 07:13:15 PM

Sri Raghuvir B Purandhare was a staunch devotee of BABA since 1909. Whenever he went to Shirdi, BABA demanded of him Rs.2.00. He asked Baba, why he was asking for only Rs.2.00 every time. The reply was, “it is not these two metallic coins that I want. What I want is Nishta and Saburi from you.” That is faith and patience. One of the Arathi songs sung at Shirdi is “Shirdi is my Pandaripur and Sai BABA is my Vittoba.”

One day at Shirdi, his mother and his wife after taking darshan of Baba, wanted to leave for Pandaripur, to have darshan of Vittoba. While taking leave of Him what they saw in place of Sai BABA, were Vittoba and Rukumai of Pandaripur. His mother and wife were overwhelmed with emotion, and said that there was no need to go to Pandaripur, when Sai BABA Himself was Vittoba and Rukkumai.

 In 1920, Purandhare’s wife was ill with influenza, which was raging as an epidemic. She used to attend the Ramanavami urs at Shirdi, since many years. As Ramanavami approached she felt sorry that she would not be able to attend that year. BABA that night appeared to her in her dream and told her “Don’t worry I will take you to the Urs”. She was better next morning and told her husband about her dream. The illness continued and she died on Ramanavami day, chanting “BABA, BABA” to the last.
Title: Re: The Eternal Sai- By S Maneey
Post by: SS91 on January 02, 2009, 12:23:46 PM

Sri Y.J. Galvankar, recalls that in 1921, he started with his family to Prayag and Kashi etc. on pilgrimage. At Bharadwaj Ashram, his heart was touched and silently prayed to Sri Sai BABA, to give him the darshan of a Saint. Within minutes, his guide, pointed towards the direction, where a holy man was making an appearance. “The particular holy man in Bharadwaj Ashram, makes his appearance on rare occasions”, said the guide. The guide warned him that the holy man does not encourage anyone to approach him, nor takes anything from anyone. Despite the protests from the guide, Sri Galvankar, made bold to approach him, feeling that the saint had appeared after his prayer to Sai BABA. To the surprise of all, approaching Sri Galvankar the saint said “come child”, Sri Galvankar and his family were blessed by him. As he had no fruit or flower to offer to the saint, Sri Galvankar, gave the three annas which he had in his pocket as guru dakshina. The saint contrary to his custom, accepted the coins, looked at them pleasingly, and accepted them. Sri Galvankar felt that Sai BABA had accepted his guru dakshina.
Title: Re: The Eternal Sai- By S Maneey
Post by: SS91 on January 02, 2009, 12:36:37 PM

Sri Mangesh Shirji Satam of Ratangiri district came to know about Sai BABA after His Mahasamadhi. HE bought a photo of Baba and began worship. He was a businessman. Whenever he had to make critical decisions, he would cast chits before BABA, pray fervently for the answer.

In 1921, he thus sought direction whether he should deal with the same party with whom he had been dealing. Baba’s answer was “No”. But Satam was unhappy at the answer as he had been doing business with the party. Disregarding the answer, he concluded the contract with the party.

This resulted in great trouble and loss to Satam. He cried for Baba’s pardon and surrendering to Baba, sent Rs. 5 to Sansthan Hundi. Thereafter his matters improved. This instance is reminiscent of Sri Narasimha Swamiji’s experience of Ramana Ashram in 1937 which follows later.
Title: Re: The Eternal Sai- By S Maneey
Post by: SS91 on January 02, 2009, 12:40:06 PM

Smt.  Chandrabai, W/o Late Sri Rama Chandra Borkar, was visiting Shirdi and Sai Baba since 1898.  She has innumerable instances of help from Baba before his Mahasamadhi.  The one to follow is an instance of Sai Baba’s help after His Mahasamadhi.  It may be noted that she was one of the persons who was near Baba when He breathed His last.  She gave water to Sai Baba in His last moments.  In 1918 she was 48 years old and had not conceived. She yearned for a child, even at that age.  The people and doctors around her, pooh poohed her desire, as conception at that age was inconceivable.  In 1918, Baba asked her what her desire was.  She replied hat she need not mention, as He knew it.  In 1921, her menses stopped.  Dr Purandhare examining her diagnosed that she is suffering from internal tumour and proposed operation.  Her faith in Baba was such that she told her husband and other relatives, that she would rather wait for ten months and then decide.  In her 51st year, three years and two days after Baba’s Mahasamadhi, she gave birth to a son at Chembur in Bombay.  At the time of delivery she had neither the services of a doctor, nurse or any medicine. (sent for 2003 September Sai Kiranalu)
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Post by: SS91 on January 02, 2009, 06:58:04 PM

 Dr Rane was a well known doctor of Bombay, with a string of Indian and foreign degrees.  About 1922, his wife began to suffer from leprosy.  Dr Rane could not give his wife any relief.  He brought his wife to Shirdi in 1922.  She would stay in Shirdi for months, would bathe in Baba’s abhishek tirtha, and apply udhi all over her sores.

She would even get from Shirdi bucketful of thirtha to her residence in Bombay.  In two years she was completely cured, and even the discolourisation of the skin disappeared
Title: Re: The Eternal Sai- By S Maneey
Post by: SS91 on January 02, 2009, 07:02:37 PM

 Damodar S Rasane was a close devotee of Sai Baba.  He was apprehensive and worried about the future, when Sai Baba would physically be no more.  Baba told him “wherever and when ever you think of me earnestly, I shall be with you”.  To Sri Rasane, Baba has appeared any number of times, talked to him and moved with him after Mahasamadhi.


 When Baba accepts a person as His devotee, He takes full responsibility for his welfare.  Sri SBN Dahanukar Visited Sai Baba at Shirdi and had darshan in 1912.  He had a lot of experiences when Baba was alive.  This experience is after Baba’s Mahasamadhi.  His parents were arranging for his second marriage as his wife died in 1921.  Two families, one a wealthy family and another poor family offered their daughters for marriage.  Whom should he marry?  Baba knows better.  Baba appeared in his mother’s dream in 1922, showed the girl to be married, who happened to be the girl from the poor family.  They were married in 1922.
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Post by: SS91 on January 04, 2009, 06:59:50 PM

 When naivedya is offered does God take it? Is it symbolic?  In 1922-1923 Sagun Meru Naik had a dream in which he saw, that the naivedya of butter-sugar which used to be offered to Sai Baba at the morning Arathi had been stopped.  He enquired of the Shirdi Samsthan, if it was so.  They replied that the practice had been discontinued.  So Sagun Meru Naik, at this own expense began offering naivedya of butter-sugar in the morning Arathi.  This practice has since been followed.


 Sri Vinayaka Appaji Vaidya, a clerk in Bombay Port Trust Office, had the darshan of Sai Baba in 1912.  He and his wife were ardent devotees.  Baba appearing in his wife’s dream in 1923, foretold the filing of a case against her husband, and they need not worry about it, as He is looking after them.  In fact, a case was filed against Sri Appaji as foretold by Baba, but it ended in his favour.
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Post by: SS91 on January 04, 2009, 07:00:44 PM

In 1923, a prospective bridegroom had seen Sri Moreshwar Balakrishna Chowhan’s sister and had agreed to marry her.  He said a formal letter would be sent in a week’s time.   Six months passed, there was no letter, nor the gentleman showed any inclination.  Sri Chowhan’s mother, an elderly lady was worshipping Baba every day and she regarded Baba as no different from any other deity.  The elderly lady became desperate and one day she cried out before Baba’s photo – venting her anger and desperation.  That night she saw Baba in her dream who told her not to be angry with Him.  She dreamt that while she was serving food to her son at 9 a.m. a postman delivered a letter of acceptance from the hesitating party.  She woke up, but forgot about the dream.  Just as she was serving food to her son at 9 a.m. the postman dropped the letter, she had dreamt.  She at once recalled the dream, and shed tears of gratitude to Baba.
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Sri H.S Dixit, a solicitor and advocate of Bombay, had earned quite a lot of money in his profession and was at the same time very generous and philanthropic. He had given up his lucarative practice and had stayed with Baba in Shirdi continuously since 1910. When his wife once complained to Baba, that Sri Dixit is neglecting his profession, Baba told her, that He is there to look after her husband’s welfare temporal and spiritual. After Baba’s Mahasamadhi, it happened, that Sri Dixit, had run into a debt of Rs. 30,000.00 and wondered how he was to meet it. He was in a quandary, and sitting in his office in Bombay in 1923, wondered, that if only Baba were alive today, his problem could have been solved. The time for repayment was approaching, and he did try all sources but found he had no where withal to meet that amount. Just then, a young man approached him who introduced himself as Sri Dixit’s old acquaintance’s son, that he heard his father often mention about Sri Dixit’s reputation and integrity, and that he had come with Rs.30,000.00 to be given for safe keeping. Sri Dixit, apprised his friend’s son of the predicament in which he was placed, and that he would be unable to repay that amount if required soon. The friend’s son placing that amount in Sri Dixit’s hand said that he has full faith in him and that he can repay that amount, when he can.
Title: Re: The Eternal Sai- By S Maneey
Post by: SS91 on January 14, 2009, 04:21:04 PM

Sri G.K. Rege was a retired tahasildar of Indore. He was anxious to get his fourth daughter married to a suitable bridegroom. In 1924, for that pupose he along with his wife went to Anjangau. Anjangau was his brother-in-law’s place. When he alighted at Anjangau he heard a voice clearly “Go to Jirapur”. However, Sri Rege spending some days with his brother-in-law’s family returned to Indore. After a few days, his son received orders to work at Jirapur. But his son could not make it, as his wife was in an advanced stage of pregnancy. He got the posting cancelled. Sri Rege was posted to Kathegaon, a place in Nemawar district, but the revenue minister to whom the posting orders went for signature, of his accord, changed the place to Jirapur. Hence Sri Rege had to take up the appointment at Jirapur. As revenue officer in the course of his duties he halted at a place called Sayath in Gawlior state. There he met, by chance, a young man by name Balwant, who later on was found to be agreeable in all respects and was a suitable match for his fourth daughter.
 The marriage was settled and performed. Sri Rege and his family are devotees of Baba since 1914.
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Title: Re: The Eternal Sai- By S Maneey
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In 1924, a marriage agreement was made between G.G Shirian, an ardent devotee of Baba and his friend. It was purely a gentleman’s agreement. The gentleman’s son should wed Shirian’s daughter after completing his education. The boy completed his education. Hismarket value went up. More and more people began to offer their daughters to him, with “Varadakshina”. Sri Shirian was poor by their standards, but he had faith in Baba. He gave vent to his feelings before Baba’s photo, who appearing in his dream that night, assured him that He would give the same boy in marriage to his daughter in two year’s time. In the mean time, the boy’s parents were busy with negotiations and proposals. But each of the proposals fell through for some reason or the other. At the end of two years, the boy himself felt ashamed and told his parents, that all these things were happening – because they broke the agreement. Realising their mistake, the friend repented and the marriage took place in two year’s time as fixed by Baba. 
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In the year 1928 Sri G.G Shirian in his official work was blamed and fined. He was hurt, as he felt that he was punished for no reason. That night he prayed before Baba’s photo fervently and asked Baba what mistake he has committed to warrant the punishment. Baba appearing in his dream told him not to worry, and that He would set matters right. When he went to the office the next day, he found that his superior had changed his opinion and had absolved him of the charge, but in his place an innocent boy was made the scapegoat. The boy was fined. Now the boy and Shirian both prayed to Baba for Justice. Baba again appeared to Shirian in his dream and said that the boy’s fine would be cancelled in 73 days. Trusting Baba, the boy did not go in appeal, nor did he plead for mercy. Exactly on the 73rd day, the boy’s fine was cancelled by the officer who had earlier imposed the fine. Baba is an embodiment of Truth. What He says does happen.   
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Hon. Magistrate of Harda, Sri Krishna Rao Narayan Paralkar was a staunch devotee of Baba. For several years he had been celebrating Sri Dutta Festival by feeding a hundred Brahmins. The Dutta Festival / Jayanthi, usually falls in the month of December. Whenever he couldn’t celebrate the Dutta festival, for some reason, on a particular year, he would feed double the number of Brahmins on the succeeding year. That was his self imposed rule. The year was 1925. Saturday was fixed for the festival. On Tuesday, that is four days prior to the festival, while Sri Paralkar was merged in meditation as per his daily routine, He heard a voice, “if you desire that on the day when you are feeding the Brahmins, that I should come and partake the food you call Sri Dixit from Bombay.” Sri Paralkar, however, hesitated, that it may be improper for him to request Sri Dixit to come for dinner from such a long distance. While he was in the midst of conflict of thoughts, he again heard the voice. “Why are you hesitating? Write to Sri Dixit; feed him along with the Brahmins. When you have done so, know it for certain that you have fed me.” Sri Paralkar wrote to Sri Dixit on Wednesday. Saturday arrived and there was no news from Sri Dixit. Sri Paralkar during his routine mid-day prayers, again requested Baba to set matters right. Soon he received a telegram from Sri Dixit, informing him, that he is arriving with Madhava Rao Deshpande. Sri Dixit and Sri Deshpande arrived and took part in the dinner along with the two hundered Brahmins. Sri Paralkar was overjoyed and felt that Baba is still alive to satisfy the cravings of His devotees.
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In 1927, a couple was returning to Bombay by train after participating in the Ramanavami celebrations in Shirdi. The wife alighted from the train to fetch water. As she was getting into the compartment with the jug of water she slipped and fell down under the carriage. The train had started. The train could be stopped only after it had gone some distance. Everyone thought that the woman had been crushed under the wheels of the train. But the woman amazingly was back on the platform, unhurt, and smiling. As she fell down she remembered Baba. She said that Baba appeared from nowhere, held her tight in the space between the wheels and the platform till the train passed. Incredible! But it has come from the horse’s mouth.
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One Abdulla Jan was a Muslim Pathan from Tarbella near Peshawar. He was a young man, all alone in the world and moved from place to place. He was interested in visiting Mecca. When he came near Manmad, somebody suggested to him that a great man called Sai Baba lived nearby in Shirdi, who liberally showered money on fakirs, and that he may be helped to visit Mecca. When he first visited Shirdi in 1913 and stayed in the presence of Sai Baba he felt an animosity towards Hindus. But after a few years with Sai Baba, the animosity disappeared and he began to view the Hindus as his brothers. When Sai Baba left his mortal coil in 1918, Abdulla Jan was 22 years old. He left Shirdi and again travelled North. He thought that even though he stayed with Sai Baba, he could not go to Mecca nor had he been helped spiritually. He reached Swatvalley in the Karakoram range and found the tomb of a saint called Akun Baba, a sayyad and a direct descendent of Prophet Mohammed. There is a story around the Saint and his tomb. It is said that when Lord Robert was advancing to quell the Muslim tribes of North West frontier province of India, (as it then was), he could not move one foot forward from the place of Saint’s tomb. Lord Robert and his army were blocked up as it were, for three months and eleven days. This news reached Queen Victoria, who was naturally upset. Abdulla Jan having reached this tomb, pray that Akun Baba take him under his wings, and help him, as Sai Baba did not help him spiritually. He slept near the tomb. He saw in his dream Sai Baba, seated on a chair near his head! He felt that this is an assurance from Sai Baba that He still cares for Him. Since then Sai Baba appears to him once in two years.
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In 1928, a favourite devotee of Baba, Sri CK Raj Saheb Bahadur, an advocate, went on a pilgrimage to Dakshineshwar. He was particular of seeing for himself all the places and articles intimately associated with Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He particularly wanted to see the “Ram lalla” which Sri Ramakrishna used to play with. The guide accompanying Bahadur, showed him a huge idol of the size of Lord Venkateshwara and said that it was “Ram lalla”. The Bahadur was not convinced. But the guide asserted that he was correct. During this argument, a poojari came out of the Kali Temple and asked Bahadur, that his Guru Maharaj had appeared to him in his dream the previous night, gave him a description of Sri Bahadur, and directed him to take Bahadur personally around and show all the places and articles associated with Sri Ramakrishna. The poojari then took Bahadur around, and showed him the real “Ram lalla”. He was even allowed to take the Ram lalla on his lap. Sri Raj Saheb Bahadur was thrilled and overwhelmed at the thoughtfulness of Sri Sai Baba towards His devotees. Sri Bahadur had similar experiences when he visited other great saints like Madwanath Maharaj, Tajuddin Baba, Shilanath Maharaj etc.
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In 1929, Sri appaji Suttar of Shirdi had been suffering from eczema. He found no cure. He went to Kopergoan government hospital and was admitted as an in-patient. He spent Rs.200 there, but got no cure. He went to Nasik and was hospitalised again there. He had already been there eight days. On the eighth night Baba appeared in his dream and said “go back to Shirdi and read puraana”. Appaji said he had been hospitalised for cure of eczema. But Baba insisted that he go back to Shirdi, read puraana and apply udhi. Accordingly he came away from the hospital and began reading puraana everyday at 4 pm before Baba’s photo and began applying udhi. In seven days he was completely cured. 
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The same Appaji had another experience in 1932. He owed Rs. 3,500 to one Multan Fatehand Marwadi of Shirdi, who was threatening to sue him and get him arrested. The frightened and worried Appaji turned to Baba for help. Baba appeared in his dream and asked him to recite certain stanzas of the Gita. His debt would be cleared. Sri Appaji followed Baba’s instructions. After this, one day the creditor came to Appaji’s House and Appaji was naturally frightened; but the creditor, came to tell Appaji to build a house for him, and on the completion of the house, he would write off the debt. Appaji gratefully accepting the offer completed the construction in a month’s time. The bond was returned. Appaji tore away the bond, expressing heartfelt thanks to Baba.
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In 1913, Atmaram Haibau Chambal, got specially made silver padukas and went for Baba’s darshan. Baba took them in His hands and remarked “How beautiful”. Then He inserted His two toes in the padukas and appeared to have been greatly pleased and said: “How nice they look. Take them and keep them in your pooja room and worship them.” And so he did till one day in 1930, when Chambal got up early to have darshan of padukas, where he had installed on a low wooden stool, one of them was missing. He searched under the stool and everywhere in the pooja room. It would not be found. It deeply disturbed him. However he continued the worship of the other paduka. A copld of months later, this also was found missing. He went to Bombay to have a replacement but were not realily available. He returned home and contended himself with the worship of Baba’s photo. He worried himself everyday, that he had lost the padukas, sanctified by Baba’s touch. Baba must felt satisfied with Chambal’s devotion. One fine morning when Chambal entered the pooja room for the daily worship, he could not believe himself when he found the missing padukas neatly placed under the wooden stool, as if they were always there! Baba teases and tests his devotees in various ways.
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Rao Bahadur Dhumal, an advocate of Nasik, did not take any important step without consulting Baba. He was also holding the office of Revenue Member of the Dewas state from 1930 to 1932 and was the Karbhari of the Surguna State from 1932 to 1933. One day while he was having lunch, the chief of Surguna State walked into his room. It is the practice with some elders that they do not get up, while having food. He apologised for the inability to get up and accord proper reception to the head of the Government. But the chief did not seem to mind, and he quickly walked into the next room, where Sai Baba’s photo was hung on the wall. He gazed for a while at the photo and returning to the room where Sri Dhumal was having lunch announced quietly and unasked a rise in his salary by Rs 50.00 p.m. Sai is a mother who looks after His children.  
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In 1934, Sri Dahanukar’s son had measles, pneumonia and abscess on the chest. As the child’s condition was week the doctor was hesitant to operate on the abscess. Sri Dahanukar applied anti phlositine over the abscess and the abscess opened up. The doctor was still hesitant. So sri Dahanukar relied on his own doctor, Sri Sai Baba. He applied udhi on the wound, and prayed to baba. His friend one Vasanth Rao Jadhav, who later became D.C. of Poona, who was watching, asked him whether udhi cured the wound. “Yes” replied Dahanukar. “In how much time”? asked his friend “Just in 24 hours”, sai Dahanukar. That night Baba appearing in his dream chided Dahanukar, “why did you say 24 hours, you should have said immediately, your faith should be such.” Dahanukar apologised to Baba in the dream. The next morning the wound was healed.
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Sri Jadhav who had been a awitness to all this, took udhi from Sri Dahanukar and applied on his son who was suffering from pneumonia. The udhi was applied on the sixth day of the fever, and the fever stopped the next day. The doctor had opined that the fever would run its course of nine days. Sri Jadhav sent Rs.7.00 as his offering to Sri Sai Baba Samsthan, Shirdi.
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Sai Baba makes use of certain human agencies, as his instruments, to help humanity. Sri Keshaviaji, was Sub Registrar of Penukonda, Andhra Pradesh in the 1930’s. Worshipping Sai Baba with devotion, he acquired Certain powers. After retirement he devoted his life for the propagation of the name of Sai Baba very much like Sri Narasimha Swamiji and Sri Radhakrishan Swamiji. One day during his pooja session at Penukonda a boy who had been suffering from hip-joint consumption for four years was brought to his presence. The abscess had not dried up after all necessary medical care at Bellary and Miraj mission hospital. The Thursday pooja of Sai Baba at Penukonda performed by Sri Keshaviaji was largely attended. The boy was brought carried by two persons. Sri Keshaviaji looked at the time of the boy’s arrival touched the boy’s forehead and asked the boy to apply Baba’s udhi with coconut oil on the abscess. He further told the boy that he should attend Baba’s Thursday pooja for sever weeks. As foretold, at the end of the stipulated period, the boy’s wound dried up. He became normal.
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Pradhan, was an employee of the Revenue Department, Bombay. He lived in Sandhurst Road. His youngest son had high fever for four days. The doctor who was attending on him, found the pulse become weak, then irregular and then it finally stopped. He was pronounced dead. The boy’s father would not believe it. Such was his faith in Sai Baba, that he insisted that his boy was alive. There was nothing that the doctor could do. He gently persuaded Pradhan to accept the fact. But No! “Sai Baba is god, He will save my son,” cried the father in desperation. Applying Udhi on the boy’s face, he began to pray fervently. Minutes passed. Nothing happened. Forty five minutes passed not a soul in the room moved. Then the miracle happened. The boy revived, and sat up, as if he had been asleep. It is said that faith can move mountains.
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After Sri Narasimha Swamiji realised Sri Sai Baba in 1936, he called on Sri Upasani Baba, in Sakori, to pay his respects. At that time, another devotee of Sri Sai Baba, who later came to be called as Sri Ram Baba, who lived for more than 140 years was also present there. Sri Upasani Baba arranged for an open feast. As the feast was about to end, an old man suffering from leprosy came along. He had a frightening appearance. He had only one eye. He had open ulcers all over his body; an awful stench was also emanating from him. One can imagine Sri Ram Baba’s bewilderment, when Sri Upasani Baba Said “feed the old man with your own hands, as he is not able to eat himself.” Sri Ram Baba, pulled himself up as best as he could and started feeding the leper. He however took great care to see that his hand did not touch the bleeding lips of the leper. As a result of this, some of the food kept spilling. After the leper had eaten and walked away, Sri Upasani Baba now told Sri Narasimha Swamiji, “Pick up the food and eat it”. To eat the food that had been contaminated by the bleeding lips of the leper. Even the thought seemed horrendous. But a realised soul that he was Sri Narasimha Swamiji, took the food and ate up all the remnants without any hesitation. Everyone was amazed. Sri Upasani Baba, then told the people in the gathering “did you see how swiftly the old man walked away? It is possible for one so terribly afflicted to walk like that? Do you know who came to you in the garb of the repulsive leper? It was none other than Lord Sai Baba Himself.”  
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Sri Narasimha Swamiji went to Maharastra, personally interviewed innumerable devotees of Sai Baba, and recorded their experiences in 1936. This is well known to all devotees of Sai Baba. In November 1937, he records his own experiences. In November 1937, he was at Thiruvannamalai and was intending to start for Madras by train. A friend, Sri Tulasidas P. Sahani offered to take him by car. The distance between Madras and Thiruvannamalai is 140 miles. It was raining at Thiruvannamalai. Hence he consulted Baba whether he should proceed by the car or by train. The answer was by train. But the friend urged Sri Narasimha Swamiji to change his mind, as the journey time would be passed by singing bhajans and Namavali. The rule with Sai Baba was and is, is that once a decision is given a second consultation on the same matter is not to be sought “Say Rama Dhwirnabhibhashate”. Sri Narasimha Swamiji however pleaded with Baba to permit him to transgress his orders once, as the object of the transgression was pious. He also prayed that the penality for the transgression be lenient. Then they all started by car. There was rain throughout. The group was cheerful, singing bhajans and Namavalis. After the fifth mile, suddenly they heard a sound of snapping and the car shuddered to halt. Sri Tulasidas who was driving the car alighted and found that the rear axle was broken. At the place of the break down, there was no shelter and it was raining. Of course getting the car repaired was out of question in that desolate place. In the mean time, what were they to do? Sri Narasimha Swamiji then revealed to his friends that he had joined them against the express of Sai Baba. He submitted himself to Sri Sai Baba, thanked Baba for the lightness of the penalty and prayed for further direction. They waited for 45 minutes inside the car in the pouring rain. A car coming from Thiruvannamali drew up along side. Sri.P.Krishnamachari, salesman of Volkart Brothers, Madras, was at the wheel, the sole occupant of the car. HE offered to take them to Madras. As soon as they got into Sri Krishnamachari’s car, he told them that events since that morning were puzzling him. Earlier, in the day, he had written to his home at Madras, that his people need not expect him back for another four days, as he had decided to extend his stay at Thiruvannamalai. But at 11 a.m. something made him suddenly change his mind, and he wished to start for Madras. He could not discern any clear reason for this change of mind. He went to Sri Ramana Maharshi at whose Ashram, he had been staying, for permission to leave. The permission was readily granted and he at once started for Madras. He met the group stranded on the road. He said that his change of decision, and the urgency he felt to get back to Madras now ceased to be a riddle when he met the group stranded on the road in the helpless condition. Sri Narasimha Swamiji told Sri Krishnamachari, that Sai Baba interceded on his behalf.  
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Sri Narasimha Swamiji relates one more instance of Baba’s help. A young man of a good family, was in need of help, to make a start in life. He wanted a decent job. He came to Swamiji for help. Swamiji told him to pray to Sai Baba. The young man said he had no faith in Sai Baba. Swamiji told him to pray to any god of his choice. The young man said he had no belief in any god. But Swamiji wanted to help the young man, as he had come to him for help. Sri Narasimha Swamiji prayed to Sai Baba, on behalf of the young man, to give him faith and to give the young man decent job with a salary of Rs.300 (Rs. 300 in those days was fabulous amount). Within a few months, the young man did get a job, but the salary was not settled. Nine months later, the employers of their own accord, fixed the salary at Rs.300 with retrospective effect, from the day of joining the service. The young man became an ardent devotee of Sai Baba
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Sri S. Subba Rao, was a pleader at Gooty. His daughter was suffering from neurasthenia from the month of December 1939. She has lost memory, could not focus attention, was afraid of everything that she saw and observed. Fear was dominant in her. She was unsteady and passed sleepless nights. In April 1940 she was taken to Shirdi. There Abdul, Baba’s attendant, gave her udhi and thritham. From then onwards, she began to have sound sleep. She began to make namajapa of Baba, recovery set in, and she became hale and hearty. One Bhaskar Sadashiv Satam, joined the Maharashtra Police Force. On 16/2/1940, due to some misfortune, he was suspended. He was dismissed from service on 28/2/1940. Even as early as 1930, his friend Atmaram has suggested that he should go to Shirdi to have darshan of Sai Baba, but Sri Satam had put off his visit. Soon after he was dismissed, Satam went with his son to Shirdi, stayed there for two days and prayed before Baba. On his return to Bombay he met a constable who told him that he is reinstated and posted to Lamington Road Police Station. Satam knew that on such order no such order could have been passed on the date he met the constable because on 28/4/1940 he appealed against the dismissal order. On 14/5/1940 the appeal was heard and the order passed was “Reinstated Posted to Lamington Road Police Station”. Baba had given the verdict two months earlier through the constable.
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I really feel blessed by our eternal Sai himself to have read the above beautifully stated experiences of devotees.Thanx a ton
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In 1940, R. Nagappa, a copyist in District Court, Ananthapur, was fined Rs.1.00 by the criminal court, which according to him was unjust. He vowed to Sai Baba, that he would pay Him Rs2.00 if the fine was cancelled. Nagappa went up in appeal. The appeal court cancelled the fined. He gave Rs.2.00 for Sai Pooja.
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In 1940, Baba told Sri Ramanaiah of Gudur, in his dream that he should build His temple on the site which lay north to his house. But the site did not belong to Ramanaiah but to another person, a labourer by name Pichivadu. Ramanaiah was a devotee of Baba, but the other person had not heard of Baba. Soon after Ramanaiah’s dream Pichivadu saw in the jungle a fakir, who told him to hand over his site to Ramanaiah for the construction of Baba temple. The direction was repeated a second time. Pichivadu confronted Sri Ramanaiah with these facts, and when asked how the fakir looked like, he showed him Baba’s picture in Ramanaiah’s house. Pichivadu soon after gifted his plot of lad to Ramanaiah. Baba told Ramanaiah in his dream the dimension and specifications of the temple to be built. When people came to know about these happenings, some people gave bricks for the walls, some for the foundations and terrace, some provided with rafters, some provided wood for doors etc. Pichivadu also contributed with labour. With the help of the people a small temple of the size of 100 feet X 8 feet was built in less than four week’s time. Dr M K Rajagopalachari of Nellore contributed a Baba Portrait. Sri Narashima Swamiji, Sri Panini Rao and others attended the temple opening ceremony. This is how Sai Baba’s first temple in South India came to be built.
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In 1940, Sri Jayaram Naidu’s son, (sri Jayaram Naidu was superintendent of Corporation of Madras), five years old was seriously down with some ailment. On the day of the incident he had bought Baba’s photo to their house and he with his wife had prayed for the recovery of their son. In the night his wife was roused by someone patting her on the back, and telling her “this is not the time to sleep, look after your son”. She got up and found her son’s condition had deteriorated. His temperature was getting chill. Immediately stimulant and medicine were administered, and the boy began to recover.
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Upagrashta Sangamesan met and old Sage in 1941 who told him that Baba is a divine begin, who would never let down His Devotees, that he should do Nitya Pooja to Baba. He gave him a Baba photo. The sge also told him that in the beginning he has to face mental worries, official problems, domestic worries etc, and not minding these difficulties, if he continues his devotion, Baba will take complete responsibility for his welfare, material and spiritual. Sri Sangamesan began to perform Nitya Pooja and as predicted by the sage, his troubles came from all sides and became unbearable. At this point of time, he even began to lose faith in the Sage’s words and in Sai Baba and in desperation sat on the steps leading to Kapaleeshwar temple at Mylapore, Madras. He saw opposite to the temple a sign board, All India Sai Samaj. He went in and met Sri Narasimha Swamiji, Sangamesan bared himself before the Swamiji all his predicaments, doubts and misgivings. Swamiji replied as follows. ”No difficulties will come by having faith in Sai Baba and doing pooja to him. One cannot escape the debts of Poorva Karma. Belief in Baba and pooja to Him will help in liquidating the sins committed in Poorva Janma in course of time. You have so much dirt in your mind and on your soul. Hence the difficulties, that you are facing. When a seed is sown you cannot expect its fruits immediately. You have to wait patiently. It may take a short time or it may take some years. You should not cut the tree which is in the process of giving fruits. When the tree starts giving fruits, not only you, everybody in the locality will benefit.” Sangamesan continued his Nitya Pooja to Baba and also met Swamiji several times there after. From 1965, Sai Baba began to speak to Sangamesan. Hundreds of people began to come to Sangamesan for solving their problems, He says that Baba’s powers are too many and his miracles can be known only by experience.
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Nagamma, a daily wage earner, was undergoing intense poverty. She was attending Sai pooja every Thursday at Sri Subba Rao’s house at Gooty, Andhra Pradesh, She Prayed intensely for an employment for her son so that she can get relief from the pangs of poverty. One night a fakir appeared in her dream and gave her some rupees and insisted that she take them. Within a week of this dream, her son got employment. Sri S.Jambunathan, Head Clerk D.F.O. Madura, was devoted to Sai Baba since 1940. Baba gave him forewarnings in dreams. He appeared mostly as an old man in dreams. Sri Jambunathan has a daughter. In 1942, Baba appeared in his daughter’s dream and told her “soon you will have a son”. Accordingly a son was born who was named Sai Raman. Fourteen months after, she bore another son who was named Sai Prasad. In October 1943 four months after the birth of Sai Prasad, the “old man” appeared in his daughter’s dream and asked “will you give me Sai Raman”. The daughter resented. After two months, the old man appeared in her dream again and asked again for Sai Raman. She again refused. But the old man said, he would take away the boy at 4:15 AM on 5/1/1944. Sai Raman was a precocious and devout child who would always stand before Baba’s photo and would go to sleep lulled by Sai Keerthanas. Sai Raman began to have enlargement of liver and spleen, which became worse and worse in spite of the best medical treatment. On the fatal night, Sai pooja was performed and the mother watched all night by the child’s bed side. Just before the time fixed by Baba, the mother fell asleep, the clock in the room stopped and the lamp kept burning before Baba’s photo got extinguished. The mother saw Baba taking away the child in her dream. When she woke up with a start, the child was dead.
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Mrs. Mani Sahukar, in her book Sai Baba, the Saint of Shirdi, records these experiences: Dr Rustomji was a homeopath engaged in medical work in the homeopathic dispensary of Shirdi. It appears that the doctor owed Rs.300 to a person in Bombay. The doctor came down to Bombay, made a cheque for that amount and delivered it to that person. On returning to Shirdi he found, to his dismay, in his pass book, that he did not have that much amount to his credit in his account. The thought that his cheque would be dishonoured and what that person would think of him, as a consequence upset him very much. With implicit faith in his guru, Dr Rustomji pleaded with Baba to get him out of the predicament. His prayer was answered in a strange manner. A couple of days later, a casual acquaintance of his called upon him and asked the doctor if he would keep the small packet with him and that he would claim it back after three months. Dr Rustomji asked what the packet contained. “it contains Rs 300 was the amazing reply!” “Do you mind if I use the money”? asked the doctor. “I do not mind what you do with the money as long as the money is returned to me after three months” was the reply. The doctor thought that this was a god sent money, thanked the gentleman and immediately rushed to his bank and credited the amount to his account. He found to his great relief that his cheque had not been presented for payment. His honour was saved. Three months passed and Dr Rustomji’s benefactor did not turn up. His address was not known. After six months, Dr Rustomji suddenly saw his benefactor walking down the road. The doctor went up to him greeted him and asked him why he did not reclaim his money, that he has been waiting for him to return the money, but the man, looked blank and replied that he had not given any money to the doctor. Thinking that the man was joking, the doctor pressed the notes into the gentleman’s hand. But the gentleman refused, denying vehemently that he had given any money to the doctor. It soon dawned upon the doctor, that the fakir, who had lived in Shirdi, many many years ago, had played his leela on His devotee.  
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Smt. Mani Sahukar, was going through a difficult period of her life and was feeling unhappy and frustrated. A neighbour of hers brought Sri Narasimha Swamiji to her house in Bombay in the year 1942. Sri Narasimha Swamiji at once sensed that all was not well with her. He seemed ot have come to meet her and help her. Taking her aside he said, “don’t worry, why don’t you seek refuge in Sai Baba”? SMt. Mani Sahukar, was not particularly religious, and knew nothing about saints, much less about Sai Baba. “Who is Sai Baba”? She asked. As a reply the Swamiji put in her hand a packet of books written by him and blessing her asked her to read them. He added that “there is a lovely picture of Baba in this packet for you.” She says that though she was touched by the kindness of the Swamiji, his advice and gift made no immediate impression on her. She put away the packet without opening it and persisted in her misery. Her husband became an instrument to draw her to the spiritual path. He opened the packet and after reading one of Swamiji’s books, and seeing Baba’s radiant picture, he said, “Sai Baba seems to be a great saint, why don’t you read these books” They might help you.” But Smt. Mani Sahukar remained unmoved. After a few days however, she began to feel penitent, and more to please her husband, she took out Baba’s picture from the packet framed it and put it on the table in front of their beds. This simple and penitent gesture started the miracle of her conversion. The very next day in the afternoon as she lay sleeping on her bed in front of the picture of Baba, she was blessed with a lovely visitation. As she was dozing, in her sleep she suddenly saw Baba’s photo lit up a translucent glow. His face broke into a tender smile. His hand came out of the frame, as it were and He beckoned her to his forefinger. She dreamt that she jumped out of the bed and rushed towards Baba’s photo. Sai Baba then placed His hand on her head in a blessing. She woke up with a start, when she actually felt the ecstasy of Baba’s touch. She was thrilled. She claims that this was her initiation and remembers Baba’s sayings “I seek out my bhakthas and draw them to me.” She says that from that hour her life changed. Her old apathy was gone and she came closer to Sai Baba.   
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About the year 1950, Smt. Mani Sahukar started suffering from a peculiar ailment of throat, a severe irritation and congestion which prevented her from indulging in her cherished hobby of singing Hindustani classical music. In about 10 minutes of singing, her voice would become hoarse, and she would put down her tambura with a feeling of frustration. She consulted many doctors, both allopathic and homeopathic, but none gave her any relief. After six months of this predicament, she went to Shirdi. As she stood before Sai Baba’s Samadhi, her heart and eyes suddenly welled up with tears and in an impassioned outburst she poured out her feelings. She came out of the Samadhi Mandir and visited her friend who was at that time staying in the Samsthan premises. In her pleasant company, she almost forgot her miseries and went to her room at 7:30 p.m. Her room was just behind Gurusthan. She opened the lock and entered the room and thinking that she would be more comfortable; she removed the pin which fastened her sari to her left shoulder. As she was doing this, she heard something rustling in the folds of her saree. As small packet two inches long fell from her saree. She was perplexed and wondered how the packet came about. She picked it up. It was neatly folded as if by a chemist or compounder. She unfolded it and saw it contained 6 to 7 white tiny tablets, such as are used in homeopathy medicine. When she realised the significance of this, she draped her saree again and rushed to her friend. Her friend who was a great devotee of Baba, herself had several experiences; she said “you understand, don’t you. That this is Baba’s Prasad”? Mrs. Mani Sahukar put the tablets in her mouth. When she returned home, she found that she could sing without hindrance and her problem had disappeared. Her heart overflowed with gratitude.   
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About a year later Smt. Mani Sahukar had another remarkable experience. She was to go to Poona for some work. She had her seat reserved in the cubicle train called Deccan Queen. She sat near the window seat and as there was still half an hour for the train to start, she began sipping tea looking outside her window. She suffered from a curious lapse of memory in recognising faces. She may be introduced to a person, and meet him several times but the face does not register itself in her memory. Due to this, she was misunderstood on several occasions, which made her miserable and sensitive. A well dressed man passed by her window several times, looking at her with interest. She now felt that his was another instance of an acquaintance whom she had met and forgotten. She therefore smiled at him as if in recognition, and wishe him. At this, the man became friendly and joined her in the compartment. The train had hardly proceeded some distance, when the man began to show his true colours. He even bolted the compartment from inside. Mrs Sahukar, courageously got up and unbolted the door. She did not leave the compartment because her suitcase contained some valuable articles. She sat down again, and concentrated on Sai Baba and prayed to Him to rescue her from the predicament. As she uttered this prayer mentally, and turned her gaze towards the door, a porter was standing, looking quizzically at her. How the porter appeared just at that moment, in a running train, she had not time to think. She grabbed the opportunity, told the porter to remove her luggage to the open compartment; she cast a glance at the miscreant, and saw a look of utter surprise in his face. After she gathered herself in her new seat, she bean to understand with a shock, that the porter might not be an ordinary porter. She went up and down the corridor of the train, to meet porter again and thank him, but he was nowhere to be found. She got down at Poona, thrilled and chastened.
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An elderly lady by name Kamala Ammal of Matunga, Bombay, was in Shirdi for the Punyathithi of Baba in 1943. Her son was in war service. She was in great agony and sought Baba’s help. She was occupying a room next to the Samadhi. At 8 p.m. in the dark, she moved on, not knowing that the steps behind the Samadhi had no parapet wall, (at that time) she fell down on the stone surface. Her knees forehead was bleeding. When offered medical help she declined, stating that when she fell, a male with a lit lantern stood by her side and gently passed his hands over the hurt portion of the body. When she looked up it was Sai Baba Himself. He told her she would be all right and that He would look after the welfare of her son.  
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In 1913, a blind man was found singing before Baba at Shirdi, to the tune of cymbals. His favourite song was “Jai Jai Ramakrishna Hari” a traditional bhajan. Swami Sai Sharan Anand, found the same man in Shirdi in 1942-43, reading and reciting chapters of Bhagawat Geeta, and Gnaneshwar’s amruthanubhava. Queried how he was able to see now when he was blind in 1913, he said that Baba had improved his eye sight even then, so as to see with blurred vision. After Mahasamadhi, his eye sight became clear, and with His grace, he is now able to write, read and move about.  

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Here is Baba’s prediction coming through after His Mahasamadhi. Sri Gummadalli Lakshminarayana of Secunderabad used to go to Shirdi when Baba was alive and had darshan of Baba many times. On one occasion, Baba told G. Lakshminarayana, “You build a temple of Lakshminarayana”. G Lakshminarayana asked what the cost would be. Baba said 6 lakhs. G Lakshminarayana was aghast as he did not have that much money as he was an ordinary merchant, at that time. G Lakshminarayana, thought it was a joke made by Baba. But within two years his business flourished to such an extent that he could spare 6 lakhs for the construction of the temple. By this time Baba attained Mahasamadhi. G Lakshminarayana obeyed the direction of Baba, and constructed a Lakshminarayana temple at Secunderabad costing about 6 lakhs. The temple is still maintained and managed by G Lakshminarayana’s children.
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Dr. A.R. Govind Rao, MBBS, M.S. (Yale), was posted as Medical officer of civil/military centre at Ananthapur, A.P., during World War II in 1942. His search for a house for himself and his family led him to the house of one Ramaswamy, an advocate and an ardent devotee of Baba. The time was 7 p.m. on that eventful day, when Sri Ramaswamy’s wife and other members of the family were crying loudly. On enquiry the doctor was informed that Ramaswamy’s daughter Pramila, 6 year old had sustained severe burns all over the body upto the neck. Her pavadae (clothes) had caught fire while she was doing pradakshina to Tulsi Brindavan, where oil lamps were lit. It was Dwadashi festival (festival of Sri Krishna at Brindavan). The girl’s body had received burns 10 days back. Her body was full of foul smelling pus, having lots of maggots (young worms of flies). She was being treated at the local government hospital. She was unconscious for the last six days with high temperature and could not take a drop of water. As her condition deteriorated, the doctors in the hospital advised her parents to take the patient home as nothing more could be done from their side. The girl was brought to her home and that was the condition that prevailed when the doctor entered the house, accompanied by his brother-in-law. His brother-in-law, who was also a lawyer, introduced the doctor as having come from Madras and that he is in search of a house. Sri Ramaswamy who immediately came out of the pooja room, exclaimed that Sai Baba has sent the medical aid at the critical time. The doctor was requested to examine the patient and treat her suitably. The doctor was dumbfounded as he had not heard of Sai Baba before and it appeared to him that the condition of the patient was beyond human help. However being a doctor, he had to face the emergency. He went back to the traveller’s bungalow where he was camping with his family to bring his medical kit, and informed his wife the predicament in which he was, and told her not to worry if he returns late in the night. The patient had 104 degrees temperature; the pulse was rapid and feeble. She was not responding to any kind of stimuli. The pus smelt badly. After protecting his nose with a cloth, he cleaned the whole body, removed manually with foreceps a number of maggots (about 180) and applied gauze soaked in codliver oil over the wound. The girl did not show any sign of life during the whole process which took nearly three hours. As only Sulpha drugs wee available then, the doctor gave Mand B 693 tablets powdered them and asked the mother to give it with honey in case the girl woke up in the night. Ramaswamy, the girl’s father, applied Baba’s udhi on the girl’s forehead. The doctor went home with no hope whatsoever. Next morning the doctor returned to see the patient, with great trepidation in his heart whether the girl would be alive. There he saw the miracle of Sai Baba for the first time in his life. (The second miracle would be mentioned later). The girl was awake. She asked for water in the night, and had asked for milk, which were given. Her condition was very much improved. The temperature had touched normal and the pulse was full. She answered the doctor’s question clearly and fluently. Everyday the doctor would visit their house and dress the wounds. At the end of six months the burnt area had fully healed up, covered with healthy skin, with no trace of scar. Baba used the doctor as an instrument for saving the girl from the jaws of death. Soon after the doctor was transferred from Ananthapur to Madras. Sri Ramaswamy while giving farewell dinner to the doctor gave him a photo of Sri Sai Baba and a packet of udhi, and asked him to worship Baba. But the doctor’s mind was not receptive to such things at that time. He forgot about Baba entirely for nearly a decade, when Baba reminded him again. Pramila had grown up, she was of marriageable age. When her marriage was fixed, she personally came to invite the doctor for her marriage. The young wife and husband are now settled at Hyderabad.   
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Here is Doctor’s second experience. The doctor had forgotten Sai Baba for more than a decade. Baba re-established the faith in Him, by His own initiative. The doctor was posted as Professor, Andhra Medical College, Vishakapatnam in the year 1950. In the period 1952-1953, the now Andhra Pradesh was in the midst of political turmoil, of creation of separate state from the composite state of Madras.

The doctor to escape the turbulence and insecurity of life and property went to Mysore on two months’ leave. One evening while he and his brother-in-law were walking on Thyagaraja Road, Mysore, there was a sudden down pour of rain. They went and took shelter in the nearest building, which happened to be a beautiful temple of Sai Baba, the existence of which the doctor was unaware of. At that time, as the evening pooja and Arathi were going on, the doctor, was reminded of the evening pooja and Arathi in Sri Ramaswamy’s house in Ananthapur. After Arathi, they were given Prasad and udhi.

An old man was sitting in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. He beckoned the doctor to come near him. When he went near the old man, he gave the doctor a beautiful photo of Sai Baba. The doctor thinking that the old man was entrusted with selling photos of Sai Baba, asked him the price. The old man retorted at once, that the photo is not for sale. “Baba has asked me to give it to you, It seems you have forgotten Him. You take the photo and put it in your own house and that done, He will be with you.”

The doctor was taken aback. With humble devotion he accepted the photo and offered his gratitude to the old man and to Baba. The doctor had saved only Rs. Five Thousand, and hence he could not imagine how he would be able to own a house and install Baba’s photo there. The above incident took place in 1953 and within a year there of, a miracle really happened. A cooperative house construction society in Madras accepted Rs Five Thousand only and allotted the doctor a big plot of land (Five grounds) in Adyar, a posh locality in Madras.

The society also constructed a fine spacious house on the plot, costing nearly thirty thousand rupees. The doctor was given possession of the house in 1954, with a stipulation that he should pay the cost of the land and the house on Moderate monthly instalments spread over a period of twenty years. He and his wife were immensely happy. After house warming ceremony, they put up Sai Baba’s photo in the hall facing the main entrance. Sai Baba began to make His presence felt.

A well was dug to supplement the Corporation water which was inadequate. The experience of the neighbours who had also dug wells was discouraging. The wells had saltish water. The doctor also got the same saline water. The doctor also got the same saline water. The doctor and his wife were much disappointed. In the evening both of them prayed before Baba and told Him, “this is your house, not ours. So if you want us to drink salt water, we are ready. So kindly give us the solution to the salt water problem.

” It rained throughout the night, the wall of the well partially collapsed. The contractor told the doctor, that he is prepared to spend a little more money, he would remove the mud and dig a few feet deeper. The doctor agreed. After digging three or four feet deeper, a fresh water underground stream was seen oozing out from the side of the well. In summer, which is very severe in Madras, the neighbours’ wells go dry, but the doctor’s well has at least 8 to 9 feet of sweet water.
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Captain Devaraj who was serving in the World war, received miraculous help from Sri Sai Baba. The grateful Captain donated a plot of land, which he owned on the Ooty road, Coimbatore, for the construction of Sai Mandir. One evening in January 1943, bhajans were going on in the Sai Mandir. Suddenly a cobra appeared and moved towards the picture of Sai Baba (idol of Sri Sai Baba has not been installed then). The cobra lay before the photo and appeared to be listening to the bhajans. It did not appear to be frightened of the congregation of people, nor the devotees appeared to be frightened of the cobra which lay near them. After the arathi and bhajan, the devotees left locking the temple. The next morning, the cobra was still there, near Baba’s picture. The devotees now began to realise that the cobra was no other than Sai Baba. They chanted verses and sang praises of Baba, showered flowers and rose petals on the picture of Sai Baba and on the snake. The cobra quietly, accepted the adoration and did not move from the place. A professional photographer was called and he has taken the photo of the cobra with heap of flowers on it. The next day afternoon the cobra left the temple of its own accord. The temple is now called Naga Sai Mandir Coimbatore. 52. V.N Murthy Rao of Basavanagudi, Bangalore, was suffering from fits for 17 years from his 19th year. All kinds of treatments and charms were of no avail. About 1943, a friend of his gave him a little udhi of Sai Baba, advised him to leave all other medicines, cast all his burden and anxieties on Sai Baba and worship Him. He began to worship Sai Baba, not with any faith but with the hope that he would get relief from his fits. He began to get relief immediately. First he would get fits only when he was in the office or in the house and never while outside, or on roads. The attacks became milder and milder. Murthy Rao was content to be cured gradually. But his mother and brother were anxious for cure immediately. They approached some tantrics, without the knowledge of Murthy Rao. Every time it was done the attacks increased, until one day, Sai Baba came upon him and in that condition, he told his mother “why did you go elsewhere. Never have any of my devotees been thrown to despondency. He is not having any of his previous attacks. Within another three or four month, he will be completely all right. Be content with having the complaint cured slowly.” Murthy Rao became alright as told by Baba.  
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V.N Murthy of Basavanagudi,Bangalore,  was suffering  from fits for 17 years from his 19th year.
All kinds of treatments and charms were of no avail. About 1943, a friend of his gave him alittle udhi of SaiBaba , advised him to leave all other medicines, cast all his burdens and anxities on SaiBaba and worship him. He began to worship SaiBaba, not with any faith but with the hope that he would get relief from his fits.He began to get relief immediately.First he would get fits only when he was in the office  or in the house and  never while outside or in roads. The attacks became milder and milder.Murthy Rao was content to be cured gradually.But his mother and brother were anxious for cure immediately. They approached some tantrics, without the knowledge of Murthy Rao.Every time it was done the attacks increased, until one day SaiBaba came upon him and in that condition,he told his mother " why did you go elsewhere. Never have any of my devotees been thrown to despondency.
He is not having any of his previous attacks.Within another 3 or four months,he will be completely all right.Be content  with having the complaint cured slowly. Murthy Rao became alright as told by Baba.
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This narration appeared in “Swadeshamitran”, a Tamil magazine dated 15-9-1944. Sri T.R.S Mani Iyer of Kumbakonam was an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. He had a daughter Rajalakshmi who was dumb since birth. When she was 9 years old, Sri Iyer was directed by Sai Baba to visit his Samadhi at Shirdi. Sri Iyer visited Shirdi on 28-3-1942 along with his daughter. They worshipped the Lord before His Samadhi with all devotion, and lo! The girl began to cry “Sai Baba, Sai Baba”, the first words uttered by her. Sri Iyer went to Shirdi during Ramanavami celebration, presented a Banaras Silk shawl, and a silver lamp of the height of his daughter to Baba. A photo of the girl Rajalakshmi was also published in the said news magazine of that date.
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V Swaminatha Iyer of Mayavaram arranged for pooja of Sai Baba on 6-2-1944, and for the purpose requested Maruthur Sanathana Ganapathigal to come with four other Vedic Brahmins. The said Ganapathigal declined, hence alternative purohits and Brahmins were arranged. But at 10:30 a.m. on 6-2-1944, Ganapathigal himself turned up for the pooja, and said with a chagrined face that he declined the previous day, thinking Sai Baba was a Muslim, But at 5:30 a.m. on 6-2-1944, Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadhipathi Sankaracharya Swamy appeared in his dream and directed him “you go to Mayavaran junction immediately and do my pooja there, don’t doubt.” He came with four other Vedic Brahmins and performed pooja for Sai Baba.  
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Mrs. Hira Bai Iyer, W/o later Sri Rao Saheb VP Iyer, writes about her husband as follows: They had six children, Sri VP Iyer was a sugar technologist who worked for various sugar mills; he worked on a contract, at different places. Mrs. Iyer stayed at Lucknow with her children to give them education. In 1944, he got a contract to work in Lakshmiwadi Sugar Mills, near Kopergaon, Maharastra. Because of its nearness to Shirdi, Sri Iyer would take every opportunity to be in Sai Baba temple. He had expressed often that his wish was to be near Sai Baba always. In May 1945, the sugar season was over and his contract with the factory came to an end, and he had planned to leave for Lucknow on 27th May 1945, his two sons had gone to Lakshmiwadi to spend their holidays with their father. On 26th evening he went to Shirdi to have darshan of Baba. At 2 a.m. on 27th, he woke his sons stating that he was not well. The doctor was summoned and medicine was given. He was lying with his eyes closed and would open his eyes at times only to look at Baba’s photo. At 4:30 p.m. he opened his eyes and beckoned to a person standing near him to bring the Baba photo and place it on his chest. Embracing the photo of Baba, and crying “Baba, Sai Baba”, he smilingly breathed his last. Baba heard the prayer of His devotees that he should always be near Him, and has kept him near Him forever. Sri Iyer had endeared himself to all sections of the people at Shirdi, and they approached the Samsthan and requested that a Samadhi be build for Sri Iyer, which was agreed to. His ashes were buried and a Samadhi was built and his name engraved on it. There are a few samadhis to the right side of the enterance to the Lendi garden and one of them is that of Rao Saheb VP Iyer.
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In July 1946, Sri G Vishwanathan Chetty was the Joint Registrar of Co-operative societies, Madras. He stayed with his cousin Ramakrishna in Kasi Chetty Street, Madras, as he had not yet brought his family to Madras. His daily routine was to spend an hour with Sri Narasimha Swamiji. During one such visit, Sri Narasimha Swamiji suggested to him that he should offer silver bell with Anjaneya Vigraha on the top of its handle. The bell was ordered and obtained. Swamiji said that the bell should be handed over to him the next day as he was leaving for Shirdi. Sri Vishwanathan Chetty had safely kept the parcel containing the bell in his wardrobe in his bedroom. The next morning, he was leaving for office but had forgotten about handing over the bell to Swamiji. As he was descending the stairs to get into his car, he heard the ringing of the bell. He stopped and looked up. It was not the telephone ring. But what was it, which was ringing continuously? Then it dawned to him that he had forgotten to deliver the bell as promised to Swamiji. He immediately retraced his steps fetched the bell and handed over the same to Swamiji. Sri Vishwanathan Chetty asked the question, who rang the bell in his mind, Sai Baba or Swamiji?  
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In the year 1947, there was not much electricity in the interior countryside of India. It was so in the residence of Ravalu Devendra Nadhan, Perala, Chirala. He lived with his daughter Indra and other members of the family in a big house. Indira had a separate room for herself. She had the walls well whitewashed and roof covered with tatty to which paper was plastered so as to prevent insects from falling. As there was no electricity, a lamp was fixed to the wall and she had Baba’s photo next to the lamp. It was Saturday and 8 o’clock in the night. In her place there was a Hanuman temple and on Saturdays Hanuman pooja was performed and Prasad distributed. She was reading a religious book, lying on her cot, when she was roused suddenly by her father’s unusually lound voice “Indra, Indra”. She felt irked at the disturbance. She went out and found the poojary with a plate of prasadam, which she took and brought inside the house. When she returned to continue her reading, she was shocked to find that a big snake had fallen on her cot in her absence. She shouted “snake snake” and her father and others gathered, caught the snake and left it on the outskirts. Indra had requested them not to harm the snake. The benevolent grace of Baba was on Indira. At the appropriate time, he made her to leave her cot, which saved her from mishap.  
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In the Ashada month of 1948, a batch of devotees left for Shirdi from Hyderabad. It was rainy season. From Kopergaon, in those days, were no busses to Shirdi. One had to cross river Godavari and then catch a bus to Shirdi. The present road over the bridge was under construction. The devotees found that the low level bridge across Godavari was almost submerged in water. A boat was plying to enable people to cross to the other shore. The Hyderabad devotees also wanted to do the same. But the cartman, who had brought them from the Kopergaon station, suggested that he would take them through the low level bridge, and the party of devotees agreed, to avoid transhipment by boat. When the cart was half was half way through there was a heavy downpour of rain, the river which was already swelling become furious? The bullocks were virtually in water, and the cart man lost his control. In addition one of the cart wheels got struck to a boulder. There was no parapet wall to the low-level bridge, and the water had engulfed the cart. The party chanted the name of Sai Baba in chorus and had almost made up their mind to meet the watery grave with the Lord’s name of their lips. Suddenly from nowhere a middle aged man appeared in front of the bullock cart, and assumed control of steering the cart of his own accord. The cartman removed the boulder and the stranger piloted the cart towards the other shore. The water subdued as the stranger deftly piloted the cart. Soon after, the rain stopped, clouds cleared and there was some sunshine. The crowds of people who were watching from the other shore at the party’s plight, rejoiced with shouts of “Sai Baba Ki Jai”, Mr Baliah, the head of the group of devotees was so immensely happy, that he took out a ten rupee note to offer as a presentation to the stranger. But lo! The stranger was not there!  
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After evening darshan at the shrine, the party returned to their cottage and everyone including Sri Balliah fell asleep. In his dream a certain person appeared and told him that he has erred in accounting the “hundi” money to be given to Sai Baba, and also told him the extent of the error. Sri Baliah immediately got up, took his pencil and paper and began calculations. To his surprise, he found the error exactly, as the gentleman in the dream had said.
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The following narration will show another instance of the continued presence of Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi. The following are the experiences of Sri Munshi’s in his own language. Sri J.M. Munshi is an advocate. He resides in Bombay. ”Shirdi Sai Baba is a phenomenon. His physical body disintergrated into the elements many years ago. But today belief in Him and His power to assist people in times of distress is growing. The Baba started no cult and spread no religion, which one could identify with Him. His teachings have however been the essence of all religions. His believers are country wide, and include Hindus, Muslims, Parsis, Christians and Others. All of us have heard of miracles.

 A person educated in wordly subjects, however finds it difficult to accept their existence, for they defy human reasoning and logic. Normally a person has his pride and ego on which he exists and survives. Acceptance of a miracle tends to offend his ego and hurts his pride. Indeed it needs an unchallenging humily, a strong character and strict adherence to honesty to admit the existence of miracles. Moreover to acknowledge a miracle is to accept the existence of an agency which performs it.

One had indeed to thrust aside his ego which feels ashamed of such acceptance, to show reasoning and logic for there is no rational explanation one can give for it; and in all humility to admit that what one experienced was no accident or coincidence, but in the words of Gandhiji the work of “an indefinable mysterious power which pervades everything.” I am a lawyer by profession and I have been trained to accept a fact only when it is conclusively proved. It was with this background and training that my association with the name of Shirdi Sai Baba first started.

In May 1948, my wife and I were travelling in a first class compartment of the train going from Bangalore to Bombay. There were six of us in the compartment, including an old couple and two youngsters. Having nothing else to do, the two youngsters, my wife and I were playing cards. The old man was obviously praying and his wife was watching us. We had been advised not to travel by this particular route because of the Razakar trouble then prevailing in the erstwhile Hyderabad state. As youngsters, we thought it was our privilege not to heed to such advice which we believed was borne out of undue apprehensions and fear. The train had left the last station in Hyderabad territory and was fast approaching Sholapur station in the Indian Union.

Suddenly the train was forced to stop at a station called Gangapur. There was a large crowd of Razakars in the station, armed with rifles, lathis, and other lethal weapons. As soon as the train stopped, a cry was raised by the Razakars. “All Muslims get down. Kill all Hindus.” The old man immediately ordered us to pull down the shutters and to lock the door. We promptly carried out his orders. For nearly five hours we could hear screams and wailings of passengers who were pulled out of the train, beaten and robbed. Third class passengers fled into the nearby fields and their belongings were looted. The Razakars repeatedly tried to force open our compartment but failed to do so. Even in the midst of this cacophony and panic, we would observe the old man praying. Queer enough from the reports confirmed at the Sholapur station, our compartment was the only one in the entire train that had escaped the marauders.

After nearly five hours, the train crawled towards Sholapur station. Once we reached the shores of Safety, the old man’s wife explained to us that the old man has been suffering from blood pressure and heart disease and that they were fleeing from the Hyderabad territory with all their money and belongings because of Razakar trouble. Once we reached Sholapur station, the military officers took down our statements and the incident came to an end. Although we had escaped untouched by the Razakars, this incident left such an indelible scar in our memory that for a long time my wife and I suffered from nightmares arising out of it.

A few days after this incident a friend of mine read out to me, in Bombay an article in a magazine, obviously written by the old man where in he had related this incident and had claimed that it was because of his prayers to Shirdi Sai Baba, that the entire compartment of the train escaped unscathed by the Razakars. As witness to this incident, he had cited my name in the article. My friend saw me with his article for corroboration of this incident. I told him that the facts stated in the article were all true. It was also true that our compartment was the only one which had escaped unhurt. It was also true that the old man was frantically praying all the time. I however told him that I had never before heard of Shirdi Sai Baba and that whether this incident was a miracle or a mere coincidence was for him to judge for himself.

While this incident remained embedded in my memory, except in the course of stray discussion with friends, Shirdi Sai Baba was more or less forgotten for a long time. In the early part of 1953, I again came in close association with the name of Shirdi Sai Baba. This was a bad period for my wife and me. My wife had been seriously ill and because of her long stay in the hospital she was feeling very miserable. I was having some trouble in my office and had threatened to leave my partners. Life in general, was fraught with problems, for which no solutions were in sight.

On the way to my office there was a small photo frame maker’s shop. Outside his shop was hung a picture of Shirdi Sai Baba. Below the picture was his message ‘if you look to me, I shall look to you’. I do not remember how long this picture was hung there, but it was during early 1953 that my attention got first focussed to this picture and the message. It was then that I was suddenly reminded of the old man’s assertion during the Razakar incident, that Shirdi Sai Baba had saved him.

Gradually I got so obsessed by this picture of Shirdi Sai Baba, and the message, that one day, I told my wife about my obsession and my desire to acquire the said picture and to perform the pooja of Baba. My wife readily agreed to my proposal. We purchased Baba’s picture, brought the picture home, lit a lamp before the photo and prayed that we looked to him for solution of our problems.

Within a few days there after, all our problems got settled to our reasonable satisfaction and life ran smooth again. Was this another coincidence? Was this pooja a weakness of our minds? Or could the solution of our problems be the working of that indefinable, mysterious phenomenon called Shirdi Sai Baba?

Well, let each one judge for himself. For us since the time Shirdi Sai Baba entered our home and heart, he became a veritable Pater Familias of our household. Not only the two of us, but our near relations, as also the domestic servants accepted him as an essential part of our existence. As the pooja continued daily, we gradually got used to look to Shirdi Sai Baba for His blessings, particularly in times of distress.

Many things big and small did happen which ostensibly appeared coincidental but which one could in all humility attribute to the phenomenon called Shirdi Sai Baba. A few years there after, I was once travelling by the night train from Surat to Bombay. After the train left Surat station, I suddenly developed severe pain, which later was diagnosed as being on account of stone in the bladder. Within a couple of hours the pain aggravated to such an extent that I could neither lie down on my berth nor sit down. The only choice for me was to keep standing writhing in pain, while my co-passenger was fast asleep on the adjoining berth.

I also began passing blood through the bladder. When the train reached the Palgar station, at about 2 a.m, the pain became so severe that I had to shake my co-passenger out of his slumber and urge him to call the guard and to see whether he could find a doctor travelling by the train who could relieve me of the pain. My co-passenger there upon called the guard and explained the situation to him.

No doctor could be located in the train at that time of the night. The guard therefore advised me to get down at Palghar so that I could receive treatment from a local doctor and proceed to Bombay by subsequent train. The guard called the station master and under their joint advice, I got down at Palghar and the train left the station. The advice given by the guard and the station master was however not at all sound.

For nearly an hour, I waited at the Palghar station for the doctor who had been summoned by the station master . I was virtually howling in pain, and taking the name of Baba. No doctor was however forthcoming. The station master then told me that the doctor summoned by him was refusing to come to the station at that time of the night. He suggested that instead I should be taken to the doctor. There was no taxi available at the time and the only available conveyance was bullock cart.

 So the station Master and his associates lifted me into the bullockcart and directed the driver to take me to the doctor. One can imagine my mental state travelling alone in bullock-cart in that condition at that time of the night, in a town I had never visited before and where I knew no one. I was not sure whether I was going to survive this predicament. The only thing I could do in the circumstances was to look upon Shirdi Sai Baba for aid and assistance. The doctor diagnosed my ailment, administered morphine injection and I was soon immersed into oblivion. At my request he had sent a call to my relations in Bombay. The next day my relations arrived and I was taken to Bombay.

But the most important experience of my life was yet to come. It was this incident which shook the lawyer out of me and converted me into a humble devotee recognising the work of the Master.

In October 1959, my one month old daughter got seriously dehyderated and was admitted to the Breach Candy Hospital. Over three weeks of treatment, including blood transfusion could not bring her round. Leading doctors were attending on her. The child hand been running high temperature since days and the doctors were not sure whether she would pull through.

My wife and I were on the verge of a complete breakdown. On the early morning of November 14th 1959, we were informed by two leading doctors that the child was so serious that her chances of survival were remote. She was being administered oxygen as her breathing had been difficult. With tears, agony and deep dejection, my wife and I came home from the hospital at about 9 a.m. for a short while, so that we could get ready and again rush back to the hospital. As soon as we reached our home, I told my wife about a decision which I had reached.

My decision has arisen out of sheer desperation. I said to my wife “we had been worhipping Shirdi Sai Baba for several years. It has been said that if we looked to Him, he would look to us. The survival of our only child means a lot to us. My decision is that if the child survives, our faith that Shirdi Sai Baba looks to us in times of distress, would become conclusive. If on the other hand, the child does not survive, we would end our worship as He would have failed us.” The sequence of events, after this decision, is interesting.

At 10 a.m. we were again at the hospital. Another senior doctor was attending on the child. He too came to the conclusion that the child was dying and there was no hope of survival. Suddenly a comparatively junior doctor, who was also there, said “Doctor, I have been observing this child for some time, while she is running very high temperature, she has not lost consciousness.

Could it be that the child is not suffering from septi anaemia but from malaria?” The senior doctor laughed and said, “How do you expect malaria in Breach Candy Hospital. Anyway, there is not much left in the child. You may try a shot of quinine.” As stated above, this talk took place at 10 a.m. At 1 p.m. on that day the temperature of the child came down to 101 degrees after several days.

At 4 p.m. the temperature came further down to 99 degrees and by 7 p.m. the temperature was 97.5 degrees. Oxygen and blood transfusion were no longer called for. The eminent doctors who during the earlier part of that day had certified her as dying left baffled. The temperature of the child remained at normal ever since. Within three months, the child was in the pink of health. Those who saw her at the age of 5 months could hardly believe our description of the crisis that she had passed through a few months earlier.

Consistent with our promise we took our daughter to Shirdi in March 1960 by car. Strange and dramatic though it may appear, on our way to Shirdi during a halt, our daughter gazed at the world around her, spread our both her arms, and madder her first utterance ‘ba, ba, ba,ba.’ These are facts of my life as they stand. The sequence of events is also in the above order.

The conclusion is for each individual to make for himself. For myself I felt convinced of the existence of that power which assists us, if we, in all humility look to it. Today with all the above mentioned and other experiences, my entire family, near relations, and even servants, have got completely used to looking upto Shirdi Sai Baba for succour in times of distress. I must admit in all humility that He has never failed us. Many things big and small, have happened in our lives which have made us acknowledge the existence of this indefinable mysterious power/phenomenon, whose only message is that if one looks to Shirdi Sai Baba, the Baba will look to us.

So far as I am concerned, the Baba has now been the very part of my existence. He has been my guide, philosopher and friend. On difficult occasions, depending on my variable moods, I have prayed to Him, beseeched Him, implored Him, begged of Him, argued with Him, and sometimes even quarrelled with Him, for not solving the knotted problems of my existence. Whatsoever the mood, the problems have been ultimately solved.

Recently a great devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba, whom I met, has also endorsed this view of mine and said “Shirdi Sai Baba is not only the father, but also the mother. A mother sometimes becomes inattentive to the child, sometimes she punishes the child, but when it is time, she will always give milk to the child’! 
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Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

Praise be to Baba!
Glory be to Baba!
Victory be to Baba!

Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

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In 1949, Gangadhar Lakshman Jakhadi, Dadar, Bombay, was a telegraph master at Kalyan Railway Station. At 12’O clock, in the noon, he was going to the railway canteen for his lunch.

 A sanyasi who was sitting on a bench, beckoned him. The sanyasi began to converse with him. He said he was a devotee of Dutta, that he had come to Bombay after pilgrimage to Mahur, (in Central India, is a Dattatreya kshetra.) that he was on his way to Badrinarayan temple in the Himalayas, “would you buy me a ticket to Haridwar?’ asked the sanyasi. ”Do you have money for the journey and ticket?’ asked Jakhadi. “Put your hand in my joli and take the money” said the sanyasi.

Jakhadi did so and found the zoli contained a lot of rupee coins. He took Rs.36 from the joli, the fare to Haridwar was Rs35.12 annas. “Put the balance four annas in my joli” said the sanyasi. When Jakhadi tried to put the four annas in the joli, he found it empty now. Hardly a few minutes back it was full! ”What happened? Your joli is empty now” asked Jakhadi in wonder. “Nothing has happened.

 My bank is at Mahur, Gangapur (Gangapur or Ganagapur is near Sholapur, Gulburga District, is also Dattatreya Kshetra.), Shirdi and other places. When I need money, I get it. When the need is met, the money returns to my bank. “What have I got to do with money”? queried the sanyasi. Then the sanyasi of his own accord, told Jakhadi, “Sai Baba is an incarnation of Dutta, visit Shirdi from time to time, you will not be found wanting for anything.” Did Sai Baba materialise in the form of the sanyasi?
Or did the sanyasi identify himself with Sai Baba? We do not know.

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During His lifetime, Baba would be at Shirdi physically, but at the same time would be appearing elsewhere to a devotee.

While being at Shirdi, He would be appearing in a person’s dreams and vision elsewhere. He would appear in His own likeness, and He would appear in some other form. Sai Baba, in flesh and blood at Shirdi, did not suffer from illusion that He was the body, there was no reason why he should be bound by it, or why He should not assume another form at will. Sai Baba, even after Mahasamadhi, performs His works at His will, taking His own form some other form or directs others to do the same.

The incident happened in 1949. Sri Shantavanji was a great saint of Gujarat and a disciple of Pujya Ramsharmaji. He was a worshiper of Bhagwathi Gayathri. After leaving home, in his early year, he stayed on the bank of the river Ganga for doing Gayathri sadhana. Not being able to concentrate, he started roaming and reached Balaram, a holy place near Palampu, where the atmosphere is serene and spiritual. He spent three or four days there in meditation.

Thereafter for reasons unknown, he began to feel discouraged and could not concentrate. He was upset with himself and decided to commit suicide by jumping into the river. He offered his last prayer in a Shiva temple. Reaching the river bank, chanting the Gayathri Mantra, and ascertaining that there was nobody around, was about to jump into the flowing river. A fakir caught hold of him, smiled gently and enquired why he was doing that act. He told Shantavanji to follow Him.

The fakir’s words were so forceful and magnetic, that Shantavanji, just followed Him like a dumb creature. The fakir got Shantavanji a railway ticket to his home town and disappeared there after. Sri Shantavanji did not know who the Fakir was, and after roaming the Himalayas for meditation, finally settled at Karnali on the banks of the Narmada, Baroda District.

In 1979, thirty years after the incident, Sri Shantavanji was invited to Sai temple, Surat, on the day of Dutta jayanthi, and for Gayathri yagna. Sri Shantavanji had not visited any Sai temple, nor Shirdi, nor was he a devotee of Sai Baba. On the night before the puja celebrations, Sri Shantavanji, who used to meditate every night before going to bed, prayed for the reason why he was selected for performing the pooja.

In the night Sai Baba appeared in his dream and asked Him “Have you forgotten me, who saved you thirty years ago in Balaram…” on hearing these words, Sri Shantavanji immediately got up, taking a bath, sat in meditation. In his meditation he saw Sai Baba in the place of Gayathri and experienced bliss beyond description. He related this incident when he went to the Sai temple for the yagna and pooja. 
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About 1950, Kamruddin Baba, a Sufi Saint, had settle in Goregaon in Bombay. Sri C.V.Ramachandran, of Ghod Bhunder Road, Goregaon, Bombay, was living nearby. He was a devotee of Sai Baba. One day Ramachandran was inexplicably drawn to the Sufi Saint Kamruddin Baba. He went, bowed and touched the saint’s feet. Something like an electric shock went through his body. He got up and the Baba embraced him and kissed him in the usual manner on the forehead. At this he forgot himself. He thought that there is something supernatural about the Sufi Saint.

Before Ramachandran could open his mouth, he spoke that better days are ahead of him, that his financial problems would ease, to believe in Sai Baba and do his duty. As told by the saint, Ramachandran got an unexpected increment of Rs 35.00 in his salary within a week. Ramachandran also mentions that like Sai Baba, when he was in Shirdi, Kamruddin Baba also takes on the sufferings, fevers and ailments of his devotees on himself.

This information was disclosed by Sri Ramachandran to Sri Narasimha Swamiji, when the latter requested him to narrate his experiences. 
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Bhikaji Mahadev Bidwe was an employee in Sri Sai Baba Samsthan, Shirdi. He got a salary of Rs 36/- per month. His sister Chabutai was sick since three months, and her condition took a turn for the worse on December 5, 1951. bhikaji wanted her to be examined by a good doctor, but how could he bring one on his meagre salary? He was worried. But he continued to have faith in Baba, and was confident that Baba would not let him down. He continued to do his duty and into the office came an old devotee, a doctor, who came to make some enquiries. During their conversation Bhikaji came to know that the devotee was a doctor. Bhikaji asked the doctor, whether he would examine his sister. The doctor gladly agreed. He examined his sister and prescribed the necessary medicines  
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All India Sai Devotees’ convention was held at Dharwad in 1951. Sri Narasimha Swamiji and Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji attended the convention. For their return to Madras, they boarded the train at Hubli which was scheduled to leave at 9.50 p.m.

The first bell for the departure of the train had been rung. When Sri Narasimha Swamiji remembered that he had left some important papers in the cupboard of his host’s residence.
The distance between the railway station and the hosts residence was about 2 k.m. It could be covered by walk in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Sri Narasimha Swamiji asked Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji (he was then only Radhakrishna) to go and fetch the papers at once. As Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji alighted and began proceeding towads the residence, the second bell also rang. Sri Radhakrishna swamiji’s faith in his Guru, was such, that he unquestioningly and without hesitation got down from the train and rushed towards the host’s residence without even a thought about the train which was about to start.

 Meanwhile the guard blew the whistle and showed the green flag. The train driver opened the regulator to start the train. But the train would not move. It would not move even an inch. The station staff examined the brake system, and found everything in order. Exactly at 10 p.m.

 Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji returned with the papers and handed them to Sri Narasimha Swamiji.
 A crowd had collected near the compartment who had come to see the Swamiji. The station staff and the driver perceiving the crowd suspecting some mishap came over to Swamiji’s compartment.

Sri Narasimha Swamiji told the driver of the train “Now you go and start the train, it will start, there will be no difficulty.” The driver then went and started the train, which moved easily. Such were the faith and powers of the apostles of Sri Sai Baba.
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Post by: Ranadheer K A on February 12, 2009, 12:40:05 AM
Dear Reader,

A wonderful miracle was established with the blessings of Sree Shiridi Sai.

This autumn, Thursday 23rd October 2008 early hours I suddenly woke up from my sound sleep and saw His almighty Satguru Shree Shirdi Sai appeared right in front of my eyes, for few moments I was speechless. I was so happy to see his face with graceful smile on his face.

Later He directed me to write a book on his miracles experienced by his devotees who are spread across continents and said and this will be The Life Book of my devotees, a testimony of their trust in me and my promise to them "You look to Me I Look to You". He further assured that who all reads this book and believes that I am there shall experience many Miracles in their own lives too and that they will one day contribute their Miracle to this book to be published.

Iam not sure weather it was real or my illusion. I was also contemplating weather it's just an illusion or a truth. I prayed to Baba and said "if it is real please bless me with your photograph or prasadam, so that I can overcome from this confusion. Around 11.45 am a priest came to my office and handed over me a photograph of Baba & Shree Ramji. Here, I undoubtedly accepted the fact that it was not an illusion but a message from God as a Life time Opportunity to network with his beloved devotees.

Trust me, I did not know where to start and what to start, I was not at all prepared for any thing like this in my life.

But, as my first step towards his order I started this website to collect the miracles & experiences from Baba devotes and make a library and then to compile a book to take his glory and showcase how close Baba lives with his devotees. This Book is going to be incarnated as "THE MIRACLE BOOK".

My Mission is to take My Experience with GOD to all SHIRIDI SAI devotees and request them to pass on this message to as many people as possible. I request you to encourage & advise them to share their experiences with us and help us compile The Miracle Book with Their Experience with God and document it for future references which shall remain for ever.

By sharing your experience with God shall help & inspire the individuals of this society to believe that god exists and he can be experienced provided you are will to experience him.

You can email your miracles to mymiracle@miraclesofsai.org or miraclesofsai@gmail.com.

My humble request to all BABA DEVOTES, Please forward this mail to all your friends and family members across the globe and encourage them to be a part of this Blissful Mission.

Looking forward to receive your miracle experiences very soon.

Jai Sai Ram
Best Wishes
Ranadheer Kumar Aaleti

NOTE: My humble request to all saibaba devotes please visit www.miraclesofsai.org and shar your miracle experience with us. it will help me to compile the miracle book.
jai sai ram
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Sri Champaklal Chamanlal Manikwala is an advocate, residing at Relief Road, Ahmedabad. He suffered from dropsy and gastric ulcer from 1948 onwards. He had lost appetite, he vomited blood and could not eat anything nor drink even water. His weight became abnormal, 300 pounds in 1952. Since January 1952, he became bedridden.

In April 1952, on the advice of his relations he had hung up a photo of Baba and was praying to Him. But he also had a misgiving whether to pray to a Muslim saint. Nevertheless, he was attracted by the photo, and he got a vision of Baba, on evening, and Baba told him that he is not a fakir, but an incarnation of Dutta. He also told him that there are nine incarnations of Dutta like Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur, Dhuniwala Dada of Kandwa, Vishnu Debananda Saraswathi of Narmada, the Mahant of Akkalkote etc.

The lawyer the next day obtained two books on Baba and began to read them. A few days later, the lawyer’s condition deteriorated further and the doctors completely gave up hopes and opined that his life would ebb away in a few hours. Baba appeared again and told him “Baccha Mat Gabra tumara sub dukh mai hardeja”. Baba also instructed his mother to send her grandson to Shirdi immediately.

The lawyer’s relations were in a fix. To send the lawyer’s son to Shirdi or not, the lawyer’s son being inexperienced to travel alone, and also as nobody had any hope of the lawyer’s survival. Nevertheless, the lawyer consulting his mother and other relations decided to send his son to Shirdi, on the same day in the evening Baba appeared again and told, “do not be afraid, I am with your son, let him start immediately. Tomorrow by 12’o clock noon. You will receive a wire from Shirdi that he has reached safe”.

The son reached Shirid as predicted by Baba and at 12 noon, a wire reached them. As soon as the information of his son’s reaching Shirdi was received, the lawyer began to purge continuously. This lasted for 2 hours. Urine also passed, bleeding has stopped. By the next day all the poison in his body has passed out and his body became light. He weighed 75 pounds! The heartbeat was normal. The doctors were surprised at this transformation. In two months time he could take his food. He has also resumed his practice after some months.

The lawyer after he became sufficiently strong visited Shirdi and has gone to all South Indian Pilgrim centres. Sri Narasimha Swamiji’s 80th birthday celebrations were fixed for 19th August 1953. The lawyer says that while he was in Madras during the pilgrimage on the 8th or 9th of August 1953, Baba gave him a visit again and told him to visit His temple at Mylapore, Madras, and relate his experience to the devotees and especially to Sri Narasimha Swamiji.
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Sri D.V.S Naidu of west Mareddipally, Secunderabad, was doing business since 1942 at Kalbadevi, Bombay. He was doing cloth commission business in the name of Ram Subagh Hari and Co. In 1952, his type of business stopped as cloth was controlled and textiles were directly supplied to cooperative societies. In this situation, he was walking towards V.T. Station, when he was accosted by Krishnadas Chowdhury of Vijayawada, who asked him how the business was. Sri Naidu replied there was no business to agents like him now.

Sri Chowdhury then said, hat he was proceeding to Shirdi, and asked his friend to accompany him. Sri Naidu said he had no money to make the trip, but would take Prasad from Chowdhury when he returned. But Sri Chowdhury persuaded and purchased a ticket for Sri Naidu also. They reached Shirdi, and he says that very few people were to be found in the Sai Baba Mandir at that time at Shirdi. They slept under a tree, had bath in the morning, had darshan of Sai Baba and returned to Bombay. On arrival at his office, his clerk told him that one Sri Shanmugha Sundaram Pillai, Registrar of Co-operative Societies from Madras had come to seek his help. Next day Sri Pillai again came to Sri Naidu’s office and appraised textiles from Bombay and that he should be helped in this matter.

The officer  Sri Pillai, was authorised by the Government of Madras to purchase of textile goods to the extent of his capacity, and he could also inform his friends who were doing similar business. The assignment lasted for two years, Sri Naidu and his friends had enough business, to see them through. 
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Sri P. Venkaiah, an assistant Sub Inspector of Police Special Establishments, Madras, narrates about his experience. I kept three five rupees notes and three one rupee notes in my trunk box without my wife Lakshmi’s knowledge; I pretended I had no money, when she required it.

On the night of 30/12/1953, my wife dreamt and said: ”Baba came to our house for begging alms saying “Bhikshamdehi”. She told Him that she had nothing to give at present as her husband had not received his salary. He at once told her that she had money in the trunk box and that her husband has kept three five rupee notes and three one rupee notes.

” When accosted Sri Venkaiah told her that it is a fact. He gave her the key to the trunk box, and on opening it, she found the exact amount mentioned by Baba in her dream. Swami Sai Sharan Anand records in his books that a school mistress, a widow, had an only son.

In 1956, he appeared for SSLC examination. On the last day of the examination, he returned home with a bad attack of fever. Medicines cured him of fever, but the fever left him lame. The boy had to be lifted for being taken from place to place. As all medicines were tried and found to be ineffective, the school mistress having heard of Sai Baba of Shirdi, took her son to Shirdi. The boy felt shy of being taken to Samadhi Mandir on the shoulders of others. So he remained in his room. The mother alone went to pray.

On the third day she was to leave Shirdi, and before taking leave, she offered her obeisance to Baba. In the meanwhile Baba appearing before the boy told him to have courage and lending his hand led him to the Samadhi Mandir and kept him standing against the pillar of the Mandir.

On return the mother did not find the son in the room. Worried, she again rushed to Baba. Her eyes fell on the boy standing against the pillar. Surprised, she enquired, how he had managed to come there. The mother heard the boy’s account in disbelief.

She was highly pleased when she found that the boy was able to walk to with her support, the boy fully recovered in a month and was able to move and walk freely.
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Sri M. NEmichand Jain, Pot Market, Secunderabad – 3, remembers, it was a Tuesday of June 1960. A tall well built Fakir stood with joli, near their jewellery shop. He had to wait for more than half-anhour, as Sri jain was busy with his customers.

Later Sri Jain asked the Fakir, “what do you want?” “Five annas” was the reply. Jain searched for five annas in his cash box, but he could find only four annas. The Fakir refused to accept one anna less or one anna more. “are you not suffering from severe stomach pain” asked the Fakir, Sri Jain was shocked and wondered as to how a stranger could know about his physical condition. It was true that he suffered from stomach pain, which did not cure inspite of all medical treatments.

The Fakir advised that he would be relieved of all stomach pain, which did not cure inspite of all medical treatments. The Fakir advised that he would be relieved of all stomach pain, if he starts doing puja to Shirdi Sai Baba from Thursday, and stop taking all medicines. The Fakir put his hand into his joli, took out udhi, and put some udhi into Sri Jain’s hand and instructed him to put a pinch of udhi in his mouth, and also apply on his forehead.

The treatment was to be for two days, and that complete cure would take place by Thursday. True to what the Fakir said, Sri Jain’s stomach pain disappeared from the third day. In the meantime, the Fakir who was standing in the shop, while Sri Jain was searching for five annas, now enhanced his “fees” to one rupee four annas. He would not accept anything les or anything more.

While Sri Jain was again searching for the exact change, the Fakir disappeared. He could not be found. The Jain family were devout persons doing regular pooja to their family deities. Sai Baba did not find a place in their pooja room, till this incident. In the month of August 1960, the Jain family visited Shirdi for the first time.

The Fakir who came to the Jain jewellery shop, was found sitting on the throne of the Samadhi Mandir. As if to confirm that the Fakir was none else than Sai Baba, He continued to sit on the throne till one rupee four annas were put into the hundi, soon after, in the place of the Fakir, they saw a beautiful marble idol of Sai Baba.
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People of Pune can never forget its darkest day – 13th of July 1961, when the Panchet Dam and Khadekvasla upstream burst and drowned Pune. Gigantic columns of muddy water were seen spreading towards the town in no time. Police warning could hardly be followed.

 Bungalows and buildings collapsed like a pack of cards. Wish such devastation all round, the people’s anguish disappeared when they saw a small Sai Baba temple in Shivajinagar, Pune, intact. It as nothing short of a miracle. It was a lime mortar structure of 5 feet X 4 feet.

The devotees were overcome with pleasure and decided to build a pucca temple. Soon a pucca temple was constructed. Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji consecrated the temple. He also presided over All India Sai Devotees’ convention, held there.
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Arthur Osborne knew Sri Narasimha Swamiji as both of them were associated with Ramana Maharshi. Sri Narasimha Swamiji was the first person to write a book on Ramana. Arthur Osborne was one of the Western authors who has written book on Ramana Maharshi.

Arthur Osborne expressed his wish to write a book on Sai Baba, and Sri Narasimha Swamiji readily requested him to make full use of the publications of All India Sai Samaj, Madras. He happens to be the first Westerner to write a book on Sai Baba. He presented Sai Baba to the public in his beautiful book “The incredible Sai Baba.” This was published in 1957 by Orient Longmans. ”In the 1975 edition of “The incredible Sai Baba”, Arthur Osborne published an Addenda under the title “Continued presence”, which is reproduced here.

”During our fou-year stay in Calcutta, the neighbouring flat was occupied by a lady, Miss Dutton, who was very pious. When we came to know her better, she told me that she used to be a nun having spent the best part of her life in a convent. Being rather impulsive, a common thing with redheads, she found discipline increasingly irksome and this led to conflict and unpleasantness. In short she did not get on with other nuns.

Towards the end she felt that she could not stand it any longer. With the co-operation of the nuns in charge, she applied to the Pope for absolution from her vows which was granted without much delay.

While her application was pending with Pope, she was too pre-occupied with her conflicts to give much thought to her future. When she was about to leave the convent, it dawned to her, how hopeless her future now was. She was well over middle age, without a profession, with scarcely any relatives, the nearest being a nephew in far away Calcutta.

One day while she was sitting in her cell immersed in her gloom, suddenly a tall Fakir appeared before her. How he got in she could not tell, as it would have been next to impossible for a Muslim Fakir to gain enterance into a cell of nuns. He looked at her in compassion and told her “do not worry so much, everything will be alright when you go to Calcutta.” He asked her for a gift of money (Dakshina) given to holy men. She told him that she had no money. “Oh yes, you have 35 rupees in a bore in the cupboard there”, he replied.

Miss. Dutton had completely forgotten about the money she had kept in the bore of the cupboard. She went in search and there it was, but when she turned to give the gift, the fakir was not there. He disappeared in the same way as he had come.

Immediately after this, she felt at peace. In Calcutta, her nephew received her kindly and was looking after her with love and care which he even extended to her pets. Miss Dutton was full of praise of her nephew, and grateful to God. She used to get up everyday before dawn to go to church to attend mass or give thanks, which discipline she seemed to enjoy.

” Arthur Osborne feeling convinced that the Fakir could be no other than the incredible Sai Baba told her, - ‘I will show you a picture of your Fakir.” He produced a photo of Sai Baba Baba from his flat and showed her. The moment she saw he photograph she exclaimed in surprise. “Oh yes! This is my Fakir”, he even had the same white kerchief on his head”, she exclaimed. Miss Dutton had never heard of Sai Baba before.
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During 1960-61, Sri B. Satyanarayana was working as an Assistant Engineer, Western Railway at Bitad, about 100 miles from Ahmedabad. A mail train met with an accident at 7 p.m. at a place called Bhimnath which was in his jurisdiction. The accident resulted n loss of lives.

Sri B. Satyanarayana had to attend to transhipment of stranded passengers and to arrange for medical aid in the enveloping darkness of the night. The place where the accident happened was a small station where no facility worth the name to meet an emergency was available.

The railway officials began to blame Sri B. Satyanarayana for the accident. There was none to sympathize with him nor support him. He knew that he was not at fault, but the railway officials wanted to make him a scapegoat. In this hour of need, Sri B Satyanarayana, made a silent fervent prayer to Sai Baba, “you know that I am not to blame, why am I being censured for this accident?”

Thus praying he went about doing his duty, helping stranded passengers get into another train located one kilometre away. At 1 a.m, in the early morning, a tall well built old man, wearning a white soiled jubba which was quite long, a stick in his hand, a bad hanging from his shoulders approached him. “what a big accident. How to go?’ said he.

Sri B Satyanarayana was too preoccupied with his work to reply to him. The old man then walked passed him, brushing his shoulders. At this, Sri Satyanarayana, called one of his assistants and directed him to escort the old man to the other train. On hearing this, the old man came back, patted his shoulders and said “Phikhar math karo, sab teek hojayega”. The old man stared at him for a few seconds and left. It must have taken hardly a few more seconds for the realisation to dawn on Sri B Satayanarayana.

 “Oh Baba, is that you”? He shouted and ran in search of Him. The old man had disappeared in the darkness. The next day the Chief Engineer came from Bombay. There was clamour for suspending Sri B Satyanarayana. But the chief engineer said, “don’t worry do your work.” An enquiry was conducted, and he was even appreciated for his work.
Sri Satyanarayana is now retired and resided in N.R.Colony Bangalore.

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Sri Gunaji Devji Mohite, now called Mohite Baba, was from a village called Khopi in Ratnagiri district. He served in World War I and II. About 1948, he met Panduranga Maharaj, a disciple of Sant Gadge Maharaj. Their acquaintance grew further, and Sri Panduranga Maharaj initiated Mohite Baba into spiritual line and gave him Gurumantra. Once Sri Mohite Baba went to Shirdi along with Sai devotee.

 While Sri Mohite Baba was taking a stroll alone in Lendi Bagh, he saw a saint in meditation below a peepal tree. Sri Mohite Baba bowed down and the saint blessed him and placed his hand on Mohite Baba’s head. Sri Mohite Baba, eager to introduce his friend also to the saint, immediately rushed to where his friend was, and brought him to Lendi Bagh.

There was no saint! After some time, he saw the saint again, in the same posture, below the same peepal tree. Sri Mohite Baba’s devotion to Sai Baba increased and he decided to build a Sai Mandir in Bombay. Sri Mohite Baba found a place between chawls 21 and 30 of BDD Chawls, Worli. There was no Mandir in this area and the residents of this locality decided to help Sri Mohite Baba to build a small Sai Baba Mandir.

A Mandir was built in 1962, and a marble idol of Sai Baba was installed in 1969. Every evening at 7 p.m. Arti of Sai Baba is performed and it is worth seeing and hearing the Arathi and bhajans, where the old and young mingle together in devotion.
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Sri B Satyanarayana, working in Southern Railways, Madras, went to Sai Mandir, Mylapore, Madras in 1966. There he had the darshan of Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji also. He went there along with his wife and four daughters. Swamiji blessed him and asked him “where is your son”? the family of Sri Satyanarayana did not know what to reply as they had only four daughters and no son. The youngest daughter was already 10 years old. They told this to Swamiji and they also told that many astrologers had predicted that they do not have “Putra Santhanam”. On hearing this, Swamiji smiled and said “I do not know all that. Baba had put the words in my mouth to enquire about your son. It is for him to do the rest.” Then Swamiji blessed them and gave them udhi. Exactly one year later, a son was born to them.
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The writer’s two experiences: 1972. It was my first visit to Tirupathi, the abode of Lord Venketeshwara. I had read in the newspapers, that there had been a great rush of devotees to see the Lord, resulting in stampede. I had also heard that one could get darshan on payment of money. My father had retired. We had built our houses I Jayanagar, Bangalore, and I had difficulties in my profession. We were experiencing financial constraints.

To put it simply, I did not have money for making the trip as well as for payment for darshan. However, I felt the urge to go to Tirupathi. So what else could I do than to appeal to my personal God Sri Sai Baba.

Standing before his photo, I told Him, “Baba, you know my predicament and my financial condition. Can I not see God without making payment and without any scuffle and stampede?’ Having prayed thus, I transferred my problem to Sai Baba and left for Tirupathi. The bus reached Tirumala at about 8 p.m. and I got an accommodation not far away from the temple.

As I was coming out from my room a friend from Bangalore told me, “go now immediately, there is not much rush now.” I went accordingly and saw Lord Venketeshwara for the first time. I had not thought while at Bangalore, that I could go and see Lord Venketeshwara, within half and hour of landing at Tirumala. Between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. the next day I had five darshans of the Lord to my hearts content.

 The lord was pleased to give me the fifth darshan, all exclusive to myself. At about 8 a.m. after my fourth darshan, I was sauntering around the sanctum sanctorium all alone, as all the other devotees had left. I was reminiscing about my good fortune in being able to see the lord so effortlessly, when I saw the door leading to the Sanctum sanctorium half – open. There was none around the place. I peeped in.

A few archakas were preparing to give abhishek to the Lord. As they were busy with their work, they did not notice that the door was half open. I gingerly stepped in and saw Lord Venketeshwara once again, for full two minutes, undisturbed and all by myself. I quietly came out, feeling supremely happy. Sai Baba of Shirdi and Lord Venkateshwara – the names are different. In fact they are one and the same.

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I had been suffering from Skin ailment called psoriasis for many years. It is a persistent and recurring skin condition. I had it on the covered portions of my body. The skin specialists of Madras where I was living then, nor the skin specialists of the Christian Medical Hospital Vellor could give me any relief, much less cure. A person suffering from a skin condition like psoriasis knows the misery and the suffering that has to be endured. I do not know if there is any remedy for this now. There was no cure at the time I suffered from it. In the year 1965, I happened to come across the book “The incredible Sai Baba” written by Arthur Osborne, displayed at Higginbothams, Mount Road, Madras. I purchased the book and read it. My fascination for Sai Baba began from the reading of that book. I came to know that Sai Baba lived in Shirdi, about His Samadhi Mandir and that He continues to give succour to the ailing and the troubled even after His mahasamadhi. After reading that book, I very much wanted to go to Shirdi, to pray to Sai Baba to relieve me of my skin condition. My wish could materialise only in December 1971. I went to Shirdi and prayed to Sri Sai Baba. At the end of December 1972, happened to be at Bombay. From there I went to Shirdi. I prayed fervently to Sai Baba, to cure me from the skin ailment. I returned to Bangalore by 1st January 1973. Immediately thereafter things started to happen. While taking bath I noticed that the scaly crusts on the skin were falling off. The next day, the same thing continued. On the third day, all the scaly crusts had come off, leaving red patches in their places. Within a week, I was completely free from psoriasis, which had troubled me for so many years. What a relief I felt! At that time, I did not realise the profundity of the cure, a miracle you may call it. Having suffered for so long, I was apprehensive that it would reappear the next week, the next month, or the next year. But nothing of that sort has happened. By Sai Baba’s grace I am free from it.  

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Sri R.S Chitnis of Delhi is a well known devotee of Sai Baba. In 1973, he left Delhi by car and reached Shirdi at 12:30 p.m. As he wanted to wash himself before going for darshan of Sai Baba, he made straight to one of the bathrooms. On the way some people accosted him and said that there was not a drop of water in any of the taps. Mr Chitnis was nonplussed and thought that he should either go to the Receiver Saheb’s residence or Sri Bhaghwe’s residence, both of whom he knew well. At that time a well dressed young man came towards him. He had a piece of cloth round his head. He was fair and had very expressive eyes. He asked in full voice and in compassion, what the problem was. Sri Chitnis appraised him that the taps had gone dry and that he could not have his wash before darshan. The young man bade him to follow him and took him to a bathroom nearby, where water was gushing from the tap. Sri Chitnis had a good wash and came out to thank the good Samaritan, but he had left! Sri Chitnis purchased pooja materials and visited the Samadhi Mandi, only to find himself at the far end of a long queue of Baba’s devotees, who were all waiting for their turn for Baba’s pooja and darshan. The prospect of having to stand in the long queue after the tiresome journey, unnerved Sri Chitnis. But there was no other way. Sri Chitnis felt that somebody was tugging at his arm. When he turned around, it was the same stranger again. Holding him by the arm, the stranger led him through the jostling crowd of devotees right upto Baba’s Samadhi and he left him there. Sri Chitnis was all the while, assailed by the fear that the other devotees in the queue would take objection for jumping the queue. Not one devotee raised even as much as an eyebrow in protest! Sri Chitnis handed over the pooja materials and Prasad, bowed and prayed to Baba. When Sri Chitnis turned back to thank the benefactor, he had disappeared again! He came out of the Samadhi Mandir and looked for the stranger but in vain. He came back to the place where his car was parked, and found to his annoyance that his family members were still sitting under a tree. He asked them why they are idling away their time instead of going for Baba’s darshan and pooja. They replied in chorus that there was not a drop of water in ay of the bathrooms and taps. Their reply surprised Sri Chitnis. Only 20 minutes back he had as much waster as he required. He confidently agreed to escort them to the room from which he had washed. He knocked about from bathroom to bathroom, but that “bathroom” eluded him. He was bewildered and confused. He began to enquire from the passers-by where the particular bathroom was which had plenty of water. They all looked at him strangely, and thought that something was wrong with him. They concurred with his family member that since one and half hours there was no water in any of the taps. Sri Chitnis in no time realised that it was all Baba’s leela. His people continued to ask him where the bathroom was, from which he washed his hands and feet. There was no response. He had gone speechless!  

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Sri G.S. Kalyanpur is a journalist by profession who lives in South Shivaji Park, Bombay. He is a staunch devotee of Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi. On 12/5/1973, he woke up after midnight feeling quite ill. His right arm had gone out of commission. He could not lift it. He tried to move his fingers. They were immovable. He was running very high temperature. In his frenzied brain, he recalled that his mother was completely paralysed at the age of sixty. Here three sisters had also suffered paralytic strokes. Had he inherited the minus points of his mother’s line? It was an unnerving thought. The journalist could ill afford to be ill with paralysis, as he was an old bachelor and dependent on an old housekeeper Yamunabai. He involuntarily turned his eyes in the direction of the little wooden Mandir, in his room, in which he had installed a small idol of Sai Baba. He cried out, and in a few minutes dropped off to sleep. He woke up at 6 a.m. his usual time to wake up for prayer and Arathi. As was customary, the housekeeper, prepared the Arathi with a wick and coconut oil and handed it to him. She did not notice that Sri Kalyanpur waved the Arathi to Baba, with his left hand. The housekeeper did not know his predicament. The only doctor nearby was an M.D., lady doctor, who was his friends daughter. When he went to her residence she chided him for coming out in that condition and examining him immediately recommended hospitalization. When Sri Kalyanpur was being taken to the hospital the old housekeeper began to sob and asked him, “when will you be cured?” “in five days time” said the journalist involuntarily, though he knew that strokes sometimes prove incurable and sometimes fatal. In the hospital he was under the care of a very eminent Parsi Physician. In the hospital, he used to start his day at 6 a.m. with a prayer to Baba. It was 6 a.m. on Thursday, exactly the fifth day of his hospitalisation. He experienced a vague sensation of new vigour in his right arm. But he was afraid of putting his arm to test, less he should be disappointed. The physiotherapist arrived at 8 a.m to give exercises to his arm. As on earlier days, he asked him to lift the arm. Sri Kalyanpu hesitated a little, prayed to Baba, lifted his right arm slowly. He found to his delight and to the physiotherapist’s wonder, that he could stretch the arm to the full. He found not crippling sensation. The Parsi specialist arrived at 9 a.m. and asked the journalist how he feels that day. Sri Kalyanpur cold not keep back the flood of tears and thanked him for helping him to get back the power to his right arm. The doctor asked “Are you a believer in divine grace? It is the divine grace that has restored your arm, not I” said the doctor. The doctor advised further: “A sincere prayer can work miracles as in your case. Continue to have faith and all will be well for the rest of your life.” At the time of the article in Sai Leela magazine in the year 1985, Sri Kalyanpur was 81 years, and in good health by the grace of Sai Baba.  
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Baba has come to Sri Kalyanpur’s room in his flat in the form of an Ashirwad photo also. This has become a centre of attraction to his friends in distress. They come, stand before the photo, tell Baba of their problems and seek His help. A typical case of distress, was that of his friend Sri Mayagonda, a Government officer. He had been praying to Jain Thirthankaras for a son for a long time but his prayer remained unfulfilled. He had two daughters. One day Sri Mayagonda came to Sri Kalyanpur’s flat with his two daughters and his wife wanted to pray to Baba. “I need Baba’s help” he said. My wife is expecting a third baby. The chromosome tests have revealed that the child will be again a daughter. Sri Kalyanpu conducted the prayer for the Mayagonda family and Sri Mayagonda promised that if a son is born, he will be taken to Shirdi and placed on Baba’s holy Samadhi. As the prayer ended, the postman knocked at the door, with a udhi packet, which was being sent from Shirdi every month. The journalist assured his friend that this is a Baba’s answer to their prayer and a son would be born, no matter what the chromosome tests may say. A boy was born to Smt. Mayagonda and the Mayagonda family, gratefully placed the child on Baba’s Samadhi as promised by them.  
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In 1977 Dr. Thankur Dutt Sharma was working as Deputy Chief Medical Officer, in Dharmashala, Himachal Pradesh. He had darshan and blessings of Dr. Babaji at Hamirpur, H.P. and was proceeding to Simla. Dr. Babaji specifically told him not to travel in the jeep in the night on that day. Disregarding the advice, Dr Thakur proceeded to Simla that night as he had some urgent assignment. It is 150 kms, from Hamirpur to Simla. About 40 kms from Simla the vehicle went out of control and struck a hillock. The occupants escaped with some minor injuries. After this accident, the vehicle, would move only in front and rear and not turn sideways. About 1 ½ hours was spent in trying to rectify the problem. There was no success. The doctor sitting on the roadside parapet, in the wee hours of the night, prayed to Sai Baba, to get them out of their trouble and guide them to their destination. After this short prayer, Dr Thakur asked the driver to start the vehicle. Lo! The vehicle started moving not only forwards and backwards but could also be turned sidewards. Simla was reached. In the morning the doctor asked the driver to take the vehicle to the mechanic shop for necessary repairs. The driver tried for three hours. The vehicle would not budge. Ultimately when the mechanic examined the vehicle, it was found that the central pin was broken. How did the vehicle travel 40 kms in the ghat road with a broken central pin? Even the thought of the consequence was frightening.  
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Dr. Mahesh I. Madgum, eye specialist, Lecturer in Opthalmology, Karnataka Medical College, Hubli, received a corrective from Baba in the year 1978. his father as also his grandfather have been devotees of Sai Baba of Shirdi. Sri Magdum was passing through difficult time. A Parsi old man guided him to a house in Mahim, where a marble idol of Baba was installed, and where pooja was conducted on Thursdays and Sundays.

An upasaka in that house had the power of going into trance and duing the trance, he was solving people’s problmes with the grace of Sai Baba. As expected there used to be a long queue of devotees for darshan of Sai Baba and for solution to their problems.

On a particular day, the doctor was also waiting for his turn in the queue which happened to be quite long and it was getting late for his clinic. He became restless and impatient. He began to think whether there was any God as people thought, and if he exists what He was doing, in the presence of many difficulties of the people. All of a sudden he heard a voice which said: Thera gussa bohuth hai beta! Aake mere charno me chod de” (your temper is very bad son! Come and leave it at my feet).

He looked around to find out who was speaking to him. There was none. Everyone was minding his business. Later touching the feet of the Baba in the pooja room, the doctor promised to obey Him. Nishta and Saburi are the two qualities, which Baba expects from His devotees.
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Lt. Col. M.B. Nimbalkar’s wife who is residing at Five Star Apartments, Bund Garden Road, Pune – 1, developed a lump on her neck, which was noticed on 26/2/78. Thinking that it might not be serious but just a swelling of tonsils, the couple kept quite. But Mrs. Nimbalkar’s uncle suggested that they consult a doctor. Hence she was taken to the Military Command Hospital, Pune, where it was diagnosed as enlarged thyroid glad (Nodular Goiter) and the doctors recommended operation as the only cure.

Sri Nimbalkar and his wife who were apprehensive of the operation, consulted some person who had similar problem, whether operation could be avoided. They all told that the condition would become more troublesome as time elapsed. In the meantime, Mrs Nimbalkar was devotedly praying to Baba and applying Udhi to her neck. The operation date was not confirmed due to shortage of oxygen cylinders at the Command Hospital. By 12th July 1978, the swelling on the neck was subsiding slowly. The surgeon however assured Mrs. Nimbalkar that he would some how make up the supply of oxygen cylinders so that the operation would take place by next week, and asked his assistant to examine Mrs. Nimbalkar’s condition.

Believe it or not there was no swelling when the assistant examined her. The surgeon was surprised at the news. He examined her neck and came to the conclusion that no operation was necessary. He decided to treat her with tablets and medicines. Prescribing Eltroscin tablets to be taken for a month. Mrs Nimbalkar was asked to come for check-up after one month. On 13th August 1978, the surgeon who examined her advised discontinuation of tablets. The trouble has not recurred. It is pertinent to note that the cure began to take place even before any medical treatment was started.

Sai Leela contributors held on 28th and 29th January 1979 at Shirdi. Swamiji said that Sai Baba fulfilled the desire of everyone. We call Him our father, our mother, friend and we offer all our learning and wealth to Him
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Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji was the Chief Guest at the gathering of Baba can be a mother, he asked. Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji also was in constant communion with Sri Sai Baba, share with us two of his personal experiences. ”One lady got a child and she wanted that her child should be fed on her milk, but her to dismay her breasts were dry. She tried all remedies but they were not of any use. The lady conceived again and when she was in her 8th month of pregnancy, she came to me along with her husband and requested me to pray to Sai Baba to give milk to her second child.

I assured her that this time she will get milk in the breasts after delivery, by the grace of Sai Baba. I gave her udhi, and asked her to pray to Sai Baba with full devotion. The lady went away and in course of time she gave birth to a child. Her husband came to me, saying that her breasts were dry totally and that he was afraid that his second child also may not get mother’s milk. I asked the husband to go and pray to Sai Baba to fulfil the wishes of the lady, and lo! On the third day this mother could feed her baby as the breasts were full of milk. This is one example where Sai Baba acted as mother, because this is one thing, which only a mother can understand.”

”Once a gentleman came to me while I was in Madras and informed me that his son had run away and his whereabouts were not known for 2 – 3 days. I told him to pray to Sai Baba and by His grace, his son would return on the fifth day. He got a telegram from Calcutta that his boy was safe and would reach Madras in one or two days. After the boy returned to Madras, he was brought to me by the father. I enquired with the boy, the reason for his running away. He told me his parents were angry with him and hence he ran away from the house. The boy further said that when he was in Calcutta, Sai Baba appeared in his dream and told him to go to the station. There he met a person who enquired about him and gave a telegram to Madras and arranged to send the boy back to Madras. “How did Sai Baba look?”

He answered “Sai Baba appeared with the tin pot in his hand and he was proceeding to beg for alms.”
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Ms. Rekha Raju Whabi, Jeeth Bungalow, Tara Road, Juhu, Bombay, had just written her B.A. examination in 1980, was unmarried, and was uncertain of her future. Five years back, her father had died. Her mother, elder brother and married sisters were trying to settle her in marriage. Their choice was not to her liking. She had become devoted to Sai Baba, would pray to Him every day, “Baba do whatever is good for me.” One night she dreamt that she had visited temples and holy places she had not seen in real life. She experienced these dreams several times. After a few days, out of boredom, she felt like visiting one of her friend’s house. When she went there, her friend told her that her foster brother is arriving from Dubai and that they were arranging for interviews for his marriage. Her friend was a Sindhi Bhatia, and Ms Rekha was a Maratha. Just as they were talking, the door bell rang and in stepped the young man at whose very first sight Ms Rekha liked him. Her friend introduced them both and after some time, the young man gave Prasad to Ms. Rekha which he said was from Badrinath and Kedarnath, the places he had visited before coming here. As he gave the Prasad, she saw a ring on his finger with Sai Baba’s picture.

But Ms. Rekha felt that her people and her friend’s people would not agree to the match because of the caste differences. Two days later, her friend came to her house and told her that her foster brother wishes to marry her and whether she would agree.

When they met again, Ms Rekha told him of her dreams about the temples, describing their features. He said that her description were of Badrinath and Kedarnath temples! The two families were not in favour of the marriage, but the two had faith in Sai Baba and in themselves. They got married, and they are happy today. She even has a plan to construct a Sai Baba temple in Versova.
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Sri Santosh Vyas, a government servant of Hoshangabad is a staunch devotee of Sri Sai Baba. He was proceeding to Shirdi, for Sai Baba’s darshan. It was the last day of October 1980. As the train started moving form the Itarsi Junction. Sri Vyas heard an urgent voice, asking him to get down from his compartment and to go and occupy a raer compartment.

In obedience to the command, he got down from the train, which had begun to move and entered a rear compartment, the 14th from the engine. Within two minutes the train collided with a goods train, resulting in a large number of casualities, in the third bogie, which was vacated by Sri Vyas.

Sri Vyas alighting from the train, despatched a telegram to his family about his miraculous escape from the tragedy and continued his journey to Shirdi. When he was approached by the press reporters, he disclosed that Sri Sai Baba had bestowed a new lease of life to him, and narrated the circumstances about his miraculous escape. His narration was published on the 1st November 1980 issue of Dhainik Bhaskar, a widely read newspaper of Madya Pradesh.
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My life today and my entire family has been changed from litterly nothing inlife to a complete life. I do not have many words to describe Sai's leela and as most of us after Sai's blessing's are left speechless so am i. I was blessed with a job when nobody expected it, now it's nine year's since then,till date I've experienced Sai in everything. His presence is felt and He decides things for me so nicely that i as always am stunned.Recently i was blessed  by Him to be a part of temple construction and you gotta believe me that everything felt in place so nicely that it's just His wish.Now in my life I have reached a stage where once in a while b'cos of the worldly thing's i feel insecure but the moment Sai comes all's gone! I would like to bring to the notice of all the reader's that let Sai decide, He know's you better.JAI SHREE SAI BABA KI JAI SHREE SAI BABA KI
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Election to the Lok Sabha was announced after the fall of Charan Singh Ministry in 1980. Shri Rameshwar Neekhra, a devotee of Shri Sai Baba, contested the election from Itarsi Lok Sabha constituency. A day before the casting of votes, a Fakir appeared before Sri Neekhra and enquired whether his name is Rameshwar Neekhra. Sri Neekhra replied in the affirmative and aked the Fakir, how he knew his name. The Fakir replied that he knows everybody’d name. The Fakir also said that Sai Baba’s grace was on him and that he would win the election. The Fakir gave him udhi and moving a few steps, disappeared. The voting and counting of votes took place sometime thereafter. It is needless to say that as predicted by the Fakir, Sri Rameshwar Neekhra was declared elected to Lok Sabha from Itarsi Constituency. This incident was published in the newspaper Dhainik Bhaskar.  
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Sri R. Radhakrishnan, Vidyaranyanagar Railway Station Quarters, Gadag Road Hubli, had in the year 1980 gone to Erachakulam which is about 4 miles from Nagercoil, South India. There is a Vishnu Temple in that place. A poor devotee by name Mahadevan Pillai, was a constant visitor to the temple. He was friendly with everyone including Sri Radhakrishnan. On a particular day Mahadevan Pillai failed to turn up. On enquiry it was learnt that the pair of buffaloes on which the family depended for livelihood was lost and had not returned home. The family had been roaming all over the place miles together, in search of the buffaloes. They had taken a loan of Rs. 2000/- from a co-operative bank on the security of the buffaloes. The family was apprehensive that the buffaloes might have been sold to the butchers across the border of Kerala. Sri Radhakrishnan who had become quite friendly with Mahadevan Pillai, prayed to Sai Baba in the night with tears in his eyes. “Baba, this fellow Mahadevan Pillai, is a poor man and a sincere devotee of Vishnu, who is no different from you. Please save him by helping him to get back his lost animals.” Sri Radhakrishnan had a dream about 4 a.m. in the early morning in which he clearly saw the pair of buffaloes grazing in the field near Thazhakkudi, which is 2 miles from Erachakulam.” Immediately on getting up, he sent for Mahadevan Pillai and told him of the dream and further told him that Vishnu whom he worships is no different from Baba. His son who had come along told, “we have already searched all the fields in and near Thazhakuddi several times.” Mahadevan Pillai told his son not to argue but to follow what was said. About 3 p.m. the father and son came in a joyful mood and told Sri Radhakrishnan that the buffaloes were found in the same place as pointed out by Baba in the dream.
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In January 1981, Suhas S/o Jaywant Pawar, was a boy of 4 and ½ years. Since 24/1/1981, Suhas became sick. Every night, after an hour’s sleep, he would find difficulty in breathing and he would become uneasy. X – rays and medicines, proved of no help. He was admitted to Dr Agarwal’s hospital, Thane. During daytime, he would be all right and would play but his problems started only during the night. To give him relief, oxygen and saline were given, regularly. Due to this daily treatment Suhas became depressed and weak.

Dr Merchant of Wadia Children’s Hospital also examined him. But could find no solution to the problem. Dr Merchant said that as all other treatments had been given, as a last resort bronchoscopy be tried. Suhas was admitted to the intensive care unit of KEM hospital for bronchoscopy. On the night previous to this, Baba appeared to Suhas. Dr Jadhav and Dr Karnik were to conduct the bronchoscopy. Dr Jadhav was with Suhas the previous night, examining his patient, when Suhas said “Doctor Kaka, please get up and vacate the chair on which you are sitting. Look Sai Baba has come here. We should honour Him by giving Him a seat.” Dr Jadhav could not see Sai Baba and suspected the boy was talking something from imagination. The doctor asked “where is Sai Baba?” I cannot see Him. The boy replied “He is standing just by your side, I can see Him clearly. Please offer Him the seat.” At 10:30 a.m. as fixed, the bronchoscopy was performed on the boy and a small bit of tamarind seed was sucked out which was the cause of all the trouble.
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Mrs. R Farnandes of Nambhai Manji, No 5, A.I.J road, Mahim, Bombay is a Catholic who prays with devotion to Mary. Her son Anthony was in the II year B.Sc in 1981. He started getting headache and fever. They tried several doctors but the fever did not subside. Even after two weeks, he was getting fever on alternate days. The boy’s urine, blood and chest X-ray were taken for examination. The report in the X-ray showed a slight patch in the chest. Medicine for this was taken, but there was no relief. The boy was afraid to take bath as that would result in shivering and more fever. Then Mrs Fernandes remembere the Homeopathy doctor Mr. Chaudhuri, a Sai devotee, who had cured her of an ailment earlier, when no other doctor had done so.

Mr. Chauduri examined all the reports, and suggested to do sputum test to find out if there is a symptom of T.B. Mr Chauduri said, patting the boy, “Do the sputum test and show it to the doctor who examined you earlier. If he cannot give you medicine for this, then I will give you medicine by invoking the name of Sai Baba.” The little words “By the name of Sai Baba, I will give you medicine” was ringing in her ears, while she returned home with her boy. That very day she told her son, to take bath by the name of Sai Baba. Though the boy was afraid to take bath, he took it, by invoking Sai Baba’s name. Mrs. Fernandes feared that something terrible would happen to her son that night and she got up thrice to see his condition. But the boy was fast asleep. He got up the next morning feeling better and quite refreshed. They stopped all medicines and kept watch on him for the relapse of the fever. He was free from fever. On the fourth day there was a knock on their door. A poor man was at the door. A part of his sleeve was torn and he had blue shinning eyes. He asked her, “sister give me one white shirt.”

Mrs. Fernandes had a white shirt with her, which she thought was little too big for the poor man. So she thought of altering that shirt and giving it to the poor man. She said, “I shall give you next time when you visit us.” She however went inside to give him some coin, but when she returned he had left. He was not to be found anywhere in and around the place. The “poor man” could not be seen again. After the sputum test the allopathic doctor had given the boy medicine for a week and had asked him to report to him after that.

The medicines however were not taken but the boy went to the doctor for examination. The doctor was surprised to find that the previous symptoms had disappeared and prescribed only B complex tablets. He even advised not to take the earlier prescribed medicine. Mrs. Fernandes went to Mr Chauduri’s clinic and related all that had happened. He told her “Mrs Fernandes, Sai Baba can work lots of miracles, if you keep faith in Him.”
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Dr C.C Chang is a professor of Mathematics Newhall, California, U.S.A. His problem was he suffered from asthma since childhood. In the early years, the problem would come and go with proper medication. From the time he was 30 years old, the asthma became chronic.
He depended on drugs and medicines to keep it in check. He used to carry a pressurised spray container, wherever he went, and would require using it 3 or 4 times a day for inhalation. He tried prayers, japa, meditation, fasts, exercises, diets etc. the maximum length of time, he could manage without medicines was 72 hours. In the year 1982, while he was reading the book
“The Incredible Sai Baba”, by Arthur Osborne, a thought came to him and closing his eyes he prayed “Sai Baba, if you cure me of my asthma, I will agree that you are an incarnation of God”.

At that moment, he had a small quantity of udhi, given to him by a friend, who had visited Shirdi. His problem was this. To put a pinch of udhi into his mouth every time he felt the oncoming symptoms of asthma, would have exhausted the udhi in his possession in no time. How was he get a fresh supply of udhi from Shirdi? So Dr Chang thought of an idea, that he should meditate on the udhi.

So every time he felt an obstruction in his breathing he meditated on the udhi he had with him. Strange to say it worked! The obstruction in his breathing would gradually dissolve and sooner or later, normal breathing would be restored. He continued this method. His asthma cam under check and he says it is almost eliminated.
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Sri B. Umamaheshwar Rao, Editor of Sai Prabha, and retired police officer, Hyderabad, suffered from a heart disease and heart pain, as a result of which, he would become unconscious. In 1983 while he was meditating on Sai Baba, a beam of light emerged from the photo of Sai Baba, which burnt the skin on the left side of his chest in a diameter of two and half inches. Since then he has not suffered from heart pain and has stopped all medicines. He became completely normal by the grace of Sai Baba. He left his body on May 23, 2000.  

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Sri R.S. Chitnis of Delhi, whom we have referred to earlier, visits the ancient Hanuman temple in New Delhi, every Saturday evening. After pooja and Prasad, he occupied a particular place on the platform in the hall, facing the idol of Sri Hanuman and recites Sri Bheemrupi stotra of Swami Ramdas in Marathi. Sri Hanuman Chalisa in hindi and Sri Vadvanal stotra in Sanskrit. He has been doing this from many years. He has always found his favourite place for doing the above.

It was Saturday and it happened to be 26th January, thousands of people had poured into Delhi from near and far.

He feared that he might not get his usual place at hanuman temple because of the influx of people and yet he secretly felt that Baba should reserve that seat for him. His worst fears became true. The entire temple was crowded with devotees and his favourite place was also occupied by not less than three to four people. He had no option but to join the long queue to offer garlands to Sri Hanuman. After a time which seemed ages, he found himself at the head of the queue, offered garlands took Prasad and bowed before the lord and come out into the hall. He took a furtive glance at his favourite seat, even in this situation, hoping against hope that it might be vacant.

Lo! The place occupied by three to four persons earlier, was occupied by a single person. The man was tall, and sturdy, had a green “achken” with a matching belt embroidered with zari, wore spotlessly white churidhar pyjamas, had a white turban with golden and red stripes. He had two trays hear his feet, one filled with pooja articles, and the other with fruits and flowers. Sri Chitnis noticed that the man was intently looking at him and suddenly he said “Welcome Sir, I am waiting for you (in Hindi). Looking up, Sri Chitnis found that the man was addressing him and none else.

 Putting away the two trays, the man beckoned Sri Chitnis to occupy the seat on the platform”. Sri Chitnis forgetting the elementary courtesy to thank the man eagerly occupied his favourite seat and began to read the stotras. A few minutes later, it dawned to him that he has failed to thank the benefactor. He immediately rose from the seat and looked around for the good man. He was nowhere.

He approached the priest who was known to him and who was also sitting a few places away. Nobody would miss to see the person with the distinctive dress, thought Sri Chitnis. The priest, who was sitting there for quite a long time, had not seen such a person as described by Sri Chitnis. But the person holding the seat for Sri Chitnis had beckoned him, “Welcome Sir, I am waiting for you…!” Who could he be other than Sai Baba who fulfils even the smallest wish of His devotees?

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Mrs. Vimala Kaiser, Hoffman Street, Darmstad, West Germany, had a daughter by name Meenakshi who was eight years old. Since birth the child suffered from a skin ailment which would become worse in the summer months due to the presence of pollen. The family are devotees of Sai Baba.

The child’s condition became worse in 1984, Mrs Kaiser’s sister who lives in Bombay, sent udhi for application. With the application of udhi, the condition became better. But after some months, the allergic condition spread all over the body. Hence the family from Germany comprising the husband, wife and the child and Mrs Kaiser’s sister, went to Shirdi in December 1986 and prayed before Baba. Since then the skin condition began to improve.

 The summer months, of 1987 approached. The child desired to visit her grandparent’s house in Germany and go for horse riding there. Mrs Kaiser was not sure how the child’s condition would react in view of the child being allergic to animals and pollen. So she asked her child to write a prayer to Sai Baba. The child wrote from her heart in German, to put an end to her allergic skin condition and asked the priest to place this letter on the Samadhi of Sai Baba in Shirdi.

Mrs Kaiser translated this letter to English and sent the same to Shirdi. The child immediately put the udhi in her mouth, and prayed to Sai Baba to cure her ailment and enable her to go for horse riding. Since then the child’s skin condition became completely cured. In July 1987, the summer vacation in Germany, the child went to her grandparent’s house, and enjoyed herself to the full. There was no skin reaction inspite of summer and inspite of contact with the animals.
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A Children’s specialist got married and a son was born to him in June 1984. For two months everything went on fine and afterwards the child began to cry in the nights. He was examined but there was no problem. Then the child specialist, took his son to other doctors for their opinion.

They treated him, but the child continued to cry during nights. The husband and wife became weak and tired due to sleepless nights. The doctor who had earlier no faith in home medicines tried the same, but they were of no avail. The doctor’s brother, Sainath, Paper Town, Bhadravathi, who had been to Shirdi in April 1985 sent a packet of udhi to his brother.

The doctor, not being able to find out the reason for the baby’s crying, finally put a little udhi, in a talisman and tied round the baby’s waist. The baby’s crying stopped since that night and the baby became okay!

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“Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai” Akhanda Nama Sapthaham was to be held at Vijayawada from 26/12/1985 to 13/2/1986. The venue was Sri Sai Baba temple near Marystella college, Ring Road, Vijayawada. For that purpose the “Holy Padukas” were brought by Sri Marthand, (Mahalsapathi’s grandson. He has inherited the pair of padukas given by Sri Sai Baba to his grandfather.) Shirdi.

The holy padukas were taken for darshan at various places in Andhra Pradesh.

Finally they came to Machilipatnam. The devotees decided to carry the padukas from Machilipatnam to Vijayawada by walk, a distance of about 45 kms. The wooden pallaki in which the holy Padukas were kept was heavy and the dvotees had to carry them and reach Vijayawada before the evening of 25th of December. After walking 2 to 3 kms, the organisers felt tired and hungry, but they were determined to walk the entire distance non-stop with namajapam on their lips.

One of them who had two halves of coconut which was offered to Sri Sai Baba, before starting, distributed them to the devotees. Exactly at that time, while the coconut pieces were being distributed, a Sadhu was seen standing to the left of the road with four or five vibuthi marks on his forehead and with kumkum between his eyebrows.

The Sadhu was offered a piece of coconut. They had covered quite a distance, at a good pace. Again the same Sadhu was seen standing ahead of them to the left of the road, quizzically looking at them. How could this old man cover the distance and overtake them, when no bus or any conveyance had passed them?

The devotees felt that he is not an ordinary Sadhu, but Sai Baba Himself in that form and they were thrilled. They carried the Pallaki and Padukas with more enthusiasm and more happiness, all the while singing praises of Sai. When they reached the temple and saw the idol of Sai Baba, they saw the same four lines of Vibuti on the forehead with kumkum between the eyebrows!

In a few minutes they were directed by the organisers to meet and old lady who had brought tea and biscuits for them. The old lady said that while she was drowsing at about 3 p.m in the afternoon, she dreamt Baba telling her to take something to His devotees who were coming tired and hungry. She did not know who the devotees were nor about the Padukas and Padayatra. She prepared tea in her house purchased biscuits and came to Baba’s temple by a city bus.

While she was coming in the bus, she saw the devotees coming carrying the Padukas in the pallaki. Then she realised what Baba had told her and to whom she had to serve tead and biscuits. 
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A “Sai Sevika” Maitri Park, St Road, Chembur, Bombay, developed a big lump on her right breast in the year 1986. After the necessary medical examinations, the doctor advised removal of the lump by surgery. The lady was very much afraid. She would partake of any medicine, but not surgery. A date for operation was fixed. In the meanwhile, the lady told her sister, that she would try Baba’s udhi and prayer instead of operation. Her relatives said “if you have so much faith in Sai Baba, then we will also join in praying for your health.” They all went to Panvel Sai Baba temple and handed over the surgeons’ letter to Sri Narayan Baba and expressed their predicament. Sri Narayan Baba said that there was no need for operation, to have complete faith in Sai Baba, and apply udhi paste (vibuti mixed with water) five times a day after reading Sai Mahima. He also suggested till oil massage on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, after chanting Om Sai Ram 108 times. The lady carried out the instructions, and also visited the Sai Baba Mandir in Shirdi. On return from Shirdi, she noticed that the lump had started reducing. On 12/10/1986 (Dassera Day), she was completely relieved of the lump.  
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Sri R. Subramaniam, Lakshmipuram colony, Villivakam, Madras, and his friends visited holy places of North India and Nepal in March 1986. The group comprising ladies and gentlemen, purchased sarees, electronic goods, other items at Nepal which were cheaper than in India. On the way back from Nepal at Sowali, Gorakpur district Customs authorities verifying the purchases made, charged a duty of Rs. 4000.00 on the items. Sri Subramaniam who happened to be the only Hindi knowing person in the group pleaded with the authorities to reduce the duty, which was reduced to Rs 1000.

But the group members out of greediness or out of ignorance of law said that they could pay only Rs 500 in total. Sri Subramaniam who had not made any purchases, but was only pleading for his friends was aghast at the adamance of his groups. Unless the duty is paid, the Customs authorities would not allow the bus to proceed. Sri Subramaniam was embarrassed to meet the Customs officer to say that the group would pay only Rs 500/- as duty.

Sri Subramaniam silently prayed to Sai Baba to get him out of this embarrassing predicament. At this time an officer arrived in a jeep and entered the Customs office. Sri Subramaniam was called inside the Customs office. This officer told him that he is a Supervisory Customs Officer for Gorakhpur District, that he is a Sai devotee and that he had seen Sri Subramaniam in the Shrine at Shirdi on 2nd and 3rd February 1986. The officer apprised of the predicament being faced by Sri Subramaniam, suddenly produced from his pocket and asked him to pay the Customs duty and obtain receipt. He even said that “this Rs 500/- is your money, you had given me earlier.” Sri Subramaniam was perplexed, as he had not met this gentleman earlier, much less paid him Rs 500/-.

The officer on special duty got into his jeep and was off. The Customs officer now became very cordial and said that his boss usually does not visit on Sundays! When Sri Subramaniam reached Madras at the conclusion of the trip, his landlord handed over to him an envelope from Sri D Shankaraiah of Hyderabad, which contained receipt for Rs 500/which money was earlier collected by Sri Subramaniam and sent to Sri Shankaraiah for Akhanda Sai Nama Saptaham.

Sri Shankaraiah had mentioned that since he did not know the addresses of the individual contributors, he had requested Sri Subramaniam to pass on the receipts on his behalf. At this it flashed to him “Remember you had given me Rs 500/-. This is your own money.”  

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In 1987, Sri R.P.Kapur ICS (retd.) had completed 72 years of age. Recently he had undergone an

operation as a result of which his walk had become unsteady, and was finding it difficult even to sit

and pray. On his birthday, Sri Kapur prayed to Baba, that he cannot regain his active life again there is

no purpose in his living and that he should be removed from the scene. He had tried various medicines

and tonics earlier but they could not help him. Sri Kapur thought that his body cells were decaying with

 old age. Suddenly after two days of his prayer, a thought flashed to him to take Shilajit. But he had

taken it earlier and had not suited him and it was lying on the table. Reluctantly, Sri Kapur started

taking Shilajit again. Within a week, he was a different person altogether.

Obviously, it was not Shilajit which did the work but Baba’s grace.

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Dr B.G Das was running a clinic in Kanpur. Mrs Das used to visit the clinic in her leisure time. The clinic was located in the ground floor of their residence. She had read in Sai Satcharita of Baba’s udhi working a cure in the case of Scorpion bites. A case of Scorpion bite came to her husband’s clinic and she and her husband were tempted to try the same, with all apologies to Sri Sai Baba.

A muslim lady had brought her 11 year old daughter whose index finger had been stung by Scorpion. The girl was tossing and howling in pain. Three ligatures were also tied by her parents, one at the base of the finger, second over the wrist and the third over her arm. After necessary examination the doctor intentionally avoided giving the patient any drug or anaesthesia. Only udhi was tried.

The udhi was rubbed on the index finger, forearm and arm, and a pinch of udhi in water was also given for drinking. The girl and her mother were asked to remain in the clinic for sometime. The doctor and his wife were wonderstruck, to see the girl completely relieved of pain in a short time, the girl and her mother went home happily.   

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Shyamala of Chinglepet, Madras District, developed a hectic pain in her abdomen. The doctor after examining her required an X-ray to be taken. The X-ray showed stones in the gall bladder area. Shyamala who was a great devotee of Baba, prayed to Baba who is the doctor of doctors. A powerful Anjaneya upasaka by name Sri Raman Iyengar, lived near her place in Chinglepet in Singaperumal Koil (temple). She sought his guidance. The upasaka had a vision of Baba, who told him that surgery was not necessary and that she should drink more milk and eat less food. She followed Baba’s advice and in addition she was taking a pinch of udhi along with milk. A month of this medicine completely cured her of gall bladder stones.  
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Sri Narasimha Baba was in Calcutta in April 1996. The host’s sonin-law, an officer in the telephone Department, was introduced to him. Sri Narasimha Baba gave udhi and Sai Baba photo to him as Prasad. The son-in-law requested the Baba to put them both in the bag himself, and went to office. When he reached office, he found that he had kept the bag in the taxi and had forgotten to retrieve it. There was cash of Rs. 15,000/- and some important documents. He was more worried about the official documents. He made a fervent appeal mentally to Sri Sai Baba. In a few seconds his telephone rang, and the taxi driver was at the other end, who told him that the bag was safe and he could come and collect it from an address he gave. While handling over the bag, the taxi driver pointing to the picture of Sai Baba said “on opening this bad, the old man in the picture, spoke to me, not to touch any of its contents but return them to you.” The son-in-law being overwhelmed at the gesture of the taxidriver, offered him a reward of Rs 1000/-. The taxi driver, refusing to accept said, “Pray to Sai Baba for my welfare.”  
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The host’s daughter, requested Sri Narasimha Baba, to call on her friend a young doctor by name Dr. Geetha Rama Iyer, and pray for her recovery. The doctor in a road accident had injured her backbone, while riding on the pillion of a scooter. Inspite of surgery, physiotherapy and medication, she was totally bedridden and was unable to move. The Baba was requested to pray to Sai Baba for intervention and recovery. Sri Narasimha Baba found the doctor to be in her thirties, and was in a pitiable condition. She had been bedridden for months, with no mobility even to turn to the sides. Sri Narasimha Baba applied udhi to her back and prayed to Sai Baba, that he should give a new lease of life, a life of activity to the doctor. Two days after this visit, Sri Narasimha Baba received a telephone message that the doctor’s recovery started from the moment he applied udhi, and she even sat up. In the next tem days, she walked a few steps with support, and before the month-end she had reached near normalcy.  
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As Ms Mani Sahukar Says “Sri Sai Baba is the most easily approachable God. Men and women can approach Him at any time, with any of their problems spiritual and temporal. No yearning of the human heart is too insignificant for this compassionate Avathar.” Sri Sai Baba is verily the Muralidhar, who temple Sri Bapu Saheb Buti, the millionaire of Nagpur, set out to construct which became the Samadhi Mandir, and where Sri Sai Baba lives for ever. Sai is so responsive to person’s appeal, that as a devotee puts it, “what is important for Him is Bhakti and love, no the rituals and poojas, so that if with true bhakti and love, we lie down and pray Sai sits up and listens, if we sit and pray, He stands up and listens; if we stand up and pray, Sai dances and listens.” To quote Sri Narasimha Swamiji, “Sri Sai Baba confers worldly benefits, cures diseases, provides mental peace and fills the devotees with gratitude and faith in Himself and in god. He strengthens their moral principles and lays firm foundation for spiritual upliftment”. When Sai Baba was asked what His mission was, He replied : “To take laksh of people to the feet of God.”  

Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai