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Author Topic: Can i be pregnant second time  (Read 918 times)

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Can i be pregnant second time
« on: May 08, 2018, 10:45:33 AM »
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  • I've had fertility issues and haven't been able to conceive 2nd time. 6 months ago had 2 surgeries and got my Fallopian tube opened and still no results. I am on clomid . I am fearful of IVF and have been praying hard That  Sai Baba blesses me and my family with a second child. If i don't conceive soon that might be the only option left and i cannot go through that.

    What should i do? He is my first and last resort. Please suggest group member (mantra, puja).

    Can this miracle happen?

    Jai Sai Ram.


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