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Author Topic: Baba- Please remove the darkness from my life and bless me  (Read 371 times)

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Om Sai ram
Dear All,
I have been having a very bad phase in my life for over six months. Both, personally and professionally everything seems to be going wrong.  My personal life is very miserable and I am unable to bear staying in this marriage.  Everyday I pass, i wait for a good day to start. It is like I am merely existing and not living. I feel trapped and don't know how to get out. Lately all I feel is depressed and hopeless.
I have been a strong believer of Baba since the time I was young. I pray everyday, however since my troubles started I also try to read Sai chaitra and complete it in 7 days. I have so far completed 3 parayans. I also try to do Sai vrat, however  there have been few weeks that I was unable to do, as my mind was so disturbed that whatever prayers I was doing, it was not with full concentration.
I have been praying for Baba to bless me with a job, so that I can start working and gain some independence and also this might help me overcome the miseries of my personal life.  Just yesterday I got an email, and with it a renewed hope that maybe I can get a job by the end of this week. I know getting a job for my qualifications is very difficult and hence I pray to Baba everyday to bless me and give me this miracle.

Baba, please bless me with this job.
Om sai ram.

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Re: Baba- Please remove the darkness from my life and bless me
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